The Couples Collector 2 - Dark Horizons by gaggedKitty23

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The Couples Collector 2 - Dark Horizons

Marrek Gleeson and his innocent-seeming wife, Anna, had a dark secret. They collected couples. Perhaps 'collected' wasn't really the proper word for it. They kidnapped young, beautiful couples and subjected them to the harshest, cruelest treatment imaginable in their underground 'sex and torture dungeon' - as they affectionately liked to call it. Yes, beneath Mr. Gleeson's sprawling estate, gifted to him from his wealthy father, Marrek was enjoying the ability to make his darkest fantasies come true.

It was early morning, though in this underground dungeon none of their slaves could have known the difference. Marrek was a musclebound brute of well over 6'3 with a shaved head and piercing, midnight eyes. His wife, Anna, was a redhead with huge, lush breasts, their areolae dark and sexy. They both stood as naked as the slaves in the room, of which there were many.

"Listen up, slaves. We have a special contest today!" Marrek boomed. He strode over to a stricken young man. Max lay naked on the floor, his wrists and ankles shackled to iron ringlets fixed firmly in the cement. He stared miserably up at his equally naked girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie was a willowy brunette with the cutest face, her sexy young body sporting a pair of firm, small tits. The brunette was on her hands and knees facing towards her boyfriend's feet. Her wrists and ankles were shackled to the floor to keep her firmly in position. By careful design, the girl's pussy hovered just inches above her boyfriend's face.

"Now here are the rules of the game," Anna continued right where her husband left off. The sultry redhead walked along a line of three male slaves. Each was naked, of course, and each man's wrists had been cuffed in front of him. Each of the three men was a fine specimen too; tall, virile, with an impressively sized cock. As Anna walked along the line of male slaves, Humar, Allen, and Chris, she gripped the base of each cock in turn, pumping slightly as she felt the shiver of arousal from each man, traitorous instinct.

"You will all fuck Slave Sophie's pussy one by one. Your performance will be graded on the following: technique, longevity, and brutality. Allen, you will go first. If you want a break, you may tap out and have another man begin fucking her. As long as each man is fucking Sophie, they will be timed, so it will be easy to keep track of which of you has the greatest stamina." Anna paused, swiveling in a circle as she took in the sight of Sophie's bare sex seemingly begging to be shoved full of dick.

"Only after all three of you have CUM inside this hot young bitch will the contest be over." Anna's wide lips turned upward into a devastating smile. "Hubby, do you want to tell them about the possible rewards…and PUNISHMENTS?"

With a chuckle, Marrek walked over to the far wall.

"It would be my pleasure, Anna." He strode over to the far wall because along its length were three chairs, each fixed with a tall ribbed shaft which were part of a series of brutal fuck machines. Three naked girls had their hips tied down straddling the three chairs, their wrists chained straight above their heads. Humar's Arab wife, Khatira, was a dusky-skinned beauty with shoulder-length black hair, big breasts, and a tiny birthmark on her neck. She groaned with a ball-gag in her mouth. Like the other two girls, she'd been gagged. Just like the other two girls, her pussy had been forced down onto its appointed artificial cock, until it filled her completely like some obscene spike. Beside her was Chris's girlfriend, a slender blonde with small, perky breasts named Tanya. Last but not least was June, Allen's wife. June was an Asian girl with a huge, sexy pair of supple tits, dusky skin, and shiny dark hair flowing all the way to the small of her back.

The three stricken girls looked at their significant others with a mixture of desperation and terror.

"Now the rewards are simple," Marrek continued. He walked up to June, sliding his finger along the girl's clit. The girl groaned through her gag as he played with her joy nub while leaning over and suckling on her left nipple.


He turned back toward Allen and caught the man-slave giving him a sullen stare.

"I think your slut wife enjoys my attentions, don’t you? Ah, but where was I?" He walked over to Tanya. The muscular rapist ignored the venomous look which Chris sent his way as he cupped the pretty blonde's perky breasts, squeezing them until the girl squeezed her eyes shut with the loudest groan.

"Ohhh, these titties are sensitive, aren't they?" he said with dark amusement.

And then, lastly, Marrek strode over to the sexy Arab girl. He gently pinched the girl's clit and then her nipples, making the girl squirm and groan with equal force through the ball-gag which was making her jaw ache. He alternated pinching the Arab beauty's nipples and clit for some time, back and forth, back and forth, relishing the different tones of her groans and her trembling body's responses.

"Humar, your young wife is a little whore. Look at that. Look at those hard nipples of hers."

"UHHH!! NNN!!" Khatira protested through her gag. Without warning, Marrek suddenly slapped her across the face. Her head hung limply, lifeless, but her quiet sobs told him that his smack's purpose - to startle rather than to truly harm - had had its effect. Now he gently fondled her left breast and kissed the side of her neck.

"SSSHHH, little pussy. Just enjoy the show…and pray that your husband wins the contest. If he loses…"

"Out with it already," Anna broke in. "Stop letting these hot young slaves distract you from your focus."

Marrek gave her a deferring nod. "My apologies, my love. But first allow me to rev up the 'toys' for our audience's viewing - and in some cases sensory - pleasure." He turned back to the wall, swiveling toward a panel with an 'On' and 'Off' switch and three settings. From a nearby ledge he then took a handful of tiny metal clips with little metal teeth and affixed one to each girl's clitoris. He so loved the widened eyes of each captive as they felt the bite of the clip around their most sensitive bud. Then he returned to the panel, set the setting to the highest of the three, and proceeded to press that most ominous of buttons - 'On.'

Immediately the three fuck machines came to life. Those three whirring cocks began pumping upward with desperate zeal, piercing the cunts of each stricken captive as the girls screamed and groaned through the gags fixed so tightly to their jaws.

"UHHH PLSSSS STP!!!" Tanya begged.

"NNN!!! PLSS NNN!!" Khatira cried.

"NNNN MRRRR!!! PLSSS OHHH GDDD!" June cried out, her big tits shaking as she squirmed in her restraints, as that ribbed pink shaft impaled her pussy like a tireless spear.

Marrek turned back to the three man-slaves, whose tortured gazes were now fixed on the ones they loved.

"Now, let me stop beating around the bush and get to the point. The one who fucks Sophie with highest marks on technique, brutality, and longevity will have the reward of spending a night with their wife or girlfriend. Isn't that sweet?"

The three man-slaves processed this as the fuck machines tore through their loved ones' pussies. Each cock had already been embedded deep inside each girl's cunt; now, as the giant dildos thrust upward with tireless force and intensity, each girl felt as if that cock would slam right through their cervix at any moment. The ropes kept each girl tied down, making them unable to even so much as shift as they were raped by the unyielding fuck machines.

"And what about the loser, Marrek?" Anna strode over to Max. She knelt down, fondling his penis as it rose to attention.

"Please stop this! Please!" Max groaned.

"Quiet, slave. Don't make me gag you!" Anna warned. "Or do you want me to give your balls some electroshock, hmm?" Max went silent, and Anna sucked on the tip of his cock like a lollipop for the longest thirty seconds of the young man's life. Leaving his cock-head glistening with her saliva, she stood up and turned back to her broad-shouldered, sexy-as-hell husband.

"So…the loser…what's their 'reward', honey?"

Marrek grinned.

"Let me correct you - that would be 'losers', Anna. That's right, the losing man will drag down their loved one with him. As for the losing couple, well, it won't be pretty. The man will become a 'trophy.' Of course that part will be a surprise for our slaves to see later. And the wife or girlfriend of the losing man? Well, she'll have her tits and clit pierced as an eternal reminder of the loss."

Anna clapped. "Oh Marrek, you come up with the best punishments. I haven't added a man-slave trophy to my collection in so long." Marrek came up to his busty wife. His hands cupped her ass as he leaned in long enough for them to share a loving kiss.

"Mmm. Praise from you is worth a hundred young pussies, my love."

"You're such a liar, but I'll take the compliment." Anna laughed, a tiny musical sound, and then marched over to the wall, taking a three-tailed whip off of its hook.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's BEGIN!"

Marrek nodded. He pointed at Allen.

"Start fucking, slave."

Allen was a bearded redhead with well-sculpted pectorals and a tight ass. He was handsome too. Sophie looked back with a traitorous surge of lust as he lined himself up behind her, his cock-head poised at her labia.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "You know I have to…"

"It's OK," she grunted, moving her butt up and down as her opening teased the tip of his cock. "Just fuck me." Sophie had decided that since she had no say in any of it, she might as well glean what pleasure she could from this nightmare. She hated that her boyfriend Max had to lay underneath and watch her get raped, but she prayed that by being an enthusiastic slave, maybe, just maybe, she could wrest a scrap of mercy from their two sadistic captors. It was a long-shot, true, but what choice did she have?

"What are you waiting for? Get busy!" Anna commanded. With a resounding SMACK the three-tailed whip slammed into Allen's backside. He threw his hips forward, his cock plunging into the slender brunette, and then the coupling began in earnest.

"Uhh!!! UH!!" Allen began grunting, his cock sliding into Sophie's increasingly wet sheath. For her part, the teenage brunette moaned and slammed her hips back to meet each of those rough fucks.

"Yes, fuck my pussy. Fuck me so hard, you bastard!" she crooned.

Max lay underneath her, his eyes agog with shock at his girlfriend's sudden cooperation in her own rape. Anna leaned down beside his prone figure, her whisper seductive yet devastating in his ear.

"Do you understand your part in our fun little sex game, my little cock-slave? I bet not, but don't worry. You will soon."

The young man didn't like the sound of that. Max's fearful eyes drifted toward Anna before returning to the scene just above him; Allen's vein-engorged shaft pumping hard and rapidly into his girlfriend's snatch. Soon it was glistening with the combined fluids of pre-cum and Sophie's surging cunt cream. The squelchy-wet sounds of aroused male and female loins slamming together as one now gave way to fresh evidence of lust, including fresh strands of pre-cum drifting from Allen's shaft and Sophie's cunt lips down toward Max's face. The stricken young man tried to turn away, but Anna grasped him by the neck and barked at him.

"Keep your mouth open, slave. You'll swallow whatever fluids come your way!"

Max sputtered and groaned as the strand of pre-cum landed on his tongue. He kept his mouth open, tasting the salty flavor until it slid toward the back of his throat. He closed his mouth, swallowing the fluid of the man raping his girlfriend's pussy, and wished that this nightmare could somehow end. But there was also a strange excitement surging through him, one he couldn't comprehend. His cock stood tall and rigid, almost as if his primal masculine other-self was getting off on what was happening.

What was wrong with him? he wondered.

Meanwhile, Allen's cuffed hands gripped the lithesome girl's waist as he filled her pussy again and again. For her part, Sophie tried to focus on the pleasure even as the hard metal of the cuffs bit into her skin. She moaned and clenched her cunt muscles around the invading cock as best she could. The 18-year-old knew one thing above all else - her very life, and Max's life, might depend on her willingness to embrace whatever torments their Master and his Mistress devised next.

Not far off, three helpless female slaves were locked in their own kind of hedonistic nightmare.

"Not a bad show, little whores. What do you think?" Marrek bellowed, gesturing at Sophie and Allen's 'show'. He had taken the whip from his wife's outstretched hand and was now walking along the wall, admiring the three young helpless girls being fucked as thoroughly as any pussy ever had.

"What, not feeling talkative? Maybe this will change your mind." Marrek's wrist snapped forward, and the three-tongued whip smote the breasts of Tanya. The little tits shook wildly as they took the blow, and the girl screamed through her gag.


"What's that? I can't hear you, bitch. You'll have to speak up." The next smack of the whip hit the girl squarely across her lower belly, pubic fuzz, and clit - the same clit which was in the tight embrace of the metallic clip. As the clip jostled thanks to the merciless upward thrusts of the dildo-shaft, the clip's movements sent thrums of pleasure through the girl's nerve bundle. An inferno of ecstasy was building in the girl's warming sex, and even the smack of the whip couldn't derail it.

Tanya closed her eyes, her low, plaintive moan revealing the slow yet inevitable surrender of her femininity to the worst kind of bliss.

Marrek's hand shot out, grasping her by the neck as he looked into her dazed baby-blue eyes.

"Well look at that. The clit-hugger is getting to you, isn't it slut? Not bad." He fondled the skinny blonde's supple cones as her curly blonde hair jostled along with the rest of her naked body, impaled on that merciless dildo like a sacrifice to the darkest god.

Then he turned back to his wife, Anna, who was now glancing over with interest.

"I think this little slut is going to CUM soon, honey. Isn't that special?" He left the moaning Tanya and proceeded on to June. The gorgeous Asian girl's breasts were shaking violently, the sound of the fuck-machine deafening in the dungeon chamber.

"You want some help, too, pussy? You need this whip to make you feel more alive, I bet. Here you go." Even as June frantically shook her head 'no', Marrek's hand swept forward and the whip slammed against her breasts with a loud THWACK. June screeched through her ball-gag like an opera singer.


"You want more?"

He slammed the whip against her breasts again, relishing the way they shook and turned a slowly-fading red wherever the tongues of leather touched her once-pristine skin. Then he leaned down, squeezing his fingers around the clip which clung to June's little clit. With widened eyes, even as the hard pumps of the dildo slammed up her twat, June felt the spike of sensation rupture her over-stimulated sex. The 'clit-hugger' gained maximum effect thanks to Marrek's helpful nudge.

"UHHHHH!!!! UGH!!!" June groaned through the pink ball-gag lodged in her mouth, her cunt spasms hugging the whirring dildo-shaft even as she coated it in her juices. Her head whipped forward and she bellowed loudly, an incoherent muffled keening of pleasure lasting until her pussy finished convulsing greedily around the raping dildo. Two orgasms had just torn through the poor woman in quick succession.

Marrek turned back toward Allen, who was still grunting and thrusting inside Sophie's wet pussy.

"It looks like your wife here is having as much fun as you are, stud. She just came real hard for me, boy. I bet that makes you proud…or are you the jealous type?" the man jeered. Meanwhile, June closed her eyes as shame flooded her face, cheeks tinted red, and her shudders slowly subsided along with the potency of the humiliating orgasms. Even so, though, gradually the feeling of ecstasy began building up all over again, the clip on June's clit and the constant friction of the fuck machine's dildo sending her body toward a fresh release.

Khatira, meanwhile, was watching the unfolding horrors around her and just trying to stay sane. She looked at her husband, Humar, who stood off to the side waiting for his turn to fuck Sophie. She couldn't remember how they'd even gotten trapped in this impossible nightmare. She remembered going to a party hosted by Sheikh Oman Rufari, and then she remembered dancing the night away with the man she loved, eating and drinking…and then everything blacked out. Now, as the Arab girl bit down hard on her ball-gag, groaning with the stimulation to her clit combined with that shaft pumping her snatch full with a constant, violent barrage, she didn't know how she was going to survive.

'Please someone save us. Please!' she groaned. How could people be so cruel to their fellow human beings?' she wondered. And yet a part of her, a tiny sliver of some other self, viewed what was unfolding with an almost libido-laced anticipation. As if she was falling prey to her more primal, instinctual self, Khatira also regarded the unfolding action in the dungeon chamber as…well…HOT. Seeing the beautiful Sophie on her hands and knees doggy-style, getting fucked hard by a handsome, muscular man, his cuffed hands gripping her waist as his hips slammed into her jiggling butt cheeks with a symphony of grunts - his - and moans - hers - there was a mesmerizing if sadistic allure to it.

Khatira found herself, despite her rational and moral compass, letting herself fall under the spell of sex and lust which seemed to be causing everything in the dungeon chamber to spiral out of control.

Minutes passed, and it was with profound shock that the sexy Arab girl realized that her nipples were pebbled up with unconscious lust. And then - then, most embarrassing of all - she felt herself reaching the pinnacle of climax. Her cunt seized up on the whirring pink shaft, milking that cock for sperm which would never come, squeezing it with such plaintive feminine joy as her fluids slid down the sides of the shaft in a sweetly-scented torrent.

"UGGGHHHH!!!" Khatira's muffled cry caught Marrek and Anna's attention, but not just theirs. As her shuddering body slowly came back to reality, she saw the devastated look in Humar's eyes. Her poor husband had just witnessed his wife's first forced orgasm. It would be one of many…


One Hour Later…

"UH!! UH!!!" Chris was a tall, wiry man with a head of buzzed dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His cock slammed into Sophie's overused sex with a rough cadence, and the other two man-slaves stood back and watched mutely. None of them had come yet, each striving to hold out the longest, each man hoping that by proving his 'longevity' or 'stamina' he would be crowned the winner…or at least not the loser. To become a 'trophy' of the Mistress sounded ominous, even if none of the slaves yet knew what that meant exactly. One thing they did know was their Master and Mistress's capacity for cruelty, matched only by the darkest of imaginations.

It was a thing none of them wished to know any better than they already did.

So it was with a surge of relief that Allen and Humar watched as Chris finally began to lose control. His testicles flew back and forth in frenzied violence as he pounded himself into the slender teenage beauty.

"AAAHHH! Oh god!" Chris growled, and then he drilled deep inside her, held himself snug in her velvety sheath of heat, her sex gripping his cock like a glove as he spewed inside her with forceful blasts of jism.

"Ohhh! Cum inside me. YES!" Sophie cooed. She felt his cuffed hands gripping the back of her neck as he kept pumping her cunt full of his nasty seed, his pubic hair pressed tight against her ass. Surge after surge of sperm painted her insides until the last vestige of cum had shot out, his cock sated inside her warmth. Leaning over her, he was nearly crushing her. But then he pulled out, his flaccid cock making way for the torrent of gooey seed which now trickled out from between her swollen cunt lips.

Sophie's boyfriend Max couldn't believe it. He opened his mouth as the excess cum flowed from his girlfriend's sex, dripping onto his tongue. He tried to ignore the flavorful spunk, tinted by his girlfriend's fluids, and just swallowed it to avoid his Mistress's displeasure.

"Mmm. Well done, slave. You didn't even need the reminding of my whip that time," Anna said approvingly. Leaning down between the young man's legs, she rewarded him. She took his cock between her delicate fingers and pumped it to life. Then she smothered it in her mouth, sucking hard as he felt himself stiffen with unwilling arousal.

"Ohhh!!" He wanted to say 'Stop'. He wanted to say 'No'. But all that came out instead was:

"Please. Oh god!" Max couldn't believe this was happening to him. It was bad enough that his girlfriend had succumbed to their ordeal, participating eagerly in her own rape. Now was he proving just as weak…just as malleable? Was he truly putty in their captors' hands? No…he had to be stronger than that. He had to be…AHHH!

Max shuddered as Anna's tongue cradled his shaft. She was going down on him all the way, her nose pressed to his pubic hair as she deep-throated him. Her hands cupped his testicles and fondled them gently as she slurped up and down his cock. The sounds of her suction and slurping filled the room as his breathing quickened, his heart thudding madly in his chest.

"Please!!! AHHH!"

Sophie, sensing her boyfriend's guilt and shame, did what she could for him. She whispered, "It's okay, Max. I forgive you."

As if those words had set him free, Max bellowed like a felled ox. In the next moment, with Anna's lips wrapped tightly around his manhood, sucking ruthlessly on his shaft, Max came violently, gushing into the gorgeous redhead dominatrix's mouth. Mistress Anna took every drop onto her tongue, swallowing her man-slave's spunk, eagerly taking it all as if it were the finest delicacy. At last she sat back, licking her chops with a devilish grin.

"Mmm. That was tasty, slave. Remind me to make you CUM more often." So saying, she stood up and gestured at Humar.

"Well, one down, two to go. Let the contest continue. Your turn again, slave!"

Humar positioned his manhood at Sophie's gaping, viscous pussy and thrust to the hilt, his balls slapping against her creamy thighs. He looked down, seemingly mesmerized by the tight seal of the girl's cunt lips along his rigid, pumping length.

Meanwhile, Anna captured Sophie's chin with her fingers and forced Sophie's gaze to meet her own.

"Mmm. Do you like that cock inside you, bitch?" Her free hand roved down, palming Sophie's jiggling breasts.

"Y-yes Mistress. I love being fucked by hard cock. It's all I'm good for AHHH!!" Sophie squealed as Anna pinched both of her nipples simultaneously.

"That's what I like to hear, slut. Now move that pussy back and help him fuck you."

Exhausted, with her entire body aching from fatigue and overstimulation, the teenage captive had no choice. She simply obeyed.


One Hour Later…

The end of the sadistic contest was fast approaching. Humar had held on for nearly twenty more minutes before making Allen take another turn. Now, as Allen's pulsing shaft plunged into Sophie's young pussy, the girl was moaning and grinding, doing whatever she could to get the man to come. She was ready for this 'contest' to be over. She was exhausted and just wanted some rest.

"OOohhh!!! Please cum inside me. Fill my pussy up! Please Sir. I need your cum deep in my little pussy. Oh please, Sir. Please! Stretch my pussy and empty your babymakers deep inside me!" she cooed, hoping that her words might set off his libido and take him over the edge. His cuffed hands were digging into her lower back as he held on, grimly pumping her cunt with violent thrusts.

"UHH!!!" He was clearly trying to hold back the now considerably built-up batch of cum churning in his testicles. Meanwhile, Chris had already been announced as the loser, having come so long before the others. Marrek stood by Chris's girlfriend, Tanya, petting the girl's clit, since he had already removed the 'clit hugger' some time ago. Tanya moaned pitifully through her gag as yet another orgasm tore through her slender, pale, naked young body. Her cunt squeezed greedily around the invading shaft even as it stretched her.

"UGGGHHH!!! GD!!! HLPP MEE!!" she moaned. Marrek looked down at her, smirking.

"What's wrong? Can't handle so much pleasure, bitch? You better enjoy it while you can, because I'll be piercing this clit soon enough." He pinched the girl's joy button, inducing another groan as she looked at him with such pleading in her eyes.

"PLSS DNT HRTTT ME!" she squealed. But the muscular rapist merely smiled his coldest smile, his fingers playing with her clit until her next orgasm was fast approaching.

Across the way, in Sophie's increasingly sex-hazed world, the girl finally felt a shudder deep inside her, and that straining penis blossomed into a gooey explosion as cum scalded her insides.

"OHHH!!! Fuck!" Allen grunted, his testicles stiffening as huge ropes of jism shot into Sophie's pussy. The girl's young snatch took it all, the stickiness coating her insides until she felt thoroughly tainted, fucked to near exhaustion.

"Yes. Oh god, yes. Fill me, baby," she sighed, shuddering as his cock's last twitches shot those final spurts of cum deep in her snatch. Then, as before, when Allen pulled out, Max had no choice but to open his mouth wide. The waterfall of gooey jism streamed from Sophie's pussy, right into his waiting mouth, filling his palate with a flavorful taste even as the pungent scent of sex wafted through the air. Sophie looked down with disgust and admiration at her beloved Max for enduring such degradation, all for the sake of survival. But it was more than that. Sophie couldn't help but notice the erectness of her boyfriend's shaft, even now. He was getting off on this…on watching his girlfriend getting raped! And even…even drinking the cum of the men raping her! These realizations struck her like a series of blows to the solar plexus, but what gave her greater pause was where her thoughts turned afterward…

Was it so wrong to surrender to instinct? Wasn't Max just surrendering to that primal masculine instinct, to relish the taking of the female by the strength and sexual prowess of the male? Was Max oddly submissive at heart, too? Was that why he was content to drink the cum of his betters even as they despoiled his girlfriend's cunt right before his eyes? She wasn't sure why such bizarre thoughts now raced through her head, but they did. Maybe exhaustion and sleep deprivation had finally driven her insane…or maybe a different part of herself had simply awakened.

Marrek's voice interrupted the girl's thoughts. "Finish her off, Humar. You're the winner already, it's been decided, but CUM in the young bitch anyway."

Now, at long last, Sophie felt Humar approach, his cock spreading her lips as he speared right into her. Their coupling was now a tired yet desperate fuck. His testicles jostled in a blur of motion, his cock sliding into her gooey warmth at a feverish pace. His cuffed hands spread along her lower back as his cock pumped in and out of the girl's tight little hole, her bare pussy accepting, welcoming that cock despite her fatigue.

"Do it. Fucking CUM inside me," Sophie urged.

Soon it would happen. She could feel it. She felt him straining in her soft folds.

Humar grunted. "Take my seed, bitch."

"Yes, give it to me!" Sophie shot right back. Humar groaned, the tip of his cock shooting a geyser of sperm. She moaned as Humar's subsequent bursts of seed sullied her, filling her until the excess poured back out, joining their pubic muffs together like a tainted type of glue. Humar finally pulled his softening prick free of her slick pussy and there it was - his cum clinging like glistening pearls to her light fuzz of pubic hair - but there was so much more that dripped down into Max's waiting mouth.

"That's enough fucking for one day, slave." Anna now undid Sophie's shackles. The dominatrix pulled her upright and kept her from falling back over. The naked slave, still dazed, with cum dribbling down her inner thighs, allowed Anna to lead her away. She looked back with concern at her boyfriend Max, though, still spread-eagled and helpless on the floor.

"Don't worry, slut," Anna purred. "As a reward, we'll make him feast on your pussy all night long. Sound familiar? And then after that you two can sleep together come morning. Won't that be nice?"

"Y-yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

Anna cupped the girl's breasts from behind and laid soft kisses along her neck.

"Good girl. Good little bitch. Now let's get you back to your cell."

"Yes, Mistress." Sophie surrendered to her Mistress' wishes. She was beyond hope, beyond caring. Obedience and lust replaced the burden of rational thought, and all futile thoughts of freedom.



The Next Day…

"Keep working on your technique, whore! Your boyfriend may no longer be with us, but his sacrifice doesn't have to be for nothing. Suck that cock. Suck it until you learn how to suck cock properly!"

Marrek's voice echoed in the large chamber.

The dungeon chamber was a spacious 24 by 24 feet. Given the bare concrete floors and cinderblock walls, there was one obvious centerpiece in the room. A naked man - or what had once been a man - lay sprawled on a pallet in the center of the room. He lay with his hands along his sides and a fully erect cock, a sculpture of gold shining despite the dim light.

This beautiful sculpture had once been a man. His name had once been Chris. Now…well, now he was a trophy. Anna's eternal trophy, a man coated in molten gold.

"It's not an easy process," Anna had told Tanya conversationally. "First we tranquilized your boyfriend to make him sleep. Then we injected your boyfriend with a special drug to make his cock good and stiff. Lastly we put him in the vat and let the molten gold flow down until he was completely covered. It's like Egyptian embalming, only much more fun, and look at the shiny results!"

Chris's girlfriend, Tanya, had reacted first with horror, then with tears, then with numbed silence when they had led her into the room and showed her the fate of the man she loved. Now she had been forced to lean over, sucking on the golden cock. Meanwhile, Marrek admired the view.

A gorgeous, slender blonde, naked, leaning over that golden cock and sucking and slurping loudly. That exposed pussy was just begging to be raped. He looked at the golden hoop piercing hanging down from the girl's clit, as well as the two golden hoop piercings which now swung gently from the girl's breasts. The sounds of her slurping rose to new heights.

"Mmm!!! UHH!!! SLURP!"

In the midst of the horror, the 19-year-old hottie was now just doing what she was told, her mind hiding even from itself. Tanya had become a mindless slave to save what little sanity she had left.

"You look sexy sucking on that cock, slave."

Marrek stepped up behind her now, his throbbing cock swaying as he walked. He spit into her puckered hole, lubricating the rim of her anus with his thumb. Tanya kept sucking, but a spike of alarm raised the finest hairs on the back of her neck. She had never been…no, please not that, she thought to herself.

"I don't think you're showing enough improvement in the cock-sucking department," Marrek grunted, "so I'm going to give you a good, hard ass-fucking to help motivate you."

Tanya came up off of Chris's golden cock. "Please Master, don't! I'll do better. I'll - "

But it was too late. The muscular rapist positioned his cock at her anal opening and thrust himself inexorably forward. His thick cock overwhelmed her sphincter muscle, punching through her defenses as she tried to tighten and keep him out.

"AAAAYYYY!!!" She squealed as his cock slammed deep, his heavy testicles slapping against her ass cheeks as he tore into her sore bottom. He started a rhythm then, his balls smacking against her sexy butt cheeks again and again as he ass-raped her with hard, brutal strokes from behind.

"Why did you stop, bitch? Keep sucking that cock…unless you want me to think up more punishments for you."

With a pitiful whimper, Tanya's head dipped down. Her mouth re-smothered Chris's cock, sucking with dedication even as she felt the dull ache in her ass grow more intense. Marrek ass-fucked her without mercy, the force of his pounding cock making her feel like her insides were being pummeled by a fleshy baseball bat. He reached underneath her, cupping her perky tits. Her nipples, still sore from being pierced so recently, protested at the touch as he cupped and squeezed her supple cones.

"Uhhh!!! Yeah, clench up that ass, bitch. Squeeze my cock with those ass muscles. That's heaven, right there. Ooooh, I love these titties too."

Tanya's saliva coated Chris's golden cock as she kept sucking, docile and submissive, just yearning for the nightmare to end.

And yet, the groans of the blonde teenager being ass-raped and Marrek's primal grunts were not the only sounds of sexual depravity in the dungeon chamber. Nearby, two familiar couples were also 'part of the fun'. Khatira and Humar were there, and so were June and Allen.

Anna was in charge of their continued 'training,' something she did with sadistic delight.

"Keep fucking, you sexy slaves. I love this show you're putting on. Very good!"

Each of the two men were standing up, fucking their wives. Khatira's snatch hugged Humar's cock as her ass bounced up and down, her arms around his neck. He stood with muscles bulging, holding her and fucking her at the same time. His grunts were a series of loud, desperate wheezes. He was strong, but barely strong enough to do what was required of him by the Mistress.

Anna walked up to the coupling duo. She glanced back at Marrek. Her husband had a gun near at hand, so if these slaves tried anything they would pay dearly. Satisfied by that contingency, she approached more closely. Her hands glided along Khatira's dusky ass cheeks, fondling the girl's smooth curves as she watched that pussy engulf that rigid penis.

"Ooooh yes. You two really do love each other, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress!" Khatira chirped obediently.

"Yes, Mistress! UHH!!" Humar groaned. The busty redhead reached a hand underneath, fondling Humar's sac. Next she scooted underneath, her mouth vacuuming up his testicles, each one in turn, sucking on them. Anna reveled in the close-up view from underneath as Khatira's pussy slid down the hard length of that unyielding cock, the scent of the couple's sexual fluids so pungent. Humar's intensified groans told her that her attentions were having an effect. She played with his balls for a little while longer, slurping on them like candy. Anna loved the delicate, at times smooth and at times wrinkled texture of the slave's heavy, swelling testicles. At last, the dominatrix stood up, fingering Khatira's tight little asshole.

"OOOHHH!!" Khatira moaned. She looked back with dismay, but she needn't have worried - at least not on that score. Anna had even more depraved torments in mind, and the redhead soon drew her fingers away from the puckered opening.

"Keep at it, my lovebirds. I will have more fun activities for you soon enough." Now she turned toward Allen and June.

Allen was standing up strong, his impressive muscles easily able to support his gorgeous young wife. The naked Asian beauty moaned as her cunt slid up and down his shaft, strings of pre-cum evident as they slipped out from the tight seal of her cunt lips hugging his cock. Her arms were lassoed around his neck. The sexy Asian girl hung on for dear life as the loud sound of smacks, Allen's cock impaling her snatch rough and fast, filled the room. Her huge breasts, crushed against his chest, ached with arousal, their pointy nipples rubbing against his chest hair as they fucked.

"Now isn't this special…fucking with such enthusiasm. Would you two like a special reward?"

Fearing that to refuse would only bring punishment, June and her husband locked gazes, an unspoken question between them - how should they respond?

"Y-yes Mistress. Please give us a reward," June groaned, her cunt slamming down once more to encase every inch of her beloved's manhood.

Moments later Anna returned, and in her hand she held something truly awful - a long metal pole with a branding iron at the end, red-hot. The branding iron was shaped into a single initial - 'A' for 'Anna.' Now, as she approached June from behind, the two slaves had no idea what was in store for them.

"Well, lucky little bitch and her hubby are about to become my prized property. You should be flattered, slaves, because I treat my prized property better than all the others. You might live longer this way."

Unsure what she was talking about, it was Allen who noticed first, his eyes widening with shock.

"No. Please, don't hurt her. What are you doing!?" he gasped. June looked behind her just in time to see the hot branding iron moving inexorably toward her ass.

"No! Please!!" she screeched, but it was too late. Anna plunged the red-hot iron with its small letter 'A' brand snug against the flesh of June's right ass cheek. The searing sound of burned flesh joined the sexy Asian girl's prolonged cry.

"AAAAYYYYY!!! It hurts! No more! Oh god."

And then it was over. June whimpered as Anna drew the branding iron back.

"There, slave cunt. Now you are truly and properly labeled as my property. Consider yourself fortunate." Allen adjusted his grip on his wife's ass cheeks so that he wouldn't touch the still raw, painful brand, and kept bouncing her on his cock, fearful of what further sadistic punishments their Mistress might mete out if he stopped fucking her.

Now the dominatrix came around behind him, too.

"No. Please don't…" Allen squeezed his eyes shut, his whole body tensing up for what was to come.

"Don't be a baby," she said to him. "Take this like a man." After a brief pause, Anna plunged the branding iron into his right ass cheek, the sound of sizzling flesh joined by the man's shout.


She withdrew the branding iron and gently petted Allen's other, untouched ass cheek with her other hand. "See, that wasn't so bad, now was it? Now you and your sexy young bitch are some of the privileged few to be officially branded as my elite fuck-toys."

Moving back to the first couple, she saw the utter terror in both the girl's eyes and her husband's.

"Please. We'll do anything you want! Anything! Please don't do that to us!" Khatira begged.

"Oh god. Please, have mercy. We've tried to do everything you've asked!" Humar whined. "Please!"

"Stupid slaves. Do you really not see that this is a unique honor?" Anna looked darkly at Humar.

"Shut up and keep fucking this bitch. I'm going to brand her ass. Hold her still for me."

With a groan of protest and a devastated, pleading look asking for forgiveness from his wife, the man gripped the Arab girl's ass cheeks and held her fast against his body. Even as her wet pussy sheathed his hard dick, she tensed up and awaited the coming burst of pain.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart," Humar whispered.

"I know, it's okay," Khatira murmured.

Anna thrust the branding iron against the smooth-as-silk surface of Khatira's right ass cheek, and the girl's screams filled the room.


When the branding iron drew back, a tiny, stylized 'A' marked the girl's once pristine but still sexy ass. Khatira's face sheltered under Humar's chin as she sobbed, her pussy still pumping up and down his engorged shaft.

"Ooohh, I love a sexy slut who can cry and fuck at the same time," Anna commented. Her fingers framed the brand on Khatira's ass, stroking the girl's smooth curves.

Now Anna walked around behind Humar, the last of her victims.

"Are you ready, stud? Ready to join your sexy slut wife as one of my prized pieces of property?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please brand me," Humar said dully. He had already decided that if Khatira could endure the pain, then so could he. Resolute that he would stand by the woman he loved no matter what, the male slave waited for the inevitable.

Slowly, enjoying the anticipation of it, Anna pressed the red-hot brand into Humar's right ass cheek. The familiar, temporary smell of burning flesh returned to her nostrils. That sizzle of heat surged as that 'A' formed permanently on Humar's right ass cheek, a tiny ornate mark of total possession.

"OOHHHHH FUCK! NOOO!!!" Humar shouted. Yet somehow the intensity of the pain dovetailed with the surging lust in his loins. Khatira's snug pussy had spasmed around his cock so violently when Anna had branded her, exciting his primal self despite the horrific situation. Now, as the pain lanced through his body, it also set off so many nerve endings, bringing them to life. Khatira, hoping to distract her husband from his pain, was fervently sliding her snatch up and down, her slit riding his cock fast and hard, and she kissed him passionately on the lips now as the moment of climax erupted.

"UHHH! Khatira!" he groaned plaintively. His testicles stiffened, his cock shooting pent-up jism straight up into his wife's slick love-hole. Khatira moaned as she felt his cock empty inside her loins, grateful for the distraction as both female slave and male slave still felt the residual burn of that awful 'A' on their once pristine asses.


*Disclaimer: All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older. This story is 100% fictitious and I do not condone or approve of any of the acts depicted in real life.

That said, I hope you enjoyed this dark tale of sexual domination. Remember, sometimes it's good to find a safe space to indulge your fantasies... even the darkest, most forbidden. Thank you for reading.


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