Special Case Ch.1: Introducing Dakota by Elmelin

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Fiction | Blowjob, Death, Mind Control, Rape, Teen

“Donna! We have a special case for you, he thinks he can control people’s mind, can you believe that?” Donna Jones looked at John, who had been her secretary for more than two years now. He did not smoke or drink, didn't do drugs or anything slightly illegal, “Just raised that way,” he had told her. Donna herself had only done marijuana, and that was in college and was long behind her.She was still young for someone who had a degree in psychology, only 26.

She also looked amazing for her age, just starting to get some wrinkles around the edges of her eyes because of stress at work. Her face was a light bronze, tanned only from the short time she spent outside. She had a beautiful face with high dominant cheek bones and sparkling blue eyes. Her light brown hair was always cut about halfway down down her back and framed her face, making it seem even more profound and distinct. She had large,voluptuous breasts that were covered by a snug long-sleeve shirt,and sweater. Her slim, shapely legs were covered by professional looking dress pants. She did not like to use her body to get special treatment but the attire she usually wore for work often showed off her slim figure very well.

When her newest patient walked in there was a certain air about him, it just seemed different. She immediately sensed something intruding upon her mind, probing her thoughts. John was a stocky man but he always had a weapon on him in case of something going wrong.

“John, can you stay in here please?” Donna asked.

“Yes, of course,” today was the first time she had ever asked him to stay during a session. Donna started off by asking the patient some questions.

“Hello, how are you?”

“I’m good, but I would be better if I weren't here.”

“Yes of course,what is your name?”

“Dakota,” he replied.

“Well Dakota can you tell me why you're here?”

“Because I told people that I could control their minds, they didn't believe me, so I made them do some stupid trick. They got scared, like most ignorant people do when they don’t understand something that isn't completely normal, and called the cops. They didn't believe the story,deemed me crazy, and here I am.

“Interesting,” Donna replied, “but I sti-”

“Donna there are many things you still don’t understand. Why the lady next door to you let’s her dog shit in your yard, why your father abandoned your family, or even-”

“How the hell did you know that,” Donna interrupted.

“I know a lot of things, like how this fat bastard next to me has a gun in his belt, and that his girlfriend died last week,” John pulled out the semi-automatic pistol out of it’s holster, “and I can do a lot of things most people deem impossible.” At that time John started to point the gun up at himself. Donna looked at him. BAM! John collapsed to the floor dead, a pool of blood spreading out from beneath his head.

“There are things I can make you do without you wanting to,” Donna, against her will, stood up and advanced towards Dakota. By now he had taken a seat in the chair across from Donna. When she stood directly in front of him she dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans. She pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, freeing his 10-inch cock. Why has no one come in to investigate the gunshot? Donna wondered.

“Because I can control much more than someones mind,my dear. I could make the very Earth stand still if I chose to. I can control time, sounds, and minds, read peoples thoughts, turn invisible, and gaze into the future. I planned this little rendezvous between you, me, and John there who is dead along with his girlfriend who I killed as well. Donna took Dakota’s cock in her hand and began to pump her fist up and down, causing it to harden and get long. As it reached it’s full length she dipped her head down and took it in her mouth. She began to suck bob her head up and down on the monstrous 15-inch dick.

“Aaahh! That’s great I haven't had my dick sucked in forever. Now how about we make it a little more interesting?” At that moment Donna lifted up her shirt revealing her massive breasts. She pushed Dakota’s massive member between them and began to move them up and down on it. Finally he neared orgasm.

“Uhh!” He grabbed Donna’s head and shoved it down on his dick as it began to twitch and send spurts of cum down her throat. She pulled away gagging on his cum and a few strands landed on her face and hair. Please let it be over! Donna thought.

“Oh, it is,” said Dakota, “but now you know to much.” Donna, without cleaning herself up, walked over to the wall. Her life had changed so much so fast that day. But it had also ended.She began to brutally smash her head into the wall until it cracked and blood began to rush out. But no one would know that is what happened, because, using his mind, Dakota lifted her body, and threw it out of the window. It her body fell from her fourth story office onto the hard concrete below.

Dakota image flickered for a moment and then it was gone. He was no longer in the building or in the state. When he re-appeared it was in a men’s restroom stall at a sports stadium. He turned invisible and walked out of the building. As he was walking towards a bus station he noticed a girl walking towards him.

She dark blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, and dark brown eyes set in a gorgeous face. She wore a blue mini skirt that showed off her figure and shapely legs and had a purse to compliment it. She had at least c tits, and when she walked past him he saw her big firm ass. He turned to follow her.

Rating: 47%, Read 12724 times, Posted Mar 09, 2013

Fiction | Blowjob, Death, Mind Control, Rape, Teen


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