Wicked Ties Chapter 4_(1) by nickeduardo25

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WARNING: Longest chapter I've ever written. Hope you guys enjoy it.

He couldn’t wait any longer. As she was walking through the crowded dance floor, he pulled her into a dark corner. She collided against his chest, creating delicious friction between their bodies.

“Derek, what the hell are you…” Laura sighed, sounding weary.

He cut her off by kissing her fiercely, pushing her further away from prying eyes. After a moment’s hesitation, Laura sank into him and kissed him back, before starting to punch his chest with her fists once more.

“Derek, I’m serious, cut it out!” She hissed.

He trailed a hand down her side, caressing the texture of her modest black cami. He brought his finger to her collar bone, causing her to shiver as he lightly traced her bare skin.

“I love your clothes, you know. They’re always so conservative, and I can just…unwrap you.” He purred against her ear, pressing her back against the wall.

“Derek…don’t. This’ll only make things more complicated.” Laura whispered, looking at him desperately.

He shook his head. “I’m not sure if you noticed, but they’ve been complicated since the day I met you.”

He saw Laura look at his lips, before wetting her own lips with her perfectly pink tongue. She looked back up at him, nodding shakily,

“That’s true…”

“Glad we finally agree on something, Princess.”

Laura cursed heatedly, before grabbing him by the neck and pulling him in for another kiss. He grinned against her lips.

“Is there…a…room…we can…”

Derek grabbed her hand and led her to a door at the back of the room. It was times like these when he was more than happy to perform at clubs with ample storage space.

Once they were safely inside the smaller room, he placed her on a small table, before getting to work on her pants. One by one, he popped the buttons off, until he managed to pull her pants down her slender thighs completely.

Laura pulled his t-shirt over his head, and caressed the firm planes of his lower back. He responded by ruining his hands up to her hips, swiftly tugging down her black panties. Laura shuddered, before doing the same thing to his pants, and grasping his hard, aching cock.

Derek groaned as she moved her hand up and down his length. He slowly walked between her legs and ran his cock down her wet slit, making sure to hit her clit as he went. Laura moaned, before placing a hand on his to stop him.

“What are we doing?” She asked.

“What we want.” He stated seriously. “I want you. Can you honestly tell me that you don’t want me?”

Laura shook her head and looked at him, guilt etched across her face. “I can’t.”

Derek smiled at her gently. “It’s okay. Just let yourself feel good.”

With that, he thrust into her, enjoying the way her scream was swallowed by the pounding music. Laura wrapped her legs around his waist, bringing him closer to her. He started driving into her harder and faster.

She moaned, bringing her hips up to meet his punishing movements. He took in a deep breath, reveling in the feeling of being inside her. She couldn’t have fit him more perfectly.

“Derek…” She moaned into his ear, as he pounded into her hard.

Lost in the moment, he tore off her shirt and played with her breasts, nipping the skin with his teeth. He grinned, realizing he was marking her. Laura responded by clawing at his back, as their bodies collided together, over and over in sweet agony.

Slowly, he could feel her muscles start to clench around his cock, and he knew she was close.

“Tell me you want me.” He said, grasping her hair.

She smirked. “I want you…...Devon.”

He groaned. He’d tasted his own medicine, and boy was it bitter. “Say my name, or I’m not gonna let you cum like a good girl.”

He proved his point by stopping inside of her. Laura tried to move her hips against his, whining at the lack of friction.

“Okay, okay. God, I want you, Derek. I want you so damn much.” She moaned.

Derek smirked. “See? Was that so hard?”

“Derek, I swear to God, if you don’t…” Laura paused for a moan, as he drove himself home inside her. “Never mind then.”

It wasn’t long before he had her grasping for breath once more. Her inner muscles started to contract around him, squeezing him deliciously. He growled as she came around him violently, milking his release out of him as well.

“Derek!” She screamed hard.

“DEREK!!!!” He woke up to his brother pounding on his door. “Get up, you moron, you’ve been sleeping for 12 hours!”

He looked up from his bed with sleepy eyes and groaned. “Fuck off, Danny, I’m sleeping.”

“You better be ready to talk in 30 minutes, or I’ll bust down this door and…”

“Oh piss of, Daniel Vega, you couldn’t even hurt a fly.” Derek rolled his eyes and his brother’s empty threats.

He heard Daniel swear on the other side of the door, before stalking off. Derek let his head drop back against his pillow. He couldn’t focus on Daniel, not when he’d just experienced what was possibly the most vividly erotic sex dream of his life. Centered on the one person he wasn’t supposed to fantasize about.

Not fantasize, it was clearly a nightmare, he thought. It had to have been. If it was a fantasy, she would’ve been a little less violent, and possibly equipped with slightly larger breasts. He felt like punching something.

It wasn’t enough that the bitch tormented him every time they crossed paths in the bus, now she was haunting him in his sleep! Two weeks into the tour, he was regretting bringing her along. God, what had he been thinking? Of course Derek knew the answer to his question.

‘I’m not sure if you noticed, but things have been complicated ever since the day I met you.’ The words he’d uttered in his dream kept coming back to him. It was true. He’d been watching her, that night at The Black Death. She’d looked so lost and out of place, it had

amused him greatly.

Then she’d looked him straight him into his eyes, appearing to see straight through his soul. Without even knowing what he was doing, he’d dedicated that stupid song to her, just to mess with her. She’d surprised him afterwards. Instead of cowering down from him, she’d stood up to him in front of all his friends. That took some serious guts, something he could respect.

The sex, of course, was amazing. Not the best he’d ever had by any means, but there was something about her innocence that was incredibly alluring. She was corruptible, he could bring her out of her stuck-up shell. The rush he got whenever she gave into him…

Except she didn’t, not anymore. Ever since she’d kicked him out of her room at the beginning of their tour, she’d given him nothing but smart ass remarks and glares. One night, she’d even recited some choice quotes she’d written about him, giving his whole crew a great big laugh. It was annoying, being humiliated at a daily basis. Did he have it coming? Probably.

He didn’t even know why he was being such as asshole to her. He wasn’t normally as bad, there was just something so satisfying about making her blush, or seeing that fire get lit in her normally docile eyes. She was something new, something so very different to him. It was as if she wasn’t scared of him, but of the way he affected her on a primal level.

And now he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He didn’t like her, he just found her to by annoying. They had great chemistry together, and she knew it, now she was psyching herself out again. What was wrong with mixing business with just a little bit of pleasure? They were never going to become serious, was it so hard to let her hair down for once?

Derek rolled his eyes. He’d fallen asleep on her after having sex with her, blackmailed her right after fucking her at her workplace, and waved his groupies in front of her face. Why was he even wondering why she wasn’t falling all over herself for him? What a fucking champ he was. Well, some of it was circumstantial, he argued.

He hadn’t slept with Caroline for the past few weeks. He just hadn’t felt like it. The only reason Caroline was even of their bus was because of Daniel’s adorably sickening puppy love for her. She was nice and much too willing to please him, but it was…dull. He groaned as he realized that he was becoming one of those guys who had everything, yet wanted the one thing they couldn’t have.

Laura was a challenge. He never knew how she’d react to him. Well, lately she had been much too consistent with freezing him out. She even listened to her iPod at his concerts, wanting to avoid hearing his music or voice. It was upsetting. Normally, all he had to do was flash his eyes at a girl, but she was having none of it.

Maybe she was the problem. She was too uptight for anyone, let alone him. His whole fascination with her was probably just linked to him wanting to break her, instead of actually wanting her. Yes, it was really that simple, he thought. He looked down at the tent in his pants. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that simple.

After taking a much too long shower, he was finally sitting across from Daniel in the ER. He rubbed his temples, as his brother droned on and on about venues and figures, which he had no interest in. All he wanted, all he’d ever wanted, was to make music. All that came with it were just fringe perks.

“Are you even listening to me?” Daniel sighed.

“Of course I’m not.” Derek raised an eyebrow at him.

Daniel sat back on the couch and closed his eyes. “Why do I even bother with you?”

“Because I’m your brother, you’re a good person at heart and you get to determine your own cut.” Derek listed.

A corner of Daniel’s mouth twitched upwards. “Those are all very true.”

Derek smirked at him. “Come on then, baby brother, what did I miss?”

Daniel looked his papers over. “Nothing that I can’t handle actually, I just wanted to drag your ass out of bed.”

“Remind me, how many gigs do we have scheduled for the next 6 weeks?” Derek asked.

“About 25, give or take. We got a lot of publicity through Laura’s article, it seems like everyone just wants to see if you’re as bad as she

described you as.” Daniel chuckled.

Derek glared at him. It sure was a treat that her stupid article had turned him from a musician into a circus freak. “I’m glad you think it’s so funny, Danny.”

“Hey, if her bashing you is the way to get the public to actually listen to you sing, I’m game for her writing a hundred pieces just like that.” His brother shrugged.

“Hey, I’d rather make it on my own than listen to that bitch run her mouth one more night.” Derek said.

Daniel rolled his eyes. “She’s not that bad and you know it, Derek. You’re just pissed because someone’s finally treating you the way you deserve to be treated.”

Derek threw a pillow at him. “I’m really feeling the love here, Danny.”

Daniel grinned at him. “I’m sorry, but I saw the way you treated her when we first met her, and that was only for a few minutes. I’m guessing you only made it worse later on by being your jackass of a self.”

“Who threw the first stone is irrelevant.” Derek waved a hand.

“Especially since it was you,” Daniel retorted. “Laura seems like a sweet girl, but she also has backbone. The more you push her, the more ammo you give her.”

He thought about what his brother was saying. Maybe he was going about this the wrong way. May be if he tried being nice to her for once…No, she’d see right through that. Why couldn’t she be dumb like the rest of them? His life really was just a series of obstacles.

“Whatever, she’s stupid.” Derek muttered

Daniel dropped the papers on the table and looked at him suspiciously. After a moment, his expression changed from suspicious to plain shocked, “Stupid, Derek? Oh no…Don’t tell me you did what you did, Derek. You did, didn’t you?”

Derek winced, looking apologetic. “I really don’t give you nearly enough credit for your intelligence.”

“This isn’t funny, Derek. No wonder she hates you, if you treat her the way you treat the rest of them.” Daniel said seriously.

“It takes two to tango.” Derek quipped. “We had great sex together, if she expected something more, that’s her problem.”

Daniel shook his head. “You’re the one constantly harassing her. As least I now know why.”

“And why do you think I ‘harass’ her?” He asked sarcastically. Seriously though, he was welcoming all theories by now.

“Because you’re upset that you can’t treat her like dirt and still have her make moon eyes at you. Must be upsetting.” Daniel sighed sarcastically.

“I’m not upset. I’m irritated because she’d making a big deal of something so small.” He whined.

“It’s a big deal to some people. It can’t help that you act so nonchalant about it. I knew I couldn’t trust anything with a skirt around you.” Daniel muttered.

“Why, because of Caroline?” He raised an eyebrow.

Daniel shook his head, glaring at him. “Don’t go there. Caroline has nothing to do with this.”

“I haven’t slept with her since we hit the road, Danny.”

“I don’t want to hear it, Derek.” Daniel muttered.

“Really? Maybe you should. You pass judgment on my life daily, and I’m not allowed to comment on yours?”

Daniel ran a hand through his spiked locks. “I told you. I don’t want to talk about this with you.”

Derek stood up and went to the wet bar to fix himself a scotch. He rolled his eyes. There was no hostility between them when it came to Caroline, as they’d went through the situation on countless times.

“I’m just saying, the only reason I ever made a move on her was to get you to fight for something you wanted, just once in your life. And you didn’t. You make googly eyes at her from across the room, while she has no idea you’re even there. At least I do something with my life, you’re scared of taking chances. That’s just as bad.”

“I’m not hurting other people, Derek.” Daniel sighed.

“Neither am I, at least not intentionally.” He shrugged as he took a sip of his drink, “But you’re hurting yourself, and worst of all, you could stop it.”

“If Caroline wants to be with you, I’m not gonna stand in the way of that.”

“But we’re not together!” Derek wanted to wring his neck. “And the poor little girl just wants someone to love her, and we both know it’s never going to be me.”

Daniel chuckled wryly. “I’m glad we agree on something.”

Derek smirked. “You should listen to your big brother more often. Look, between you and me, I’m only using Caroline to piss Laura off,

I don’t want anything from her…At least not right now. If you want her, do something about it, before someone else does.”

Daniel looked up and sighed. “I don’t know if I should be more horrified or disgusted, but really, this has you written all over it.”

“Glad you’re over scolding me for being myself.” Derek grinned.

Daniel smiled at him disbelievingly, “This isn’t you, Derek. The sooner you realize that, the…Well, I think you’re already starting to.

Despite how disgusting I’m beginning to find both of you, I think she’s good for you. You might learn something valuable here.”

He rolled his eyes, too accustomed to Daniels grand speeches. “Yeah I don’t know about that. All I know is that I really, really wanna f…”

“And that would be my cue to leave, before I really do need to pummel you to death.” Daniel cut him off and stood up in a haste.

“…find a way to get along with her better.” Derek glared at him. “You really do think the worst of me, don’t you?”

“Yes, and we both know you’re so full of shit.” Daniel sighed and walked over to the door. “Could you just try to not make her feel bad?”

“Oh but on the contrary, little brother, I’ll make her feel so good…”

Daniel ran out of the room, cover his ears and left a chuckling Derek behind.

(Laura’s POV)

“Look at them.” Caroline sneered in Derek’s direction. “How could she drape herself over him like that? God, trashy much?”

Laura looked up from her book. One of the groupies, Elise, was sitting in Derek’s lap, playing with his hair. She frowned. Sure, the girl was nice to look at, with her fiery red hair and amazing body, but Laura would never understand why woman fawned over him. His personality did not match his looks, that’s for sure.

Derek pushed her off him and walked away, with the girl stalking off angrily. Caroline giggled lightly, nudging Laura.

“See that? That’s what I love, seeing him brush off those bitches.”

Laura raised an eyebrow, “Doesn’t he do that to EVERYONE?”

Caroline got the hint and looked down, visibly embarrassed. “It’s different with us, we’re more like friends. I know, he’ll never want anything with me, but at least I know he doesn’t want anyone else like that either.”

Laura smiled at her gently. Over the past few weeks, she’d somehow managed to bod with the ditzy blonde. She had to admit, Caroline was flighty and insensitive at times, she also had a lot of heart.

“As long as you’re oaky with it.” She shrugged. “I don’t think I could ever share…”

“Come on, Laura, when was your last relationship?”

“6 months ago.” She said.

Caroline looked at her, amused. “And how long did it last?”

Laura grimaced. “7 years.”

“Fucking hell!” Caroline yelled. “What is the matter with you?”

Laura punched the blonde’s shoulder. “Well, when you put it like that…”

“I’m just saying, it’s time for you to get some. And not just steamy, hot sex, but some freaking life experience. How do you even know

who you are?” Caroline shrugged, raising her hands in surrender.

“And you know who you are?” Laura asked, looking for cracks in her cocky exterior.

Caroline smirked. “Sure I do. I’m Caroline Collins, age 22, I look like an angel, behave like the devil, and have a shitload more fun than you ever have, or probably ever will.”

Laura sighed. “And what do you suppose I do about it?”

“Stop acting like everything is so black and white. Have fun. Try things. Let loose. It’s the only way you’ll ever get to know yourself, by testing your limits.”

Laura frowned. Maybe she’d been spending too much time around bongs, but that actually made sense to her. She’d dated Matt forever and where had that gotten her? Absolutely nowhere. Maybe this tour was exactly what she needed.

“What do you suppose I do then?” She had no clue where to start.

Just as Caroline was about to open her mouth, she looked forward and gasped. “Oh you have got to be kidding me! It’s not enough to go after one brother, she has to have the other one as well?”

Laura turned to look in the direction Caroline was glaring at, and chuckled. There, cornered next to the door to the ER was Daniel. He was pressed up against the wall by a busty redhead, who’d just minutes before been doing the same thing to his brother.

Daniel’s eyes glanced around for help. “Listen, Elise, you’re…great, but this all just very sudden. And also, you smell. Well, of alcohol, and I wouldn’t want to take advan…”

The girl, Elise, pressed her finger to his lips. “Shh, it’s okay. You’re cute. How about we go somewhere a little more private?

Daniel shut his eyes. “I really don’t know how to say this in a way that you’ll understand…Not that I think you’re dumb, I just…”

Caroline looked at the scene before her in exasperation. “Oh for the love of Cobain!”

She stormed over there, and pushed the redhead off Daniel. “Listen, skank, he doesn’t bat for you team…”

Daniel looked confused. “Redheads?”

Caroline waved a hand, signaling for him to shut up. “And even if he did, I’m sure he wouldn’t go for you. Get out, before I throw you out.”

Elise raised her hands before starting to back away from them. “Calm down, you psychotic bitch.”

“Oh I’ll show you psychotic…” Daniel grabbed Caroline by the waist to prevent her from making a bigger scene. “That’s right, you better run!”

Laura rolled her eyes as she walked over to them. She had to admit, this was the most fun she’d ever had on a story.

“Thank you, Caroline.” Daniel sighed in relief.

Caroline smiled at him happily. “Oh don’t worry, sweetie. She won’t bother you again.”

Laura stifled a laugh as she saw Daniel blush at his new name. Caroline pointed at both of them.

“I know what we’re gonna do today, you guys.” She smirked devilishly.

Laura and Daniel looked at her blankly until she slapped both of them. “I’m giving you guys makeovers! Duh!”

“I don’t know about that…” Laura fought to find the right words.

“I mean, we have a long drive tomorrow and the gig at Hartford…”Daniel continued.

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Come on, it’ll be so amazing! Laura will stop looking like a Stepford wife, Daniel will finally start sending out the correct signals…I’m begging you, please.”

Laura and Daniel looked at each other in horror. Caroline sighed.

“Fine. I never liked you guys anyways.” She pouted.

Laura rolled her eyes at her immature attempt at emotional blackmail. She glanced at Daniel, and saw him hesitate.

“Well…Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing to go shopping.” He conceded.

Caroline started jumping up and down, clapping her hands together. “I knew I could count on you, Daniel. Now I just need to get this sourpuss to come along.”

Laura sighed with a smile. “Peer pressure is a dangerous thing.”

(A few hours later)

“Come on, Laura, stop tugging at it! You’ll stretch the fabric.” Caroline whined, as they were finally dressed in their new clothes.

Laura glared at her. “That was the whole point.”

Dressed in an oversized Guns ‘N Roses T-shirt, and black thigh-high stockings suspended with a garter belt, she felt more than a little uncomfortable. Caroline, on the other hand, looked perfectly comfortable in her skintight hot pants and bikini top.

“You know,” Laura began, “When you asked us to go shopping, I didn’t think you meant this.”

Caroline smiled, “You look hot, stop worrying about it. Besides, we got a lot of great stuff. Did you see how well the pink shirt fit Daniel?

He’s gonna have to fight the guys off with a bat.”

Laura grinned. Her new friend couldn’t have been more oblivious. Daniel had followed Caroline for hours on end, trying on every single article of clothing Caroline threw at him. His eyes had nearly popped out of this head when Caroline had started trying on underwear and asking for his opinion. No, he was definitely not gay.

“I guess you’re right.” Laura agreed with a smile. “Are you going to that party on the other bus?”

Caroline raised her eyebrows. “Of course I am. And so will you.”

Laura shook her head. “Oh no, not a chance.”

Caroline raised her makeup bag in the air. “Oh you’re going, end of discussion.”

“Since when did you start dictating my life?” Laura asked sarcastically.

“Since the day we met.” Caroline pointed at her makeup bag. “Come on now, your transformation isn’t complete yet. I mean, you need make up like nobody’s business. As I’m saying this, I’m starting to realize you may have had a point when you called me insensitive. I’m sorry I kicked you, by the way.”

Laura couldn’t help but grin. Caroline was just so…Precious, that was the only word to describe her. “It’s okay.”

“Great, come over here then!”

Laura moved out of the small stool in front of Caroline’s mirror. Out of her peripheral vision, she saw Caroline grab a bottle and two shot glasses. Caroline smirked at her in the mirror.

“Want a drink?” She asked, winking.

Laura hesitated. “I don’t know…The last time I got drunk…it didn’t end well.”

Caroline rubbed her shoulders comfortingly. “Come on, you’re with me, nothing bad is going to happen.”

She smiled tightly. “Okay then.”

Caroline squealed happily before pouring them both shots. Laura followed Caroline’s lead and downed hers, making a face at the taste.

Well, if she was planning on destroying her old, mousy persona, this was an excellent start.

(Derek’s POV)

Derek sat in the corner, not in the mood to entertain or to be entertained. He was angry. He’d wanted to try and catch Laura earlier during the day, but she’d been nowhere to be found. She was probably avoiding him as usual. And to think he’d been planning on apologizing.

He looked over at the mass of sweaty bodes grinding against each other, and rolled his eyes. Alcohol and close quarters were a funny thing. Daniel fell down next to him grasping a bottle of water as if it were a great treasure.

“What you got there, Gollum?” Derek asked.

Daniel punched him in the chest. “These people are like animals, they take everything! I managed to salvage this, and I’m not letting go of it.”

“Okay then.” Derek said, before looking his brother over. “What the hell are you wearing?”

Was his brother blushing? “A light magenta sweater vest, and forest green cargo shorts.”

“Danny, you look like Tinkerbell’s masculine sister.” He laughed, unable to control himself. “Do I even need to ask?”

“Caroline, took me and Laura shopping.” Daniel huffed angrily.

“Wait, Laura went with you two?” Well, that explained her Houdini act.

Daniel nodded. “Yeah, I just saw her and Caroline dancing. I think they’re around here somewhere. They’re pretty bombed though, just a warning.”

Derek let his eyes roam over the roam. After a minute of searching, he spotted Caroline, dressed in her usual hooker chic attire. Where was Laura though? And who was Caroline dancing with? He didn’t recognize the girl, which was odd since he always remembered the girls.

He looked her over in approval, her outfit leaving little to imagination, especially with the belt cinched around the t-shirt. He smirked. Even without Laura showing up, he could try to have fun, possibly by getting closer look at the mystery girl’s lingerie. Her body looked sinfully good.

“Oh, you found them!” Daniel said.

“Found who?” Derek asked.

“Caroline and Laura, DUH! Oh my God, I’m already talking like her.” Daniel said, horrified.

Derek zoned him out, his jaw dropping. The girl turned around on the dance floor, grinding against Caroline, and he was instantly hard. That was Laura. His Laura. The girl who made Hillary Clinton look punk. What was wrong with her?

And she was smiling. And laughing. With Caroline. She was stoned, that was the only reasonable explanation. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the Walkers approach them. Brad and Tyler were great musicians, but that was as far as their association went.

Caroline happily danced with Tyler, while Brad wrapped his arms around Laura’s waist from behind. To his aggravation, Laura leaned into him and started swaying her hip to the music.

“Look at her.” Daniel said, sounding agitated.

“I know.” Derek growled.

“What does she see in Tyler? I mean you have a certain charm, but him? Even if I were gay, which seems to be a wildly spreading rumor, I still wouldn’t go for him!” Daniel ranted.

“I wasn’t talking about Caroline, who we both know can handle herself, you idiot.” Derek slapped him over the head. “Look at Laura.”

Daniel cringed. “She’s really wasted, isn’t she?”

Derek nodded, lost in his thoughts. She’d been wasted during their first night together, but she was in way worse shape right now. She was leaning her head against Brad’s shoulder drowsily, as he opted to place small kisses down her neck.

Laura shook her head, before turning around to push him away. Brad grabbed her wrists and brought her closer to him, kissing her. Derek growled and stood up. He might’ve been a dick and Laura might’ve been a bitch, but he wasn’t going to let this pass.

“Hey, Walker.” He said as he reached them, “Why don’t you give it a rest?”

Brad smirked at him, “Come on, Vega, we could share?”

Laura mumbled something incoherent, leaning against Brad’s chest. Derek sighed.

“Find someone willing, or take a hike. I don’t really care, just get your hands off of her.” Derek said, his voice low with unspoken danger.

“Are you sure you’re not interested?” Brad asked, grinning widely. “She’s just so delicious.”

He started pulling her t-shirt up her thighs, revealing stockings, until Derek pushed him up against a wall. The music stopped playing as people started gathering around them to see what was happening. Out of the corner of his eyes, Derek saw Caroline tending to Laura, and focused on Brad once more.

“Listen up, you piece of shit. You do not look at her, you do not touch her, you do not even think about her, okay? Because I will end

you.” He growled into the elder Walker’s ear, before punching him once, relishing the crunching sound he heard.

Derek let go of him and went over to Caroline and Laura. “Is she okay?”

Caroline looked frightened. “Derek, I don’t know what happened. I think she just had too much to drink and…”

“Just. Stop. Talking.” He growled once again without even sparing her a glance.

He traced a finger down Laura’s cheek, looking down at the passed out girl. He picked her up in his arms and started carrying her out of the bus. It was official. This girl will be the death of him.

He took her to her room on the other bus and placed her on the bed. Slowly, he slipped her feet out of her converse sneakers, and wrapped the covers around her. He thought about taking her shirt off, but knew that she would kill him if she found out.

He sat next to her for a bit, weary due to the night’s events. “You’re annoying, you know that?”

Laura’s eyes fluttered as she moaned, “Thanks, Derek. So nice to know you always have my back.”

“Laura?” he asked, moving closer to her.

“That is my name, and Caroline thinks it’s cool, which means it’s gotta be!” Laura giggled, her breath smelling of alcohol.

He smiled at the sight, “Do you make it a habit of listening to Caroline’s brainless chatter.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know that she’s a great person and a lot of fun.” Laura slurred.

“So, this was all her idea, dressing you up like this and getting you trashed?” He pointed at her. He was going to kill Caroline.

Laura pouted and looked up at him. “Don’t you think I look pretty?”

Derek sighed, feeling his anger dissipate. Clearly, she was struggling with some self-esteem issues, and he couldn’t pretend like he’d been a big help thus far.

“You always look pretty, Laura.” He admitted.

Laura smiled and scrunched up her face. She lifted a hand to his cheek. “You always look pretty too, you know.”

Derek chuckled. “Oh, do I?”

She wasn’t actually that bad. In fact, when she wasn’t beating him up or insulting every aspect of his being, she was kind of cute.

Laura nodded. “You are. It’s too bad you’re such an asshole.”

Derek sighed. And just like that the thoughts were gone. But he couldn’t blame her though, he hadn’t shown her his best self. He was in no mood to try and change her mind though, especially since she was drunk out of her mind.

Derek leaned down to her and pressed a tiny kiss against her forehead. “You’re right. I’m an asshole. Goodnight, Laura.”

Laura sighed contently, and closed her eyes. Derek spared her one last look at her, before walking over to the door and pulling it open.

“Derek?” her tiny voice called out to him.

“Yeah, princess?”

“Thanks for bringing me to my room.” She mumbled.

He rolled his eyes. “Oh don’t thank me. Who else would I torture if not my favorite reporter in the whole wide world? Oh and by the way, the next time you dress up for me, go with Metallica instead.”

Laura raised herself up on to her elbows and stuck her tongue out. “Fuck you.”

“Fuck you right back.” He waved at her sarcastically, before closing the door on her.

As soon as he was on the other side, he burst into laughter. It wasn’t over between them. Not by a long shot.

Author's note:

So, did you guys enjoy it? I hope you did cause i really enjoyed writing it. Oh and it's from Derek's POV (well, mostly.) Vote, Thanks. Have a good day or night!

Rating: 87%, Read 4730 times, Posted Feb 23, 2015

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