MY COOL AUNT by blueheatt

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest

…..Mom was going to be gone for a week camping with her girlfriends. She ask me to stay at her apt. and water plants and bring in the mail and things.

….. I arrived as she got ready to leave. She said quietly that there was porn in her computer if I wanted to look at it. I got a big grin on my face. She stepped close to me and said: “Why Ken…you naughty boy, your blushing!” I was, as I looked right down her top at those beautiful tits of hers. Then I got a shock.

….. She pulled me to her. I was now hugging her with her two big tits in my chest. She whispered: (“ don’t you bring any hot girls up here…ok?”) My dick got hard fast, and it was tenting right between her legs. She felt it and pushed her pussy right into it. She held me tighter and both our breathing began to increase. This was not just tickling and me getting a few feels, her arms were rubbing me all different now. We were the same height now and her cheek against mine was warm and she smelled wonderful. We just stood there letting our hands wander all over us. She gently held my butt cheeks and pushed them into her pussy as we started bumping my dick into her pussy. I had to try it…I slipped my hand under her T-shirt and felt all around.

.....My fingers traced her bra and felt those wonderful tits of hers. She started running her fingers through my hair. She didn’t say anything, but I heard tiny moans from her. Her breath was right in my ear, and it kept getting deeper and deeper. I took one hand and let my fingers trace the waist band and panty elastic in the back. Deeper and deeper my fingers went down on her bare butt. Her hips rocked against my erection, a little firmer and deeper each time. Her eyes were closed as I started kissing around her face. Her skin was so soft and I wanted to kiss those lips. I traced them with my tongue.

.....She kinda shivered when I did that. I did it again and kept running the tip of my tongue over her lips. He mouth began to open. I let my tongue go inside her mouth a little. Soon her tongue met mine and we just let them touch and play all around. She spread her legs wider and my erection went in to rub the underside of her pussy. We rocked.

….My feelings for Mindy had gone way beyond just wanting to have sex with her…..

….I was in love with my own aunt….

She was so perfect in every way. Her hands were more that just feeling me also. Could she be in love with me too?….I waited for her to say….’stop Ken’, ‘we can’t do this Ken’, and a million other thoughts that would kill the feeling I had for her. She said nothing. Her hands felt my skin, my hair, my arms and gently touched my face. Her kisses were soft and gentle, along with her tongue tracing my lips and mouth. We both were getting a little dizzy and had to steady ourselves. Time seem to stop as we just stood there loving each other for a long time….

….Still no verbal from her or me, except little moans and heavy breathing…..

….Finally I was going to flat tell her I was in love with her…the words were hard to bring out, and I waited to get up the courage to say it…that’s when she spoke in a whisper…..

……(“…ken...have you ever fantasized about me?…I‘ve always liked you a lot for a long time… and I always wondered how you felt about me, deep down inside. I think I’m in love with you Ken. Does that scare you, the fact that I’m your aunt….you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…..we can just let it go and….

…..That’s when I kissed her like never before…

….She was not like an aunt anymore, but the greatest girlfriend ever….I managed to speak…”Mindy…I’m so in love with you I can’t stand it. I’ve had dreams about you every since I was little. I’m not little anymore and I want you all the time now. You’re the sexist woman alive to me. I’ve had wet dreams and wanked about you for years now. Don’t go camping, stay here with me and let’s be together.”….

She said: “Oh god Ken, you’ve made me the happiest girl in the world, I’ve want us to make love for oh…so long and now we will….

….I have to go camping now…but when I get back, we will have a very long talk about this and our family.

…. I was so hot for her all I could do was whisper. (“…you better hurry back!”). She stepped back and fanned herself with her hand. She said: “I gotta go….talk later Ken, ” She kissed me like never before as she drug her hand over my big erection…she grabbed her bag and out the door she went.

….I had been turned on before by Mindy, but nothing like this. I could close my eyes and still feel her tits in my chest and her pussy pushing against my erection. Her whispering in my ear buzzed my whole body. Now I knew what she felt and was thinking….she was more excited than I had ever seen her…god I wanted to fuck her so bad.


…. I fired up her computer. I knew computers real well and I wanted to snoop in hers real bad. I hoped I would find a picture of her….naked?…I wished…



…..I daydreamed riding in Laura’s brother Johnny’s car with my friends….

“Mindy!”…my friend said. “Your lost in thought, what’s his name???” Everyone laughed at my day dream look. I said: “If I told you that, you’d all try and steal him away.” “Oooooo“...they all said. Laura’s brother laughed, the only guy in the group.

…..The sign said: ‘Collage Nature Studies.Org.’ We called it ‘camp orgasm’, it was not….as it appeared. Laura’s brother unlocked the gate and put up our tents. That night I camped with my friend Laura. We two always teamed together in a 2 person tent because (we liked to wank ourselves as we knew the others did too.). Late that night we whispered about guys. I told her all about Ken and how hot he made me. (“Your nephew Mindy?….oh jeez…that sounds hot and kinky.

.....Tell me how this all got started. ”). We laid back with fingers in our panties and I described in detail, everything from day one. “Laura“, I said… “I couldn’t keep my hands off of him, never could…. but I resisted going ‘to far’ with him. I felt and tickled him all the time. He tickled me back and groped a feel of my tits and slit every time is was safe. His hands got me so horny. This has been going on for a long time, and now I’m going for it. I’ve wanted to have sex with him for so long, I’m tired of waiting, were gonna fuck when I get back, I love Ken, and that’s it“…..Laura said: “Jeez Mindy, your sister will go crazy if she finds out.” I told her: (“… no fucking way, I know something about sis, and believe me, she won’t say a word.”).

…. I should have never said that,….

…. now Laura bugged me to tell her what the ‘something’ was. After much begging a pleading I said: (“..ok Laura, I’ll tell you this much ‘only’.. My sister, her dog Buster…that’s all I’m telling.”) Laura lay stunned. She began to smile and started to giggle….(“…your shitting me!”) We both began to giggle quietly. We went back to talking about guys and right back to my wanting Ken. Laura had seen Ken several times and proceed to tell me how ‘she’ would ‘do’ him. Her description was so hot, be both got turned on real good.

….Our fingers are really getting us wet now. I described in detail how I would suck Ken’s erection that I felt, when I left my apartment. I reached down and took Laura free hand and covered my mouth with it. (“…don’t let me moan loud Laura…I’ve got a big orgasm coming..”) She took my free hand and put it in her panties. (“..feel how wet you’ve made me Mindy..”) She muffled my moan as we both orgasmed together hard.

…..This was not the first time we had did things like this. Laura had a little fetish. She liked to finger fuck other girls. I had always let her ‘do me’ since we were young. She was cleaver, and knew just how to get me aroused by talking about guys. When I was real hot, she knew I would let her pull my panties down so she could finger me. It was nice to let her do it while I fantasized about some guy and I fucking….now it was all Ken.

(back to Ken…)

….. I found girls and women’s junk in Mindy‘s computer. I kept going as I knew she has to have some private stuff. I found the porn in a file, within a file. It was just about guys. Where is the good stuff? I found nothing. I got up and went looking for any ‘discs’ with maybe her private stuff on them. I searched her apartment.

….. Well well, what do we have here in this little box, inside a shoe box. Four discs. Just labeled…1,2,3,4.

….My heart was thumping in anticipation of what I was about to see. I had to pull down my boxers as I already had a big boner going. Ahhh…my dick was free now to expand. I put in disk #1 as I held my boner…..

…. I clicked on ‘open’.

(Mindy…) I lay there in the dark letting Laura keep fingering me….we listened to other moans from other tents. I was again getting mega aroused.

….Laura’s fingers were causing me to build another, even bigger orgasm. I held one of my hands over my own mouth as I reached over and put in my fingers, along with hers, in her wet pussy…she squirmed and moaned continuously bucking her pussy and pushing her pussy up to deepen our fingers….Her fingers in my pussy found my G spot and she massaged it fast. I took my hand from my mouth and speed rubbed my clit as I started to moan loud and peak….

….that’s when Laura’s brother Johnny came bursting in our tent entrance with a flashlight on. …..Laura and I yelped and quick pulled out our fingers and grabbed the sheet and pulled it over us. Laura said: “Get out of here little horny boy!, there’s nothing in here for you! Johnny turned off the light and said: “I heard noises and wondered if you guys were ok.”

“Bullshit Johnny, you were trying to get a free peek, now beat it.” Johnny began to giggle and jumped on his sister. Laura giggled and tried to push him off. He whispered: (“’re the horny one, you were playing with your pussy again, weren’t you.”

(“..none of your business horny boy, now get off me and get your hands off my pussy.”)

(“…your pussy is all wet sis, were you thinking about me?”)

I heard in the almost all dark tent….”stop it Johnny…..not now….Mindy wants to go to sleep, not listen to us…..mmm…no Johnny….no….mmmm …stop it..mmm…Mindy is right beside us…stop…mmmmm..Johnny…mmmmm.

….I could see her naked legs come up at the knees. They started fucking just 6 inches from me. It was making me so hot. There was no way to ignore them….so ….in my fingers went to my own pussy. I might as well enjoy it with them. I had never in my life done this. My pussy, already ready to orgasm anyway when he came in, it started going crazy with pulses of joy. He heard me try to muffle my moans and next thing I knew I felt his hand on my tits. That send me over the edge and I moaned out my orgasm with Laura joining me. Johnny shook as he came in his sister. I could smell his cum instantly in the small tent. His hand dropped down to feel my fingers in my sopping wet pussy. He slowly rubbed my clit. He got up and left. I heard Laura mutter….’damn him’…then giggle. A towel came flying in the door flap and landed on me. I said to myself….wow…that was exciting…and kept playing with my pussy……thinking about Ken…


(Ken…) I waited. A file appeared. PRIVATE it said. I clicked on it. PASSWORD. Shit. Now I had to figure it out. I sighed and started in. I cleared the field and was ready to use all the tricks I knew to hack in. As I started, I tried to think of all the things that Mindy might use for a password. I tried and tried and got deep in her computer and looked and tried everything I knew. It had been 3 hours now, and nothing. I thought and thought. She had the hots for me for a long time, just maybe…she using ‘Ken’ in the password. I knew it had to have at least 8 letters or numbers in it. I started in playing around. Nothing so far. I tried: “ILOVEKEN”….

….. Bingo! That was it!…a video list appeared. I clicked on the first one. I held my dick as the video started…

….My eyes snapped wide open and my dick jumped and slammed up to maximum hard!….

“Moth - er Fucker!!!”…..came out of my mouth!

….There was my MOM and her dog Buster. She was on her bed and Buster was trying to fuck her! You could tell the camera was hidden in her closet door. Buster would try and fuck her, then get down and lick her pussy. Then I saw Mindy helping Buster get his dick in her.

…..She got it in and Buster started fucking my mom fast. The video had low sound but you could hear my mom moan and she was liking it. End.

…..Video disk #2 was more of the same. Disk #3 was Mindy’s friend Laura. Now Buster was fucking her, with Mindy’s help….

…. Disk #4 was the shocker.

…..Laura had Buster lying down and was jacking him. Slowly Busters long red dick came out with a large bulge at the base. I was shocked to see Laura start sucking on Busters dick. She was giving a dog a blowjob. I sat stunned as Buster shot cum in her mouth. She would let the cum flow out of her mouth and suck some more and he would shoot some more….

…I had seen dog videos before, but not with someone I knew like Laura and my own mom!

….No pictures of Mindy naked….yet

She had a old boyfriend named Aaron. I checked and found some pictures of them together, and her in a hot bathing suit….that was all.

….I had many days yet to keep looking, but now I want to go wank about Mindy. I lay in bed thinking and slowly stroking my cock / I lay in bed fingering my pussy thinking about Ken..

(they thought about each other at the same time)

Ken: I thought about all the thing I wanted to do with Mindy. Slowly undress her as I kissed her and then suck on those beautiful tits…

Mindy: I loved Ken’s smooth body. I wanted to feel every inch of him and kiss every spot. I had for years felt him, now I wanted it bare skin. His cock was big and It excited me. I wanted to take my time sucking it and feeling all of it on my wet lips… Laura was asleep and now I could have my own orgasm thinking about Ken.

Ken: I wanted to get Mindy’s legs up and sink my cock in her sweet pussy. I had wanked about this for a long time…now it was going to be for real. I pictured myself kissing her while feeling her tits and fucking her deep…..

…It was one of the best wanks ever as I fell asleep imagining my cock was still in her….

Mindy: I now had 3 fingers in my pussy feeling like it was Ken’s cock fucking me hard.

…It was one of the best orgasms ever as I fell asleep imagining his cock still in me….

….It was Friday and Mindy was due back any minute. My cock was hot in my shorts and I could feel it pulsating…./ ….I rode back thinking how I would grab Ken and hold him…feeling him…and undressing him on the spot. I watched Laura and her brother grab feels as I was the last one to drop off. They giggled as I knew where their hands were. It was hot to watch them. I saw her head go down in the seat and him make pleasure faces as he drove. I could hear the wet noises she made while sucking him. I found myself rubbing my pussy as I thought about me doing that to Ken.

….We were here and I grabbed my stuff and ran into my apartment. I dropped my stuff and Ken and I were at last in each others arms. He picked me up and stood me up at the foot of my bed. The greatest feel fest ever, begun. Inside the panties, inside the boxers. Under the shirts and blouse. Inside my bra. We now felt bare skin with the feels we had wanted for a very long time. We were like a couple of panting animals in heat. Off…. piece by piece our clothes dropped to the floor. Our hands went crazy feeling our bodies. We kissed and kissed, our tongues were released and flying. I was having the greatest event of my life/ I was having the greatest event of my life. Mindy’s body unrestricted by clothes. It’s indescribable the feelings I was having. Now not just rubbing my arm on her big tits, but sucking on them all I wanted.

..... Every curve I every felt, now was bare smooth skin. The feel of her pubic hair…smooth and soft. Her feeling my cock so beautiful and she did it perfect. We slowly sank in the bed and I put her hot legs up and looked at her body. She guided my cock in he wet warm pussy. We began to moan together and let it happen. I felt her arms and legs against me trembling with excitement…/ I felt his cock slip into my waiting pussy. Finally I had the man I wanted and he had me. It must have sound like we were killing each other with our loud and strange moans. I got new feelings I had never had before. His cock was a perfect fit and began pumping my pussy so wonderfully deep. I felt his breath on my face as he moaned in his pleasure….I joined him for the fuck of a lifetime. I pulled him in me tight and dug my fingers in his skin…I want him so bad and now I had him. I began to feel it coming/ I began to feel it coming. My balls pulling up and up as I sunk my tongue deep in her mouth. She felt so hot under me and alive with excitement. Our bodies became a blur of fast deep fucking. My whole body and hers began to shake out of control and I felt the cum starting to come out.

Two screams of pleasure filled the room, our bodies jerked, twitched, locked up together as I felt a bomb go off in her tight pussy. Cum squirted everywhere. Shoot out the sides of her pussy as she fucked and squeezed her pussy at the same time. We held each other so tight I thought we would hurt each other. I felt black out in my brain…I begged for air…she moaned for it too…our bodies now took over and fucked and fucked us until ……darkness set in our minds…..Our bodies bucked and jumped on and on as we both passed out…….

…..It was dark and quiet as I felt my cock make little pulses….I felt a weak squeeze from her pussy……she kissed me….and we went out again….


….Ken works where I do now. We pass each other and smile real big. They don’t know were related. Our family thinks we just live next door to each other in a duplex. Ken removed a panel so we can pass through.

…..It a quiet neighborhood…except for one couple that gets quiet noisy late at night…….

Rating: 80%, Read 35364 times, Posted Feb 28, 2015

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest


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