Running With My Coach by fbailey

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Running With My Coach

I had been on the track team in grade school and apparently I was pretty good. I was to enter high school in September. The coach asked me to join his team even before I got to high school. He asked me to go running with him and his wife every morning all summer long to get into shape. Since I loved to run I said yes and my mother was pleased about it too. She was afraid that I would sleep in until noon every day all summer long and then keep her up all night.

The first day they knocked on my door, I came out, and we started running. He was usually out front, his wife was behind him, and I came up the rear so to speak. It was cool that first day and Luann was dressed in sweats. As we ran I became hypnotized by the rhythm of her ass shifting from the right to left and back again. I got a hard-on but since I was in the back it didn’t matter. They took it easy on me that day and we only ran four miles.

The next day it was warmer so Luann was dressed in shorts and a tight T-shirt. I could see her hard nipples but not for long, she stayed in front of me again. Her husband never seemed to notice anything other than my breathing and occasionally my pulse rate. I noticed that her shorts crept up into the crack of her ass and that she had to pull them out occasionally. I ran five miles that day with them.

The following day it was even warmer and she had on a smaller tighter pair of shorts. You know the kind, where the bottom portion of her ass cheeks hang out. It was sexy as all get out. They were in her crack the whole time. She never even attempted to pull them out. As we ran I could see her crotch getting wet. The pink material got darker down there. The coach wanted to see how far I could run so we didn’t stop after five miles. However, we did take a short break. He ran in place but she turned to face me. Her T-shirt was quite wet from sweat, her nipples were hard as pebbles, and her dark areolas were visible through the white material. I also noticed that her crotch in the front was a darker color pink too. She noticed my hard-on but just smiled. Then we were off and running again.

Every morning, seven days a week, we ran. We got up to twelve miles and just stayed there. Coach said that it was the perfect distance to stabilize at. Each day Luann would get sexier and sexier in the shorts that she wore, the tops that she wore, and in the way she looked at me.

Then one day, coach was not with her when I heard the knock on my door. He had to go out of town, his father was sick.

Luann was in a very different outfit that day. She was basically wearing a tiny bikini to run in. Her breasts were bursting out all around her skimpy top and the bottom was tucked completely into her ass. I would have followed her anywhere. She wanted to change things up, run further, and go in a different direction.

We ran out of town, down a long dirt road, and past several farms. After about five or six miles she stopped next to a small steam. She got down on her knees and leaned in for a drink. Her bikini was right in her ass but I could see the edges of her brown spinster muscle. I could see some of her pussy lips and her short public hair. When she turned around, one of her breasts had fallen out of its tiny triangle. She did not seem to notice. I just stared at her exposed boob until she looked down, said oops, and tucked it back in.

Then Luann asked, “Do you enjoy following me?”

I replied, “Yes, very much.”

She asked, “Why…and be truthful. I really want to know why.”

So I told her, “I like to stare at your ass as I run. It moves rather nicely.”

She asked, “What else?”

I added, “I like it when your shorts get in your ass crack, when your crotch gets wet, and I really like it when your nipples get hard.”

Luann said, “Wow! That was certainly honest. I didn’t expect you to tell me things like that…but I’m glad that you did.”

She asked, “Would you like to see me run naked in front of you for the next mile or so?”

Astounded I asked, “Would you?”

Luann smiled and said, “Sure! Why not! After all, you were honest with me.”

Then she removed her bikini for me. She told me to look at her ‘good’ parts for a while and then we would get going. I looked at her firm breasts, her dark areolas, and her hard nipples. I squatted down and looked right at her pussy. It was well trimmed and shaved into a nice heart shape on her love mound. The rest was shaved clean. When I walked around behind her, Luann bent over and spread her ass cheeks for me. I got a great view of her puckered asshole and her moist pussy lips.

I asked, “May I touch you or kiss you?”

She said, “Go ahead, do both, do whatever you want to do.”

I tentatively reached out and touched her asshole. Then I leaned in and kissed it too.

Luann said, “Why don’t you play doctor and give me a through check up. Poke your fingers inside me if you want too.”

I spent the next hour examining her body and she was more than cooperative. Finally she sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. After that she let me fuck her.

After I had gone soft she smiled at me and ran off carrying her bikini with her. I chased her naked body down the road for about two miles before she stopped and put her bikini back on. We ran past a few farmhouses and back to her house. She invited me in for a shower and a lunch. The shower was with her. She washed me and I got to wash her. She bent over and let me fuck her from behind with the water cascading over her body. Lunch was served with her still naked. I got to fuck her pussy one more time before I left.

Coach spent a full week with his father before coming home. Luann and I ran every day that he was gone. We ran along our route, stopping at the small stream, and made love. Then at her house we showered, ate lunch, and had more sex.

All that changed when coach returned. Things became sort of normal after that. Luann still wore small tight shorts and tight white T-shirts with nothing on underneath. Coach was always out in front and I was always in the rear.

Before school started we ran further and further, doing twenty miles a day. Then on Labor Day we ran a marathon in a nearby city. Twenty-six miles was a lot but all three of us were ready for it. There were hundreds of other runners ready for it too. I came in ahead of coach and Luann did pretty well in the women’s division.

Once school started he stopped running with us to concentrate on being the coach. He had a lot of boys to help out. Luann ran with me and things got much better again. At least I got to have sex with her before I went to school. It was no surprise that I quickly became to best runner in our school. The girls noticed that I was in great shape physically. Several of them asked me out on dates. Luann told me to go for it and see if any of them would put out.

By the end of the school year I was very popular. I had run a couple of marathons and I had sex with a dozen girls. I had a regular girlfriend and two fuck buddies that my girlfriend knew about. Occasionally I could get all three of them in bed with me and watch my girlfriend go at it.

Luann and I also got together occasionally.

The End

Running With My Coach


Rating: 87%, Read 40244 times, Posted Nov 08, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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