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True Story | Incest

The phone rang and woke us both up from a deep sleep. Hannah answered the phone. It was our brother, Bill, we hadn't heard from him since our parents had divorced. His oldest daughter, Jen, had been accepted at a private school in our area. He wanted us to look after her when she started, because there was no available student housing at the time. Hannah told him that we could take her for as long as was needed. She was to show up the next Sunday. After Hannah got all the flight info she hung up and laid down on top of me. She said that with Jen coming we might not be able to spend every night in bed together. I reached down and rubbed my fingers through the slit between her pussy lips. She gave me a deeply probing kiss with her tongue almost down my throat. When she was wet I slid my finger inside her and moved it around til she was really wet and running down my finger onto my hand. I lifted her hips up and ran my prick up and down her slit. She raised up, grabbed my dick and put it into her sweet, juicy pussy. She didn't wait for anything, but began riding me like it was our first time, or our last. She came suddenly and collapsed on top of me. I rolled her over, put her long lovely legs over my shoulders and started pumping as hard and fast as I could. It wasn't long before I felt my balls start to tighten up and I was ready to come. I kept pumping as deep as I could, when I came, it was a gusher that seemed to go on forever. When I finally rolled of her Hannah was crying.

She was afraid that we would never get to live together anymore. While every one in the family knew we lived in the same house, they thought we were living with our respective spouses. No one but a select few knew of our love for each other. We had married a brother and sister who had the same relationship as Hannah and I. With Jen coming to stay we might to sleep apart, and we didn't know how long this would last. The next morning, I told Kim and Ken what was happening and we needed to get our stuff in the right bedrooms. Both of them took it better than I thought they would.

The night before Jen was to show up, we were all sitting in the livingroom, Ken pulled out some weed that he had just got. He filled our party bowl and we began toking on the pipe. It was some mighty good stuff and it didn't take long for all of us to be baked. Hannah had been sitting next to me and she lay down with her head on my lap. She reached up and started running her hands over my crotch. I started getting hard and I reached over and cupped her left breast in my hand, I squeezed her tit and rolled her nipple between my thumb and fingers. She unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my stiff boner out of my shorts. She moved up so her head was over my lap. She kissed the head of my dick and then took it into her mouth. I was getting hard but when she slid her lips down to the base of my prick, it sprang up quickly. I ran my hand under her shorts and slid my fingers through her slit, she was already wet and my fingers went inside her easily. I was going to slide us around so we could eat each other when Kim climbed onto the couch and sat her pussy down on my face. This was new, I had fucked Kim before and with me she had been a little uptight and nervous. I flattened out my tongue and ran it up and down her pussy slit. When her juices started getting my face wet, I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran my tongue over it til she almost came. I then stuck my tongue as far in her as I could and began stroking with the tongue. I went to pull Hannah up further so I could play with her pussy and I put my thumb into Kens ear. He was eating Hannah as she was sucking me and I was eating his sister. I could feel myself getting ready to come and I ate Kim as fast as I could thinking we would come together, Hannah began sucking harder and bobbing on me faster and faster. Kim came and washed my face with her juices, I came so hard Hannah gagged on my thick come, While I was still coming Hannah came all over Kens face. Kim got down onto the floor and took Ken into her mouth. I had never watched another man get a blow job, Kim was sliding her hands on his nine inches and always kept the head in her mouth. When Ken was ready to come Kim moved her head back and jacked him off til he came. He shot on her tits, in her hair and on her face. I had gotten hard again watching this, Hannah slid down onto the floor next to Kim and started licking Kens come off of Kim. I got on my knees behind Hannah and lifted her hips so I could fuck her ass. I rubbed my dick up and down her slit, to get it wet. I slowly pushed the head of my dick into her ass, when the head was completely in, I could feel her ass muscle clamp down on the shaft like a tight rubber band. I started with short strokes, going slowly at first. When I had half of my prick going in and out, Hannah sat back and I was fully inside her. I stayed in low gear but was stoking the full length of my shaft. I reached under Hannah and played with her clit . As soon as I touched her, she began pushing harder and faster, I pumped as hard as I could and I could feel my balls slapping against her. I knew I was ready to come, so I quickened the pace with my fingers. I don't think I had ever come that hard before, right after I started coming, Hannah came so hard that she blacked out for a minute. With my dick inside her incredible ass, we laid down on the floor to relax. I looked over at Kim and Ken. Ken had his sisters legs over his shoulders and was fucking her so hard that the area rug they were on was jerking across the floor every time he thrust into her. When Kim came she left claw marks on Kens back, this made Ken come so much that it was oozing out of Kims cunt onto the rug. After my prick softened, it plopped out of Hannah's ass and my juices seemed to roll out of her. I turned her over, kissed her while lifting her off the floor. I carried her into the shower. I washed her as tenderly and lovingly as I could. After the shower, I toweled her dry and carried her into our bedroom. She didn't want sex then, she wanted to be held. She fell asleep in my arms, listening to me telling her that I would always love her, and never leave her.

The next morning the four of us went to the airport to pick up Jen. Her plane had already landed by the time we got there. We found her waiting at the baggage claim . I was stunned, she looked like she was a clone of Hannah. She looked as beautiful as Hannah, almost like sisters. When we got her stuff to the car, Jen pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit it. I told her that we didn't smoke at our place because Ken was allergic, and if she wanted a smoke she would have to go out on the patio, thats where I had my occasional cigar. She tossed her cigarette and we got in the car to go home. I was driving, Kim was up front with me. Jen sat in back between Hannah and Ken. The car had gotten warm while we were gone and the A/C was slow to work, so everybody was sweating a little bit. Jen was wearing a white blouse that became see-through as she sweated. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw her firm tits showing though the blouse as if it wasn't there. She had dark aureolas that really stood out on her creamy white tits, that was something I loved about Hannah too. Every time I looked back at her Hannah or Ken was also looking at her. Just looking at her I started to get hard. Kim noticed and gave my dick a quick squeeze, she leaned over and whispered that she couldn't wait for the night to get here. Hannah and Jen were talking almost whispering to each other, by the time we got home Jen was leaning against Hannah and Hannah was smoothing her hair back. When we got home and started unloading Jen's stuff, I asked Hannah what they were talking about. She said Jen was scared about meeting us and going to a school so far from her home. This was her first time without her family and even at sixteen it was kind of scary for her. We got her set up in what had been the den. We had an early supper and Jen said she was tired and would turn in after her shower.

The four of us stayed up later than usual, I think we were all worried about the new arrangements. We all turned in at the same time. It was the little things that bothered me the most, Ken and I were the ones that changed rooms, the girls said they had too much stuff to move. Like I said it was the little stuff, toothbrush upside down in the glass, clothes in the wrong drawer, Kim wanting the same side that I slept on. We solved that kind of easily, I got in the center of the bed, Kim got on top and said after we fell asleep one of us would end up on the side we wanted. Kim is one of the tallest women I know, so that when she lay down with her head next to mine my dick was poking her in the belly button. I brought her face up to mine and kissed her lips and started working my way down her neck to her shoulders and when I pulled her up so I could kiss her tits, my now stiff prick slid up between her pussy lips. As I sucked on her nipples and massaged her tits she started moving up and down, when she was wet enough she reached under and guided me into her. We worked with slow, long strokes. It took only a few strokes before she was coming, I stayed with the slow pace until her orgasm stopped. Then I quicked the pace, When she was ready to come again I started pounding into her as hard and deep as I could. I felt the come start to come and I pumped as fast as I could. Kim came again, this time she bit me on the shoulder hard enough to leave a mark. I came in her and kept pumping until she came again. Before I got soft, she moved down and took me in her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. She lay back on top of me and we fell asleep that way. We woke up the next morning in the same positions. We got up and decided to take a shower together. This bathroom we would be sharing with Jen, so we made sure the doors were locked. Like I said Kim was a tall girl and as we stood in the shower together her tits were right at the level where I could raise my head and take them into my mouth. We soaped each other completely and after rinsing I sat on the little seat that was built in. Kim lifted one leg on the seat and I was to eat her pussy. When she came this time she grabbed my hair with both hands and it felt like she was going to pull it out. She turned around and sat down so my prick went right into her pussy, she got up enough that I slipped out and she told me to put it in her ass. It was so tight I didn't think I would get it in. She said no one had fucked her in the ass before but Hannah seemed to like it, so she wanted to. I told her to relax, I put my fingers into her pussy , then worked my index finger into her asshole. I worked it around until I thought she was ready, then I put my rock hard dick at the opening, slowly I got the head past the muscle and I stopped so she could adjust to the feeling. I started to push in just a little when Kim sat down, plunging me deep into her ass. She yelped in pain for a second and sat still. She said it surprised her when it went in so deep, but she was ready . I lifted her until the head of my dick was almost out, then slid her back down completely, I kept this up for a few minutes and then she lifted herself up and down. I knew I was coming pretty quickly and told her so. She stood enough so that I could ram into her as hard as I could. As I fucked her ass as hard as I could she reached down and played with herself so we both came at the same time. She was now running late for work so we hurried and rinsed ourselves off again. After we got back into the bedroom, she kissed me and said that this might work out OK. She got dressed for work and we went down for breakfast. Hannah and Ken were already at the table, Hannah had made eggs and bacon for everyone. We ate and the three of them left for their jobs. I worked from home so I needed to set up my computer in the dining room. I had just got the computer running when Jen called out and said the bathroom door was locked. I ran up the steps and through the bedroom to unlock the door. When I opened the door, Jen pushed past me, saying she couldn't wait any longer. As I stepped out of the room I noticed that she was wearing one of those teddy bears ( I think thats what they are called). I closed the door behind me and went back down stairs, but I couldn't get my mind off of her great looking body.

I was working at the computer when Jen came down. I told her that I would make breakfast for her if she was hungry. She was, so we went into the kitchen. She wanted scrambled eggs and toast. As I was fixing it she asked me all sorts of questions. What was the weather like, any good places for her some one her age, why did she smell pot last night in Aunt Hannah's bedroom? She said if Ken was allergic to cigarettes why not pot, thats smoke too. I told her I didn't know why but pot doesn't bother him. She was done with breakfast so we went out to the patio so she could have her cigarette. When she opened her pack she took out a joint and asked if It was OK since others did it. I had no argument against it so she lit it up and passed it to me. It was bunk weed and I almost got a headache from it. I told her to sit tight and I would get some good stuff. I packed my little pipe and went back outside. We smoked that and got a good buzz going. She talked about her new school and she hoped she didn't get kicked out of this one. I asked her how many schools she had been kicked out of. She said, only two, one she left on her own. After we finished the pipe, she asked if I could give her a ride to school so she could check in and get her schedule. She went in to get dressed and I got stiff just watching her walk away. Even walking away she was just like Hannah. When she came back down she was wearing a tube top and a tight pair of shorts. We got into the car and I drove to the school. We walked into the office got her signed in and they were ready to show her around the school. I was to come back at three to pick her up.

When I got home I went to work, I write tech manuals for a variety of companies. Hannah instant messaged me during her lunch break. It seemed that Ken liked his sex rough also. They had gone to bed and smoked a joint, it loosened them up for sex. Hannah said that Ken could not come until she slapped his ass with her belt, but she came twice before she smacked him. I told her Kim had bit me so hard on the shoulder that she had bruised it where she bit. I also told her about Jen smoking pot and about the school, as much as I had seen of it. Hannah had to go back to work, I told her that I was going to go up and find a pair of her panties and jack off into them because I missed her. She laughed and told me to make sure I put them in the dirty clothes when I was done. I went up but first I had to pee so I went into the bathroom. Jen had left her PJs and underwear on the floor. I couldn't help myself, I brought her panties up to my face and inhaled her scent, my god, she almost smelled like Hannah. I wrapped her panties over my prick and jerked off into them. Now I had to hide them, I thought, no I just picked up her clothes and threw them onto her bed, not caring what she might say. I was done working so I went into the living room and filled up another bowl. I was pretty wasted by the time I had to go pick up Jen.

Jen was sitting on a bench by the parking lot when I got there. As she walked to the car I noticed that her shorts were so tight that she had a camel toe showing. She was sweating and her tube top just clung to her so tightly it looked like it would rip if she moved the wrong way. She got into the front seat with me and her camel toe was driving me nuts. She was talking about the school and all the classes she was in. I wasn't really listening and every time I looked at her I got stiffer. There were still a couple of hours to kill before everybody else got home from work. Jen asked if she could work on her tan. I said yes, of course. Jen went upstairs to change, while I loaded up another bowl and grabbed a beer. We both made it to the patio about the same time. She was wearing a little string bikini and when she turned around to show it to me, It was a thong. She apologized for leaving her clothes in the bathroom and she would try to remember to pick them up. She gave me a strange little glance out of the corner of her eye. We both sat back and passed the pipe between us. she told me about the trouble she had gotten into at her schools, nothing real bad according to her, some fights and other behavior. I asked, what kind of behavior? She said she had been caught with a couple of boys at one school and with her gym teacher in the locker room. I had finished my beer and Jen asked if I wanted another. She walked in to get me one, she walked out with two and asked if it was all right if she had one. I said OK because I think I would do anything to get her into bed or hell even the yard. Jen had taken a couple of swallows, when she spilled some down her front. She jumped up and flapped the top of her bikini as if that would dry it quicker. I watched as her lovely tits came into view with every flap. I said that the quickest way to get the beer out of it was to rinse it right away. I walked over to get the hose and when I turned around she had the top off and lying on the patio tiles. I rinsed the top off but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She didn't take her eyes off my crotch, I was still spraying the top even though it had washed into the yard. We heard a car door out front so she went running back up to her room. I took the hose and wet myself down, found her top and threw it onto the roof next to her window, so we could get it later. Ken was the first one home, then Kim and finally Hannah. Jen came back down. She had changed clothes and said she had just had a nap. Rest of the night went by quickly, I never got the chance to be alone with Hannah to let her know what happened. We all went to bed about the same time and thankfully Kim was tired and didn't want to fuck.

The next morning , Hannah said that she had a late meeting so she wasn't going in til later. When everyone else had left, she told me that she had talked with Bill to find out why Jen had been shipped to this school. Jen had been caught having sex with two boys at her old school, then at the second school she had been caught with the girls basketball coach, in the locker room and the coach had a strap on dildo that she was using to fuck Jen's ass. According to Bill this had been going on for some time before they were caught. It was the school district that had set it up for her to go to this school and they were paying for the school. I told Hannah about what Jen had told me the day before and how she had behaved out on the patio. We both decided not to worry about it just yet. Hannah then came over and gave me a long kiss and sat down on my lap. I slid my hands inside of her robe and squeezed her tits. I bent my head down and took her right nipple into my mouth and rolled it with my tongue. She ground her pelvis into my crotch and I got hard instantly. I picked her up and laid her on the table. I pulled her robe back, dropped my pants, and pushed my prick into her already wet and hot pussy. We did no fore play, as soon as I was in I pounded her as hard as I could. My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks and I felt like I was using a jackhammer. Hannah wrapped her legs around my waist and tried to pull me in deeper. It wasn't long before I was ready to come and fill my sweet sisters velvety pussy with a full load. She came quickly and coated my dick with her sweetness. When I came I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and pumped as fast as I could. I came with such force that it bubbled back out of her pussy before I was done squirting. Without pulling out I picked her up and walked into the living room. I laid us down on the couch, with her on top and waited for my dick to plop out. We both caught our breath and she said that maybe not sleeping together made it better. I didn't know, all I did know was that I wasn't shrinking and I wanted to do it again. Hannah said there was no time, but she slid down and took me into her mouth, she licked my pole clean and then gave me a blowjob that was great. She licked the head and tried to get her tongue down into the piss hole. She bobbed her head and worked my shaft with her hands and in no time I shot another load which she swallowed completely.

Things were quiet for a while. I had to take a trip up to New York, a new customer wanted to meet me and go over his thinking for the service manual I would be writing. It was a boring three days and I couldn't wait to get back. When I got back Hannah and Jen were sitting in the living room. Hannah said that Jen had found out about us. While I was gone she had seen Ken and Kim in bed, after they thought she was asleep. She said she had heard a noise and got up to check on it. Ken and Kim were in my bedroom and Ken was fucking Kim up the ass. She stood in the doorway and watched as the two of them came, she said Ken didn't come til Kim reached back between her legs and slapped Kens balls until they were bright red. Kim saw her standing at the door and invited her in. Jen said that by this time she was horny as hell. Ken stood up and took Jen's top and panties off. She laid down and Kim started feeling her up and took her breast into her mouth, while Ken lay down and put his mouth over the other tit. Kim's fingers worked their way down Jens body until they found Jens wet pussy ready for her. Ken kissed his way down Jen's back and licked her ass crack . Kim took her fingers out of Jen's pussy and ran them around Jens ass rim. Ken moved Kim's hand out of the way and worked his tongue into Jen's ass. Kim's fingers were back working on Jen and she was ready to come. Ken moved up on the bed and slid the head of his now rock hard prick into Jen's ass, stopping when the head was just inside the ass. Kim slid down and took Jen's clit between her lips. She rolled it around with her tongue and Jen was ready to come, then Ken started long strokes with his nine inches. Jen said she came harder than she ever had, and Ken then shot his load into her, and while Ken rested Jen moved Kim down so she could taste her pussy. She worked her fingers over Kim's clit and then into Kim's pussy. She then took Kim's clit into her mouth and sucked and rolled it around her lips. When Kim came, Jen said it almost drowned her, she had never seen that much juice flow. Kim and Ken went to take a shower and Jen went to talk to Hannah about what had happened. Hannah had explained the situation to her. Ken and Kim loved each other, but in order to get an inheritance they had to be married. Hannah and I had married them because we were in the same boat. We loved each other, but a brother and sister wasn't to love each other the way we did. Jen had spent the rest of that night sharing the bed with Hannah.

As I listened to this story from them I had walked over and sat next to Hannah. She reached over, unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out of my shorts. Since Jen knew about us and wouldn't tell anyone we were back to the way we wanted it to be. Hannah took me in her mouth and licked and sucked til it was rock hard, Jen came over and squirted some oil on my dick and then sat down so my dick was lined up with her ass. I slowly got the head past the muscle and she sat down on me completely. I worked with long and slow strokes, trying to make this last a good long time. Hannah kneeled down in front of us and caressed my balls as I stroked in and out of our niece, she then bent down and sucked Jen's pussy lips into her mouth. Jen said for everyone to stop for a minute, she had Hannah lay on the floor, Then we got up, with me still deeply inside of her she knelt down over Hannah's head and squashed her pussy into her face, she then bent over so she could suck on Hannah's pussy. It wouldn't take long for me to come so I tried holding still as Hannah and Jen ate each other, when it sounded like they were close to coming I started stroking again. I was now ramming Jen's tight ass as hard as I could. Hannah started to moan that she was ready to come, Jen said she was too. I pumped as fast as I could, Hannah cried out that she was coming, Jen started right behind her and I pushed as deep as I could and shot my hot load into Jen's ass. It was still gushing when Hannah moved and took my ball sac into her mouth. She rolled my balls around and I felt myself getting hard again, Jen crawled over to the couch and pulled a foot long black dildo out from the cushion. She took this and slid it into Hannah's pussy. Just watching this, along with Hannah's lovely sucking of my balls got me ready to come again. Jen moved the dildo so it was riding Hannahs clit and Hannah came, as she did she bit down on my sac, not hard but I came again and shot it down to her belly button and everywhere in between. Jen pulled the dildo out of Hannah and inserted it into herself. As Jen worked on herself she licked and sucked my sperm off of Hannah. Before Jen could come again, Hannah took the dildo and worked Jen over with it. The black thing would go in all the way to its hard plastic balls. Jen shuddered when she came.

PS. Ken and Kim got their money and moved to Amsterdam. Hannah, Jen and I moved to Hawaii. We are loving every minute of our shared life and our shared bed together.

Rating: 77%, Read 18440 times, Posted May 28, 2006

True Story | Incest


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