Salvation Ch. 21 Cruel Training by Zenythmon

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Fantasm | BDSM, Humiliation, Torture, Voyeurism, Young

Daniel Metcalf was a sombre man. He had brought his family to see the eminent Doctor Croft and now sat in his office whilst his wife and two children waited patiently in the visitor's room outside.

His clothes were dark and cut in a style that was no longer seen in the city. However, Doctor Croft's discrete enquiries had discovered that he was highly respected at the Bank where he was Manager, but, as he put it, felt restrained by his family's lack of obedience.

"You've tried training them yourself?" Doctor Croft asked.

"Yes I have, but my wife Joanna is a burden in such matters and I have come to the conclusion that she needs to join the children in learning self control and obedience," he told the doctor.

"I understand," Samuel murmured, his eyes passing from the gentleman to look into the waiting room where Mrs Metcalf sat primly, her back kept straight by the tightness of her fashionable corsets. Joanna straightened angrily as soon as she saw herself being examined by Doctor Croft and turned to berate her children who were now starting to fidget.

"My wife's parents have died recently, and thus her position has changed somewhat," Daniel explained, a smile creasing his bearded face.

"I see," Samuel nodded.

With Mr Metcalf's rich parents-in-law no longer around to ensure his preferred method of bringing up his children, Daniel had moved, quite rightly in Doctor Croft's opinion to leave all their training in his capable hands.

His wife would be another matter though, but not outside the doctor's abilities. Samuel had said as much, explaining that the facilities at Birbeck House were as good for one size as another, and pointing out that some of the older boys were probably as large, and certainly as strong, as his wife.

Samuel glanced once again at Mrs Metcalf and saw that she had become angry, her features had starting to strain and her hands gripped at her skirts. Then their eyes met again and Doctor Croft held the gaze, daring her to take issue with his plans.

For a moment there was stillness, then her eyes drifted down and she seemed to slump, her battle lost before it had even begun. "I take it that you will want to participate in their training?" Samuel asked with a sly smile.

"Oh yes definitely," Daniel said. "How soon can we begin? I will want, and can afford the very best treatments," he assured him.

"Then why don't we begin straight away," Samuel suggested.

"Splendid! Splendid! What will you do?" Daniel asked eagerly.

Doctor Croft removed a wicked looking strap from his desk and slapped it down into his palm as he watched Daniel's reaction. In Mr Metcalf, he had found a man who was clearly much more interested in obedience training, than in health and cleanliness.

Doctor Croft knew that clients such as Mr Metcalf always brought in much-needed funds but in this case he decided to proceed cautiously and asked Joanna to bring the children in. Looking angrily at him once more, she ushered them into the office and he closed the door.

Stepping forward to shake the doctor's hand as they were introduced, thirteen-year-old David bowed and eleven-year-old Sarah curtsied and they both smiled meekly. They were both alike, but not to the point where he couldn't tell them apart. Despite both taking after their mother, David had short hair and the look of a true Adonis, while Sarah had hair down to the small of her back, and her deportment was that of a proper little lady.

"Are they obedient?" Doctor Croft asked her curtly.

"Of course they are. Really, I fail to see that any of this is really necessary," she spat, her eyes once more blazing angrily.

"Joanna! We put this discussion to an end last night," Daniel told his wife through gritted teeth. She blushed and looked away while the children looked from one adult to another, confused and now a little nervous. "As you can see, my wife still has reservations," Daniel told the doctor, his face strained.

"Yes, quite." Samuel agreed.

"If they are indeed obedient, then tell them to remove their clothes so that I can examine them," Doctor Croft said watching her struggle with herself. He was now starting to grow impatient to see her naked and cowing before her family, but he could wait for that. He smiled, a smile that promised her a slow descent into total slavery.

There was a moment's hesitation, about as long as it took for Daniel to look up toward his wife again, before she nodded and looked down at her children. "Do as Doctor Croft tells you, children," she told them.

"Perhaps your father will assist you Sarah," Doctor Croft said, as he nodded to Daniel and smiled at the little girl.

Joanna's mouth tightened as she watched her husband fuss with Sarah's lacy pinafore, then the Mother of Pearl buttons down the back of her little blouse. Then she was busy with the buttons of David's breeches and had to concentrate on prying them apart and missed seeing Daniel tickle his daughter as her skirt fell away, leaving the child in just a thin cotton shift. "Off it comes!" Daniel chuckled, glowing with his excitement as he made his lovely daughter naked. And far from being frightened or coy, the little girl grinned up at him with bright cheeks, quite knowingly letting him look at her lovely little body.

Meanwhile, kneeling at David's side Joanna finished helping her son step out of his breeches, her face burning with the realisation that she was just inches from his cock. A handsome cock that would one day, no doubt, grow as large and fierce as his father's and would be used viciously to satisfy his lustful passions.

She shook, quelling the disturbing thoughts that rose to her mind and promptly stood up to remove herself from further temptation. She met the gaze of the doctor and felt herself blush under his knowing gaze.

"I'll examine David first. Perhaps you would hold Sarah on your lap for a few moments?" Samuel asked the father. Daniel lifted Sarah onto his lap, and she grinned broadly as her father slid his hand around her naked body to rest on her thigh.

David approached Doctor Croft and stood still as his eyes, ears and throat were checked. He turned to have his back tapped, then faced him again and suffered the cold tip of the stethoscope against his chest as the doctor listened to his strong heart beat.

"Ok, Jump up onto the desk, and lie back until you're comfortable," Samuel, told him. The boy obeyed and laid himself down along the desk, flat on his back.

Samuel stood up and placed his hands on the boy's tummy, prodding his stomach and feeling for any tightness in his bowels. Satisfied that there were none, his hands went straight to his cock, the fingers of one hand fondled and caressed it while the other fondled and squeezed his balls.

"Now, spread your legs wide David," Doctor Croft murmured, as if he was deep in concentration. He did as he was told and the doctor's fingers slid from his cock and balls to feel his anus. David giggled and squirmed, his innocence leaving him totally unconcerned that his cock was becoming erect.

"Very good. Now turn over and push your bottom right out," Doctor Croft urged, glancing over at Mrs Metcalf to see her blushing at the sight of her son's erect cock.

He smiled while waiting for David to get into position, then drew the anal thermometer from his desk draw and waved it back and forth to settle the alcohol within the stem.

Mrs Metcalf looked at it and swallowed. "Isn't that rather thick for a thermometer?" she asked softly, her voice catching in her throat.

Samuel looked at it and smiled. "Not overly," her told her.

Doctor Croft had paid handsomely to have the thicker stem produced to his design, one that had slight changes in the thickness that were not readily noticeable, but that would be certain to be felt by his little patients as it was pushed deep into their bottoms.

Without greasing it, Samuel placed the bulb against David's anus and pushed it inwards, smiling as the boy gasped, his eyes widening. "Just relax David," the good doctor urged, as he continuing to press the bulb inward, the shaft following, holding his little anus apart, and clinging to the cold glass. Four inches inserted, Samuel stopped and released the stem.

His parents and little sister were now staring in amazement at the little tip that stuck out of his exposed bottom.

"Will I have to do that?" Sarah asked nervously.

"Daniel patted and stroked the smooth firm skin of her thighs to help reassure her. "Yes my darling, but you'll be brave, just like your brother, won't you?" he smiled. Sarah looked back at her brother and chewed her lower lip, none too certain.

Doctor Croft checked his timepiece, then reached for the thermometer gently drawing it out so that they could watch how it drew the boy's anal ring outward, clenching occasionally as he groaned and panted, confused by the strong feelings surging through his little bottom.

The larger bulb pulled his little pink anus even further out before it released it and the boy gasped and panted while the doctor idly checked the temperature and nodded.

"Very good. Now go to your mother while I attend to Sarah," Samuel said giving his bottom a playful smack as he helped him to climb down off the desk.

David ran over to his mother and was gladly swept up into her arms and held against her ready to watch his sister get the same awful treatment.

His cock remained rampant as the ghostly feel of the thermometer in his bottom continued to be felt, stroking him inside, where he had never been stroked before.

Like her brother before her, Sarah stood before the doctor and let her ears, mouth, eyes and chest by checked. She was then lifted onto the desk and obediently lay down, a pretty blush flowing across her features as she thought of soon having the doctor feeling her down there, down where she wasn't meant to touch herself, except to wash herself of course.

Her belly was felt, fingers digging in and moving around and she grunted and pulled a face because she didn't like it. It didn't last long, and the doctor smiled, making her feel funny, even before his fingers slid any further down.

Sarah turned her head to glance at her mother, wondering what she'd say when the doctor touched her down there. She jerked as the fingers touched the crest of her hairless cunt, a thick finger now stroking it above the clench of her thighs and creating a warm tingle inside her that grew and grew with each gentle movement.

Her mother wasn't stopping him, just staring at her, occasionally looking down to watch as David's cock reacted. Doctor Croft fingers then pressed more firmly on the bulb just above her cunt and new sensations made her tingle.

"Your legs wide apart Sarah," he told her, smiling his encouragement.

Blushing brightly Sarah obeyed, parting her legs as far as she could, so everyone would know what a good girl she was. The doctor grinned at her and touched her down there, his large thick fingers touching her softly, stroking her in a way that made more and more tingles ripple up inside her.

He watched with delight as her breathing quickened and her hips began to jerk, driven by the sensations rising from his touches. He wormed a finger between her firm labia and found her lovely and wet, her juice warm and slippery.

"Very good Sarah," Samuel nodded, withdrawing his fingers and looking towards her mother as he showed off his wet digit. "Now please turn over and lift your bottom up like your brother did," he urged.

Finding that she liked the doctor's attentions, Sarah smartly rolled over and lifted her little bottom, dipping her back and parting her thighs just like her brother did, then turned to grin at him.

"What a good girl!" Samuel said, praising her while moving closer to examine her anus. The thermometer was ready, wiped clean and shaken and he pushed it into her, inhaling excitedly as the bulb dwarfed the little anal ring.

"Just relax Sarah," Samuel breathed. He sensed the father leaning forward for a better view, his wife biting her lower lip, her eyes fluttering as she held her naked son tightly, the boy watching avidly and still sporting a rampant cock.

Sarah whimpered, feeling the pressure grow on her bottom.

The doctor gradually pressed harder and harder, a hand flat on her back to hold her still while her anus shrunk inwards, reluctant to give way.

"No! No more!"" her mother gasped.

It was too late. The bulb was in, and Sarah staring wide-eyed at the doctor as she felt it within her, an unforgiving turd that refused to move when pushed on. "I am sure she has expelled much larger," Samuel told the mother, his hand moving along the shaft of the thermometer to push it even further inwards, Sarah gasping and clutching at the desk as it sank deeper.

"There we go," Samuel smiled. Four inches of rippled glass was now in her tiny rectum, being drawn back and forth while the girl panted and hid her burning face. Her smoothly rounded vulva had cracked apart, swollen and pink like ripened fruit. It didn't surprise him to find a child so young so quick to excite, though it obviously surprised her parents.

"She needs to be taught self control," Samuel told them, his fingers drawing her sex further apart, so the gleaming pink flesh was further revealed, the little mouth to her vagina filled with fluid.

"I do not approve of this!" Joanna said, her voice unsteady while her eyes flickered nervously between her husband and the doctor.

"We have discussed this my dear," Daniel told Joanna sharply, his eyes threatening a sharp scolding. "I must speak my mind!" she retorted defensively.

"Indeed you must," Doctor croft agreed.

He drew the thermometer out, catching their attention as Sarah whined with the pulling on her anal ring, then crying out as it burst from her. "A mother is often much more sympathetic to her children than is good for them, or for her for that matter," he chuckled. "No doubt you will have a much better understanding once you have undergone the same examination," he told her.

He dismissed Sarah with a playful smack on her little bottom and helped her climb down from the desk to run to her father before then looking directly at the seated woman, calmly waiting for her.

"When you are ready Mrs Metcalf," he told her softly.

Joanna blushed and looked towards her husband. "Please Daniel. Is this really necessary?" she asked.

"I believe it is darling," he told her sternly, yet with a twinkle of merriment in his eyes. "You have been spoilt for far too long. You know my terms; you either do this, or you will be cast out!" he told her.

David looked horror-struck and turned on his mother's lap to grab at her wrist. "Please mother. Please do this. It doesn't hurt, honest!" he told her, begging her not to leave them.

"Yes, please mummy!" Sarah added sitting astride her father's lap again, rocking slowly back and forth enjoying the feel of his knee pressing nicely against her wet little cunt.

Joanna Metcalf patted her concerned son on the shoulder, smiling into his nervous eyes to help ease his concern and drew him off of her lap so she could step forward to the desk.

"Would you like Jasmine my daughter to help you remove your clothes?" Doctor Croft asked.

"No, that won't be necessary," she told him, her cheeks flooding with colour as the reality of what she now had to do flooded through her mind.

With eyes fastened on the painting of a sailing ship on the wall behind the doctor, she began undoing her clothes, loosening and unhooking, keeping her mind away from the eyes of her family, away from thinking of what they were looking at, of what they thought of her as garment after garment slid away to form a pile at her side.

"Will that not be enough?" she asked, just a thin cotton shift tied above her breasts, around her waist and between her thighs.

"Remove all your clothing like your children did," the doctor told her.

She whimpered and bit her lip, stifling the sound while pulling at the cords. The cotton slid away and flowed over curved flesh to leave her naked before the doctor and her family.

"See? That's what you'll grow up to look like one day," Daniel told his daughter, drawing her wide eyed attention to their mother's full breasts, wide hips and the full and luxuriant curls between her legs.

"Why's she all furry father?" David asked, walking over to lean against his father's other knee, his hand holding his little cock, and pinching it because it felt good.

"Women are," Daniel told him.

Samuel smiled and turned to the blushing woman. He tapped her back, then turned her side on to examine her breasts, worrying them in his hands for any sign of lumps while she burnt and looked away as her nipples hardened.

Sated with the feel of her firm breasts, Doctor Croft patted the desk and grinned as she nervously climbed upon it. Tears ran from her eyes as she forced herself to follow her husband's terms and allow herself to be humiliated in front of her children. She glanced towards them, hoping to have them turn they heads away but they only grinned back at her excitedly.

"Will the doctor make her tingle, like he did me?" Sarah asked innocently.

Samuel massaged her intestine and knew she flushed herself well every morning in order to get into the tight waist of her dress. He stopped and let his grin grow broad.

"Your legs apart now Mrs Metcalf," Doctor Croft ordered.

With a sob she flexed them a little apart.

"Wide apart now Mrs Metcalf. As wide as you can," he urged.

Biting her lip, Joanna let the hot tears slide from her eyes as she stared at the ceiling and bent her knees outwards, shamelessly apart, as if she were a whore offering herself in the street.

The doctor's fingers stroked her thighs and made her jerk with the surprise of their pleasantness. She dismissed the pleasantness with a groan; only to jerk again as more intense sensations surged into her belly.

"No! No!" she gasped, reaching down to protect herself behind her hands.

"Joanna, this is your last chance!" her husband told her, his voice cold and heartless.

"Please, not in front of the children," she begged, beginning to sob uncontrollably.

"Mother, please do it," David begged.

"We both did it. Please mummy," Sarah's nervous voice added.

Joanna eased her hands away and her loins jerked as Doctor Croft took possession of her, touching her, intimately prodding her, pulling, teasing and spreading her.

She mewed and, breathless, hid her face as a flicking finger forced her to lift her crotch with rhythmic rocking. A finger entered her and her eyes widened as it pressed forward, starting sensations she hadn't anticipated or known existed.

Her own hands pressed upon her pubis in fear of having it torn away as the hooked finger drew her pelvis upward. She keened as a bright coloured inferno drove away all thought and she burst into tears realising what had occurred.

"Now, please turn over Mrs Metcalf," Samuel told her, wiping his fingers and grinning at the two stupefied children. Joanna no longer had a will of her own and took up the same position her children had taken.

Their father let them rush round for a better view of the mother's raised bottom and the deep cleft that half hid her dark anus. Samuel smiled at them as he drew her bottom cheeks apart and exposed the anxious puckered hole to them.

"Hers is much bigger than ours, isn't it?" David asked.

"Oh, I think so," their father agreed.

"See mummy? It won't feel so big," Sarah told her worried mother.

Joanna controlled her crying and relaxed her anus, gasping slightly when the cold glass bulb pressed its entry and slid into her. It had travelled further than her enema nozzle and she groaned, arching her back to straighten herself to accommodate the thermometer.

"Is that as much as I took?" David asked.

"More. Two inches more," Doctor Croft told him. He drew it out a couple of inches, and then pushed it back in, smiling when Joanna groaned again.

"I don't think she likes it," David told him.

Samuel chuckled and made her groan yet again with another slow slide of the thermometer inside her rear. "Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference between pain and pleasure as you will find out," he told the boy, and slowly withdrew the thermometer, letting the children see how it pulled on her anal ring before bursting free.


Jasmine brought simple gowns for Joanna and her children to wear while they were in training at Birbeck House.

"Just this?" Joanna asked, holding it up in front of her. "Is there no under shift, vest or drawers?" she asked.

"No madam. Nothing must interfere with the quickness of access to your body," Samuel told her, deciding to be frank with her. "Your husband has requested that you are taught obedience and self control at the same time as your children," he reminded her.

"You disgust me!" she murmured, her face growing pale.

Daniel grinned into her hurt expression and watched his children slide the simple shifts over their heads.

"It feels ever so naughty daddy, not wearing drawers," Sarah giggled, none the less bright eyed as she looked lovingly towards her father.

"You'll grow used to it. Now let's go begin your training," Samuel said, his voice hinting at his impatience.

Doctor Croft led the family down to a room in the basement, one with a long bench, camera equipment and a choice of punishment implements on the walls. The children stared wide-eyed at all the canes, crops, floggers and leather belts, licking their lips with growing anxiety.

"You won't use those on us, will you Doctor?" David asked worriedly.

Samuel chuckled, his alert eyes on those of the nervous mother. "No David, not if you're good and do as you're told," he told them.

"Daniel, please?" Joanna murmured.

"Am I to hear your wheedling voice throughout your training?" he asked sternly. "When will you understand there is no alternative? You either leave or you remain and if you remain, you take your training just as stoically as the children," he told her.

"They are only children and don't yet understand such depravity!" she spat, her eyes suddenly blazing.

"Since when is a father's love for his children termed a depravity?" he asked.

Samuel chuckled and lifted a plank that ran under the bench. Daniel and Joanna ceased their argument to watch wide eyed as wooden pegs rose through the holes, the first one short and lean, while all the successive pegs rose just that little bit higher, there base just that little bit thicker.

While David and Sarah stared at the bench, without yet understanding its purpose, Joanna stared at it in horror, her mouth working but no words coming out.

"What a perfect way to begin their training," Daniel chuckled.

"Dear God, they are only children!" Joanna cried.

"Old enough to manage the first three, possibly four pegs," Doctor Croft, told her.

"They will tear them apart!" she gasped. "The least you can do is lubricate them for the children!" she begged.

"That will be your task," he nodded. "You will ride them first. It is then up to you how well the pegs are lubricated prior to the children riding them," he told her.

The colour fled from the woman's face as she stared at the wooden pegs, each standing obscenely from the flat seat of the long bench, their shape and purpose so blatantly phallic.

"Daniel, surely you can't ask me to do such a base thing?" she whimpered.

"I can!" he told her eagerly. "And I can tell you, you no longer have the option to walk away! Refuse to do as you'll told and you will be whipped!"

"You cruel man! How can you do this to me!" Joanna wept.

"Mummy, please don't cry," Sarah whimpered.

"Mother?" David asked, looked up at her with concern.

Daniel went to the wall where a short leather flogger hung and picked it up for a closer examination. The strands had been knotted towards their end to add some weight to them, and he was sure it would leave pretty marks when used.

"Strip!" he ordered curly, his cock rising with the thought of his overly prim and proper wife settling down upon the wooden pegs.

Patting the children's heads to help calm them, Joanna removed the only thing she wore, tears running slowly down her cheek as she felt the men look eagerly at her nakedness. The children also stared, their eyes wide with open curiosity.

"Can we help Mother?" David asked politely.

Joanna wanted to laugh, and instead shook her head.

"I'd be a little faster if I were you," Daniel warned, licking his lips in the hope that she'd give him a reason to whip her.

"Now, watch carefully children. Your mother is now going to prepare the pegs for you. You will be next Sarah, and then you David," Daniel told them, kneeling to place them where they would have a better view of their mother's descent on the first and smallest peg.

"In my bottom?" Sarah asked? Watching her mother straddle the bench, then bend her knees to crouch above the first and smallest of the pegs.

"No darling. Watch how your mother does it," her father urged.

Joanna licked her lips as she felt the peg's smoothly curved head touch her cunt and then closing her eyes allowed herself to slide down, impaling herself completely on the unforgiving wooden peg.

"There!" Daniel grinned, squeezing his daughter's waist.

"What should I do Sir?" David asked while his sister stared at their mother's hairy crotch, her fig like opening parted by the wooden peg embedded within her.

"You will slide your bottom down on it boy," Doctor croft told him.

"I'm afraid it will hurt me," the boy confessed.

"You'll be brave, I'm sure. And after a little while, you'll find you'll grow quite used to it," Daniel reassured him.

"Now, lubricate it well Joanna," Daniel chuckled.

The woman caught her breath and lifted herself slightly, her face burning as her children looked with greater interest between her spread legs to see how the peg had pierced her.

The wood pulled at her cunt, exciting her despite herself. Thoughts of her little Sarah having to ride it next urged her to lubricate it well and, despite the embarrassment of being watched, she reached down to tug at her clitoris, ensuring her slippery moistness would cover the peg.

"Very good," Doctor Croft laughed. "Seems your wife is more agreeable than you had anticipated," he told Daniel as they watched her rub her clitoris more excitedly up and down the small peg, her face mirroring the concentration of her sexual excitement while her breasts bounced before her, holding the children spellbound.

"She rarely shows such ardour in the bedroom," Daniel admitted to the doctor wanting to humiliate his wife still further because of it.

"Perhaps a little more training then," Doctor croft said with a grin.

Daniel reached for Joanna, now panting in her own world as she slid up and down on the gleaming wooden peg. He took a hold of her ear and, twisting it painfully, lifted her howling to position her yet further along the bench, then turn her until she faced her earlier mount, and straddled a thicker and longer peg.

"Go on," Daniel urged.

Joanna bit her lip and then groaned as the cold wood stretched her apart. Slowly, sitting very upright, she drew down on the new thick wedge, her eyes closing against having to see her children watching her, their mouths hanging open as the thick wood was forced into her.

"All the way," Daniel told her, his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down. She whimpered and leant back, panting rapidly as she was filled further than she had thought possible.

"And now Sarah, before the slippery wetness dries on the peg," Samuel told the young girl, smiling his encouragement while nodding towards Daniel to help her.

"Come on now Sarah. Look how mummy has prepared it for you," he told her, drawing her shift off before pulling her astride the bench.

The child looked nervously towards her mother, facing her astride the bench, her face mirroring her surprise at having seated herself upon the thick wooden plug rising from the seat. Her father stroked her back, her belly and legs, telling her to be good while then having her bend her knees outward and lower her little cunt towards the peg.

"Daddy, I'm scared," Sarah whimpered, watching her mother come to terms with the massive peg invading her privates. Daniel smiled and kissed his daughter on the cheek, a finger pressing between her rubbery lipped cunt to find her hot and soaking inside.

"Good girl, good girl," he panted, amazed to find her so wet.

His digit drew her wetness throughout her slit and the tip tickled the little entrance to her cunt, teasing her while his free hand pushed her closer and closer to the peg.

Sticky coated wood met with little cunt and the child whimpered as she was forced upon it, lodging the wooden peg in her little opening.

"There we are," Daniel, murmured, his heart racing as he prepared his daughter to lose her virginity. He tickled the little bulb of flesh that had grown with her excitement at the apex of her slit, then put his hands on her shoulders to push her harshly downwards.

There was a little squeal of shock and pain, then a quiet sobbing as Sarah sat upright upon the wooden peg, her eyes as big and round as her mother's as she felt the hard wood deep within her, holding her erect.

"Ride them," Doctor Croft told the mother and daughter, his hand ready on the release of the camera.

Faces streaked with tears, the mature woman rose from the massive pole, the wood pulling her labia outward while, in front of her, her little daughter did the same to show the slender little peg coated with her bright virgin blood. The camera flashed, recording their efforts, and then both mother and daughter were riding them, their slow and cautious movements starting to quicken as their gasps and cries filled the room.

"No, no, please no," Joanna sobbed, shaking her head as the pleasure from the stretching and friction now accumulated and grew within her, surpassing her pain and embarrassment.

Daniel chuckled knowingly and pushed her down more forcibly, his eyes taking in the swelling of her breasts and the new glow suffusing her flesh.

"See? Watch mummy?" Daniel murmured to his whimpering daughter as he helped her rise and fall on the peg. "Mummy's beginning to enjoy it!" he chuckled.

Daniel ceased pushing her and stood back to watch her rise and fall with growing excitement and breathiness. She appeared senseless to all but her pleasure as she rode the massive peg, crying delightedly as it filled her, sucking in her breath as the unforgiving wooden peg pulled erotically on her cunt.

Sarah stared while her father lifted and lowered her on her own peg, his large hands under her arms while his eyes peered closely between her thighs. The stabbing pain had gone and the shock of seeing her blood had ebbed. Now a new sensation tickled its way into her as the peg pushed into her, then was dragged away.

"Go on, do as your mother does," Daniel told her.

Sarah licked her lips and leaned back like her mother to reach behind her to hold onto the bench, then lift and lower her lovely cunt on the peg embedded within her. She gasped with the pleasure she felt and quickened her pace, going faster and faster in a blind need to have the pleasure explode within her.

Watching her, Joanna felt her own excitement grow and quickened her own pace, panting madly as the sensations flooded her with delight.

Standing back, Doctor Croft and Daniel watched Joanna and Sarah ride more and more vigorously on the wooden pegs, squealing and shuddering as they came, bathing the pegs with their womanly syrup.

"Now then David," Daniel told his son, helping Sarah to rise from the peg to leave it gleaming with a mix of girlish pleasure and virgin's blood.

Licking his lips, the boy straddled the bench and the smallest of the upright wooden pegs, and without any help from his father, obediently bent his legs and settled himself onto the tip.

Both men stood behind the boy, watching him carefully position his bottom over the peg, and then slowly slide down, groaning loudly as it embedded itself into his anus.

"Mummy!!" he wailed, sliding down the last inch of wooden pole.

"Oh God David. Do it!" Joanna gasped, watching with wide eyes as her son sat fully upon it, his cock regaining its hardness to stick out in front of him like a slender pink wand.

Gripping his cock, tugging it in counterpoint to the dull ache he felt in his bottom, David gulped and leaned forward to rise along the peg, his breath taken by the sensations coursing through him. Then, nearly free of the hard peg, he straightened to fall again, squeezing his cock again as he closed his eyes and felt the feel of having his bottom filled.

"Good boy," his father breathed, watching excitedly from one side.

He held his daughter and caressed her smooth skin, often sliding a finger between her legs to make her groan as he touched the tender walls of her cunt.

Joanna, fully seated astride the bench, the peg a hard unforgiving lance inside her cunt, slapped her sex with three fingers, bringing herself off with a sharp cry while her son looked blissfully towards her. A muscle spasm took him, making him cry out as his seed shot from his cock and landed on his mother's thigh.


Doctor Croft allowed the family to rest before taking them upon their next journey of self-discovery.

Daniel was eager to learn what he had in mind and browsed through the photographic journal that Samuel had kept since becoming the Director at Birbeck House.

There were dozens of sepia prints of Doctor Croft's special medical routines, cleansing processes, restraint and punishment procedures.

A series of photographs showed the transition of a smooth lily-white bottom to that of glowing pink, lined by welts that, although recent, were already livid with bruising.

Children's genitals, that looked far too small to stretch to any real degree, were pulled widely apart by steel speculums, opening beyond belief to allow the eye to see deep within, and delicate flesh was swelled to oversized proportions by suction devises.

A young girl wept, her little nipples stretched excessively long on the small pubescent platform of her breasts. A boy's cock had been made double its normal size by the same technique and a girl looked sorrowfully as her enlarged clitoris was photographed.

"If this is what you are capable of doing, I can't wait to see what you have in store for my family," Daniel told the doctor, turning to a page dedicated to the application of nettles to the fair skin of a boy and a girl.

They showed the swelling produced on the girl's breasts and full but hairless vulva. The boy's cock had hardened, an application of leaves to the tender tip only making it swell still further.

"I believe your intention was to have your family subservient to your physical needs," Doctor Croft reminded him.

"Well, yes," Daniel admitted. "But this is incredible!" he gasped as he turned the page to see photographs of swelling breasts and vulva's caused by the forced insertion of liquids into the flesh by syringes acting as pumps, a reversal of the vacuum technique.

Tight harnesses with holes of different sized forced the breasts to take on new shapes, or drew the flesh upwards or downwards, creating new female profiles that the camera faithfully recorded. Daniel shook his head in bewilderment at what the doctor had achieved.

"This is quite incredible!" he marvelled, pointing to a photograph of a sad looking child whose breasts had been drawn upwards by a tightly fitting leather corset.

"The Japanese alter the shape of their women's feet by binding them tightly while they are still children," Doctor Croft remarked.

"Knowing that a corset does little to alter a woman's shape once she is released, I wondered if it would act differently when applied to a child," he explained.

"Dear me!" Daniel laughed. "I suppose medically speaking, there is a perfectly normal reason for all of these activities!" he exclaimed.

"Well, of course," the doctor told him. "You don't think I would do these things out of pure personal and selfish reasons, do you?" he asked.

Daniel laughed and closed the book. "Joanna must become a slave to all our physical desires," he announced, his mind made up from having seen the photographs. "I want our children to delight in taking their pleasure from her humiliation and pain," he told the doctor.

"And obediently bending to your own desires?" Doctor Croft suggested.

"Of course," Daniel grinned. "I'll have David's bottom first," he mused. "Joanna can clean me then before I slide Sarah down upon my member. I'll finish in her little bottom, and have my wife lick it clean for her," he chuckled. Samuel checked his timepiece and rose. "Time we turned your fantasy into a reality then!" he chuckled.


The children and their mother were close by, confined in one of the classrooms where there was room to play, read and draw, but no way of escape. David and Sarah had seated themselves to either side of their mother and were cuddling her, pleading with her to accept what their father wanted.

Joanna looked depressed and sorry for herself, her eyes red from recent crying. Watching the men as they entered, she idly stroked her children's hair, waiting for the inevitable.

"Come here children," Daniel called and they obeyed him without any hesitation. Doctor Croft nodded, comforted by the children's obvious obedience to their father.

Joanna looked nervously between the adult males and gripped her frock with growing trepidation. "Please don't hurt me," she begged, her voice breaking. The children looked worriedly up at their father and, taking his hands, begged him not to hurt her.

"Do you think that she'll be good and do as we ask then?" he asked the children, kneeling so he could put an arm round them to feel the warmth and firmness of their little bodies beneath the thin shifts they wore.

"Yes. You will, won't you mother?" David spoke.

"Please mummy, say you will!" Sarah asked pleadingly.

"They will take my dignity," she murmured softly, large tears welling in her eyes.

"Enough. First and foremost you must obey your husband," Doctor Croft told her.

"Undress!" he ordered.

Silently weeping, Joanna stood and slipped smoothly from the simple shift, dropping it to one side to stand naked before them all.

"Sit on the desk," Doctor Croft instructed, going to her side to help her slide onto the small schoolroom desk that stood in front of bench with a surface that sloped down to aid writing. Samuel forced Joanna to shuffle back along the top and, with her hands supporting her on the back corners, to then lift her thighs and place her heels on the front two corners.

With her limbs properly in place, Samuel calmly drew her knees apart, drawing them effortlessly away from each other so that the woman's furry vulva was unfurled and open to view and examination.

"What a rich pudendum!" he murmured, ignoring the tears that spilt from her cheek to stroke the fat lips and comb the short but thick hair aside.

"Is she damp?" Daniel asked, drawing his willing children along with him for a closer look at their mother's privates. "Just the sticky residue of before," the doctor determined, a finger passing through her unfurled labia, then lifted to his nose and mouth so he could check with smell and taste. The woman's crying grew more pronounced and the children looked up at her worriedly.

"Do you want to make her feel better?" Daniel asked his children.

"Yes!" they chorused, their eyes lighting up excitedly.

"Then what you must do is to sit on the seat and place your head between her thighs. If you lick her down there, you will make her exceedingly happy!" he grinned.

"No! No, for God's sake Daniel! You can't have them do this!" Joanna gasped. Her hands covered herself and her thighs closed over them.

"Oh well, if you want it that way," Daniel sighed, walking over to the teacher's dais and opening the draw to select the items he'd need.

"Are you refusing me?" Daniel was asking loudly, his body shaking with the effort to not reach out and hit his awkward wife.

"Daniel, please!" Joanna was begging, weeping uncontrollably and causing her children to whimper.

Doctor Croft moved behind the uncontrollable woman and calmly slipped the leather band around her head, pulling on the fastening to have it bite into her mouth, ceasing her useless words.

Almost immediately her hands came up to try and pull it from her mouth. Ready for such a move, Samuel took the first wrist and drew it round to slide the cufflink over it, then the other, struggling with her for a moment before it was in place and both her wrists were held together by short length of chair. It was then a matter of pulling on the chair to force her arms back, then attaching them to a chain and hook that had hung under the desk, for such a purpose.

While the woman stared wide eyed from her new restraints, Samuel smartly snapped the knee dividers into place, a long bar of wood keeping them apart, and finally finished by fastening her ankles to leather cuffs at the corner of the desk.

He grinned; pleased it had gone so smoothly. Younger girls, he reflected, fought far harder than women. Joanna now shook in her terror and stared at him beseechingly, but she could no longer prevent what was to occur to her, nor attempt to win over her children with any further pleading.

"So," Daniel said, regaining his composure and kneeling down beside his children again. "Who wants to make mummy happy first?" he asked.

"Are you sure it'll make her happy father?" David asked suspiciously.

Samuel chuckled and smiled at the two nervous children. "Haven't you ever been nervous at doing something new, only to find it was easy or pleasant afterwards?" he asked. The children nodded. "Well, so it is with you and your mother. Neither of you have tried it, so you have to trust your father and I when we tell you that she'll like it, and so will you!" he told them.

David and Sarah looked towards each other for a moment, neither of them speaking, and yet clearly communicating. Then David stepped forward, his face set as he prepared himself for the unknown.

Bound and gagged, her body held still and presented, Joanna wailed into her gag, tears running uncontrolled down her cheeks to splatter her breasts. She shook with her weeping, her wails curbed by the hard leather gag in her mouth.

David nimbly climbed over the back of the chair to then stop for a moment while the doctor removed his shift, then sit on his legs in front of the desk his mother was bound to, her thighs and knees held apart, the furry hair between combed apart to leave her raw looking cunt bared.

Holding his daughter, Daniel edged forward for a better view, the doctor kneeling on the other side to ensure David did as he was instructed.

"It's dirty," David complained, pale faced.

"No it isn't David. She's very clean," Samuel told the boy patiently.

"She smells funny," the boy told them, screwing up his nose.

"All women smell," he was told.

"Come on David. Or we can always push you forward and spank your bottom too!" his father warned him.

David swallowed and slowly angled his head up towards his mother's waiting cunt. The audience watched and licked their lips. The mother wept and shook, bound and unable to escape, her cunt lovingly framed by her raised and parted thighs.

"Come on! Kiss it!" Daniel urged eagerly.

The young lips of the boy met those of his mother's cunt and puckered in a kiss, then moved away a fraction in order to lick them and gauge the taste. Satisfied that it wasn't horrible, just different, the lad returned his mouth to the angled gash between his mother's thighs and timidly licked the flesh, cautiously tasting her before each lick of his tongue.

Joanna squealed into her gag, her body tense in her bonds as she turned to stare at her husband, her eyes burning with her need to urge him to stop. He grinned and knelt behind Sarah, arms tightly around her little body urging her to watch and learn from what her brother was doing in readiness for her turn.

Having savoured the sharp taste of his mother on the curve of her vulva, David savoured the sweeter taste that lay between her folds, and his tongue unfurled the inner labia to search out the thick juice, licking with pleasure and fascinated by the complexity of flesh that lay between her thighs.

His head darted in to let his tongue find her sweetness and, coated with the thick juice, he'd slide away so he could look at her sex while running her taste through his mouth before swallowing. By then he'd seen where next to lick and his head would dart in again, tongue extended to repeat the whole process. Still weeping, Joanna jerked with the intimate touches of her son, his little tongue sending jolts of unwanted pleasure sweeping into her loins and belly, firing her where she didn't want to be fired.

She wailed, praying for deliverance even as the tongue returned and wormed into the mouth of her pleasure source to draw fresh juices out of her. Burning with self-loathing she pushed her pelvis out to make it easier for him, shaking as she waited for his next touch.

"That's the way. Your mother is starting to like it," Doctor Croft murmured, smiling as he watched for the signs, the flushed skin, the curved toes, the tension that gripped her as she was fed upon, and the conclusive evidence, the pulling on her bonds to angle herself more favourably for his next lick.

"Wriggle your tongue deep, then slide it up her cunt," Samuel urged.

Joanna gasped repeatedly as she heard Doctor Croft urge him on and shook her head urgently, begging through her gag for him not to do it.

Grinning brightly, a young boy on a new adventure, David did as he was told, wriggling his tongue into the gripping little hole that was so wet and hot, so full of fresh and lovely flavour, then drawing it out covered with his mother's juices to draw it upwards within her open gasp, right up until his tongue was sliding over the bump of flesh at the head of the slit.

Weeping, Joanna succumbed to her orgasm, tensing uncontrollably as the spasm of her pleasure spike jerked her erect. Eyes closed she wept in shame as she felt the spurt of her pleasure escape her tightening cunt, knowing all were watching, laughing at her so cruelly.

Far from laughing, Daniel stared and wondered why he'd never seen such an erotic sight from his wife before. His hands fondled his daughter's bottom and pubis, gently stroking the material of her shift against her warm and curved skin.

David sensed he'd done his job and sat up, grinning.

Doctor Croft pleased with the boy's efforts reached for him, drawing him from the chair to stand him in front of where he knelt, his hands then sliding down to capture his cock, slowly pulling on the foreskin and chuckling as David gasped and thrust his loins forward.

"Your turn," Doctor Croft told Sarah, smiling at her while he fondled her brother's now hardening cock.

Her father took her shift from her, and lifted her onto the chair so she could sit as David had done, easily able to draw forward, into her mother's crotch when necessary.

Spent from her recent pleasure, Joanna continued to weep while her body rested, limp from her exertions. She wasn't ready for the first soft touch of her daughter's tongue, nor it's soft exploration of her gaping sex.

Flesh made tender and sensitive from her recent orgasm sent thrilling sensations sweeping through her, re-igniting a fuse she thought all used. The tongue flicked and licked and Joanna screamed breathlessly, too exhausted to do more. Her daughter pressed her face to her crotch in an effort to push her tongue deeper and she sobbed as she bent back to allow it, disgusted with herself even as thrills shot deep into her belly.

"Yes darling. You're doing well!" Daniel told her, kneeling at her side and fondling her smooth skin while watching her avidly licking her mother's mature cunt. "Oh yes," he breathed, a finger sliding between his daughter's thighs to find her little cunt filled with liquid heat.

The girl giggled and looked bright eyed towards her father, then returned to her weeping, gasping, panting mother to once more lick the lovely wetness at the base of her slit, then flick her tongue upwards to where the tiny penis shaped morsel of flesh lay, just waiting to be sucked upon.

Joanna stared wide eyed at nothing, her whole being, drawn down and compacted around her inflamed clitoris. She felt Sarah surround it with her mouth sucking and licking until she burst apart, her head thrown back experiencing the most intense orgasm she had ever had.


Joanna came round to a splash of cold water on her face, and found she'd been moved, her body repositioned and bound so she was again accessible and unprotected.

Turned upside down, her head had been forced through one rung of an overly large ladder, her shoulders and neck resting on it while her body had then been pulled through a higher rung, her legs bent down and fastened to the uprights so her bottom and sex were both bared and defenceless.

To add to her humiliation, she found her head placed level with her children's loins and her own, roughly at the height of the two adult males.

"Back with us now?" Doctor Croft chuckled.

Daniel strode over to his upturned wife and grinned into her nervous face. "Quite a dark horse, spending like that, aren't you?" he asked, his spite and anger pulling at his features.

"I didn't mean to!" she gasped.

Blood, already pooled in her head, began to throb like a heavy drum while her moist cunt continued to send small but sharp signals into her body, keeping her aware of how open and vulnerable she was.

David and Sarah silently watched their mother, eager and hopeful that she would come round to their father's wants, and then they'd be a happy family again. Daniel stood and began removing his clothes.

"What are you going to do?" his wife asked nervously.

He ignored her, as he ignored the widening eyes of his children as he exposed his pale chest and dark wiry chest hairs.

"Daniel, please," Joanne groaned, thinking he was to plough into her, forcibly taking her while their children looked on. He drew down his breeches, then the long cotton leggings that kept the cold from his loins.

The children gasped, staring wide eyed at his huge erect cock that grew out of the thick patch of dark pubic hair, and below his ball sack tightened, lifting his heavy testicles in readiness.

"I'm ready," he announced.

While David stood beside his father to learn how to grasp and pull on his cock, Doctor Croft gave Sarah a flogger. Although small, with the dozen or so strands no more than six inches long, it looked overly large and wicked in the young girl's hands.

Samuel showed Sarah how to swing the flogger in order to strike her mother's exposed genitals, bottom and inner thighs, then stepped back to prepare the camera while the young girl studiously continued.

"Don't worry about your mother Sarah, she likes it really," Samuel told her.

Doctor Croft watched through the camera as Sarah swept the little flogger down once more on her mother's inner thigh, tenderising her flesh and bringing another soft gasp from the vanquished woman.

"That's my boy," Daniel murmured, watching his son's little hands work on his grizzled cock. One little hand half circled the thick root and slid up and down, lubricated by the pre-come that dribbled from the eye at the tip. The other little hand weighed and squeezed his balls, his palm and fingers softer than any women's.

While David stroked his father cock, proud that he was achieving what his father wanted of him, Daniel slid his hand down his son's back, to feel the smooth and firm texture of his little bottom.

His manly hand dwarfed his little bottom and easily squeezed each tight cheek as his mind conjured up pictures of the boy's lost innocence.

A finger pushed between the tight cheeks to feel his anus the peg had earlier prepared for him, and his cock jerked excitedly, making David grin proudly with achievement.

"Come now," Daniel told his son. His cock was as hard as iron, as hot as a poker and as slippery with his pre-come as it was ever going to get.

Joanna gasped yet again as another stroke of the flogger landed on her inner thigh, so close to her vulva that the burning sensations enveloped her sex jerking it forward, parting her sticky folds and, for just a moment, letting her audience see the pool of wetness growing within her.

She moaned, the concept of wanting or not wanting receding as she watched her son being lifted onto his father's lap and urged to lean forward so his anus could be presented to his father's bloated cock.

"Oh God," she whimpered, jerking to another stroke of the flogger.

Her son had the look of deep concentration on his little angelic face as he sat astride his father's lap and leant forward, holding onto his father's knees as he brought his cock down and fitted it to the hollow under the boy's bottom.

"Ease back and down now David," Daniel murmured.

His hands took David by the waist to help the boy. His eyes caught those of his wife watching them and he grinned, the grin slipping away as his son's tight little anus slid down over his cock head.

"Oh yes!" he gasped, a wondrous look on his face as the tight little bottom slowly slid down over him, embracing his cock within the boy's burning colon. David tried to stop him, a full three inches of his father's hot parental cock was now embedded in his bottom, but his father's hands were there to push him downwards.

David sobbed worriedly, his hands squeezing his father's knees. The older man felt nothing but the delightfully tight and hot anal sheaf slowly sliding over his entire member. Fully immersed, he held the sobbing, panting boy tightly to his lap, groaning with delight as the boy's colon squeezed in all around him.

Joanna, still watching, panted and gasped with each fresh stroke of the flogger, her eyes fastened to where her son sat, impaled on his father's manhood. Where were the screams and tantrums she wondered and how had her innocent son accepted his role so willingly.

Sarah giggled as the doctor whispered his instructions into her ear, and then drew her arm back. The flogger came round but didn't strike her mother's inner thighs, but the apex of her cunt, right on her swollen clitoris hood which stood totally defenceless between her fastened thighs.

Joanna's eyes widened in complete bewilderment as the sharp and burning sensations surged through her body. For a moment she was held, on the very edge of pain and pleasure, tottering one way and then the other, her breath held as she waited to learn which would win over her. And as she waited, Sarah swung again, aiming as she'd been told for the very apex of her mother's vulva.

Joanna's body tensed in her bonds and an orgasm of tremendous force imploded within her. With eyes widely staring at her rocking son, she burst within, screaming endlessly through the torrent of colours and sensations racing uncontrolled throughout her body. Her cunt spurted her milky orgasmic fluid and she felt it run down her body as her orgasm fled.

"Do I carry on?" Sarah asked the doctor.

"No darling, but you can go up to her and let her thank you with a kiss on your sweet little cunt," Doctor Croft told her.

Sarah giggled and stepped up to her mother's upturned head, spreading her slender young thighs to sidle astride it.

Waiting breathlessly she then squealing with delight as she felt her mother lightly lick her.

"She's doing it, she's licking me!" she cried delightedly.

"Ready for when daddy wants you," Doctor Croft explained.

Sarah didn't seem to hear, her eyes glazed as she breathed rapidly, her slender young hips giving little jerks as the tongue knowingly worked between her little smooth labia.

"Mummy!" she whimpered, the wondrous feeling growing within her, swelling in her belly until she didn't think she could stand it any longer.

"Go on. Let it come," Doctor Croft breathed.

He swung an arm across her chest to help her stand and his fingers slid down to her cunt, parting her puffy labia to help her mother's tongue fully circle her little angelic clitoris. The child stiffened in his arms and he chuckled in her ear as she squealed and shook, overcome with her orgasm.

Daniel eased his son off of him, groaning with the loss of his tight bottom around his cock. He would have dearly loved to remain in that tight burning hole, but recognised the need to control himself if he was to totally humiliate his wife.

"Get her ready for me," he told Samuel, referring to Sarah, while he went over to his wife and half knelt in front of her. He placed his cock in front of her face, hovering there gleaming with the fine coating it had received, pungent enough to make Joanna whimper nervously.

"Have to be clean for my sweet little daughter," he told her with a sad note, pinching her nose.

"Oh no, please don't Daniel," Joanna sobbed, fresh tears running off her face as he reached for his cock with his other hand. Grinning down at her, he rammed his fragrant cock into her mouth and gasped with the pleasure her teeth and evading tongue gave him.

He moved his cock round, rubbing it on her lips and across her teeth, chasing her tongue and chuckling each time he felt it having to slide across his flesh in an effort to evade him and on and on until her weeping had satisfied him. As a last gesture, he ran the side of his cock over her tear-wet face, then rose and faced little Sarah.

The doctor had done well while they were busy. He had placed Sarah in a harness that swung from the ceiling, canvas loops suspending her from under her knees, the small of her back and across her shoulder blades. With her little body laid back, legs raised and parted, her little pink cunt was completely defenceless and perfectly positioned for deep entry. Further more, with the harness supported from one point on the ceiling, a light push would send her rocking back and forth.

As her rocking subsided, Daniel went up to her and stood between her thighs, drawing her up to him so she'd feel his hot cock held up along the length of her little cunt. She giggled and squirmed, gazing up at him lovingly, totally trusting.

"Mummy made you nice and wet, did she?" he asked, drawing her away enough to pull his cock down so he could slide the head along her little cunt, from its apex down to her little pink anus.

"She licked me daddy," Sarah told him.

Daniel grunted, panting with short breaths as he watched the bulbous head of his cock slide upwards through his daughter's little vulva, disfiguring it before bursting out to dribble with excitement on her smooth pubis. Thinking of what was to come, his panting continued as he used his cock head to rub his pre-come into her smooth and proud pubis, then pushed his cock down again, making her gasp as he forced the head of his cock up against her little vagina.

"Daddy's going to make you a big girl now," he told her breathlessly.

He took a step forward, pushing her suspended body along the arc of her swing. Eyes widening, Sarah felt the pressure build on her cunt and looked up at her father worriedly.

He smiled and took another little step; pushing her further up on the arc of her swing and feeling her weight grow on his cock. "Just relax darling," he mumbled, too short of breath to say more.

With a whimpering sound that became a short little squeal, Sarah's little flower opened and her daddy's cock pressed its way into her.

"Ah yes!" Daniel exclaimed, a quarter of his cock submerged in his little daughter's little vagina. It bulged out around his cock and throbbed partially within her, being squeezed by her infinitely tight, incredibly hot, little cunt.

"Again!" he gasped, taking her by her tiny waist to push her cruelly down onto more of his burning stem.

Sarah screeched as her father's hot and pulsing cock pushed deeply into her, deeper than the wooden peg and thicker too.

"No daddy, no!" she squealed, sobbing with the pain.

Wild eyed, Daniel looked along her little body and gazed into her weeping and agonised face, watching her for the time it took him to catch his breath, then recording every little bit of her expression as he drove the last few inches of his cock into her clinging little cunt.

"Jesus!" he gasped, lifting her to hold her tightly to him, shaking with her wails as he little cunt squeezed him tightly, more tightly than anything had before, even her brother's little anus.

He turned, carrying her against him in order to let Joanna see their daughter's impalement. He stood over the bound woman and sobbed with harsh pleasure as he bounced Sarah on his cock.

Sarah grabbed at him, holding him tightly as she was forced to ride his huge cock. Her legs swept around her father's midriff, trying to hold herself still while her hands clung to his shoulders.

Every move he made, made his hot cock push or pull on her clenching cunt sending more fierce sensations up her young body.

"Mummy! Mummy!" she wailed.

"See me?" Daniel asked his wife.

He stood over her and slid his hands down around Sarah's little bottom to hold her moist thighs and lift her along the shaft of his cock. The tight little cunt made him groan and he bent his knees with the soaring sensation. Sarah squealed and clutched more tightly at him.

"See?" he asked. "See?" He drew her down again, sobbing with the delight of immersing himself again in her little cunt. He'd have this every day now. Every morning, every night, he'd have his daughter to relieve his ache.

"Yes! Yes, look!" he cried.

Joanna bit her lip, crying soundlessly as she saw her husband's half embedded cock swell, then pulse with the forceful release of his seed all over their young daughter's cunt as he rapidly withdrew it.

A staggered step further and Samuel was astride his wife's head. He held his still weeping daughter over Joanna's face, letting his seed and Sarah's mingled blood drip down onto her weeping features.

"Clean her," he panted, recovering his breath. "Because then you'll have my cock to clean," he told her, dropping Sarah astride her mother's mouth.

Sarah jerked as she was put upon her mother's face, squirming and gasping, her tears quickly forgotten as her mother's tongue worked avidly in her little cunt, licking the rich mix of flavours until only the fresh sweet taste of new excitement seeped slowly from the child.

She was pushed aside and Samuel was there, panting as he roughly pushed his cock into his wife's mouth, forcing her to take it all, and then lick him of the sticky coating of juices.

"Just look at your wet cunt!" he laughed, Joanna's sex presented towards him through the rung of the ladder.

His prim wife was gleaming with wetness, her fleshy folds swollen apart, her clitoris hood standing proud from within, begging to be stroked.

"Like it, don't you?" he asked. His lengthening cock let him begin sliding back and forth in her mouth and she moaned as she pressed her lips more firmly about him, trying her best to emulate a tight young cunt.

"What shall we do next?" he asked, pulling his refreshed cock from her hot mouth?

Joanna panted and looked towards her children where the doctor knelt between them, fondling their genitals and making them blush and squirm.

"I know. Let's have David piss down your throat!" Daniel chuckled.

Joanna groaned and stared at her son, her heart hammering as she saw him standing facing her with his cock sticking out in front of him.

The very thought of him pissing down her throat made her whimper and squirm, the fire in her crotch re-ignited. It was filthy, and it was perverse, and yet she quivered with excitement at the thought of being used that way.

"Come here David," his father called. His cock bobbing in front of him, David obeyed his father and strode forward to let him place him directly in front of his mother.

"Now then. Just the tip of your cock in Mummy's mouth please," Samuel panted. David drew forward and grinned happily as his mother let her lips close over the very tip. Her tongue licked and probed at the tip making him giggle, his cock jerking with the pleasure.

"Now, mummy wants you to piss in her mouth," Daniel urged, kneeling beside his son for a better view. Eyes wide, Joanna breathed loud through her nose, as she waited in anticipation of her son's urine.

David giggled and looked down at his mother's face. His expression changed to one of concentration as he worked to release his bladder passed the tightness of his erection, finally managing with a gasp.

Joanna swallowed and closed her eyes as another orgasm tore her apart. Her son's hot liquid filled her mouth with it's acidic and powerful taste, then slid down her throat, burning all the way to her belly where it merged with the burning of her sex.

"Just one thing to do then," Doctor Croft remarked.

The doctor had prepared little Sarah, by putting her over the edge of one of the desks, and fastening her thighs so she couldn't kick. The doctor himself had taken her wrists and held them down, her little bottom perfectly presented to her father.

"What a delightful sight," Daniel sighed, stepping up to her little lovely little bottom and stroked the smooth firm skin.

"Daddy," the young girl whimpered.

Daniel's cock jumped at the sound of her voice. Breathless, he pulled her little pale cheeks apart and gazed adoringly down at her little anus, so adorably virginal and small.

"It seems impossible that something so little could allow me entry," he breathed.

"I'm sure her bowel movements are just as large on occasion," Doctor Croft told him.

"Come now Sarah; pretend you're going to the lavatory and push girl, push!" he advised. Catching his breath, Daniel stepped up to Sarah's bottom and watched her tight little anal ring unfurl. Then, breath held, he pushed, forcing the first inch of his cock into her little behind and sighing with delight.

Sarah's squeal heightened his delight and he inhaled deeply, eyes half closed as he felt the workings of her little anal ring around his cock.

"Relax, relax," he breathed, leaning over her little form and easing further into her back passage, the tight ring sliding down his shaft, the rest of his cock wrapped inside her hot and clinging colon.

"Oh, she is so nice!" he panted.

Only half within her, he felt urged to draw it partially out, and then push inwards again. Her tight little anus gripped his flesh and moving was an agony of pain and pleasure, yet he continued to do so, becoming breathless with the sensations surging into him.

Sarah wept, squealing loudly when her father moved in her bottom.

Yet slowly, the fiery pain within her bottom ebbed and his sliding cock felt different as it pushed her colon apart, then slid slowly outward again. "Relax, relax," the doctor kept urging her.

With tears rolling unheeded down her face she tried, whimpering when the slippery slide of her father's huge cock slid deeper within her, tickling her anal ring as it slid by, pushing her open deep inside her belly. She wailed and the tightening of her anus made Daniel grunt, stopped only by the tight grip of her little bottom.

"Relax, relax." The words kept repeating themselves.

Quivering and whimpering she cautiously obeyed and gasped wide eyed as the hot cock pulled back sending fresh insidious tingles up her body.

"Mummy!" Sarah wailed.

Daniel mauled his daughter's lovely little bottom cheeks and watched his mighty cock slip back and forth between them, pushing her anus inwards as he sank into her little colon, drawing the pink sheaf outwards as he drew out with the accompaniment of her squeals.

A turn of his head and he saw David had finished emptying his bladder into his mother's mouth and now stood beside her, watching him anally fuck his little daughter.

Even the doctor's eyes were fastened on the heavily veined cock as it moved patiently back and forth, in and out of the gasping, squealing, young girl's little bottom. Daniel's hands dwarfed the little cheeks and easily drew them apart, totally opening her short little cleft so all could admire how large he was in comparison to the little hole he was ravaging.

His orgasm rose from nowhere and took him by surprise. There was no chance of holding back or deferring it. It was there and all he could do was cry out at its impact and surge into her one last time, there to grip her as his cock jettisoned the last of his seed.

Joanna was waiting for him, her mouth greedily open to suck eagerly on his now flaccid cock. She whimpered, wanting desperately to make it hard again, frustrated by not being able to move her head much, and her hands not at all. Off to one side, watching Sarah's little anus slowly close again, Doctor croft smiled.

The Metcalf's family training had been a success and it was made all the more worthwhile when Daniel offered a substantial bursary through his bank, to fund Doctor Croft's research.

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