My Dear, Rebecca by TheAloneLife

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I'm Joshua, back in middle school I met the love of my life. An amazing girl who was the same age as me. We were 14 at the time. Our one year anniversary was coming up. We were excited.

Rebecca was her name, a very pretty girl. Slim and well fit; perfect curves, tits that really can attract most boys.

And the lust in her eyes told me, she wants me.

So one day, as a normal day at school came to an end. She brought me back to her house. We jumped off the bus together and made our way. We arrive at her house and

She says, "Wait a minute."

She opens her front door and enters the house.

She comes back and tells me. "All clear."

I take her hand while smiling. She leads me to her room and locks the door behind me.

She pushes me on her bed

And says, "Babe, I couldn't wait any longer. I've been wanting you. And this is our moment. We can't be afraid anymore."

As I speak, she is slowly rubbing around the front part of my pants. As my bulge grows she moans under her breath.

I say, "Babe I just knew this was going to happen very soon."

We begin kissing, as I slowly remove her top and bra.

She rips my shirt off and pulls away my jeans.

Her hot lips and tounge going wild in my mouth as I play back rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

She takes off my boxers, as I look into her eyes and she says, "I'm ready for this."

Knowing this was her first time, she simply shoved my rock hard dick into her mouth. Bobbed her head up and down and did lick it all around. Without hesitation, she gargles it deep into her throat.

Yes I groaned at my loudest. Wondering how she could be so gifted.

As she continue this, I made my way around and started removing her short shorts. As I pulled down her panties, she came around, kissing me passionately.

Slowly licking my fingers, I then rub her clit slowly and in a perfect circular motion.

The she tells me, "Put them in baby! Finger me please."

I didn't hesitate much. I entered her virgin pussy with my two fingers. Slow and gentle. She moaned as I entered her. I slowly began to finger fuck her nice and smooth like.

Moaning at her loudest, I began to lick at her clit for the first time. Her tension began to rise as her oust clenched around my fingers. She started to yell.

"I'm going to cum baby!! Keep going!"

I increase my pace, licking and fingering faster. She clenched up more and moans and coos while Cummings hard. I came up to her, she breathing hard; kissed each other romantically.

Finally, I lay her down on her bed. Kissed her pussy and asked her, "Babe are you sure you're ready for this?"

She replied, "Babe yes I'm ready." She smiles. "I only want you. I do feel safe so far with you. My only love."

I then open her legs wide as they can go, and press the tip softly against her virginal opening.

Groaning from the tightness, I keep on going as she moans and cries. She looks at me and nods her head.

That was my chance to get this over with. I then push my dick in with more might, and yes; her hymen broke.

She shrieked, "Oh god babe!"

I told her, "Now I'm going to do this slow until it feels good for you."

She tells me, "Okay baby."

I then start to go in and out of her at a slow and casual pace.

She was crying just a little but then again I was hearing little moans now and then. I knew I was doing a good job with her. She looked up at me with such love, she blushes and says, "Go faster daddy. Please me more."

I begin to pick up my speed, going a little faster as I leaned up against her legs.

Hearing clapping and sucking noises as my dick pounded her tight pussy.

Moaning and groaning filled the air. Heavy breathing was at it's loudest, as we made our first time feel like it wasn't really the first.

You hear her moaning and cooing under her breath, "I love you baby. Keep fucking me. Oooh this is too good baby. Ughhhh you feel amazing."

I came down and kissed her as I continued my pace.

I wrapped my arms around her back and started pounding her a little harder and made my dick go deeper into her hot tight canal. She knew what was going on.

She sat up and as my dick pounded her as hard as I could go. She started saying, "Make me cum babe. This is beyond amazing my lover."

I winked at her as I hugged her closer and picked up speed.

The clapping and suckage noises increased as she screamed. "Oh god babe. Yes. Yes! YES!!!"

I kissed her more. Rubbed and bit at her tits.

She started to clench up around my cock. Groaning from this hot and intense feeling. I couldn't hold back, I needed to really give it to her.

I started to fuck her really hard as I slowly bounced off of her tight pussy. My dick shined and glimmered from how wet she was. This was really exciting us.

As I heard her moans, of complete pleasure. I knew it was time to finish.

We started to breath heavily. I increased my speed, held onto her tightly; she began to squeal.

Kissed at my neck as my dick went in and out in intense speed.

We started to groan and moan at our highest and began to arch and clench up.

She started to cum hard. As I did the same, ejaculated deep into what was her virgin pussy.

Then, I slowly pulled out and saw what a mess we made.

Laughing under my breath I held her close to me. Breathing heavy, sweating. We fell asleep together.

Our love was meant forever.

Rating: 78%, Read 10764 times, Posted Oct 04, 2011

True Story |


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