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Gail Holmes

“I assume before very much longer you’ll have to have some of this off young lady; or you’ll be sitting on it, then where will be. You really don’t understand what a pain it is, between you and your father, and his love for lengthy hair. He should endeavour brushing it sometime!” Diana’s mother chuckled as she stood back from the chair admiring her handy work.

This would be Diana’s first holiday on her own, well not so much on her own, more should I say without her parents. She was looking forward to it. It was the start of July; outside the sun was beaming down and the birds singing. She felt a spring in her step as she walked slowly toward the doorway. Her thoughts of her dreams

“I think I’ll wait in the garden Mum?” Diana twisted around waiting for her mothers reply.

“That’s be fine darling; I’ll shout you when George turns up!” Pauline looked down at her watch. “Shouldn’t be to long now, he said 9.30. He’s to be back at the club for ten!”

The scent of the trees and flowers tickled Diana’s nose. It had been ages since she’d actually seen the garden in full bloom; she’d really missed it.

George arrived at twenty passed nine; Pauline had already made a pot of tea, she’d anticipated him being early, George picked up the cup and smiled toward Pauline, immediately walking over to the window then gazing out.

“She’s grown up to be such a beautiful young lady!” he implied, as he stood watching Diana, she stooped down easing a flower gently towards her face, directing it under her nose. “D’you think she’ll ever regain her sight?” George quizzed, turned back facing into the room, adjusting his vision after looking out into the bright sunlight.

“We tell her there is; but to be honest I think there’s little likelihood now, she been like this since she was ten, little over eight years now. I don’t think it bothers her that much; her education didn’t suffer that’s the main thing. I think this break will do her some good; she loves being with people!” Pauline smiled walking up beside him watching her daughter through the lattice window.

George had been a friend of the family for the last five years; he’d worked for the club for about seven. He never could work out where Diana got her looks from, certainly not from her mother or fathers side of the families. One couldn’t tell from her hazel eyes she was even blind, they looked faultless, trouble was, she was never conscious of the awareness that she attracted, her trim figure and long legs, her choice in clothing always clung to her body outlining her petite but firm breasts and slim hips.

Pauline had often wondered as to how George managed to live on his own with his looks it was a mystery. He was a good looking man, chisel jawed and rugged, in his 40’s, with his tanned completion and brown hair he’d turn any woman’s head, and should he smile, well I’ll say no more.

“George’s here Diana!” Pauline called from the doorway.

The sun backlit her hair as she walked back up the path toward the door, long blonde strands flowed in the breeze, nevertheless, what really caught George’s attention was the light shining through her dress, revealing her long slender legs and the clear-cut outline of her pussy region between them, she paused momentary in the doorway captivating George’s attention, his eyes roamed over the slender body before him.

“Well, how I do look then!” Diana twirled around in her dress allowing it to flow out with the force of her spin.

“Great, you look just great Diana!” George laughed.

“Are we ready then?” from his voice she detected just as to where he stood; fixing her gaze straight him.

George walked over taking her arm. “Come on Cinderella, to the ball we go!”

“See you later in a week then Mum! You will take care of everything won’t you! Lead on MacBeth!” she chuckled, putting her hand onto George’s, which was slipped though her arm

George moved as soon as he felt her weight on his arm. “Don’t worry Pauline; she’ll be taken well care of, you have yourself a nice week now” He felt proud as he walked out into the street, even her walk wasn’t hesitant, it looked to all if she was just holding his arm to be near him, he thought.

“In you get then!” George eased her toward the open door of the minibus, hand placed lightly on her rump as she climbed in.

The club was for the blind, also an amount of handicapped people of all ages, mostly in the evenings, they’d collected money for the holiday over the last six months. All were looking forward to the outing; it was a seaside trip, staying at a bungalow and mobile home site. Diana had plenty of friends there, but relied heavily on George to move about, he’d put her in the front seat so that he could keep his eye on her.

The journey took around three hours, they’d stopped twice for drinks and of course the toilet, arriving just after lunchtime; all were thrilled when they approached the holiday park, Diana wanted to know all about what the others had seen and were chatting about.

George helped familiarise her with her surroundings within the bungalow, but as far as her suitcase was concerned she knew where everything was, putting it away herself. He stayed until she’d finished unpacking, knowing she’d be hungry; then taking her to the main restaurant, at the centre.

Both decided that after lunched and a rest, they’d go swimming, there were two female helpers at the camp but Diana preferred George to be her aide. Heading her back to her bungalow as to collect her bathing costume, whilst the others collected their own.

“I think I’ll change into mine here!” Diana chuckled once they’d got inside. “I will save any problems of finding a bathing hut”

“That’s fine I’ll just pop over to my cabin and get my own while you change!” George replied…hesitating as he got to the door, the thought of seeing her nude allure him to stop. “I’ll be back in about five minutes then!”

“Fine George, thank you! Don’t you be long?”

George opened the door then closed it in front of him, turning quietly back to face her, she’d started to hum a tune as she opened the draw beside her bed, lifting her costume out, then laying it on to the bed beside her. George nearly started to walk towards her when she reached over her shoulders to undo her dress; then realising she wouldn’t need help.

She’d turned slightly towards him drawing the dress over her head, he was amazed, all she’d on underneath was the briefest pair of panties he’d ever seen. Unhurriedly she eased them down placing them onto the bed. George had only imagined what she looked like beneath before, never did he appreciate her body was so firm, her breasts stood like miniature mountains, with twin peaks, with just a smidgen of golden down between her legs. He placed his hand down onto his cock, already it was hard, he stood and watched as she picked up the top of her bikini, placing it around herself, everything seemed to be in slow motion to him, most frustrating as she wriggled into her panty bottoms, drawing them up her legs slowly.

George waited a few minutes before turning, and then knocking on the door.

“Why knock to come in George? When you haven’t even left the room?” Diana laughed. “I might be blind, but my sense of hearing is perfect, you didn’t really think that I’d fall for that one did you?” she implied with a chuckle.

“Diana! What can I say?” George was devastated by his own absent-mindedness, forgetting the extra senses that blind people possess.

“You’re not the first to try it! My Dad has done it on the odd occasions, but I’ve only allowed him to stay once” She said with a grin. “Then he never saw anything!”

“No!” Diana smiled.

“What did you say to him?”

“I didn’t…I didn’t say anything, as you’re already aware I am more than familiar with my home and everything in it. He’s the same as you…when you walk your trousers rub between the legs. And like him you didn’t walk, you just closed the door. I walked over to the door and re-opened it, put my hand onto his shoulder turned him and pushed him out.

George had to smile at the way she’d gesture with her hands.

“Well, as I say I am sorry!”

“No you’re not!” she laughed. “Now come over here!”

George walked leisurely towards her, as if by magic no sooner was at arms length, she lifted her hands and put them up around his neck. No one would consider she was blind.

“Well, did you like what you saw then?” she grinned


“I’m not daft…blind maybe, but I can sense as to where your eyes are… My, I shouldn’t have done that should I?”

“Done what!”

Diana leaned forward lifting herself up onto her toes, kissing him on the cheek.

“Got undressed in front of you, it’s had an effect on you I can tell. However, I’d never have realised that it worked that fast!” She whispered in his ear.

“We’d better get you to the pool young lady!”

“Me!” she chuckled “I think it’s you that wants cooling down. Anyway, I don’t want to go swimming now!”


She moved to the side of him sitting down on the bed taking his hand, and then patted the bed beside herself.

“Don’t keep calling my name! Here sit down.”

“Diana, Ok, so you’ve caught me out, what can I say but that I’m truly sorry!”

But George, it’s not your fault! Deem me responsible…!”

“Diana, that’s silly, what could you have to do with it?”

“George!” she leaned forward kissing him, only this time finding his lips. “ As I said…blind I might be, but I’m also a woman! George…I know you have feeling for me…that I do know. This morning I knew what the weather was like, knowing it was a brilliant sunny day, and as to which direction the sun shone from. This is why I went out into the garden before you came. I had to push you…. Ok, I could have been wrong, lets say it’s women’s intuition, I know by your speech, it’s tone when you talk to me, even your gestures, Ok, I can’t see them, but I can sure sense them. I’m sure you’ve feelings for me. What’s more I think you want me!”

“What has this got to do with you going into the garden?”

“As I said, I think you want me. I knew with the sun where it was, and if I could catch you in the doorway…this was only in my mind! I had to push your lust, this is why I stopped in the doorway, in the provocative manner that I did; knowing with the sun behind me, it would be shining straight through my dress. I don’t know for sure if I even done it right! Never seeing it done, I wouldn’t know for sure…did the sun shine through my dress, and did it have an effect on you?”

George smiled to himself, knowing she was right.

“Diana, yes the sun did shine through your dress and yes it did have an effect on me. You just don’t know as to how beautiful you really are young lady…it would have had the same effect on any man, that’s why we’re called men”

“Enough to make you…try kidding me that you’d actually walked out though that door?” Diana turned pointing toward the door, with a grin on her face.

“Yes, I suppose it had something to do with it! Being as you realised as to what you’d done, would you have expected anything else?”

“So…all things being equal, it’s worked then?” Diana smiled.

“I’m not with you…all things being equal, what is your meaning?”

“Well it stands to reason, you want me…and I want you!”

“But Diana!” George was interrupted before he could continue. Diana had reached across him putting her finger up to his lips.

“You don’t have to say it…Ok, I’ve never seen you! But I sense your feelings; I know there the same as mine. Lust; I want you; I really do, is that so wrong.

Putting it like that…no I suppose not! So what do you want me to do?” George chuckled.

“You have the sight!”

“Meaning what; a man doesn’t need eyes for sex!”

“Maybe not…but you’ll know if there is anybody around a mite better than I would! And I take it that we’re on our own now, that’s unless you secretly brought someone else in with you? Diana smiled.

“Nope! We’re on our own!”

Diana moved her hand across to his inner thighs, drawing it upwards gradually.

“You’re naughty, d’you know that?” George sighed pulling her slowly across him, lying across his lap, his eyes wander down over her; leaning forward he kissed her gently on the lips. Diana reached up, running her hand around his neck.

“Are you saying you don’t want me?”

George slid his hand under her body, unclipping her top, pulling it gently then placing it onto the bed beside them.

“And I thought I was the naughty one!” Diana smiled up to him.

Placing one hand down onto her waist George kissed her softly on the lips, allowing it to slither up onto her breast, compressing it in gentle movements, his fingers toying her nipples. Diana loved the sensation of his caressing, but her pose was uncomfortable.

“Can I lie on the bed, I want to touch you to, this way it’s a little awkward!” she smiled. “I am enjoying it!”

George lifted gently, placing her body the length of the bed; then lie beside her, his hand went back to her breast continuing to manipulate it with his long fingers. Placing both her hands around his neck, running her fingers through the thick hair, she drew him down, as their lips met his tongue could be felt wiggling amid her moist lips, this seemed to stir something within her, Diana let out a low moan. His hand moving from her breast slowly over her tummy, the swimsuit bottom was tight, so he continued down probing his fingers between her legs. Drawing them up gently as Diana eased them leisurely apart. Kissing him hard on the lips as she did so.

George’s finger explored the area covering her pussy, just dragging one finger lightly over it in spiral movements, pressing nimbly over the given spot, the sensation was tantalising to her. Diana shifted her position, reaching down, clasping at the swimsuit panties, he understood the magnitude of her desire to remove them, she lifted sensing his hand reaching beneath, allowing him to eradicate the obstruction between them.

George gazed at the soft blonde down his fingers running leisurely through the silky hair, sliding slowly over her Mound of Venus, edging his way toward the tight fissure. Diana gripped his neck tightly as he dipped finger slightly, drawing juices already secreted from within.

Moving down gradually George placed his mouth over her breast; nibbling gently on the taut but raised nipple, allowing his tongue to quiver in light but gentle movements, whilst his long finger slithered up within her. Diana’s whole body went into a convulsion, her back curved sharply, forcing her lower body powerfully back down onto his finger, locking it deep inside.

George moved, allowing himself the concluding journey down her body, nibbling as he progressed, her tummy, then though the silky down, until finally reaching the given spot. His tongue trembled violently, forcing itself under the small hood, whilst leisurely disengaging his long finger. Her love bud stood steadily as his tongue vibrated around its base; Diana body shook intensely as her first real orgasm came, sending tiny messages around her body, her sightless eyes flickered. George lifted himself moving over her slowly, kissing her passionately as his finger drove into her pussy at an alarming rate.

Diana clutched at the bedding pulling herself up abruptly, resting her head over his shoulder she let out a low but gutterish moan, almost a howl, George hugged her hard, feeling the spasms within her pussy on his reengaged fingers.

“Jesus George! God, forgive me for blaspheming!”

She was awash with pleasure. “Please George you must stop!” Diana shuddered gripping his shoulders, her inner senses glowing with awareness, her young body succumbing to her dormant sexual needs.

“George, what’s happening?” she sobbed.

He eased her gently back down on the bed, tears were rolling down her cheeks, leaning forward he kissed her softly.

“It’s all right…its as it should be!” He smiled lifting his finger up through her tears.

Diana reached forward taking hold of his arms, her hands gently rubbing up and down them.

“I don’t think I’m ready…not just yet!” she sobbed. “Later, we’ll try later…so much was happening”

He looked down, scrutinising her body…he wanted her. God, how he wanted her, her legs were still splayed out before him. He knew to take her now would be wrong, it would be against he’s inner feeling, she was not unlike an angel lying before him.

Diana appeared to hold on to his arm tighter now, whether it was because of what happen in the bungalow he couldn’t tell, he felt more relaxed toward her. Others of the group were already in the swimming pool splashing about; Diana heard their sheiks.

“That sounded like Paula?” she quizzed. “Shall we go in?”

“You think a cooling will do you good then?” George chuckled, placing his hand onto hers.

“No, I want to be in the pool with you!” Diana knew she was close to the poolside, she did anticipate pushing him in, but realised someone might be close to the edge.

George neared the end of the pool where the steps were, jumping in he reached up toward her, holding onto her ankles.

“Come on, the steps are right in front of you”.

Diana leaned down taking his hand as he place it on the rail to the side of her. “Couple of paces forward and your there!”

Holding the rails Diana edged forward, easing her foot over the perimeter of the pool. Hands caught here waist as she moved down the steps, letting go she threw her arms around Georges neck, jumping into the pool in front of him.

“God! It’s cold!” she laughed.

“Soon get used to it, come on swim, its all clear”

George spoke as he swam, using his voice as to direct her though the swimmers.

“It’s getting deep now!” She giggled, splashing water in his direction.

“You’re cruising for a bruising young lady!” George mused.

“Thought you wanted cooling down!” Diana laughed turning away and swimming off in the opposite direction.

After what seemed hours of fun they finally left the pool to sit at a table on the edge; George went up to the bar and collected drinks. He couldn’t help but notice the attraction she stirred by just sitting on her own.

Sitting down at the table pushing her glass across toward her hand

“There, that will refresh you!” he informed her.

“Yes, that is nice!” Diana sipped slowly, replacing the glass back down on the table. “What is it, its certainly refreshing?”

“Thought you’d like it, it’s called a “Gin Fizz”

“I hope you not thinking of having your wicked way with me!” chuckled Diana. “As if you are, you’re going the right way about it!”

“I take it by that remark, you’re feeling better now then?”

“I’m sorry, I know I was wrong!”

“Wrong in what way?” George moved his hand to the centre of the table taking hers into it, squeezing it gently.

“Wasn’t fair on you really was it! I mean leaving you high and dry like that” Diana appeared to be looking him straight in the eye as she spoke.

“Perhaps we were both being to hasty!” George replied. “We’ve plenty of time”

“I think I was the hasty one, I didn’t give it a chance, my mind was going wild, it was so pleasurable, I think I got a little frightened with my own feelings to be honest!”

“They’ll be other times!” George smiled to himself.

“No George, I think tonight! As I said I’ve waited so long for this holiday with you, time is of the essence. I intend to enjoy you?”

“But why me! I’m certain there’s young lads of your own age, most willing to do the job for you!”

“Oh yes I’m sure there are, I’m in no doubt they’d be only to willing, but I feel I have confidence you, I know your to some extent older”

George grinned to himself at this remark.

“To some extent!” George chuckled. “I’m twice your age young lady!”

“It bothers you?”

“Of course not, I feel honoured! There is nothing I’d love more, I feel it a privilege”

“Then it’s settled” Diana moved her hands to the centre of the table taking his. “Tonight, you shall take my virginity!”

George felt a sudden strain within his shorts; his cock had livened, throbbing with an abrupt rush of blood. He’d wanted her for so long, he couldn’t accept this was happening to him, she looked so beautiful with the sun backlighting her long blonde hair, every now and again the breeze would catch wisps blowing them across the table toward him. He got to his feet leaning across the table cupping her small face into his hands; tenderly kissing her on the lips.

“You’re astonishing, d’you know that! There is nothing more that I would like to take the satisfaction in!”

They left the nightclub early, around 9.30; both were full of joy, Diana holding him snugly around the waist as they walked, it was quiet, everyone being in the club.

“Would you like to carry me over the threshold!” Diana giggled.

George lifted her into his arms, she smelt good as he kissed her cheek.

“We’re not married I’ll have you know?” George chuckled, pushing the door with the keys stuck in the corner of his mouth.

“You should be ashamed of yourself George!” Diana laughed as he lay her lengthwise down on the bed. “Taking advantage of such a young girl!”

He smiled at her remark. “Shall we crack the bottle of wine then?”

Diana sat up on her elbow, listening as his shoes clicking across the tiles on the kitchen floor.

“Sounds good to me, but shouldn’t we have it in a while after my accomplishment with you is done!” Diana raised her voice slightly assuring he’d hear her.

“You make it sound as if I’m about to run a marathon!” George called back

By the time he’d returned with the bottle of wine and two iced glasses, Diana was naked, looking more like an oil painting, laying the full length of the bed, her hair spread across each of the pillows to the sides of her.

“God, you look ravishing!” George informed her, placing the tray on the bedside cabinet, slowly sitting down beside her placing his hand on to her tummy

“God that’s cold! Diana jumped suddenly at the touch of his hand from the cold glasses and wine. “Now be gentle Georgie no more shocks like that” Her hand reached up toward him, finding his neck, pulling him down to her.

George gently kissing her lips moving to her fingers, nibbling the tips soothingly.

“Gentle is my middle name” chuckled George easing her hand to one side, lifting her leg moving slowly between them.

Diana gave out a tiny moan as the sensation of his tongue drew up over her clitoris, George was renowned for his oral lovemaking over time, reaching down she manipulated strands of his hair through her fingers giving gentle tugs as the sensations intensified.

“God George, you’re doing it again, dam you!”

George’s sense of hearing had vanished; he was on cloud nine. The aroma of her scent filled his nostrils, musty, but with a pungent taste, he lifted his finger meandering it up inside her, unhurriedly drawing it in and out as her juices increased; the delicate fluid engulfed his finger allowing complete viscosity, the feeling to George was that of pure silk.

Moving slowly up and down her body kissing, and nibbling as he went, her nipples stood firmly as his tongue crept over them. George was more than ready to take the plunge, lifting himself across her body, in between her legs.

“George!” Diana said in a pleading tone. Knowing of his intentions

“Diana?” George wavered in his movement, hovering for moments.

“Could…could I hold it first? I have only ever once seem my cousins, he was only five at the time!”

As George moved back to the side of her, she placed her hand between his legs, embracing his cock with her fingers, gently kneading it.

“ I can’t believe how supple but hard it is, are they all this size?”

“More or less, he’s not as big as some!”

“You called it a him?” Diana giggled.

She continued to manipulate his rigid cock, as it stood proudly within her hand. Unexpectedly it throbbed, she looked up toward him, there was a gleeful look in her eyes.

“Sorry what did I do?” momentary she hesitated in her movements on his cock.

George moved in closer to her, his hand moving back down amid her open legs.

“It’s okay, you just provoked him and he reared up if you like! But please carry on”

“Do all men consider it a him?”

“Most, but many actually have a name!”

“You’re jesting with me! Does yours have a name then?” she jested.

“Thomas…John Thomas, well at least that’s the name my mother called him!”

Diana reached up giving him a peck on the cheek, and then sat back with a smile on her face, her hand not leaving his cock, rubbing it up and down in slow delicate movements.

“So what would John Thomas like now then?”

George knew what he wanted, kissing her firmly on the lips. “Perhaps a nice kiss; if you feel up to it!” He responded.

“You’re winding me up again!” she chuckled. “What good would kissing him do?”

“No…I’m serious, it helps to make his entrance easier, plus he finds it enjoyable! John Thomas is partial to a grand entrance, by wetting him that’s what he’ll get; you’ll be a little tight at the minute. It would help!”

Diana went down, giving John Thomas a warm luscious kiss on the tip of his helmet.

“Diana, no please, not like that, take him up into your mouth, suck him, make him good and wet!”

She engulfed John Thomas, taking him to the back of her mouth succulently drawing her lips tightly along his bulky sides as she moved up and down. George leaned his head back groaning loudly, his hands were forced behind him, seizing the pillow tightly with his fingers until his knuckles whitened. He tried to lift his hips but Diana held them down, her head now bobbing up and down furiously. One would have considered her a specialist in the way she manipulated her mouth and gums over poor John Thomas, the more she sucked the heavier the blood flowed thickening his stance.

“Now…now Diana! I must have you now!” George blurted out, withdrawing his finger sharply.

Diana laid back, her legs still open as George clambered between; his hand gripping John firmly, guiding him in the direction of her virginal passageway, it swung wildly. The length of his cock was shimmering with her saliva, reaching up suddenly she clasped his wrists holding them tightly as she sensed the enormous strain inside her pussy, the walls were spreading to one side by its entry, this was not only new to her, but also to her pussy.

George sensed the barrier of her hymen against his helmet, easing himself to a standstill, no way did he want to bestow her any means of discomfort…with a quick jab he was through, and the pain to Diana was momentary, once John Thomas’s way was released of the hindrance, he slithered soothingly up inside her. George looked down as he fucked her in slow but deliberate strokes, her hands still gripped his wrists, but now without the pain she’d experienced earlier, there was a look of contentment her angelic face as she lie back onto the pillows.

“That feels so delightful George” she murmured, her eyes were closed as if meditating, she was in a world of her own. Rolling hills, streams, trees bowing slightly with the breeze, birds singing as if to welcome a new day, there was even a rainbow in the horizon, little rabbits hopping here and there, nibbling the long grass as they hopped two and fro.

As George increased his tempo, her dream moved on, now a stream, she was in a boat, one hand over the side, her fingers dragging leisurely dipped into the stream of the clear waters, a swan in the distance, searching the rushes, nibbling at the water, two tiny signets following, gliding behind their mother.

Diana opened her eyes suddenly, George had hit bottom, lifting his finger he, placed it onto her lips, remorseful of his deed.

“ Sorry, sweetness…forgive me, it was thoughtless of me” he whispered down to her. Diana gripped his wrists gently, as if to say, apology accepted, then laying back, eyelids dropping once more.

Their bodies now worked in absolute harmony; she experienced tiny rhythmic pulses almost as if there were thousands of minute spidery fingers nibbling her inner pussy walls, the pulses turned into shockwaves extending the length of her body down to her very fingertips, Diana let out a series of squeals before her body came racked with an intense orgasm, her lips trembled; even George sensed the tension on his cock, there was a sudden increase of strenuous suctions as her pussy muscles manipulated him stringently, but he continued to fuck her, riding though the tautness, making her moan even more, but louder this time, throwing her arms this way and that, her body started to buck, but George held onto her hands, meeting her upward thrusts.

Diana screeched non-descript words, words from another world, her head swinging from side to side. Suddenly, she arched her body, another orgasmic orgasm, her moan now was long and deep, almost gutterish, George knew he could restrain no longer, his balls felt heavy; his thrusts slowly subsiding, then holding himself deep, with his back curved as he leaned his lower body forward into her, giving a lengthy groan; reaching down he placed his hands onto the bed each side of her, as to steadying his balance, then withdrew his cock only slightly, no more than an inch; allowing space for his approaching seed, his mind was in a complete whirl.

It was at that moment that Diana then sensed the vigorous blasts as they pumped the length of his shaft inside her, there could have been no more than four, or maybe five blasts at the most, the puffiness within her pussy almost took her breath away, she felt completely gorged.

As the bulky flow surged though George’s balls, they ached with a heavy throbbing sensation, leaving him with a drained feeling. But he held himself rigid, allowing his full assignment to drain from him.

As Diana lie back, George gradually removed himself, his eyes glued down toward her pussy, she was a good girl he surmised. Not one droplet had escaped the now puffy pussy lips glistening with her juices, closed leisurely together across the once open fissure sealing it. He moved down beside her leaning across her body, kissing her gently on the lips.

Almost as if she could see, opening her eyes she smiled up to him.

“George that was really wonderful, orgasmic would be a healthier word for it” she informed him, throwing her arms tightly around his neck, lifting herself up toward him, hugging him intimately.

“Why have we waited so long George?”

“I just don’t know!”

“You will of course stay the night won’t you, we’ll have the now wine to celebrate! You just can’t leave me now”

George reached across collecting the wine from the nearby cabinet, pouring it slowly into the two iced crystal glasses; with arms locked they took their fist sip.

They talked until the early hours before finally falling asleep. Twice, they’d made love that morning before ultimately venturing out into the midday sun after George had spent over an hour untangling the long strands of her silky-smooth blonde hair; to him, she was worth it!

Gail Holmes

Rating: 80%, Read 88922 times, Posted Nov 08, 2004

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