Aria's New Life Pt. II by Kmas90

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Fantasm | Female, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex


The moment I saw Aria’s face, I was in bed feeling lonely one night just like now. I tried to jack one off to get some type of release, as my mother was out of the realm for the time being, but nothing. Nothing until I saw her face. Those dark, brown eyes just like her father’s. I should have known. The way she held me, loved me deep within her soul.

I dreamt of our future. Some healers have that ability so we can heal when needed and have what we need ahead of time. Unlike emergencies you see on earth. There are none here with me around. I saw our child in her arms and a band on her finger I made with my own hands.

She could never be mine, though. She’s the King’s. I’m his right hand. It wouldn’t be right to court her. It took two weeks after my dreams started for the King to get his. I never told him of mine, but then again, our King is a good king because he has the ability to read minds. Not in detail but generalized. He sort of feels what you’re thinking. For instance, you could be thinking about sex and he can tell by your body movements how you’re feeling about it; whether you like it or not so he can please you properly.

I know he must have felt my emotions when I saw Aria in his arms unconscious, but he didn’t say anything. Or, he could have been so distracted by the girl from our dreams almost dead. Either way, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. He’d been so stressed, tired from something. I was his right hand; I wish he would tell me what was worrying him.

I thought of Aria as I lay in bed and try to once again jerk one off to get some release. I was so pent up. Aria was untouchable; but not in my fantasies. I thought of how she’d taste from head to toe. Her mouth fucking my cock. Holding her tight as I thrust inside of her, making her scream my name. It brought me to the edge and I came. Then I take her in my arms and hold her throughout the night and tell her I love her.

Maybe now I can get some sleep.



As the King promised, I woke in his arms. I didn’t make it obvious, though. I kept my eyes closed and took in my surroundings. Bed, blanket, deep breath, I smell…man. Yep, that’s the same guy. I’m splayed out naked on mostly his chest. Cuddling is nice; I’ve never done this before.

Questions. Yes. I need to ask those. I turn to wake him and saw dark eyes boring into mine.

“Oh, you’re awake,” I say, startled.

“I never slept.” He replied gravely. “I haven’t slept in days.”

“I’m sorry.” I put my head down on his chest.

Jackson lifted my chin with his hand so I was looking at him again. “What did I tell you about apologizing? In this kingdom, there is no need for you to apologize.”

“Why?” I asked, super curious but then again, not really wanting to know the answer. I had a funny feeling I wasn’t leaving this ‘realm’ but I didn’t want to hear that answer.

The King exhaled deeply; this is why he wasn’t sleeping. He was fighting with something; I could see it in his eyes. “Now is not the time to explain. Just know this my dear Aria, you are meant for something far greater than you could have ever imagined.” With that, Jackson pulled me closer into his arms and kissed me.

I wanted answers just as much as I wanted this man to continue kissing me. “Wait,” I broke the kiss. “I need some answers. You keep speaking in riddles then bringing me to great orgasm with still non explanation of why I’m here or for how long. Who are you really and how did you ‘dream’ of me? What is really going on? No more omissions.”

“Aria, please, let me just feel you for a bit longer before I have to explain everything to you. Let me show you how to be pleased physically. We can handle the hard stuff later.”

“Fine, but you have to take me then. Take my virginity. Fuck me.” I couldn’t believe I just made ultimatum to a king! The look on his face was priceless; he clearly didn’t expect me to say that.

“No, not yet. You’re not ready.” He simply replied. His authoritarian tone was coming back, though.

“Then tell me everything.” I now sat up and stared right back in his eyes.

“Aria…” he said in a warning tone. “Don’t.”

I climbed up his body and straddled him. I may not have ever had sex, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t use porn to get off; it gets boring doing it on your own for that many years. I knew how to tease a man; I watched it all the time. As I started to grind my pussy on his boxer-covered cock (I was still naked from earlier), I leaned forward and began kissing him on his beautiful beard-covered mouth.

“Aria…” this time his tone was little less strict and a little more wanting. He wanted me. And it was taking all he had in him to not take me right there. His body’s instincts were reacting and I loved it. I really didn’t want him to fuck me, but I did at the same time; I also wanted answers. I was going to get them one way or another.

I moved my mouth from his and moved down to his neck and earlobe nipping and kissing him planning to go ‘all the way down.’ When I got to his naval, though, he stopped me. “Aria, no. Let me please you.”

Smirking at him, I continued my trail down his happy trail awaiting my prize under the sheets and inside of his boxers. I was so fixated on what was under the sheets, I didn’t realize Jackson was holding me until I was under him and he was on top of me boring into my eyes. “You want answers? Are you sure you want to know everything?”

All I could do was nod my head under his heated stare. The king yet again exhaled in frustration and exhaustion and placed his forehead on mine.

“Aria, you will be queen of this kingdom. You will also forever be mine. We are mated to be; destined. Why do you think you feel all of those things for someone you never met before in your life? I dreamt of you for weeks; I dreamt of our life together.”

I must have had a shocked look on my face, but the king continued, “Everything you feel feels right; like the universe put you in place, finally. At least for me. That’s the mating call. When you look at the person you’re supposed to be with for the rest of eternity, everything sort of ‘clicks’ into place. You are my life, Aria. The air that I breathe; the reason of my existence.”

“is there more?” was all I could ask. I couldn’t process anything at all. Here was a guy that was clearly at least 20 years my senior telling me that I was the love of his life. I don’t know about this realm, but on my planet, it’s usually gross.



Did she really just ask me if there was more? Is this woman a glutton for punishment? Of course there was more! But how do I now tell her more? I guess the way I have been; just tell her.

“Yes. There’s much more. You want everything?”

“I want to know everything, ‘your highness,” she said sarcastically.

“You may be the love of my life, but don’t think I won’t put you over my knee. Don’t ever be facetious with me like that.” I got the reaction I half expected; dear in headlights. Yes, I won’t lie. I’ve wanted to put this girl over my knee and spank her bare ass till her cheeks were red. I was waiting till after I took her for the first time and introduce her to an actual sex life; but not yet. One thing I’ve learned as a king is that patience is a virtue.

I did want her; and she gave me the option of taking her for the first time instead of provide information. However, I couldn’t bring myself to take her and then tell her I was her father. I just couldn’t.

“Aria, there is a ‘thing’ about our people. As a king, I need a mate to continue the line of kings and queens. Once there is no heir to my blood line the people choose another king. It wouldn’t be a huge deal if it didn’t happen since most of our people feel, think and act in the same manners. But, I would like to continue my heir since I’m the third generation; I would like a fourth. You, my dear are my mate. We are meant to be. You feel this a bit because you are half one of us; but the half human inside of your mind is confusing you and I can understand that.

“I also need you to have an open mind when I tell you this part: I know your mother. Not the one with whom you were left with in a hospital somewhere on Earth. No, your mother from this realm. She gave birth and left you. And I am so sorry she did that to you. Your mother was here, in my bed first. I had thought she had fucked another human and gave birth to you; I have no idea how you are half human and it’s something I would like to figure out.” The shock in her eyes was expected; but she looked…scared. “Aria, why are you afraid? You have nothing to fear.”

“You’re…you’re my dad?” she began to back up off the bed.

“Yes. But please, don’t run from me. Remember what I taught you about trusting your body more than your mind sometimes. This is one of those times.” Aria began to back up more and more, taking the sheet with her. I went to reach for her but she ran, fast and out the door.




What the fuck was going on? I just let a strange man put his face between my legs and then he tells me he’s my father? Is he kidding me? I had to get out of here! I didn’t know how, but I had to. I had to get home; this place wasn’t for me. Was it? I couldn’t think. All I could do was run; so I did. I ran out of the room and down the flight of stairs that led to the city that I had seen earlier. There had to be a way out somewhere.

I could hear the king-my dad yelling behind me to please stop running and to wait. But I didn’t care; I had to go. I knew I hadn’t fit in with my family hence I left it to find a new life. But this? No way. I’d rather take a family who didn’t care about me than one who wanted me in bed with him to breed the heir to his throne. I felt like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” in a nightmare type setting though and couldn’t wake up.

I looked behind me to see where he was; mistake. I turn to look ahead and I run into no other than Ryder. He caught me before I fell back and steadied me.

“Please, you have to get me out of here. Please!” I begged him as he held on to me tightly.

“You belong here, Aria. With us. I cannot let you leave under the King’s order.”

I cried and screamed and fought to get out of his grip but it was worthless. “Please! Just let me go!” I begged him.

I couldn’t fathom anything anymore and knowing I wasn’t getting out of Ryder’s grip, I slumped in his arms and cried harder than I had in years.



I had what I wanted right there. This woman running into my arms where I could comfort her. But it wasn’t a reality; only a moment and then I had to give her back to her father. He must have told her more than she could chew. Goddammit. No wonder she wanted to leave. The King was getting closer he couldn’t feel my emotions. But then he stopped, saw me and I looked up to meet his gaze. He knew. He saw it and felt it right there while I was holding his only daughter.


I wanted to calm my mate; tell her everything was going to be okay, but it wasn’t my place. I couldn’t help it; she was in my arms and I instantaneously got hard at her slumping in my arms. I wanted to take her right there in the street while everyone watched; they would know that not only was she their King’s but mine as well. It was deserved; the dreams that both the King and I had meant she was both of our mates. She clearly is not okay with him being her mate; why would she be okay with me?

She felt hungry; but not for food. Our people ate food, yes. But we also drank blood from each other. No, we are not vampires; but we provide nutrition to each other as mates and family. We only crave the ones we love and never hurt them. We have teeth, and I wasn’t sure if she had hers yet. She was still changing from half human to full Matronian. As a healer, I could tell she was transforming the way she should be and I wanted to feed her, but how?

I locked eyes with the King again when he was closer and he knew she needed to feed as well. It would calm her; the look he gave was that she did not have her teeth yet. Which is why she hadn’t completely craved his body inside of hers yet, either.

When Aria would completely change, she will crave nothing but sex and blood for a few days. She was getting there, just not yet. I absolutely hated that humans didn’t use their primal instinct mixed with love. They use. This is why she’s so confused and…hurt.

The King nodded to me and I pulled a knife from my pocket and drew blood on my wrist. I knelt down with her and told her “Drink, Aria.”

“What?! No way!” she tried pushing away from me.

“Please, sweet, drink. It’ll calm you, I promise.” She still was fighting me. She didn’t trust me. Or anyone for that matter.

I looked at the King and he gave me an approving nod so I took my bleeding wrist that was closing up and shoved it in my love’s mouth hoping she would taste and drink from me. She hesitated and tried to push again at first, but then once she got a taste she took my wrist with her hands and began to greedily suck from my open vein, stopping it from closing up. She relaxed in my arms.




She ran right into Ryder and begged him to let her go. He wouldn’t. But not for my cause; I locked eyes and saw it all. He saw her first; he loved her first and felt her body before I. She was his mate also. It wasn’t unusual for her to be mated to more than one male in our kingdom. She was my heir, but his mate first. I can usually sense these things and I’m surprised I didn’t see it before. I felt his body respond to hers as soon as she ran into him.

He also felt I would be angered by this; he was worried I would deny her to him. I couldn’t do that. A mate is a mate; it wouldn’t be very ‘kingly’ of me to do so. She would give birth to an heir and I would love her as well as Ryder.

Ryder looked to me for permission as he felt her hunger just as I had when she awoke. Aria was getting closer to her human side being non-existent. Good. I gave him my approval, honored that he even requested it in the first place. I knew he wanted to take her right there, but knowing I hadn’t he wouldn’t which was the most respectful thing a King could ask for.

He would be able to have her, just not until she’s fed from me and my seed filled her womb. She fought at first, of course; but then she relaxed and took his offering with no hesitation. Good girl. I thought to myself.

I went to Ryder and said “bring her to my chambers when she’s completely calmed.” Ryder looked up at me and nodded, knowing. With the next wake of Aria, she would be ready and willing.

I was so wrong.



His blood…it tasted amazing. Better than anything I had ever eaten or drank in my entire life. Every nerve ending in my body relaxed like never before, and I never wanted to leave Ryder’s arms. Hadn’t I just felt that way with the King? Omg, the king! He’s my dad! Ryder isn’t related to me, that I know of. But I felt good and safe in his arms and wanted to continue to drink. Are they vampires?

Oh shit, that means I shouldn’t drink too much; I might ‘drain’ him. I pulled back and he shushed me, bringing my mouth back to his wrist. “Drink what you need, Aria. You won’t hurt me.” He smiled as I continued to drink. He lifted me up and carried me; I don’t know where, and I didn’t care at the time, so long as I was still in his arms drinking from him.

I began to feel that warm fuzzy feeling in my lower belly I felt when the King kept touching me and teasing me with his face between my legs. I don’t know why, but I wanted this man like I wanted…my father. I couldn’t deny it any longer. I wanted both men in my bed fucking the shit out of me. I shouldn’t, it was wrong. But like the King said, at that every moment, I wanted to trust my body and let it do what it wanted.

We traveled through the city, but I wasn’t looking much at the scene; I was imagining my own with this man holding me tightly and thrusting deep inside me, moaning my name in my ear. Ryder led me through a door and laid me on a bed I hadn’t been in before. He got up to leave.

“Don’t.” I begged him. I wanted him to stay, cuddle and let me drink more of his delicious…blood.

“Aria, my love. I would love to stay; but I cannot. It’s not right. Not yet.

“But my dad…” I tried arguing.

“…loves you very much and would die for you. He is your mate as well. Trust me, you will drink from him and awake in the morning with a different perspective. I promise. Please, take my advice and trust him. He will not ever hurt you.” With that, Ryder kissed me on the mouth and left the room as my father was walking in.

“Your highness,” Ryder tried to whisper but I could hear everything “she’s starving. She’s almost ready. I felt her teeth drink from my opened wound; if she pushes them out, she will be transformed and awake ready for you.”

“thank you, Ryder. I know. It’s okay. We’ll handle that later. Let me take care of her now.” The king patted Ryder on the shoulder.

“Of course, sir. You’re not angry?” He asked half way out of the door.

“What kind of man would I be if I was angry?” was all my father replied with. Ryder left us alone again and I had that faint feeling again to run away. But I couldn’t. I wanted more. They were right with one thing; I was starving!

Jackson came to the bed, took me in his arms so that I was facing him and my mouth was directly in front of his left peck. He began to stroke my mouth with his thumb and said “Aria, push your teeth.”

“How?” What the fuck? Teeth? “Are you…?”

“A vampire? No, not at all. Our people do live eternally so long as they have found da mate. Usually, they do. Because we feed off of our mates; they receive nutrition that way. Yes, we enjoy food as well. But our main source of sustenance is each other. That’s why we don’t use things like money or banks. No need for them.

“Your teeth pushing is a natural instinct. You just need to find it. Imagine your teeth sunk into my flesh and drinking the delicious blood I have for you.” I tried, I did but nothing happened. So I put myself in Ryder’s arms in my mind. He had said that when I was drinking form him, my teeth had tried to push out. So if I put myself back in that spot…there it was.

I could feel something pushing through my gums; it didn’t hurt but there was a lot of pressure. The more I thought of sinking my teeth into something, the farther they came out. My father cooed me, telling me what a good girl I was and to keep doing whatever it was I was doing.

Finally, my teeth sprang out as far as they would go. My father pushed the back of my head to his left breast and ordered me to “drink.”

“Take from me, Aria.” He was still stroking my mouth with his thumb and I took a bite into his chest and began drinking. I was in bliss instantly. Not only was my father’s blood delicious, he was encouraging me to continue taking what I wanted. No one had ever done that for me before; given and wanted to give more with no expectation of receiving anything from me. I loved it, and couldn’t get enough.

All of my worries about this man being my father, flew out of the giant windows in his chambers as I continued to drink the delicious blood and found myself getting sleepy again. I felt my legs move restlessly and my father chuckled; he liked doing that.

“There you are; you are transforming perfectly. You’re almost there. Being needy is the first sign to being ready to be taken.” With that, the King wrapped one of his legs around both of mine and said “sleep, Aria. Tomorrow, you will be ready.”

I fell into a blissful sleep with blood dripping from my mouth and my father stroking my face and hair comforting me in his arms.

I awoke in a wooded area full of trees and somewhere, water. I could smell a river bed and feel the whispers of trees in my hair. I had no idea where I was, but I loved it. It was beautiful. The trees were full of pink and purple lilies-weird. Lilies don’t grow on trees. The grass was soft and welcoming.

I began walking, trying to find the source of the water. I don’t know why, but I wanted to be there.

“Hello, my dearest granddaughter.” A woman who sounded not even old enough to be mother said to me calmly. I jumped and turned to see a woman who looked like my father and I mixed together smile warmly at me, but also expectantly. “Do not fret, you know who I am. You can feel it.”

“Am I dreaming?” was all I could get out. This woman was beautiful. She had dark eyes that hadn’t aged yet with beautiful dark hair and dimples…just like mine. They were deep in her cheeks close to her mouth.

“yes and no, my dear. You are still sleeping in your father’s arms; yet you are here. Your subconscious put you here. This is deeper than the silly dreams humans have. You needed help and so you asked for it, in your own way. Here I am. I am happy to help. You question the ways of our people, which is entirely understandable. When your father explained that you should have an open mind, he was very right about it.

“we can be confusing from someone else’s perspective. We love. That is how we survive. On each other’s blood and bodies. We enjoy our lives and practice peace amongst the realm. Your father does his best to keep it that way, and I hope you will as well.”

“but he’s my…”

“father?” my grandmother interrupted. “yes. And he loves you more than any other man in existence ever could. Even Ryder.” She winked at me; “maybe even someone else on top of that. Your father made you. It is his pleasure to not only pleasure you but to protect you. He will take you under his wing and teach you the ways neglected to you as a child. For once, when it’s finally right, drop in someone’s arms and let them love you. It’s well deserved my dear. I promise.”

“I have so many questions, though.”

“But of course you do. And they will all be answered.” Grandmother moved closer and closer to me that was quite honestly weirding me out and turning me on at the same time. Then she began to unbutton her blouse that was braless; I could see her breasts still perky and huge. I was staring and immediately turned away.

“Don’t turn from my breasts, dear. I’m the reason you are here. I gave birth to your father; who in turn conceived a child within me that was your mother. These, “she pulled her blouse open, “are for you if you’d like them. And I can smell your pussy from here, you want them.” My grandmother moved closer and placed a hand gently on the back of my head and said “go ahead, take them.”

I don’t know how or why, but I took one of my grandmother’s nipples into my mouth and began gently suckling on them. Milk came out. I stopped and looked up at her. “Women have milk in their breasts so long as someone is there to suck them, and a man’s cock is always hard so long as a woman’s pussy is wet. It is how we are made. Go ahead, take them.”

I took her breast back in my mouth and began to drink the sweet milk from her breast she offered to me. I hadn’t noticed we were now kneeling on the soft grass, the hand still on the back of my hand. She placed her other hand up my shirt and began kneading one of my breasts skillfully. I moaned into her breast and she encouraged me to continue drinking. Her hand roamed down my belly and into the sweatpants I wasn’t aware that I was donning.

My grandmother found the center of my core that only I and my father had touched before. The sensation was still new when someone else touched me there, and I loved it. But, my grandmother…I didn’t care. For once in my life, I stopped caring about what was right and wrong and let go.

“that’s a good girl, Aria. Let me take care of you and teach you to accept your father’s love.” With that, we laid in the grass together, me suckling her tits and her massaging my core with her hand. My grandmother found my clit hiding behind its hood and began to massage that with one finger while slowly and skillfully adding another one of her fingers inside of me. She continued her ministrations, fingering me and bringing me to a climax I didn’t know I had inside of me. I moaned on her tit drinking her milk when my teeth began to come out again, craving the blood I knew was in her veins.

I looked up at my grandmother, who’s name I didn’t know, and asked for approval with my eyes to drink from her body some more. She nodded and moaned, practically begging me to open her skin and take more from her. And so I did. I bit around her tit while my tongue was still dancing on her nipple lapping up the milk on it. When the blood started to flow, I began sucking again like a hungry child who felt starved her whole life.

All the while, my grandmother was still finger fucking me, I fed and fed on her while she encouraged me to continue, telling me to come for her.

“Aria, my darling, cum on my hand while you take from me. Come on, sweetheart, I know you want to.” I was fighting, in my subconscious. But, wasn’t I dreaming? So it didn’t matter whether or not I did. But it felt real. And so I wanted to. My grandmother found my sweet spot and I came hard, shaking and thrashing, but my mouth never left her breast.

I continued to suck as I came down from the orgasm I just had, my grandmother cooing me and telling me it was time to wake. “you are ready, darling. Awake and let your father take you.”


Rating: 90%, Read 6014 times, Posted Oct 04, 2016

Fantasm | Female, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex


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