A Song of Lust and Desire: Chapter III: The One In Which Daenerys Gets Ready For Her Wedding by AryaStarkNaked

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Oh by the Seven, here it comes. Always the same. First the pain -

The pale hand interrupts Daenerys Targaryen's thoughts as it strikes her soft young ass, causing her piercing green eyes to shoot open and a helpless moan to escape her pink, wet lips. The steam from the nearby hot bath was making her platinum blonde hair stick to her creamy skin, but she hardly noticed the glistening slickness of her body. She was focused on the spanking she was receiving, and what she knew came after.

- then was the question.

Behind her, the heaving voice of her own brother questions her sternly, his voice alternating unstably between manic and calm, "What are you?"

The last of the female Targaryen line was laying stretched nude over her elder brother Viserys Targaryen's lap as he sat on a bench in the hot bath room of Magister Illyrio Mopatis' manse in the Free City of Pentos. Long beaten down into the sexual servile position to her brother, Daenerys' head droops lower, her long platinum-blonde bangs concealing her face from her brother's watchful and critical eye. Words, forever trained into her beaten psyche by her brother-master come tumbling out, barely above a whisper, "I am the dragon whore."

Immediately she knew she had made a mistake, and a half breath later her brother's hand confirmed her thoughts with a painful SMACK to her ass, causing her to arch her back and gasp in pain, her fingers digging into the black leather pants of her brother's leg.

Viserys, his voice cracking with rage and eagerness, beats her ass again, a second whimper escaping her parted pink lips, "Are you trying to wake the dragon, you stupid slut? Don't whisper, I want you to shout it!"

Daenerys hesitates just a moment as the thought of Magister Illyrio's men overhearing her crosses her mind, but quickly buries thoughts of embarrassment - surely they've heard so much more, and so much worse these past few months - and replies to her brother, as any good whore should, with, "As you command it, my king."

The rightful king of Westeros' hand, upraised for another punishing spank on the reddened bottom before him, gently lowers onto the curve of his young sister's pert ass as he begins to squeeze and stroke it, "That's right, you stupid little girl, I am the dragon king. What are you?"

A single tear rolls down Daenerys' apple-shaped cheek as she submissively lifts her voice, sending it through the open window of the baths and into the courtyard to be overheard by the nearby servants who snicker in derision at her predicament, "I AM THE DRAGON WHORE."

Viserys continues to squeeze and fondle his sister's pert and flawless ass, his hand drifting slowly between her growing thighs, "That's right. You're not a -true- dragon. A true dragon wouldn't be so stupid, would they be?"

Thanks to her lifetime of abuse, Daenerys reacts to her training without thinking and spreads her slender legs, allowing her older brother to ease his fingers inside her moist and ready cunt. Her reply was firm, and still loud, "No, I am sorry I am so stupid, my King. It won't happen again."

Slowly pumping his finger inside her most inner hole causes Daenerys to let out a soft mewling moan. Continuing to ply her cunt with his probing finger, Viserys curls his left hand under her and around a young nubile breast, while cruelly saying to his sister, "I'll believe your useless mind can retain something when I see it. At least you look fuckable. But the Seven save us if the idiot barbarian fucks you before wedding you. You're the worst fuck this side of the narrow sea."

An embarrassed and humiliated flush burns over Daenerys' neck and cheeks as her brother insults her to her core, then a wordless groan follows as he pinches and tugs at her hardening nipple. Viserys afterwards pulls his soaked finger from his sister's sodden cunt and, with another tug at her perky nipple, demands of her, "You know how these filthy Dothraki only mate like dogs. Take me out and assume the position I taught you, Dany."

Without hesitation Daenerys slinks down from her brother's lap and sinks to her knees. Lifting her warm inviting face, her intense green eyes stare burningly into the psychotic gaze eyes of her older brother as she hurriedly opens his breeches and, dipping her slender and soft hand into his pants, pulls out his rigid, throbbing cock.

Lowering her green gaze from her brother's angular face, she marvels - as always - at her brother's exposed cock. If the little young girl, who knew she was not wise to the ways of the world, that was on her knees before her own brother knew anything, it was that surely no filthy barbarian pig she was to marry could ever compare to a true king's cock. It was almost five inches long, on a good day!

Planting a fleeting kiss on the cockhead of her older brother, followed by a teasing swirl of her pink tongue which elicits an approving hum from her brother, Daenerys Targaryen turns and props herself on her hands and her knees, the warm stone of the bath in Illyrio's manse seeping into her palms and knees. Stepping up behind his sister's supplicant form, Viserys strokes his lacking manhood twice before lining it up with his sister's burning cunt, "Now, stupid dragon whore, remember to squeeze his cock and moan when your filthy barbarian husband takes you the first time, even if you can't feel his tiny cock!"

Daenerys Targaryen doesn't need to fake a moan as her brother's below-average sized cock slowly sinks into her tiny cunt, "Y-yes, my king!"

Her beautiful green eyes begin to unfocus as her brother wraps his slim hands around her tiny waist, and starts to really fuck her. Her moans get louder and louder as they waft out of the open window of the baths into the courtyard below, where a freshly arrived man - wearing the foreign armor of a Westerosi knight stylized with a bear, looks up at the window in appreciation of overhearing a whore getting fucked.

Jorah Mormont's thoughts bitterly turned to how the whore sounds like she knew her place and that he'd like a turn if he could find out what brothel she worked at.

Back inside Illyrio's manse, something was building inside of Daenerys' tiny teenage body. The only thought that was on the young girl's mind was that she was on fire. A fire, deep inside of her soul, was spreading through her chest. Her brother's cock began to feel like it never has before. Her toes curled and her hands braced against the marble edge of the hot bath nearby, her body thrusting back on his cock, driving itself to higher-and-higher levels of pleasure.

Her beautiful green eyes begin to flutter and her voice lifts in pleasure as her body nears some unknown plateau of pleasure, the fire threatening to break free from inside of her. Nearly quaking, her voice turns to sudden horror as Viserys stops thrusting into her and, letting loose a pathetic groan, shoots one small splatter of cum inside of her belly. He pants, breathless, before withdrawing his already limp cock from her nethers.

Daenerys Targaryen whines and bucks invitingly at her own brother, her loins burning, unknowingly desperate for her first ever orgasm. Viserys, totally blind to her needs, straightens up and looks down at her with contempt, "Clean yourself up, you stupid little dragon whore. Your wedding is tomorrow."

Without a second backward glance at her, he fixes his black breeches and walks out of the room, leaving his younger sister to pant on the warm floor, his meager load of cum barely leaking out of her body. It took a long time for Daenerys to gather herself again.

Always during one the episodes of her brother beating her - correcting her, the traumatized teen quickly censured her her own thoughts - that he called waking the dragon, she would sink inwards into her imagination as the pain came, her mind going far away to a happier time growing up in Braavos, the happiness of the house with the red door. Now, with the stress of her upcoming marriage to a barbarian warlord tomorrow, coupled with the strange fire she almost felt as her brother raped her again for the last time, brought on one of those times the Targaryen's mind protected her from. She retreated deep in her thoughts, dazed to the point of shambling forward through the steaming baths, her lithe and naked frame slowly sinking into the scalding hot bath, oblivious to the temperature, just eager to feel its soothing warmth.

She never even heard the servant girl behind her try to stop her by saying, "It's too hot yet, my lady!"

By then Daenerys Targaryen was deep inside the bath, yet never felt a single moment of pain from the roiling water. It was nothing compared to the fire she nearly felt inside of her just minutes ago, and it did not ruin her flawless creamy skin with scalding burns.

What was fire, to the dragon whore, anyway?

Rating: 88%, Read 26541 times, Posted Aug 07, 2020

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Fan fiction, Female, Humiliation, Incest, Male, Spanking, Submission


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