The Initiation of Georgette (Part Two) by LadyCarol

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Fiction | Female, First Time, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Old Male, Virginity

The Initiation of Georgette (part 2)

Lady Georgette Lockwood was bathing on the orders of the voluptuous Madam De Voillet. The maid Maisie caressed her sperm encrusted skin with a soft cloth, washing away the sticky essence with perfumed water.

Georgette lay back and gave a soft sigh, reliving the events of the last few hours.

When she awoke this morning she was an innocent virgin, unaware, and ignorant of, the ways of men and women. And now, just a short while later, she had masturbated a cock, tasted sperm, and been thoroughly inundated with men`s spunk. Her body felt sore and abused. Her pussy ached where Mr Glass`s cock had penetrated a little too deeply, and her tits were tender where fat cocks had roamed across them, and hard male hands had grabbed and seized them.

“We must hurry miss.” Said Maisie. “The gentlemen are taking brandy in the library and await your return.”

Although she had found the sex enormously thrilling, she still wanted to enter her marriage bed a virgin and knew that she would not remain so much longer if Clara De Voillet had her way. She could not believe that her own mother would send her here to complete her sexual education.

Georgette arose from the bath and was immediately enveloped in a large soft towel, and briskly rubbed dry.

“Am I to be fucked Maisie?

“I believe so miss.” Replied the maid. “At least I think that is Madams intention. It will be the reverend I think.”

That foul, disgustingly uncouth, slob of a man. Georgette shivered with revulsion.

“I suppose that my intention to remain a virgin will carry little weight with your mistress. She seems intent on my ruin.”

“Indeed yes my Lady.” Replied the maid. “And you will not be the first.”

Dry and powdered, the naked Georgette was escorted, not to the library as expected, but to a large drawing room at the back of the house which was opulently decorated with paintings and drawings of a highly sexual nature and contained a large round bed and items of furniture of a use unknown to Georgette. There were manacles and hard wooden benches of various kinds, and a collection of whips and other implements adorned the walls.

A naked Clara De Voillet lay upon the bed and smiled at the clearly bemused girl. She patted the bed next to her. “Join me Georgette.”

Georgette did as she was told and lay on the bed. Soft hands caressed her tits and a laughing Clara nibbled gently on her ear.

“You have such beautiful breasts Georgette. I have waited a lifetime to touch them. Give me your tongue my dear.”

Their lips met and Clara`s tongue forced its way into Georgette`s mouth, as a finger traced the line of her slit, pushing deeper, searching out the reluctant clit hidden there.

A breathless Georgette pulled away. “Madam you should not touch me so. Such things are not permitted.”

“You silly thing!” Replied Clara. “Is it so wrong for a woman to find love in the arms of another? I have no time for the inept fumbling’s of men Georgette. I much prefer the feminine touch. You are not the only virgin here this day.”

Georgette rolled away and sat on the bed in shock, unable to look at the woman laying beside her. “This cannot be so. I have seen you with them. The way you touch them. The way you love them.”

“And yet I have no children and have never married. No cock shall ever penetrate me Georgette.

Yes, I suck their cocks and swallow their sperm. I use and abuse them. I host parties and take great delight in debauching innocents like you for their pleasure, while all the time despising them for their weakness. Having a heaving sweating man panting above you may fill you with pleasure my girl, but it fills me with horror. Do I shock you?”

“A little Madam.” Confessed Georgette. “I find the thought of two women together a little strange.”

“And yet here we are. The gentlemen will join us shortly, but we have time. Now kiss me my sweet.”

Clara`s tongue once more slipped into Georgette`s mouth and was met by her own. They kissed, their tongues entwining as the hand on Georgette`s breast moved lower, parting her thighs and cupping her fluttering mound.

Her thighs parted of their own volition, and a finger penetrated her moist pussy, delighting in the pool of wetness gathered there. She spread the moistness upwards, circling her hardening clit with gentle strokes.

Georgette moaned around Clara`s tongue as her finger did its wicked work. She made no protest as soft lips caressed her neck, breasts, and belly. And when those soft lips kissed and licked at her bare pussy, Georgette moaned in delight, spreading her thighs and pushing the older woman’s face harder into her groin, rotating her hips around Clara`s flicking tongue.

Clara shifted position until her pussy was directly above Georgette’s face, and spreading her legs, allowed her sopping wet cunt to descend to within an inch of the young girls parted lips.

Lost in a world of desire, Georgette sucked and licked at the dripping pussy, as she felt her own orgasm approach.

Never had she believed such things were possible. Never had she believed that another’s tongue could give so much pleasure. Her orgasm seized her, twisting her body as she cried out her pleasure into Clara`s wet hole.

Clara sat on Georgette`s face pulling her legs back and apart, as Georgette`s pussy continued to pulse and spasm through her orgasm.

“Now Hubert!” Cried Clara, “Be quick!”

Georgette felt strong hands on her thighs, male hands, pulling and pushing her legs apart.

Georgette desperately tried to rise, but Clara`s legs had her arms pinned to the bed, and her pussy ground mercilessly into her face.

Georgette struggled for all she was worth, perfectly aware of what was about to happen, but could do nothing to prevent the slow ingress of the reverends thick cock as it began to breach her virgin defences. In desperation, Georgette did the only thing left open to her. She bit hard into Clara`s thigh.

Clara screamed in pain and twisted free, “She bit me, the fucking little bitch bit me!”

“The filly has spirit Clara. She will make a fine mount.” Said the Reverend, digging a little deeper.

“Fuck her Hubert. Rip that little cunt wide open! I want her screaming!

“Happy to oblige” Whispered the Reverend as his cock butted up against her hymen. “Time to get fucked Georgette.” He muttered, and with that he slammed forward, driving almost half of his prick into her swampy depths.

Georgette screamed into Clara`s cunt as her hymen was torn asunder. She twisted and turned to escape that terrible spike as it drove still deeper, widening her channel and stretching the tortured walls of her never before used pussy.

The reverend drew back until just the fat knob remained in the girl before barrelling forward again and driving the full length of his cock into the quivering sheath and eliciting another tortuous scream from the stricken girl.

Hubert rotated his hips in delight, feeling his heavy balls rub deliciously against the girl`s moving ass.

“My God, she grips me like a vice Clara.” Gasped the reverend, rotating his hips and widening the channel still further.

Clara looked on approvingly as the bloodstained cock briefly reappeared before driving deeply into Georgette`s bruised and torn cunt.

Georgette was in a world of pain. It felt as if a cudgel had been thrust inside her, twisting and turning and tearing at her insides. Clara gripped Georgette`s face, long nails digging into her jaw.

“You ungrateful bitch.” She hissed into Georgette`s ear. “I did all this for you. This could have been so different. Pleasurable even. But now by God, you will remember this day for the rest of your life. First your mother abandons me, and then you bite me. I`m an awfully vindictive bitch Georgette, as you are about to discover.”

“My mother-.” Gasped Georgette through clenched teeth.

“We were lovers for many years. I loved her. And you know what she did? She cast me aside in the name of propriety. There were rumours about us, and she couldn`t have that when her precious daughter was about to be introduced to society could she? So she left me. Imagine my surprise when she gave me her only daughter to debauch as I saw fit. Wonderfully ironic I thought.”

“Clara please.” Whispered Georgette, the pain in her jaw becoming unbearable.

“Enjoying your first fuck dear? No matter. There will be many more today for you to grit your teeth through.”

“Ah, no.” Gasped the reverend, “She`s too tight. I`m coming Clara. Please forgive me.”

“You incompetent fool!” Cried Clara. “Rip the bitch up!”

The reverend could only grunt in reply as he began pumping his hot spunk deep into Georgette`s clinging cunt.

Georgette moaned softly as she felt a liquid warmth spreading through her loins. As the reverend dribbled the last of his sperm into her, Georgette became aware of a gentle shuffling as the rest of the gentlemen entered the room. All were naked and sporting formidable erections.

With a sinking heart, she realised that they had been watching all along.

She closed her eyes and gently sobbed. She was finished. This was not what she had thought it would be like. It was supposed to be pleasurable, exciting. Clara had made it all sound so wonderful. Georgette began to wonder if she would survive this evening.

Clara rose from the bed, and pulled apart the cheeks of Georgette’s ass, exposing her tightly clenched rosebud to the assemblage.

“And now gentlemen. Who wants to be first to stretch this wonderfully tight virgin hole?”

The gentlemen looked nervously from one to the other, as Maisie swept into the room closely followed by an older, more elegantly dressed woman.

“Perhaps it should be your virgin hole that gets stretched this evening Clara. Fancy it boys?” Inquired the woman as Clara looked on aghast.

“Elizabeth.” Croaked Clara, pure horror etched upon her face. “What- “

“Am I doing here?” Finished Elizabeth. “That would be thanks to your loyal maid Maisie. She knew of your plans for my daughter and had a letter delivered to my residence. Never has disloyalty pleased me so much.”

Elizabeth regarded the gentlemen and their rapidly diminishing erections.

“And why are you here gentlemen? Did Clara invite you? Were you invited this day to fuck my daughter?”

“Elizabeth please.” Began Sir Edgar immediately recognising the woman before him. “ We were assured that Georgette was here with your permission.”

“Indeed she is Sir Edgar. I sent her here as a companion for my dear friend Clara, as a way of building bridges. We parted on such unfortunate terms.”

“You deserted me!” Cried Clara. “All I wanted was you! I wanted us to have a life together!”

“And then you conspired behind my back to end my marriage.” Elizabeth said coldly. “It may interest you to know gentlemen that Clara has comprehensive dossiers on all of you. Take you Sir Edgar. If only a portion of what Clara has on you should become public knowledge, you will never serve in Parliament again. Indeed, you will never be able to show your face in polite society. You will be finished.”

“Is this true Clara?” Whispered Sir Edgar, a look of horror on his face.

“Of course it`s true you old fool!” Snapped Clara. “How do you think I`ve managed to survive for so long? I have enough evidence to hang the lot of you! And don`t think I won’t use it.”

Elizabeth smiled. “That`s just it Clara. I have the evidence. I took it with me when I left. Gentlemen, your indiscretions are safe with me. I do however have one request to ask of you before I return your dossiers.”

A deathly silence had descended on the room as those present waited for Elizabeth to continue.

“It would seem that Clara is intent on my daughters destruction. She wishes to destroy her in her desire for revenge on myself. She has betrayed us all gentlemen. And now for my own act of revenge, I give her to you. She is a virgin in both of her holes. I want her fucked. I want her precious virginity torn from her as she tore it from my daughter.”

“No!” Screamed Clara “For God`s sake no Elizabeth! These men are animals! Please Elizabeth I beg you!”

“Georgette.” Said her mother. “Kindly bring these cocks to full erection. You shall participate in Clara`s deflowering.”

Georgette wiped her tears and scurried across the room, knowing that her ordeal was at an end, and pleased to have a little revenge of her own.

“Your virginity is at an end so what comes next is of no consequence. You shall remain in the company of these gentlemen for the next week enjoying all the pleasures that love can bring. I trust you gentlemen will make the next few days enjoyable for my daughter?

“Of course Elizabeth and thank you. Rest assured that Madam De Voillet will be very well fucked for her crimes.” Said Jack.

“Thank you, sir. Clara will remain in your care for the next five days, to be abused as you see fit, and is then to be cast upon the street to make her way in the world alone. I shall have my house back Clara.”

“No!” Screamed Clara lunging for the door. Maisie pulled her to the floor, and the muscular Jack Glass threw her roughly back on the bed and held her down.

“Maisie works for me now.” Smiled Elizabeth. “I regret that I must now take your leave gentlemen. Oh, and Georgette. Your betrothed Albert is a wonderful fuck for a young man. He will make you very happy.”

Georgette smiled at her mother. Her mother had often told her that she would instruct her future husband in the ways of love herself, to make her wedding night more pleasurable, and she was pleased that it had happened.

Acknowledging her daughters smile, Elizabeth strode from the room with her maid Maisie, in tow.

The End

Rating: 88%, Read 9466 times, Posted Sep 12, 2018

Fiction | Female, First Time, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Old Male, Virginity


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