Sisters By The Pool Part 16 (Thanksgiving Special) by TripleAcesHigh

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Things progressed rather stagnantly after the school carnival rendezvous. Danielle and I continued to be an item in school, and weekends generally consisted of the two of us, with the occasional guest appearance from Hailey. It had actually been a while since I had seen Melanie, or the rest of the cheer squad, and the break from juggling more than two girls at a time had been a welcomed recovery period.

Of course, there was still that little annoying chore called school in the way. I was a pretty smart student, but the overwhelming majority of my classes were boring, and it eventually became a game of survival. I had heard of many young adults working for the weekend, but that was essentially what I was doing during the school week. I finished homework assignments ahead of schedule so that I could have as much fun on the weekends as possible. And, with Danielle and Hailey around, it certainly wasn't difficult to find something interesting to do with free time.

As November flew by, we eventually made it to the first extended holiday of the school calendar - Thanksgiving. Danielle and I had briefly discussed trying to spend the occasion together, though there was still the matter of telling that idea to my parents.

"Really?" my mom responded when I mentioned having Thanksgiving dinner at Danielle's house. "Our family always spends Thanksgiving together. I know you like this girl, but certain days are just for family."

"I suppose we could have Thanksgiving together" my dad chuckled, and my eyes nearly bugged out. The thought of all of our parents sitting around, especially with the awkward arrangement of Danielle and Hailey, was a little more than I could handle.

"No, that's not practical" he finished. "I don't think they've been seeing each other long enough to do something like that."

"Why don't I just spend the first part of the day here, and then when we finish eating, I'll go over there for a while?" I finally proposed. After a brief pause, they both seemed fine with my compromise, and I relayed the news to Danielle.

"Better than nothing" she texted back with a smile emoji. "You've already met my folks, so there's nothing to worry about."

Ah, yes, I had met her parents during the interesting vacation we all took a while back. Her mother was a non-issue, and seemed to be totally fine with me. Her father was a bit of a tougher rock to crack, but I think I had done a decent job of presenting myself to be an acceptable young man, at least away from closed doors. Of course, we didn't have the amount of conversation time that we would most likely have at tomorrow's event.


After an unimpressive night of sleep, I woke to the smell of turkey in the oven. Thanksgiving was always up there on my list of favorite holidays. Between the multiple day break from classes, seeing some family, and the delicious food options, there were few holidays that could beat it. I put on some clothes, walked downstairs, and flipped on the early Thanksgiving football game.

Shocking...the Lions were losing again. A Thanksgiving tradition. I chuckled and walked into the kitchen, enjoying the incredible aromas coming at me from all different directions. It wasn't long before family started to line the couches, talking about everything from sports to politics to holiday travel plans. I didn't have the biggest family, but there were some good people in it.

"How's the love life?" an uncle asked me from a seat over.

"Oh, it's good" I responded awkwardly. "I'm kind of seeing this girl from my class."

"Kind of?" he chuckled. "Don't put it like that if her family asks."

It seemed as though some members of my family knew I was heading to Danielle's later that day. I could only imagine the gossip and conversations that were happening.

As the day rolled on, I finally received a text from Danielle. "Let me know when you're clear. Everyone is really excited to see you."

"Everyone" I thought to myself. I wondered just how many family members might be over there.

At last, turkey was served, and the feast began. The other good thing about Thanksgiving? Most of the talking is done before the dinner, and by the time all that food is available, everyone is preoccupied chewing. I heard my dad and cousin going at each other about politics, and I looked towards the clock.

"You can go when you're ready" I heard my mom say, noticing my consistent looks at the time. She was certainly understanding of the situation.

I finished up what was on my plate, bid some relatives farewell, and made my way towards the door. I couldn't help overhearing a snicker or two, as well as some bits of unneeded advice being tossed in my direction as I finally shut the door behind me.

I took a deep breath as I made my way outside. The air was crisp and super pleasant, as I made the familiar walk towards Danielle's house. I was dressed in a polo shirt and khaki cargo shorts, and the evening air surrounded my skin. I took another deep breath, allowing the fresh air deep into my lungs, and worked my way between houses and out towards the main road. Some cars passed in the dimly lit evening, possibly on their way to the store to get a few extra potatoes for their big families.

I finally entered Danielle's neighborhood and noticed how many houses had extra cars lining their driveways and front lawns. Their house was no exception, and I took an extra minute to ready myself before knocking on their door.

"Hiii!" Danielle's mom was actually the one to greet me, opening the door and offering a hug. She had clearly had a few. "Come on in, the girls will be so excited to see you!"

I found it interesting that their mom usually referred to both girls being excited to see me. It wasn't just Danielle, but both of them. Obviously, Hailey gave off enough vibes about me that her mom noticed, though luckily it wasn't enough to pique her curiosity in any way.

As I made my way inside the house, the noise got consistently louder until it hit me in the face as I entered the room. People were sitting at tables, couches, chairs and even a makeshift bar. I actually didn't even see either of the girls right now, but I did see their dad, and figured the right thing to do would be to greet him right away.

"How are you sir?" I asked, extending my hand for a shake as I approached him.

"Heh-hey there" he responded and nearly shook my hand off. He had apparently had a few himself. "Rick, I want you to meet Danielle's boyfriend Chris" he said, introducing me to her uncle.

"Pleasure to meet you son" he said with a hint of a southern accent, as he shook my hand. "I've definitely heard a lot about you."

"Well, I hope you'll give me a chance anyway" I said, cracking a smile and looking at the two men. There was no response for a few seconds.

"Ha ha ha ha! I love this guy!" Rick responded and slapped my back. His hand stayed on my shoulder as he talked to their dad. "Looks like Danielle has a good one here" he continued, laughing heartily, coughing after a while in what sounded like a smoker's laugh.

Finally, I felt a familiar hand on my back, and Danielle appeared behind me.

"Sorry Uncle Rick, he's mine" she teased and that sent everyone into another round of laughter.

"Well Dani, why haven't you brought this guy around more often?" he laughed loudly again.

She shrugged and managed to excuse me from the area, bringing me towards a couch in the next room, where the noise was much lower. Back there, it was just Danielle, Hailey and some other relatives closer to our age.

"So you're Danielle's boyfriend?" one of her male cousins asked. "Hailey sure seems to like you a lot too" he said after I answered affirmatively to his question.

"Yeah she's like my little sister at this point" I said, giving her a high five, and playing things off as best I could. The answer seemed to quell the curiosity that anyone had over her general consistent excitement to see me.

Just as things quieted down again on our side of the house, I heard more yelling pick up from the main room.

"Where is Chris at?" I heard her uncle ask rambunctiously.

"I DIDN'T DO IT" I shot out, drawing laughter from the group around me.

"Danielle, you know he can't be a part of the family until he has his initiation" he continued as I finally looked around the corner.

"Uncle Rick, come on, not now" Danielle responded. I tried not to panic as I thought of all the things that initiation could mean.

"Now now, no one can stay without an arm wrestle" he hollared, putting his elbow on the table and looking over towards me. Though I was quite active in sports, I had no chance against her much larger and older relative.

"Just go real quick, it'll be fine" Danielle reassured with a whisper in my ear as I walked over to the table with her uncle and father again.

"Ok sure" I said as cheerfully as possible, putting my elbow on the table and grasping his hand.

"Go!" I heard her dad say as I felt the pressure start against my grip. I just wanted to make a respectable showing, so instead of pushing back with all my strength, I focused on staying centered and upright. It wasn't long before Uncle Rick fell out of his chair and landed on the floor.

After a second or two of silence, the whole room started cracking up. Relatives rolled around on the floor and on couches, as even Rick played things off with another hearty laugh.

"Well help me up Chris" he struggled, trying to make his way back up to his chair, but failing without assistance. "He's alright" he told Danielle, and we were finally free from the event.

At this point, Danielle led me upstairs to her room, away from the boisterous crowd.

"I figured you deserved a break" she couldn't help but giggle. "You did great. They all love you." She kissed me quickly and then took a breath. "So how was it at your house?"

"It was fine" I started, looking at her sexy blue eyes. "I think my parents told the rest of my family about tonight." It had really been the first time so many people had called me Danielle's girlfriend, and having a night with her family seemed like another large step. This was as serious as our relationship had seemed to this point.

"Yeah, there was some teasing here too" she said. "It's kind of nice though. They can see your mine and not mine and my sister's. Well, technically anyway."

And here we were again. Every time Danielle got a little more comfortable with the three of us, it took another emotional step sideways. I was fine with it, as long as she snapped out of things each time, which she always had so far.

"That's right" I smiled warmly at Danielle and kissed her cheek. "I am your boyfriend" I said, emphasizing the word your. "I'm not Hailey's boyfriend."

She nodded and smiled back at me. I understood her constant conflicts with the situation, and I was ready to help her through it, especially if it meant continuing our arrangement in peace.

"So I didn't want to break this to you, but I suppose I have to" Danielle started, biting at her lip. "We're all going away for the rest of the long weekend. I don't think I can have you tag along this time either. They really want some quality family time."

"Oh" I laughed back lightly, knowing I had cleared out a project so I would have extra time. "That's okay, we don't have to spend every weekend together."

"Why don't you hang with your guy friends?" she suggested. "It's been a while, and I've heard you guys go a little crazy without that bro time."

"That's actually true" I laughed back. "Bill had a girlfriend back in the summer of '14, and we literally had to pick him up from the looney bin and snap him back to reality. Bro time."

Danielle laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Whatever" she giggled. "But I can't go without getting a little us time. Do you want to sneak into the shower? There's way too much noise. Nobody will know."

"I'm not going to turn something like that down" I laughed. And, in one quick scoop, I picked up Danielle's petite frame and carried her over my shoulder towards the bathroom. The corridor always seemed so much longer when heading for something like this. Finally, I reached the bathroom door knob and grasped it, Danielle still flailing and giggling on my shoulder, one of my hands firmly planted on her ass.

"AHEM" I heard from behind us.

"Aye, fucking jellyfish" I said, jumping up, almost losing my grip on Danielle. Both of us clung to each other so she wouldn't fall.

"AYE FUCKING JELLYFISH?!" Hailey shrieked, immediately hitting the ground and rolling around in one of the loudest laughs I've ever heard.

"Hahahahahaha, oh my god, I'm going to pee" she said breathlessly, rolling around like a weasel ball on the floor.

"Aye fucking jellyfish?" Danielle said, as well, almost as if not believing her own words, still clinging to me.

"I don't know" I laughed. "Don't scare me like that. Damn."

"Why are you so jumpy?" Hailey giggled. "What are you two doing?"

"Oh, we were just...working on my leg strength" I stumbled. "Best way to workout your legs is carrying people around. You know, football season is coming up and all that."

"Oh bullshit" Hailey teased, lightly poking me, and putting her sister's safety in more peril. "But I know she probably told you we're leaving tomorrow, so I'll let you two have your fun."

I couldn't help but feel like something didn't add up with that one. Hailey, the one who was always scheming for an opportunity with me, knowing she was about to leave for the weekend, just told us to carry on with sex.

"Really?" I thought the words came out of my mouth, but it was actually Danielle who said it. She obviously had similar thoughts as I did.

"Yep, have fun guys" she said plainly. "Don't have too much fun. We're only a couple of notches below a blue whale call down there."

Danielle and I both looked at her, though she had to bend herself and look through my arm and body.

"Did you know blue whales actually have super loud calls?" Hailey said. "We just learned about it in marine biology. Other whales can hear it for hundreds of miles under the water. Blue whales are really big too. But I don't have to tell you about big things, huh? Okay, well have fun guys."

Hailey was so adorable. Suddenly, I was more upset she wasn't joining us.

"Let's go before I hit my head on the hard floor" Danielle laughed. "But I guess I don't have to tell you about hard things." I think she was mocking her sister, but I laughed anyway.

Finally, we spilled into the bathroom, and I was able to get Danielle onto the ground as lightly as possible. She got the water started and then smiled at me.

"Want to help me with this?" she asked, grabbing at her own shirt. I walked over towards her and pulled the top up over her head. I took the time to admire and appreciate her body, running my fingers up lightly and placing kisses on her, before unhooking her bra. She took the opportunity to pull off my shirt, and with the top half of the work out of the way, it freed us up to kiss while we did the bottoms. I tugged her shorts and thong down and off, while our lips met passionately. She struggled with the belt on my khakis, breaking the kiss temporarily to look what she was doing.

Our newly naked bodies finally crashed into the shower area. Warm water poured down over our bodies as we kissed. My hands quickly started to roam - no matter how many times I was with Danielle, I couldn't take that incredibly fit body and gorgeous ass for granted.

After a little bit of kissing, I pushed her tight body against the wall of the shower. She yelped slightly from the cold wall hitting her backside, as I grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the side. I kissed her roughly a few times and then started to kiss down her neck, hitting her jaw and collarbone along the way, tasting her skin again and again. The strength with which I held Danielle seemed to excite her, and soon she was whimpering and spreading her legs, wanting to feel more.

Instead of slipping my fingers inside of her, I gently teased her clit. She writhed against my hold as I rubbed tortuously slowly, feeling her dripping, confident that it wasn't the shower water. When she tried to push her pussy onto my finger, I held her more firmly against the wall and kissed her neck harder. Her moaning was out of control, and it turned me on feeling how badly she wanted me.

Little by little, I picked up the pace on her clit, leading to more moaning, and bucking from her legs. It didn't take her long to go stiff and start cumming, and it took my strength to keep her on her feet as she came against my finger. I kissed her rippling stomach muscles, making her squirm even more as she tried to keep her balance. I gave her a second to come down from things, watching her pant against the shower wall as I lightly kissed her shoulders. Then, without warning, I slipped two fingers deep inside her pussy, curling to rub her g-spot, and getting on my knees so I could lick her clit. My free hand pressed against her body, keeping her in place while she screeched in pleasure. I never let my fingers stop pulling back against her gspot, and my tongue only got rougher against her clit. Her hands went to my head for extra balance, as I brought her to another, more violent orgasm. She shook like crazy and eventually couldn't stand anymore, sliding to the ground and breathing heavily from the shower floor. I gave her body one more kiss and left her to recover.

She was finally able to get her breathing under control, and slowly rose from the floor, with a little assistance from me.

"That was...really fucking hot" she said, her eyes a little glazed.

I smiled and teasingly sent my hand back between her legs. As soon as I came into contact with her clit, she jolted forward and slipped. One of my arms caught her body, but the other hand grabbed her hair. There she was, being supported by my arm on her body, and my hand in her hair. I couldn't resist what was before me, and within seconds, I had found the entrance between her legs and thrust myself deep inside her.

"Oh my god. Oh fuck" she screamed as I filled her up. Her incredible ass was pointed in my direction, and my length disappeared between her legs, invisible to me as I fucked her from behind. Eventually, I loosened my grip on her body, but tightened the grip on her hair. I tugged it back towards me as I picked up the pace of the fuck. It had been a while since just Danielle and I had been together, and I hadn't gotten to take her as roughly as I wanted to yet. She seemed to be responding well so far, with goosebumps on her skin, and deep moans as I pulled her hair and thrusted deeper inside.

"How much do you love my cock Danielle?" I asked her, and spanked her ass. My other hand kept a steady grip on her hair, keeping her in my control.

"Oh fuck. I love it so much. I need it. You fill me so good" she moaned, the last part of her talking trailing off into gibberish. Even with my hand on her hair, Danielle wasn't getting enough, and slammed her back onto my cock, meeting my thrusts. She also reached down and started to rub her clit. Seconds later her other hand started pinching her own nipples. It seemed the night had turned her on more than ever, and soon I felt her squeezing my cock with her pussy as she came around me, temporarily slowing her own movements as she shook against me.

After she came, I guided her back towards the wall, putting the front of her body against it now. She yelped when her nipples hit the cold side, and then again when I spanked her. The support of the wall allowed me to take her harder, thrusting into her rougher and quicker, her perfect ass jiggling with each bounce. I kissed her upper back as I filled her, making her shiver in delight.

"How much do you love it when I cum inside you Danielle?" I whispered in her ear, then nibbled softly on her lobe and neck.

"Mmm, fuck, I love when you fill me up" she said, trying to get a grip on something as I fucked her into the wall. "Please cum inside me. Flood my little pussy with your cum."

I took her wrists in my hands again and pinned them over her head. I felt her tighten again as I built inside her, and she beat me to another orgasm, massaging my cock with her spasming pussy as she seemingly melted into the wall. I thrusted powerfully a few more times, watching each bounce of her ass, before sliding in as deep as possible, starting to paint her insides with my seed. I grunted as I shot rope after rope of hot cum so deep. My hands let her wrists go, sliding to the front of her body and squeezing her perky tits as I shot more of my load inside her, then pulled out and let the last of it shoot across her ass and lower back.

"Fuck you're a stud" she giggled, turning towards me and kissing me needingly. "Keep taking me like that and I'll be a happy girl."


The next day was Friday, and that meant a few more days without classes. Knowing the girls would be gone, I did as Danielle suggested, and called up my best friend Neil. The best thing about Neil is that he didn't care how long I disappeared to hang with Danielle. When we were both free, we hung out like we were brothers. Sometimes, he'd even just come play video games and let me talk on the computer with her, while we bullshitted about life. Today, though, was a day for both of us to play.

"So Danielle..." Neil said, as we had a game of Madden going on the Playstation. "Excellent catch my friend."

"Yeah she's pretty awesome" I responded, proud of myself when it came right down to it.

"And Hailey..." Neil started, making me look away from the screen long enough to let in a touchdown. "BOOM"

"Hailey?" I said, not knowing what he even knew of her.

"Yeah bro, we all saw you holding both their hands at the school carnival" he laughed. "It's cool with me. Just move to Utah man."

"Oh come on" I laughed, busting through the line offside, and destroying his kicker before the extra point could be attempted. "Suck that by the way...Hailey is just like a little sister to me."

Neil laughed when I took the penalty for a bit of comedy.

"I don't know man" he continued. "And it's not like a blame you. Look at it this way. What's the first word you'd use to describe Danielle?"

I paused for a few seconds.

"Hot" I said bluntly.

"Hot...EXACTLY" Neil shouted, doing his comedian voice (which sounded like a cross between Dave Chappelle and a really angry person), and starting to say hot before I finished the word. I waited for him to finish his routine.

"Bitches" he finished, cracking himself up.

"What's your point?" I finally asked, picking up a modest gain on first down.

"What's the first word you'd use to describe Hailey?" he continued.

There was a longer pause this time.

"Fuck..I don..."

"FUCK...EXACTLY" he shouted again, pretty proud of both his impression and the point he was making. "Dude, she's ridiculous. She could do porn and I would watch it every night."

I turned towards him and he caught my frustrated glance.

"Just a sister huh?" he laughed again. "I'm with you either way bro. I'll be happy for you regardless. Just, uh, let me know who you don't pick."

"Fuck off" I laughed, burning him over the top to tie the game. He jumped offside and creamed my kicker.

"Dude kickers have it bad enough, don't hurt him" I laughed. A few seconds later I got a text message. As soon as I read the first line, I told Neil to save the game and play against the computer for a bit.

"So it's just me and my parents after all" Danielle's text started. "Hailey woke up with the flu. At first I figured it was another one of her bullshit attempts at, you know, but she's pretty bad. I won't get into the details, but at least I know if she tries anything with you, you'll be sick when I get back" it finished with a wink emoji at the end.

Perhaps last night's rough fuck had shook up a few brain cells in Danielle's head because I certainly wasn't buying this.

"So I'm guessing you want me over in...20 minutes?" I texted Hailey for fun.

"If I said I was naked could you do 10 minutes?" she responded quickly.

Son of a bitch. She had done it again.

I let out a deep breath.

"What is it now man?" Neil laughed. "We postponing this one?"

"Need to see what's going on" I responded vaguely. Neil shook his head and stood up, giving me our handshake of many years and heading for the door.

"Remember man, whoever you don't choose..." he winked and left before I could throw something at him.

I tossed on a casual form fitting workout shirt, and gym shorts, wanting to be comfortable for the walk over there. The previous evening had been crisp and an invigorating walk. Temperatures had fallen over night, and this evening's walk was cold. I shook a little in my obvious underdress, rubbing my arms as I made my way through the familiar shortcuts and turns. I made it into their neighborhood, and slowed as I approached the house, wondering just what might happen. Last night, Danielle and I had made progress towards being more serious. But, as she always managed to do, Hailey had a plan to get me in the end.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, fully expecting a naked Hailey to greet me with a tongue kiss. Instead, my eyes almost popped out when I saw her open the door in a tiny black dress, made up with some eyeliner that really brought out her hypnotizing vampire blue eyes. Every curve of her body was hugged and shown off in an incredible outfit. The dress stopped right at her upper thighs, showing off her toned, sexy legs.

"Oh god" I said, looking her up and down.

"Aye fucking jellyfish?" Hailey teased, pulling me inside and locking the door. She gave me a quick kiss, and then turned towards the kitchen, swaying her amazing ass back and forth as she walked.

"So there's dinner in the oven, and I figured we could watch a movie after, maybe" Hailey continued, looking back at me. My face still had a look of surprise, both having expected to already be inside her, and at her incredible get up.

"I...uhh...dinner?" I asked, not believing she was cooking for us first.

"And here I was hoping to have a nice long conversation with you tonight, and all of a sudden you can't speak in complete sentences" she teased, poking me and heading over to a candlelit table with two seats.

"Hailey, what in the world is all of this?" I finally managed, still so confused by what was going on.

"Look" she said, letting out a deep breath. "I may be Danielle's little sister, but I think I'm smarter than her. I know what's going on here. I saw everyone talking about Danielle's boyfriend last night. I'm cool with the current arrangement because I basically get to fuck you as often as I like. Well, not quite as often, but there's time to make that more...frequent"

She bit her lip as she said frequent in a seductive tone.

"Anyway, the point is, this can't last forever" Hailey continued. "We're not moving to Utah...I don't think. One day, you're going to have to make a commitment. I don't want to be the one to lose that cock when the music stops and there's only one to sit on."

"Is that your concern?" I couldn't help but chuckle softly. "You want to make sure I marry you so you can have my cock for the rest of eternity?"

"Oh relax" she smiled, looking at me suggestively with those ridiculous eyes and leaning over to plant a kiss on my lips. "Everything about you drives me wild. The cock is excellent bonus. Eternity and beyond sounds good with me, honestly."

"But dinner? Candles? What is all this?" I asked, understanding she was making an interesting point tonight, but still not fully aware of what it truly was.

"You've had plenty of dates with Danielle" she explained. "You haven't had any with me. That's why you think of her do you describe it to her when she's feeling vulnerable...more emotionally compatible? She doesn't seem smart enough to realize that's a nice way of you saying you're addicted to ME physically. How good I make you feel. How, if you could, you'd never leave my bedroom...or my pussy."

I shivered a little. I actually felt slightly tingly all over. I never quite felt this way with anyone else.

After that sentence, the timer dinged, and she got up, looking into my eyes again, and then walking towards the oven, shaking that butt at me again. This was such a different side to her. I had always pictured her as the playful, less mature, younger, slightly hypersexualized version of Danielle. But the more I thought about all of her crazy schemes to get with me, the more I thought she might be right about being the smart one.

"Dinner is ready" she started, pulling a tray from the oven. "But, I did want to give you the chance to leave first. I know I'm taking a chance here. Taking the slightest chance that I'm wrong, and you are really committed to my sister forever now. If what I said offended you...if I'm wrong, you can leave."

It was my turn to have a little fun. I playfully got up from the table. Before I could move, Hailey yelled...

"You wouldn't make a girl with no panties go chase you down would you?!" she teasingly pouted and mocked worry at the situation. I wasn't going anywhere, and she knew I wasn't going anywhere. I also loved that she could be playful, even during a situation like this.

"Not lying though" she said, turning so that she was completely sideways to me, and lifting up her little dress, up and over her sexy thigh, high enough to show there was no coverage. Before I could move to get a look at either the front or back, she slipped the dress back into place, and stared me down one more time.

She brought over the dinner, which was an incredible display of orange chicken and jasmine rice. Turns out, the girl could cook as well, adding yet another undeniable plus to her pro column.

"So, be honest" Hailey smiled, as we ate together at the candlelit table and talked. "When I said for you and Danielle to have fun last night, you were confused, weren't you?"

"My first thought was, what is she up to?" I chuckled, and we laughed together.

"And what was your second thought?" she said, more suggestively again, not taking those hypnotic eyes off me.

"That I wanted you to join" I admitted with a laugh. She smiled and we ate a bit more.

"I've been so excited for this weekend for a long time now" she said. "As soon as I found out they were going, and that it was a family only trip, I knew I had to get out of it and spend the weekend with you. We never get any time alone. I meant what I said."

"When you have to make that choice someday..." she said, and leaned over to give me another hard kiss, also lingering to give me a shot of cleavage down her dress. Of course my eyes gravitated.

"Thank you for dinner, it was delicious" I said, after we had finished. " the plan now to sex me up until I'm yours?" I said teasingly.

"No, there's plenty of time for all that" she chuckled. "You're going to see what it's like to be with me. We're going to cuddle and watch a movie. We're going to talk about life. Then, if you're lucky, we'll get to that."

"Wait a second, if I'M lucky?" I laughed, finally calling her bullshit. "How long have you been lusting for me?"

I finally made her pause briefly.

"Not the point Mister" she giggled, leaning up and placing a kiss on my neck. "For the purposes of this're MY boyfriend."

"I think you'll like it" she followed up with an erotic whisper in my ear, making me lean forward, and brushing her leg onto my crotch.

Hailey had a romantic comedy ready to go on Netflix, and got into a comfortable position on the couch. Then, she patted the spot by her, and beckoned me to come over with her eyes. I sat down next to her and extended my arm, which she quickly climbed into, cuddling firmly into my side. I wrapped one arm around her body, and the other rested on her gorgeous thigh, as she laid her legs across mine. She was right, I had only done stuff like this with Danielle, and maybe that's why I thought we had more of an emotional connection.

"Hailey, I'm still curious where this came from" I said, my hand moving up and down her strong, smooth thigh. "You act so silly all the time. I mean I knew we had some connection, but I don't think I knew you even grasped the situation."

"To me, it's a pretty easy decision" she laughed softly. "The dumber and sillier I play, the less of a threat I am to Danielle. She doesn't think twice about me most of the time because she thinks I'm immature and not looking for anything serious. Plus, I can't lie. The threesomes, and more, are pretty fun. But when it comes down to it, there's no doubt what I want."

And with that, Hailey slowly sent her hand up one of the leg holes of my shorts. She started by simply rubbing my thigh, going from one side to the other, mainly on the outside of my boxers. It was a little ticklish, and made me squirm slightly. I was hard as a rock from the entire evening, but she ignored my erection as she kept her sights on the movie. I continued to cuddle her close to me, enjoying the warmth of her body, and trying to keep my mind off how badly I wanted her.

After a good ten minutes of teasing, Hailey finally allowed her hand to touch my cock, staying on the outside of my boxers and rubbing painfully slowly. I kept holding her, but moans and sighs escaped my increasing breath as she rubbed me lightly against my boxers. A few more minutes of teasing, and she finally dipped into my boxers, using her index finger to rub the sensitive frenulum area on the underside of my cock, causing me to squirm even more. At this point, I was holding onto her more so I didn't lose all willpower and take her right here. I wanted her so badly, but I also wanted to see what exactly she had planned.

"Hailey" I finally said, desperate for more. She just continued to rub the sensitive underside of my cock with a single finger, as I struggled to control myself. Sensing my desperation, she finally tugged my cock out of the leg hole, exposing it to the air for a few seconds, before descending her mouth onto it.

"Fuckkk..." I sighed contently, so overwhelmed with need and lust as Hailey finally went to work on me. She licked up the underside of my length, tongue back and forth, snaking up the big vein before sucking the head for a bit. I brushed her hair away from her face, giving her an opportunity to look up at me with those eyes while she sucked. I looked down into her eyes, hypnotized by the piercing blue, unable to look away, as she just kept sucking, and added a slow bob to the process. For the next few minutes, she never took her eyes off of me, slowly going up and down, tongue working all over my most sensitive spots. It was too much - the whole night had been too much. I could feel myself building, and her eyebrows revealed a confident look. Then she raised her eyebrows at me, as if daring me to cum. I squirmed a bit again as I built beneath her, her hot little mouth and tongue taking me to intense pleasure. Finally, I couldn't hold it back any longer, and started to burst. As soon as the first drop escaped, Hailey turned her attention to my cock, pumping me for the first time and sucking wildly.

"Holy fuckk" I moaned, moving around and bucking beneath her as I shot my load into her mouth and down her throat. I couldn't catch my breath as I shot a large amount of cum down her throat, while Hailey greedily swallowed. The orgasm was even longer than usual, catching her off guard, and as she finally popped her mouth off of me, the last spurts covered her face. She giggled and used her finger to scrape it off and suck it down.

"You're delicious" she teased, and I grabbed her leg, not even knowing what to do with my lust while I hit a recovery period. But, I had to do something, and I quickly climbed on top of her, kissing her hard, and sending a hand under her dress, quickly finding her uncovered pussy. My lips stayed firmly on hers until I sent my tongue into her mouth for exploration, as I slid my fingers inside her pussy. Just like with Danielle the night before, I curled and pulled back against her gspot, quickly setting off her moans. Her moans remained incredibly muffled as I never broke our kiss for more than a half second. Consumed with lust, I increased the pace until I heard her pussy give away its wetness with its squishing sounds. The room filled with sounds of our lust, including her muffled moans and wet pussy. I felt her breathing increase, her desperation pick up, and her pussy start to tighten around my fingers. She finally pulled my face away so she could scream.

"Oh my fucking godddd" she shouted, no fear of anyone around tonight, as she squirted. My fingers came out and rubbed her clit, as she bucked and shook uncontrollably on the couch. She reached out for me desperately, one hand squeezing my bicep and the other my hair as she continued to writhe beneath me. After finishing her orgasm, she laid there catching her breath, and I crashed against her body, kissing her wildly again. I looked into her incredible eyes before she shut them, and the two of us laid on top of each other, kissing through the entire next two scenes of the movie - the one that neither of us remembered was still playing.

"So we're supposed to be cuddling and watching the movie right?" I finally said after we separated for the first time.

"Definitely" she giggled and jumped back into my arms, nuzzling against my neck and rubbing against me as we finally watched part of the movie.

"I have no idea what's happening" I chuckled. Hailey laughed and agreed. Then she rubbed my still recovering manhood.

"What's the matter?" she teased. "Not doing it for you?" Hailey got up in front of me, facing away from me and bending just slightly. Then, she slowly pulled her dress over her butt, until it finally had enough force to pop over and expose for me. Even while recovering, I couldn't resist that ass, spanking her roughly and making her yelp. Still, she wiggled it in front of me, causing me to spank her another couple of times. At least all of this teasing was succeeding in getting me ready for round two.

"This character is such a bitch" Hailey said, still absent-mindedly shaking her butt at me while propping herself up with her arms on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"If I was in that spot I woul...OHHHH" she screamed as I mounted from behind, pushing her against the coffee table and quickly stuffing my length into her waiting pussy. "Oh fuck yeah, take me hard" she quickly adapted, reaching back with her hand to squeeze my arm.

"Fuck, you're right" I said as I started to pound her pussy, making that ass jiggle as I filled her. "I am addicted to you. I love your eyes, your body, your tits, your ass, and this tight fucking pussy that's mine."

"Fucking right" she moaned and slammed herself back onto me, using the table in front of her for support. "This pussy is yours. Fill it up. Claim it. Claim me. Make me yours. Your cock has ruined me from anything else ever being satisfying."

My hands reached around and squeezed her tits against her dress, which was still covering everything from her waist up to her collarbone. I spanked her ass roughly again, and Hailey started to yelp again with desire. Her pussy tightened and tightened until it went off around me, squeezing me all over as I fucked her through her orgasm.

"FUUUCK" she said hoarsely as she came around me. "I love your cock so much. I need it every night as long as I live. I can't fucking wait until you fill me with your hot cum."

That made me think of the previous night when I asked Danielle how much she wanted me to fill her. I decided to ask Hailey the same question.

"How much do you love when I cum inside your pussy Hailey?" I asked, slamming into her hard, one hand still squeezing her tits while the other took slaps at her ass.

"Fuck, it's the best fucking feeling in the world" she cooed. "You always fill me so fucking deep. And so much. All I need is your hot seed inside me and all is right in the world."

She took her hand off my arm, and reached up for my face, rubbing lightly, and then dropping straight down to my balls. She shot me a look with those seemingly vampire glowing blue eyes, rubbing passionately but delicately enough as I continued to fill her deep.

"I know how much you love it" she said, watching me tense slightly as she rubbed my balls. Her fingers swirled them around slightly. "I know this is just building you up for an even bigger orgasm, which means more cum for me." Then she turned to a seductive whisper. "Fill me. Please. Give me all your hot cum."

The feeling built from the sensations and her words. The rest of the world shut off as my only current goal was to fill Hailey's pussy. I rammed myself deep inside her a few more times, and then let myself be brought over by her motions. Right on the border of the edge, my cock rested as deep inside Hailey's pussy as possible. My cock pulsed and throbbed inside her, as she rubbed my balls until it took me the rest of the way. After sitting deep inside her for what seemed like half a minute, I finally started to twitch, hot cum spurting as my cock flexed deep inside her pussy. We moaned together as my orgasm set off another one of hers, her tightening pussy only making me cum harder and longer. I finally yanked her dress down enough so that I could have her tits, squeezing both of them lustfully in my hands as I covered her depths with my seed. Hailey pushed back from the table, coming closer to me as my cock remained lodged deep inside her. She turned her head and kissed me hard as I just let my cum ooze inside her for the next minute.


That night, I decided it was important to stay over with Hailey. We spent most of the night in bed together, holding each other, and surprisingly doing more teasing than playing. When we spooned, I'd kiss the side of her neck until I found her most ticklish spots, which made her push back against me. I ran my hands through her hair and pulled it, working her neck as she burrowed back into my body.

"This is the best" Hailey sighed contently. I held her until we both drifted off to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up and climbed on top of her.

"Hi there" Hailey said seductively as I quickly pushed myself back inside her tight pussy. She put her hands on my face and looked consistently back into my eyes, while my hands roamed through her hair. Our faces met and we went nose to nose, staring into each others eyes as I fucked her slower than usual. Then we closed our eyes and met in another delicious kiss, biting at each other's lips. I took her slowly but deeply, hitting her at new angles, as she took one hand off my face and started to rub her clit. Just as I felt her building again, our eyes shot open at the sound of the front door opening.

Hailey still came on my cock.

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