Vera...Jane and Susan by starbuck

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Vera, Jane and Susan

©This is fiction; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental.


Jane looked in the mirror admiring her new nightie. Actually, it was a ‘T’ shirt that had a red heart printed on the front. It was a present from her sister Susan. Even though the shirt was large, Jane’s pink panties winked into sight when she walked.

Three days had passed since Susan had her ‘accident’ with Jack. True to Jane’s word, their mother knew nothing about the incident. Their Mother was seeing a lawyer in the city about a divorce. She would be back the next day. The mother of the twins next door would check in on the girls from time to time. It was just the girls and the dogs until late tomorrow. The boy’s father promised to come by in the morning to check up on them.

* * *

“You’re really going to do it” Susan asked Jane with raised eyebrows.

“Why not, you did.” Jane laughed at her sister. “Don’t remind me.” Susan said ruefully. “My ass is still sore.” She wiggled her ass in her chair. “You will keep him from sticking it in the wrong hole this time?”

“Yes I will.” Jane said. “The way you screamed I’m still surprised you didn’t wake mom up that night. Before it’s over we’ll both be well fucked.” She grinned at that. “And…” She added. “The dogs will be happy.”

Susan looked at her sister and shook her head. “I’m having trouble with the way you’re so cool about the whole thing. Even after digging up as much on the net as I could it still scares me a little.”

Jane giggled. “I was so scared the first time. I almost puked.” She admitted. “Now I understand it better thanks to you.” Jane hugged herself and shivered. “That doesn’t mean I not scared now.”

“When are we going to get the dogs?” Sue asked. The doorbell chimed. Then a voice called. “Let me in girls. It’s me Hillary.”

“Just a minute.” called Jane pulling on her terrycloth shorts.

Hillary came in with Frank and Matt. They chatted for a while. “You’re sure you want to stay here tonight girls? You can still use our guest room.”

“Thank you, but we’re going to keep the dogs in the house with us.” Susan said. “We’ll get them while you’re still here.”

Hillary chuckled. “You girls are as hard headed as your mother. Why don’t you boys go with Susan and get the puppies.”

After the Jack and Jake finished greeted the boys and their mother, they curled up on the floor. On her way out Hillary said. “Don’t be afraid to call if you need help girls.” Jane locked the door, as soon they were gone.

Susan watched them enter their house. “At last.” She said, “Let’s wait a while to be sure.” Jane nodded. She sat between the dogs petting them. Jack and Jake seemed to know something special was happening.

It was very quite, all that could be heard was the ticking of a clock. Shortly Susan reported that all the lights in the front of the neighbor’s house went out. “Let’s make sure the curtains are drawn and the doors are locked.” She Said. “I think we should use gym in the basement it has wood floors.”

“It doesn’t have windows either.” Jane said with a smile. “Let’s do it.”

By this time, both of the girls’ pussies were wet. The dogs followed the girls down stairs. Then watched wagging their tails as the girls spread thick exercise mats in the center of the room.

* * *

Naked, Jane and Susan laid down on the mats, legs open, offering their pussies to the dogs. The scent of two females in heat confused the dogs at first. They did nothing but wander around them confused. Then Jack took the plunge, he chose the bitch he hadn’t bred yet.

Jane flinched when Jack poked his cold nose in her crotch. He sniffed her again then licked her pussy. “That feels so good!” Jane exclaimed lifting her ass giving Jack better access. “Lick it!” She cooed opening her legs wider.

Jane rubbed her small tits fingering the pink jutting nipples crooning softly with each hot lick of Jack’s wet tongue. He got more and more excited as he licked her tasty cunt. Panting he walked around her licking her in various places, her face, her tits and her stomach. Jane pushed her fears to the back of her mind. She felt ready, no wanted, Jack to fuck her.

Her planning and scheming over the past days had come to this. It was time for the final act. Jack paused for a second. Jane hurriedly got her hands and knees. “Do it.” She said wiggling her hips. “Fuck me!”

Jack got more excited. His red veined cock hung part way out of its sheath oozing cum. He walked around licking her in various places. He tried to mount her between her arms and legs. Then he mounted one of her arms. After circling her a few times, he stopped to lick her pussy again. Jane mewled her pleasure at the return of the intimate caress. He started to mount her then dropped down to walk around her again.

“Oh you dumb dog!” She whispered fiercely in frustration. “Fuck me!” Jack licked her pussy then mounted her in one fluid motion wrapping his powerful forelegs around her belly. Jane felt a flash of fear. When Jake took her virginity, he jammed it in hard and brutally, in true doggy fashion. She could expect no less from Jack. Jane felt his dripping cock jabbing on her thighs and butt. Trembling she held her position, anticipating his penetration with a mixture of dread and eagerness.

“Oh, fuck.” She whimpered. “Why am I doing this?” Still panting Jack tried several times. Frustrated Jane reached back and guided his dripping cock to the prize. With a quick lunge, he jammed his cock in her wet pussy. “He’s fucking me! “ Jane squeaked in surprise. Jack paused briefly then began pounding her pussy as only a dog can. Each thrust drove the cock deeper in her tender young pussy.

Jane was still afraid but after the first shock it felt wonderful, especially the feel of his hot cum running in her cunt. She had forgotten about the knot. Jack reminded her when she felt the knot pushing against pussy lips. “Oooo!” That’s big!” She whimpered. Jack kept pounding his dick in the girls’ cunt. Then success, his knot slipped past Janes swollen labia and deep in her pussy. He kept jamming his cock deeper in her young cunt.

“I’m a bad girl.” Jane giggled in complete surrender to the moment. “Oh, god it feels good! “ She moaned with pure pleasure thinking sometime she would have to have the dog’s one after the other, sometime soon. It was such a delicious thought she laughed aloud. Then she noticed her reflection in a large mirror on the wall. The erotic perverted image was burned in her memory for the rest of her life. The tip of his cock reached for her cervix as Jacks knot expanded to full size. Then the dog rammed all of his cock in her tender cunt.

For an instant, she remembered the pain of the first time. “Mommy!” She squeaked in in fear. Jack kept slamming deep in her cunt until his hairy balls bounced against her pussy. When Jack finished he held still for a bit then turned around leaving his knot still stuck in Jane’s pussy. They stood ass to ass with Jane loving the feel of the knot stuck in her cunt. Jack stood calmly panting, a doggy smile on his face.

Jane started to get a little worried. “Why hadn’t the knot gone down?” She wondered wiggling her hips a little to try extricating herself from what was a truly embarrassing position. It wasn’t possible for someone other than Susan to see her tied to Jack. Then Jacks knot slipped out of her cunt with a sloshing sound. Jacks cum and her girl juice gushed out of her pussy then slowed to a steady drip.

* * *

With her upper torso up on her elbows Susan, watch the preverted action with interest and a little dread. Then Jake drilling his hot tongue into her cunt got her full attention. “Oh, shit yea!” She gasped. “Oh, fuck! Lick it Jake!” She gasped again. Jake obeyed with a will leaving not nook or cranny untouched; he paid special attention to the cranny.

Susan, oblivious to anything else but the tongue slurping her cunt had gotten on her hands and knees. She offered her pussy to Jake by wiggling her hips in his face. That was enough for him. He mounted the girl so fast he almost knocked her down.

His aim was true. He slipped in Susan’s cunt with one try. She gasped in shock. Then thrust back on the doggy cock. “Oh my god! He’s big!” she shouted. “Fuck meee! You dumb dog! Fuck me!”

Now that he had taken the bitch. Jake wasted no time fucking deeper and deeper. His knot was still small and slipped in Susan’s cunt with only one try. She remembered the knot in her ass too well. This was so much better. The harder Jake slammed in her, the harder Susan pushed back.

“Oh shit! That’s it, give it to meee!” She screamed, as Jake pushed his growing knot deeper. “Oh. It’s hot! His cum is hot!” She exclaimed as the knot expanded tying them together. “That fucking does it.” She moaned. Jake kept banging away in her cunt, doing his best to impregnate the bitch. When Jake was finished, he stood still panting for a minute or two with his tongue hanging out. His drool dripped on Susan’s back.

“Dumb dog!” She snapped. “Stop that!” Jake whined then turned ass to ass with Susan. Jake tried again to pull out. All he succeeds in doing was dragging Susan a few feet along the smooth floor.

“Ouch! Stop that you dumb dog!” She moaned. Then the knot suddenly slipped out of her cunt, freeing both of them. Susan turned around and looked with amazement at the amount of dog cum oozing of her cunt. “Oh, fuck!” She said lying on her back.

Jack and Jake sniffed each other’s asses. Then they went up stairs to take a nap. Susan and Jane were busy cleaning up. Soon the floor was spotless and the paper towels were safely flushed down a toilet. They looked at each other, giggled then blushed and hugged.

“That was the most awesome and scary thing I’ve ever done Jane.” Susan said shaking herself. Jane nodded then said. “If you feel like me you want to do it again.” Susan nodded. “We have to be very careful. If anybody finds out we’ll be fucked for sure.”

Continued ……?

Rating: 93%, Read 186666 times, Posted Aug 27, 2010

Fiction | Bestiality, Group Sex, Young


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