Paying for playing by ray1971

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Fantasy | Anal, Incest, Non-consensual sex

Emily was reading, while lying on her bed, in just a t-shirt and her panties. As she’s flipping the page, her brother comes in her room.

“Hey, sis, whatcha readin’?”

“Nothing interesting. Just something for college.”

“Feel like taking a break?”

Emily looks up from her book. “Why, Johnny, got something in mind?”

“Well, looking at you right now is giving me ideas.” Johnny said while openly rubbing the bulge forming in his shorts.

“Johnny, Mom and Dad are home!”

“So, it'll make it more exciting and I’ll close the door.”

After a moment Emily puts the book down. “Okay, quickie.”

With that She then whips her shirt off, revealing her bare breasts. Johnny grinning pushes the door closed, then walks over to his sister’s bed, taking his shirt off on the way, oblivious to the fact the door didn't click shut and was cracking open slightly behind him.

Johnny climbed onto the bed and on top of his sister, and the two start to make out, lips and tongues sliding together. Johnny then kisses down Emily’s neck and chest, working his way till his lips and tongue are on one of her nipples, while groping her other breast.

“Uhm... Mm...” Emily moan and sight of her biting her lip told Johnny he was getting his big sister going. then he began kisses down his sister’s stomach, while rubbing the crotch of her panties. Pulling her panties aside, his tongue finds it way between her lips to the outside of her pussy.

“Oh!... Fuck... ” Emily’s brow furrows, as her little brother tongue travel up and down between her lips. Emily tried to not sighed to loudly as she felt her brother spread her lips with his fingers, and licks up her pussy-juice from the moist, pink inside.

Meanwhile at that moment, outside the room, unknown to the kids, thier father was walking by, when he heard what sounded like moaning. He could have heard what he thought so seeing the door slightly cracked he peeked inside. his eyes nearly popped out of thier sockets at seeing his son, now naked, kneeling in front of his daughter. Emily had her lips wrapped around her brother’s cock, and is sliding them up and down his rigid shaft.

popped her lips off her brother, Emily grinned time to fuck!"

“WTF?” their father thought, he was too stunned to move after hearing what his daughter had just said.

their father remained rooted to the spot as he hear, Emily moan how good her brother’s cock felt filling her up. Because of the position everyone was in, thier father could see Johnny’s cock moves in and out of his sister’s cunt and every time Emily moaned on take an in-thrust, out in the hall their Father's cock throbbing in his pants.

Their father stood there wonder want to do. he felt he should burst through the door but he wasn't sure if he did he'd stop them, in fact he wanted so badly to join them.

Emily stuffed her fist in her mouth to remain quiet, as her brother fucked her faster. then she was screams through her hand. tell her father, who watched from the hall, she had just climaxed from her brother's cock in her.

Shortly after, Johnny grunted pulling out, and shooting thick stream of cum on to his sister, from her twat to just below her tits.

thier father saw want his son had done after he moved from between his sister's thighs. he heard his daughter sigh, "Looks like i need to take a shower," as she wiped up some of her brother’s load, and licking it off her fingers. with that her father felt his balls release thier load and he climaxed in his pants with out ever touching his throbbing cock.

Outside, thier father looks down at the grow wetness in the front of his pants, breathing hard, and walks away.

the next day after getting out of her college classes Emily head home. normally she have had the house to herself but she immediately stop in her tracks when she entered her room as her father was there waiting.

“Dad, what are you doing in my room?”

“Hi, sweetie. We have to talk. Anything, you, uh, would like to tell me? Maybe involving you and your brother?”

“Daddy, what are you talking about?”

“I saw the two of you in here yesterday.”


“Your door was cracked open. I saw everything.”

“Daddy, I-”

“Your own brother, Emily? How long has this been going on?”

“I…” Emily sighs, “Since high school, Daddy. One night, he came in here, and…it just happened. Look, I am really sorry you had to see that.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you are. You know, sweetie, when I was watching you and your brother…fucking…I started having these thoughts. I couldn’t help it.”

“W...what do you mean? What kind of thoughts?”

Her father stood up. “Sweetie, I’m sorry…” He then unzips his pants. “…but you brought this on yourself.”

“Daddy, wait!” Her father places his strong hand on her shoulder, and pushes down, forcing her onto her knees. Seeing her father reach in with his other hand to pull out his cock, Emily’s eyes widen. “Daddy, Please...!”

He then move his hand from her shoulder to the back of her head pushing her toward him, force his cock in her mouth. once she felt the shaft of her father's cock on her tongue. Emily thought maybe if i do this it will satisfy him.

“Oh, fuck, just like that sweetie…” he moaned as he thrust into his daughter’s mouth, while she sucks him off. “Fuck, your mother’s never given blowjobs this good!”

her father felt a tingle of excitement at hearing his daughter gag as he thrust into her throat. Finally, he pulls his cock out, but the says, “Take off those clothes and get on the bed.”

At first Emily want to protest but the look on her father face told her she had no choice. Emily watched her father stroke his spit covered shaft as she stripped. lying naked on the bed, as her father got on top of her, emily felt a tingle of excitement.

“Yeah, now you get to find out what a real man feels like…” her father crows, as he pushes his big, hard cock into his daughter’s pussy, causing her to groan and grimace as a much thicker bigger shaft then she had ever force its way deep into her.

“Bet your brother doesn’t feel this good!” as her father started thrusting at a hard rate.

Emily starts to shriek and whimper, as her father hard thrusting increased in speed.

“C’mon, cum for Daddy!”

it didn't take much of her father hard pounding before Emily started screaming, “OH... OH... OHHHHHHH!”

She then started convulsing, as a powerful orgasm washes over her.

Her father relaxed to enjoy the convulsing of his daughter's pussy muscles on his shaft deep in her. After letting Emily catch her breath, her father slides one hand between her cheeks.

“Daddy, what are you…Unh!”

“You know, sweetie, there’s this one thing your mother hasn’t let me do in years. Is it okay if I fuck you in the ass?”

“Daddy, I…I’ve never done that before!”

“Oh, trust me, sweetie. You’re gonna love it.”

Emily didn't think she would but at the same time felt her father was only asking to be nice, she was sure he was going to fuck her in the ass, no matter what.

Emily started breathing hard the second her father pressed the tip of his cock against her asshole, and began pushing it in.

“Ah... Ow... Daddy... It hurts... Uh... Ow!”

“Look, just play with your pussy and it will help!” he growled.

Emily start diddling her twat, as her father said to do as his cock moved slowly in and out of her tight asshole. she whispered, a thank you, that he didn't pound her ass like he had her cunt that her father didn't hear.

“Oh... Oh... fuck!” Emily moaned hoarsely, as her fingers moved rapidly over her clit, while her father continues to his slow deep thrusts into her ass.

“Oh... oh...!” Emily’s back starts to spaz, then she cried out, as she again climax, not sure if it was because of her fingers, or the cock in her ass or both.

After a few dozen more strokes, emily was happy to hear her father start groaning like her brother did when he was close to cumming. he pushed his cock deep into Emily’s ass and then stopped moving. Emily groaned, felling strange to be cumming as she felt her father jizz fill her ass. when he pulled out Emily felt cumm ooze out of her butt-hole.

“That was awesome!” her father says, grinning.

Emily didn't know what to say. Part of her felt he had force himself on her, and part felt satisfied from the three orgasms she had.

“C’mon, sweetie, I know you enjoyed that, too.” He then gets up, and starts to get his clothes back on. “Your mother and brother should be home from work soon. Get dressed.”

Emily wasn't sure want to think. the sex she had with her brother felt natural and good but this thing her father had done felt both sexual good but strangly wrong. Emily wasn't sure anymore, if Incest was Best.

Rating: 75%, Read 73716 times, Posted Jan 20, 2017

Fantasy | Anal, Incest, Non-consensual sex


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