Morning Bells (Part Eight) by pnut007z

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I waited for about ten of the longest minutes of my life for Brooke before I saw her enter the hallway to the café. She had a perky expression on her face and came up to me and gave me a big wet kiss and I hugged her.

“Baby I’m rolling on ecstasy sooo hard right now I just want to go I can’t be here can we just ditch please?” I said.

“Sure, that’s cool do you want me to drive your car?” Brooke said.

“Yes please.” I said pulling out my keys and handing them to her, my hand shaking noticeably.

“You okay? Your pupils are huge I’m so jealous I love that shit.” Brooke said which actually made me feel a little better because maybe she would understand.

“Yeah I just need to talk to you about something that happened.” I said in a more serious tone.

“Okay, let’s go handsome man.” She said clasping onto my hand and dragging me to the car I still felt super messed up and it was comforting to have her by my side even though I felt entirely horrible about everything that happened.

We drove back towards our houses with the music on. I wasn’t really talking still trying to figure out how exactly I was supposed to put this.

“You are really worrying me being so quiet.” Brooke said putting a hand on my thigh, “Let’s go to my house I know my mom’s at work for sure.” Brooke said.

We got out and went inside her house and she dragged me into the living room and sat next to me on the couch.

“So what do you have to tell me hun?” Brooke said sweetly.

“I… I… Well I ditched class with Inna and she gave me a roll and we ended up going to her house to hang out. Everything was fine when we got there, we were listening to music and smoked some weed on her porch.” I said. Brooke’s eye brow had shot up instantly when I mentioned Inna’s name.

“Then she started running her fingers through my hair it felt really good so I just closed my eyes and let her do it for a little while, before she straddled me and continued. I started to get a little uncomfortable with this and pushed her back, but she just complained and told me to enjoy the roll. I told her I had a girlfriend, but she convinced me that we were just friends we weren’t doing anything wrong.” I said and I felt about as crestfallen as I could possible come across well saying this and Brooke was giving me sympathetic eyes and had her hand on top of mine.

I continued feeling a little more reassured that Brooke actually cared and didn’t seem to me like she was upset or hurt really just understanding.

“The next thing I know she started to move to the music and grind on me and I got uncomfortable again, but you know how ecstasy is sending waves of energy all through your body. Any complaint I made was just met with another excuse from her and I can’t lie about it my body more or less responded to it.” I said. She just nodded still staring at me.

“I tried to figure out a way to get free of the situation by constantly bringing you up or changing the subject, not until I asked for some water did she finally give me some space and I just laid back into the couch with my eyes rolling back into my head. Sometime after that she came back and did the same thing and got me to go upstairs to her room with her even though I was reluctant I wanted to lay down because the room was all too much to handle so I joined her.” I said as Brooke squeezed my hand harder her face squishing into a really sad look. I was unsure of how exactly to relay the next events that happened to just come out and be blunt about it or what to do, I didn’t know.

“We were in her room for a little bit and she changed into something more comfortable right in front of me with her back turned away. When she got back to the bed she asked me to massage her saying it would help her enjoy the high more so I did, until she started rubbing on my crotch and slick like a ninja unzipped them making my dick pop out to attention. I’m only human. I started to complain to her again saying I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend, but she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Every time I seemed to say anything she just had another reason why I was being stupid and before I could say anything else she was blowing me and I let her finish unable to control myself. She told me then to return the favor, which I did.” I said a few tears coming from my eyes.

“That fucking bitch, I’ll kill her!” She said squeezing my hand about as hard as she could. I just went in for a hug and held her, so tightly I felt like such a jerk and she hadn’t responded like I thought she would.

“I know I’m fucked up on drugs right now, but I fucking love you babe and I feel like a rotten piece of shit for telling you about this.” I said still holding her and she was rubbing my back which felt really good, her heart was beating almost as fast as mine was, I could feel it; I could feel a lot of things more clearly than I normally did.

She pulled back a little bit and looked me deeply in the eyes, “You love me?” She said, her eyes welling up with water like she was about to cry. I just nodded and stared into her eyes, I really felt it right now and I wasn’t just saying it to get out of the dog house, I meant it.

“I’m happy that you told me the truth right away that must have been hard. I’m not really that upset at you about all of it though. I know how dropping E can make you especially vulnerable when you’re with the opposite sex, I can’t say I haven’t fooled around with people on it before, it does feel really good. I just feel like she lured you into it all and you couldn’t really control yourself, but at least you tried and it doesn’t sound like you attempted to kiss her or really do anything except… never mind I don’t want to even think about it.” Brooke said in an actually pretty calm voice.

“Oh and another thing… I love you too Tommy.” She said pulling me in for a kiss.

“I’m so so sorry Brooke I can’t even think of how to make it up to you, but I’d do anything.” I said staring deeper into her eyes. She looked back at my curiously biting her lip and I would have given anything to read her mind.

“Okay you really want to make it up to me huh? Well you may want to do that, but I really feel like I should be punished. You never would have done any of that, if I was making you happy.” Brooke said fluttering her eyes letting her long lashes do their seductive dance as an evil grin that I’ve never seen smirked across her face. My mind started swirling with possibility. What could she possibly want me to do?

“Tommy I can’t be mad at you I’ve been naughty too, I must confess. I think I should be punished.” Brooke said in a voice I’ve not heard. It was submissive and shy, but it turned me on. I grinned slightly and run a finger over my lips staring at her with lust.

“What have you done that you’ve been so naughty?” I said in a voice I’ve not heard myself do before it was dangerously sly as a fox and wickedly naughty in return.

“You know how Christi has been over here almost every day this week?” Brooke says so innocently and embarrassed. I nodded looking deep into her eyes, mischief playing about in my head.

“Well… we’ve been talking about you a lot. And she told me about all of the stuff you guy’s used to do.” Brooke said breathing deeply her eyes searching my face for reaction and I only gave her back a long expressionless stare pursing my lips with my fingertips.

“Yes… and?” I said. She bit her lip and looked down I was unable to read her.

“All the things you two used to do… it filled me with jealousy and lust. She revealed everything in deep descriptive details…” Brooke said her eyes moving up to search my face her head still down before continuing, “Christi, just talks about you in such a lustful way and it’s pretty obvious that she wants you badly.” She paused to catch her breath searching for more words my mind just dashing about at a galloping pace.

Brooke breathed again in a long sigh, “Christi just kept staring at me and she pulled me in and started kissing me. I didn’t stop her and her tongue danced around in my mouth it felt really good. Then she pulled away from me and told me she was wet… and pulled off her panties spreading her legs and slightly lifting her skirt for me to see her little wet pussy.” Brooke sighed again looking everywhere but my eyes, her face bright red. I just looked at her with my mouth gaping wide.

“Oh wow.” I replied. Her eyes came back up to mine in an expression of complete embarrassment.

“She then grabbed my pony tail kissing me and whispered ‘lick it you little cum slut’ and pushed my face into her pussy. My nose was right up against her and I could smell her, and it really wasn’t bad, almost sweet. She started breathing really hard and I took a couple licks and tried moving away even pleaded with her, but she just shoved my face harder into her. I didn’t want to do it, but I just complied and did it.” Brooke said. I just stared wide eyed and dismayed not able to speak.

“Tommy say something…” She said in a pleading voice.

“Did you enjoy it?” I said.

“Yes, I kind of did. She has such a power over me though! This has happened almost every day this week. It’s not the same as when I’m with you, I love your cock and nothing is going to take me away from that I think I just like being told what to do. She’s just so demanding!” She said. I really should have read those messages from Christi. My subconscious was alarmed as if telling me I should run, while my ego was jumping up and down.

“I’m more intrigued than anything else right now…” I said. My mind was humming now I’ve read some books about dominant and submissive relationships before and for the first time in my life, my mind started going into a darker place.

“So you’re a little cum slut are you?” I said in a serious tone. Her eyes shyly came up to mine and she nodded. I placed my hand on her chin and pulled her in for a kiss.

I softly whispered against her lips, “You’re only my little cum slut now, no more Christi unless I give you permission.” I said locking eyes with her and patting the side of her face gently. This was hot I felt like I was in so much control right now and I really enjoyed it. I pulled on her ear slightly with my finger tips never leaving her eyes for a second.

“Yes, Tommy. I promise!” She whispered back looking into my eyes pleading with me for something I wasn’t sure what. I cocked my head to one side and bit down on her ear lobe pulling at it grabbing her pony tail hard.

“What are you thinking Ms. Axley I do wonder?” I said letting go of her ear having never called her that before but it just felt so.. well… devious. She gazed back at me with curiosity, everything between us had instantly changed and there was no going back.

This seductive moment seemed to go on forever, “Oh Tommy… I’ve been so bad!” She said with such seduction.

“Stand up!” I said with authority. She almost immediately complied. Oh how I was beginning to enjoy this, the power was something else altogether infinitely better than I could imagine. I pulled her forcefully with one arm towards me gripping her bare leg and bent her over my knee. Her mouth gaped open and she turned her face to me with shock written across it.

“I do think a punishment is in order I don’t much like the idea of someone else making you cum.” I said and her face went bright red again I think she was enjoying this as much as I was. I didn’t quite know what had taken control of me, but all of this was very new and I was loving it.

“Oh no… Tommy please!” She said so weakly that she was almost asking for it. I pushed her skirt up so I could get a fresh look at her pink see through panties and they were wet, so very wet.

“I do think you are rather enjoying this baby. You’ve clean soaked through your panties Ms. Axley.” I said once again in a devious voice that I didn’t know existed within me.

“Baby… I just…” She said closing her eyes tightly in such a sardonic tone.

I quickly pulled her panties down almost ripping them off forcefully. She squirmed a little bit panting with anticipation. I gently rubbed her beautiful bare right ass cheek for a moment before…


My hand rang down with brute force making her butt cheek ripple and turn pink with my hand print.

“Oh my God! Baby! I mean Sir…” She replied hotly now starting to pant even harder with anticipation. I grinned almost cheek to cheek when she said sir.

“How many times did you cum from Christi pleasuring you?” I said slowly with a stern voice.

“Um… Seven?” Brooke said meekly almost flabbergasted, her butt wriggling back in forth.

“I See Ms. Axley…” I replied.

“That’s so hot I love it when you call me that.” She said breathing heavy as I continued to gently rub the pink spot with my hand.


“Oh fuckk!” Brooke screamed and a light stream of liquid went running down her thigh. Her other butt cheek had a similar pink hand print on it now to match.

“I suppose you need five more don’t you agree?” I said deviously her head finally turning back to me her eyes flinging open with a gasping expression on her face.

“Tommy!” She pleaded.


My hand rang down again on a fresh spot on her ass that wasn’t red yet. She tried to sit up and my other arm was pressed against her back and more streams of liquid came running down her leg.

“Oh Tommy” she squirmed.

“Call me sir! You little cum slut.” I said not even believing that the words came out of my mouth, but it felt hot.

“Yes sir! I’m sorry I’ll behave.” She said wriggling her ass back and forth, my dick was pressing hard against her belly and she was sliding against it with her body knowingly. I ran my hand along her thigh, letting my index finger collect some liquid for a taste and stopped before it reached my mouth. I stuck it back towards her and said, “Suck.”

She complied twirling her tongue around it and licked it clean, “Good?” I said. My cock was throbbing now at the thought of her beautiful tongue flexing around my finger. She made a small moan and stared at me with a lustful expression. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and with my hand I lifted her ass higher in the air by the mound of her wet pussy.

“Stick it out” I said softly, juices running between each of my fingers gripped tightly against her pussy and she rose up flexing her back dimples.

“Good girl.” I said as her ass was quickly in the air, my finger thrust into her without warning enveloping me with her tightness and a gush of her juicy cum came flowing out.

She cooed, “Oh baby… I can’t… take any more!” She let out even more juices as I thrust into her once more and held my fingers deep within and danced them around playfully watching as she squirmed. My cock was now thirsting for her tight tiny soaked hole.

“Get up… now!” I said sternly, “Turn around and put your hands behind you.” Her delicious butt cheeks grinning at me from under her skirt with legs completely soaked with glistening liquid. I pulled off my tie and firmly wrapped it around her wrists. I tested it to make sure it was secure and got up myself. I pulled off my shirt and slowly undid my belt and she started to turn around to look at me.

“Eyes front Ms. Axley!” I said with such power and authority my belt making a little noise, the metal clanging in my hand. I was beginning to become this mysterious consciousness that was speaking through me. She turned back instinctively with her head held up in the air, her pony tail dangling about. I stood there looking at her taking my time getting undressed, her breathing was becoming labored. I pulled her shirt up over her head stopping at her nose and pulling the material against her so only her nose and mouth were free. I walked on the creaking floor boards to the kitchen and opened a drawer, peeking over my shoulder at her still standing there panting hard. Another stream of liquid came from between her legs my dick was as veiny and hard as I’ve ever seen it. I pulled out a pair of scissors from the drawer and walked back over to Brooke.

I took the cold metal steel of the scissors and ran the handle along her ass cheek opening them and pressing the dull width length of the steel against her butt and she gasped.

“Don’t worry baby. Do you trust me?” I said softly and gently.

“Yes.” She murmured.

I put my hand into the handles and made the sheering noise with the scissors a few times close enough to her ear so she would hear it and I saw goose bumps go all along her body. My hand pulled her naked body close to mine so my dick was pressed into her back and I firmly grasped her breast over her bra.

“Will you be my little cum slut?” I said sternly.

“Oh yes I want nothing more… don’t tease me baby.” She pleaded pressing her back against my hard throbbing bare cock.

I pushed off of her and stood in front of her she still had her head in the air breathing hard, her nostrils flaring with anticipation.

“Don’t move Ms. Axley.” I said. She stood very still her head still high in the air with her chin out, I reached out with my palm and cupped her chin kissing her lips and biting on her bottom lip pulling it towards me before letting go. I opened the scissors again and ran the length of the steel against her lips her bottom lip protruding out.

“Good girl.” I said pulling the scissors away kissing down her neck to the middle of the clasp between her breasts holding her bra together and linked my finger through it pulling it forward. I slowly teased the scissors though it and cut it off freeing her beautiful breasts her nipples were already hard and I dropped the scissors to the floor with a clang making her jump slightly.

“Fuck me please… Please I really can’t take any more!” Brooke said pleading. I gripped her chin with my hand and pursed out her lips clenching tightly and kissed her again before whispering, “Down on your knees now!” I said. She slowly complied and I placed my hands onto her shoulders and swayed back and forth in front of her gently slapping her face with my cock.

“Open your mouth.” I said. She slowly licked her lips and opened her mouth as I bent slightly and let the tip into her mouth and she slowly sucked the head and licked at it.

“No, no! Not like that open your mouth and stick out your tongue I’m going to fuck your mouth!” I said.

“Oh please! Fuck my pretty little mouth baby!” Brooke said. I slowly slid into her mouth about half way.

“No, this just won’t do!” I said looking down at her intense fire in my eyes and I pulled the shirt up over her so I could see her eyes, “Much better!” I said.

Her eyes had a smoky heat inside them she was looking at me so hungrily her mouth still open and tongue sticking out. I gently put my cock back into her mouth and started motioning my hips around while her tongue wiggled at the bottom and I pushed in as far as I could until she made a small gagging noise eyes going wide. I immediately pulled out and watched a simple strain of saliva follow from her chin down to her left nipple, while she panted moving forward towards my cock again. I locked my hand around her pony tail thrusting forward again this time hitting the back of her throat for several pumps hearing saliva building in her mouth as she gagged several more times. I pulled out her eyes completely locked into mine strands of saliva dribbling from her protruded tongue to the head of my dick as she panted hard.

“Can you handle it like a big girl?” I said looking down at her intensely her face still having the lust hungry expression written across it.

“Yes sir! More please!” She cooed sticking her tongue out opening her mouth wider.

“that’s right, you’re a big girl now!” I said smiling down at her resting my cock on her tongue and ramming back into her mouth over and over listening to the gagging noises saliva bubbling up all around my dick as I exploded into her mouth and pulled out shooting several more loads onto her face.

“What a good little cum slut.” I said with a grin plastered across my face looking at her beautiful face covered in my white hot sperm that was gooey and dribbling from her chin.

“I love you too baby!” She cooed as I watched one of the dribbles of cum drop down from her forehead to her beautiful long lashes hanging there making her one eye shut. Man that was hot I’m going to have to store that image in my mind. She leaned forward and kissed the sensitive tip of my cock making a duck face around that tip sucking the rest of the juices out making my legs shake.

“Sit down on the couch.” I said sternly. Her eyes still pasted with satisfaction I reached down and took out my phone and scrolled to camera and took a picture of her with cum drizzled all over her face and naked body.

“Tommy!” She said in an embarrassing panic.

“Something for Christi so she stops sending naughty videos of herself to me on Facebook… and for my own personal amusement!” I said softly. She wriggled a little, her arms still bound sitting on the couch, her mound making a small wet spot on the couch.

“She’s been what??!” Brooke said squirming a little more.

“Yes she sent me a couple video’s trying to tease me to come to her, but I stopped reading her messages. I’ve got the beautifully sexy Brooke Axley right in front of me why would I need her.” I said cold and crisply.

“I should have known that little bitch has been trying to seduce you. What, if she sends the pictures to everyone in school you can’t tommy!” Brooke said.

“Don’t worry she wouldn’t dare, I have way worse on her.” I said flatly.

“I didn’t really want to tell you because I know you just moved to this school, you‘re making new friends, and I just figured you would be upset with me about the whole thing. I wanted you to just figure out who she is on your own.” I said.

“She’s not going to steal you away from me! I knew she had it bad for you I just didn’t know how bad. Either way I’m still going to be friends with her. She can be a lot of fun.” Brooke said.

“No more funny business with her!” I said. Brooke nodded and the dribble of cum dropped from her chin down her right breast to pool around her nipple. I snapped one more picture and put my phone away.

“Tommy! No more!” Brooke said still wriggling to free her hands.

“Does princess want to be free?” I said teasingly and she nodded again.

“Up, up, up!” I said playfully. I ran my finger between her legs letting my index finger linger a tad to collect some fluid and then I sucked on it smiling before pulling it out of my mouth.

“Tasty.” I said. Watching her still wriggle as I undid her hands from the knot I made with the tie. Almost immediately she grabbed my hard cock with her hand and used the other hand to dig her nails into my ass cheek and I winced.

“Hey!” I said almost jumping.

“You’ve got a little, you know on your face.” I teased. She wiped her face with her hand gathering up as much as she could, her one eye still closed and stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them moaning slightly.

“Here you have a little on your eye babe.” I said wiping the dribble off of her mascara cum covered eye lash.

“You’ve ruined my bra!” She said just realizing it as both her eyes flung open.

“Only fair! If you remember what you did to my boxers.” I said coyly and she smiled an evil smile and twisted her toe back and forth standing firmly on one leg and batting her eyes at me.

“I think you need to be fucked! Good and hard Ms. Axley don’t you agree?” I said and she eyed me intently almost too hungrily and pushed her lips hard against mine. I tasted some of my own saltiness on her lips.

I pushed her back onto the couch watching her breasts bounce as she slapped me with her body while her butt was wincing.

“Oh does your poor butt hurt?” I said sarcasm dripping from my lips. She nodded batting her lashes again, if she only knew the effect it had on me, she would do it more often to get her way. I sat next to her on the couch, my erection starting to come back again. I kissed her cheek and cupped her chin with my palm and pinched her nipple with my free hand.

“We still have three more spankings to give I do believe.” I said matter of fact. She tensed up and immediately assumed the position over my knee. Oh that was hot her soft breasts against my left thigh and my erection firmly planted into her navel.

“I didn’t expect you to be so willing maybe only two more then I suppose?” I remarked. I found the pinkest spot on her butt and rubbed it gently before striking down two hard blows onto it and making it ripple each time turning it red. She yelped both times and I smoothed out my hand on the spot rubbing it gentle as another small stream of liquid ran down her thigh.

“Sit!” I commanded motioning her onto my cock. She slowly inserted my cock into her straddling me gently and started bouncing as I flexed my hips. Watching her mouth protrude open her eyes closed and her pony tail bouncing with her tits. I grabbed the back of her pony tail and pulled it hard kissing her breasts that came forward.

“No you need to be fucked! And you need to be fucked properly.” I commanded pushing her off of me.

I stood and walked over to the wall and slapped my hand against it firmly, “Here put your hands high up against this wall.” I said.

She obeyed and her breasts heaved with her hands up high and her butt was wriggling about legs still glistening with her wetness. I walked back over to the couch and picked up my belt off the floor and dragged it along the wooden boards hearing it clang along the ground. Almost instantly her body froze stiff against the wall.

I wrapped the belt around her stomach and slowly inserted my cock into her oh so tight and wet mound. It clenched me in a death grip of juicy goodness. I grabbed the other side of the belt and brought it down to her hip level and started fucking her pulling her closer each time with the belt.

“Oh, my fucking God!” Brooke screamed as a slow steady stream of her cum came rushing around my cock down her leg making a small pool on the floor. I kept slamming into her going deep each time before I stopped as far as I could get inside of her. As I was Bringing the belt up to her breasts tightly wrapping it around her over both nipples and squeezed it around her body, while pushing into her as far as I could go her pussy convulsing around my dick gushing with her orgasm.

“Tommy FUCK! Cum already… NOW!” She screamed her body tightening as she wriggled her butt into me her legs both shaking tremendously. I through my head back and exploded again and again feeling the convulsions of her lips tightly squeezing every last ounce out and the head of my dick throbbing with each shot as I collapsed onto her back releasing the belt from around her letting out a long sigh. She breathed deeply as the air pushed back into her lungs her bosoms swelling with each breath of air.

I held on to her with one arm around her tummy and slowly pulled out of her the sensitivity of my cock was unimaginably intense too much pleasure to continue the cool air instantly hitting my soaked skin.

“That was… AMAZING!” Brooke cooed spinning around and pulling me in for a hug kissing my face, cheek and neck with rapidity.

“I will be your little cum slut whenever you fucking want I’ve never had anything like that before!” She said eagerly. I felt exhausted I couldn’t even think about fucking again my everything just got drained after that. I slowly stroked her hair well she ran her fingertips along my back.


The front door slammed shut and Brooke’s mom walked into the house and made about three steps before stopping cold in her tracks a look a brazened fury in her eyes. We both stood there naked our hearts beating intensely.

“What the fuck?!” Mrs. Axley said tapping her heel against the ground and crossing her arms. Her eyes moved along the ground at the naked clothes and stopped on the scissors and cut bra before shooting back up locking eyes with me.

“Um… We just made up!” I said weakly my heart thumping in sync with Brooke. That was the best I could fucking come up with Jesus I’m a dead man.

“Is that so… what are the scissors for?” She said sternly. Brooke chirped up before I could respond, “I couldn’t get my bra off it was choking me.” She said as her mom’s eyes darting from me to her raising an eyebrow and walking over to examine the bra.

“Seems fine to me… Brooke upstairs NOW!” She said sternly unclasping the back with ease and letting the bra fall to the ground in pieces.

“Mom…” Brooke tried to say something being quickly shot down, “NOW!” Her mom roared back.

Brooke ran upstairs her lady parts bouncing the whole way as my eyes followed widening when I noticed the pink hand prints on her butt. I heard her door slam as she ran into her room. I put my hands in front of my junk to hide my shame turning forward and stepping in the small puddle of Brooke’s juices. My eyes went back to Brooke’s mom who had no expression on her face she was wearing a long dress with a plunging neck line that exposed a nice amount of cleavage her hair cascading down in front of her exposed curves.

Her eyes looked up and down my naked sweaty body stopping at the small pool of wetness below my feet and I thought I saw a tiny grin, but it disappeared just as fast.

“Did you spank my daughter Mr...?” She said, “I just realized I don’t know your last name.”

“Um… Cesario.” I weakly responded my eyes cowering under her stare.

“I think the formality of you hiding yourself is moot point at this time don’t you think?” She said looking down at my hands. I slowly put my hands to my sides exposing my semi erect length dripping with cum at the end.

“So, you didn’t answer my question did you spank my daughter?” She said looking down at my dripping member, while I tried to figure out what she was thinking.

“Ah, yes I did.” I said in a desperate voice I just wanted to run home. Her face showed another slight expression of a grin before it disappeared as she looked deep in thought, while we stood there for a minute in silence as I heard a small drop of my cum splash into the pool of juice below.

“Well Mr. Cesario… What should I do with you?” She said sternly dropping her purse to the floor as she clacked her heels on the wood walking towards me.

“Uh…” Was all I could say a terrified streak of energy gliding up my back bone making the hairs on my neck stand at attention. She walked up to me and firmly slapped me across the face and gripped my chin with her hand locking her eyes into me with a cocked eyebrow. The pain tingled through me and my hand started to shake.

“Like it rough do you?” She said sternly still clenching my chin in her hand and I nodded slowly my face lighting up red. Her eyes were quickly searching my face with curiosity. She firmly pinched my nipple and pulled on it before she let go it hurt, but curiously it felt good too. Her hand moved down to my cock that had another tear of cum dripping from the tip and she grabbed it hard in her hand turning it from soft to blood rushing quickly into it and making the veins around it pump furiously as it swelled in her hand. I winced and let out a little moan and my eyes went back up from her hand to her eyes and she was biting her lip deliciously her eyes still blazing at me. I don’t even think she realized she was biting her lip because as soon as I stopped on it she released it from her teeth.

“What am I going to do with you Mr. Cesario this is not how we conduct ourselves in MY home!” She said with authority putting extra emphasis on “My”.

“I don’t know… I’m sorry just do whatever you want I deserve it.” I said pleading with her all of my previous power from earlier now gone just scared and wriggling a little while her hand locked harder onto my pulsating member.

“Stay here. Don’t you dare move! In fact put your hands on top of the mantel of the fireplace.” She said unhanding my cock pulling me by the ear to the fireplace. She then started walking away up the stairs before I heard the door slam and inaudible voices. I wanted to desperately to run, hide or just plain disappear. The door slammed again and I heard her heels clacking upstairs before I heard another door slam. A few minutes went by before I heard anything my heart was pounding extremely fast and I heard someone coming down the stairs as I stood there frozen.

“Tommy!” I heard a whisper it sounded like Brooke and she wrapped her arms around me she was still naked I thought for sure she would have gotten dressed.

“I’m so sorry. My mom is going to punish us both… she used to be kind of a dominatrix it’s what made my father run away.” She said in a worried voice, “and I guess it’s what turned me into… you’re little cum slut.” She said more playfully, “You can leave if you want, but you’ll probably never see me again if you do.” She put her hands up against the mantel beside me and I couldn’t help, but stare at her heaving breasts. Was all of this worth it I didn’t know, but I stayed there my heart in my throat and this beautiful naked goddess next to me.

“Has she done this before?” I said shocked.

“No, only to my father I never saw it, but boy could you hear it.” She said.

We heard the patter of heels clicking down the stairs and I couldn’t help, but look in that direction still pasted against the mantel her mom changed into a tight fitting lacey push up bra and matching panties. She had long leather boots on with heels and a lacy satin choker around her neck. She was carrying something in her hand I couldn’t quite see what until she made it to the bottom of the steps it was a small leather object with nine tiny leather frills coming out. I got goose bumps all over Brooke’s face didn’t move from the fire place.

“Face front!” She commanded walking towards us. I was so scared I couldn’t help it, but I was equally as turned on Brooke’s mom was almost as beautiful as Brooke in her sexy panties and fit body.


I felt a tinge against my ass cheek and one of the little frills slapped against my ass cheek. I got hard again, which I don’t know how that was possible after expelling so much liquid already.

*Slap* Slap * Slap*

Hard against my butt the tingling sensation intense making me groan with each hit, before she went over to Brooke doing the same thing, but several more times than on my ass.

*Slap* Slap * Slap* *Slap* Slap * Slap* *Slap* Slap * Slap*

With each hit I heard Brooke wince as her breasts heaved into the air and back down. My god this was crazy, but I was enjoying it punishment or not.

“Okay Brooke you’re done back to your room NOW!” She said with authority and Brooke ran quickly her ass cheeks were brutally red at this point.

“You! Down on your knees.” She commanded. I reluctantly got to my knees looking at her drinking in each inch of her glorious body and she walked over to me slowly pushing the object against the side of my face so I could feel it. She ran it along my cheek to my neck before letting it slowly whip me around the back. She put her boot heel up on my shoulder, “Kiss it and unzip my shoe now!” She commanded. She was scary, hot and beautiful, but equally as scary.

I did and she slowly took her beautiful toe out of the boot and let it fall and hit the ground. She then took her toe and pushed it against my lips, “Suck.” She said softly. I obeyed and sucked on her big toe I could taste the red nail polish, her feet were perfectly manicured and tiny. She pulled her toe out and made me do the same thing with the other foot. She then stretched and flung the object in her hand on the couch. While she was stretching the underside of her bra was pushing up and you could see the roundness of her swell peeking out. I was eyeing her body hungrily my cock throbbing and I couldn’t even do anything to stop myself I wanted this and just hoped that Brooke wouldn’t kill me.

“Close your eyes.” She said in a soft voice not really commanding me anymore. She just sounded sexy now. I heard something hit the ground with a soft plop, followed by something else and a new smell touched my nose soft and tangy with a spice and musk to it. I peeked one eye open and Ms. Axley was standing naked in front of me, her pussy looked very similar to Brooke’s a clam shell, but it was more open revealing pink and she was completely waxed a small tinge of glistening wetness coming from inside.

“I thought I told you to close your eyes.” She said in a defiant voice making me instantly close my eyes not really getting to examine her breasts.


She hit me with brute force of a back hand the kind that sends you back to your childhood. She grabbed me by the hair hard with one hand, “Up, Tommy.” I went with her as she lead me to the couch and pushed me down onto it. “Stay!” She commanded.

“BROOKE, DOWNSTAIRS NOW!” She commanded in a yell. That echoed through my ears. I heard the sound of someone running down the stairs. I held my hands over my dick again I was beginning to subside, but there was still a lot of blood running down there keeping me semi stiff.

“Suck on his cock until it gets hard dear, then stop.” Ms. Axley said. She complied and pushed me into her mouth slowly not eagerly sucking like before, but loving a slow delicious feeling soaring through me as she took her time licking and sucking me into her mouth I got instantly hard. She lingered there slowly and sweetly making love to my dick with her mouth before I felt her lips completely stop and she groaned. I opened my eyes to see her mom pulling her by her pony tail off of my dick.

“I said until he gets hard, now as a punishment you have to sit here and watch well I fuck your boyfriend until he shoots his load into me. It’ll teach you to obey MY rules in MY house!” Brookes mom said in a defiant voice.

“Noo… MOM you can’t fuck my boyfriend PLEASE!” Brooke pleaded she looked like she was about to cry.

“Just for that outburst you’re going to suck ALL the cum out of my pussy.” Ms. Axley said sternly.

My eyes were about as wide as they could get. I was gasping for air this was all too much I was completely torn my heart fluttering looking Brooke in the eyes crestfallen back to her mother that was all business.

“And you… eyes shut!” Her mom commanded at me and I closed them tightly not wanting to be slapped in the face again.


She must have heard my thoughts because she slapped me again leaving a burn on my cheek that had already been wacked a few times. She got on top of me straddling me pressing her heaving melons against my face and started to ride me pushing on my shoulders and expertly grinding around the tip of my cock. Seconds later she pushed her body into mine collapsing on top of my dick sending a shiver down my spine as she dropped into me and lifted her ass grinding away. She wasn’t as tight as Brooke, but it was still a good fit and her inner walls seemed to cascade and breath with excitement each time she dropped in and out. She was much more of a pro at fucking and knew exactly when to pull off and lift her ass swaying around her hair kept slapping me in the face. My eyes sprung open as she slapped hard against me I searched the room for Brooke who was intently looking at the two of us with her mouth wide open and her hand between her legs. Was she masterbating? I couldn’t tell because her hand wasn’t moving, but she was looking at me intently.


My face burned again from that slap. “I told you to keep your eyes closed.” Brooke’s mom said slamming her pussy onto my dick with brute force and convulsing around my cock head letting some juice flow as she moaned. I still didn’t close my eyes I was staring at Brooke the whole time and her hand was moving on her pussy as her mom continued to ride me I licked my lips and blew a kiss at Brooke.

“Eyes… Now!” Brooke’s mom demanded pulling up and riding back sticking her ass in the air and gripping me on the shoulders with her nails. She rolled her hips around her lips closed tight around my head and kept the torcher going until she slammed back down and my eyes rolled back into my head and I closed them. She let out a long moan and her inner walls started collapsing around my shaft rolling on up to the head over and over this wasn’t the same feeling as with Brooke. It felt like she was doing this actively not that her body was just reacting like that. I held back as long as I could and I tried to push her off which just made her inner walls flex more rapidly. I opened my eyes wide tearing them away from Brooke’s mom that was cumming all around my dick and looked over at Brooke. I think she knew the look of lust with pain in her eyes met mine with the torrid distress I had in mine. She mouthed the words, “It’s okay.” to me and continued masturbating as I mouthed the words back “Come with me.” I waited as long as I could wanting to come at the same time, but I couldn’t any longer it was just too much and my dick rocketed in the last remaining dose left in my nuts deep into her mom’s pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah!” She screamed pushing herself harder onto my throbbing dick and I felt liquid finally gush out around my dick and I spurted again. Still looking at Brooke a small solitary line of wetness came running down her thigh along with a tear down her cheek.

“Quite a nice cock you have I can see why you made Brooke orgasm enough to leave a puddle on my hard wood floor.” Her mom said pulling off of me her pussy lips thoroughly throbbing and pussy with a nice steady strand of her juice and my cum dangling and hanging from her moist lips. She went to stand and for the first time I got to look at her breasts not really appreciating them before pressed against my body. She had round pink areola’s and they were about silver dollar sized on her enormous perky breasts I guess having a nice set of tit’s runs in the family.

“Brooke, time to suck your boyfriend’s juice out of my pussy… get down now!” She said pointing to the ground as the cum just continued to dangle from her swollen lips hitting Brooke with it right in the eye when she got to her knees. Brooke slowly went up to suck on her mom’s pussy and I caught myself starting to rub my raw cock just watching as she opened her lips and small strands of liquid came dribbling around her face as she sucked. Her mom’s legs bucking around wildly until Brooke stopped and turned to me giving me a small smile and turning back to her mother with a defiant look of blaze in her eyes.

“Thanks for sharing honey! You know how long it’s been since I had a good fucking like that.” Ms. Axley said sweetly to Brooke.

“Oh get fucked mother!” Brooke shouted back.

“I think I just did.” Ms. Axley said laughing walking towards the steps.

“Oh what a fucking bitch…” Brooke scowled looking at me and rolling her eyes.

“That… Yeah I don’t have words baby.” I said.

“I just want to curl up and cuddle in my bed nice and safely today was beyond crazy.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll stay until you fall asleep.” I said.

“Awe, Tommy! I wanted to have a little sleep over.” Brooke said.

“Not tonight honey. Today has just been a plain mess a good one mostly, but still a mess!” I said

We went to her room and cuddled together until she fell fast asleep and I just looked at her serene expression in dream land. It was nice to see her like this and that I had this effect with her, such a comforting feeling. Today has been just absolutely insane and I don’t know, if I’ll ever be able to confront her mother again. It was great and everything, the sex… the well… everything.

I got back home I was greeted by my dad on the couch. My mom was passed out with a book open as always.

“Hey son how was school? You missed dinner.” He said. Man parents could be so predictable.

“It was fine and I’m okay I already ate.” I said not really even thinking about food.

“How’s your little girlfriend Alex told us you’ve been spending quite a bit of time with her. When are we going to meet her?” He said.

“She’s great and soon enough, I had a long day I’m going to relax in my room later!” I said.

I went to my computer to check the messages on Facebook from Christi another new one from today and three older ones. I guess I should read them in order. So I opened the first one.

Christi Lu : You are totally pissing me off I can’t believe you I sent you a video of me fucking myself with a dildo and you don’t even respond and avoid me in the halls! You’re little bitch is always there to rescue you too. Tommy, how can you not want this sweet tight virgin pussy? Something to think about… [Image sent]

A close up picture of Christi’s pussy with two fingers exposing the pinkish material inside, her pussy looked hungry and waiting, lips puffy and swollen like she just masturbated and a small strand of juice cascading down the middle.

I closed the message just as quickly as I looked at the picture moving to the next message.

Christi Lu : Wow what the fuck!!! Fine blow me off in the hall today and have your little bitch make out in front of me I’ll get you back for this you’ll see!

I closed the message and tapped my fingers on the table. Whatever this bitch has planned I’m figuring Brooke already told me about it. I opened the next message.

Christi Lu : Well I see you’re not going to reply or even read my messages… But, when you do you’ll know that I totally had your girlfriend face fuck my pussy. She’s my little slut now and I’m going to turn her against you. [Video]

Brooke was face deep in Christi’s pussy and I could hear moaning coming from Christi in the background. I don’t think Brooke knew the camera was on it was actually kind of hard to see she was holding it on the side and pressing Brookes face into her pussy. “Lick bitch, lick faster! Make me cum you little cum slut.” Christi said. She moved the camera to the side and Brooke’s other hand was pressing against her pussy moving frantically. I heard more rustling as the camera moved around and then I heard Brooke say, “I’m coming…” Her voice was muffled being pushed back onto Christi’s face and she turned the camera to her own face and made a smile kissing at the camera, “That’s right my little slut now make me cum all on your face lick faster.” Christi said turning the camera back to the action and pushing Brooke’s face into her pussy harder. I remember exactly what that felt like she could be a real selfish bitch with that, but she did always reciprocate. She turned the camera back to her own face smiled and flicked off the camera. The video ended.

If that was her revenge it was not going to work because I had Brooke wrapped around my little finger now. It was really hot to watch that, but after today’s events I couldn’t even begin to process the implications. I opened up the last message.

Christi Lu : I heard from my friend that you made some girl Inna cum all over your face and let her suck you dick. Why her! What the fuck? What about me!! You just going to keep ignoring me and throwing that cock around school and leave lil ol’ Christi wanting. Not fucking fair! I’m going to tell Brooke on you, if you don’t fuck me. You know I suck the best fucking dick in school and I’m finally offering you my virginity… and I know how much you almost begged me for it every time we fooled around. Here’s a little reminder. [Video]

Damn she must have had a hidden camera in her room or something I see myself walking into her room. We talk for a little bit and she gets down on her knees and takes my belt off slapping it against the floor and grabbing at my pants waist pulling it down roughly with my boxers in tow. My cock springs out and slaps her in the face. She opens her mouth and grabs my dick sliding it around her lips letting out little globs of saliva and puts it inside her mouth pressing it against her cheek and starts gargling. She slides her tongue up and down the shaft and gets my cock all coated in her saliva spitting on it and making bubbles before going down to my balls and making humming noises on them as she fondles them with her hand. She moves back to my dick with her mouth gritting her teeth in a smile and protruding her lips sliding the head along her teeth and gums. She opens wide and makes a big bubble with saliva and pops it on my dick and shoves it into her mouth using one hand to firmly fondle my nuts and the other to slide up and down along my shaft with her mouth pumping for her life. She pulls back opens her mouth again to create another bubble and sticks her tongue out and slides me completely inside her mouth and starts to literally slap my cock all the way against the back of her throat over and over again making bubbly saliva travel down her chin and onto the floor. She pulls off and I spurt over and over onto her face and she plays with the cum sucking it into her mouth and then the video ends.

PS. your girl has been letting me sit on her face almost every day this week just thought you should know.

I thought I would never forget that day, but seeing it all over again was just too much I grabbed a towel out of the closet and took a quick warm shower to think. This was getting ridiculous and Christi being as fucked in the head as she was being right now made me believe for just a second that she was right. I really have been just fucking everything in a skirt lately, but I loved Brooke. I went back to my room and dropped down onto my bed and plugged my phone in because it died.

My phone chirped to life and I had a text from Josh and a text from Inna.

Josh: Hey man where have you been all day I haven’t fucking seen you since gym class and I heard that you fucked around with some blonde chick?

Man how did that get around so fast I didn’t think she was the type to gossip, but then again I really didn’t know that much about her.

Me: Josh I had a crazy day… I rolled with some girl and we ended up fooling around I told Brooke about it and we made up and ditched the rest of the day and fucked like rabbits some strange shit happened too, but I don’t really want to talk about it.

Almost instantly Josh fired back with a reply.

Josh: That’s crazy man so she forgave you just like that… pretty cool.

Me: Yeah I told her I loved her too man, which I really think I do it felt right when I said it.

Josh: Ha that’s hilarious fucking corn ball! So what happened that was weird?

Me: I really don’t want to talk about it bro let’s just say that Brooke’s mom caught us fucking… that’s all I’m going to say.

Josh: OH SHIT! Sucks to be you did she put your balls in her purse or something?

Me: Yeah pretty much… I’m not going to talk about it man it’s fucked.

I really wasn’t lying about that she did for lack of all things considered put my balls in her purse just not the purse he was talking about.

Josh: Alright man, hey btw I think the coach for the golf team was looking for you that guy Pierce asked me where you were and said his coach was looking for you.

Me: Fucking shit I completely forgot about that damn! I gotta go I’ll talk to you tomorrow…

Josh: Later bro.

I checked my text from Inna it was three text’s long.

Inna: Hey, so where did you go I didn’t see you for the rest of the day at school. I’m sorry it got out about us I told one of my girlfriends and I didn’t think she was going to alert the whole school about it I guess you can’t trust bitches…  I hope you don’t hate me or anything and I’m kind of sorry if I pushed you into doing something you didn’t want to do. Anyways when I got back home I noticed your wallet was on my bed… nice driver’s license you look like a dim wit with a goofy ass smile on your face. You can pick it up tonight if you want my parents are out of town this weekend. Just hit me back when you get the chance.

I looked at my phone awestruck I didn’t want to have to go back over there not now after this crazy day I was having, but I needed my wallet back so fuck it I guess. I called up Inna the phone rang and rang and no one answered, it wasn’t that late only about midnight and I know she stays out late anyways. I need my freaking wallet back, fuck it I’m just going to drive to her house and get it. It’s only a short drive why not I could use the fresh air. I changed out of my clothes into a comfy pair of jeans and a plain black t-shirt.

I got to her house and saw her car in the drive way and pulled behind it. I saw a light on in her room and a shadow moving around I stepped up into the porch and rang the doorbell. A few minutes later I heard the locks clicking and the door swung open.

“Hey? Why didn’t you call?” She said a look of puzzlement on her cute little face and she was biting her lip and pushing some hair behind the curl of her ear.

“I did call about ten minutes ago.” I said.

“Oh I guess I didn’t get it.” She responded back in a snippy voice.

“So you said you had my wallet?” I said back impatiently.

“Ah, yeah come in let me find it.” She said walking up the stairs before turning around, “Well aren’t you coming? I don’t bite.” I followed her up the stairs into her room watching her butt in her black leggings and white shirt with a logo of “The Doors” on the back. She had a chiffon purple lacey bra on underneath you could see through the open sides in her shirt.

We went back into her room and the familiarity hit me of what just transpired what seemed like only moments ago. She had some Snow Patrol playing in the background I think the song was called “When lighting strikes” it was one of my favorites. More and more I could see why I got along with this girl so well I was intrigued by her and not just because she was good looking, but I still had to keep my wits about me Brooke would not be pleased I was even back here in the first place. She hummed sifting through a dresser drawer before pulling out my wallet and sliding it across the dress to me.

“Thanks Inna.” I said, “And you know what I’m sorry for being such a jerk and rebuffing you. It’s not that I don’t find you attractive or even an awesome person, which you are both in spades. I just well you know…” I said my voice partially unsettled.

“Don’t worry about it… You’ll come to your senses eventually.” She said matter of fact.

“You think so huh?” I blurted back.

“Yes.” Inna said.

“I love this band by the way. They are one of my favorites.” I said.

“It’s my melancholy sound track I usually play it when I’m sad.” Inna said her eyes furrowing and her lips a straight line of indifference.

“I never really thought about it like that, I actually find it to be uplifting like that we can all find purpose or something.” I said trying not to hurt her feelings.

“It’s fine.” She said melancholy filling her nostrils I noticed a touch of pain glinting in her eyes. I put my arms around her and gave her a nice long hug rubbing my hand against her back and she cried into my shirt.

“What’s wrong?” I said pulling away a touch and she just buried her face into my shirt.

After a few minutes and the song was over a more uplifting song came on by Coldplay. She rubbed her face against my shirt and pulled away spinning around over to her iPhone to change the music.

“No, leave it.” I said as she started flicking away with her fingertips.

“Okay.” She said putting it back down into the docking station of the speakers.

She turned back towards me and sat on the edge of the bed and I plopped myself down next to her and patted her leg a few times in a “there there…” sort of way.

“Oh don’t patronize me I’m fine.” She said sternly.

“I’m not.” I said moving my hand away.

“So how come your home on a Friday night?” I said in a challenging tone.

“No reason. I just had a really long day and I wanted to have some me time.” Inna said.

“Yeah talk about long days…” I said trailing off.

I looked over on the little bedside table and I saw some very elaborate drawing of two people intensely kissing and something written in a very delicate cursive hand similar to my grandfather who has one of the most amazing penmanship I’ve ever seen. She noticed my eyes lingering there for a minute trying to make out what was written and closed it quickly.

“Nosy are we?” She said in a pout.

“Maybe… you are very mysterious to me.” I said.

“Want to have a couple beers and have a smoke with me on the back patio?” Inna said.

“Sure why not?” I said excited to be out of her maze of wonders I felt, so easily distracted in her room.

We went out to the patio in the back and sat down on a swinging love seat her back yard was huge with little tree bushes all about the place. Someone had taken a great deal of care with the yard and the tree’s cutting off the property line between the neighbors completely blocked out any view of their existence. We sat swinging in the love seat smoking cigarettes in the peace and quiet of the night listening to the crickets. She put her small hand over mine as we continued to swing not looking at me off into some thousand mile stare kicking her legs up and down.

“Nice night I love it when it’s really quiet like this.” She said.

“Yeah nothing quite as nice as just smoking and enjoying life for what it truly is.” I said.

“See this is what I don’t understand about you… You’ve obviously got something going on in that head yet, you choose to be with that little play toy who probably doesn’t have any depth whatsoever.” She said it sounding a little hurt, but it came off pretty bluntly to me stinging deep.

“I suppose, but you really don’t know her like that.” I defended back.

She swung her head towards me flipping her hair to one side and let her bang cascade down her cheek staring at me intensely. She squeezed the top of my hand firmly and glinted her eyes at me crossly.

“You really don’t know do you?” She said.

“Know what?” I said in puzzlement.

“Your little play thing is Christi’s little play thing too… I know all about it Christi and I are pretty good friends when she’s not being a totally train wreck of a bitch.” Inna said.

“Yeah I know about it Brooke told me after I told her about you and me today.” I said.

Her expression turned from stern to flabbergast as her lower lip dropped open slightly.

“I made sure that won’t ever happen again with Brooke and her.” I said matter of fact.

“Yeah how do you know that?” She said crossing her arms.

“We talked about it she won’t be doing any of that shit again, unless I tell her she can.” I said.

“Oh so you like it when your women are nice and submissive? Not making up their minds for themselves.” Inna said scolding me.

“Well I don’t know, not exactly, but with this I just can’t abide.” I said. Inna was punching something into her phone and then put it away in a hurried fashion.

“Can’t abide to what? Her making up her own mind about stuff or just being your little pet toy?” Inna said. A shocking smear was beginning to grind it’s way across my face in angst.

“She’s not my toy… and she can make up her own mind about plenty drop it!” I said.

“Did I strike a nerve or something?” Inna teased with a smile across her lips intently looking at me and started to bite her bottom lip again.

“No, and you know how that frustrates me!” I retorted.

“What?” Inna said incredulously letting go of her lip as it sprang free in its puffiness.

“You biting down on your lip, it makes me want to… never mind.” I huff pulling my hand out from under her clutch.

“Oh is that it?” She said expertly rolling her bottom lip under her teeth and slowly biting it down and letting it get plump rolling out from between her tethering. My eyes got wider and moved from her mouth to her sparkling blue eyes full of mischief.

She started kicking in the air again and planted both hands down on the love seat swinging it up and down again trying to detract me from acknowledging her insinuating behavior. Inna knew exactly what she was doing as she smiled swinging up and down letting out a billow of smoke into the air. I heard her patio door slide open and turned around in a startled manner. My jaw dropped open as I saw who it was… no one other than Christi standing in the doorway in her fuck me red stillettos her expression not mine and her plaid red and black super short skirt with black stockings all the way up the thighs stopping just short of the hem to reveal her creamy tanned legs. She had on a white shirt with a diving v line and a black satin bra that peeked out from both sides pulled tightly together giving her very nice cleavage.

“Well it’s about damn time! He’s away from big boobs Brooke.” Christi teased putting some bright red lipstick on suggestively. My face flared up almost bright red just looking at her it’s really hard not to eye fuck her dressed like that, but I started to get up I was going to make an escape to my car. Inna’s hand grabbed my arm pulling me back down.

“Where are you going? You just got here don’t be rude.” Inna said sternly and I lumped back into the seat crestfallen.

“Make room for Christi!” She said cooing, “Tommy.” She cooed again plopping down on my right thigh and putting her arm around me planting a big wet kiss on my cheek my nostrils flared up with her delectable oh so familiar scent. I shift a little bit uncomfortably my subconscious was screaming at me to get the FUCK out of there! My ego was running his hand through his hair coolly saying you got this.

“Well hi to you too bitch!” Inna said playfully flicking her in her tiny slender arm.

“Ow.” Christi said rubbing her arm, “Tommy you’re supposed to protect me!” She said in a girly squeal.

“Yeah nice to see you too.” I said sarcasm dripping hotly from my lips as she pouted.

“So did you tell him about my little endeavors with Brooke? He hasn’t been reading my Facebook messages.” She said in her most cute girlish voice.

“Yeah he told me they talked about it today.” Inna said curtly.

“That girl cannot eat a rug if she tried she’s all tongue and no action I’ll have to teach her.” Christi said.

“Yeah that will not be happening again we discussed it at length.” I said sternly. She met my response with her own grinding her… what I assumed to be bare ass against my thigh closer to my crotch making me shift uncomfortably again. My mind was intent upon showing her my earlier work, but not right now it would have to wait.

“Don’t be so shy.” Christi cooed.

Inna rolled her eyes and took another drag of her cig before flicking it into the yard and getting up.

“Come on lets go watch a movie downstairs.” She said. A light gleaming at the end of the tunnel for me I felt the freedom of escape as I pushed her tiny body off of me.

“Hey! Not so rough!” Christi squealed.

I rolled my eyes at her following quickly behind Inna. We walked down into her dark basement the lights dimly illuminating the walls there was a huge king sized bed with tons of pillows and a big flat screen TV against the wall. My heart plopped back down the thought of freedom quickly subsiding into nothingness.

Inna got down on all fours with her butt in the air and nice outline of her sex protruding perfectly in view looking through her collection of movies, “Something romantic!” Christi squealed. Inna made a barf noise and continued looking.

Christi jumped onto the bed letting her tiny skirt billow in the air before dropping down revealing that she indeed was not wearing underwear. Fucking little cum dumpster that she with the subtle of a walrus I knew her intentions. I was still standing there as she sprawled out on the bed.

“Tommy!” Christi squealed again, “Come on get comfy.” In an all to suggestive voice, but I was fine with just standing there I’ll let Inna sit between us like a fucking buffer and you won’t be able to do shit I thought.

Inna popped in a movie, “American pyscho okay?” she said jumping on to the bed on the other side putting lots of room between herself and Christi leaving only one space in the middle fucking hell.

I slowly crawled between them and laid down in the middle keeping my eyes on the screen as the movie played and the lights in the room began to fade as Inna pressed a few buttons on a remote. It was almost pitch black now. The movie played for a while until the part where *spoiler alert* he starts chopping some guy up and Christi squeals and grabs onto my arm tightly and wraps her leg around me and Inna squeezes my other thigh digger her finger nails in as the first blow hits the guy and blood goes splattering about.

“Oh shit!” I say trying to sound stunned, but I’ve seen this movie at least ten times.

We continue to watch the movie some more and Christi starts suggestively rubbing up against my side and trying to wrap her leg closer around me bending it up to graze against my groin. I look over at her and give her a brazened stare and she just blinks a few times continuing. Inna hasn’t moved her hand from my thigh it just continues to rest there, but it does seem a lot closer to being between my legs then it had previously.

“Come on guys what are you doing?” I said with about as much damn sarcasm as I could.

Both their eyes move from the TV and look at each other than to me.

“Watching a movie?” Inna said giving note that she made me sound like a complete dumbass for asking.

“It’s fucking hella hot down here don’t you have air conditioning bitch?” Christi said exasperated waving her hand in front of her face like she was trying to cool off.

“Yeah hold on I’ll be right back.” Inna said Christi stopped her, “No its okay I think it’s just this knit shirt. Pajama party!” She said pulling her shirt over her head exposing her rounded melons in that black satin bra and cuddled up against my arm again. Inna rolled her eyes and took her top off too giving me another look at that lovely lacey bra.

“Come on Tommy join in!” Christi said in a girly squeal I cut her off, “No, I think I’m good.”

Inna and her simultaneously grabbed both sides and pulled my shirt up over my head together.

“There better!” Christi said and Inna cuddled up against my other arm the bare skin on skin from both of their bodies was making me hot and flush. My loins brewed with intensity as I tried to think of unsexy thoughts while my ego was jumping up and down. I think my subconscious got overwhelmed and passed out. The movie continued and everything was silent without any more suggestive action for about a half hour it actually felt pretty nice to have two beautiful women snuggled up against me, but so much for it just being that. Christi’s hand started to linger down my stomach her fingers resting between the band of my boxer shorts and my jeans slowly making their way south. I shifted uncomfortably and stopped her hand before it reached further down pressing my hand hard against my pants trapping her. Inna looked over at her and must have got the green light or something because her hand made its way for my jeans button unsnapping it with expert quickness and pulling the zipper down as well.

Christi wrapped her leg around my thigh hard now like an anaconda going in for the kill with her hand wriggling undermine to get free. I moved my hand off of Christi’s trying to get both hands on my pants to put them back in. Bad move was all my subconscious had to say as Christi’s hand plunged deep into my pants and wrapped her tiny hand firmly around my member. Inna was looking at me intently her hands on my chest playing with the little amount of chest hair I had moving in closer to my face so I could feel her breath.

“Oh, what the hell!” I said in a pleading voice, but it wasn’t clear enough I feel it had too much doubt in it.

“You know you like it!” Christi said her hand trying to free my cock through the opening in my boxer briefs. Inna pulled on my chest hairs and dug her nails into me coming closer and planting a wet kiss on my lips trailing her tongue along my bottom lip before biting it and pulling it towards her. My erection came up at that almost instantly.

“We’ve got a live one!” Christi said unzipping my pants and pulling them quickly down with my boxer briefs. My cock sprang out and my mouth opened wide I looked away for one second and had my guard down and my pants had already came down, I’m fucked. I tried to get up, but they both pushed me down hard into the bed.

Christi looked suggestively at Inna and they seemed to have some mental telepathy going on not even speaking. Christi’s hand firmly grabbed my cock making the upper half bulge in her tiny firm squeeze.

“I’ve been waiting for this Tommy, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting it.” Christi said.

Inna grabbed my arm and used my shirt to tie it tightly against the iron head board, but I still had a free hand and I was trying to untie it and squirm away. Christi got on top of me and straddled me she only weighs like ninety or so pounds so I could easily push her away with one hand, but Inna took my other wrist with both her hands and pushed my hand back with her shirt wrapped tightly around it trying to tie it while I wriggled about. Moments later I felt it Christi lowered slowly onto me her pussy was soaking and the head of my cock went in and I quivered letting go of all the fight I had left in me.

“Oh my fuck that feels good!” Christi said in a giddy coy little squeal.

She pushed deeper onto me until I heard a small popping noise breaking through her hymen and she moaned in a loud squeal. Almost as soon as I was inside of her I felt a sticky wetness envolpe my cock and I just gave in and let her ride me and she was a fucking race horse on top of me, so tiny bouncing up and down letting her hair dance about playfully as I groaned. Christi took her top off and let her firm small round tits come out her nipples excited as ever. I didn’t even notice that Inna was taking her pants off with her panties hitting the floor and trying to unclasp her bra I was so locked into this madness. I’m not going to lie it was AMAZING… Christi was so much tighter than I could imagine any girl possibly being probably because she was Asian and a virgin, well was a virgin.

“Inna, you going to join us?” Christi said playfully bouncing up and down in a giddy way smiling and enjoying herself very immensely.

Inna came over to the bed naked and her hair was in tender wisps gracefully playing along her naked skin an angelic blonde beauty her pink little nipples soft with all her exotic tattoos and perky breasts. My eyes went back to Christi who smiled down at me and bit her lip pushing into me and rotating her hips side to side.

“Can we take off these restraints now?” I said.

“Fine! But no fighting this it’s happening!” Christi said pouting as Inna came over and undid the first one my arm shot out like lightning and firmly spanked Christi’s beautiful ass how I did miss it. Inna went to the other side and undid my hand and moved it between her legs for me to play with her moist little mound. I grabbed Christi’s ass and moved my other hand away from Inna and spanked her other ass cheek and slammed my cock as deep as it could go into Christi making her giddy little grin disappear as she flung her head back and her mouth opened letting out a long moan. Her entire body shook and writhed on top of mine and she soaked my dick with her creamy liquid as her deep inner walls locked on and closed in around my cock.

Inna pushed her off hard, “My turn thirsty bitch!” She said my dick feeling the freeness of fresh air seconds away from having just exploded into Christi. She took my shirt and wipe my dick clean of all the bloody juices it was caked in.

She straddled me with her face turned away from me and dropped down and started bouncing on my dick her ass rippling with each drop she was fucking me reverse cowgirl. It was pleasant as I watched her lips snake up and down my length followed by more juices. Her sex was tight and delicious as it soaked me more and more. What was probably most pleasurable was the fact that she knew what she was doing stopping at just the right times to swivel her hips around and shoot up before dropping back down. I sat up and grabbed her by the tits and pulled her back against me rolling my body hard against hers as I slowly pulled my dick out letting the liquid on it trail between her ass cheeks.

I pushed her down hard into the bed and lifted her right leg high into the air and started fucking her proper my body clapping against hers as she let out little moans and soaked my cock beginning to spasm around it making the head start to throb with anticipation. Her inner walls started to close in around me to choke out my cock, but I was ready and pulled out immediately.

“Hey!” Inna said in a pout as a strand of liquid escaped from her hungry protruding pussy lips.

“I know what he wants!” Christi said climbing on to the bed all fours coming close.

“Let me show you how its done!” Christi says triumphantly. I was kneeling just above Inna and just like old times Christi wrapped her ever skilled lips around the tip of my cock and began to lick. If there was ever an expert she was it, but this was new Inna go close as well her cheek up against Christi.

“Share bitch!” Inna growled. Christi released me from her swirling chaos and Inna pulled me into her mouth and started sucking up and down flicking at the tip.

“No you got it all wrong.” Christi protested. She opened her mouth and started creating so very much saliva and made a bubble with many more little bubbles and popped it against my dick and slid it deep inside her warm mouth her tongue dancing along the bottom base not swirling yet. I knew the drill she’s done this so many times, but somehow I’m still completely amazed each time like it was the first. She took the whole thing in hitting the back of her throat I actually think this was farther then I was used to and she gargled that was new too she’s never done that with my whole dick this deep in her mouth. Bubbles started forming along the base as she made a gagging noise with more gargling fucking my dick with her mouth repeatedly before pulling off and gasping for air about a good thirty seconds later.

“Wow!” I said looking down at her and Inna’s face closely next to it.

“Yeah that wasn’t so great, watch this.” Inna said scoffing at Christi who was still panting for air.

This was getting fun and it felt so damn good I had these two beautiful girls fighting over sucking my dick “Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!” my ego gloated. Inna took my balls and sucked one into her mouth and gently rolled it around with her tongue before taking the other one in and beginning to hum. Christi instinctively latched on to my cock and started sucking the head and let saliva just completely soak it and dribble onto Inna’s face as she let both of my balls slowly out of her mouth licking at the shaft. I pulled back out of Christi’s mouth and slapped Inna’s cheek with it and she opened her mouth letting her tongue stick so far out as I slid it in. I grabbed Inna by her hair and started throat fucking her before giving her some air as a strand of dribble dangled I stuck it into Christi’s mouth while she was blowing little saliva bubbles.

I pulled out taking a break for myself breathing hard and collapsed onto the bed.

“So who’s better?” Christi said in a pout. I didn’t answer I just laid back and started breathing more heavily. I slowly rose back up on my knees the veins in my cock looked angry and throbbing as I grabbed my member strongly in my hand.

“Tell you what how about I give each of you three minutes whoever gets me to bust first wins.” I said being quite so cocky at this point.

“Who’s first?” Inna said.

“You can go first I’m gonna win anyways!” Christi said pretty sure of herself.

“You’re on bitch.” Inna said picking up her phone at the end of the bed and starting the timer.

She locked eyes with me and trailed her tongue up and down the sides of the shaft puckering her lips to slowly trail a small amount of liquid on my length and reached under me with her hand and started rotating my nuts back and forth. She opened her lips and sucked painfully hard on the tip and released before coming back and slightly nibbling on it, but not too hard. What was she up to she was wasting a lot of time like a whole minute almost. Almost immediately she grabbed my right ass cheek and drove her nails into it as I winced and pressed her lips against my cock letting it slide along her teeth before opening up and swallowing me up half way coaxing me in lots of saliva before slamming me back into her mouth hitting the back of her throat she had her lips wrapped tightly around and looked up at me again coyly as she slowly let me out of her mouth saliva running down her chin and hanging on the tip of my dick. She fondled my balls with more bravado and used her other hand to pump my shaft and hungrily continued to suck on me as she twisted her hand against the slickness of my cock her eyes closed and deep in concentration.

*Beep beep beep beep*

The timer expired and Inna pulled her lips off of me. “Fucking gay, why didn’t you come!” She protested.

“Because Inna! He’s waiting for the big show!” Christi said giggling so sure of herself and rightly, so she never did had a problem getting me to come for her.

All I could do was laugh a little bit at Christi’s bitchery and I slapped the side of her cheek with my cock nice and solidly.

“Oh you meanie! You want it rough you’ll get it!” Christi said. I almost winced at the thought what in the hell did she consider rough.

“Start the timer I’m going for a minute!” Christi said quite surely again and Inna just gave her a death stare and started the timer.

Christi threw her head back and started to gargle for about twenty seconds making lots of saliva and bubbles come popping out and then closed her mouth and pressed her lips against the tip looking up at me suggestively and with beyond mischief she looked evil.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth saliva came running out almost instantly as she started bashing my cock driving it deeper and deeper and the back of her throat started to resonate like she was singing, but all it sounded like was one long “Ahhhh” for the dentist. Globs and globs of saliva were running down her face and around my dick as she brain bashed my cock with her pretty little mouth before she stopped the whole thing in there and rolled a gargling R on my dick making her tongue tremble and she slowly pulled off sucking the whole way before swirling at the tip kissing it and pulling off.

She must have instinctively known that I was going to shoot as I let go of my last clip of cum for the day all over her face in a nice solid white glob hitting her in the eye and sliding down a cheek. I had a little more in me and I jacked it off onto Inna’s face as her mouth was open in shock and GOAL made it right in the hole.

*Beep Beep beep beep*

Inna’s alarm went off almost a good two minutes after the women in white party. Christi started playing with the cum as always and put the large glob into her mouth and swallowed it licking her lips. Inna rolled her eyes at her even though she had already swallowed what little got into her mouth.

“Mmm… I do miss your taste Tommy boy!” Christi said in a little coo.

“Bitch your crazy I don’t know how you did that.” Inna said. I fell back into the bed and closed my eyes completely drained and the sobriety of it all started kicking in I fucking cheated on Brooke again although i was kind of forced into it… My subconscious tapped his toe and folded his arms shaking his head. My ego was fast asleep with a do not disturb sigh hanging from his neck and a stupid half-wit smile perfectly plastered on his face.

:::::Chapter Eight End:::::

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