Reunion Campout by Chapter24

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Amanda and Chloe were best friends. They were as close as two friends could be, more like sisters than just friends. Both were only children and grew up next door to each other in a typical sleepy suburban town and were 25 now. Their father’s Bill and Pete were typical suburban dads, with jobs in the city and weekends spent with the family and keeping up with projects around the house. Chloe’s parents were long divorced but had joint custody while she was growing up and had a cordial relationship, and she did not blame either parent for the divorce.

Amanda’s parents had only recently divorced, and the breakup was also mutual and cordial. Her parents just had very different attitudes about life and different interests from each other. Where Amanda’s mother loved the latest fashions and make up and was a social butterfly who attended many parties with her many friends, Amanda’s father Bill was more introverted and enjoyed outdoor and sporting activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing and running. Amanda took after her father more and both were thin and athletic. Bill and Chloe’s father had become best friends over the years and spent a lot of time together watching sports, having a joint family barbeque and talking about current items in the news.

Chloe had similar interests and personality to Bill and Amanda, while Chloe’s parents were more like Amanda’s parents, who would never dream of going tent camping and hiking for a weekend. Amanda and Chloe were very similar looking, both about 5’-6” with pin straight blonde hair that was mid-back length and they often wore their hair in a ponytail. They would look at home at a 1960’s rock concert. Both were natural beauties who rarely wore make-up. Chloe was also thin like Amanda and all three of them ate only non-processed food but were not vegetarians. You could probably describe the three of them as almost being ‘granola chomping tree huggers.’

Growing up the three of them liked to go on at least one tent camping trip in the summer, often at a beautiful campground in the mountains, which only allowed tents, not the huge luxury RV’s that many amateur campers preferred. When Amanda and Chloe turned 18, the campouts stopped because both girls went off to a local college, which they both attended. They had recently rented an apartment together and even worked in the same company. They were so similar looking that when first meeting them many people thought they were actually sisters.

Amanda’s father was kind of depressed because of the recent divorce and Amanda had an idea to cheer him up. She went to the small house he recently bought to see him. “Dad, I know you’ve been lonely and kind of bummed out about the divorce. Why don’t you, Chloe and I go camping like at we used to our favorite campground?”

“Would you girls really want to hang around an old guy like me?” Bill had actually married Amanda’s mother when she accidentally got pregnant when they were teenagers and was only 43.

“Dad, I spoke to Chloe and she is excited about the idea of having a re-union campout, just the three of us. We are also a little bored this summer. Chloe just broke up with her boyfriend and I actually started dating a graduate student who is working at the campground this summer and can get us into the section of the campground they use for overflow campers at peak times, so we will have the area all to ourselves, along with the trails near that section.”

“Amanda, it all sounds like a lot of fun and we have 4th of July weekend coming up, with great weather predicted, so it would be great to re-live old times when you two were younger.”

The next weekend they packed up Bill’s SUV with their gear and headed up to the campground. As Chloe sat in the front seat and as he was driving, Bill couldn’t help but notice how good she looked in her shorts and low cut summer top. He had started looking at her a slightly different way after his recent divorce, as she had grown up to be a beautiful, smart funny woman, but he always quickly put such ideas out of his mind, since she was Amanda’s best friend and roommate and Chloe’s father was also his best friend.

They had all taken Friday off work and got an early start. July 4th was on a Monday this year, so they knew they had a nice long weekend to get back together again as a trio. When they got to the campground Amanda’s new boyfriend greeted them and showed them to their secluded campsite in the overflow section of the campground. The site had water, electric, a fire pit and a large picnic table, and the bathrooms for the section were very close to their camp site. It was almost like they had their own private campground.

“Boy Amanda, your new boyfriend is quite a hunk,” Chloe smiled at her. “Are you going to be spending any time with him this weekend?”

“Well, I might sneak away every now and then for a little mountain loving,” she grinned.

Amanda’s father grimaced and said, “Amanda that is a little too much information for me. This weekend is about when the two of you were younger, not now when you have men falling over themselves to date either one of you.”

Chloe looked at him shyly and replied, “Uncle Bill I wish that were the case. Men seem to want the girls who wear a different expensive outfit every day and who wear a lot of make-up and just want to go to parties and on vacations to exotic places and tropical islands.”

“Chloe, they don’t know what they are missing. You just have to find the right guy with similar interests. By the way, you don’t have to call me Uncle Bill now that you are older. Just call me Bill from now on.”

“Okay, Uncle Bill. Uh, I mean Bill.”

They quickly set up their tents next to each other. Bill had a one-person tent and Amanda and Chloe had a two-person tent. The girls zipped their sleeping bags together so they could have room to talk late into the night, which they often did. The weather forecast had changed, and it was going to be colder than they thought that night and they had not brought heaters for the tents.

After they set up, they had a leisurely healthy dinner, with turkey burgers and vegetables. After dinner, they made a nice campfire and started talking about their campouts from years ago, especially when Amanda and Chloe were teenagers and would get into mischief during the camping weekends. Once it got dark, Bill went to the SUV and got a bottle of bourbon and brought it over.

“Well girls, the last time we were here we never drank, since you both were not legal age. Let’s have a toast to our re-union campout. I think we will have a lot of fun.” They all had a few drinks too many, and Amanda was never good at holding her liquor, so she started slurring and getting sleepy.

“Guys I don’t feel too good. Dad, can I sleep in your tent tonight? I am afraid I am going to get sick and don’t want to possible puke on Chloe. We are best friends but there are just things you don’t want to share, like vomit. You two can sleep together in our sleeping bag.”

“Amanda I am okay with sleeping in your tent with Chloe, but she has to promise to keep her hands off this recently divorced guy.”

Chloe looked at Bill and punched him lightly in the arm. “Oh, Uncle Bill, I mean Bill, don’t be silly. I am young enough to be your daughter.”

“Chloe, I was only kidding.”

“I know you were.” But she looked at him in a new way, like he looked at her during the car ride, but she also quickly got any thoughts like that out of her mind.

Amanda staggered over to her tent and stumbled into it and they could hear her quickly starting to snore lightly. Bill and Chloe got into the tent and turned away from each other while they changed into warm pajamas. As they got into the sleeping bag, they knew it was going to be a little cold that night.

They talked more about their recent lives and laughed and smiled at how the three of them were so close. She then laughed and said, “Bill can you tell me a bedtime story like you used to on our camping trips when we were little?” she drunkenly giggled.

Bill thought this was a little weird, but he indulged her and told her the story of red riding hood and the big bad wolf, as they faced each other. She fell asleep with a smile on her face and he faced away from her and also fell asleep. An hour later there was thunder off in the distance that woke them up, but no rain. Chloe was always afraid of thunderstorms though, and after they woke up from the thunder, Chloe said, “Bill I know it sounds weird, but can you sleep facing me and hold me a little until the thunder stops? I’m scared of the storm and it is really getting cold in here and we can share some body warmth, like you taught us how to survive in the cold.”

“So, Chloe, you want me to spoon with you?”

“Well I guess you would call it that, but it is totally innocent, although we should not tell Amanda about it. She might get the wrong idea.”

“She probably wouldn’t, but let’s not take that chance and not tell her. She is drunk anyway and would not care what we did in our tent.” He realized what he just said, but he had never noticed her looking at him with anything but admiration for someone who was like a second father to her, so she probably did not take his comment that way.

They snuggled in the cold and in his sleep, he eventually forgot where he was and who he was with. When he would want to initiate sex with his ex-wife, he would unbutton a button on her pajama top and start massaging her breast to wake her up. His hand unconsciously reached across Chloe’s chest and unbuttoned a button on Chloe’s pajama top and he reached in and started massaging her firm breast.

Chloe at first thought she was dreaming about her ex-boyfriend massaging her breast, as he also did the same thing to wake her up for some lovemaking. But she woke up and realized it was Amanda’s father’s hand and she also felt a raging boner poking into her butt crack. She stayed still, petrified at what was happening, but eventually shook Bill awake and said, “Bill, I’m Chloe, not your ex-wife, you’re feeling me up.”

Bill’s face turned beet red and he apologized right away. “I’m so sorry Chloe. I forgot it was you in the sleeping bag with me, not my ex-wife.”

“That’s okay, I understand, now let’s go back to sleep.”

They went back to sleep but an hour later he woke up again with a painful erection and saw this angel like young woman, who he felt so close to, curled up in front of him. He started realizing that he had repressed desires for her since she had turned 18 and even more since the divorce, and he thought that maybe secretly, she had started developing the same type of feelings for him. His hand slowly reached down below the waistband of her panties to test his theory. He reached her slightly moist warm slit and inserted a finger gently into her. Maybe she was also dreaming about him?

Chloe was dreaming, but again thought it was about her ex-boyfriend. She woke up and was horrified that Bill had her hand down her pants and pulled it out quickly. She said to him angrily, “Bill I excused you making a pass at me the first time, but this time is no excuse. I am your daughter’s best friend and my father is your best friend. Nothing is going to happen in here tonight.”

“Chloe, that sounds so crude. Making a pass at you? I just realized now that I might be starting to have feelings for you as more than my daughter’s best friend. You aren’t a little girl anymore.”

“I know I am not a little girl anymore, but you first met when I was a little girl, so this is wrong and kind of creepy. I am also the daughter of your best friend."

“Chloe tell me you don’t have any feelings for me, and I won’t try anything again this weekend.”

“Bill, it is irrelevant how I feel. It would be wrong and anyway, if anything happened between us and Amanda and my dad found out, there could be a lot of hurt and anger.”

“But Chloe, no one would ever find out. What happens in this tent stays in this tent.” He snaked his hand beneath her waistband, and she didn’t stop him this time, and he started slowly rubbing her clit in circular motions, occasionally sinking two fingers in an out of her tight vagina. Chloe felt a little horny from not having a boyfriend and also felt sorry for Bill being so lonely.

“Bill, I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you finger me, but that is it. We are not going any further.” She pulled her bottoms down to her knees and Bill got very excited and started working on building her desire, as he massaged her breast while he gently massaged her crotch. Chloe soon felt her orgasm building, although it was hard for her to come since she felt so guilty about letting Bill go so far. Then he started gently kissing her neck, and she couldn’t take it anymore. She knew Amanda was close by in her tent and stifled any sound of her orgasm as her body shuddered, with Bill holding her tightly.

After her orgasm subsided Bill softly said, “Chloe I am not going to be able to sleep like this, you have to do something to give me release.”

She turned around and looked at him and replied, “I don’t know if I can bring myself to give my best friend’s father a hand job. This is so wrong.”

“Please Chloe. I promise to stop the rest of the weekend.” He pulled his pajama bottoms down to the top of his knees and his large manhood spring out.

“Okay, but I mean it, this is it.” Chloe tentatively reached out her hand and started stroking and pulling on his penis. She did not feel confident in bed, as no boyfriend had ever given her feedback on her skills. Bill couldn’t believe how good a hand job this woman was giving him. As she fondled his shaved balls, he shot a load out harder than he ever had in his life and it landed on her vagina and thighs, luckily missing her staining her pajama bottoms. She quickly grabbed a sock to wipe up his sticky goo.

He laid there in bliss and finally said, “Chloe that was the best hand job I ever had in my life. How did you learn to do that so good at such a young age?”

She looked at him shyly but with a pleased look. “You really thought it was good? I don’t think I am good in bed. No one has ever told me I gave a good hand job. I know you liked it and I liked the way you made me come too, but I really mean it. We can’t do this anything more. What if Amanda smells sex in our tent or finds the sticky sock?”

Bill reached for a can of mosquito spray and sprayed it in the air all over the tent. “Sometimes you have to be creative when you go camping.” She laughed at him and rolled over to go back asleep.

Bill laid there awake as Chloe softly slept, his mind racing with thoughts about how he wanted this young woman but wasn’t sure if it was just lust for a young firm body or something more. But they both had all the same interests and had such deep affection for each other, even though it had not been romantic love.

As Chloe laid on her back sound asleep, he lost all reason. He felt that maybe she was holding back her feelings for him for fear of Amanda and her father hating them if they ever had sex, but he didn’t care anymore. He had to at least see her naked. He quietly pulled the top of the sleeping bag down and slowly unbuttoned her top, exposing her absolutely perfect medium size breasts. He then slowly pulled down her pajama bottoms, exposing her beautiful bald pussy and her athletic thighs.

He knew he had to act quick before she could react. He lightly felt her slit and it was soaked. Hopefully she was dreaming about him. He took off his pajama bottoms and quietly straddled her waist so he could claim her pussy. He slowly shook her awake as he lowered his thick penis close to her cunt and she was shocked to see Bill right above her. She pushed on his chest to get him off her and wanted to scream, but Amanda was close by and could wake up.

“Bill, I told you we can’t have sex. Please get off me.” She kept struggling to pull her bottoms up and close her legs, but he kept pulling them down and wedging her tanned thighs part.

He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head and bent down and started suckling her breasts. She felt herself getting wetter and was starting to think she wanted to have sex with Bill too, but she was afraid of admitting it to herself because it might end her friendship with Amanda and it might end Bill’s relationship with her father. He stopped and looked in her in the eyes and gruffly said, “Chloe I know you want this, please stop resisting. We have to do this. It was meant to be. Fate brought us together.”

She knew it was going to be hard to stop him, but she one last idea to stop him from his goal. “Uncle Bill, you’re hurting my wrists. Please stop. I am your little Chloe, not some conquest. Please don’t make me do this. Please don’t rape me!”

“Nice try Chloe. I don’t believe anything you’re saying.” He let go of her wrists and pried her legs apart again and lined up his cock with her warm entrance.

“Bill, I said no.”

“Chloe, I’m not asking anymore.” With that he plunged into her and bottomed out deep in her womb. He looked in her eyes and started gently thrusting in and out of her pussy. “Tell me to stop Chloe if you want me to.”

She loved the feel of his cock filling her up so fully. She looked at him and softly said “please no.”

“Chloe, I didn’t quite hear what you said.” He started thrusting harder as she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck.


Please what?”

She was incoherent now, just repeating “please, please, please.”

She wrapped her legs tight around his waist and his mouth bent down to meet hers. Their tongues intertwined and she started thrusting upwards in a rhythm to meet his thrusts. He suddenly stopped and asked, “Chloe are you on birth control?”

She nodded her head yes as he felt his cum boiling in his balls. “Can I cum inside you?” She nodded her head yes again. They both felt scared about their relationships with Amanda and Chloe’s father, but something had overcome them. They didn’t know if it was lust from loneliness and horniness, built up desire of being around each other over so many years, or something else. They tried to quietly cum to not wake Amanda but made noise as loud as someone stifling a sneeze. They looked at each with a scared look like “what have we done?”

When they woke up early in the morning, they could barely look at each other as they got dressed and opened the tent. Amanda was already up and cooking breakfast and greeted them with a smile. “How did you two lovebirds sleep?”

Bill and Chloe’s faces froze, and Bill quickly snapped at Amanda, “what do you mean by that?”

“Dad I was only kidding. Can’t you take a joke?”

“Sorry Amanda, I must have a bit of a hangover.”

The three of them decided to go fishing in the pond near their section of the campground and had a great time, stopping mid-day for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon they went back to the campsite and Amanda went to the bathroom to take a shower. Chloe and Bill were at the campsite and had a chance to talk. “Bill, I can’t believe I let you do that to me last night. It was wrong and you need to keep your dick out of my pussy for the rest of the weekend.”

“Chloe, I feel strange about it too. Maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing on our part, but in the end, I didn’t force you.”

“I know, but I mean it. Keep that weapon away from my pussy,” she laughed.


Amanda came back from her shower and said, “hey guys you are on your own for dinner, I am going to visit my boyfriend over at his ranger cabin. Can I trust you two alone?”

Bill and Chloe didn’t react this time, as they knew she was just kidding them again. They decided they needed a shower before dinner and both went to the bathrooms, which had a men’s section and a woman’s section, with individual locked shower stalls for privacy in both sections of the bathrooms. As Chloe showered, she felt horrible about what happened last night and what the implications could be if anyone found out.

But as Bill showered, all he could think about is how great it felt having sex with Chloe and how he hadn’t been able to admit to himself that he had desire for her from the time she was 18 until now, since it did feel a little creepy to him. He soon rationalized that they had already had sex, so what would one more time hurt, and he turned the shower off and put a towel around his waist.

He walked over the woman’s side of the bathroom, which was empty except for Chloe, since this area of the campground was closed to other campers. He knocked on her shower stall and she thought it was Amanda.

“Amanda is that you, did you forget something?” She opened the stall and saw Bill standing there wearing only a towel. “Bill what are you doing here?” she shouted softly. “I said you need to keep that thing out of my pussy!”

“Chloe, I never promised to keep my mouth away from your pussy though.” He dropped the towel, advanced on her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard on her lips, which soon slightly parted. As they stood there, he slowly started kissing his way down her body, as she murmured, “no, no,” no.”

His mouth found the space between her legs and she slowly parted her legs so his tongue could reach inside her pussy lips and he started licking her like an ice cream cone on a warm summer day. She soon wrapped her hands around the back of his head and pulled him in tighter, as he nibbled on her clit. The water from the shower was practically drowning him as he dined on her delicious snatch, but he didn’t care. She came hard and her voice echoed in the tiled stall. After she recovered, she looked down at his now throbbing cock. Chloe was not a huge fan of giving a guy head, but she wanted that cock in her mouth.

She got down on her knees and started slurping on it like an ice cream cone, like Bill had done to her. She stopped for a minute and said, “please don’t cum in my mouth. I’ve never done that, and it would feel weird for you to do that.”

“Okay, Chloe, I promise,” he replied, not knowing if he could keep his promise. As he started feeling his orgasm building, he held the back of her head tightly. He wanted so bad for her to swallow his scum. As she looked up at him with that beautiful face, he shyly asked, “Chloe, I want to be the first man for you to swallow his load. Can I please cum in your mouth?” She looked up at this man she has known all her life, who had a pleading look in his eyes, and she slowly nodded her head yes. He smiled back at her and soon erupted with a huge load in her mouth, which she quickly swallowed, as a little of it dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.

After they were done, they put their clothes on and walked back to the campsite and practically wordlessly ate dinner, and then started a campfire. She was not mad at him, but they both knew they were sliding down a slippery slope of potentially getting caught and still weren’t sure if this was just lust, or something else. Amanda returned after dark. She greeted them with a chirpy voice. “Hey guys, did you save any food for me? I worked up an appetite after being with my new boyfriend.”

They barely reacted and she was concerned. “Is everything okay with you two?” You look like a little boy and girl who hate each other and are being made to sit next to each other at recess.” Bill replied quickly. “We are just tired from the fishing Amanda. I think I am going to go to bed early and read in my tent.” He got up and went into his tent, with his head swirling with conflicting emotions about what was happening between him and Chloe. Chloe was also distracted as she talked to Amanda and also told her she was going to turn in early.

As Bill and Chloe both lay in their sleeping bags, staring at the ceiling of each of their tents, they started thinking about each other and their hands slowly reached beneath their pajama bottoms and they started masturbating, both coming hard at the same time. They even felt guilty about fantasizing about each other. As they both fell asleep they felt relieved that tomorrow was Sunday already and they only had to make it to the 4th of July on Monday to get out of this precarious predicament of hiding their new relationship from Amanda and Chloe’s father. This thing probably needed to end this weekend.

In the morning, Amanda was up early again making breakfast. She was so perky and happy, that Bill and Amanda wanted to slap her a little to get her out of her annoying good mood, since they both felt so grumpy. She brightly said in a sing song voice, “today let’s put our bathing suits on and our hiking clothes, and we can hike up the trail to the swimming area by the waterfall.” Bill was resigned to the fact that Chloe was probably right that their relationship had to stop and stop for good. But the other half of his mind still wanted her.

The three of them made their way up the trail, which took a couple of hours, and they were tired once they got there. They took off their hiking clothes and Bill looked over and saw Chloe in a sexy string bikini and he looked up at the sky and shook his head, knowing that nature was tempting him again. Amanda set up towels and their lunch and they all got in the water and swam over to get underneath the waterfall and let the water splash over them. They started fooling around and splashing water at each other and it felt like old times. Bill was much taller than either of them and he would tease them by taking turns holding on to them and shifting to a spot in the water where he could stand up but they had to tread water, which made them tired.

While he was holding Chloe up, Amanda suddenly said, “hey guys, I’m going to get out for a while and lay in the sun on my towel.”

Chloe knew she would be alone be Bill and quickly replied, “I’ll come with you Amanda.”

“No, Chloe, stay in with my dad, you guys look like you’re having great fun. Don’t mind me.” Chloe looked at her with dread and faced back to Bill, who was holding her up in the water. “Bill, my legs are getting tired. Let’s go where the water is shallower.”

Bill stared at this woman he had known for over 20 years and started realizing this was more than just lust. She was perfect for him and he was starting to fall in love with her. “No, Chloe, the only way you can stop treading water is to wrap your legs around my waist.”

“Bill are you crazy? Amanda is over there on the towel. She could see us.”

“Chloe, she is very far away and can barely see us. She’ll think we are just fooling around in the water. I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Well that’s good because we are stopping this craziness right now.” She moved closer to him and tentatively wrapped her legs around him and he looked into her eyes. She could feel his hard cock making a huge tent in his swim trunks.

“Chloe, do you not want to do anything with me anymore because you don’t want to or because you are afraid of Amanda seeing us?”

She didn’t answer and looked at him like a mouse looks at a cat right before it gets eaten alive.

Amanda suddenly waved over to them and said, “hey guys, my boyfriend just called and wants me to come over for lunch. I think I am going to be his dessert.”

Bill grinned at Chloe as she looked at him nervously. “Tell me you don’t want me Chloe,” he said as he quickly reached down and untied the string to her bikini bottoms and took them off and put them in the pocket of his swim trunks.

He slid down his swim trunks as she held her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. As he slowly inserted himself into her, she softly moaned “I don’t want to, “I don’t want, “I don’t.”

He bounced her up and down a little on his rigid member and whispered in her ear. “This isn’t another conquest for me Chloe, I know now that deep inside I’ve wanted you to be mine for years now, but until the divorce I suppressed my feelings.”

She was lost in her emotions but managed to slur, “but what about Amanda, what about my father?”

“They’re not here. It is just us and it needs to just be about us going forward.”

“This isn’t right, we need to get out of the water,” as she pulled off his waist and started swimming back to shore. He swam after her as she struggled to swim because she was so tired. She pulled herself up on to the shore and collapsed face down on the towel with just her bikini top on. He got out of the water and ran over to her quickly, like the wolf hunting red riding hood. “Bill, give me back my bottoms, we can’t do this anymore. I told you I can’t let you into my pussy anymore.”

“Chloe, don’t you want me too?”

“Bill, it doesn’t matter how I feel. I just can’t do this to Amanda and my father.”

“Maybe they’ll understand and approve.”

“Are you crazy? They’ll never accept us. Please stop. I do want you. More than anything, she cried,” as she pounded her fists down into the blanket. “But I can’t choose you over them.”

Bill reached down and untied her bikini top and ripped it off her, leaving her naked. “Chloe, I can’t let any other man have you. You need to stop this foolishness now. Now get on your hands and knees and tell me you don’t want me.”

She got up on her hand and knees as if she was in a trance. Bill had planned what he might do today and reached into a small pocket of his shorts laying on the towel and pulled out a small tube of lube. He pulled off his swimsuit and got up behind her. Chloe had gotten to the point where all she cared about was having him in her again.

“Bill, I do want you. Maybe we can hide our relationship from them.”

He squirted some lube onto her rose bud, and she got startled. “What are you doing? I don’t do anal sex. I’m scared of it.”

“Well, you are scared of a lot of things, including being with me. I need you to give yourself to me completely. Every part of your body and your mind. I want to be the first and last man to be in that sweet perfect ass of yours. Besides, I promised to stay out of your pussy.”

Chloe’s insecurities bubbled to the surface again. “You think my ass is perfect?”

“Everything about you is perfect for me.” He massaged the lube into her ass and slowly entered her. As he slowly drew in and out of her petite muscular ass, Chloe lost all her fears about their secret relationship. She met his thrusts as they built up speed and he finally exploded into her tight canal.

They looked at each other and she said, “what have we done? We are in trouble.”

“We did what we should do. It was the right time and the right place. I never cheated on my wife and we are both single people now. We have been friends for a long time, even though I am older than you. You even like my old man music.”

“Well you don’t fuck like an old man, that is for sure. I am still not sure how we can hide this or how they would react if we told them.”

They walked down the trail to the campsite and met Amanda who had come back from her boyfriend’s cabin. “well you two look you are tired.”

Bill replied, “yeah, hard to keep up with Chloe being so much younger. She swims fast,” he quickly added. They had a nice dinner and started drinking again. Amanda got drunk again and said she would sleep in Bill’s tent in case she got sick in the middle of the night. Bill and Chloe went into the larger tent and changed into their pajamas in front of each other.

“Bill what are we going to do?”

“We are going to just sleep tonight. I am starting to worry too and not sure if we should keep this going. Tomorrow is 4th of July and we can talk more after we get back.”

“That makes sense.”

Bill’s head was swirling again as he fell asleep, but in the middle of the night he started having a sex dream about Chloe sucking his penis. He woke up and saw Chloe on top of him naked, with his penis engulfed by her expert mouth.

“Chloe, what are you doing? I thought you didn’t want to be with me.”

“I’ve decided your cock is mine now, forever. No other woman is going to touch it again. It is mine and I don’t care who knows that you are mine.”

She lined up his cock to her waiting dripping wet cunt and lowered herself onto him. She rode him hard and slowly lowered herself onto him, so they were hugging each other tight. She started chanting slowly, “I love you, I love, you.”

As they both came in a thundering orgasm, they were afraid Amanda might have heard them and they were scared. They both feel asleep though and woke up in each other’s arms.

In the morning, they stumbled out of the tent looking like a train had hit them. There was Amanda again sitting at the picnic table with breakfast ready. They sat down across from her and could barely look at her. She finally looked at them sternly said, “are you two fucking each other?”

They looked at her in shock and Chloe nervously shouted, “no, no” Amanda, what would make you think that?”

“Well I heard you in the tent Friday night and last night. And after I left the waterfall, I forgot something and saw you run out of the swimming area with no bottoms on. And I went back to tell you something when you were in the shower and heard you two going at it. What do you have to say now?”

Bill protested. “Amanda, it’s not like that. We are in love with each other and want to get married, but I don’t want to lose you as a daughter, Chloe doesn’t want to lose her father and she doesn’t want to lose you as a best friend."

Amanda laughed out loud. “Boy, this was hard getting you together after all this time. I thought I might have to show you two how to have sex.”

Chloe was in shock. “You set this all up, the whole camping trip? You aren’t mad at us?”

“Yes, and of course I’m not mad. I faked being drunk so you could be alone. I left you alone to shower and swim by the waterfall. My ‘boyfriend’ is really just a good friend who was in on my scheme. I’ve known for a long time you two belong together. I would be honored for you to not only be my best friend but also be my sister-in law. And if you have children, I will be an aunt too.”

Bill was still in shock. “But what about Chloe’s father? He is going to hate me for going after his daughter.”

“Dad, he was in on the scheme too. He also has felt you two should be together and your age difference will now work, with us out of college and working, even though you are 18 years apart in age. He said he would be honored to not only be your best friend, but also your father-in-law, and eventually grandfather to your children.”

Bill shook his head and said, “well this is going to be an unusual family tree, and this was certainly a magical weekend.”

Chloe looked at them both and softly said, “well it is 4th of July weekend and we made a lot of fireworks.”

Bill looked at Chloe and replied, “yeah, and we declared independence over our fears of our feelings for each other holding us back.” Bill and Chloe embraced and kissed right in front of Amanda.

Amanda smiled at them and said with a grin, “I’m going to go back to my friend’s cabin for a while before we pack up to go home. This was quite a re-union campout. It was actually a ‘union’ campout to bring you two together. Feel free to go back into the tent for one last tryst before we go. But try not to get too much sticky stuff on my sleeping bags. As it is the dry cleaner is going to have a heck of a time getting all those cum stains out of them.”

Bill and Chloe were grinning like school children waiting to devour candy and would run for the tent after Amanda left to give them some alone time, so they could really let loose on each other with their newfound love and passion.

But first Bill looked at this daughter Amanda and shook his head. She had absolutely no filter sometimes but admired her for speaking her mind and being in touch with her feelings.

He looked at her and thought how she needed to find her dream man too. She got along great with Chloe’s divorced father. He quickly brushed the strange thought from his mind. It was a little creepy for them to be with each other’s daughters. Besides, Chloe’s father hated camping.

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