Mom Caught Me pt. 1 by cakeman1212

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Fiction | Asian, Blowjob, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Young

I received a PC from my grandfather for my 18th birthday and spent most of senior year discovering the wonders of the internet. I quickly became the one to beat in chess club with the intricate and advanced strategies I learned from chess sites. I became fairly decent at drawing my favorite cartoon characters, I studied photography, weightlifting, golf, military history, anything that sparked my interest.

While waiting patiently in the lunch line one day at school, I was snapped out of my drooling cheeseburger daydream by the word "tits". After some careful eavesdropping, it appeared that some kids in front of me discovered a place on the internet with animated naked women. I mentally wrote down the name of the site just out of mere curiosity and sprinted off the bus to my PC later that day.

With a shaky hand, I quickly typed in the URL of the website and hit "enter".

The first picture that greeted me was of a character from Sailor Moon. (don't ask me how I knew that). She was on her back with her hands tied up over her head and her shirt was ripped open down the middle. Her massive tits were shiny and slick looking and appeared to be dripping with sweat or some other liquid. A shredded strip of her shirt was still hanging from the end of one of her oversized nipples to illustrate the violence with which her shirt was ripped open. Her legs were also spread wide open and her skirt was pushed up just enough to see the bottom half of her little slit. It was slightly agape and oozing out some sort of liquid into a puddle under her little ass.

That's when I heard my door open.

"Jeff I need he-" Mom stood in the doorway, her eyes focusing in on what was on my monitor.

"Mom it's for a project." I quickly said with as much confidence as possible. I didn't attempt to cover what was on my screen due to the admission of guilt it would undoubtedly present.

Her eyes slightly flared with anger, because of the obvious lie I just told or the image on my screen, I wasn't sure yet.

"What class is it for?" she calmly began the strategic process of picking my lie apart. She's good at it. I couldn't admit to the truth this time, so I began my counter-attack.

"It's for art" I countered. She took one menacing step into my room and folded her hands under her arms.

She was wearing a tank top, like she usually does while working around the house, and the act of her arm folding served to push her breasts up into a nice cleavage valley at the top of her tight-fitting tank top.

"What is the assignment?" She asked through ever-so-slightly gritted teethe. I faltered. I expected her to ask something like "why would they ask you to look at dirty pictures!?" or "What the hell are you doing looking at that!?"

I had to think fast.

"The assignment is to, um, report on why the woman form is so difficult to depict in art" I said flatly, rotating my desk chair to face her while I was spewing out my lie.

Her jaw relaxed slightly. Had she believed me?

"That animation is hardly the true depiction of a woman form" she stated firmly. "What are you hoping to gain by looking at that?"

"I don't know" I kept my eyes directly on hers. "I'm looking around at many different art styles of the woman body".

She relaxed her arms slightly. Am I winning?

"Was the assignment to study naked women? I have a hard time believing your teacher wants you to look at naked pictures on the internet" She still doesn't completely believe me.

"I figured it would be the best way to learn about the shape of a womans body" I was so deep in lies by now that I couldn't give up my stance. I'd be grounded for two months if she found out everything I just said was a lie.

She walked over to my bed which sits directly next to my PC.

"What other 'styles' were you looking at?" she sat down on my bed, her tits jiggled sexily when her ass made contact.

"You know.. Different art styles" I don't know anything about art styles.

"Show me" She shot back quickly. I knew I had to come up with something fast. I immedeately rotated my chair towards the monitor and deftly navigated to my favorite search engine. I wanted to stay in the same genre to create the illusion that I had spent some time researching this. So I typed in the word I remembered seeing at the top of the screen on the previous site, "Hentai".

That was not the right word to type. I clicked on the first site quickly and I was presented with an image similar to the one before, except this woman was completely naked. She was sprawled completely out on the ground in a puddle of some indescribable slime and there were massive snake-like tentacles invading her orifices. Her eyes were bulged out with panic and one slimy tentacle was lodged deeply into her throat. Another thicker tentacle was deeply rammed into her pussy. And a third tentacle was wrapped tightly around her body to hold her in place. Her tits were again, immense, and dripping with sweat and tentacle slime. Her little cunt was drooling out some unknown mixture of juices around the edges of the large invading tentacle.

My dick began to harden quickly.

"See. Similar style, different artist"

Mom smirked knowingly. This was way too obvious. I should have typed in "animated woman form" or something more simple. Damn!

"What other styles?" She's just trying to see how many lies I'll tell now. She wants to ground me for life. I should just fess up, but I notice a big "NEXT" button at the bottom of this picture and I decide to play it out. Besides, this is the last chance I'll ever get to look at these pictures after mom takes my computer away for life. So, I click next.

"See here-" I begin to say before the picture fully loads. Damn I really screwed up this time. "This is another classic example of the woman form"

It's a side shot of another large breasted anime woman on her hands and knees with her back arched in a sexy curve. Her big, oiled ass is pointed straight up in an inviting fashion towards the figure behind her, a muscular looking male which happens to be grabbing her hips tightly and pulling her towards his big, dripping cock.

My mom quietly stifles a giggle

"So why-" she lowers her hands to her knees to lean in for a better look "-would you need to see a naked male as well?"

I realize I'm leaning in for a better look also. The guys penis is so big that there's no way he's going to get the whole thing in there. Just the tip is nudging at her opening and it's already nearly splitting her open. Her slit is dripping out some liquid which is running down the length of his penis and there's some more dripping down her-


I'm snapped back to reality by my moms slightly angry, yet somewhat softening voice.

I slowly move my gaze over to my mom and am startled by what I see. Looking at these pictures has done something to me. She doesn't look like the same mom. I'm instantly aware of her large breasts pushed up against the thin cloth of her tank top. Her large hard nipples poking against the tight fabric. Her thick pouty lips and fiery sexy eyes. The smoothness and flawlessness that her asian heritage gives to her perfect skin. Her sexy skin tight short shorts and curvatious hips.

I avert my eyes quickly to prevent any more awkwardness.

"So when is the due date?" She asks flatly.

"It's due tomorrow" I reply with a hint of urgency in my voice. I'm hoping that will end this conversation and she will let me get back to "work" so I can finish in time.

"Want me to help?" she asks with her eyebrows pointed up in an inquisitive fashion. She not only knows I'm lying, but she also wants to test my lying capabilities for future inquisitions. But what the hell... I can't possibly get in any MORE trouble...

"Sure" I say, still confidently, still hoping there's some glimmer of hope of getting out of this.

"OK, so if you really want to study the woman form, you shouldn't be looking at these exaggerated animations. Go to this other website." Mom reaches over my lap and begins to type something into the browser. I don't see what she's typing because her large tit is hanging inches from my face, tempting me to gently pinch that big nipple that's poking out towards the ground. I can smell the pungent scent of woman-ness emanating from her body. The smell of laundry soap and hair shampoo cuts through the light hint of female sweat and causes my eyelids to droop slightly as I deeply inhale the scent. Just then, she sits back down and clacks the "enter" button.

The picture is of a young teen with large breasts pulling her shirt off over her head. She doesn't quite have the shirt over her large tits, so they are held up hammock-style by the bottom half of her shirt. My penis continues to harden rapidly. I shift slightly. She notices and glances down at the large tent in my shorts. Theres a slight wet spot at the tip where a generous amount of my precum has leaked through my clothes.

"Yes quite interesting indeed" I say "This is a very good depiction of the woman form"

My mom, again, smirks openly at my deciet and hits the space bar. The woman on the screen comes to life and music begins to play. She pulls her shirt up past her tits and they sexily bounce out into view. I glance, slightly panicked, at my mom to make sure she did that on purpose and find her glaring at me with a waiting look.

"So will this help you with your report?" she firmly asks, pointing at the screen. "Why aren't you writing anything?"

I blankly blink at her and look back at the screen. The woman is pouring some sort of oil onto her hands and is spreading it around on her large tits. This is not a drawing like the ones before and my dick is raging hard at this point. The large wet spot in my shorts is obvious.

"Well I need to study it a little more" I state as confidently as I can. Then a man enters the screen and walks right up to the teen girl. He kneels down slightly and lays his enormous cock right between the teens tits which she then luxuriously wraps around the large member. The man starts humping his cock, slickened by the copious dose of oil which was pooled between the teens tits, in and out of the fleshy tit valley created by the teen. The camera zooms in and brings into vision a river of precum drooling from the tip of the mans dick. The young girl leans down and sticks her tongue out so that the next thrust of the mans dick causes the head to drag sexily against the teens tongue, leaving a slick pool of precum which she eagerly brings into her mouth.

I look at mom and her expression has changed slightly. Her eyes are slightly glazed over and shes tightly squeezing her thighs together.

I'm in pain at this point and my dick is violently throbbing against my shorts.

"Hun, it's not like I havn't seen it before. I can tell you're in pain. Why don't you just take it out.." My mom lazily recommends as if it's nothing. I stare at her blankly for a few seconds to make sure she's not trying to get me to dig myself deeper, but I don't need any more encouragement. It's hurting.

I quickly rip my fly down and pop the button at the top and my previously restricted tent becomes an impressive, much larger boxer clad tent. My cock is visibly throbbing against the boxer material and the whole tip area is wet with precum.

Mom actually looks a little startled and shifts back ever-so-slightly when I pulled my zipper down. Her look changes suddenly and she's staring blankly at my crotch for some reason. I'm embarassed by all the wetness in my boxers. I'm afraid she's going to think I wet myself or something, but she's not saying anything.

"Might as well take your boxers down." She says with a different tone than she's had since she walked in. I'm not sure if it means she's getting more mad or if she's about to decide my fate.

I need no more encouragement. The wet spot is starting to cool and it's not real comfortable. I pull my boxers down enough for my cock to flop out and slap slightly against my stomach.

"Jesus Jeff!" Mom exclaims, not taking her eyes off my dick. "That thing is fucking huge!".

I didn't think it was that big... I didn't have much to compare it to, but it's about the same size as the guy's in the anime picture. I thought that was average. It's bigger than the guy in the current video. Theres more pronounced veins up and down the length of it and a much bigger head, but I figured that guy was just below average.

Nevertheless, about that time, the guy in the video grunted hard and a thick stream of cum squirted from the tip of his cock and lavishly splashed against the teens pouty lips. She was startled and clearly not expecting such a forceful cum shot, so her head jerked back slightly. The guy's dick jerked again violently and another long rope of cum shot out and forcefully spattered against the underside of the teens chin, making an audible spat sound and sending cum flying all directions away from the teens face. A few more shorter, but still copious squirts bathed her chest from the top of her tits up to her neck.

Needless to say, it was really turning me on. I looked down at my still visibly throbbing member and a new warm stream of precum was drooling down the side of my cock, changing it's path lazily as it ran across the pronounced veins protruding from my dick.

My mom had a glazed look over her face and was staring blankly at my twitching cock.

"Jeff I see you're still not writing anything. Maybe you need a better visual interpretation of the woman form"

At that, she stood up and took her top off slowly like the teen in the video. The bottom of her tits began to come to view first and then her large areolas. Her shirt hung slightly on the tips of her huge, hardening nipples and finally her tits dropped into view making a grand jiggly entrance as they fell ever-so-slightly to their natural hang. They were huge compared to the girl in the video. There was a slight trail of sweat running down between them and I couldn't help but think of how my cock would feel between them like the guy in the video. My cock continued to throb violently and another large dose of precum began running down the length of it.

"Will this help" My mom asked dreamily.

"Yeah I think so mom" I replied in the same flat, dreamy tone.

I have never touched my cock in an impure manner, but my hand naturally began moving toward my dick before I knew what I was doing. I felt my fingers wrap around my dick and slightly smear the exorbitant amount of precum on my thick shaft. I didn't know what my plan was, but I started sliding my hand up and down slightly, glistening my cock meat with slick precum as I stared blankly at my mom's huge tits.

Mom began to take her pants off, and with one smooth motion, she had them to the floor. When she stood back up I noticed a large wet spot on her panties like the one on my boxers. I wondered if that meant she was as turned on as me by the images on the screen. She turned around to show me her ass. It was amazing. Perfectly round and sticking straight out to greet me. As she rotated her body, her steps caused it to jiggle slightly and cause my cock to twitch hard. She began pulling her panties down slowly and I could see a long stream of some thick clear liquid connecting the crotch of her panties to her little slit. Once the panties were down halfway the stream snapped apart and clung to the inside of her thigh. Some more was dripping down the inside of her other thigh. I wondered if that was the same liquid that was depicted in the anime pictures.

I was stroking my cock to the best of my abilities and when mom turned back around she giggled slightly at my attempts, causing her tits to jiggle beautifully.

"So you shouldn't just stare at me, Jeff" She said in a normal motherly tone. "Close your eyes and combine everything you know about the female body based on all the styles you just saw, real and animated, and decide on a theme for your report". Her tone was so motherly in fact, that I realized she really was trying to help me with my report.

I closed my eyes and instantly heard her shuffle around slightly, probably picking up her clothes and leaving my room. That would be a relief. Then I could get back to daydreaming about her and playing with my still hardening cock. I began to think about laying my thick cock meat between her fleshy-

What the hell.

A hand grabbed my arm and pulled it away from my cock. Aw... Mom wanted me to actually work rather than play with my prick. Ok fine, I resolved. I'll wait 'till she's out of my room before I-

Woah something happened! Something touched the tip of my cock where the precum was dripping out. It was such a faint touch though that I don't know what- Woah it happened again! Something is touching the tip of my dick repeatedly, something warm and wet. It feels like it's slowly cleaning up the copious precum coating the head of my dick. It feels amazing. I'm afraid to open my eyes in fear that it will stop.

Suddenly the whole head feels as though it's being covered by this warm, wet intruder. Theres a slight suckling noise as the warmth leaves the tip of my cock and I can feel a new thick river of precum begin running down the side of my pulsating cock. That wet suckling feeling returns to my cock shaft at the spot where the precum is drooling down the side and theres a sickly slurping noise as if something is sucking up my precum. I hear a deep gutteral moan coming from the intrusion and it sounds like mom! Is mom kissing my cock?

As soon as I have time to register the thought, the warmth slowly engulfs and slides past the head of my dick and down across the veiny shaft. God this feels good. I can feel her tongue gliding luxuriously across the bottom sensitive spots on my cock and she moans deeply as she gets another generous mouthful of warm precum oozing from the tip of my cock. I feel her put her hands on my thighs as she begins sliding her saliva and precum filled mouth up and down my thick cock meat. I moan uncontrollably and run my fingers through her smooth black hair, careful to keep my eyes closed.

I'm quickly aware of the changing feelings in my balls as her mouth movements speed up and her tongue begins flicking the underside of my dick with more urgency. She's forced to swallow several times as my cock is steadily oozing out a thick stream of precum into her fleshy canal.

Just as my balls begin to tighten to a nearly painful state, an amazing feeling washes over my body as my cock twitches forcefully and erupts a long white stream of cum into the air. I open my eyes in enough time to see a thick stream of my cum bathe the side of my moms face and lips. I am suddenly aware that my younger sister is standing behind my mom with an appalled look on her face and her mouth agape in silence. That pushes me over the edge even harder. My cock begins spazming violently in my moms hand and squirting rope after rope of cum over my moms face and neck. Many of them long and forceful enough to land on my sisters legs and feet. She yelps slightly and my mom turns her head panicked to see my sister standing behind her. My cock continues to unload into the side of my moms face splashing cum all over the carpet and down her naked body.

It's quite a sight. My mom is positively bathed in my cum from face to stomach. Cum is still dripping off of her face and making light splat sounds as it lands on her soft tits. My sisters legs and shorts are dripping steady streams of the thick liquid down to her feet.

"Shit Jessica what the fuck are you doing standing there" mom spats at my sister "Go get me some towels. That was the biggest load of cum I've ever seen"

Jessica stood silently for a second, mouth still agape and then finally went to retrieve a towel.

"Why is your cock so fucking big, Jeff" Mom demanded incredulously. "That thing is twice as big as your fathers"

My cock gave a light twitch at hearing that and a big glob of cum leftover in the head oozed out and dripped onto my moms left thigh.

"I don't know... I thought it was normal size" I shrugged. Jessica came bouncing back into the room with a large bath towel in her hand and tossed it to mom. She had already wiped herself off as well as she could. There was a circle of shiny wetness around her lips that wasn't there before she left the room. Had she scooped some of the cum off her legs and tasted it? She couldn't take her eyes off of my slightly softening cock.

"Can I try that mom?!" she inquired excitedly.

"No, I was helping your brother with a book report" Mom stared at Jessica for a moment while she toweled generous helpings of cum off her face and chest. "Why would you want to do that to your brother?"

Jessica left the room in a pouty fashion. My mom turned to look at me with a slightly bewildered look after what my

sister just said.

Mom cleaned up my softening dick and wiped what she could off of the carpet and my desk chair and started leaving the room.

"Ok now you have the inspiration you need to complete your report. I expect an A from this class" She demanded as she was walking through my doorway. She closed the door behind her and I was left in solitude to replay the moments in my head of what just happened. I couldn't keep my eyes open for much longer having been so physically and emotionally exhausted by what just took place, so I turned out my lights and went to bed early.

Rating: 94%, Read 425813 times, Posted Feb 21, 2017

Fiction | Asian, Blowjob, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Young


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