A Good Girl Gets Off by Clits'N'Tits

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Kay sighed. It was going to be a long summer. She shook her head, staring out the window.

Kay's mother had been snooping in her bedroom when she found a box of condoms and a few packs of birth control pills. At 16, Kay wasn't allowed to date for another 2 years but when she'd met Logan, she was instantly smitten. Secretly Kay threw caution to the wind and asked him out. Soon they were dating only each other and Logan had been pushing her to go further than close-mouthed kissing. Kay had never had an orgasm in her life (she didn't know what an orgasm even was) and was a true virgin. She didn't even masturbate. She never touched her breasts or vagina except for the purpose of washing. Her extremely religious parents had taught her that her breasts were only for feeding any babies she may have in the future and that her vagina was only for birthing them. Add being home-schooled until Grade 9 in a house with no TV and Kay didn't know anything else.

Kay had many fears about going all the way, or even part of the way. Logan had been explaining sex, pleasure and intimacy but she didn't seem to grasp it. To her, pleasure equaled sin. It had taken a long time for her to even allow him to kiss her. He was getting tired of waiting and was horny as hell pretty much all the time.

At 19, Logan had sex with a few previous girlfriends and a dozen or so one night stands. His sex drive knew no bounds and eventually jerking off wouldn't cut it anymore. He wanted to fuck Kay, to be the first man inside her vagina. He fantasized about popping her cherry. He loved doing that and had sought out true virgins for those one night stands he'd had.

Day broke as Kay and Logan were laying on a blanket in the park and enjoyed watching the night fade and the sun rise.

They'd been kissing for awhile and Logan's penis was getting hard. He pulled out all the stops, hoping to turn Kay on so she would want to go further. But he could see she was still fighting the urge to just let go. She had left her cell phone in his car and when it rang, she pulled away from him and ran to answer it. Logan sighed. He'd been slowly inching his hand up from where it had rested on her flat stomach and had been planning to try and touch her large breasts. Now he would have to start all over again, trying to get her turned on. Unless....

Logan rarely used illegal drugs but had experienced a night of mind-blowing sex once while under the influence of Ecstasy, or "E" as it was usually called. He'd invested in a bottle E pills that dissolved in liquid and left no telltale after taste. Logan had found that the drug had been very useful in relaxing and convincing reluctant virgins to let him fuck them. He rolled over and reached for his jacket. The small bottle was concealed in a hidden pocket, where he'd always kept it just in case. He felt conflicted about using it on Kay but he knew if he could just get her to let go and feel the natural arousal responses she kept fighting, she would be glad for it. He dropped a pill into Kay's water bottle and watched it dissolve. His penis was harder than it'd ever been before....

Kay returned to where they'd been laying looking pale and shaky.

"That was my mother...." she stated.

"She found some condoms and stuff in my room...." Logan tried not to look smug. So she had been thinking about letting him fuck her. It made him feel a lot less guilty about the E....

As Kay recounted the conversation Logan handed her the water bottle. She drank it bit by bit while she talked.

Slowly he saw the initial effects of the drug manifest themselves. Her face flushed as her body temperature rose.

"Is it getting hot out here?" Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, a few dripping down her face, dropping onto her chest and disappearing between her breasts.

"A bit. Why don't you take your clothes off? Nobody is out here but us, nobody will see."

"Well I do have my bikini on underneath..." They'd planned a trip to the beach later in the day. Kay had promised to wear the somewhat skimpy white bikini Logan had bought for her last month. He'd asked her to do it as her birthday present to him. She hadn't let him see her in it when she tried it on in the store. She had said she wanted to lose a few pounds before anyone saw her in it, but he knew it was mostly because just the thought of wearing it even just for him scared her to death.

His penis was so hard now that it was almost painful. He felt it throb as she pulled her dress off over her head and stepped out of her leggings. The baggy clothes she usually wore had given little indication of how big her breasts were. Logan had seen a lot of racks in his life and estimated her size at 32D. She laid back down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"She said if I didn't come home right away I would be in trouble. She thinks we're having sex. I told her that we had never and that what she found was "just in case" but she didn't believe me...." Kay closed her eyes and sighed. Logan suggested that perhaps he should take her home but to his relief, she said no.

"Fuck that. I'm not letting that Bible thumping bitch wreck our birthday plans.". The more time Kay spent with Logan the angrier her mother had become, even before today. She thought Logan was a bad influence.

The breeze coming off of the nearby lake had dried her sweat, and she shivered. Logan pulled her closer and noticed that her nipples were hardening under the sheer white fabric of the bikini top.

"Are you cold baby?" She arched back as she nestled into his arms.

"No...not cold...I feel...I don't know.... It's hard to describe...." Her expression was one of confusion and concern.

"Maybe I'm getting sick?" Logan knew better but played innocent.

"Oh I hope not baby...you know I've been feeling a bit off myself lately...maybe I gave you what I had..."

"Carrier" she joked.

"What were your symptoms? Like a flu maybe? That would explain the chill...."

"Yeah, I kept getting hot for no reason and had a weird almost painful ache inside parts of my body."

"You must have given whatever it was to me because that's how I feel too." Logan felt like he had the tiny-angel-on-the-right-shoulder, tiny-devil-on-the-left thing going on as he considered his next move. His penis apparently didn't have that problem and throbbed again, sending a message that sent the tiny angel reeling.

"It was an annoying pain. I found that putting heat on the aching spots and rubbing them really helped ease the pain...."

Kay opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Ummm ok but I didn't pack my heat wrap!" She raised an eyebrow in jest and he chuckled.

"Well you always say I have really warm hands..." He rubbed his hands together to create more heat. Kay shrugged.

"Show me where it hurts baby." Logan could see her nipples were fully erect as they strained against the thin white fabric.

"It's weird you know it's like I can't narrow it down to a specific area? Could you?" Logan didn't hear her, momentarily distracted by the sound of his cell phone ringing. He silenced it. It immediately started ringing again. Shutting it off, he threw it across the blanket.

"Sorry baby, what?" She repeated the question.

"Where was your pain?" Logan gently placed his hand on her stomach. He ran his fingers lightly over her skin, swirling around in a gradually larger circles. Beginning to feel sensations she'd never had before, Kay closed her eyes and arched her back.

"Is there pain here baby?" She moaned softly.

"No...it's close though....higher up." Logan gently trailed his fingers up Kay's body. She arched her back again.

"It's getting worse Logan...oh it hurts so bad!" Time to go for broke, he thought. Kay's eyes were still closed and she inhaled sharply when Logan's fingers brushed over her left nipple.

"There! Oh, just you touching there is helping.... Can you do the other side?"

Logan straddled her and used both hands to touch her nipples over the fabric of her top. She moaned softly at first but gradually as he rubbed with more force she moaned louder. Kay continually arched her back. When Logan pinched her now rock hard nipples her face contorted and she tensed. As she grunted involuntarily he felt the tell tale contraction of her stomach muscles, signaling that she'd had a small orgasm. That knowledge was too much for him. Lust finally overpowered composure and he pushed Kay's bikini top up and latched on to her right nipple, feeling it harden even more. Kay didn't have time to protest as he sucked and flicked it up and down with the tip of his tongue.

"Fuck your nipples are so big Kay. Huge hard brown nipples...." he whispered. They were the thickness of his thumb and stood out at least an inch.

She moaned as he switched to her other nipple. Back and forth he went with his mouth as she writhed beneath him. He stopped sucking, kissing her hard on the mouth.

"I didn't make you sick..... I turned you on.... Do you want me to stop?" He didn't give her a chance to respond.

"Your nipples are so fucking hard" he breathed into her ear. She could only moan, desperate for him to continue. He slid his hand down her stomach.

"Don't stop.... More...more please God I want more."

"Tell me what you want me to do to your nipples Kay.... " He sat up and ran his fingers lightly over them.

"Suck my nipples. Oh God please suck my big hard nipples. It feels so good!" she moaned again then sighed as she felt his mouth on them. Her breath grew more frantic and she arched her back and cried out as he bit her right nipple lightly.

"Oh OH God! Yes! ohhhh GOD". Again. he stopped.

"What do want me to do to your nipples now?". She groaned.

"Bite my nipples. Make them hurt"

Happy to oblige, he again returned to her hard nipples. He cocked his head and used his molars to gently gnaw on. them. Increasing the force slowly as Kaylee continued to moan and sigh. Sitting up again he pinched both of her nipples lightly. This. time she didn't wait for his prompting.

"Hurt me!" She cried, writhing in pain beneath him.

"Make me bleed! Oh God yes, make my nipples bleed!"

Pinching and twisting them he stretched her nipples, tugging them up, rolling them between his fingers. Kay's cries were gaining intensity as she felt more and more frantic, desperately needing a release. The ache in her body grew. Acting on pure instinct she suddenly pushed Logan off of her. She tore her bikini bottom off and stood over him, her vagina dripping and clitoris erect, harder than it had ever been. It was poking out from between her labia. She straddled Logan's face. His long thick tongue slid into her vagina. He reached up and grabbed her nipples as he jabbed his long tongue up inside her. Tilting her hips she spread both of her her labias open with her fingers and gave him access to her big rock hard nub.

"Oh my God your clitoris is huge! I've never seen one so big...fuck yes, give me that huge clitoris, I want to suck on it!"

He suckled lightly for a few minutes, his grasp on her distended nipples lightening to the softest touch. He listened to her breathing and moans as she built up to what was sure to be an enormous first-time orgasm.

"Oh yes, yes suck my clitoris...suck my clitoris and fuck me with your tongue...ohh God...oh God!"

Another minute passed as her moans turned into cries for release.

"Suck it harder! Oh God! Suck my clitoris and stick your tongue in my vagina..." He sensed her hesitate as she stopped humping his face. Kay turned around and raised her ass up to his mouth.

"Lick me. Lick my anus. Oh God Put your fingers in my rectum" He almost came just hearing her talk like that. He quickly obliged and licked his middle finger before reaching forward and gently sliding it into her anal passage.

"Ohhhhh...oh God! Ungh! UNGH!". The time was right. He replaced the finger that was penetrating her anus with his tongue. She squealed and began to shake, her body going rigid. Logan reached forward and pinched the base of her clitoris, rubbing up and down the small shaft like he was jerking it off. At the same time he shoved three fingers into Kay's vagina. Her whole body spasmed as she orgasmed then seemed to freeze, her face straining in a silent scream, neck tendons taut as she pressed herself up. Just when it seemed she was coming out of the rigid state of the first orgasm another one struck. Logan moaned as her vagina spasmed hard against his fingers. Lost in her own ecstasy, Kay hadn't noticed is hard penis but when she heard his aroused utterance she leaned down, undid his pants and took his entire 9 inches into her mouth. He ejaculated a huge stream into her throat. She sucked his penis dry, cleaning the semen that had leaked out of her mouth off of his testicles with her tongue.

Finally spent, Kay pushed herself off of Logan and flopped onto the blanket next to him.

"Logan...that was....it was.... Wow." She sighed and he chuckled.

"I'm good for a second round whenever you are!" Kay turned over and leaned in to kiss Logan but before their lips could connect the snapping of a twig nearby caused her to look up. She gasped, her eyes wide.

"What the...Mom? How long have you been standing there for?"

Rating: 92%, Read 18818 times, Posted Jun 17, 2013

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