Misty and the Old Guy by LadyCarol

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Misty and the Old Guy

Misty Gardner sat in her car outside her flat and collected her things. It had been a busy day in the school where she worked as a teaching assistant, and she was looking forward to a nice hot bath. There was only one more thing left to do. Run the gauntlet of old man Hopkins.

She took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing Misty.” She slung her bag over her shoulder and climbed from the car, opening the rear door, and collecting a series of ring binders and various folders that contained her marking for the evening.

She was almost certain that pervy Hopkins would have seen her pull up, but she reasoned that if she was quick, she might just make it to the external staircase that led to her flat, before he could catch her.

She made good progress along the path only to stumble on the first rung and drop her folders. “Shit and damn!” She cursed to herself, as the folders clattered noisily onto the metal staircase, and two of the folders slipped between the metal rungs and dropped out of reach on the other side. She was dead. She knew there was no coming back from this.

She stared with trepidation at the door to Mr Hopkins flat, and heard the heavy bolt being drawn.

“Ah, Misty.” He said brightly, openly devouring her breasts with his eyes like always, the old pervert. “I thought it was you. Is everything ok?”

“Oh, hello Mr Hopkins. Yes, everything’s fine. I`ve just dropped my stuff that`s all. I`m having a clumsy day today.”

“Oh dear. I would love to help, but it`s my back you see. It`s a little stiff today.”

Probably not the only thing that`s stiff, she thought to herself.

She smiled. “it`s ok Mr Hopkins I can get them.” There was only one thing for it. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled beneath the open staircase, retrieved the lost folders, and began slowly backing back out, giving Horrible Hopkins the most perfect view of her jeans clad ass.

She felt two hands on her hips.

“Oh, I`m sorry Misty, I was a little close to you there.”

“I`m fine Mr Hopkins, really.”

Misty shuffled quickly backwards and got to her feet. Did he squeeze her ass then? Did he actually squeeze her ass?

“I`ve taken the liberty of putting your milk outside your door. The milkman always leaves it at the bottom and I know how heavily laden you are when you come home.”

“Thanks Mr Hopkins, that`s very kind of you.” Said a flustered Misty, quickly gathering her things and hurrying up the staircase.

She fumbled in her bag for the key only to feel it slip through her fingers, tumble over the rail, and land at Hopkin`s feet.

“My, you really are clumsy today aren`t you.” He smiled, reaching up to hand her the key. In order to reach it, she was forced to lean over the rail giving Hopkins the worlds greatest view down the front of her blouse, as her E cup tits did their best to bust her bra and drop neatly into his dirty grubby little hands. Tits and ass in one day. Way to go Misty.

Misty was twenty-two years old and had been living in the flat for almost three weeks, ever since her elderly Gran had left it to her in her will. It wasn`t the greatest, with single glazed windows and a badly tiled bathroom, but it was hers. How many other girls her age had their own home? No one that she knew, and she had inherited it fully furnished. None of it was to her taste, but it was comfortable, and she liked it.

Her Gran had warned her about Mr Hopkins and told her some pretty awful stuff. How he was completely sex mad. How women would come and go at all hours, sometimes two or more at a time, and a great many other things. There were even stories of Satanism and witchcraft.

Before she`d moved in, Misty didn`t really believe most of what she`d been told. I mean, how can a guy of eighty possible be that horny? In fact, how can any guy be so sex crazed all of the time? And Satanism? Really!

Working at the school, and moving into the flat, had greatly enhanced her knowledge of Mr Hopkins. Snatched pieces of conversation at the school gates, told her that some of the Mums had had dealings with Hopkins and had even been to his flat for sex. The same and others, had posed in his home for photos for a particular website that he ran.

The women talked freely and openly about these things, and Misty was completely shocked that they would discuss something like this in public.

To say Misty was inexperienced in things sexual, was an understatement. Her breasts had started growing at a very early age, and she had had to put up with the endless groping and name calling, as a result. Things became so bad in her final year at school, that she shunned all male contact, and withdrew into her bubble, keeping whatever sex drive she had, very much to herself.

And so she had remained, completely virginal and innocent.

Her job at the school gave her a steady income, and she had a reasonably wide circle of friends, which had annoyingly begun to dwindle as one by one, they paired off with boys. But she was content.

Misty ran her bath and stepped into the water. She had always preferred a bath to a shower which was nice as the flat didn`t have one. She slipped a little deeper, feeling the water take her weight, and gave a happy sigh. If old Mr Hopkins could see her now, she giggled to herself. He would think all of his birthdays had come at once.

She washed and dried herself, and ran a hand over her bare pussy, feeling the barest hint of stubble. Not having it, she thought as she reached for the depilatory cream. She hated the thought of hair between her legs and took great pains to ensure it remained silky smooth.

She rubbed the cream into the fat folds of her sex, and along the deep slit to her anus, taking care to reach every surface. She had to admit that it turned her on massively when she did this, and a finger often strayed to her hard-little clit, while a hand massaged her tit, pulling and rubbing the large pink nipples. But not today.

Having rinsed and dried, she stood in her bedroom, naked before the floor mirror. She was always highly critical of her body but could see little to fault. Her breast were large but firm, sitting high on her chest with very little sag. She cupped them in her hands loving the texture and firmness, and the way that her nipples hardened whenever she did this. She ran a hand over her taut stomach and cupped her pussy. She ran hands over her hips, loving the way they flared out into two perfectly formed, muscular thighs.

Catching sight of her bottom in the mirror, she thought it appeared a little too small. She would have liked a bigger one. But hey, who`s complaining. Her hair was naturally blond, almost the colour of straw. A gift from her Swedish Mother, with blue eyes and a wide full mouth.

God, I look innocent. She thought to herself. Never been kissed. Never been touched. I look like what I am. A professional virgin.

There was of course, a solution to that problem, and that solution lay just a few inches under her feet.

Mr Hopkins.

With his bald head and thin spindly limbs. His pinched face and emaciated body.

Misty shivered at the thought. But he was supposed to have a really big willy and know how to use it.

She laughed at herself. Willy! Really! “Mr Hopkins has a cock.” She said to her reflection. “A big fat cock.”

Peter Hopkins was awake early the following morning. As he busied himself with making breakfast he thought about young Misty Gardner. He didn`t really know what to make of her. She was beautiful without a doubt, but didn`t seem to socialise much. She rarely had friends around, and he had never seen her with a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend for that matter.

The last time he had fucked her Grandmother was only two weeks before her death. The old bird knew she was dying, but still wanted cock. He smiled at the memory. She told him that Misty was a virgin, and she hoped that it would be he that fucked her into the real world. He knew that she loved her Granddaughter dearly, but by God she was a dirty fucked up bitch. Just the way he liked them.

He heard footsteps above his head, and knew that Misty was on her way to work. He had originally taken to waiting outside his front door when she left, because looking directly above his head, he could see through the holes in the grating. If she was wearing a skirt, he would more often than not, be treated to a flash of white panty. But these days she tended to wear trousers or jeans, so he figured he`d been rumbled.

Looking out of his dining room window he watched as she made her way to her car. What a fantastic piece of cunt, he thought to himself. But a piece like that wasn`t going to stay cherry for long. He had to press on with his plan.

Peter Hopkins hadn`t been a practicing Satanist for many years, but even when he was, he was only in it for the sex and the drugs. Most of it was rubbish of course, utter crap. But as he rose within the ranks, he had been instructed in various rituals that had been of great benefit to him. Things that only those who attained the very highest rankings got to know about.

The first of these was the knowledge of how to supercharge his libido. Even at eighty years old, his sexual stamina was way in excess of even the most hormonal teenage boy, and his thick, ten-and-a-half-inch erection, remained as stiff and hard as it had ever been. Then of course, was his spunk. It was copious to say the least, being in much greater volume than the average male could ever hope to produce.

The second, was how to fuck any woman he wanted. Once they had tasted his `special mixture` they simply couldn`t say no. And it was this mixture that he was about to prepare and feed, to poor unsuspecting Misty.

Removing his clothes, he took a wooden bowl from the kitchen and placed it on the table. Taking his cock in hand, he closed his eyes and began a slow stroking motion, quickly bringing the long flaccid organ to full erection. He fantasised about Misty while he did this. This was a very important part of the ritual. At the moment of orgasm, he had to be thinking of the woman he wanted to seduce. This wasn`t hard. He pictured her naked, riding his thick cock. Pushing her tits into his face, urging her swollen nipples into his mouth.

His hand moved faster, flashing up and down his cock, groaning loudly as the crisis approached. He aimed the head of his cock into the bowl and a moment later, a steady stream of spunk began running into the bowl. It was thin and weak, the consistency of piss, but this was how it started. As his orgasm reached a crescendo, a white-hot surge of sperm spattered heavily against the side of the bowl, followed by another, and another.

Peter was bent almost double, as still more heavy jets of spunk erupted from the spasming organ, coating the sides and bottom of the bowl.

Having milked the last of his sperm into the container, he took another glass which contained a mixture of plants and herbs which he`d distilled into a clear watery solution and added it to the bowl. He stirred the mixture thoroughly.

Now came the hard part. The incantation was long and difficult, with each word, phrase, and inflection, needing to be precise and accurate. But Peter was a master at this. He sat naked over the bowl with eyes closed and recited the whole thing from memory. Never pausing or hesitating, the strange words and syllables rolled off his tongue, and when he had finished, he opened his eyes and smiled.

The large bubble in the middle of the mixture told him it had worked. Now for stage two.

Retrieving Misty`s milk from the bottom of the staircase, he unscrewed the cap, and poured the milk into the bowl, mixing it with the thick viscous liquid already there. Satisfied, he poured it back into the plastic container and replaced the cap.

He knew from personal experience that the mixture tasted foul, but Misty would taste whatever she expected to taste. If she expected to taste milk she would taste milk. As long as she didn`t give it to anyone else he was safe.

It was a tried and tested formula that had worked on countless women, and it would work on Misty too. This was her third dose in as many days and he was expecting to see some significant results.

He placed the contaminated milk outside Misty`s door and waited for her to return.

Misty arrived home at her usual time and was fully prepared for another awkward encounter with Mr Hopkins. But he wasn`t there. She let herself into her flat and collected the milk that was sitting outside her door.

She was so pleased that she had kept her Gran`s milkman, as she drank loads of the stuff and it saved her a constant journey to the store. She took a long drink now, straight from the container, and sighed with pleasure. Why did it seem to taste so much better from the Milkman than it did from the store? She had taken some into work today and shared it with her colleagues in the staffroom, who promptly tipped it away as being off. Weirdos. It tasted just fine to Misty.

She ran herself a bath, and while she bathed she thought of Mr Hopkins in the flat below, and how when she had first moved in he tried to peer up her skirt from beneath the grating, the old lecher. She idly wondered what he would do if he got a flash of bare pussy. She giggled to herself. He would either croak it there and then, or a couple of days later from beating himself off.

She gently caressed her tits as she thought of the look on his face and noticed that her nipples had sprung suddenly erect. “Hi boys.” She said to them. “You`re frisky today.” She felt a shiver of excitement pass through her as she caressed them some more.

I can`t believe I`m getting turned on thinking about pervy Hopkins she thought to herself. But what would the old lecher think if he saw me do this, she thought to herself as she lifted her hips clear of the water and ran a long finger down the length of her slit. She put one leg on to the carpet and opened her legs wider eagerly rubbing her erect clit. “Or this.” she moaned, as she pushed the tip of her finger into her tight hole.

“Want to fuck it Mr Hopkins.” She gasped rubbing harder. “Want to stick your big fat cock into my virgin hole? Want to pump your spunk into me while you suck my tits?”

Misty orgasmed soon after, lying in the bath, her head full of Mr Hopkins and the things he would do to her.

I can`t believe I did that. Thought Misty the following morning. I actually got off thinking about an eighty-year-old man.

She gathered her things and headed for the door, already a little late for school, when she suddenly paused. What have I forgotten? My knickers! She almost panicked but then realised that she didn`t need them today. Mr Hopkins would probably prefer it if she didn`t wear them.

She stepped out of her front door onto the grating wearing the shortest half decent skirt that she possessed and felt the sting of disappointment when she realised he wasn`t there. Why am I even bothered? She thought as she made her way to the car.

Peter Hopkins watched from his living room window as Misty made her way down the path. A skirt today, he grinned. He made a mental note to make himself available for when she returned home.

When Misty returned home, she saw Hopkins fussing about beneath the staircase. Here goes nothing, she thought climbing from the car. She felt a surge of excitement as she contemplated what she was about to do.

“Hi Misty” Called Peter Hopkins, as he saw her approach. “No bra today. It must be really hot in that school of yours.”

Misty looked down at her breasts straining against the thin fabric of her blouse. She had almost forgotten that she had removed it in the car before leaving the school.

“Oh, err Yeah I guess,” She stammered. “It was rather warm.” Her nipples had sprung annoyingly erect and were visibly pushing out the sheer material.

Peter Hopkins touched the thick bar of flesh that was rapidly growing in his trousers. He traced its length with his fingers, before adjusting it upright where the thick swollen knob threatened to push through the waistband of his pants.

Misty stared at the solid length of cock while he did this, and she felt her mouth run dry. She quickly climbed the steps knowing that he was directly below her, with a clear view of her bared pussy. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she again fumbled with the keys, dropping them onto the metal grating. This time they landed close to her feet. Now for my encore, she thought to herself.

Bending at the knees she spread her legs, lowering herself to collect her keys. Now she knew he could see everything. Rising quickly, she inserted the key in the lock and entered the flat, shutting the door firmly behind her.

Peter Hopkins was beside himself. Not only had he had a close up of her huge tits, but he had caught sight of the deep split between her legs as she stood on the grating. That would have been enough, but then she squatted down, parting her knees, showing him every surface of her bald shaven twat. The fat rolled lips had parted of their own volition and hung almost slackly, only a few inches above the cold metal grating. He could see the tightly clenched star of her anus and knew that she was certainly a virgin in at least one of her holes.

And then she was gone.

Peter grinned to himself. He now knew that he had her. She would now agree to whatever he suggested. He could knock on her door right now and fuck her brains out and she would be convinced that it was all her idea. But no. He wanted to play a little with her first.

Misty leaned against her door breathing hard. My God, she thought, I can`t believe I actually did that. Misty what the fuck`s wrong with you? She put her head in her hands and rubbed her face vigorously. Gran would be so ashamed. She pulled her bra and panties from her bag and hurriedly put them on, then remembering her milk on the step, she went to fetch it. “I need to chill.” She whispered to herself.

But Misty couldn`t chill. She was tense. Wound up. She paced the floor, trying to make sense of what had happened earlier. Leaving her knickers off and removing her bra had seemed like the most natural thing to do. Showing him her tits and pussy had pleased him and that had made her feel happy and excited, and yet when she was alone she became Misty again. Normal, quiet, dependable Misty.

Why did she find it so important to please him? Why was his approval so important to her? She couldn`t answer those questions, but she knew that what she had done so far was just the start, and she felt an almost unbearable desire to take things a step further.

After her usual bath, Misty slipped into her white terry bathrobe, and opened her door, carefully putting it on the latch. Barefoot, she tiptoed down the staircase, and stood before Peter Hopkins front door.

Misty looked quickly left and right, realising with relief that she couldn`t be seen from either the road or the surrounding houses. From where she stood in the almost total darkness, she was completely hidden. She pulled the belt loose from around her waist and, with a deep breath, let the gown fall to the floor.

Misty stood there completely naked. She could feel the warm summer breeze gently caressing her skin, as she cupped her full breasts teasing her large nipples into full erection.

She knew that if anyone came up the path now, there would be nowhere for her to hide, but that only added to her excitement. She ran a delicate finger across Hopkin`s doorbell button, feeling the slight resistance as she pushed against it. If she pushed a little more she knew that it would ring and then what? Would he pull her into his flat, throw her down and fuck her? Or would he seize one of her tits and suck hard on the nipple while he finger fucked to orgasm? Or would he merely send her away?

Misty mashed her tits hard against his door and moved sensuously against it, rubbing herself against the rough, flaky paintwork as she gently rubbed her throbbing clit. If the door opened now she would fall through it, but she didn`t think she could stop rubbing herself. This was the only way to get free, to stop these crazy irresistible urges that surged through her body.

She orgasmed, pressed tightly against the door, her forefinger flashing between her legs as she sucked and bit down on her own distended nipple.

She was sated. She dressed and returned to her flat, where she slept soundly until the following morning.

The last day of the school week. Determined to dress sensibly, Misty wore a dark pair of jeans and a light sweater. The thought of wearing panties was just too much, but she made sure to wear a bra and kept it securely fastened.

Mr Hopkins was there to greet her on her return once more, and she was thrilled as he stared unashamedly at the huge mounds of her tits.

“Ah Misty.” He began. “I`ve been meaning to talk to you. As you may or may not know, I`m rather a keen photographer, And I`ve been wondering if you would like to model for me. I`m sure the extra cash would come in very useful.”

Misty was sorely tempted, but she knew what kind of photos Mr Hopkins liked to take and decided that this was just a step too far.

“Oh, I`m sorry Mr Hopkins but I`ve never modelled before, and I`m not sure it would be very appropriate- “

“I`m afraid I must insist Misty.” He interjected, staring into her eyes.

Misty was a little disturbed by the way he was looking at her, but for some reason refusal wasn`t an option.

“Of course, Mr Hopkins I would love to model for you, and there’s no need to pay me.”

“Good. I think tomorrow at 1.30.”

Misty hesitated. “I`m afraid I have to- “

“Tomorrow at 1.30 misty. Try not to be late. I will supply the clothing. But please no bra or panties all morning. Those lines are so unsightly.”

Almost as an afterthought he said: “Actually, I think it might be better if you remained naked. That way there can be no mistakes. I would hate to have to cancel our little session.”

Misty got it. It would be horrible to have to reschedule. And if it made him happy to take her picture then why not?

“You do want to please me don`t you Misty?”

“Oh yes, more than anything!” She gushed.

“Very good.” He smiled. “See you tomorrow.”

Why did I agree to do it? Thought Misty, now safely behind her front door. How could I have been so stupid? She knew all too well what would be expected of her and was determined to keep her knickers, and her hymen, firmly in place.

She knew she could overpower him if things went too far, and it might actually be perfectly innocent, enjoyable even. She was probably worrying over nothing.

“Ah Misty, welcome.” He said delightedly, casting an appreciative eye over his latest model. “I was beginning to think you had forgotten about our little arrangement.”

“Oh, sorry I`m late Mr Hopkins. I`m just really nervous I guess.”

“No problem my dear. Please come inside.”

He stepped aside and ushered Misty into his living room which had been decked out with all manner of photographic equipment. Misty cringed, her nerves returning. He`s leering at me. She thought, clutching her bathrobe a little tighter across her chest. Not knowing what to wear, she had decided a simple bathrobe would have to suffice, and she now stood naked beneath it, before a clearly pleased Peter Hopkins.

“Now, I have some things for you to try on behind that curtain. Start at the front of the rail and work your way back. Everything should fit.”

The first item was a rather elegant black evening gown. After checking that Hopkins was busy, she shucked off her bathrobe and wriggled into the tight-fitting dress.

It clung to her like a second skin. The bodice pushed upwards, pushing her tits together and forming a deep visible cleavage. This was already too much.

“Mr Hopkins, I can`t possibly wear this. It’s too tight and revealing.”

Peter Hopkins was fiddling with his camera and didn`t even bother to look up. “Misty the dress is a perfect fit. You look beautiful in it, and it isn`t nearly revealing enough. Everything you try on will make you feel sexy. You will do everything I ask of you willingly and without question, and you will simply love modelling for me. Understand?”

She nodded unseen. “Yes of course.” And re-evaluated the dress in the mirror. He was right. She did look sexy in it.

Peter Hopkins moved around her with the camera, taking shot after shot. Misty was laughing, twisting and turning, and posing as directed. This was so much fun! Why had she never done this before? She didn`t even object when he pulled the zipper down at the back of the dress and pulled it off her shoulders. She naturally cupped her tits, holding the flimsy material tight against them, laughing as if before a lover. Then the dress was pulled to her waist, and she stood with her back to the camera, as more photos were taken.

Peter Hopkins was ecstatic. She was everything he`d hoped for and more. As she was changing into the next dress, Peter quickly deleted all of the photos. They were good, but far too tame for his website.

The next item of clothing was more revealing. Almost fetish wear, it consisted of a tight black micro skirt with a white blouse that fastened to just below the rib cage. Misty loved it. As she checked herself out in the mirror, she noticed her nipples growing hard and tenting the front of her blouse, her pink areoles visible through the sheer material.

Gosh, I look hot. Thought Misty running her palms over the hard buds of flesh. Her heavy tits were threatening to burst out of the blouse, and the skirt barely covered her wet and aching crotch.

As she stepped from behind the curtain, the breath caught in Peter Hopkins throat. My God she was beautiful. His fat cockhead had pushed above the waistband of his trousers and was now on full display. If Misty noticed she didn`t say.

“Take pictures of my tits.” She said smiling. Peter was happy to oblige. Then she stood with her back to him and bent over, spreading her legs, and grasping her ankles “Now my ass.”

Peter dropped to his knees getting some excellent pussy shots, his prick almost bursting. With a shock he realised that he had not commanded her to do this. This was not magic or drugs. This was a hot and horny Misty. All he had done was lower her inhibitions and this was the result.

Next came the swimsuit. It was a dark blue one piece, and deliberately two sizes too small. Misty was positively bursting out of it. Her deep cleft was clearly visible, and her tits were pushed up and squeezed out of the top and sides. This was too much for Peter Hopkins.

Stripping off his shirt, he dropped his trousers and underwear, stepping quickly out of them, letting his huge erection swing free. It swung briefly from side to side, before coming to rest pointing directly at Misty.

“Mr Hopkins!” Gasped Misty, putting a hand over her mouth in shock. “That`s huge, it`s massive. I mean, oh gosh!”

His emaciated body made his cock seem larger still. It was as if the huge organ was sucking the life out of him.

“Do you like it Misty?” He hissed quietly, sounding for all the world like the depraved pervert that he was. He stroked the swollen organ, pulling back the foreskin and making the fat knob balloon even larger. “Isn`t it a beauty?”

Misty nodded dumbly, her heart pounding in her chest. This was the first real cock she had ever seen and was shocked by its size and rigidity. The temptation to drop to her knees and take it into her mouth was almost overwhelming, but she stood her ground.

“Now.” He whispered. “Fold the material into that wet slit and pull it tight. I want to see those fat cunt lips.”

Misty did as she was told, feeling the shaved lips of her sex spread around the sopping wet material, and encompass the throbbing nubbin of her clit. She ran a finger lightly across it and felt a shiver of pleasure course through her body. Misty was on sexual overload. Never before had she had such incredible feelings coursing through her body.

Unbidden, she pulled the straps from her shoulders and pulled the swimsuit down to her waist, exposing the firm mounds of her tits to the pervert’s gaze.

“Get on your knees.” He whispered hoarsely. She dropped obediently to her knees as Hopkins shuffled towards her, his huge organ swinging before him. He took a tit in his hands and gently rubbed his swollen cockhead across the erect nipple smearing and rubbing his pre-cum into the rigid flesh.

Misty gasped at the strange new sensation. Nobody had touched her bare tits before, and here she was offering them to the neighbourhood pervert. But she wanted him to touch them. To maul them. To fuck them. To cover them in his hot steaming spunk.

She pushed the nipple quickly into her mouth, flicking the hard-little nub with her tongue, licking, and sucking the slimy juice and swallowing it down. When she felt the hot rubbery tip of his cock push against her lips, she opened her mouth accepting it inside, her tongue caressing it, licking away the moisture and making Peter Hopkins groan in pleasure. He began to move gently in and out, careful not to thrust to deeply. As he pulled back, Misty followed it, desperate to keep it inside her mouth. She bore down on it, sucking it deeper as her hands seized the flabby cheeks of his ass, pulling him further inside.

Just when he thought he couldn`t take any more, Misty pulled back. “I need you to fuck me Peter. I need you to fuck me right now. Please fuck me. Don`t leave me like this.” She moaned.

Seizing her by the tits, Hopkins pulled her to her feet, pulling the swimsuit down and casting it away. He dragged her roughly to a nearby sofa, where he pulled her down on top of him, licking and sucking her tits, while his hot hungry cock probed between the lips of her cunt.

She felt it begin to push inside, the fat rolled lips of her pussy parting for the very first time to the invading cock. She instinctively pushed back, feeling the first stab of pain as it began to stretch her unused channel.

“I can`t do it Peter.” She cried. “You`ll have to do it for me. Ram it inside. Make me a woman.”

He threw her to the floor, squirming between her widely splayed legs, his hot fat knob slipping easily into her liquid centre. She wrapped her legs tightly around his skinny hips knowing what was coming.

He thrust hard, viciously into her, rupturing her hymen and surging deep into her belly. Misty screamed, twisting and turning, desperately trying to escape the deeply embedded spike as it drove deeper still, widening her virgin channel and filling her bruised and bleeding cunt.

“No more Peter, please no more.” She sobbed, wrapping her arms around him.

Peter Hopkins merely grunted, his wide bloodshot eyes and drooling mouth betraying his lust, as he began to fuck her. Each thrust eliciting a tiny cry from Misty. She knew there was no love here. Not even an ounce of respect. She was merely a hole for his cock. A body to be used and abused for his own sick entertainment.

But that in itself she found exciting. The sheer filthiness of it. The pure animalistic rutting. The knowledge that this was sex for sex`s sake, with no emotional attachment of any kind. She began to move against him, meeting his thrusts with thrusts of her own, grinding her clit hard against his pubic bone, taking her own pleasure from the obscene act.

She wanted to feel his thick cock spurting into her cunt, her mouth, her ass. She wanted to feel his mouth sucking her tits, and his tongue deep inside her sopping wet hole.

She knew now that she could never have a normal relationship. Casual sex was the way forward now. Illicit sex. Sex with strange men in strange places, filling her holes with their hot cocks and scalding spunk.

They came together, each crying out their lust as they thrust and spasmed against each other. She felt the hot, never ending spurts deep inside her rippling cunt as he poured his cum into her. She was his now, that much she knew. He could have her anytime he wanted, and in any hole. If he didn`t want sex she would force herself upon him. She would learn to titfuck him and take it up her ass.

Misty was lost in a world of depraved, animalistic sex.

Rating: 93%, Read 39850 times, Posted Aug 23, 2018

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