New Beginnings - Pt 2 Ch 4 by dank

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Science-Fiction | BDSM, Cannibalism, Extreme, Horror, Monster, Snuff

Author's note: Okay, folks - in case you didn't notice, there is a snuff scene in this chapter. "Snuff" is when a girl is butchered for the sexual pleasure of the butcher. This butcher also eats part of her leg, so, BE WARNED! And don't whine if you don't like it!

Everyone else, have fun! Enjoy!


Part 2, Chapter 4

His cock was buried as far as it would go into her hot, moist flesh. Lisa trembled in ecstasy at the thought of what her brutal, loving companion was going to do next.

“Are you ready, my darling?” Vlad asked as he pushed away so their torsos were no longer touching except where they were sexually connected.

Lisa nodded, breathing excitedly. Her eyes lit up at the blade that suddenly just seemed to appear in his hand.

“You’re the first man I’ve ever known who can do that,” she whispered up at him. “Usually it’s just the females who can Unngk!”

Lisa grunted with the impact of his fist into her stomach. The savage action created a powerful orgasm as her body reacted to the blade buried beneath her bruised stomach muscles and held in his cruel fist. She began to shake uncontrollably as piss and cum flooded her pussy.

“Your navel looks lovely, Elsa, my dear,” Vlad murmured as he gazed down at the wide slice the knife had made in her previously round belly button. “Here – let me make another…”

Lisa grunted and arched her back as the knife was pulled out and shoved back into her.

“Auu, Gaa! Slice me…” she grunted, her orgasm so powerful that she could barely form words.

Lisa’s pussy clamped down against Vlad’s cock with each thrust of his blade into her soft belly. In only a moment, he was shooting his cum deep up inside her, over and over again, replacing the juices already inside her with a thicker, more slippery substance.

As his cock finished spasming, Vlad thrust the knife into his queen’s left breast and pressed until her breast was flat, twisting the blade around to carve into her heart. Lisa arched her back up off her bound hands, her pussy quivering ecstatically against his cock, then slumped back against the ground, gasping, trying to replace the blood flooding into her lungs with fresh, life-giving air.

Lisa’s pain-filled eyes gazed steadily into his for a moment before she coughed up a mouthful of blood. She seemed to smile as her head rolled lazily to one side. Her dead eyes seemed to watch the blazing little campfire next to them as it reflected off her face.

Vlad lay halfway on top of her lifeless corpse, panting from his efforts and the powerful orgasm he experienced each time he murdered the witch queen. This was the twenty-second time since she returned to him that he’d killed her. He knew, deep inside his soul, that he would continue to butcher her so long as she continued to return to him. His vengeance would never run dry.

He dimly remembered her turning his body into pure energy, and then they were both somewhere else, somewhere other than the scorched, dead earth upon which he’d spent the last hundred and fifty years. This earth – wherever they were now – was lush and green. There were still no people, but he had his witch queen to endlessly torture, so he was content.

He pulled the knife out of her bloody breast and leaned down over her lower body to consider what to prepare for their dinner. Her cooling body twitched as he carved a long, narrow slice of leg meat off her thigh. Humming happily to himself, he skewered the bleeding strip onto a stick and threw it across the fire. She would be hungry when she came back to life and she (as well as he) enjoyed feasting on her own roasted flesh. It sizzled as her blood and body fluids popped and boiled in the open flame.

After a few minutes, he turned the fillet over, not wanting it to get too done. They both liked their meat nearly raw, and Vlad had actually partaken of her body completely raw, simply carving off a piece and eating it while he waited for her to come back to life. But, he preferred her flesh hotter than body temperature. Heated, and with the blood cooked partially out of it, the meat of her muscles had a much superior flavor.

Lisa, or rather, Elsa (as before), had been forced to agree when Vlad had offered her bits of herself to compare – Cooked? Barely Cooked? Raw? She conceded that she tasted best when she was barely cooked.

Next to him, Lisa suddenly convulsed and gasped desperately for air as her body came back to life. The first time she’d done that after he’d murdered her, he had been terrified and believed she would be consumed with revenge. But instead of butchering him, she’d smiled and thanked him for her terrific orgasms from having had her belly, breast and heart carved upon.

Not ready to trust someone he’d just murdered not to try and return the favor, Vlad had bound her hands and feet so that she lay helpless before him at all times. That had been, as near as he could tell, about fifteen days ago. When they’d arrived here (wherever ‘here’ was), the moon had been in its first quarter. Now it was in its last quarter and didn’t even make its appearance in the sky until the horizon was beginning to lighten announcing a new day to soon begin.

“Oh, God…” Lisa murmured, her breath caught, now. “Each time you do that, it gets better…”

She noticed that she was still tied up. “How much longer are you going to keep me this way?”

“Until I am certain, my beloved, that you mean me no harm,” Vlad replied, grinning through a fresh mouthful of meat. “You taste exquisite this morning, My Only Love. Would you care for a bite?”

He cut a small bite off the fillet and offered it to her without waiting for an answer. Lisa opened her mouth and delicately bit down on it with her teeth.

“Umm!” she hummed as she chewed.

“That is good!” she agreed after finally swallowing the fresh piece of thigh meat. “A little tough… needs tenderized. I’m surprised that you haven’t carved out my cunt and roasted that.”

“I’ve partaken of that delicacy a few times, my queen,” Vlad admitted, “but not for many centuries. I found it disagreeably lacking in texture and too fatty for my tastes. The same can be said of breast meat. I prefer muscle meat, and organs, of course. Although I do find great pleasure in carving off a nice set of tits with a sharp blade.”

“I’ll bet you do,” Lisa murmured. “More, please?”

As Vlad carved another piece of her half-cooked leg meat into a bite-sized morsel she could handle without her fingers, she wondered if she should just free herself – teleport her bindings into some other dimension or something. She was getting tired of having to teleport her waste products out of her gut so that she wouldn’t mess herself. She also wanted to get up and walk around. Lying around tied up all the time was really, really boring. But, so long as he didn’t try to impale her again, she loved the brutal treatment she got when he was aroused.

A rustling in the bushes nearby attracted her attention. Questing outward with her mind, she was shocked to discover that their secret lair had finally been discovered. The smell of her blood had attracted a predator.

“Vlad! Hide!” she whispered hoarsely.

Vlad vanished with a whisper of movement.

“Hey! Come back and untie me!” Elsa yelled at him. “You want me to get eaten?”

No answer. But the bushes parted, and Lisa’s eyes widened at the sight of a mythical dragon, at least five meters high, looking out from its protective covering at her.

“Holy fuck…” she whispered. “What the hell are you?”

She had a vague idea of what she was looking at – she’d seen their enormous bones in the rocks occasionally throughout her long existence.

Encouraged by the lack of motion in the area immediately in front of it, the dragon stepped out into the clearing, whoofing and sniffing the air. There was definitely a meal to be had, here. Lisa lay on the ground, petrified with fear as she watched that enormous tongue move in and out of its face – in and out past those enormous, sharp teeth!

‘Oh, Fuck! It sees me…’

The dragon turned and bent down toward the bound girl covered with her own drying blood and nuzzled her gently with its snout.

Shivering with terror, now, Lisa let it roll her over.

‘Maybe if I play dead, it won’t want me…’

That was a bad idea. The allosaur was a carrion eater and preferred its food ripened by death. Lisa smelled too fresh. But it was hungry, and this little morsel would keep its belly warm until it found something more suitable.

Lisa shrieked and squirmed wildly as the toothy mouth closed over her midsection, startling it into releasing her. She dropped down on the ground and tried to roll away.

Excited now, the beast dived down at her and scooped her up in its mouth. Lisa shrieked again as her body was perforated dozens of times by the monster’s sharp teeth. Through her agony and her orgasms, she could feel the frustration of the beast as the ropes binding her got stuck between its teeth.

The food it preferred was usually too rotten to stick and normally slid down rather nicely. This little morsel was proving to be more annoying than satisfying and it finally managed to pull her loose.

Lisa fell ten feet to the ground, bleeding from a dozen new wounds, and tried to roll away. The beast snapped its jaws around her again; this time using its tongue to keep her from becoming embedded in its teeth.

Lisa had another orgasm at the giant tongue ground her pelvis against the roof if its mouth, rupturing her belly and spraying her blood and guts all over its tongue. It radiated its pleasure at her offering and tried to get her to do it again by squashing her even harder against the roof of its mouth.

“That it! I’m outta here!” Lisa gasped, and teleported to where Vlad was watching from behind some rocks.

She flamed her body to heal it, then returned to her mortal form. Vlad was still watching the beast. His hard cock was in his hand and he was furiously whacking away while he watched his wife being consumed by the monster dragon.

“Hey!” Lisa cried indignantly and shoved her husband down behind the rock. “Don’t be so damned selfish with that!”

Vlad stopped slapping and pushing at her as he realized that she was trying to lower herself down on that hard stump between his legs. With a satisfied grunt, she skewered herself on him and began madly humping up and down, back and forth, needing desperately to come after all that lovely perforating.

Vlad was incredibly aroused, grabbing and holding onto the flesh that he had just seen chewed up and torn in the beast’s gaping mouth. Lisa was so aroused by what had happened to her that she was having a hard time staying solid. They both came in about fifteen seconds.

Lisa sat on top of Vlad, gasping for air, her belly still twitching with orgasmic aftershocks, and glared down at him.

“You fucker!” she gasped. “You’d’ve let that thing eat me just to get your rocks off!”

“I still would,” Vlad admitted.

His eyes widened and he pressed himself back against the ground as flat as he could.

“What?” Lisa asked, then she screamed as an enormous mouth closed over the top half of her body.

‘Oh, fuck! Not again!’

As she was daintily lifted off of Vlad’s spent cock, she could see down through the monster’s teeth. That wilting cock she’d just been sitting on erupted again in a brand new, fresh orgasm brought about by the magnificent, awe-inspiring view of her torso being cut nearly in half by two rows of incredibly long, erotic fangs piercing through her soft flesh. As the monster opened its mouth to get a better grip on its snack, great gobs of her blood glopped down and splashed on Vlad’s belly.

This time, when Lisa flamed to heal her body, she didn’t teleport out of the dragon’s mouth, first. It opened its mouth wide and bellowed in agony. Then its head exploded. Lisa levitated back down to the ground, gradually changing her body from energy back into her solid form. That last part was mostly to impress Vladimir with her power.

“Breakfast, anyone?” she asked brightly after she’d landed. “We have… hmm… mostly roasted dragon head. Try some?”

“I prefer red meat,” Vlad muttered as he stood up and tried to wipe her gore off his stomach and legs.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with this,” Lisa replied testily, folding her arms underneath her bare breasts.

“At least let me clean off, first,” Vlad replied, sounding equally annoyed.

Lisa grinned as she realized that he was using his annoyance with her as a tool to help hide his terror of her. She was loose for the first time since he’d captured her, and she didn’t act like she was willing to be tied up again.

“Sure!” Lisa exclaimed. “Need any help?”

Without waiting for an answer, she teleported him into the creek. Well, actually, she teleported him to a short distance above the creek, then dropped him. The resulting yelp and splash were very satisfying.

Later, with several large steaks carved out of the dead beast cooking over their little campfire, Lisa went over and sat down next to Vladimir.

Putting his arms around her and pulling her up against his chest, he said, “You were magnificent! That was the most incredible death I’ve ever witnessed. “

“That’s because you were a part of it, my love,” Lisa replied. “And I must admit, those teeth were extremely erotic, piercing me like twenty of your wonderful knives…”

That gave her an idea. Lisa flashed a quick smile at her love and pranced back over to the slain beast. Going around to the head, she lovingly ran her fingers up and down its bloody fangs. Then she climbed up onto its jaw.

“Vlad!” she called out to her companion.

He looked up to find her standing in the dead dragon’s mouth. His cock twitched as he thought about…

‘What if she slipped and gets ripped up on those huge, dead teeth?’

His mind was filled with imaginings of her being perforated all over again, and his cock was responding as though it was actually happening.

“Come watch!” Lisa called out to him.

His belly tightening in anticipation, he made himself walk casually over to where he could look up and see Elisabeta in the dragon’s mouth. He watched, his cock growing ever harder as she carefully climbed up on that fence row of teeth and lowered herself down.

“By God!” he exclaimed. “You’re going to fuck that?”

Lisa didn’t answer. Her pretty mouth was open in a round ‘O’, as were her eyes as she slowly slid down on one of those sharp, rough teeth.

“Oh, yeah!” he heard her exclaim. Then louder, addressing him again, “Watch this!”

Lisa began leaning back, and chanting; “I offer the Goddess of Lust this perfect belly…”

As she leaned back, Vlad could see the outline of the magnificent tooth she was riding against the inside of her belly. It seemed to be trying to get out as her flesh surrounding it defined its shape more and more as she sank lower onto the dragon’s jaw.

Lisa cried out in agony as the two-foot long fang ruptured her stomach and tore through. She grabbed hold of the grisly object with both hands and visibly began trying to fuck it, moving it up and down against her insides.

She lay back further and turned her head toward Vlad to watch him masturbate at the grisly, erotic sight she offered him, smiling through her tear-filled eyes as she felt his pleasure. Finally, the tooth tore clear through her belly and pelvis. Lisa flopped backwards and accidentally skewered herself in the back with the row of teeth extending behind her.

Seemingly in awe, she touched the sharp edge of a tooth protruding through her chest with a finger as she shuddered with another orgasm. Then she passed out.

Rating: 62%, Read 32265 times, Posted May 19, 2005

Science-Fiction | BDSM, Cannibalism, Extreme, Horror, Monster, Snuff


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