Are you looking? [Can't you see?]_(0) by EnLaceyMent

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True Story | Blowjob, Erotica, Romance, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women, Young

It was during times like these that she struggled with finding something to say. Too much to see beyond the blurriness of her vision, too many vowels and consonants to choose from, and there was a light bursting behind her eyelids and she decided she’d let him figure out what to say and she couldn’t focus anymore –

“Fuck,” he panted from above her, shoulders gleaming with sweat under the light. One or maybe two dimples winked at her from the corners of his mouth and she knew he was everything: soft and hard and joy and sadness and beauty and life.

She fought to find her breath and tried not to laugh at the disarray in his hair or the relief in his smile.

She failed.

“I can see you laughing at me,” he said, his warm weight settling heavily against her tingling skin. She could still feel his fingers dancing over her, through her hair and where she needed him most. She could see the unbridled pleasure in his face when her body embraced him, quaked at his touch.

“I’m always laughing at you, remember?” She couldn’t help but tease him, watching him and smiling and counting his teeth as she tugged herself closer.

His eyes glinted, glee folding in his cheeks. “Oh, no, you don’t,” he admonished gently with a firm kiss. “Now is not the time for laughing.”

“What time is it then?” she asked, fingers tangling in the inky strands at the base of his neck, her lips tracing the line of his jaw, the smooth skin below his ear.

“You. On top.”

With one last press of his lips against hers, his tongue silky and stubble rough, he rolled her in one smooth motion so that all she could see for a moment was the wide expanse of his chest, the dark hair leading down, down, down his stomach and to where they were still joined.

And then his lips were upon hers again, and a tight fluttering grew in her belly as she felt him hardening within her. She ran her tongue over his bottom lip, felt the jerk between her legs and reveled in how his arms tightened around her.

Her hips swayed, straddle widening as she found her pace, up and down, over and over again and she felt the fire blossoming, felt him tensing and filling her as they flew toward another infinity. Her thighs burned and the heat throbbing in her veins nearly overwhelmed her.

He kissed her roughly, a harsh growl building in his throat. “Harder, more, God, I love you. I love you,” he said, voice low and hushed, desperate for the coming climax, and their thrusts grew sloppy and she knew she’d never felt anything more beautiful beneath her palms.

He filled her one final time, and she took him deeper still, when the fire engulfed them both. Quivering in relief, she rode him through her pleasure, the fluttering of her walls sparking his own release.

Finally, they lay gasping in the dawn’s early light, breath swirling between their bodies, and were still.

part two

The demons often beckoned at the door when night finally fell, old ghosts best left in the pantry. Some were more insistent than others, dreams reminding him of dark pasts, scars that never healed burning his skin.

He tried to run – away from the tortures of life and burdens of the world and into loving arms but the dreams kept him from sleeping, from breathing, and he felt so empty sometimes –

Until he saw her.

A goddess standing at the foot of their bed, the rain heavy against the roof of the loft they shared. Porcelain skin smattered with freckles and eyes darkened with love, lust, adoration, and he ached for her. Her hair fell in a gentle wave across her shoulders, and she brushed it back from her face as she crept toward him with newfound purpose.

“Bad dreams?” she asked quietly, settling herself at his side, worry marring her brow.

“More of the same,” he said. His heart beat a fierce rhythm in his ears and he found his dreams were forgotten as the blood pooled hot in his belly. He watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath and waited as she returned him to himself.

“Maybe I can distract you,” she whispered, leaning over to press a kiss to his mouth as she pushed him down, sliding her body over his until she knelt between his knees.

A wicked tongue darted out from her lips as she came close enough that he could feel her warm exhale on his hardened length. Face nearly covered by her hair, she beseeched him, the coolness of her palm wrapping around his shaft. “Close your eyes for me, my love.”

He did as she bid, despite every nerve fiber screaming at him to look at her in worship because he loved her so –

And every thought fled from his mind when he felt the softness of her mouth wrap around him, tugging lightly with her teeth, and he let loose a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

Hips automatically rising to meet her insistent mouth and hands threading through her hair, he succumbed to the throbbing mix of pleasure and pain as she fucked him with her mouth. His breathing stilted, goosebumps rising over his flesh as every atom within him burned with undeniable need –

She stopped. At the edge of paradise she drew back with a sultry smack of her lips and he writhed beneath her hands, nearly unable to stop himself from fucking her so hard into oblivion she wouldn’t remember her own name –

She swept her body up against his cock and the friction was almost his undoing. “I need you to come inside me,” she said against his ear, a sharp poke of teeth against his neck bidding him hurry.

He could hear the smile in her words but could not waste any time, desperately rolling them before sinking slowly into her, and watched the bliss fall across her face as he set their quickened pace. He was so close and she was so willing, so soft and precious beneath his fingers that he slowed his thrusts, letting his fingers wander through the hair at her temple, just for a moment, before his mouth crashed into hers once more, needy and powerful and rough as he dove deep and hard, everything he needed.

That was his girl, after all. Everything he needed.

Arms shaking with his weight and exertion, she rose up beneath him, and told him on a moan as she clenched tightly around him, “Come for me, darling.” The light behind his eyes shattered at the seams and she met him thrust for thrust, easing him through the heights of the mountains the cool depths of the sea that swirled into one firework of heaven itself.

Spent and exhausted, he fell against her while she pressed kisses to every inch of skin she could reach.

“I love you,” she said, again and again. “I love you.” ***

Rating: 90%, Read 9021 times, Posted Jan 06, 2017

True Story | Blowjob, Erotica, Romance, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women, Young


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