My Asian Domination pt. 2: Fuck me under the Christmas tree by XxXTitanium_MistressXxX

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True Story | Anal, Asian, BDSM, Blowjob, Cheating, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Violence, Written by women

it was December 24th and it was my two year anniversary with sky. i don't know how i survived through it. since that night with Chris i haven't been the same. it's only been three months but I've noticed I'm more dominate.

sky planned on taking me to his parents house for Christmas. i didn't protest because at least his drunk family would be entertainment. they live way out in the middle of no where. it takes four hours to drive out there and the only thing in sight are trees and hills.

" hey baby, don't worry my parents are going to love you"

" whatever" i said rolling my eyes not caring.

" don't be like that"

" like what?"

" don't have an attitude! i didn't do anything wrong! what the hell has gotten into you?"

" you never do anything wrong! shut up! you disgust me you stupid bitch!"

" that was uncalled for" he said ending the conversation. he always has the last word. i keep making excuses why i shouldn't leave him. i can't pull myself to do it.

the last three hours of driving where in silence. when we arrived at his parents house i couldn't believe what i was seeing. it was so beautiful. the snow covering the ground, the dark brick and wood house, the trees, and i loved how the Harrison hit the hills perfectly. sky shut the car off and grabbed my hand. " i think because you started it you should apologize first" i couldn't believe what i was hearing. " you are such a child" i said as i opened the door and went to greet his mother.

she was beautiful. long blond hair, piercing blue eyes, sharp features, and an amazing body. his sister wasn't any different. you could tell she took after her mother. they told me I'd have to wait a wile before i met his father. all the guys were heading out to the bar. sky's mother and i took a walk down to the cabin where she does crafts. i loved everything . clean fresh air, the smell of burning wood, i even love how my boots crunched down in the snow. " you seem to like it out here" she said watching me look out in the distance.

" oh yes i love it"

" then you'll have a great time here"

" yes i think i will" i said with a smile. she seemed to be nicer than sky described. everything she showed me seemed surreal. made me feel like home.

it was a long walk back to the house. when we arrived sky was waiting for me in his old room. it had blue walls, posters of snow boarders everywhere, and a small chair in front of a TV. nothing different from his room in the city except it smelled of mildew.

" come here" he said putting his arms around my waist. i wasn't in the mood to fool around. well with him anyway. " i don't think we should do anything your parents are down stairs"

" it's be quick" he said with a nasty grin. before i could say no my pants where around my ankles. it's always quick and unsatisfying. he kissed my neck and squeezed my ass. his hands were groping and smothering me. it wasn't very sexy. he lifted me up and set me against the wall. i thought it would be nice to help out so i unbuttoned his jeans. then i reached my hand inside his boxers. i rubbed his soft dick until it was as hard as it could get. he had about seven inches at the most. sky wasn't into giving oral so we just skipped to the penetration. he slid in. i barely noticed. humping like a wild animal i knew he was already close to cumming. i rolled my hips and moaned in his ear. it took a few seconds for him to cum. i stood there waiting for him to catch his breath before we went down stairs. " did you cum?"

" uhh.. ye- yeah i did"

" how many times?"

" umm twice i think"

" really? twice?"

" yeah twice"

" good. Your welcome" he said as he walked down the stairs smiling. i just rolled my eyes and didn't say anything. after comming down stairs we met the rest of his family. there was about 30 people there and they said a few more would be comming. i thought the night was never going to end.

just before dinner time a few more people came just like his mother said. the family has all different sizes, colors, and shapes. i never thought he had such a divers family. it was late about 9 when we sat down to eat. looking around the table makes me think my life back home is empty. no excitement and no fun. just my boring relationship with sky.

after dinner i told Sky's mother i would clear the table. the guys went ice fishing and the ladies were upstairs looking at photos. i heard the door open but because it isn't my house i didn't say anything. " Hello?? we're here!"

" umm.. yes I'm in the dinning room"

" oh, hi ! I'm Erin and this is my husband Christian and our three children" the lady said pushing past her husband. he stood there frozen as if he seen a ghost. he looked familiar but i couldn't quite remember who he was. the woman was tall with brown hair and green eyes. Sky's mother came down after hearing the conversation. she hugged and kissed the children all over. i used to hate when my family did that but now i kind of miss it.

" honey are you all right? you look sick"

" oh, yes I'm fine"

" well Chris have you met Tiffany?" she said smiling and pointing at me.

" uhh no i haven't. hi, I'm Chris."

" I'm tiffany" when he reached out and grabbed my hand to shake it something was wrong. i had no idea he was married, i felt different. it feels like when your in the deep end of a pool and you touch the bottom, but it seems like it takes an eternity to reach the top. i also feel a little good. turned on even.

" tiffany? tiffany?"

" umm yes I'm...I'm fine" i said snapping out of my deep state of thought. it felt like i was going to die. luckily sky came in. " lets go to bed" he whispered. i ran up the stairs and locked my self in the bathroom. too many thoughts where going threw my head. at one point i wanted to scream and at another i wanted to run down stairs and fuck him on the couch in front of his family. But instead i just changed into my T-shirt and panties. for most of the night i just stared at the walls.

i feel a hand on my leg, but it wanders a little further up. the hand slides between my legs resting on top of my pussy. i know what it wants. rolling onto my back i spread my legs wide enough so that the hand can gain access. it slipped right inside my panties. i rocked my hips back and forth as it teased my clit. "assess" i let a small moan escape my lips. who ever it was knew what to do. they moved down between my legs. i knew i was going to enjoy this. a wet tongue penetrated my soft spot. it was so hot. moving in circles around my clit. sucking and tongue fucking my cunt. i could feel my juices pouring out. this person knew exactly what i liked. it couldn't be sky, too gentle. i felt a finger enter my hole. it moved in and out slowly keeping me hot. two fingers are now slowly moving inside of me. I'm so close to cumming. at the moment i don't care who it is as long as they don't stop. i began to clench my pussy muscles tight and close my legs. i came so hard. "hhhhuuuhhh ssss oh fuck" i started to yell as a finger touched my lips urging me to be quiet. then without a word it left the room.

the next morning i showered and got dressed to great the family. i couldn't help but wonder who was in the room last night. sky never came in the room. the first person i was greeted by was sky's mom. " morning! i wasn't aware you woke so early" she said and i assumed she was the only one up.

" yes, i didn't get much sleep last night"

" i can imagine. it was pretty cold last night."

" i didn't really notice"

" oh! i forgot to tell you, i sent sky to a hotel last night so you could rest"

" you did?"

" yeah i figured with the long drive it would be better for you to sleep alone" she said smiling and preparing breakfast. she wore a small white T- shirt that barely covered her stomach and some short shorts that were loose and hung below her panty line. when she turned and reached up for something on the shelf i couldn't help but stare at her amazing body. i didn't understand why i was getting turned on by a girl. sky's mom.

" Mrs. Logan, can i ask you something?"

" call me Aria and yes anything"

" do you think me and sky are right for each other?"

" to be honest with you no. but maybe it's because I'm jealous he got you first" i was shocked at what she was saying. someone called her name from the other room. she walked up and kissed me deeply " i had fun last night maybe we can do it again". i felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest. Sky's mom was the one in my room last night. i ran upstairs as fast as i could and took a shower.

i didn't really notice how long i was in there but i know it had to be about an hour. when i turned around Aria was standing there. " you took a shower and didn't ask me to join? that wasn't nice i may have to spank your sexy ass for that" she said looking deep in my eyes with lust.

" i don't feel comfortable with you doing this" before i could finish she kissed me. i liked it so much i started kissing her back. she pushed me against the shower wall and started to rub my pussy. my legs started to shake i could barely stand. reaching up for the shower head i began to ride her hand. grinding my pussy down on her fingers. i wanted more. she pushed the shower head against my clit. I've never felt so much pleasure. i could barely think. she laid me down as she moved it in circles and pressing harder against my clit. i was going to cum. she lowered me further down on the floor and positioned her pussy right at my mouth. grinding and ridding my face. i love how she tasted. her pussy was so sweet. she pulled my hair and came all over my face. i couldn't believe what i was doing. she ate my pussy so good i had multiple orgasms until i couldn't move. when she left there was nothing but hot steam and the smell of sex. i never wanted to leave.

after i finished showering i went down stairs. sky's whole family was waiting for me to open presents with them. Chris sat blankly on the couch. i decided to tease him a little. my skirt was just short enough to show off my white panties. when i bent down to hand out gifts i gave a little show by getting down on my knees and sticking my ass out in the air. even gave it a little wiggle. i noticed Aria was also getting turned on by the site. she was in the corner bitting her lip. i loved the attention. a bulge was growing in Chris's pants. after presents the guys went to the bar and the ladies went to the hot springs. I'm not into all that so i asked to stay behind and clean. " marry Christmas Tiffany" chills went down my spine from the familiar low voice. i didn't even bather to turn around. " Chris?"

" So, you do remember me?"

" how could i forget?"

" right, i was your first"

" yeah i guess you were" i said standing up and smiling. he looked at me with his deep green eyes. i knew what he wanted and i wanted to give it to him hard. " don't just stand there come say hi" with that i walked over and kissed him as if i haven't seen him in years. he gripped my ass and squeezed it tight. he must have missed me. i reached down and yanked on his buckle until his pants fell to the floor. his eyes became darker as he watched me kneel on the floor. i kissed his waist line as i pulled his boxers off. he started pulling my hair urging me to go on. slowly moving from head to base i rolled my tongue in circles just to tease him. he wanted more. i wrapped my mouth around his cock and pushed it down my throat as far as it could go. it felt so good to have his meat in my mouth. he began to face fuck me. pushing in harder and harder with each thrust. when he pushed out i smiled at him and said " fuck me under the Christmas tree".

he pushed me to the floor and we slid right under the tree. i wanted it rough and nasty until i cum all over the floor. he began to eat my pussy, it felt so good but i wanted a change. i rolled him over and slapped him across his face. " the tables are turned now bitch" i said as he began to laugh. i pushed my pussy down on his face and grind down as hard as i could. rotating my hips and pushing my clit against his mouth was sensational. when i moved down and sat on his cock it filled me completely. i could feel my orgasm already. he started to fuck me but once again i took charge. i rode him hard, fast, and rough. he kept telling me to stop. " no! your my bitch now!" i don't think he likes being dominated because he threw me off of him and started to fuck me until i wanted to cry. it was hard to catch my breath. he grabbed my ankles and flipped me over. sliding completely in my ass i began to yell out in pleasure. i loved how he pumped my ass. he spanked me until my cheeks turned red. " look at that, it's so pretty. your ass is redder than these lights baby" he whispered in my ear taking me further into ecstasy. i rolled over with him still inside me and pushed him into a sitting position. he lifted me as i bounced on his hard pulsating cock. i was about ready to explode. my knees were shacking and i could feel this electricity being surged through my body. each suck and thrust he did to my body felt so much better than anything sky could even dream of. he laid me back down and drilled me until we both came. i screamed without noticing. fuck it was so good.

we cleaned up and i went upstairs to shower and go to sleep. i don't know what he did but i know they arrived shortly after i went in the room. Sky walked in i think he was drunk because he was pretty loud. "Tiffany, do you love me?"

" why are you asking me this all of a sudden?"

" do you? it's a simple question"

" if it's so simple you go first"

" all right! i love you damn it!"

" no the hell you don't! you just want some pussy! don't you?"

" your such a bitch!" he yelled so loud i thought he was going to wake the whole house. he punched me. i was scared for the first time I've been with him. what would make him do that? he grabbed my face and punched me in the stomach. " your such a slut Tiffany! i know your a tease! you've probably fucked my friends haven't you?!"

" what are you talking about? your drunk!"

" Shut up! you know what? i do want some pussy and your going to give it to me!" he yelled in my face loud enough to scare me some more. he grabbed my arms and pushed my face in the pillow pinning me down. i couldn't breath it felt like i was about to die. but i was able to turn my head. he grabbed a chunk of my hair. i could hear him taking his pants off. " NO NO NOOOOO NO...." he shoved his cock deep inside me. it was painful. i could feel my legs shaking. he shoved in again but harder. " FUCK!!! STOP STOP STOP!! NO NO NO!!" i kept yelling but he wouldn't stop. he began to choke me. my face turned red and my tears wouldn't stop flowing. he pulled out and turned me over. i was so scared. he punched me again and pushed his cock in my throat and came. i was gagging. I've never felt so dirty. " go take a shower and sleep on the floor! look at the fucking mess you've made! if my family heard or seen anything you're dead!"

" why did you rape me?" i was crying so hard.

" go shower!" he yelled once again. it felt like it took a life time for him to stop. i couldn't believe what happened. he's never been that way before.

the next morning we were supposed to be leaving. i looked in the mirror for about an hour. my face was swollen and bruised. the more i see it the more i become like my mother. i never thought this would be me. I've cheated, been beaten, and raped. " oh, morning baby. What the hell happened to your face! tell me! tell me!" he began to cry. i didn't know what to do. he must not remember. i sat in the bathroom as he hugged me crying for about 20 minuets. then we made our way down stairs.

we kissed and hugged the family. Sky's mother seemed suspicious. she pulled me aside and made me tell her what happened. a few minuets later sky was laying on the ground holding his nose and Chris was standing above him. when sky stood up he looked different. he just stared at Chris. " Get the fuck in the car Tiffany!"

" Sky i don't think i should go you don't seem right!"

" Shut up! don't talk when i tell you to do something!" i became frightened again. walking past sky i tried to tell him that he shouldn't drive. " Sky maybe yo-" before i could finish he grabbed my hair and threw me against the car. i hit my head pretty hard. without arguing any further i crawled to the passenger seat and started to cry. Aria looked terrified. as we drove away i watched the family hold Chris back from chasing the car.

expect pt. 3

again sorry for any errors

will try and improve next time

Rating: 70%, Read 18552 times, Posted Nov 11, 2009

True Story | Anal, Asian, BDSM, Blowjob, Cheating, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Violence, Written by women


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