Daddy's Game by IvannaBeaNasty

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Fiction | Hardcore, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Threesome

I left work early that Friday night because I knew, I just knew my fourteen year old daughter Morgan and her best friend Sadie were up to no good. Boys, I thought to myself, it was definitely boys. I knew it from the way my porn DVDs and magazines were always in a different spot lately whenever I returned home on the weekends whenever Sadie would stay. They would only be slightly off but I knew. I couldn't prove anything yet but tonight I planned to catch them in the act. I said goodnight to my barmaid Cheryl, and headed to my truck. I had no idea how I would react when I got home, I couldn't really blame the poor boys when I got my hands on them. My Morgan had been developed for at least a year now, her body no longer the bean pole it once was as a child but now had nice, wide hips and just enough baby fat on her teenage body. Her breast had grown another size too, and she wasn't embarrassed to show me her 34b bra when she bought it, waiving it in my face and all when she brought it home. Sadie was the polar opposite of my Morgan. She was tall, thin with breasts that had to be a c at least. Her long blonde curls matched her fun; outgoing spirit unlike my Morgan whose dark Italian features shared her more serious, bookworm demeanor.

Hell, I thought to myself, maybe they were doing each other. I chuckled at the thought and tried to shake the very sexy image out of my mind. It was wrong for me to think that way about these two girls and I knew it. But what a site it would be to see them two together! The thought made my Dick instantly stand upright against my will.

It didn't seem like it would be in their character to be fucking already either, but something was up with my movies and I was going to get to the bottom of it.

I turned off my lights as I pulled into the long driveway not wanting to alert any would be violators of my presence. My small cottage in the woods outside of town was perfect for my small family of two, although it felt more comfortable when my Louis was still alive. Losing her four years ago to breast cancer was hard and I certainly could use her help right about now with Morgan. All the lights in the house were out except for the living room, perhaps I was too early. Or maybe too late, they could be in the bedrooms fucking as I sat there looking stupidly at the house. I could have kicked myself! I threw the truck in park, quietly got out and shut the door, run to the house and burst through the door. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

There sitting on the couch with their eyes glued to the blaring smut movie was my little Morgan, quickly taking notes it seemed, and Sadie trying to deep-throat a banana. The site was almost too much to handle. Watching my baby girl watching porn and becoming interested in sex gave me so many mixed emotions. But seeing her little nipples hard through her shirt, obviously turned on, made me want to suck on her breasts right then and there. I had never thought this way about my Morgan and I knew it was wrong but man, I could teach her things that she wouldn't need to write down to remember. I turned my attention to Sadie and those luscious dick sucking lips wrapped around the banana. She was cramming that thing all the way to the back of her throat and not gagging at all! I hadn't had my dick sucked since long before Lois died and imaging her lips wrapped around my member made me all the more hard. I knew what I had to do and hoped I wouldn't regret it.

Quietly, I made my way to the kitchen, grabbed my bottle of Skye vodka, some orange juice, and three glasses with ice, set them on a tray and set out to surprise the girls.

They had no idea I was even there they were so fixated on the way the little teen in the movie fit that old man’s big cock in her mouth until I set the tray on the table.

"Dad," Morgan cried fumbling for the remote, "I was... We were... I'm sorry."

She hung her head down in shame and Sadie nervously bit the banana in half and swallowed it hard.

I held my hand up to shush the girls, poured them each their first alcoholic drink with me, and gulped down a strong one while they sipped theirs cautiously. As soon as Sadie knew it was ok she downed her glass and I gave her a healthy refill.

"Okay you two, we are going to play a game," Sadie began to smile and clap excitedly in her tipsy state, "truth or dare. And I want you two to be very honest with me and play the game without wimping out. Ok Morgan, truth or dare?"

"Dare," she chose cautiously.

"I dare you to down your drink." An easy one to start with and my girl obeyed. I refilled her cup.


"Hmm," she thought, "I'll take truth."

"Why were you two watching my movies?" The girl looked down. "Sadie, you chose truth."

"Well," she started looking up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and nervously twirling her hair with her finger, "we were curious."

"About what?" I probed.

"You know boys and sex. We wanted to see what it looked like."

What a relief. The girls were just curious. But the thought of them wanting to know about sex and seeing them sitting here almost exposed turned me on in the worst way. I know I should have left them two alone and gone to bed but I had to see how far I could take this.

"Morgan, your turn. Truth or dare?"


"Did you like the movie?"

"Well yea," she began, "but..."

"But what?"

"Does it really feel like that? Some of the girls are so loud, and some are quiet, but they seem to really like it. How does it feel?"

"Well it feels different for everyone."

"But it feels THAT good?" She opened up wide eyed.

"No baby, it feels better." I laughed. "It's like masturbation but better. You have touched yourself haven't you?"

The girl shook her head no. Sadie gave a little smile but didn't respond.

"Ok Sadie, what'll it be?"


"Have you ever been kissed?" She shook her head no in a teasing shy sort of way. "You?" I asked Morgan who also had not. "Why don't you kiss each other to try it out?"

They both made disgusting faces. "Why not? You want to learn about sex don't you? All the girls do it. Watch." I turned the movie back on and skipped ahead to a scene with two girls in it to set the mood.

"Come here Sadie," I patted my right knee and when she sat down I asked, "May I kiss you?"

She shook her head yes, reluctantly and I softly pressed my lips on hers tasting her sweet strawberry lip gloss. Slowly I opened her mouth with my own dipping my tongue into the warm softness of her mouth. Her tongue found my own and we played for a few minutes dancing about inside our mouths. I pulled my head back and seen pure lust in Sadie’s eyes.

"Come here baby," I told my little girl and patted on my other knee. She obeyed. "Can daddy kiss you sweetheart?" She nodded and without thinking I began to feverishly molest my daughter’s mouth with my own. I took turns licking Morgan’s tongue and then Sadie’s. Kissing my daughters lips and then her friends. Finally I sat back and told the girls to go sit back over on the couch. "Sit close together," I instructed.

"Morgan, truth or dare?"

"Truth daddy."

"Did you like kissing me?" She nodded in agreement. "Ok good. Do you want kiss Sadie now, and learn all about sex first hand baby?" Another nod. "Sadie, if you want to continue I dare you to kiss Morgan."

Slowly they began, Sadie grabbing Morgan’s chin and moving her closer. They softly kissed each other at first without any tongue, then to my surprise my daughter’s sweet little bit poked out of her mouth and began to play with Sadie’s mouth, pushing it open. As the girls kissed I rubbed my cock through my pants and watched. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would have seen this sight.

"How does this feel?" I asked nearly breathless. Good they both responded passionately. "Morgan, take off Sadie’s shirt, then Sadie I want you to help Morgan with her own."

The girls obeyed and clumsily got each other out of their pajama tops. To my surprise neither had a bra on. Morgan was quick to cover up her tits while Sadie let me stare in awe over her perky breasts.

"Morgan, baby, let daddy see you too."

Slowly she removed her hands and exposed her awesome little mounds. They were still growing, and were just at that small mountainous shaped peak off her chest. I nearly drooled at the thought of teasing each of their rosy nipples.

"This time while you kiss I want you to rub your boobs together. Then when it starts to feel good pinch each other’s nipples."

The girls began again, lips on lips, tongue on tongue and now hands on breasts kneading, pinching, and playing.

"That's it girls, yea." I heard myself saying beyond turned on. "Morgan I dare you to suck on Sadie’s tits."

Without a word she moved her head down and began to lick her friend’s hard nipple.

"Like this daddy?" She asked in between flicks of her tongue.

"Let me show you baby." I went over and kneeled by Morgan and scooped her breast into my hand. I began to suck on her softly at first and when I didn't get the reaction I was looking for I sucked harder, my tongue wildly flicking at her hard little nipples, and my teeth nibbling on her flesh. Finally she began to moan, and I knew she was mimicking me and doing the same thing to Sadie by the blondes responses. They were in complete ecstasy but I needed to push them further.

"Truth Sadie. Did you like sucking on that banana?" She nodded. "Do you want to suck on me? I taste better."

The girls moved to either side to give me room to sit down in-between them. I pulled down my pants, leaving on my boxers and motioned for them to do the same. With just their undies on all of us got comfortable on the couch. We took turns kissing each other; sometimes all three of our tongues would touch sending chills up my spine and electricity to my dick. I grabbed Sadie’s hand and put it over my cock that was still covered by fabric. Instinctively she started to massage my hard rod and I grabbed her head and began to kiss her madly. She pulled my boxers down exposing me and I pushed her head gently toward my dick, forgetting about my daughter for the moment. I watched Sadie as she studied my cock, her hand slowly moving up and down my shaft curiously.

"That's it Sadie. Now give it a kiss baby. Right on the tip. And let your mouth do the work. Lick it, kiss it, suck it, and squeeze it how you want."

The blonde leaned down, her breasts rubbing on my thigh and began by kissing my tip, then licking it up and down and around. The wet warmth of her tongue touching me made my balls tight with excitement.

“Oh, sweetie, that feels amazing.” I told the girl, leaning back and closing my eyes.

When she took the whole thing in her mouth and slowly started bobbing up down as deep as she could I began to moan. Her mouth was like a suction, and the girl was taking all of my 7 inches in without gagging, stretching her jay so she wouldn’t scrape. I was amazed at the talent this little teen already had, she even knew how to slurp on it is a sexy manner. It was then that Morgan stopped watching her friend suck her daddy’s cock and began to kiss me again. I played with her tits, rolling her pink nipples between my thumb and index finger, as we enjoyed each other’s mouths, and Sadie kept blowing me.

"Daddy," Morgan gasped, "I want to suck you too."

I was in heaven. "If you're sure baby, you can play with my cock all you want."

And boy did she. My baby sucking my cock was one of the most amazing things I had ever felt. The girls took turns sucking on me, kissing each other and coming up to kiss me. Eventually my hands began to run down their backs, around their thighs, and over their wet little panties. The girls squirmed and opened up their legs wider to let me explore.

"I'm about to cum." I moaned. "Keep going Sadie, keep going and I'm going to cum in your mouth. If you want to share it, Morgan, I want you to kiss Sadie. Ok baby, keep sucking just like that, yea... Oh..."

And with that I began to shoot my load in Sadie’s mouth. Morgan was right there and when I was all done they began to swap spit and my cum between each other. I smiled at both of them as they swallowed my seed.

"Do you girls want to feel good now?" I asked with a grin. “Come sit right here."

I got up and the girls scooted closer together. One by one, I spread their legs open and got the intense sweet aroma of their young virgin cunts. "Are you sure you want this?" I asked again, and when they both said yes I went to town first licking each of their pussies over their panties. They wiggled and giggled at first, uneasy and nervous but wanting. I helped them both strip off their underwear and I began my feast with Morgan. I couldn't wait to eat my little girls slit and when I licked it from top to bottom she squealed in pleasure. I began to rub Sadie’s pussy while I licked the soft folds of Morgan, kissing my daughters pink parts, feeling her squirm in mouth. I moved up and began to suck her clit.

"Oh daddy, that feels so good!" She cried. It drove me crazy to hear my daughter in such pleasure and I brought my tongue down to her hole and tried to jam it in. "Yes daddy, ooh!"

She was so sweet and juicy I wanted to hit her center and pressed my tongue in as far as I could. I looked up to find that not only was my daughter being tongue fucked by me, but Sadie was also sucking on her little hard nipples. I decided to surprise Sadie and began licking her up down, swirling my tongue around her hole and clit as I feasted on her juices.

"Come here sweetie," I said to Morgan and swung Sadie’s hips around so she was laying on the couch at a longer slant. "I want you to get up on the arm of the couch and scoot down far enough to be over Sadie’s face. Sadie I want you to lick Morgan’s pussy, ok?" She nodded.

It took a few minutes for the girls to get situated but once they did it was a hell of a show seeing my little girl getting licked by her beautiful friend. Seeing my girls head thrown back and hearing her moaning made me dive back into Sadie’s sweet snatch.

This time I used my fingers to spread her lips wide before licking and sucking on her wet cunt. I spread open her hole and stuffed my tongue in as far as I could and licked around the opening driving her wild. I careful stuck my finger in her as far as I could go without puncturing her cherry and began to finger fuck her tight young hole while sucking her pink hard clit.

"Do you want to go any farther?" I asked the girls driven by ecstasy.

I tested, not wanting to do anything they would regret. I knew that anyone who found out would think this was wrong on many levels. “If you do, it has to be our little secret game.”

"I will if Morgan will too." She replied nervously.

"I want you to take my virginity daddy." Morgan said.

"Ok, let’s go up to my bed ok." The girls raced upstairs giggling to themselves. What have I gotten myself into, I thought. Hurrying after.

When I reached the top the girls were already in bed. Seeing their naked young bodies curled up just waiting for my cock was enough to drive me mad with excitement. I found my way in between them and laid down on my back.

"Morgan, suck my cock some more princess and Sadie come sit up her on my face."

The girls did as I asked, and I was able to stretch Sadie's tight hole with my fingers while munching that beautiful pussy. When the girl was gushing with her natural wetness and her whimpering became more intense I knew it was time.

"Ok sweetie, if you want my cock all you have to do is climb up and sit on it."

Slowly the girl mounted me as Morgan gave her just enough room, yet was still able to suck her friend’s tits. She grabbed my dick with her hand and ran it over her pussy trying to find her hole.

“That’s it baby, that’s it!” I heard myself saying.

Once it was positioned I pushed my hips up slightly to get the very tip in her tight slot. She gasped in pleasure.

"All you gotta do now baby is sit down on it. It'll feel uncomfortable at first but it will get way better."

Slowly the girl lowered herself onto me then brought herself up, riding just the tip of my cock. Her soft warm slot was perfectly tight and fit my dick like a glove. She was moaning wildly in excitement when suddenly, and without control, I grabbed her hips and forced my way into her guarded chamber breaking her seal.

"Oww," she gasped and then she began to moan "mmm yea" again as she started to ride my cock all by herself. My dick was being swallowed by her cunt as if it was tailor made. Her pussy was milking me and I knew that it was hitting all of her sweet spots as it scraped up against her pussy walls by the way she was wiggling her hips around and crying out uncontrollably.

"You're so big, Mr. Allen, you feel so good filling me all up..." The girl managed to make a sentence in between hard gasps.

I could sense Morgan’s anticipation and knew she wanted her turn. I lifted Sadie off of my dick and had Morgan climb on top.

"You know I love you right baby?" I asked wanting to be sure this is what she wanted.

"I love you too, don't worry I want this. Sadie and I have talked about doing this with you for months now."

I was totally shocked, but the feel of my little girl’s pussy grinding on my dick brought me back to reality in a flash. My baby leaned down to kiss me and I felt Sadie guide my dick to my daughter’s tight opening teasing her virgin cunt with my warmth. As Morgan kissed me she lowered herself and my dick pushed its way into her hole. She was moaning into my mouth when I felt the weight of my daughter fall back onto my cock. I felt myself break her virgin seal and was almost feeling guilty when my baby began to move herself up and down my cock. The extra heat from the blood made it more intense and I almost came but stopped myself just in time. I wanted to make the girls cum first and I want going to stop until I succeeded. I lifted Morgan off of me and turned her so she was on her knees, doggy style. I told Sadie to lay down under Morgan so the two girls could eat each other out 69 style.

Morgan’s ass was in the air near me and I gave her a few light taps and shook her meaty flesh around with me hands. While Sadie sucked Morgan’s clit, I began to molest her opening with my dick making my baby push back on me, clearly in need of it in her. That's when I gave it to her good, nearly splitting her juicy cunt in half with my cock. Her pussy tightened around me as I continued at the same speed, my balls smacking against her ass with every stroke.

“Ooh Morgan, you’re so tight baby. Mm, you feel good all over my cock. Do I feel good too baby?” I was spreading her ass cheeks so I could go deeper into her.

“Yea daddy. Ooh…” She wailed.

“That’s it baby,” I coaxed her as she fucked me back, pushing her ass against my cock. “Suck her clit good now Sadie, lick her sweet pussy too Morgan.” I pushed Morgan’s back slightly so she would pay attention to her friends slit. It didn’t take long after that. Once Morgan tasted Sadie’s salty sweetness while my cock was being rammed into her gripping hole, she was about to peak.

"Mmm... Daddy... I... Something is happening.... Mm mm.... Aaaaaa.... Yea..." My baby erupted all over my cock, squeezing her first orgasm all over me.

“Good girl, baby,” I told her, slowly fucking her pulsating cunt while her body shook uncontrollably. “You did so good princess, did you like the way that felt?”

“M-hm!” She smiled. “That was amazing!”

“Get on up her Sadie, I’m wanna make you scream too baby.”

I needed to feel Sadie orgasm too, so I had Morgan stay where she was and Sadie climb on top so I could enter both of them. This way Sadie would be spread nice and wide for me. I began to fuck her silky pussy and as I did, her clit would rub against my daughters ass and her nipples would brush Morgan’s back causing Sadie to moan and even screech with absolute pleasure. She began to kiss and lick Morgan’s neck and back, giving caressing kisses to heighten her own pleasure. In this position Sadie couldn’t do much except enjoy the ride and I was giving her pussy one hell of one. I knew she was getting ready to cum because her pussy was squeezing my dick with all of its might, and when the moment finally happened Sadie’s body collapsed onto Morgan’s as her body trembled with orgasm.

“Uh, oh, mmm… yea… mmm…Ooh yea…” The child cried out as I continued to rock around inside her.

There was no way I could hold out any longer and as Sadie finished I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pushed it deep inside my daughter where it began to spurt my semen out in powerful juts. Satisfied, we were all about to collapse onto the bed when Sadie did the most amazing thing, she began to lick my cum as it dripped out of my daughters cunt!

Then she curled up in one of my arms, and with Morgan in my other one, we fell asleep together the same way we would for many weekends to come.

Rating: 94%, Read 413267 times, Posted Apr 03, 2013

Fiction | Hardcore, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Threesome


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