Victims of Danny: Dominika - The first slut by SexandControl

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Fantasm | BDSM, Blackmail, Discipline, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masturbation, Reluctance, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male

Victims of Danny: Dominika - The First Slut

This is my first story. Although i did write a previous one, there was an error posting. It revolves around a young man called Danny, and what i hope to be a lengthy story, please be nice in your feedback, but please give it. I hope you all enjoy.

*This text contains underage sexual activity. Also domination and blackmail.*

She lifted her skirt. Her shaven mound was exposed. This was it. I finally had my own personal whore. I told her to masturbate as she whimpered a little 'please don't make me' but my stare obviously convinced her as she began rubbing her tight pussy. Dominika was a virgin. She had large 32DD breasts, but a slender frame. Fiery red wavy hair fell down to her shoulders. She was Polish with pale-white skin, and she had an ass to die for.

This was the first day of Dominika's torture. The girl had broken up with me a few months ago, and now I was exacting my revenge. Id popped round a few weeks ago, to ask her about geography, a class we shared. However when we were in her room, I'd set up 2 or 3 subtle spy cameras. Over the last week I had vivid images of the whore masturbating, and the redhead was very willing to do anything to stop them coming out.

I'd sent her one of the photos, and told her to meet me, in a skirt and no panties or I'd send them round. She was furious. But quickly became less reluctant as I sent her a photo of her with a brush in her pussy, and threatened to upload it to Facebook.

So now we were here. In the alleyway by her house, and the young whore was now mine. I'd played the dom/sub role with people online, but never in person like this. She really didn't have a choice.

I told her to keep her skirt up and stand with her legs apart and keep rubbing . While she did. I then paced in front of her. Moans escaped her mouth, as she rubbed herself opposite me. 'Rule one' I said confidently, 'you will address me as master, at the end of every sentence you say, when we are alone.' She complied with a simple 'yes master' and continued rubbing. 'Rule two: you will never wear panties, ever again.' I continued. 'Rule 3: You will masturbate when I tell you' I could see she was getting worried now, but also getting wetter as her fingers were rubbing faster than previously. '4; I will take pictures when I like, and you will pose as instructed.' I saw her shudder at the thought. '5. You will do anything else I say, slut'. She winced. I waited for a second as she caught on 'yes...yes master'.

I told her she could stop masturbating then, and laughed when I see her look of disappointment. Although Dominika had no choice in this, she was a very sexual being. I knew this from our time together, always masturbating and saying kinky things, I had no doubt she enjoyed this as much as she didn't. As we walked down the streets, I'd occasionally rub her under her skirt. She'd sigh deeply.

Soon we reached our destination. Tails Park. It was huge, over one side a play area , the other a large green , and behind both a massive over-grown woodland. It was a location id been many times before , often to play 'Manhunt' with friends, as I escorted her through a short opening into the woods.

It was winter, January to be precise. So although only 3pm it was relatively dark within. I pushed forwards, directing her higher and further into the woods I knew well. When we were 3/4 to the back of the woods, I told her to stand against a tree. She agreed anxiously. I then told her to take off her tight white top. However she only responded with 'okay' rather than the 'yes master' it required. I quickly slapped her tits over the top of it. 'Excuse me?' She quickly responded 'yes master I mean, yes master' then took it off.

Her bra was black and lacy, I ripped it from her chest leaving her perky big boobs to bounce out. She covered up with her hands. 'Move your hands slut.' Testing the limits of my dominance. I was pleasantly greeted when she immediately dropped them, blushing as her hard, pink nipples were exposed. After a few seconds of admiration, I regained my control.

'Twist them'. She hesitated. 'Now'. That broke her she obediently twisted. I started recording her as she toyed with her nipples. She immediately removed her hands. I pushed her back against the tree. 'Dominika, you're my whore now. Unless you want everyone to see you for a dirty slut, I suggest you do as you're told.' I twisted her nipples throughout telling her that, they were now heavily swollen, 'I’m going to start filming again, you refuse and everyone will see you for the slut you are'. I stepped back and nodded , she stood with her legs parted and roughly pinched her tits. As she became more brutal with her sensitive nipples she began moaning. I knew she was a kinky slut.

After a couple of minutes she spoke 'please may I masturbate, please master' she begged, pleaded with me, I could see her pussy leaking. 'I want both your nipples abused' she caught my train of thought clearly, as she cupped her right breast to her mouth and trapped it between her teeth as she twisted her left and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She was flustered and dripping. I watched in awe, filming the girl finger fuck herself. She began to moan into her nipple. 'Bite it' I commanded. She fell over the edge. Cum gushed down her legs as she clamped down on her nipple. It was too much for the young girl. She panted heavily. I told her to lick her fingers clean. Her reluctance was soon removed with a rough twist of her tooth-marked nipple. It had gone from a soft cute pink to a swollen red through the process. She licked her fingers clean for the camera. I then gave her the top and skirt. And launched the bra deep into the bushes. 'Get dressed'. She followed obediently, horrified when she saw how blatant her nipples were , even worse as the moistened tit showed clearly through her now transparent section of her top. 'Master please, I can't go like this' I twisted the poor girls nipple. She squealed. I continued, whispering in her ear to apologise. 'I’m sorry! Master I'm sorry' I continued. 'Tell me how much of a slut you are' she was moaning loudly in pain. 'I’m a slut, I'm a dirty slut'.

With that I released her and told her to lead the way. It was 4.30 when we left, she walked down the street , legs as close together as possible, in the dark fortunately no-one noticed her swollen nipples or leaking juices down her legs.

I walked to her house, and watched her stand on her doorstep trying to think of excuses in case she was seen when she entered. The cold air had kept her nipples erect. She boldly entered. I told her to send me a picture of her spread on her bed when she was in, naked. She did obediently, which I saved, then left back through the alleyway and made my way home.

When I got in , I found her masturbating on my CCTV camera, vigorously using a brush in herself. I jacked off to the footage, and messaged her saying 'thanks for the show. Who owns you?'

'You do master.'

Rating: 87%, Read 12770 times, Posted Jan 21, 2014

Fantasm | BDSM, Blackmail, Discipline, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masturbation, Reluctance, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male


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