Pretty, Tiny Tits, And Pissing by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Male, Pissing, Teen Female, Water Sports

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Pretty, Tiny Tits, And Pissing

My daughter was having one of her infamous sleepovers. She knew that I didn’t mind if she and her girlfriends had a little to drink. However, it was escalating. They were drinking more and more and it had gone from just three girls to seven girls. My daughter was fourteen but she had thirteen-year-old and fifteen-year-old friends. One girl was even sixteen. They spent the whole weekend and they never went home drunk so I figured what to hell.

That all changed when Carmen entered the picture. She was sixteen years old and cute as hell. She had dark blonde hair, a pretty smile, and very tiny tits. In fact she had the smallest tits in the crowd.

Late that Friday I walked to the kitchen for a soda and walked past the bathroom. The door was wide open and Carmen was sitting on the toilet naked. Her feet were on the seat and her knees were very wide. I could see the yellow flow and she was smiling at me.

I stood there and watched her pee, then I watched her wipe, and put her flimsy summer dress back on. Carmen looked up at me and said, “I didn’t want to get my dress wet.”

I asked, “What about your underwear?”

Carmen replied, “Oh that, I never wear any. My mother won’t let me. She says that guys like it when our pussies are fully accessible.”

Her voice was high pitched and she was slurring her speech then she said, “You can fuck me if you want too. I’m not a virgin.”

I was tempted, I really was. She was so fucking pretty and I absolutely loved her tiny titties.

She followed me into the kitchen and I got my soda and she went down into the game room with the other girls.

Several minutes later my daughter came into my bedroom and asked, “Did you really watch Carmen pee while she was naked?”

I replied, “Well yes, she left the door open and I’m a man, of course I watched her pee. Who wouldn’t?”

Then she asked, “Do want to watch us all pee or just Carmen?”

I looked at her and she seemed to be serious so I replied, “I would like to watch you all pee. Do you all get naked to pee or is that just Carmen’s trick?”

My daughter replied, “We can all be naked if that is what you want. I’ll tell the girls the new rules. One they have to be naked to pee and two they have to come and get you first so that you can watch them. Any other requests?”

I smiled and said, “Not a the moment but if I think of any I’ll let you know.”

She turned to go back to the game room but turned and said, “Could you buy us some wine in the morning. We drank all but one bottle. Buy the cheap stuff we only want to get drunk and we don’t really care what it tastes like. We do like the sweet wines best though.”

In a few minutes three naked girls were standing in my doorway telling me that they had to pee. I followed then to the bathroom and sat on the edge of the toilet just a couple of feet in front of them.

Each girl stood in front of me, sat on the toilet seat, and then spread her legs for me. Each one blushed but seemed to enjoy me watching them. By the time the third girl had finished and wiped my daughter was there to take her turn. I had never seen my daughter naked before and there she was standing right in front of me with soft downy hair on her pussy. She sat and spread for me and then I leaned in closer and watched her stream splash into the water in the bowl. She took off some toilet paper and then handed it to me so that I could dry her pussy off.

I went back to my bedroom but every few minutes I followed a girl back to watch her pee. After a while they settled down to sleep and I got a chance to jerk off.

First thing in the morning I was rousted out of bed so that the girls could pee. I had morning wood and I was naked but I too had to pee. I just followed them, after all I had seen all of them naked so it was only fair that they see me naked.

Carmen sat down first and told me to pee between her legs. It seemed reasonable so I did. Carmen had a different idea though and held my cock aiming it right at her pussy mound. That was the first time that I had ever done anything like that.

The girls couldn’t wait so before I knew it my daughter had sat on the toilet and the other five climbed into the bathtub behind me and started peeing down their legs. It was an incredible sight to see. They closed the doors and showered afterwards. Carmen and my daughter joined them and I heard all of the giggling going on.

Last night they had been drinking but that morning they were all sober. After they dried off they all came into my bedroom. Carmen said, “You still have a hard-on, I’m the only non-virgin here, and they want to see what sex is all about. So you have to fuck me.”

I was shocked but I really needed relief so I let her lie on my bed and I lifted her legs up in the air and I slipped my cock into her. She was the youngest girl that I had ever fucked, she was the prettiest, and she was the tightest too. She was an incredible fuck, one that I was sure to never forget. The girls crowded around me and watched my cock disappear into their friend and reappear too. I was pleased that I could hold off cumming until Carmen had. The girls were very impressed with me and the fact that Carmen was thrashing around, thanking God, and moaning like a porn star certainly helped.

I filled that girl up to the point of overflowing. She said, “Oh God that was great. I’ve had sex with three boys but they were nothing compared to you. You were bigger, harder, and you felt a whole lot better inside me. I think I’ll stick to older men from now on.”

I pulled out of Carmen and I was still hard. My daughter shouted “Next” and crawled up taking Carmen’s place. I knew she was a virgin but I was still hard, six naked girls were watching me, and I plunged into my daughter’s pussy going all the way in, in one thrust. She didn’t cry out and I didn’t break her hymen. She must have taken care of that herself. Actually I was pleased because now I could fuck her without any fear of hurting her. I knew that I would last longed the second time around so I relaxed and enjoyed it. She did too as I recall her having two orgasms during that time. Then she joined me for a third one when my climax struck. I rolled off, looked at the remaining girls and said, “Not now, I’ve had it, but later if you want.”

That led to them taking numbers and deciding who would be next and who would follow whom after that. As far as I was concerned I had already fucked the best two but I wasn’t about to pass up the other five if they were willing to let me. After all I am a man and I can think with my cock if I want too…maybe even if I don’t want too.

I got more wine but they really weren’t all that interested in it. They wanted to stay sober so that they could enjoy the sex as much as Carmen and my daughter had. It was really late when I polished off the last girl. It took a lot of help from Carmen who graciously sucked me hard the last three times.

The End

Pretty, Tiny Tits, And Pissing


Rating: 91%, Read 102354 times, Posted Oct 07, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Male, Pissing, Teen Female, Water Sports


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