Anonymous Reader 2 by farmer+Joe

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Fiction | Blowjob, Hardcore, Oral Sex, Transgendered, Violence, Voyeurism

Part 2 of the big dick versus the man/chick

It was Friday night after a busy week at work. My head was pounding and my cock kept reminding me it had not seen any action for a while. Despite my unsuccessful record picking girls up I decided to grab a meal out and visit a couple of bars hoping maybe I would have a lucky night. I ordered a meal at the first place and sat at the bar and ate while I chatted to Emma, the girl working the bar. I was kind of regular there and she was real cute but just happened to be the managers girlfriend. She still flirted but I knew there was nothing there for me, nevertheless I enjoyed flirting back. Besides she had gotten to know me and tried to help me out from time to time with the ladies.

It was a good way to set the mood for a night out watching her work the bar in her cut of jeans with her tiny white shirt tied off in a knot just under her perky tits. I had already had a few beers and was a little light headed and had fucked Emma in my head several times already. It was getting later now, the music volume had picked up and a crowd was starting to form near the dance floor. I surveyed the crowd to see if any girls were looking my way. There was a blonde girl dancing with an Asian chick as their boyfriends looked on. The Asian girl started humping the blonde from behind as she looked at her boyfriend teasingly. Lucky bastard I thought as I shook my head and grinned at the idea of this little Asian girl getting the hammering that was undoubtedly headed her way later that evening. The scene reminded me briefly of Margaret the little Asian He/She I had shared a bizarre sexual encounter with a while back but that’s another story.

I continued to scan the room until Emma leaned over the bar and tried to ask me if I wanted another drink. I turned to face her and saw her firm tits nearly falling out of her shirt and was instantly aroused.

“Would you like another beer?” she yelled

“Sure” I replied “not so much head on this one though” I grinned cheekily

“Aww but I love to give you head” she said with a wink.

I nearly came in my pants. Although we flirted and teased regularly that was one of her better efforts and made me horny as hell as I imagined her gorgeous blonde head bobbing up and down in my lap.

I sat sipping the last beer with a raging hard on trying to decide if I should tend to it in the bath room before moving on to another joint or to save it in case I got lucky. As I tossed both arguments around in my head, the Asian from the dance floor came up to the bar and leaned in and asked Emma where the toilets were.

“Mick here will show you, I reckon he’s headed that way himself pretty soon” She grinned as she watched me stair down the pretty girl’s top.

I felt my face light up with embarrassment at being sprung ogling her but she winked at me and looked me up and down and said

“Oh would you Hun, I would sure appreciate you, it I mean”

My head heard her correct herself but my cock was sure she had it right the first time as I climbed of off my stool and lead her to the bathrooms. When we got there I pointed her toward the ladies and started towards the men’s but she grabbed my arm

“Please come with me, I’ll get lost on the way back”

I looked across the room at the dance floor wondering if she was serious or not but she pleaded with me again to stay. I nodded and walked with her and stopped outside the ladies and said

“Don’t be long”

“Oh you have to come in; I get scared in these places. Pleeeease” she begged

“What the........It’s the ladies sweetheart?”

She stuck her head in and looked around then grabbed my hand and led me in. Once in there she said u better hide in here in case someone comes in, as she pushed me back into a cubicle. I heard her open the other cubicle doors and then return to the one I was in this time with a determined and lustful glint in her eye.

“I’m Cindy, now let me see this monster cock of yours” she ordered

“How did you...........Emma?”

She ignored the question and began ripping at my belt buckle. I would have helped but my head was still spinning from the beer plus the surprising yet favourable situation I found myself in. Within seconds she had released my cock from my pants which were now at my ankles and was trying to fit her hand around the shaft. Her eyes nearly bugged out of her pretty face as she stared in amazement

“Holy fuck, have you ever killed anyone with this thing?”

I began to say no but again she did not wait for an answer as she stuck the knob in her hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck” I gasped

It had been a while and I was more than in serious need of a good blowjob. She looked at me and winked as she began circling the tip of my gigantic prick with her tongue. She pumped the shaft hard with one hand as she massaged my balls with the other and stopped sucking just long enough to blurt out

“Your cock is so huge, so magnificent. I love your beautiful cock”

She nibbled her way down the shaft and sucked and flicked at my balls skilfully before kissing her way back up the shaft. She gulped the head into her hungry mouth and began pumping it into her throat while working the shaft. My cock ached for release as my excruciating pleasure got stronger with every thrust. It suddenly occurred to me that this may be another Margaret as it was too good to be true.

“Can I see your pussy?”

“All in good time stud, what’s the rush”

I felt silly for asking I mean how likely that I would experience that twice. She gobbled my cock into her mouth again and began pumping viciously as her tongue darted around randomly on the tip of my prick. She inhaled as much of my cock as she could as my balls tightened giving her warning to back off a little which she did. As my cannon fired round after round of my thick gooey ammunition down her throat her eyes stayed locked on mine. She swallowed every last drop and then stood and slid her panties off and turned around.

“Fuck me please” she begged

“I need your cock in me now, oh please fuck my brains out.”

She was currently facing the door, I grabbed her around her tiny waist, picked her up and turned around, I put her down and bent her over the bowl so that she was leaning on top of the toilet and prepared to fuck her brains out as she requested. I pushed her skirt up so that it was sitting on her lower back exposing her firm ass and pushed my throbbing cock head against the entrance to her trimmed cunt. I pushed only the knob in

“Oh fuck you’re going to destroy my cunt” she screamed as her head collapsed onto her arm on the back of the toilet.

She reached back with the other hand placing it against my hip thinking it may actually stop me if I wished to plunge all the way in. The thought had not occurred to me before she did it and suddenly appealed to me greatly. Meanwhile I had not heard a couple of girls come into the room who were now listening to the commotion intently.

I plunged into her as far as I could which was around two thirds of my length. She screeched in agony and beat the top of the toilet with a clenched fist as it was the only available action to her at the time. I felt a stream of warm liquid coat my shaft and balls as her cunt shuddered in orgasm. I gave her time to recover resting my cock in the warmth of her twitching pussy. I slowly pulled out leaving only the knob inside her tortured cunt and then thrust powerfully into her once more.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fucking fuck” she screeched again

“Oh my god he’s going to kill her” said a voice from above

Startled I looked up and there were two girls leaning in watching intently from the cubicle next us. In a confused panic I withdrew and went to pull my pants up....

“Don’t you fucking dare, I mean please keep fucking me” she pleaded

The two spectators just nodded in approval as their eyes bugged out of their head at witnessing the destruction of this girl’s tiny pussy. I stuck my huge knob back at the entrance and rammed it into her again, this time I did not bother to pause but maintained the pattern of withdrawing and then slamming into her again and again, each time causing her to scream obscenities as I did. I reached up inside her shirt and pushed her bra forward so it was sitting above her firm tits releasing them to bounce back and forward as I thrust in and out of her. I grabbed her tits and squashed her nipples between my fingers and thumbs as she howled and came once more.

With my cock still inside her I grabbed her waist again, picked her up and spun around sitting down on the toilet with her now facing the door. She leant forward and unlocked the door and opened it. To my amazement there were now more spectators outside the door who now had a full frontal view of my enormous cock rammed into her swollen cunt. They “oooohed” and “aaaaaaahed” and muttered more obscenities as I began to lift her and slam her back down, impaling her repeatedly on my cock. I shifted my hands to her cup her tits as she took care of her rise and fall by bouncing intently on my cock. I was now gliding comfortably in and out of her sodden slit and massaging her tits as she bobbed up and down. She removed first her shirt and then her bra; purely for her audiences benefit I though and continued bouncing up and down for another few minutes.

Her legs grew tired so she climbed off my lap grabbing my hand and leading me off the toilet seat. She sat and then lay back lifting her legs high and wide ready for me to continue my assault. I squatted in front of her and wasted no time in resuming my pounding in and out of her giving the viewers above us now a perfect view of my meat plunging in and out of her. Her tits jiggled and bounced as I changed pace and entry angle frequently giving the crowd reason to “oooh and aaah” again. Finally I felt my balls contract again and started slamming in and out of her ferociously as she began to whine and whimper like a scorned puppy dog. Her pussy clamped down around my pulsing cock as I erupted inside her and then pulled out and sprayed the rest of my sticky cum all over her tits, stomach and face. I quickly stuffed my prick back inside her before it withered and thrust two or three more times which was enough to finish her off as she again blasted me with her juice and convulsed and twitched all over.

I climbed off her and pulled up my pants looking at her fingering and rubbing her tired swollen lips. One of the crowd said

“Oh you poor, poor baby”

As I backed out and the girl entered the stall and knelt down and started licking and sucking the tiny girls red raw swollen lips as she lay exhausted and unable to put up a fight even if she wanted to.

I turned and walked through the crowd and back out into the club as the spectators looked at me in a mixture of awe and disbelief as they looked mainly at my crotch. I tapped on the bar and said goodbye to Emma who again cheekily grinned at me and said

“cum again soon”

I shook my head and laughed to myself kind of in disbelief at what had just happened.

I was feeling pretty good, there was plenty of the night left and I had already been the most successful I had ever been for a night out. I lit a cigarette and tried to suck through the whole thing in one go to calm my racing adrenaline rush. I was headed for a club where I knew some people that were regulars. I was not really looking to ‘get lucky’ again but just to continue the good time I was having with a bit of dancing and a bit more drinking of course. As I strutted confidently toward the club which was now in sight I passed a quiet side street where their appeared to be an altercation taking place between three people. I squinted to see if I could make out what was happening. I could make out two girls and a guy, suddenly the guy backhanded one of the girls and he and the other girl started laying into her.

I ran towards them but they were a couple of hundred metres off and as I got closer I screamed out

“Hey, what the fuck is going on?”

“None of your fucking business now piss off” snarled the man as he sunk a boot into the woman who had now collapsed on the ground.

“I’m making it my business you gutless prick. Now don’t lay another finger on her” I said as I arrived at where they were.

“Her?” he laughed as he and his girlfriend backed away and started to run off.

I wondered what his response was all about as I knelt down over the crumpled mess of a person laying there.

“Hey miss, are you ok?”

I said as I put a hand on her shoulder and shook her gently slightly puzzled over the guy’s last remark just before he bolted. She moved slightly but did not respond. She was struggling to get herself up and got a little way and then collapsed back down a bit.

“Come on let’s get you to a hospital”

I said as I put a hand back on her shoulder and rolled her over.

“Oh fucking god no, Margaret?”

I said in complete shock as I recognised my anonymous reader (from the first story) and now understood the jerks remark.

I could barely make out the words as she pleaded through her broken up lips

“Please no, no hospital. Just leave me alone”

“Bullshit” I said “oh shit you are a mess babe, let me take you to the hospital”

“No” she whined as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Oh fuck, what was I going to do? I picked her tiny frame up and headed toward home. It was all I could think of to do. I didn’t know if she had any family and somehow doubted she had friends close by. I carried her all the way back to my place and when I got inside I kicked the door shut behind me and carried her to my room and lay her on the bed before collapsing next to her. When I regained my energy from the long walk I looked her over to see if there were any urgent injuries that needed tending to. From what I could make out she was just beaten and bruised, fairly cut up around the face but nothing appeared broken or anything. I bathed and cleaned up her face and pulled her out of her messed up clothes and shuddered as I caught a glimpse of the bulge in her pants and remembered our last encounter. I pulled the cover over her and just sat watching her and wondering what I should do.

I awoke with a stiff neck from being slumped in the chair all night to see her attempting to climb out of bed. She collapsed and burst into tears

“Good morning”

I said already wishing I had thought of something more comforting to say as the words came out of my mouth.

“What’s fucking good about it?”

She sobbed awkwardly out of her broken and battered mouth.

“Well where were you going”

I asked alarmed that she apparently did not realise in how bad shape she was in.

“I just want to g o home”

“Well, I know I hardly know you from a bar of soap but it’s like this. You are in pretty bad shape to the point I think you will need help looking after yourself; and you won’t let me take you to a hospital so I’m thinking that this is gonna have to be home until you can look after yourself and your more than welcome to stay to I might add. I figure if you scam me at all I know where you live”

She chuckled at that last bit a little before dropping down on the bed holding her side and whining.

“Why the fuck are you even nice to me?” she asked

“Because I’m a nice guy, who writes nice stories and then gets picked on by bitter twisted gutless anonymous readers remember”

I grinned at her.

“Real nice. What’s nice about breaking into someone’s home? And by the way I reckon you have been getting some pretty nice anonymous remarks lately huh”

She said

“Aww Margaret, I sure have. Was that you?”

“No it fucking wasn’t”

She snapped but I knew it was, she just had to keep up the tough independent facade.

“Well it’s Saturday and I don’t have to work so I’m all yours, can I get you anything?” I offered

“I’d love a bath and something to eat”

She said begrudgingly.

“Done, you like eggs?” I asked

“I guess” she answered

I began to run her a bath in my big old style tub that was actually a spa but based on a classic design with plenty of room to spread out. I carried her over to the bath and she tried to take off her underwear but was just too sore. I helped her out of her underwear and lifted her into the bath trying to ignore my hardening cock as I did so. She sighed at the warm soothing water as I reached in and set a gentle massage on the control panel.

“Back in a bit”

I headed into the kitchen and fixed her a basic omelette with some bacon and a bit of diced spinach through it and grilled a couple of tomatoes and toast. I fixed two plates and grabbed a couple of glasses of juice and served breakfast in the tub. We sat and ate in silence. At one point my mind drifted as I was staring at her perfect tits. My hardening cock gave me away and my daydreaming was interrupted by her giggle.

“Oh, sorry”

I said turning red as I realised I had been sprung”

“It’s ok I’ll take it as a compliment”

She smiled with a smile that nearly melted me.

“Oh my god you have an awesome smile, you should smile more often”

Her smile turned into a disapproving frown and she began eating again.

“Oh I get it, too many compliments for one day huh?”

“Fuck off”

She said with the smile returning to her pretty face.

“Umm... I kind of need a hand to wash, if you don’t mind. It’s ok if you can’t...........

“It’s ok, relax. No problem at all, really”

I said trying to convince her that I was over her ‘man bit’ and myself while I was at it. I grabbed the soap and lathered up her perfect back massaging carefully then forming ‘wax on/wax off’ style circles on her back being careful not to press to hard. Those assholes had worked her over good, she was bruised all over. I rubbed and massaged her shoulders and arms making sure to get right in between her fingers. I figured she deserved a little special treatment after the belting she had gotten. Besides it was kind of erotic despite my attempts to ignore my feelings. I massaged the soap against her flat stomach under the water before bringing the soap up to her luscious tits and lathering them up. Admittedly I spent a little more time on her tits than I needed to but I got the impression she had no complaints by the rock hard nipples and tiny gasps she made as I fondled her. I pulled her feet up out of the water one by one and cleaned and massaged her feet and legs. She did me the favour of looking away as I headed for her genitals with the soap. I cleaned her ass first and then reached in between her legs. In my mind it was my cock I was grabbing, this made it easier for me to complete the task. I ran the soap up and down her hard cock and then ran my hand over it several times making sure it was clean. Her head lay back on the edge of the bath with her gorgeous eyes rolling in the back of her head. I leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips which snapped us both out of it.


I said

“Put it down to your compliment fetish”

She smiled as she teased me.

“Um, I’m going to get you a fresh towel”

I went to the bedroom and shut the door. I dropped my pants quickly and sat on the edge of my bed and gave my cock the hardest tug job it had ever seen. I splashed the wall and the carpet with hot sticky jizz and sat puffing and panting until I regained my breath. I cleaned up the mess realising I would have to bring Margaret back in to the bedroom and then headed into the bathroom with a fresh towel.

“You missed a spot”

She smirked looking at a big glob of cum on the front of my pants. I lifted her out of the bath and dried her off as she leaned against me. As I dried I looked at her bruised and battered body.

“Are you sure you don’t need a hospital”

“Just bruises and scratches, nothing broken. I’ll be ok”

She insisted.

“I have to do some shopping, do you need anything?”

“I wouldn’t mind some things from home. Like something to wear and stuff. Not too much though I should only be here a day or two”

I finished drying her and carried her back to the bedroom and lay her down on the bed and pulled the covers over her gorgeous body (apart from the man bit). I left the TV remote with her and left some juice by the bed and headed off. I picked up some food and other stuff from the shops and then stopped by her place. I gathered some clothes and some gear from the bathroom and couldn’t resist taking a look at her computer to confirm my suspicions. As I thought she had been giving my stories awesome feedback yet unfortunately she had bagged the odd story here and there but still continued to save her comments. I took a few days worth as I thought she was being uncharacteristically optimistic about the couple of days and headed home.

I tried not to bother her a lot over the next couple of days I just let her recuperate and did what I could to help out. On the third day I fixed some lunch and sat down to eat with her. She was able to move around by herself and was healing slowly but well. It looked like she would not carry any major scars from the beating miraculously. I finally got up the nerve to ask her what it was all about and who were the couple. She began to tell the messy story. She explained that she had been seeing the guy for a few weeks who was as it turns out only seeing her to make his ex jealous. When Mags (as she had now asked me to call her) had finally gotten up the courage to tell him about her secret weapon he freaked out and went running back to the ex. Apparently their mutual loathing of Mags was enough to reconcile them. That night they had been at the same club as Mags and the ex (Talia) had accused her of stalking the guy (Juan). When mags left they had followed her out and that’s when they had gotten stuck into her. I offered to help her get back at them but she insisted she just wanted to put it behind her.

That night I was getting ready to go out and give Mags some space as it was again Friday night and we had been in each other’s face a whole week. I headed off to see Emma at the bar again and see if she would help me get lucky again. I hadn’t gotten far when I realised I left my wallet behind and turned back to get it. When I got home I went into the bathroom and found Mags in the bath with a razor to her wrist. I belted the razor clean out of her hand gashing the back of my own hand in the process. I wrapped a hand towel around my gushing wound as she burst into tears.

“What the fuck do you think you were doing?”

“I’ll never find someone” she sobbed

“That’s crap. You’re so gorgeous you could be a supermodel and you’re still the best fuck I’ve ever had. I would bend you over any day”

“Exactly, so you couldn’t see my cock and be freaked out and repulsed” she said

“That’s not what I meant. Besides I am only human, a male human who is into tits and pussy. I still don’t have my head around someone like you but I am trying. Besides you need to figure out what you are and stick with it”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” she snapped

“Well you keep saying you’re a woman but every chance you get to stick you’re cock into someone you take it” I yelled

“You bastard, you’re just like the rest of the ignorant fuck heads. I am a woman, a woman with a dick who loves to be adored and stimulated sexually. Some people like their toes sucked, some get off on having their ears nibbled. Does that make them fucking freaks? I am who I am and I just want to be accepted, loved even for who I am. A woman, a woman with a cock. I have lived my whole life as a female, I am attracted to men. Yes it feels good to have my cock serviced but I prefer to have my pussy filled with a huge throbbing cock like yours”

The penny dropped, I understood fully for the first time what she faced. I felt guilt and sorrow and very ashamed of my own ignorance as she sat there sobbing. I sat there for a long time trying to work out what to say, trying to work out who she was who I was and finally went with honesty.

“Mags, (she turned to look at me) I’m not sure about love, it may happen one day but I would sure like to make love to you right now”

She leaned out of the bath as I leaned in to her and we kissed a strong passionate kiss. I picked her up out of the bath and carried her to my room. She dried herself off as I tended to my wound and returned. It was now I with a wounded paw that needed help getting my shirt off. When I was naked I climbed on the bed next to her and resumed kissing her beautiful soft full lips. I cupped her face in my wounded paw while my other hand explored her firm round breasts and tugged on her hardening nipples. I made her way down to her nipples with my tongue and flicked them one at a time and then sucked them until they were pointing at the ceiling as I fingered her tiny belly button. I nibbled my way back up to her lips and started tongue fucking her mouth as she lay helpless against my hungry attack. I placed my hand between her legs feeling her pussy was already soaked as I ran a finger between her thick swollen lips. I continued to kiss her and bite her face and her neck as my hand glided with one finger extended in between her cunt lips from bottom to top and grabbed her rock hard shaft at the top. I stroked her a couple of times as she looked away and gasped and then let my hand rest at the base of her cock still grasping it tightly. I extended my little finger and began flicking her clit with it as I sucked her tits ravenously again.

She whimpered and came with a series of sharp thrusts forward from her hips coating my hand in her juices. She looked at me with tears rolling down her cheeks

“I can’t......

“I know; you’re still sore. It’s ok”

I said reassuringly. I pulled her down the bed a little then straddled her face and she immediately took my swollen knob into her mouth. It was as if she had not eaten for a couple of months and my cum was the only food in her diet as she sucked and stroked my cock viciously. I leaned in and slurped at her sodden labia enjoying her sweet nectar. I grabbed her cock as it became fully erect after softening from her first orgasm. I held it out of the way so that I could dive right in and suck her clit into my mouth and pull it with my lips and teeth. This made her tremble with delight and start whimpering like a puppy so knowing it would drive her crazy I started to stroke her shaft. She screamed as her hips bucked forward and she had a second orgasm. I slid a finger into her pussy gently with no negative response from Mags. I pushed it in and out of her a few times before adding a second finger and then a third. Her warm moist mouth felt terrific on my throbbing cock as the tip of her tongue slid up and down the split of my knob.

Eager to be inside her climbed off of her and went to the end of the bed between her legs. I pulled her down the bed and lined her cunt up with my cock and gently entered her as she held her cock out of my way. I slowly slid in to around three quarters my length and then began thrusting into her slowly and gently. With every thrust I edged further into her tiny body until she was now taking my full length in and puffing and panting at every thrust. She seemed to be coping so I started to drill her a little harder as she inched up the bed with every thrust. I joined her on the bed repositioning myself without pulling out of her and now was propped up on my elbows pounding her as I kissed her beautiful face and lips. At exactly the same time and between gasps for her we announced

“I’m coming”

I grinned and she placed her feet against the bed and pushed up as if trying to get more of me inside and I began slamming into her as hard as I could. When I came I came deep inside her blasting gallons of hot sticky cum inside her tiny body and she convulsed making her tits dance on her beautiful body until her orgasm subsided.

We both had the best night’s sleep we had experienced in a long time that night and when we awoke in the morning had breakfast and chatted. We agreed that Mags was well enough to return to her own place and to my slight disappointment she was keen to do it that day. I agreed to help her and we made the mature decision to meet regularly and fuck one another’s brains out or just catch up as friends. When we had gotten all her things together we decided to stop by the shop and get her some groceries on the way and so we did. After shopping we drove to her place totally unaware of the surprise we would find when we got there.................

Thanks to my regular readers for your votes and encouragement. I never intended to write a series on this one but as one of you requested it I hope it does not disappoint! I will post PART 3 after 50 positive votes.

Say hi to ur mons for me ; }

Rating: 93%, Read 43511 times, Posted Nov 01, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Hardcore, Oral Sex, Transgendered, Violence, Voyeurism


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