Chat Doom -Part 2 by cooclicoo

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Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Submission, Virginity, Young

Chapter 1

"Good Job Cunt. Now that your ass has been trained properly. It's time for you to start enjoying your pussy!!!"

Three months have passed since I met Master4YngCunt, and we have been chatting every day since that. I learned that his name was Ivan but was asked to call him Master and nothing else. By guiding my first steps into sexual self-discovery Master had all my trust, as I was too naive to know when the things I was ordered to do were completely obscene.

Master4YngCunt: For the last three month I have taught you to masturbate, and to enjoy your body. For a week now you have been inserting all sort of things in your ass to please me, and you enjoyed it too. Didn't you, Amy?

PrincessAmy: Thank you Master, everything you taught me made me the happiest girl in the world. But there is something you need to know. My parents have noticed my grades fall down, and I might fail Seventh Grade. I might not be able to come and see you anymore.

He was furious, he knew a drastic change needed to happen and soon. He has worked hard for three month tricking this young angel into trusting him totally with her body. He has made a submissive cunt of her and she wasn't even aware of it yet. God, he loved her innocence. But now she must evolve into his whore to enjoy.

Master4YngCunt: Amy, my dear friend, what is more important school or me?

PrincessAmy: Well you know how much I love you, but I need to study to become successful.

Master4YngCunt: who told you that Cunt? there is a nicer better way to become successful. And I can teach it to you. I can make you real successful. He knew she would fall for it, after all she trusted him blindly.
PrincessAmy: My parents care about school but if you allow me I can try to do both, see you, as well as study hard.

Master4YngCunt: So your parents still leave you alone every afternoon?

PrincessAmy: Yes so we could chat in the afternoon, then I study.

Ignoring what she said, he made her give him her address, and the time her parents will be out, and every single detail to move to the next step.

For a week, whenever she logged in to see him, Master4YngCunt wasn't there. Did she do anything wrong? Why wouldn't he reply to her emails? She needed him, no she needed to masturbate, but couldn't because -as he told her- if she does it by herself she will be sick the next day. A week of constantly erect nipples wanting some relief. But today he is finally there. Her parents are still both at work as he greets her.

PrincessAmy: I am so glad you are here.

Master4YngCunt: You will be even happier when you open the door. (A knock)

Amy's heart was pounding, and she couldn't breath well. She was nervous. "Why is he here", she wondered, unable to open the door. (Another single knock)

Heart racing, she waits for the fifth single knock to open the door for a guy that looks as old as her dad, maybe even more. He is definitely not as good looking as dad though, she thought.

- Hi Princess, I am so glad to see you! He said with a heart-warming smile on his face. I was in the neighborhood and thought I would come to say hi. May I come in? I just want to see you a little. I hope you are not disappointed.

She was, I am not!

-Good, 'cause we're best friends aren't we?, the smile on her face gave him confidence to continue, May I come in? just to have a sip of water? As she lets him in the kitchen he catches her from behind , puts a damp clothes over her nose. She can't breath, heavy, heavier, asleep.

She woke up hours later in her bed. Was it all a dream?

Her parents were back, she had dinner with them, and as she went to study, Master4YngCunt shows up online.

PrincessAmy: Hi

Master4YngCunt: click HERE with your mouse to go see the surprise I have for you.

As she clicks, she is directed to a website where she sees a dozen of pictures of her in different poses. All naked, smiling to the camera, masturbating, or even inserting the top of a beer bottle in her anus.

On top of each pictures was a different words and an amount:

Blowjob 200 Euros, Fucking 1000 Euros, Anal only 25 Euro, for the right candidate. Whore is available for different experiences to be discussed with her owner. Please support this whore for this is her key to success.

Below was a link that led her to a movie file.

She could see herself naked on her bed. Her eyes were closed, but she was moving as if she was awake and aware of everything. A voice kept asking her questions as she masturbated, and moaned.

-You name


-Who owns you, Amy?

You do Master

-Would you do anything to make me happy Amy?

Yes Master I would, she answered as an orgasm was building up inside of her.
-Would you become mine? leave your parents? you could be a whore who lives at my house if that makes us happy?

Yes Master I could

-Tell your parents you hate them, and you are going to live with me?

I hate you mom and dad, and I am going to live with my master from now on

-Do you promise?

I promise, she answered as her body and soul were carried by a mind blowing orgasm. The video ends there.

Return to the world of chat.

Master4YngCunt: If you don't want your parents getting this link by email, I am afraid you will have to keep your promise.

Amy knew she had no choice. He told her where to meet him, tonight after her parents sleep. Made her write a letter telling them she was running away because they made her miserable. And to make sure she is still his property made her masturbate for the last time ... online that is. Tonight he will own this sweet piece of virgin pussy for the rest of her life for his own use.

Chapter 2

Please I want to go back home, M. Ivan, Please.

The car has been running on the highway for hours. She has trusted this online stranger with her innocent body, and now he has made her leave her family, her school, and her friends to go be his whore. What's a whore by the way??? Couldn't I be one and live with my parents. She has been begging him to let her go for hours now.


This man's hand hits her on the head so hard it knocks her out. "Finally some peace." Months of perseverance have paid off. He will realize his dream of a perfect whore soon. He will deprave her of all hope, and she will be unable to escape his control. "My lovely Amy, with the drugs and sex I will be giving you, you will be addicted to so many vices that you wouldn't be able to live with your parents, even if you wanted to." We still have to drive for 12 hours, maybe it's time to start Amy's training.

-Wake up, cunt.

Slapping her again, and again until she slightly opened her eyes.

Oh what a headache, what's happening to me? I can't move, aaa.... She was naked on the ground, tied to a tree, and Master Ivan had his penis coming in and out her mouth. Oh my god it's so big, I can't breath!

-Are you enjoying your first blowjob Cunt? Get used to it you are going to give a lot of those from now on, he said as his seven inches, very thick cock, ravaged the throat of young Amy pulling out hardly enough for her to breath. She was almost going to throw up as he released some sort of warm cream from his penis.

-Swallow my cum Cunt!.

She swallowed it until the last drop, regretting every moment she had spent in a chat room. But suddenly something magical happened. Master Ivan kissed her as he was wiping her face, he kissed her again, with the tongue. She always wanted to try this and it does feel nice.

I love you Amy, that's why I want us to be together, I have always loved you, and I know that you are in love with me since the day I gave you your orgasm,

She didn't know what to think, as he started rubbing her clit. Now you will see how nice it is when I rub it for you, remember what we learned, if I give you your first orgasm then you have to be in love with me.

Could she be in love with this old, kind of fat and smelly, man??? Is this orgasm thing really proof of her love? Untying her, he massaged her wrists, kissing her passionately, rubbing her pussy, thinking how he owns it now, how he will penetrate it soon, and most of all, the money he will be making off selling this young pussy to rich men. She was feeling good, her orgasm was quickly building as he asked her to promise his she would go to his house for three month and do what he asks her to, and if she doesn't like it then she could go back to her parents.

Yes Master I promise you!!! she screamed as her loins exploded with yet another mind blowing orgasm.

-Good Girl Amy, He said laughing. Over their daily chat he noticed that this teen cunt was ready to promise anything when she is cuming. Step one accomplished.

to be continued ...

Rating: 66%, Read 21045 times, Posted Jan 20, 2007

Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Submission, Virginity, Young


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