Family Strip Poker: The Trilogy by kornslayer

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3 months ago now my kids Brian and Amanda had a baby together. It was a boy and they named him John after their dad, which I thought was a nice touch. Before little John was born, they got married. Although incest is illegal, so it's not like we could go down to the courthouse and to get married, so we had a great ceremony in our backyard. By time we had the wedding, Amanda was showing a bit, but not a lot. Anyway, our tradition of family poker every Saturday had gone away for a little while. I think I missed it more than anyone honestly, I missed those connections to them that we always had when we all had sex together, maybe people think that's the most repulsive thing in the world, but to me, it was just the opposite. So after a long hiatus, we finally decided to revive that tradition. Plus ever since John was born they hadn't been away from more him for more than a few hours, not that I blame them, but they needed a night off. They were great parents to him, always took care of them and everything else. So I asked them if they'd be willing to revive the tradition and let my friend take care of John for one night.

"Knock, knock," Joan, my friend said as she came in the house.

Joan was literally the only person on the planet besides me that knew about Amanda and Brian and our tradition we were reviving, she found out accidentally when she heard them talking in their bedroom, and she was OK with it, she understood that you don't choose who you fall in love with.

"So, your mom tells me this will be the night with both of you away from him, that is a big step," Joan said.

"We know, and thanks for this, we appreciate it," Brian replied.

"If you don't mind, how is incestuous sex?" Joan asked.

Of course everyone laughed for a minute.

"Special, I think you'd like it if you tried it honestly," Amanda replied.

"Trust me I've thought about it, my brother is kind of sexy. Well I got the bottles, diapers, change of clothes too. Did I miss anything?" Joan asked.

"Nope, you have the car seat too, just let us kiss him goodbye," Amanda replied.

So we all kissed little John goodbye just for like 18 hours really. After they left, we all sat at the table with our clothes and the cards as well, then we started playing.

"Don't worry, it gets easier," I said.

"OK," They both replied.

"But then again, your dad and I weren't brother and sister," I said.

Brian sighed, dealt the cards and we all took a look at what we had. I think once we started playing the game, it got their minds off little John, at least for a little while anyway. My first hand was a crappy hand, so I just bet my hat.

"Well, just that hat mom, let's see what Amanda bets," Brian said.

Amanda bet her shirt, and Brian bet his socks and shirt. So it was between them really, and Amanda won the first hand.

"Yes," Amanda said.

"Bleep you sis," Brian replied.

"We'll do that later, smart ass," Amanda said.

They kissed once and that got my pussy wet really quickly, they definitely had the magic there, that really special spark, I actually kind of envied them honestly. A few hands into the game, I was down to my bra and Brian just had his boxers as Amanda had everything else.

"Whose kicking some ass now?" Amanda asked.

"You my lovely wife," Brian replied.

"Do you really think I'm gonna give your clothes back for that?" Amanda asked as she snorted.

"It was worth a shot," Brian replied.

"Will a quick hand job make it better?" Amanda asked.

"Well maybe, but we're in the middle of a game," Brian replied.

"Well, I don't mind," I said.

So she got up, came towards him on her knees and pulled his cock out from his boxers. She began stroking it rather quickly right then and there. I couldn't help but have my hand go in between my pussy lips. I think it was something else to do to get their minds off little John, but I still really enjoyed the show and they enjoyed doing it

"You like that, don't you Brian?" Amanda asked.

"Yes sis, I love it," Brian replied.

They both were already getting a little sweaty, really I think it was just me there watching that really got them off. I saw her stroke his cock like mad for about 5 minutes straight, she really had a firm grip on it and they both were loving every second of it. She also leaned in towards him and kissed him numerous times all over his face.

"Oh this is so damn hot," I said.

They both looked towards me and smiled. After that she began stroking his cock very quickly and Brian laid his head back. I knew her hand had to be getting tired, but I also knew no matter how tired she got, she was gonna keep going until the deed was done. He put his hands on his face, so I guess the pleasure was about to maximize already. He was belting out a few moans as well and then she climbed up towards him again to give him a kiss as he pulled his hands off his face. I guess that kiss was when it became just too much because that was when he began moaning very loudly.

"Holy shit sis, I'm gonna blow now!" Brian screamed.

We both watched him shoot his load in the air, luckily it missed the table, but got her a bit. So they had to catch their breaths for a minute.

"Are you two done yet?" I asked sarcastically.

"Sorry mom," Brian replied sarcastically as he leaned his head up.

They kissed again and she sat back down so we could get back to our game.

"You know you two are a cute couple," I said as Brian dealt the cards.

"Thank you, but we're not going for 'cute' though, maybe 'sexy' or 'close' would be good," Amanda replied.

"OK, I'll keep that in mind," I said as we looked at our cards.

We looked for a minute, then I watched Brian take off his boxers and put them in the pot sense that was all he had left to bet.

"Oh we have a naked man in the room," Amanda and I said.

Then of course they both looked at me, I only had my bra left to bet. So I took that off and put it in the pot as well.

"We have a naked MILF too," Amanda said.

"So you wanna fuck me Amanda?" I asked.

"Maybe, if you get to have sex with my husband, I get to have sex with you, it's only fair," Amanda replied.

So Brian and I were completely naked, and I guess just because she wanted to be naked too, Amanda bet everything, even our clothes. So everyone was naked as we played one last hand sense it was winner take all.

"OK sis, put those cards where the clothes are," Brian said.

So we all put our cards on the table, granted it wasn't like there was a cash prize or anything like that, but it was our first game after our hiatus, so everyone would remember this, so who was gonna win? I had a 4 of a kind while Amanda had a straight flush and Brian had 2 pairs.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Brian asked looking at Amanda's cards.

"Well, if it makes you feel better, you get to fuck me, and I know how hard your dick gets when you get to fuck your hot sister," Amanda replied.

Brian got up completely naked and came over to her.

"That does help," Brian replied just before he kissed her.

They made out as she was sitting down for a minute. After that Brian picked her up and they started walking towards my bedroom, but the whole time I was masturbating, so I was a little out of it.

"So, are you coming mom?" Amanda asked as they were at the doorway.

Then I came back into reality.

"So you want me in there with you, when you have sex?" I asked.

"We thought you'd wanna join in, suck some cock and eat some pussy if you wanted," Amanda replied.

"Sure if you want me to, it's been awhile since I had sex," I said.

"Well if you hadn't supported us, we may never really gotten became exclusive and had little John, so we kind of owe you," Brian replied.

So I got up and came in the bedroom with them as we were all still completely naked. As I came in there, Brian was on top of her and they making out as he was thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. I got on the bed and laid next to them.

"So how does it feel to have sex again?" I asked.

"Oh fuck, it's been way too long, why did you have to knock me up?" Amanda asked Brian.

"That's not funny sis," Brian replied.

"You know you love me, and no joke I'm really glad I had your baby, even if it was unplanned," Amanda said.

So they gave each other another kiss and began thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy as quickly as he could. Of course all the sex that they had got his cock bigger, so he was really giving it to her. With them not doing it for so long made it even better as well, so you could say this gonna be the best sex of their lives.

"Can I have a kiss mom?" Amanda asked.

"Sure," I replied.

So I kissed her once and I kissed Brian as well. He put a little room between them, so I could have my way with her nipples. Her boobs obviously got much bigger being sense she was pregnant, so they were something to drool over, plus now it was much easier to titillate her.

"Oh fuck yes, I love you two," Amanda said.

"We know," Brian replied.

He leaned down and gave her another kiss, after that he leaned back up as she put her hands on his butt. He was shoving his cock in and out of her pussy very quickly, so I know it had to be getting sore already, his cock was huge and he was giving it to here as if they hadn't had sex in years. So it was no surprise that she had to let out some very loud moans.

"Oh fuck yes!" Amanda screamed.

I could tell that hurt his ears, but he wanted to keep going until the deed was done. He loved his sister more than anything, not just because they had a baby together or the sex was so great, but they had the chemistry and that caused them to love each other to no end. They both wrapped their arms around each other really tightly and held each other very closely. Her nicely sized boobs were pressing up against him so he had to thrust his cock a little slower and they stayed like that for a minute in absolute silence.

"You like that, don't you sis?" Brian asked.

"Yes, now show me no mercy, we've haven't had sex in months, I wanna feel your cock all the way inside me, so pound me little brother, and pound me hard. Mom wants a really good show to watch," Amanda replied.

He moved the few strands of hair that was in her eyes and gave her another kiss on the lips, it lasted for about a minute and they didn't say a word as he just had his cock inside her as deep as he could get it, then he followed her command and rammed her as hard as he could. She of course screamed to no end it seemed, but I know it was worth for both of them. After a couple minutes, he just started starring at her.

"What are you starring at?" Amanda asked.

"I wanna stare at you sis, you are ravishing," Brian replied.

She just smiled and gave him another kiss.

"I love you Brian," Amanda said.

"I love you too Amanda," Brian replied.

"You wanna kiss on it?" Amanda asked.

So they kissed again and then they switched positions to cowgirl style. I swear my own daughter got me thinking about switching teams, I mean her boobs were just perfect, of course it was due to them being bigger than normal, but still she had me thinking. She began riding him like mad bouncing up and down, and as she bounced, so did her boobs, which that alone got me to cum just a little, and once I did, I rubbed my pussy very slowly. Of course once it was drenched, I brought it to Brian's mouth and did the sae for Amanda, they were very sexual kids, they were up for everything it seemed.

"Oh you are the best kids anyone could ask for," I said.

"You are just saying that because we turn you on so much," Brian replied.

I kissed them both once, and then moved my right hand to Amanda's very wet pussy, as you could imagine her pussy was even wetter than mine.

"So Brian, when you eat your sister's pussy, how wet does your face get?" I asked.

"I think as wet as an ocean right bro?" Amanda asked.

"Yes," Brian replied.

"Seriously, I've never ever seen a couple closer or more comfortable with their sex life together," I said.

"Well, let's see how comfortable we are," Brian replied.

Brian leaned up a bit and pulled me closer to them, we all just had a short group hug for a minute, then they both helped themselves to my nipples, they both sucked on them ever so passionately, in about 30 seconds, I had another one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

"Oh fuck yes!!" I screamed.

I came all over Brian and the bed, very little of it got onto Amanda. After that, I didn't even take a break, i wanted to have some great sex with my kiss again, I got right over Brian's face and made out with my daughter. Then we had tits that were about the same size, so they both pressed up against each other rather well. Brian was sticking his fingers up into my pussy that was begging for his cock to be inside it, but I was patient though.

"Oh Brian yes, finger fuck your mother, show her how much you love her," I said as I moaned a bit.

I was probably as wet as I could possibly be, I'm talking about my pussy of course, I was oozing a bit down there and Brian was getting every drop. Once his tongue got into my pussy, he got it right in his mouth.

"Oh Brian, if you were eating out anyone else' pussy, I'd slap you," Amanda said.

"You wanna share sis, I don't mind," Brian replied.

So both of us ladies got down and I laid down on my back. Both of my kids got right over my pussy, and like a true gentlemen, Brian let the lady go first. She spread out my pussy lips a bit and stuck in her tongue, which we still hadn't talked about her being at least somewhat lesbian. Then I had a shaved pussy, I had heard a few times before that she preferred a shaved pussy rather a hairy one. She didn't say anything, but I was guessing because she was so into eating me out, like it was a 7 course meal, but she wasn't pacing herself though. Brian got down there with her and began licking the top parts of my legs, just how you see in the pornos, they do that a lot, but eventually Amanda did give Brian his turn to eat mommy out.

"Go ahead little brother, eat mommy's pussy," Amanda said.

"Thank you," Brian replied.

They kissed once and Brian put his face right into my pussy. As Brian was having his way with my pussy, Amanda came up with me and kissed me once.

"Well, if I'm lesbian, I'm definitely lesbian for my mom, she is so damn hot," Amanda said.

"Good to know, now get back down there and eat me out with your husband," I replied.

So she went back down towards my pussy and they actually started to share my pussy.. They both literally had their tongues inside my pussy. Both moving it around a bit, making me just wanna scream until my lungs were dead.

"Holy shit!!" I screamed.

I came all over both of their faces, and that just them wanna make out some more. They laid down next to me and made out very passionately for a few minutes.

"Holy shit sis, I'm so glad you aren't a tease anymore, I don't think I could just fantasize about you anymore," Brian said.

"You fantasized about having sex with me before we hooked up?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, many times," Brian replied.

"What did you think about?" Amanda asked.

"Me sticking my cock inside you and making you love me more," Brian replied.

"Well, why didn't you tell me you wanted to do that, because that makes 2 of us," Amanda said.

She leaned down just for a couple seconds.

"Well fantasize no more little bro, you got me now, and I'm not leaving," Amanda said just before she kissed him.

She leaned back up and I got up with her. I laid a big fat kiss right on her lips and we made out passionately for a couple minutes. Of course that turned everyone on a hell of a lot more, it was like dropping a gallon of lighter fluid on an already huge fire. So our fire was burning and it was showing no signs of slowly down none what so ever. Brian put his hands onto her boobs and pinched her nipples a little tightly, and it hurt her just a little.

"Hey, be gentle?" Amanda said.

"Sorry sis," Brian replied.

"It's OK, just be nice," Amanda said.

Then Brian leaned up with us, we both took one of Amanda's boobs and began licking her nipples. We were both hitting her spot at the same time, so a huge orgasm was coming our way in the near future. I had seen her have some big ones, but of course this was special sex, so I knew she was gonna have a huge orgasm soon.

"Holy shit, that is good," Amanda said.

To make matters even worse, we both began licking her nipples rather slowly, the slower we licked them, the more titillated she became. I put my right hand down onto her wet pussy for a moment and rubbed it, I rubbed it as slowly as I possibly could and got every single drop of cum I could onto my hand. I thought I rubbed her pussy dry, as if that was possible. Then that was her breaking point, she began screaming and exploded all over Brian's stomach, chest and face.

"Thank you sis," Brian said.

I brought my cum soaked hand up to her mouth and she was about to lick it when I pulled it away.

"Are you teasing me?" Amanda asked.

"No, I just wanna share if that's OK with you," I replied.

"Fine," Amanda said.

So we both licked my hand until there wasn't one drop of cum left on my hand. That was when Brian began moaning insanely loudly, so he was about to shoot his load, but we wanted it on us though, so she got off him and we both got right over his cock that was about to erupt big time. Amanda ripped off the condom and stroked his cock a little bit before she was hit right in the face by a huge splash of cum, then of course I wanted my fair share too, so I got right over his cock for the second shot and Amanda took the third shot..

"Holy shit my ladies," Brian said.

We relaxed for another minute, then I told them I needed something.

"You have enough energy to fit your huge cock into mommy?" I asked Brian.

"Oh, I like that, I wanna see your cock inside mom, if my pussy gets jealous, I'll let you know," Amanda replied.

So then Brian got on top of me and very slowly inserted his cock into my pussy without a condom, so it was extra hot you could say. He leaned down and first kissed me on my chest, and then worked his way up to my lips. We made out for a minutes, then he began thrusting his massively large cock in and out of my pussy. So I finally got something I needed, my own son's cock inside, I really didn't think I'd ever want another cock inside me, I'd settle for just his every now and then. And I could only imagine that he'd be willing to go another round for either me or his sister after cumming like a machine only minutes before.

"Oh you lucky bitch Amanda, you get to have sex with this guy every night?" I asked.

"Don't call my wife a bitch and not every night, we have a newborn to take care of," Brian replied.

He began thrusting his cock as hard and as fast as I think he possibly could, he pushed himself very hard, so hard it looked like he might explode, literally by the look on his face.

"I think he might need a kiss from his wife Amanda," I said.

So she laid a kiss on his lips and made him wanna make his disappear into my pussy completely, which I think it did judging from how my pussy felt. Amanda got very close to us and then actually got on top of Brian, she was quite light, even with her new big boobs, he leaned up just a bit and she wrapped her arms around him. So he was essentially in the middle of sex sandwich. Of course a couple times Amanda gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Oh hell," Brian said.

Him seeing his sister and mother kissing each other was just something else, even though he saw kissing each other a million other times, it was still as hot as hell.

"Shit mom, I gotta cum now," Brian said.

"Cum inside me Brian, I wanna feel it oozing inside me, just how you cum inside her," I replied.

So he did just that for me, I felt every drop of cum oozing in me, and I loved it. I thought about if I would to get pregnant, but I didn't worry about it right then. We all just tried to catch our breaths for a minute, so Amanda laid down with us and cuddled for a little while. It stayed silent for a few minutes, but then of course some things needed to be said.

"You know, I'm your lady, she is just a bonus," Amanda said to Brian.

"Sorry sis, can you forgive me?" Brian asked.

"We'll see," Amanda replied just before she kissed him again.

We all just cuddled for about 20 minutes and we eventually got up and played again. So after that weekend, we played strip poker together as much as we could, of course there wasn't always someone that could babysit for us. As little John was about a year old, they started talking about getting their own place so they could really be a couple, which I respected, although I'm dreading it. They haven't found a place just yet, but I know they probably will soon, but also on the other hand, they might need to move back if they decide to have another baby. Little John was unplanned, but you never know, they may plan to give John a little brother or sister. Anyway family strip poker, best idea ever in our books, we strongly recommend this to anyone that's willing to try it. I guess they really did wanna hook up before that first night, I'm certainly glad they did, I got a wonderful incest grandson out of it.

Rating: 89%, Read 21708 times, Posted Dec 23, 2012

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