Have Hands-Will Travel by Michael+Miller

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True Story | At work, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Erotica, Female, Old Male, Submission, Young

Sandra walked through the door , a smile on her face... “Good morning all !”

She grabbed a glass of O J and jerked her head towards her former office and said --

“ Let's go talk, Dano.”

Entering, she sat behind the desk, all business-like , and pointed at the nearby chair for me..

“ I was very impressed with your 'friend ' last night. Even though I didn't get to ride it, it was amazing to watch it in action with those two. Where do I buy one?”

I smiled broadly and laughed , saying that wouldn't be a problem.. I stepped to the computer and pulled up the website. She scrolled through the pages quickly and said --

“$1,200 isn't a bad investment for one.. it says here they're built for life, and should one ever quit, they'll repair or replace it.”

Leaning back in the chair, she continued..

“ I'll most likely put one in each of my places, to keep the women happy when you're not around.”

“Let's get something cleared up”, I said..keeping the smile ..

“ I didn't take this job to be put out to 'stud '........ I'll help get you the members, I promise.. Keeping them will be up to you.” I continued..

“ I can't have sex with ALL the ladies I massage-- even I have a limit to how much I can 'perform '.. Variety is what's keeps me going-- along with some hormone therapy I had to take several years ago.”

“Please , explain .. I want to know all about you Dano , so we'll know where we stand with each other.”

“It was 1990 when I learned I had an enlarged prostate. I had two choices , an operation that could have a negative affect on my sex life, or an alternative they were experimenting with at the time.”

“ I bought the Sybian to keep my wife [ then ] happy while I was in therapy.. She lost it in the divorce a couple of years later..and I've not looked back since.”

“ I can't pronounce the medical term used, but it was basically 'aggressive hormone therapy'... 60 days on it, a 60 rest then 60 more on it, back and forth.. That lasted two years , and it cured me...sort of.. well, it had some side effects-- I had to shave twice a day, I had hair in places I didn't want, and I stay horny..”

Sandra pouted sarcastically......”Poor Ba-Bee..”

“It's given me the sex drive of a teenager..” I pouted back , giving her my best ' humble ' look.

“ You know -- there are men out there that would kill to have what you have.. not to mention the knowledge... That was an impressive little show you put on with the massage on me also... Donna remarked that she had no idea you were so well informed on anatomy..”

“ I didn't even scratch the surface .. I know all the bones, tendons ,ligaments, nerves , meridians and their pathways....” She cut me short..

“ O. K. I'm getting the idea, so do you have any suggestions on where we should begin?”

“ Well , if they were my gyms , I would look to the ones that could stand to benefit from growing larger.”

“ You said you have 115 members right here. .. If we got them all inside here at one time, they would be packed like sardines. You need more inside room here and more equipment first, then get members.”

“You have at least three acres of parking outside, and I would expand to accommodate 200 members before I'd take on any more.. If it starts getting very crowded, you will lose members..”

“How about I just stay here and let you fly around and manage them? You are a very intelligent man.”

“ No thank you , what I'm getting at is-- which gym is the largest , with the least membership, and what's the lowest male/ female ratio you have?”

“ Pack a bag – we leave in 30 minutes. I'll call the airport and have the plane warmed for us.. I also need to file a flight plan--- to Knoxville Tennessee.”

I stood and left, while she started the wheels of her mind turning. I had given her a fresh perspective and I could tell she liked a challenge. I sprinted upstairs and packed my Jethro bag with what I thought I'd need for 3 days. If I needed something else, I'd buy it. Debra came up, she said to use the bathroom. Soon as she saw me , she ran and jumped into my arms. “ I'm gonna miss you Dano, how long will you be gone?”

“ I have no clue, but Donna and my 'friend ' will not let you get lonely.”

“She's nice and also your friend , but I'd much rather wake up with you.”

“ Well, a big part of my duties are to help Sandra increase memberships at her other places. I can't do that if I'm here between your thighs..” She laughed, saying it was alright and that Donna had already asked to stay with her. Sandra's voice interrupted us as she called up the stairs.

“ Dano--- come on” Deb kissed me with plenty of tongue and bade me goodbye..

Going past the bar, Donna added a wet kiss also.

We took Sandra's Hummer... Donna and Deb would pick it up later.

I stowed my bag inside and sat in the co-pilot's seat at the right while she went inside.. Coming back, she had a couple of coffee's for us and entered ...

We taxied to the proper runway, and took off. She banked the plane over to our heading and hit the autopilot.

“ See- wasn't that easy? I bet I could have you flying this plane inside an hour.”

“What's our flight time?” I asked.

“ About 35 minutes , longer if the jets are landing, they have priority.”

I sat quiet a few minutes, enjoying the view and sipping my coffee.

Sandra broke the silence .. “Dano—what did you mean by male/female ratio's ?”

“ Looking at the numbers will help determine if you should expand, or convert ...”

“ If the numbers are lopsided , as they are at 'Donna's ' , it might pay you to convert it to an all female gym..What you lose in male members , you would gain back in females.”

“You could take out most of the weight room.. Build the guys a nice weight room beside it and the males memberships out of it, since that's about all they want.”

“ I would have never thought of that, but it seems to make sense.”

Sandra flipped off the auto-pilot and made our approach into the airport. Talking to the tower, she dropped quickly to a runway that the smaller planes used.

We got out and she found us a cab quickly. The ride wasn't long and I was getting antsy about seeing this gym. We stepped out in front of it, and it looked pretty big from the outside.

Once inside, she introduced me to Cathy,her manager. She was eager to meet me. Tall as me, with short brown hair and a cute face , and had one hot figure..

“ I've already heard from Sandra by phone that you're her newest acquisition. They delivered your table and stones yesterday.. I set them up for you in a nice room with a dressing area and bathroom this way.”

Sandra stayed at the front, looking at the books, I suppose.. I followed Cathy back to the room, and set my bag down..It was a large room, with little in the way of furnishings..

“ How long do you plan to stay,Dano?”

“She had me pack enough for a few days, so I don't really know.”

“ I'd sure like to try out that table and stones.. I won't repeat what Sandra told me about you , but it was good..”

“I'd like a tour first, so I won't get lost.” She laughed and since we were near the back, we worked our way forward, looking at the spacious areas..

“This used to be a warehouse , then it was a car dealership, and finally a gym.”

“How many members do you have?”

“Last count was 183.. but we are buying some airtime from the local radio stations and I hoping to improve those numbers soon..”

This place was large enough to add at least another 50-75 members.

With her in the lead going down a hallway, I watched her ass cheeks as they fought each other for control of the tight jogging shorts she wore.

First impressions are important, and I took no chances here, being polite , not interrupting , and listening to her .. We arrived back at the front where Sandra was talking with a female member.

“ Oh—there he is—lets ask.”. Sandra said as she made the introductions. “ This is Connie, Dano and she asked if you were available today. I knew better than to speak for you.”

“I was going to ask how long we'd be here myself. Cathy wants on the table too.” I said..

“Paying members have priority over management ..” Sandra said, smiling.

” We'll be here till you're ready to move on to the next one , Dano...so figure at least staying overnight.”

Sandra gave Cathy my list for supplies and sent her shopping, saying she would hold down the bar till she returned. I put $600 in her hand and wished her luck.

“Give me about 15 minutes for my stones to heat up, while I get the new table adjusted.”

I went back to my 'office' and began setting the table for my height as the stones heated up.

I was running low on my forms I have the ladies fill out ,so I ran one back up front and had Sandra make me some copies. I handed one to Connie and asked that she complete it.

Back in my office, I changed into a pair of cargo shorts and wife- beater tee. It was very warm inside this building, and I saw no thermostat anywhere. Connie entered and gave me the form. I explained my routine.

“ There's a dressing area in the next room, and a restroom. I will need the bra off, but you can keep you're panties on if you're shy.. Wrap with the sheet under your arms like this [ I did an imaginary drape with my hands] and come lay tummy down on the table..”

I noticed something in her walk, not a limp but she seemed to be favoring one side.. Checking her form, I saw she was recently in a car accident.. no broken bones, just bruises. She was 22, 5'5” 120 lbs. with no history of neck or back injuries. Did I mention she was very pretty?

Connie came back out an lay on the table, tummy down. I folded the sheet up to the tops of her thighs,and oiled my hands to begin.

“ Sandra spoke well of your abilities Dano. How long have you done massage.?”

“ I started eight years before you were born.” My hands were on her feet, working the oil between the toes.

“I wasn't trying to be a smart ass , I notice a ladies age when I read their form. Tell me about you accident.”

“ I got hit in the right side of my car. It spun me around and put me in the passenger seat.. rattled me some, but no broken bones.” I was on her legs, working the calve muscles. As I moved to her right thigh, she jerked slightly.

“Sorry,she said—I'm a little ticklish on my upper thighs.” I continued to divide the muscles on both, then lay a row of Hot Stones up each leg.

“Mmmnn---now that's nice! So warm...”

I moved to her head , massaging her temples , neck and behind the ear lobes, making her moan...

Her shoulders were full of calcium deposits, crunching under the pads of my thumbs. I asked about her diet, and found that she loved grilled cheese sandwiches, and milk..

“ You should slack up on them some, or this will continue to be a problem.. Later in life, it could contribute to arthritis.” Moving down her spine, I found the deposits less numerous.. I removed the stones, and covered her thighs and calves with the sheet to help hold the penetrating heat .

Getting two of my larger stones, I slid them under the sheet and onto each firm buttock, making Connie moan again.

“ Oh—Yeah!! ....Dano, you can remove the sheet now , please. I'm very warm..” Her buttocks were a little red from the stones, so I held them in my palm one at a time and cut slow circles with it on each cheek, turning them rosy pink as the heat spread more evenly.

Connie's thighs had spread , and her shaved labia had unfolded , a glistening dew gathered at the entrance. I helped roll her to her back as she spoke of my plans to stay.

“ If you plan on staying awhile, I work at the Red Roof Inn just down the road a few blocks. I can get you a special ' business rate' on a nice room there.”

“I don't know what Sandra's plans are, but it sounds good to me.”

“Great! Maybe we could get together later for a drink—or something..”

I oiled my hands with Egyptian Musk and used my thumbs and fingertips to trace around her forehead, under her eyes, cheeks, chin and neck.

“God—That smells so – sexy! “

I was deep in thought, contemplating the phrase she had let drop--' or something.'

I had been as professional as possible , was she was coming on to me?

I moved to my stones, placing a line beginning just above her pert breasts , down between them on a line ending at her bare pubic mound. She sucked in her breath as my last stone touched her mound.. Connie's dark green eyes looked straight into mine as she smiled.

“This is getting better by the minute.”

I decided to explore the 'or something ' idea and see what she had in mind.. While the stones heat penetrated, I asked my question.. “ Connie, what are your expectations of this massage.?”

“ I just thought I'd try one. Sandra said you charged $125 an hour, but since I was a member, it would only be $95... Can't pass up a deal like that ..”

“ A deal is only a deal if you need it, and you are young and in excellent health.”

“ Were you coming on to me earlier with the ' or something ' phrase..? I'm 50 years old.” I said.

“ A very attractive 50 , I think.. I would never have guessed you beyond 35-40..You carry it well.”

I began to pick up my stones and return them to the heater.

“ Don't assume, Connie, that just because I work on naked ladies all day that I'm 'easy', because I'm not..” Picking up the last stone on her mound, I turned it on edge and slid it slowly down between her labia, making her shudder and moan...

I leaned in close to look into her green eyes and said....”But—to certain ones-- I Can be had !”

Connie's hands came up and held my face, pulling me down to her lips and kissed me deeply, meaning plenty of tongue.. I cupped her labia with the warm stone firmly seated and pulled it up slightly to her clitoris.

Her whole body trembled as an orgasm surprised me, and her.. Her tongue withdrew and she bit lightly on my lower lip as her hips rolled , crossing her legs and trapping my hand.

“Mmnnn-G-Good.-- Aahhgg--C-cumminn” she said as the quick , intense explosions shook her loins. As I leaned to her--- her hand found my stiff shaft hanging inside my shorts..

” Oh shit—Th-That's a thick one,” she smiled as she tried to get her hand around it.

“We can't continue this here-- I said.. Find me later after I check into the Inn.”

Connie sat up and slid to her feet, walking away with the cutest twist to her ass..

She came back out after dressing and gave me a hug.. “ Who do I pay?”

“No one, you take care of my bill at the Inn, and no one must know about this. Be very discreet..”

“ You'll find a room reserved in your name on the top floor. Pick up the key at the front desk.” she said..

“Why the top floor?” I asked.

“Less Guests—More Privacy –and the rooms are bigger!”

“ Give me your cell number, and I'll call you before we meet.” she said.. We exchanged cell numbers..

I waited a few minutes before going back to the front. Sandra was on the phone. Looking around in the cooler, I found a drink I hadn't had in years-- Dr. Pepper.. I sat sipping away as I made out a similar sign-up sheet that I had made at Donna's gym. I set the first available date two weeks from today. I showed it to Sandra , still talking on the phone. She nodded in approval as she hung up..

It was well past lunch and I was more than hungry.

“ There's a steak house about four blocks up the road , on the right—can't miss it.”

“You not hungry?” I asked.

“ I've made my plans for dinner and 'entertainment' tonight. Remember the 'catch' in our deal-- ?”

“You're own your own when we travel. Sleeping , eating, entertainment is all on your dime.. I have a girlfriend or two I want to see, and I'm keeping them for myself , lest you corrupt them like Donna.”

I laughed and gave her a hug.. “ I have my ass covered also.”

“ Connie works at an Inn within walking distance of here , and she's arranging for a room for me.. I have her number-- you want me to have her get you one ?”

“Na- we'll meet back here tomorrow by 11 am..” she smiled. I left and found the steakhouse just as she said.

After the meal , I decided to walk on down the two extra blocks to see this Inn and settle in a little. There was a key waiting for me and sure enough, it was on top and in a secluded corner of the Inn.

Inside , the place was huge--a suite actually.. overlooking the large pool area outside. I made the walk back to the gym feeling refreshed .. I made a mental note to get out and walk more ..

Cathy had returned with my supplies and the next couple of hours were spent finding shelves and drawers to stock everything .. Cathy asked about Connie , and said that she knew a lot of the members, and could be an asset in building our membership..

The gym was down to about 40 members there, mostly older men and ladies at that time of day..This gym's hours were different –8 am—9 pm... but there were two 'assistant managers ' that shared the duties...

I begged off Cathy's massage ,saying I was unusually tired from all the stock work and such.. I promised to put her on the table first thing tomorrow, if no members were wanting one..

My real reason was Connie.. That chic had cum so easily just with a warm stone, I was planning to really impress her soon...

I told Sandra I was cutting out early to do some more shopping. I needed a good file cabinet , and a small table to place my stones heater on. I walked straight back to the Inn and called Connie..

“ Hey Dano-- you sure don't waste time do you?”

“ You have a car?” I asked.

“No—an SUV”..

“Perfect--come asap and take me shopping, please.. and the rest of the night will be ours..I'm at the Inn now..”

I had brought a fifth of Black Label Jack Daniels with me in my Jethro bag.. The suite had a mini fridge and there was an ice machine down the hall.. I filled my little bucket and returned to my room, fixing a double over chunk ice.. I inhaled it and fixed another, sipping as I waited..

Connie pulled in about 20 minutes later. She came up to the room and tapped the door and entered.. Crossing the room , she found me on the balcony.. She slipped her arms around my waist and planted a wet kiss on me..

“Mnnmm—You taste nice-- watcha drinking?” I pointed at the fifth sitting beside the mini-fridge..

“You can't have any, just yet.” I said--”Till we run to Office Depot and pick up some furniture for my room at the gym...”

She pouted, pushing her lower lip out ..so cute..

We left and made our way through the maze of traffic , and across town.. Finding the place wasn't hard, but when we left, I had dropped another $350.. Her SUV was packed.. I talked her into leaving it in the vehicle till morning..

Connie called us in a large pizza to be delivered to the room.. I took a quick shower and shave.. pulled on my camo shorts and entered the bedroom to find Connie already stripped down to her pink/black lace bikini-cut panties and matching bra..her sexy legs and high heels folded in the air.

She had helped herself to the bottle and had fixed us both a healthy sized drink. I no sooner had taken a swallow when the pizza arrived..

The guy's eyes bulged as he seen Connie's shapely ass tummy down on the bed..I gave him a nice tip and sent him away to fantasize what would take place there shortly. We each ate a slice , vowing to finish it off once we had worked up an appetite..

Finishing our drinks, Connie asked what I had in mind for our next hours together...

She stood and walked around the room. I lay back on the bed, my hands locked behind my head, following her every step-- watching her incredibly tight ass and long sexy legs.

Only now had I noticed she had kept her black high heels on. It should have been a dead give-a-way.

“Since I set this up-- I have an idea you might or might not like.” Her dark green eyes bore into mine.

“Well-- I can just go with the flow and follow your lead if you like.” I smiled.

“ Good-- I've had this fantasy I've been wanting to explore, and you're mature enough to let me have my way with you..” A mischievous smile appeared. “ After your massage this morning—I wised up.”

“ I've had four men in my life since I became sexually active at 17 “..

She held up 4 fingers --spread ..”Only one was ever able to make me cum , and it was with his tongue. Now here you come along and do it with a fucking rock!”

I couldn't help but laugh..

“ I've never cum with a cock inside me. None of those selfish bastards lasted long enough.”

“ I've felt your cock .. You could put any of those four cocks inside yours and have room to spare”..

” I want to fuck that cock-- with me on top.. I've never done it on top..”

“ I want to 69 with me on top... That would also be a first, and finally, I want to cum more than once..I've never had multiple orgasms..even by my own hand.. Would that be too much on your plate ?”

I glanced away, in deep thought.

For the last several years , I've been 'blessed ' with such interesting ladies – but Connie seemed to rise above the rest ..

I've always had a fantasy of my own , and fate had dealt me a royal flush ! My fantasy was to be totally dominated by a young , black haired , sex – starved nympho..and here she stood... Her hands were on her hips, legs spread and looming over me..

Donna had come close to fulfilling my dream, and would have with a little coaching. But Connie was made to order.

All the “ I want “ statements reflected her frustrations from her past partners-- and lack of sexual experience.

Red flags were being raised all in my mind. She had said “ On Top “ a couple of times , indicating she wished to dominate the situation..The way she approached me with the request indicated she had not tried this with anyone else..

This was a young “ dominatrix “ -- trying to bloom , and I don't believe she was even aware of it !

“Dano!” I looked quickly back to her eyes..” Are you still listening to mee?”

“Yes , Connie --- Is that all , or are you gonna come out with a strap-on and duct tape – maybe some Miracle Whip salad dressing and Butterfingers ? ...”[ Don't Even Ask ]

She cracked up saying “ God No ! But don't patronize me on this ... I- I need to figure out a way to keep these young guys in line, that's all.. I would never hurt you Dano..”

I reached into my bag and came up with two scented candles , the little fat ones in their own glass coasters. They smelled like cherries as I lit each one.

“Hit all the lights , please.” I sat them near by on the nightstand.

They set the mood with their flickering light, and the smell was awesome.

Connie's body glowed . The room took on the appearance of a dark wide cave, with only an area of a few feet around us visible.

I lay back again and said “ FART !!! “

She cocked her head and started to speak, but I cut in..

“That's our 'safe ' word.. Either of us says it, all action will stop immediately—agreed? “

“ O.K.”

“ Then knock yourself out—I'm all yours.. I will not get off my back unless you tell me to”

Connie slipped her panties and bra off, crawled across me , reversed and straddled my face. Her hands went to my thick cock immediately, cupping my full balls in one, and my shaft down low with the other.

She slowly rocked back ,using her knees as a pivot point- her shaved labia and pink anus rubbing my mouth and nose. I nipped lightly on each ass cheek, holding the flesh between my teeth a few seconds before moving to the next point of interest.

I purposely avoided her genitals , waiting for her ' inner child ' to kick in..

I felt her lips and tongue exploring the wide head , putting incredible suction on it while rolling her tongue all around it. It was my intention to help her find herself, sexually speaking..

My thoughts raced ahead to imagine putting Connie—Sandra-- Donna and Debra together.. A true dominatrix would go either way , and I wondered if Connie had those thoughts , or was “Strictly Dickly “ ....

She had engulfed about half my length , still rolling my balls on one hand. I licked her inner thighs slowly, from the back of her knees to her crotch—stopping there only long enough to blow my warm breath across her labia and clitoris.

She began to whimper and groan as she forced more of my shaft inside her , gagging once but regrouped and dove down deeply again, slurping noisily up and down..

Connie started steering her crotch—trying to trap my licking tongue with it.

“ If you don't start eating my pussy-- I'm gonna sit on your face !”

I immediately buried my tongue as deeply as possible in her dripping cunt, sucking her small labia entirely inside my lips.

In that instant, Connie screamed like she'd been shot..coming off my cock to sit up straight, her open hands came behind her and spread her ass cheeks to trap my nose in her pink anus muscle.. In that position, she was smothering my face , making it very hard to breath..

I could not have even uttered the safe word “FART” if I had wanted to. I am innovative if the need arises , and I placed my hands on hers and pushed up enough to get a gulp of air, and sucked her clit into my mouth ... With my nose out of her ass, I could breath again..

“O---OHhh!-- Yess!! SUCK IT!! Eat that pussy! “ She leaned down to suck more cock as her orgasm neared. I was determined to hold my load, but she was making it very hard to concentrate. I waited till I was about to explode, and asked her if she might slide down some and fuck me..

“ God yes—you mean turned away from you? “

I helped her along, pushing her ass along my chest and stomach... Her soaked pussy left a trail of fluids in my chest hair downward to my pubic bone. I had to push my cock forward to get the proper angle to enter ..Her cunt lips were so small ...

Connie came up on one knee and took control of my cock in her hand, rubbing the head along her slick cunt lips. I spread her cheeks to watch the Erotic spectacle unfold.......


She got the head and about an inch of thick shaft lodged inside her inner lips and stopped.. Her labia was stretched around my shaft, and if we ever got started, her clit would drag along the big vein on the underside of my cock... I flexed my prostrate muscle, making the head and shaft expand more..

“ Dano! Stop that!! I'm having a slight problem here. I don't think it's gonna fit this way.” She was plenty wet enough. Those must have been some thin-dicked boyfriends she had in the past.

I leaned over the bed and grabbed my Jethro bag and got out a tube of Astroglide..a water-based lubricant for sex. I coated her labia with it , and put a generous amount on my cock head..and a thumbful on her cute asshole...just in case..

”Now-try it again,slowly”, I said. ... She placed the head back inside her labia and slowly began to slide down the slick shaft. About halfway in, she leaned back some, trying for a better angle. Another inch, then the last few and our bodies were joined ..

”Whew-- T-That's some dick you have there “ she said, as her hips rolled and she stroked her clit.. I had the pad of my thumb on her pink anal muscle , massaging it in slow circles.

“ Ooohhh yeahh !! That feels so fuckin sweet !!”

“ How bout a little motion on your part” I suggested. Her hands went to brace her just above my knees as her ass lifted to expose a couple of inches of my cock . Moans came from her when her clit began to drag the big vein along the underside, and I pushed slightly to bottom out again..A little at a time,

Connie established a smooth cadence, rising, falling, then rolling her ass to grind her crotch against mine.....I crossed my legs , keeping them straight out.. This gave her more support to her hands, and her speed was building, as was her first orgasm.. Her breaths were very shallow and gasping every time she impaled her cunt onto my cock.

“Oh my God- D-Dano—you're gon-gonna make mee cum!!” She raised to the tip of the fat cock, and squirmed her way back down, it still being a very tight fit. I felt her cunt muscles begin to spasm, gripping and flexing along the length of my cock, and knew her time was near.

“Faster—Fuck me faster!” I said, rolling my hips in time with her thrusts. I pumped upwards also and smacked her ass a few times on each cheek, turning them red. Connie started going wild, losing our rhythm as her hips and thighs started jerking in the throes of orgasm.

“ I-I'm ccumminngg---Ahhhhhgg!” My crotch and balls were flooded with her emissions spurting out around my pulsating shaft..My own release followed , timed perfect to bath her insides deeply with thick, hot streams of cum.

“I feel it ! It's so hott!! Please don't stop!! Mmmmmng!”

Her legs were jerking so bad I took the liberty of grabbing one and lifting it , giving her the hint to spin around..It took only seconds for Connie to face me.. Didn't lose our connection doing it,so she fell forward to kiss me, deeply with tongue. I arranged her legs to give me some freedom to move. With her rock hard nipples brushing my hairy chest, she had her second orgasm, screaming into my mouth.. I fucked upwards hard, slapping her pelvis with mine as she drowned me again..

“Yess!! Fu-Fuck mee!!”

“May I have the top?” She rolled to the side and we easily got her on her back.I stood pulling her to the edge of the bed. I pinned her knees up near her ears and bottomed out with my cock.. I stroked her long and fast, keeping her orgasms coming every minute or so, each one stronger than the last..

I pulled out, asking for it doggy-style and she was on her hands and knees in two seconds, backing that beautiful ass towards me.. I had no trouble getting in this time, as she was soaking wet with cum. I slid in one long stroke to bounce my large balls on her exposed clit..

”Yeah!--Do it!! It's so deep !! Faster!” My hips became a blur as I let my thumb press on her slick anus. It offered little resistance as it disappeared into the depths of her bowels, setting off another orgasm, making Connie groan and scream ..

I felt my orgasm building again, and told her to hurry cause this was a big one on the way. She gripped my shaft extra hard to feel every pulse as I filled her again with my juice..her asshole spasming around my thumb over and over. The orgasm was so intense my whole cock went numb..

I lay forward to place a kiss on each breast , then lay on her, rolling us to lay on our sides, still ball deep in her pussy. I had lost track of her orgasms, so I asked her..

“ Hell Dano, I quit counting after four.. they were some so close together I couldn't tell when one stopped and the next started.”

“Well be honest with me—Did you explore your fantasy enough?”

“Oh Yes ! It was everything I'd wanted –and more ! Thank You so much for playing it out for me.” I disengaged and fixed us a drink while Connie cleaned up in the bathroom. As we sipped , I ask her what she done at the Inn.

“ I'm the night manager , I go on duty at 11pm.. That's why I could get you a good rate.”

“How would you like to learn massage, and work at the gym?”

She said “ Who wouldn't .”

I told her of the plans to put in a female at each one , and she said she would take it, as long as she could keep her job here also..

Glancing at the clock, I saw she had only 30 minutes till her shift was due.

Smiling, she straddled me again and said she had it covered , slipping onto my cock .....

It would be a while before I could train her, but that's another story.........

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True Story | At work, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Erotica, Female, Old Male, Submission, Young


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