Sally-Ann's Rain Man by beagle9690

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Sally-Ann’s Rain Man

By beagle9690

October 2012

‘I should know better than to try and change it myself” were my thoughts, ‘particularly in the midst of this torrential deluge. I should have waited for help. But damn it! My cell phone battery is dead and it’s not like I call for help; on the other hand how hard can it be since the instructions are printed right here on the jack-stand pouch?’

I must have run over something because I felt the front passenger tire gradually go flat. This gave me time to pull over safely to the side of the road.

I managed to get the car jacked up thinking, ‘so far so good,’ but not so good for very long; I was having a devil of a time loosening the stubborn, they might as well have been welded on lug nuts; so much for this great idea.

I didn’t know it at the time and was told after the fact because instructions didn’t say; apparently I should loosen the nuts first before I jacked it up. To add to my problems I was soaked to the skin.

I struggled for what seemed an eternity when I saw the faint illumination of what must be headlights coming from behind the top of the hill. Perhaps they had a working cell phone or maybe they could help me change the tire.

The black Jeep Wrangler 4 X 4 drove by slowly. It circled around like a dangerous beast contemplating its helpless prey before stopping directly behind my car to gloat; the jeep’s headlights like cunning hungry eyes.

‘A malevolent shadow figure is getting out’, were my thoughts as I let my imagination fueled by fear run momentarily amuck. ‘I’m not going down without a fight,’ I assured myself as I tightened my grip on the tire iron, pushing my fear to one side.

"Deep was the shadow’s voice as he asked, “Pardon me ma’am, do you need any help?"

It was pitch black on this long and winding deserted country road. It’s true; short cuts make for long delays and now I might be paying for it, possibly with my life, but not without a fight.

I saw just two houses on the road for miles; no open fields, only trees. The sky’s clouds were gray-black, blocking the ambient light of the stars the moon.

This man is dressed all in black and not because he is a minister,’ were my thoughts as I tried to push my fear aside.

I could detect alcohol on his breath; an alcohol laden breath as reported by the brutalized survivors. Could it be him?

The police were looking for a violent predator who accosted several women these past months, brutally beating before raping them; cutting off their hair to take as a souvenir.

The attacks always occurred on women in deserted parking lots or broken down in the middle of nowhere and always at night; all the papers described a tall man dressed in black driving a black SUV.

"I'm fine, but thank you for stopping, Sir. I'm almost done," I lied, touching my long braid; trying to keep the fear from my voice.

"It’s the," the dark shadow started to say but instead grabbed me. We ended up in the wet grass with me on top of him facing one another.

His strong arms were wrapped around me, making my weapon useless; our faces were close enough to kiss.

Smiling, he let go of me as I scrambled to my feet.

I almost tripped and fell in the water-logged grass as I dropped the wet and slippery tire to keep my balance, managing to catch the ground with my hand. The man in black got up more slowly haven taken the brunt of the fall.

I cautiously backed away from him, hesitating only to reach down to pick up the tire iron, my eyes never leaving him.......

The hood of the woman's light yellow cotton jacket had fallen back. I could see she had red hair just like Katherine...was this an omen, a portent for the seers of Delphi to delve?”

"I was going to tell you it’s the wrong jack for your car. Even if it were the right one you should have a board underneath it because of the saturated ground.”

"Have you been drinking?" she asked suspiciously, holding the tire iron in front of her in a death grip. The woman had courage; I had to give her that.

"Yes I’m celebrating the end of a monumental stupidity on my part. I’m celebrating reuniting with a good friend.

I’m celebrating Jim’s new found love; bless them both! What a talented billiard player that feisty little red head is! Katherine is perfect for Jim........

Unfortunately we’ll never know who is top dog,” and he sighed, smiling.

“I live in the log house just up the road were the asphalt turns to gravel. In the future when you have the proper jack; loosen the lug nuts first before you jack it up.”

"The battery on my cell phone is dead,” I said, wondering what he meant by top dog. The man certainly was in a good mood. This didn’t mean I should throw caution to the wind.

“May I use yours to call my Auto Club?”

“You’re most welcome.”

"Excuse me?" I said, shifting the grip on the tire iron.

"I said you are welcome for me keeping from you from being hurt. My name Tom Butler and I can assure you I have only the best of intentions. It’s good you are cautious but I'm not that kind of man.”

"Thank you, Mr. Butler."

"You’re welcome. Do you have a name?"

"My name is Dorothy," I replied. He smiled, crossing his arms and nodding his head, knowing I was fibbing.

"Well, Dorothy," he said, crouching down to look at the damage, “You’re shivering; I suggest you get out of the rain."

He reached down to feel the puddle of warm antifreeze underneath the car, "It appears this jack damaged the radiator when it let loose. I would raise Cain with whoever sold you this car. You won't be driving it anywhere soon.

I always carry a 6-ton floor jack and the proper tools in the back of the Jeep. If you want, I will change the tire to save time for the tow truck driver.”

"Dorothy Smith."

“OK then. Don't tell me your real name," He said getting a wool blanket from the rear seat of the Jeep, "wrap this around yourself. My cell phone is in the glove compartment.”

He then turned on the off-road spotlights and fog lamps for more illumination, followed by the emergency flashers for safety. A predator wouldn’t do that to draw attention to himself, he would want things nice and dark.

“The engine is running so why don't you sit inside and turn up the heat. Bring your tire iron with you if it will make you feel better.

Lock the doors until the tow truck arrives in case I'm some kind of crazed predator, the rapist in black the authorities are looking for. You can always run me over when you make your quick getaway.”

"Sally McCarthy," I conceded, wrapping the blanket around me and sticking my hand out for Mr. Butler to shake, “I’m freezing and thank you, I’ll take you up on your kind offer.”

I felt a bit foolish for letting my imagination get ahead of me.

I noticed Mr. Butler had a large silver and turquoise ring on the middle finger of his right hand that he took off and put in his pocket as he walked away to change the tire.

I didn’t get a good look at it except to see it was of Native American design.

I sat in his Jeep and watched him change the tire while I called for a tow truck. The hard rain didn’t seem to bother him at all. When he finished, Mr. Butler put on his ring back on as he stood up looking into the sky.

He raised his arms above his head as if in welcome delight of celebration with the rain. He was smiling while turning a full circle before he put his arms down.

He got in on the passenger side next to me pushing his thick wet black hair back away from his face while sighing contentedly.

I could see the ring clearly now; I was right. It is very masculine and tasteful. My stepbrother is wearing my Dad’s turquoise and sterling silver ring to spite me; originally it was my Granddad’s.

My mother gave it to my stepbrother knowing Dad promised it to me before he died. She did it to placate her new bastard of a husband and to punish me for leaving home the way I did at sixteen; my step-dad initially taking the telephone call, calling me a whore, before handing the telephone to my mother the first time I called from New York City; but I digress.

Apparently Mr. Butler is not the man the police are looking for. He took my hand a second time in his and I let him, “Good, your hand feels much warmer and you’ve stopped shivering.”

His large callused hand felt warm and sincere as he gently held mine. I could see amusement in his warm baby blue eyes, amusement and curiosity. I actually felt quite safe now.

“Did you get a hold of a tow truck?” He let go and reached into glove compartment to remove and then hand me his business card. It said Butler’s Tire & Auto.

“Yes, one will be here soon.”

“I’ll make a deal with you. Have your car towed to my shop and you can use my Jeep as a loaner. I have a couch in my office to sleep on. I will have it ready sometime in the afternoon.”

“I usually shop around for the best price getting several estimates first, Mr. Butler. Besides, this is my first new car and it’s still under warranty. Shouldn’t I take it back to the dealer while the warranty is in place?”

“Fair enough but not necessarily; have it towed wherever you like. I’ll take you home and leave immediately.”

“You’ve been drinking.”

‘Yes I’ve been drinking and you’re not married. Can we compromise? Take me home and then you leave immediately.”

“What makes you think I’m not married?”

“Call it intuition resulting from observation followed by deductions. If you were married you most likely would have asked to borrow my cell phone to call your husband first. If you’re not married you should have said that regardless.

You are not wearing a wedding band Mrs. McCarthy, another clue. If you were married and wore one religiously, the impression left behind would be obvious.”

“What if I am married but don’t choose to wear one?”

“I’ll bet you a dozen roses that you’re not married.”

“I seldom drink and I don’t wager.”

“I see; both laudable avoidances if one is so inclined. Perhaps we can have coffee sometime? Surely you can’t object to coffee.

I imagine you know more about coffee than most people given your occupation.”

Although wet, I was warm now and enjoying the friendly banter with this charming man, thinking, ‘Mr. Butler is ruggedly handsome with a polite soft spoken way about him with a rich, deep voice, plus it’s obvious he’s a true gentleman.’

“How does my occupation make me an expert on coffee?”

“You are a waitress by profession. Two brown uniform dresses are hanging in the back of your car on a hook inside a dry cleaning bag. Your name tags are sticking out of the ashtray which indicates you most likely don’t smoke.

My guess is that you are very good at what you do and will not take nonsense from anyone.

If my guess is correct, Mrs. McCarthy, for all your toughness and independence, such as attempting to change your own tire, you have a soft nurturing side as indicated by the eclectic herd of small stuffed animals covering your back dashboard.”

I forgot about my uniforms and nametags; I did need a vehicle for work tomorrow morning….why not, so far he has deduced correctly.

“Touché, Mr. Butler, it’s my turn. You obviously aren’t married at the present time; perhaps you are divorced or a widower. You refer to your wife in the past tense and want me to drive you home. Further, happily married men usually are not out alone this late.”

“Ah, but my wife might be out of town.”

“Not likely since you gave me your business card and told me where you live. You would be wise to have given me an alias if you were. It will be easy enough to check up on you. Further you are not wearing a wedding band now.

May I see your left hand please?” He held it out and I held it rubbing the spot on his third finger.

“However you wore one for a long time as indicated by the faded mark on your finger. I’ve come to the conclusion you’re not a crazed predator.”

“Apparently I’ve met my match, Mrs. McCarthy,” He said smiling, “It’s been three years and old habits die hard although the love and memories remain.

Earlier today this widower decided it’s time to move on. As a result of this decision three wonderful things have happened to me today.

The last wonderful thing and my pleasure is I’ve met you. Do you believe in fate? I ask this as a philosophical question of life in general. I’ve pondered fate these past years.

I haven’t dated in earnest for years so please excuse my clumsy attempts with this delightful endeavor. Assuming you’re not seeing someone at the present time, will you please allow me the honor of having coffee with you at a place of your choosing?”

As he said it I could see the lights of the tow truck approaching in the distance…….

Sally-Ann is a delightfully buxom, voluptuous, full-figured woman who I assumed at first to be in her early thirties.

I looked at her insurance card on the driver’s side visor when I set the parking brake to get her address and real name; Sally-Ann forgot to set the parking brake too.

I’d say Sally-Ann is about five-nine in height and about one- hundred-forty in weight. Her flaming red hair was styled in a single thick braid that night, just brushing the top of her shapely ass. She has green eyes the same as Katherine, it must be fate.

I was greatly enjoying the back and forth banter we were having. Here is a woman who can match me word for word as well as think on her feet.

My gut tells me Sally-Ann is a woman who knows her own mind and won’t be afraid to tell me to go to hell if I get out of line, let alone conk me on the head with a tire iron should the situation of self-defense arise; excellent I much prefer a woman with spirit...not that I would get out of line, mind least not intentionally....well maybe just a little bit and then be ready to duck.

We are close enough in age to like some the same music and movies for example and we must share many the same life experiences...........

‘Please allow me the honor?’ I thought, ‘who talks like this these days? Well, Daniel Skinner comes to mind but he is in love with somebody else, his personal secretary.

Sure we dated a few times for several months of dinner and dancing; some community theatre. It was fun while it lasted, although he never touched me in the carnal sense. He treated me more like a big sister, and that is fine given the circumstances.

That man spoiled me forever regarding how men should treat a lady.

Any man after Daniel Skinner has some big shoes to fill. I’m happy for Anita, I really am; I hardly recognized her a year after she left Zane’s when we ran into each other buying groceries; besides losing weight, Anita Jones has a new confidence in her step; we decided to keep in touch and have had several lunch dates together with one coming up next week.

I’m not getting any younger though. It really got me to thinking where was I going in life.

One dark night when I least expect it a man appears out of the rain to rescue me in a manner of speaking.

Thomas Butler has a way about him that says I can hold my own against anybody. It’s not so much cocky as it is confident. I’ve seen many a cocky man get knocked on his ass; take Jose’ for example. I hope his headache lasts forever.

I wonder how Mr. Butler’s nose got broke because it gives his face a rugged character. He said, “Earlier today this widower decided it’s is time to move on.”

What exactly does Thomas mean by that? I have a pretty good idea though. Yes, I’ve had relationships with both younger and older men for that matter. I’ve been looking for the right one since I’ve moved back home and apparently not in the right places.

It would be so nice to have somebody steady; to have a true fresh start with a man who actually loves me for me; a man to share my life with.

The fact that Mr. Butler was married once is a plus; somewhat tamed and domesticated but not too tame I hope.

Fate, I don’t know; on the surface we could be a good match....we’ll see.’

“I’ll have coffee with you two weeks from today. That’s my answer Mr. Butler.”

“As you wish, Mrs. McCarthy, where may I call on you?”

The tow truck driver impatiently tapped on the hood of the Jeep to get our attention. I had forgotten all about him.

I rolled down the window and handed the tow truck driver Mr. Butler’s business card, “I’m sorry for making you wait. Please tow my car to this address. My new mechanic will see to it,” and I rolled the window back up annoyed at the intrusion.

“Am I your new mechanic, Mrs. McCarthy?”

“Yes, and you may dispense with the Mrs.”

“Then it’s Ms. McCarthy?”

“Miss McCarthy, not Ms. and I’ve never married.”

“You’ve broken many hearts no doubt.”

“That definitely is a pick-up line.”

“Forgive me; I got carried away with the moment.”

“Think nothing of it.”

“May I call you Sally-Ann?”

“How do you know my name is Sally-Ann, Thomas?”

“Lucky guess, perhaps.”

“You must have looked at my insurance card when you set the parking brake. Did I forget to do that too?”

“Yes, we are both guilty as charged. My friends call me Tom.”

“Not yet, at this juncture you are still my auto mechanic.”

“I see, Miss McCarthy, you’re going to make me earn that privilege.”

“Of course, it will be fun.”

“I concur, and I’m sure you worth it. What will you call me?”

“I will call you Mr. Butler as we’ve only just met.”

“Yes, as propriety dictates, Mr. Butler it is.”

“I work at Zane’s truck stop, Sir. Are you familiar with it?”

“I know where it’s located, yes.”

“Will you kindly deliver my car there when it’s fixed, please?”

“Now you’re talking a bit old fashion. What do you attribute this too, Miss McCarthy?”

“It must be the rain, kind Sir. In everyone’s life some rain must fall.....”

I arrived at work the next morning to find Zane, six waitresses; Doris, Mary, Donna, Lily, Susan, Denise plus a bouquet of four dozen roses in red, yellow, white and pink waiting for me.

The card said, “Miss McCarthy. Since you never wager I bet myself double or nothing and won. I doubled-down and won again; roses for a lovely lady, Sincerely, Your new auto mechanic, Mr. Butler.”

Nobody sent me flowers at work before; goodness, roses are my favorite flowers. I had to explain to the girls and Zane who Mr. Butler is and how I met him. Doris dubbed him my Rain Man.

True to his word, Mr. Butler personally delivered my car to Zane’s. Things couldn’t have worked out better because he walked through the door just before I started my meal break in the back room.

Doris came to get me and was all smiles, “Sally-Ann, your Rain Man is here. Ask him for me if there are any more hunks like him at home.”

I found my new mechanic standing by the cash register talking to Zane. I can tell Zane liked him just in the relaxed manner he was standing, that and they were talking about fishing; Zane is an ardent fisherman.

Zane is very protective about his employees, especially the women. That and the fact that Tom’s dinner this day was on the house, compliment of Zane.

Zane nodded his head and winked at me as he passed us going into the kitchen.

We really are like a big family; this is main reason I work here, and the picnic/pig roast Zane hosts for us every September at Godfrey’s Pond is an event not to be missed; the restaurant is closed for the weekend.

When he saw me Mr. Butler excused himself and walked over to meet me half-way.

“Here are the keys, Miss McCarthy,” as we exchanged keys, “Your car is fixed, you have the proper jack, a new radiator, a new tire and there will be no charge. May I see a menu please?”

“How did you manage that, Mr. Butler?” I asked as I handed him a menu, “Is the corner booth near the kitchen to your liking?”

“Yes, the corner booth will be fine, and to answer the other question; your car dealer paid for the parts, my labor and provided the proper jack after a little arm twisting. I’m an AAA approved and Certified Garage and it won’t void your new car warranty to have it serviced with me.”

“Thank you! I’m delighted having you as my mechanic,” and I took his arm in mine and escorted him to his booth.

I kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “Thank you for the roses, Rain Man” before I sat across from him.

“You’re very welcome and I must say, I like the personal service here Miss McCarthy. Do you provide this personal service for all your customers?”

“I’m on my break, Rain Man, and you’re my first exception.”

“Rain Man, you called me that twice today. May I enquire why?”

Yes, that is what Doris dubbed you when I explained how we met.”

“Well, your Rain Man approves that line of thinking. May I pay you a compliment, Miss McCarthy?”

“You may.”

“I appreciate a take charge woman, particularly one in uniform. You are a beautiful woman, Sally-Ann, buxom and voluptuous in all the right places; you fill it out well.”

“Are you flirting with me, Mr. Butler?”

“I’m merely stating fact.”

“You’re also flirting.”

“Yes, but the facts remain before me; how am I doing?”

“You’re doing fine.”

“Besides you, what looks good, I’ve never eaten here before?”

“That depends; do you like hot and spicy.”

“Stop teasing me. You said I have to wait at least two weeks for that.”

“I was referring to the menu and you know it,” I squeezed his hand.

“And you’re flirting by omission,” he replied, squeezing back, “perhaps you should order for the both of us, we’ll get to dessert that much sooner that way.”

“What kind of dessert would you like with your hot tea?”

“May I have a cup of coffee instead?”

“No, you must wait until we are officially courting. What would you like for dessert?”

“Need I say it.......?”

We each had Zane’s first class beef brisket with salt potatoes and green beans. We shared a piece of homemade peach pie eating off the same plate as if we had been doing it forever.

I went over my dinner break by 20 minutes while the girls covered, including when I walked with Mr. Butler to his Jeep.

“I have every Sunday and Monday off. Are you available, tomorrow, Mr. Butler?”I offered him my hand like they do in the old time movies; would he do it? Is my Rain Man the Romantic I think he is?

“Isn’t this a nice coincidence, I decided on the way here that Sunday and Monday shall be my new days off; what do you have in mind, Miss McCarthy?”

He took my hand and kissed it, making me tingle all over at this marvelous discovery.

“Can you weld, Mr. Butler?”

“If it can be welded, I can weld it.”

“This is strictly a business proposition mind you. I have my Grandmother’s metal glider on my front porch that doesn’t glide. I can never bring myself to get rid of it.

I made new seat cushions for it last fall. One corner is pretty much held together with bailing wire and large c-clamps; they don’t build things like this glider these days and as I said I can’t bring myself to part with it.

I adore sitting on my front porch when the weather permits it. Can you look at it tomorrow and give me an estimate?”

“Well strictly as a business proposition, Miss McCarthy, I will have it working almost as good as new for a flat fee of a home cooked meal followed by a kiss, right here,” He kissed his finger and then touched my lips, “How does that sound?”

“Why a single kiss, Mr. Butler?”

“A single kiss will save time, Miss McCarthy.”

“How will that save time, Mr. Butler?”

“If you like my kisses you may decide to let me court you immediately, staring Monday. If you don’t like my kisses, it will allow me two weeks to practice up on my kissing skills on the back of my hand. You must agree by now that fate brought us together.”

“I’ll hold myself open to that possibility; however, I’m curious, when did you go from a single kiss to kisses?”

“Did I say kisses; it must have been a Freudian slip brought on by wishful thinking.”

“How many kisses?”

“Is there such a thing as too many kisses?”

“Perhaps you’ll find out tomorrow.....”

I watched from my bedroom window as my Rain Man drove into my driveway Sunday morning pulling a utility trailer with his tools and a portable welder behind his Jeep.

I was surprised to see that Thomas was not dressed all in black, surprised and curious. Instead he was wearing tan chinos that appeared to be new with a white & blue striped oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He had worn and scuffed brown penny loafers on his feet.

Beanie my nine year tabby was not her usual self this morning. Normally she hides when anyone is around; Beanie literally is a one woman cat and set in her ways, or so I thought.

This morning Beanie was back and forth to the front door meowing and cajoling to go outside the whole time I was adding the last minute finishing touches.

I wanted to make sure my hair was perfect before I went outside to greet him.

I was sending a message to show I might be interested. He couldn’t fail to notice the vases with my roses on the end table by the glider.

He had already moved the roses safely to one side and was taking the glider’s measurements and writing them down in a pocket notebook when I opened the door to greet him.

Incredibly, Beanie darted out ahead of me spoiling my planned entrance to rub against his leg.....

When Sally-Ann opened the door one of the friendliest cats I have every encountered, a large silver mackerel tabby with seven toes and hazel eyes. She came charging out the front door to rub against my leg.

This however didn’t prevent me from admiring how beautiful Sally-Ann looked this bright sunny morning.

Sally-Ann’s face was makeup free to display a light sprinkle of freckles to compliment her fair creamy complexion as is the case with many true redheads.

Her fiery red hair was put up in a bun with a white rose slightly behind the top of her right ear. She was wearing a sleeveless pale mauve summer dress with halter straps and simple white pumps on her small feet.

All I could think to say was ‘WOW’ until the cat prompted me, “What’s her name?” I bent over to pick up Miss Tabby and rub her furry belly.

“It’s Beanie,” Sally-Ann said with a puzzled look on her pretty face as this affectionate cat went limp and trusting in my arms, purring loudly and contentedly as I rubbed her tummy.

“Well, Beanie, you certainly are an affectionate kitty and as beautiful as your Mistress. Is something wrong?” I asked, continuing to rub Beanie, the puzzled expression still on Sally-Ann’s face.

“No, nothing is wrong,” she said smiling, “actually everything is perfect, Mr. Butler. You passed your cat-scan with flying colors. Before you get started on the glider, would you like a cup of coffee with your cinnamon rolls......?”

“What does your mistress mean by that,” he asked putting Beanie’s face up to his ear and of course she meowed.

“Beanie says it means we’re now officially courting and I may call you Sally-Ann. Miss Tabby agrees with me you look lovely this morning.”

Beanie let out a few more “meows” wanting her belly rubbed some more.

“Wait, there is more....Beanie says she wants me to kiss her,” and Tom kissed Beanie’s head to be rewarded with more loud purring. My wonderful traitor, Beanie was absolutely precious with him.

“Beanie says you want me to kiss you....what’s that Beanie, your Mistress likes to go dancing, really..... Yes I’m sure we like the same music.

Does Sally-Ann like to fish, Beanie? don’t know....yes, I’ll bring you a fresh fish if I catch any the next time I go......No, Beanie, I’m not into mice, you’re on your own there.....catnip, nope, I never tried it, but I’ll bring you some the next time I visit. How about a nice catnip mouse? Thank you, I like you too, Beanie.”

Thoroughly charmed and amazed, I took Beanie from him and put her down; she jumped up on the glider to watch us.

“Beanie is such a gossip,” I said putting my hands on his strong shoulders while looking into his baby blue eyes; I liked what I saw there so I kissed his lips.

“You need more practice,” I said kissing him again.

He put his arms around my waist and returned my kisses, “How about now, Sally-Ann.”

“You’re getting there, Thomas,” I replied, taking my fingers and running them through his thick black hair, “I’d like to explore with you to determine if there is such a thing as too many kisses.”

“What about your glider?”

“I completely forgot,” and I kissed his lips, “please forgive me.”

“You are forgiven. I have everything with me to fix it better than new,” he kissed my lips.

“How long will it take?”

“Are you referring to us or the glider?” He kissed me again, “you taste wonderful, by the way, Sally-Ann.”

“I am referring to the glider of course,” and I ran my hands through his hair vigorously messing it up so that it fell forward over his forehead and over his eyes. This was to test his patience and his vanity.

Not bothering to fix his hair as Thomas gently stroked the hair at the nape of my neck making me tingle all over, “The white rose in your hair is very sensual by the way, although I’m hoping to be allowed it take down later for my fingers to caress.”

“My goodness what a bold and direct man you are Thomas. Have you forgotten about the glider already?”

“Pleasantly distracted and I haven’t. I need to change into my work clothes first, and you are right, they don’t build them like this these days. The possibilities I see to fix it better than ever are a challenge.”

“Are work clothes code words for birthday suit?” I asked, tugging on his hair.

“No, I think I should get started.”

“Fine, but first we’ll have our coffee and cinnamon rolls,” and I pushed his hair back in place.....

We spent two hours in her kitchen over coffee; Sally-Ann’s cinnamon rolls are indescribably delicious. We made small talk, feeling each other out which led to more general topics until we finally arrived at sharing some personal information about each other. I avoid politics; I detest what it has denigrated into.

That being said, we share the status of being an only child. Sally-Ann left home at sixteen, shortly after her Dad died of after a lengthy and courageous bout with cancer.

Her mother remarried soon after; she can’t stand her step-father or step-brother while my Dad and I get along famously; Dad never remarried when Mom died.

When I asked Sally-Ann about her step-father and step-brother she became quiet so I quickly changed the subject. I suspect her mother had a long standing affair and then married her lover, her husband’s oncologist of all things; as I said she’s not crazy about her step-brother; they are ten years apart in age.

Moving on to brighter things, we both like Celtic Music, Folk Music; some Country Western, Blue Grass and naturally Rock & Roll. Sally likes’ to attend Ethnic Festivals, especially Celtic.

Sally-Ann dresses in character for the summer Renaissance Fair in Sterling, NY; I’ve never been there and it sounds like fun.

Sally-Ann adores foreign films with sub-titles in English....OK, I’m not into that. We agreed that subject might be open for further discussion at another time.

From there Sally-Ann became serious, almost hesitant; almost unsure whether she should bring it up. I squeezed her hand in encouragement and smiled.

When she finally confided, taking a chance, I knew it was hard for her. I got the ball rolling first by simply telling Sally-Ann what I thought and felt; following my heart for a second time in my life, all doubt washed away by the cleansing of a glorious hard rain............

It’s incredible! We like so many of the same things, although Thomas paused and answered carefully when I asked him what he thought about foreign films; I adore them and they are so overlooked by many.

Beanie sat at his feet until he pulled the kitchen chair out next to him; Beanie jumped up on it to watch us the whole time we were in the kitchen. Thomas fed her bits of a cinnamon roll dipped in milk.

Beanie ate right out his hand, darn her; she never does this with me, god bless her. Fate needs to be a subject I study in greater detail.

Thomas is an easy man to talk to and unlike some men; he didn’t dismiss or diminish my opinions when we brushed briefly on many topics of interest, excluding the discussion of politics.

He didn’t express any opinion one way or the other which leaves me to believe his disdain for politics in general.

I also found out Thomas worked alongside his father in the tire business since he was 11 years old, his Dad now retired.

I took a big chance with him during coffee. I opened a window that has been locked with the shade drawn for a very long time.

It didn’t bother him in the least when he looked inside.

I owe him that. If he is the man I think he is Thomas will understand.

I confessed that I was no angel in my younger days.

I confessed I was a good time party girl and then an exotic dancer up until my early thirties when I started losing stage time to younger girls.

I made very good money up until then and if nothing else possessed the good sense to have a CPA who encouraged me to bank and invest 25% of my wages. Everything was above board when I had my one and only tax audit.

I enjoyed that wild lifestyle and the private parties until my then new and untested manager-bodyguard, Jose’ turned on me.

Jose’ is such a prissy, fussy and vain bastard. Always stylish in appearance to the extreme; in the way he dressed. Always in the most current fashions; in the way he wore his hair. Jose’ was always perfectly coiffed with never so much as a hair out of place.

Without my knowledge, Jose’ committed me to a high priced escort service catering to rich businessmen; he forged my name on a one year contact.

They specialized among other things in providing companions for businessmen from Asian or Middle Eastern countries....need I say more?

I returned to my apartment from my hair stylist one afternoon to find Jose’ with a Korean businessman in his sixties drinking single-malt Scotch waiting for me.

I wore my hair curly and shoulder length or in a short curly bob in those days.

Rule number one; nobody was allowed in my apartment for any type of business. My private life was separate from my then chosen career. As I said, I did it for the money and it paid well.

Jose’ took me into my bedroom to show me the stack of cash we made in advance; five thousand dollars; this was my cut and he talked excitedly that my contract guaranteed me a minimum of twenty-five grand a month for six days work if I would sweeten these men with a little

We had a heated argument about the contract. He was also angry that I didn’t get my hair cut as short as he wanted it and that came up. Jose’ became angrier still when as he put it, “I wouldn’t listen to reason on both counts”.

I fired him on the spot and walked out of the bedroom with the money to throw the old lecherous Korean out with Jose’ along with him; they could both hit the road.

For the first time, Jose’ hit me; he slapped me around in front of the old lecherous businessman, calling me filthy names. He hit me several times, giving me a fat lip and bloody nose and still I refused.

He threatened to cut my face up if I didn’t do as I was told.

That was a big mistake on Jose’s part as he reached for his knife, smiling, all cocky and self-assured while looking at the Korean saying, “This whore needs to be put in her place”.

While he was distracted in his bravado, I kicked my so-called bodyguard where it counts before breaking an alabaster lamp over his head rendering him unconscious in a crumpled heap of blood and vomit....kicking him in the face for good measure.

I threw the money at the old lecher telling him to get the hell out or he would get more of the same. The old poltroon practically ran out with his tail between his legs, tripping on the rug and almost falling flat on his face as he tried to scoop up the money; one final kick by me squarely on his buttocks to send out the door.

Hours later, after Jose’ was carried out on a gurney when New York’s Finest were done questioning me.

I locked myself in my bedroom to have a good long cry; more than a good cry actually, I was shaking with fright. Afterward, I telephoned my Grandma.

The next day I packed whatever I could fit in two suitcases, taking the bus, the same way I got here; leaving everything else behind to return to my hometown to start my life over.

I moved in with my Dad’s mother, my Grandma Beanie; short for Beatrice; I could never pronounce Grandma’s name as a little girl therefore it was always Grandma Beanie.

While living there, I got my GED; attended Community College getting an Associate’s Degree in English Literature to prove to myself I could do it while I was working part-time at Zane’s and have been there since.

I never lost contact with Grandma Beanie, not even when I was in New York City. I can still see her on the front porch of her little house, sitting on the glider, waiting for me on my spend-the-night weekend visits when my Dad dropped me off Friday night to bring me back home on Sunday. We talked about everything. My Grandma Beanie was a tough as nails while being a very sweet and nurturing woman.

Grandma Beanie had a way with plants. They bloomed and flourished like magic under her care. She must have passed that gift onto me.

Grandma Beanie didn’t approve of my exotic dancer lifestyle. As is her way, Grandma told me once of her displeasure in no uncertain terms and then dropped it, always loving me no matter what.

Grandma left me the house when she passed, all that she had in the world; my bastard of a step-father contested the will and lost. I counter sued for my legal expenses and won.

I also confessed to Thomas that I wanted a serious, committed relationship with a good man. I told him I was a different woman now, one who came to her senses.

In my experience many men...well... at least the two I was partially honest with after I moved back home, were put off or surprised by my candor. In the end, both were skeptical; not believing a woman, a person, can change.

Not going into particulars, one of the lying, conniving disingenuous bastard pretended to understand. Samuel stuck around for a year wining and dining me.

He actually proposed marriage and I accepted. Samuel dropped a bomb on me a week before we were to be married.

Samuel wanted an open marriage that included threesomes with other men and women; of course I refused even discussing such a thing and we had a heated argument where I simply walked out on him.

Samuel spread vicious lies about me after that. I don’t know for sure, but the only reason he stopped might be because Zane paid him a little visit.

Do you know what my Rain Man did when I confessed almost everything to him? Thomas looked right into my eyes, really looked into my eyes, deep into the window of my soul, right at the person before him here and now; me, not the person of my wild and reckless carefree past.

I looked back into his baby blue eyes to see his soul was wide open.

Thomas was straight and right to the point....can you come right to the point and still be romantic?

“Sally-Ann,” he gently, kissing my hands, “I believe in you. It doesn’t matter for the past is behind us both; there is only the here and now. Your eyes tell me what your words struggle to say.

They say when finally give your heart, it will be forever. We can go as fast or slow as you like, or pick up where we left off earlier. My first assessment of you stands. I accept you as you are.”

My heart of hearts assures me that Thomas Butler is a keeper and might possibly be the ONE..........

I must say that Thomas wasn’t bragging when he stated that he can weld anything. My Dad was a welder so I know good work when I see it. Thomas’s welds are very neat and precise.

I didn’t count on him making improvements to the original design. Before he did, Thomas asked for my permission, which I granted of course. He explained everything step by step without being condescending.

He spent the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon cutting, welding, grinding and hand filing; adding reinforcing braces to make the frame more stable and rigid.

Thomas drilled out the original squeaky rivets of the rocking-gliding mechanism and replaced them with six hardened steel bolts modified to fit in ball bearing rings set in the enlarged and reinforced rivet holes.

Thomas replaced the original springs with heavier ones and added two extra springs to the mechanism to ensure the reinforced frame and rocking-gliding mechanism was property counter-balanced.

Talk about over-engineering! He went as far as to weld adjustable leveler-feet of his own design from massive nuts, bolts and locking washers to compensate for my sagging in places front porch floor.

When I went outside to tell Thomas dinner would be ready in 40 minutes or so; he was still in his work clothes stripped to the waist, drenching his head with my garden hose to cool about eye candy.

In keeping with his height of six-two, Thomas has long ropey muscles and a flat stomach....his tanned figure looked absolutely scrumptious. I couldn’t just stand there gawking at him though.

“I do have a shower you know.”

“Is that an invitation, Sally-Ann? I didn’t realize you wanted to move this fast.”

Thomas stood up straight, the water dripping from head down his back and deep chest as he twisted the brass hose nozzle to stop the flow of water.

“I have to finish our dinner. You may use the shower though.”

“Darn and oh well. You can’t say I didn’t try,” he said pushing his thick black hair away from his face.

“Can we compromise, Rain Man? I don’t want to get my hair wet,” I kissed my finger and put it on his lips, “How about a nice shampoo? It’s the least I can do after you rebuilt me the Grand Pyramid of Giza Gliders. We have enough time for that if you wash quickly.”

“Yes ma’am, where’s the bathroom.........?”

I was a little disappointed that Sally-Ann came into the bathroom fully dressed complete with a frilly apron....oh well.

Before she arrived, I did a speed wash, soaping up a washcloth and rubbing myself vigorously pink before rinsing. My cock was hard just thinking about this woman, clothed or unclothed.

Sally-Ann has a demure-boldness, a feminine-earthy and ethereal sexy way about her that I find fascinating.

I realize those words “demure-boldness” doesn’t jive in the same sentence; however that’s how I see Sally-Ann.

It says “this is who I am” and it comes as natural to her as breathing....perhaps a kind of a nurturing earth mother like Gaea might describe Sally-Ann best now.

Sally-Ann’s cozy and tidy little 2 bedroom ranch house and yard are full of exceedingly vibrant green plants or flowering bushes of all types and varieties.

Plants are almost the centerpieces of every room; my wife had a green thumb and our home used to be like this. My wife also fussed over and spoiled me terribly while she was able.

Sally-Ann fussed over me the whole time I was working, bringing me fresh squeezed lemonade or mint green tea, the leaves picked fresh from her garden; both were ice cold and refreshing.

She brought me cold compresses for the back of my neck and made me take several breaks to rest and sip my refreshing beverages while I explained what I was doing....Sally-Ann is a nurturing woman and it shows in these little things.

Nurturing was the overwhelming thought that came to me suddenly out of nowhere; a strong feeling, a lasting impression; a defining premonition when I first kissed her.

I’m sure some of the wildness of her early years remains though. I can sense that wild, ever present undercurrent of her sexuality..........

I found Thomas standing in the tub with a towel wrapped around his middle when I walked in the bathroom; he looked cute and sexy. I wanted to just kiss him all up and baby him.

Not surprisingly I found Beanie with him on the hamper waiting to be petted; she does this with me.

“We have had twenty minutes until I take the pork roast the oven. I want it to rest 10 minutes before you slice it,” I set the kitchen timer on the vanity top, “Sit down and close your baby-blues so we can get started.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Thomas said taking the towel off and sitting down, “This is my first shampoo by a woman other than my mother, Sally-Ann.”

“Didn’t your wife every do this for you?” I asked surprised, “Don’t tell me you also never showered together?” I wet his thick black hair and started to lather.

“My wife Sally was very conservative in regard to things like this, although very affectionate and accommodating in other ways. She spoiled me rotten though for as long as she was able. Sally also had a green thumb just like you have; I believe you would have liked her.”

“Your wife’s name was Sally? I asked, surprised again

“Yes; didn’t I mention that before? Her middle name is Ann, the Sally and the Ann weren’t pronounced as one name like yours. You decide coincidence or fate? I’ll go with Fate.

This feels wonderful, I can get used to this pampering,” he sighed relaxing his shoulders and smiling, ”What is your middle name by the way? Mine is Andrew, after my Grandpa Andy, my Dad’s father; Thomas Andrew Butler, that’s me or TAB for short.”

“My middle name is Beatrice, after my Grandma Beanie; Sally-Ann Beatrice McCarthy that’s me or just plain Sally-Ann.”

“I see; you named your cat after your Grandmother.”

“Do you have a problem with that, TAB?” and I gave his hair a playful yank.

“No Ma’am, I think it’s nice.”

“That’s better; how long were you married?” I asked, massaging his scalp with my fingers.

“Twenty-three years.”

‘Twenty-three years of marriage and three years of grieving,’ I was thinking, doing the math in my head as I continued to massage.

“Well, I’m not shy about saying it, I’m Forty-one. How old are you, Thomas?”

“I’m Forty-three, and you are a beautiful forty-one at that; you can pass for a woman in her early thirties, and I never fib; since you don’t bet, you can bank on it.”

“You were a baby when you married; you were what, seventeen?” I turned on the water and reached for the shower wand to rinse him.

“In retrospect I suppose I was. I was seventeen and Sally was sixteen. Our parents didn’t approve so we eloped against their wishes; my wife was my whole world until the very end.”

“Was she a blonde, brunette or redhead,” I asked.

“Sally was a brunette.”

“Did she wear her hair long or short?”

“Short towards the end but long for most of our marriage, but that’s in the past; I’d rather talk about us, “Thomas said standing up, rubbing his head with a fresh towel.

I took the towel from him and finished drying the rest of him, “As I said, I can get used to this, beautiful.”

He pushed his thick damp black hair back away from his face while I finished drying him.

“You know, Miss McCarthy, nobody but my mother has done this for me since I’ve been 5 years old. I considered myself too grown up for such nonsense after that; I was wrong.

“Stand still and behave, Thomas. I’m not done with you yet,” I warned sternly as I took my large wide comb from the counter to comb his hair, parting it different ways before I combed it straight back, the way he wears it; the timer rang seconds after.

I was thinking, ‘I’m still amazed how laid back Thomas is.... he shall be my Thomas. Thomas is much more dignified than Tom.

A Tom is a male turkey and my Rain Man is anything but that. I’ve dated a few turkeys in my time...bah, fiddlesticks and drumsticks to them.

Who am I to doubt Fate? I want him and I’ll deny it no longer. My Rain Man shall be my Thomas. I’m just learning to stand outside in the rain and it’s about time I embrace it.’

“Do you prefer short hair on women, Thomas?”

“Actually, I prefer it long. You not thinking of cutting your hair short are you?” he asked, looking worried.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen,” I replied letting the question hang “Ten minutes should be plenty of time for you to get dressed.....”

When I walked into the kitchen Sally-Ann gave me a long white chef’s apron and said, “The carving knife & steel are on the cutting board.”

She continued to bustle about to finish setting the table in between whisking flour in the pork dripping in the roasting pan for gravy.

I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Fresh pork-roast and mashed potatoes with gravy; corn mixed together with peas, carrots, corn and green beans; gravy on them too.

Don’t forget the homemade apple sauce. Don’t forget the light and flaky buttermilk biscuits. Such a meal is hard to argue with; especially with such a fascinating woman to share it with.

What a delight Sally-Ann is to my eyes, bustling about the kitchen like brings back wonderful memories of my wife when she was vibrant, healthy and happy and able to do so...That’s in the past and my future is now.

I stood there like a dopey statue watching her until.......

“Goodness, Thomas, don’t dawdle,” Sally-Ann said, teasingly, “do you need help putting on your apron?”

Sally-Ann didn’t wait for my reply; she took the apron from me, placing the neck strap over my head and reaching under my arms to tie it in the back around my waist in a bow.

I could smell her perfume, Jovan Musk I believe....she smelled wonderful.

Sally-Ann put her arms around my neck to kiss my cheek and whispered in my ear, “I will trust you completely. Do you know why?”

“Please tell me.”

“Call it intuition resulting from observation followed by deductions. I see no reason not to continue where we left off earlier. My heart assures me you are a one woman man. Yes, I believe in Fate, Rain Man. How can I not?”

Sally-Ann kissed my lips while running her fingers through my hair, “Therefore you shall be my Thomas....”

“Your wish is my command,” Thomas replied as he put his strong arms around my waist, gently crushing me to him to kiss my lips long and deep.

I was tingling form-the-top-of-my is so wonderful and I’ve waited so long to for the right one to come along....move over Daniel.

“I believe we left off with me standing like a dopey statue enjoying watching you, Sally-Ann and that’s the honest unadulterated truth; you fascinate me. How thick do you want me to slice it.....?”

After dinner we sat outside on the glider listening to an old time Rock & Roll Radio Station that both of us have preset on our radios. My much improved rocking glider felt like we were moving back and forth on a cloud.

To add to my cloud experience, Thomas kisses so nicely and he held me close to cuddle after he took my hair down. It was his turn to have his hands in my hair.

We sang along to the songs on the radio, taking turns or singing together, laughing... getting a little silly.

This is something else we have in common; singing to the radio when nobody is around.

It was midnight before we knew it and he stood up, “Will you look at the time.”

“Do you really have to go?” I asked standing up with him and touching his face.

“I’ll be back tomorrow around noon with my paint sprayer and compressor. You talked about painting it dark green. I’ll wire brush it well first; prime it and then.......”

I put my arms around Thomas’s neck and kissed his warm lips to stop him from talking, “You really did change your days off for me, Rain Man,” I said looking into his eyes.

“I can do that since I’m the boss. We’re closed Sunday and now my assistant manager has most weekends off; everything works out fine....did you think I was fibbing, Sally-Ann?”

“I thought you were flirting with me.”

“In other words you thought I was fibbing.”

“I did; will you forgive me?”

“You’re forgiven, don’t doubt me again,” he said sternly.

“Yes, Sir,” I messed up his hair again; goodness, I love doing this. He’s the first man to let me do that to him, the first man who will let me be, well....just playful.

“I won’t let you leave. You spent more time with my cat than with me,” I was fibbing, “Do I have to purr to get your attention?”

And I did, purring and licking; nibbling on his ear and blowing on his neck to entice him to spend the night.

Thomas pushed my long hair behind my ear to kiss my cheek, “Kitten, I’ve fallen for you in a big way.” He called me Kitten, what a sweet little word of endearment.

Thomas took my hands from his neck and kissed them, speaking quietly, “You deserve to have everything romantically perfect the first time. And today is our first official day of courting after all. We should wait for the right time.”

My Rain Man kissed his finger and put it on my lips before getting in his Jeep and driving away.........

I sang to the radio all the way home until I pulled into my driveway, shutting the engine off and getting out, thinking, ‘We are so good together; it is almost unbelievable, it really is.

It’s as if we have known each other for years, so many unspoken understandings pass between us....and she is a beautiful woman. I would have guessed early thirties and this is without makeup....and such beautiful green eyes and her nose crinkles up just so when she laughs.

I’m only human; Yes, I’ve had a few one night stands since my wife died and all of them out of town where nobody knew me. They were mutually agreed to and enjoyable for what they were; I want to wait for the right time with Sally-Ann....

What determines the right time these days? First date, second date; my wife made we wait until we were engaged while Sally-Ann is willing now.’

Just as I was closing the Jeep door, a silver streak jumped out startling me to rub up against my leg. Laughing, I picked Miss Tabby up to rub her belly.

“Eenie Meenie Kitty Beanie; is Miss Tabby about to speak?

Do want to tell me something, Beanie?” I was prompted by meows whenever I stopped rubbing her tummy.

You do......I want me to spend the night with your Mistress.....I thought so.....Yes, your Mistress is fascinating and beautiful........No, I can’t get her out of my mind......Yes, she is a delight to talk to; Sally-Ann feels like a dream come true in my arms.

Have you ever noticed how your Mistress’s nose crinkles when she laughs....or how my Kitten’s green eyes sparkle like sunlit white caps on a green sea?

I’ve fallen for Sally-Ann in a big way..... Of course I know Sally-Ann’s not a cat...... if I choose to call her Kitten that’s my affair; it’s a lovers it’s not silly at all.

No.....I will never do anything to hurt Sally-Ann or betray her trust......what am I waiting for you ask; especially when life is short......yes, that makes sense....that makes sense too; the right time is’ve convinced me Beanie......yes, we were meant to be......Sally-Ann doesn’t know you’re here......I figured as much.

Are you hungry after your, I don’t have any fresh salmon; will canned tuna do........It will, I thought so.... you are welcome. Why don’t you come inside while I pack an overnight bag and grab my shaving kit.....yes, you’re going to see a lot of me in the future......I like you to Beanie. You’re an uncommon cat with common sense....”

I couldn’t sleep after my Rain Man left. I was thinking about Thomas....about us....I couldn’t get him out of my mind. He isn’t the only one. I really have fallen for him in a big way...well, he will be back tomorrow.

There was no sign of Beanie; she is no doubt curled up in a corner or underneath something somewhere sleeping as is her habit sometimes.

I went into the bathroom to brush my hair and fix it in a loose ponytail as I always do before bedtime.

I undressed to look at myself in the large vanity mirror to study myself now that I have a man in my life scratch that thought, finally the one, and a fascinating one at that.

I still have a nice figure; although not the slim, girlish figure I had a seventeen when I started my career as an exotic dancer.

I’ve filled out over the years, maturing gracefully as a result of my daily morning stretching and aerobic exercises.

I’ll never again have the slim dancer’s figure of my early youth, but then why should I?

I’m satisfied that my stamina is as good, if not better than ever.

Thomas describes me as buxom and voluptuous; full figured in all the right places and he sincerely means it.

I can tell by the way Thomas looks at me; women know these things.

I went to my bedroom to get into bed with a good book unable to concentrate; I was thinking about my Rain Man naked in the bathroom with his big hard cock pressed up against the bath towel.

I turned off the lamp and set the book to one side, closing my eyes to try to fall sleep, all to no avail.

It made me smile as I lay there with my eyes closed, remembering how I messed up his thick black hair; how my Thomas looks after me afterward with his baby blue eyes, looking into my green ones with such patient amusement through his tousled messy hair.

I started stroking my breasts and nipples, wondering what it would be like to suck on Thomas’s hard feel his hard cock in my moist pussy was moist, just thinking about his warm and generous kisses...yes, honest kisses; warm, generous and honest kisses; my Thomas; remembering him standing shirtless in the yard with the water dripping from his thick black hair down his bare tanned chest and back.

I was moaning softly as my hand crept to my bare, shaven pussy, parting the lips of my womanhood to caress my felt so very, very good

I was in my own little world when the doorbell rang; startling me out of my luscious self pleasure., more than annoyed at this uncalled for intrusion; I looked out the window to see him standing on my porch.

I quickly threw on my robe, dabbing a drop of perfume behind each ear and my wrists before going downstairs to answer the door. My Rain Man standing there with an overnight bag at his feet holding Beanie....what the....?

“Hello, Kitten. I know it’s late but look who I found in my Jeep when I arrived home; Beanie the stowaway.”

“Well, we’ll just have to do something about this,” Sally-Ann said smiling as she took Beanie from me. “Will you please take off your shoes?”

I picked up my small duffle to follow her in, closing and locking the door behind me. Sally-Ann put her wayward cat on the foyer floor before turning to face me as I was removing my loafers.

“Well, Thomas, are you going to just stand there, or are you going to kiss me?” Sally-Ann asked.

“Kiss you where?” I never expected what came next as I dropped my small duffle bag to the floor. I would need my hands for far more important things.

Sally-Ann’s white silk robe slid off her curvaceous body to the floor in one fluid motion to her feet.

My kitten took her hair out of the ponytail while shaking her head; Sally-Ann’s fiery red tress flowing down her back to her waist.

To say my Kitten’s naked form is a delight to my eyes is akin to saying the sky is blue or the oceans are deep and mysterious.

Before I could react Sally-Ann was dancing around me, circling provocatively slapping me lightly on the ass and then moving away just out of my reach “Stand still, Thomas, you may look but don’t touch.”

I complied and Sally-Ann messed up my hair, putting her arms around my neck as she kissed my lips long and deep, “I’m going to give you a private dance, the first I’ve ever given actually.”

She messed up my hair again, laughing with carefree delight which in itself made me smile as I watched the little crinkle in her nose and the white caps of merriment in a sea of green dancing in her eyes.

Sally-Ann slowly danced around me as if I were a living and breathing prop as found on a nightclub stage; touching me suggestively, rubbing intimately close against me.

I could smell her earthy and musky woman’s scent...her arousal mixed scrumptiously with her perfume.

As she danced, my Kitten stopped often to put her arms around my neck to kiss my lips, smiling as she continued to mess up my hair; followed by removing from me an item of clothing, first my shirt.

Wow! I loved the attention and I let her undress me until I was completely naked by her hands and able to feel her warm creamy skin rub up against mine; her full luscious breasts and hard nipples caressing my skin as Sally-Ann pressed them against much can a man take?

My sexy Kitten was driving crazy with desire for her and

Sally-Ann knew it.....I struggle with the words to describe her wild abandon as she rubbed up against in sexy dance of passion, such was my enchantment.

Moving in and out, tossing her head, her long hair that was whipping and flowing about her sensuous dancing voluptuous body.

Sally-Ann danced with her heart and soul....another aspect of the feminine essence of a mother earth goddess......

I don’t know what came over me; I can barely put my feelings in to words when I danced for my Rain just felt so right, so ethereal.

I let the passion from the core of my being, my heart and soul flow through me to inspire my dance needing no music to keep rhythm too....Thomas is my rhythm.

As I danced for him I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind, “Thomas is my rhythm. It was strong feeling, a lasting impression; a defining premonition.

The shows I put to music on stage as an erotic dancer in various costumes or degrees of undress were well practiced and choreographed.

Thomas is my music, my rhythm.... inspiration... my passion.

I didn’t think. I didn’t plan this, I just did letting the silent music of new found love wash over me; I let it happen knowing instinctually the dance was an aspect of my very essence as it took me over.

Is this falling in love, or is this merely infatuation? This is definitely falling in love and I will cherish every second we are together.

This has to be love; there is other explanation. If you had asked me about love at first sight a few short days before we met, I would have dismissed it as puppy love, wishful thinking; foolishness and not given it another thought.

I never wanted children, but I wanted them with this man if they were to come along.

I’m another person with Thomas; I have never felt as purely feminine; so much like a woman; I wanted my Rain Man to take me like a woman as I pushed the limits of his patience....I wasn’t disappointed how my somewhat domesticated but hardly tame and soon to be lover reacted.

“You may sleep on the couch,” I said trying to keep my voice level and convincing as I finished my dance, now horny as hell as I turned to walk away, thinking, ‘If this doesn’t tip his patience nothing will.’ I was stopped by my long hair.

I didn’t know my soft spoken and mostly laid back Thomas can move this fast, or as quietly.

“No, I won’t be sleeping on the couch and neither will you,” Thomas replied softly yet forcefully, making me tingle all over as I turned to face him, Thomas twisted my hair again in a ponytail in his warm callused hand until it was snug against the back of my head.

“Be nice and take it like a woman, Sally-Ann, for I’m going to take it like a man. There is a limit to my patience, Kitten,” Thomas said, letting going of my hair before putting his strong arms around my waist to crush me to him roughly in warning, ”Do you understand?”

“Yes Thomas,” I answered gladly while wrapping my arms around his neck, “anything you say, would you like your reward now. I want to lick and suck your cock, and then you can do me.”

“Now you’re being reasonable, Kitten,” He kissed my lips long and deep; his hard throbbing cock pressed up against me.

I’m putty in his hands when he holds me like this because I trust him completely. Tomorrow Thomas is taking me to the Renaissance Fair, my treat; although he doesn’t know it yet.

“It’s my turn, my beautiful, Sally-Ann,” Thomas said, sliding his strong and warm, callused hands down to my ass and squeezing my bum lightly, ”tonight we will find out once and for all if there is such thing as too many kisses.”

Thomas kissed his finger and touched my lips, “Close your eyes,” he said quietly, pushing my hair behind my

ears to get to my cheeks.

My Rain Man kissed my right cheek and then my left, lingering to kiss and nuzzle my neck, the my ears, while using the tip of his tongue all over, leaving a wet dot where ever it touched. He then blew softly on the spots whispering, “To many kisses yet?”

He did the same to the other side of my face before returning to kisses my lips long and deep, our tongues entwining and caressing. Thomas kissed his way down to kiss and lick the base of my throat before returning to my mouth and lips to kiss them, whispering, “To many kisses yet?”

Thomas walked behind me to gather my hair in his hands twisting it up on the top of my head to kiss the back of my neck and behind my ears, licking, kissing and blowing while whispering, “Too many kisses yet, Kitten?”

My lover let go of my hair to put his arms around my waist rubbing my tummy, while smelling my hair as he rubbed his face in it and sighing as he fondled my full breasts with his warm callused hands making me moan with pleasure.

Thomas’s hand slid down to my pussy stroking lightly while kissing my neck as he continued caressing my breasts with the other hand, giving me goose bumps before stepping back to put his hands on my shoulders to gently turn me to face him.

”Keep your eyes closed, Kitten;” I had to obey.

My lover took my face in his warm hands and kissed my lips long and deep, our tongues entwining as before, probing and caressing; I wanted to come so bad while Thomas had something else in mind to surprise me again.

“I know you want to come, Kitten, and so do I....put your arms around my neck and hold tight.”

Thomas picked me up, literally sweeping me off my feet, cradling me in his arms as he carried me to my bedroom to put me gently on the bed.

“I’m going to taste you first, taste your pussy and drink the sweet cream of your arousal. There is nothing I like more than the taste of a woman, and you are now my woman, Sally-Ann McCarthy, so don’t deny it…spread your legs, Kitten.”

Thomas parted the lips of my pussy and started licking, and oh my god this was nirvana.

I touched myself, enjoying the silky smoothness of my denuded mound, one hand caressing and rubbing my mound, the other in Thomas’s thick black hair noting the contrasts. Yes this definitely this is where hair belongs, not here, hiding my glorious pussy.

I lay back closing my eyes, inviting the incursion of my lover’s tongue as he teased and tantalized, pausing to taste and savor the succulent cream of his woman…his woman...I am Mr. Butler’s woman, and I won’t deny it.

At first his tongue was like a warm pink hummingbird, fluttering about and fanning my desire with his wings, further rousing my imagination as he thrust it in-and- out, side-to-side. His tongue was inflaming my arousal, pushing the limits beyond my wildest dreams.

Sensing my urgent need as the heat of my smoldering orgasm was rising, his tongue became stalwart and stout, darting, feigning and pummeling my clitoris as he stroked and caressed my breasts and nipples with one of his warm callused hands.

My Rain Man’s pink tongue was a savage and remorseless; conquering and resolute in the unrelenting purpose of my pleasure releasing the rising heat from stoked flames of euphoric rapture as my volcanic orgasm erupted and overwhelmed and overtook every molecule of my being.

Thomas had me moaning and panting, squirming and thrashing; my hands were in his thick black hair as I thrust my hips upward to push my dripping wet pussy into his face for his tongue to ravish me.

He had to shift his hands to hold me from sliding off the bed such was my abandon as I surrendered to him; surrendered to the throes euphoric unrelenting burning passion; the likes I had never felt or experienced with a man until then.

Afterward, I lay back drained and limp lying diagonally across the bed with my head almost hanging over the edge of the bed with most of hair touching the floor.

And then Thomas’s tongue was gentle and calm, pink and moist; soothing, as he continued licking my pussy like a Cat licking a Kitten, his Kitten.

Thomas finished with a little lick in my belly button and a kiss on my tummy before helping me sit up to fix the askew bed sheets and pick up the pillows from the floor.

Picking up a pillow and a blanket he left to go into the living room to lay down on the couch...naturally I got up to follow him.

“What do you think you’re doing, Thomas.”

“I’m exhausted after all that licking and dancing and very annoyed with you, Sally-Ann.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ve been very rude and didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?”

“Is there such a thing as too many kisses between us.”

“Hand me your pillow please, Thomas.”

And when he sat up and gave it to me, swish-flop, I hit my Rain Man right on the top of the head with it, “How’s that for rude, buster?” swish-flop, I hit him again this time in the face.”

“You hit like a girl, Kitten, Give me the pillow,” he said standing and smiling, holding out his hand for it while advancing slowly as I retreated swinging the pillow in front of me.

“Come and get it and then I’ll give you my answer.”

I turned and darted into the bedroom getting on the bed and wrapped my arms around the pillow, hugging tight to my bosom.

Thomas quietly followed me in and picked up a pillow from the bed.

“You wouldn’t dare hit a girl,” I said in challenge to be answered with swish-flop, Thomas hit the raised pillow I put up to block just in case and hoping he would.

Our pillow fight began in earnest as I got off the bed swinging wildly and laughing as he blocked most of my swish-flops, hitting me occasionally but never in the face, always on my butt.

Beanie was up high on top of Grandma’s Wardrobe, well out of the way, watching us, her tail twitching and I swear if a cat could smile, Beanie was doing it.

Thomas somehow always managed to get behind he is fast when he wants to be. He was laughing as we ran all through the house, teasing me by telling me I hit like a girl as I chased him outside and around the house and then inside again. I dare say if he were to hit me hard instead of playfully lightly, it would hurt.

Apparently Thomas is not a man afraid of spontaneous silliness or just good plain fun! What a nice time we’re going to have at the Renaissance Fair tomorrow.

I spent my teen years after sixteen with young men in their twenties to early thirties with money and fast cars who imagined themselves cool and sophisticated.

I emulated them and the older woman surrounding them to fit in.

They would have dismissed me as a silly child if I did this with them. Instead of leaving home, it is times like this that I wish I had moved in with Grandma Beanie to finish High School and then college to be with people my own age.

It ended when Thomas suddenly grabbed me around the waist and bringing me back to the bedroom to sit on the bed to down beside him.

Thomas took my hands and kissed them, first one and then the other, “You’re incredible, baby, not to mention delicious, succulent and sweet…sweeter than the nectar of the most exotic of flowers....not to mention one heck of a lot of fun; a pillow fight of all things.

“And you’re handsome, blue eyes,” I messed up his hair, “plus you’re charming and reserved, except when you’re silly and playful. Are you always like this?

“Only with you.”

I took Thomas’s handsome face in my hands and kissed his lips, “It will be my pleasure to please you now, Sir.”

“What do you have in mind, baby?”

“Let me show you,” I pushed him down on his back and started kissing and licking him all over, starting with his face and working my way down to hard cock.

I started licking the tip of his cock, looking up and smiling; looking into his blue eyes, while moving my tongue in a circle around the circumference alternating by fluttering my tongue on the tip. Thomas’s hands were buried in my hair to keep it out of my mouth and he was moaning softly while I licked and sucked; I was getting aroused all over again when.....

“You can finish that another time; lie down on your back and take it like a woman because I am going to take it like a man.”

My Rain Man kissed my face, behind my ears, working his way down my neck kissing to the base of my throat, returning to my ears, licking and nibbling on the lobs, “Too many kisses?” he asked.

“Never too many kisses,” I whispered, “please, Thomas, let me suck on your cock,” he silenced me by kissing my lips, his tongue seeking mine. ‘My god,’ I was thinking, ‘he is making me so horny that I’m almost ready to orgasm again.’

Thomas started kissing and licking me all over, especially my breasts, licking and sucking, tasting and probing with his marvelous lips and tongue. My head was thrown back, my eyes closed shut…my god it felt so good.

I could feel the moistness between my legs flowing anew as he worked his way down to my stomach before arriving to that final destination. I was caressing his back and shoulders with my hands, feeling the muscles moving underneath his skin.

“Mm, I can smell you, Kitten. I can smell the sweet nectar of your flower that I tasted mere minutes ago.”

I was so aroused now I could hardly stand it as Thomas got on top of me, supporting his weight with his arms.

My wet pussy welcomed his cock as he entered me, slowly and carefully until his cock filled my entire uterus with his balls caressing the lips of my flower.

Thomas made love to me slowly and gently, his cadence and thrusts increasing in force as he sensed my second orgasm was rising.

My hips were gyrating as I thrust them forward to welcome his cock, slowly at first and then frantically thrashing as I moaned and squirmed moaning and talking softly “never too many kisses.....never to many kisses.”

Thomas was timing his orgasm with mine; the only sound he made was a low growl in his throat as he pumped his rich, creamy seed deep into my pussy, our orgasms mere seconds apart.

When my Rain Man rolled off, I turned to face while he shifted to get close and cuddle.

I rubbed Thomas’s face and ran my fingers through his hair and he sighed moving closer, closing his eyes.

I adore babying him like this; what a sweet little boy he must have been” Don’t fall asleep on me,” I warned as I continued petting him, “we need to talk first.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“The glider can wait. We need to be up and showered by ten in the morning and ready to leave. We’re going to the Renaissance Fair...........”


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