The Proposal by Prodigal+Rebel

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Male

You are stitting on the piano, and are being approached from behind. Suddenly you feel a kiss in the neck and a pair of strong arms around you, and you can feel his hands on your breasts,

It calms you, smooths you, lets your spirits and feelings rise, make you come alive like you never ever felt before Your lips find his, your tongue reaches out to meet his tongue and your hands reach to his neck to pull him closer. Then you stand up and feel overcome with emotions, you feel his arms folding around your body, his hands fondling your bum. You feel your pussy getting moist and as you look in his eyes, you see the love and desire for you in it

His hands open the top button of your shirt; you feel his kiss on the base of the left side of your neck as he bites you there softly. He starts to undo the 2nd button, his mouth moves down a little bit down towards your collarbone. As the 3rd button has been undone, you feel your shirt being pulled down a bit over your shoulders and then you feel his kiss on your shoulders, sending sensual sensations throughout your whole body, and you feel his tongue on your skin. You like the ground beneath your feeth is swallowed in the maelstream of desire, your heart begins to race. Feelings of desire, love and lust race through your mind, you hear yourself starting to moan and push your body into his hands. Your body aching and yearning a burning desire for what is to come overtakes you.

He slowly undoes the 4th button; only 2 buttons remain you feel your cleavage being covered under his burning kisses his tongue slides between your breasts. Your body tremor as the 5th button goes off, your shirt is almost removed and he kisses your belly button and tongues your opening. You hear yourself moan loudly again and push your body to his mouth and pull his head closer. As the last button is undone you feel how he gets up again and you feel his body tensing with desire for your beautiful body. As takes your shirt off, you see the contours of his erection in his pants, you feel his body heat. You want him, you want to ride him, you want him to be your possesion. You feel how he moves behind your back and undoes your bra, you lean back into him and he carefully kisses each breast as he removes your bra. Your breasts eager to be pleased once freed out of your bra jump into his hands. You loose all control over your senses, and start to climax when your nipples feel his hands gently moulding and stimulating them. His hand fondling and cherishing your breast, you look up into his eyes and you see a tear and read his desire, passion, love and adoration in his eyes.

You reach to wipe his tear away with her fingertip and taste the salt of his tears; sensing his passion for you. When he kisses your lips you return his kiss hungrily; pushing your body forwards and it is his for the take. He reaches to the wine cooler and takes an ice cube in his mouth and starts to kiss the back of your neck, moving down, fondling your bum. You feel that with every touch of his you are being brought a step closer to yet another orgasm.

When he senses this, he pauses briefly and you moan unhappy, you want him to continue. You hear him whispering be patient my love; I want you to enjoy this more. You start to panting, moaning and wanting more. As you turn around and see his eyes in the candlelight and you hear him whisper softly “I love you”.

It is the most beautiful thing you ever heard, you think this is amazing. Every time this man declares his love to you it sounds like the very first time he says it. You reach out to him and pull his shirt open, the buttons jump off, your nails rip through the fabric. And you kiss his chest lightly as he takes you in his arms, and kisses your lips, parting them with his tongue so he can explore your mouth,. It makes you feel like it is the very first time he kisses you, and you think I am his to take, dominate and to do as he pleases with you.

You start to quiver, shake and tremble, you think: “I want to please this man”.

You hear yourself starting to pant; sweat starts to drips off your body. A wet patch starts to show on your light green silk skirt, you part your legs and pull him between them. He briefly resists and then lies down next to you; you look in his eyes and reach for him again. You want to feel him in you, but he tells you to wait.

You feel how he undoes your skirt, and you start to moan again. You want him to lick your wetness; you want him to drink your sweet love juices, you want him to suck on the key to your desire, you feel his tongue burn deep inside of yourself. You feel how he gently removes your white cotton panties, how your shoes are being undone, and feel the sweet sensations of his kisses on your feet. He touches them as if they were the most precious and expensive china. You feel how his lips grace your toes, how his tongue moves over your foot sole.

You start to cry out in ecstasy, your eyes closed,, taking in the moment so you can cherish it and always remember it. You throw a glance at the clock and realise he has been kissing you for more then thirty minutes now and not once has he attempted to enter you. You become impatient, you want to be taken, hard and quickly and a little forceful. Yet he does not give in and he takes you in his arms and blindfolds you. You feel how he turns you around a few times so you would be disorientated, and then leads you up a stairway. You feel his body heat on your back and you still feel the sensation of his kisses burning on your breasts, on your feet, on your thighs and on your lips, you feel like you are ablaze.

Suddenly he brings you to a standstill; you start to quiver a bit in anticipation for what to come. He then removes your blindfold and you notice you are in the bathroom the Jacuzzi is on and he leads you into the bath, you see how he undresses himself quickly. And you see his manhood hard and big, swollen for you. You want him to take you everywhere, you want him to be your master and you want to be his to with as he wants. You want to reach out and touch his hardness, but he puts a finger on your lips when you scrape your throat. You are handed a glass of chilled white wine, suddenly it dawns you.. That the whole afternoon he was gone and this is what he was doing all this time. You feel special, lucky, wonderful and yet so wanton.

You want him to ride you, to punish you for your desire; you want to be his partner, his lover and his everything. He reaches out and joins you in the Jacuzzi, you want to mount him but he refuses, and whispers softly: “Not yet, but very soon my love”. He takes a sponge and starts to soap you in; gently, softly and tender. You start to moan and then scream "fuck me fuck me now, fuck me hard" he kisses you and says: “Be patient my love”. You feel his hand between your thighs, and your sexual tension becomes unbearable. Feeling his hand there; and erect cock in your back takes your breath away. You let go of yourself and let yourself go and scream out your orgasm of the top of yor longs. But he merely kisses you, it is clear how he enjoys seeing you climax.. You feel like you are experiencing everything all at once; birth, death, childbirth, pain and enjoyment. You let all your emotions flow free and faint briefly in his arms, barely a second later after you came by, he guides you out of the Jacuzzi and starts to dry you off and you feel the soft warm wooly towel all over your divine body.

Kneeling between your thighs he lifts your foot and starts to gently drying you big toe then your other toes. He repeats this on the other foot, and moves up to your calves followed by your upper legs and you start quivering with anticipation, he dips a finger in your cave of love and you feel how he finds your key and starts to rub it gently.

He then parts your legs and bends his head, and you think: “This is unreal, this cannot be happening” and you pinch yourself, “I can feel the pain so this must be real”. You pinch yourself again, and again you feel it. You start to let it all go and feel how the wantonness over takes you again, you feel his tongue teasing your rose bud. Letting the tip of his tongue gently dancing on it, sucking it in his mouth, you push your hips to his mouth and pull his head closer. You feel your bud in his mouth, and feel how he softly bites in it and whilst sucking you feel you loose it again, and reach your 3rd orgasm.

You feel supercharged, tired yet unsatisfied, over satisfied yet hungry for more… much more. You feel how he helps you up and leads you to the bedroom; as the door swings open you gasp and clap your hands before your mouth. Your bed is covered with rose petals and all over are candles, some smelly and some normal. You feel losing control in your legs and he supports you and leads you to the bed. You lie down on the bed helped by your lover and see him kneeling down and taking your hand in his and ask you: “Do you want to marry me?” you can not believe this is happening.

You feel like it is a fantasy, then something shiny catches your eye and you look and see a thin ring with a tiny emerald and ruby as he holds it out for you and asks "Darling?” You feel drugged and hear yourself mumble "Yes?” “Do you want to be my wife?”, he repeats his question and your whisper barely audible; ‘Yes I do!”. You fall into eachothers arms and fall on the bed, holding each other close, cuddling, hugging and canoed ling and you fall asleep exhausted of all the emotions you have been through.

The End

© Prodigal Rebel 7/19/2003

Rating: 56%, Read 13634 times, Posted Aug 29, 2004

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Male


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