Independent 30 year old Woman by horny+fox

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex

Kathy 30 never married is a petite slender woman and independent. She takes care of herself, both emotionally and physically. She is in charge of your own life and making your own decisions. She is a teacher attending the school board meeting, I'm a member of the school board. My phone pinged telling me I had a new email, Unknown sender.

" Its a shame that your leaving. But I can come clean. I have a crush on you, even if its wrong. Your too tempting, but everyone tells me I should stay away. When you walk by, I just want you to eat me up with the look. I'm sending this to get it out of my system, that you don't know who I am will keep me safe from you. Thats not what I want, but its the way it should be. John, I swear you take a sex shower. You know what I'm saying? There's like this tension around you. Whenever you look at me, you're hungry, but you manage not to make it sick. It's simply saying 'if I get my hands on you, I'll fuck you within an inch of your life.' Makes me tingle where it shouldn't." I reread the email. It was appropriate to snort. That anonymity is self-delusion of the highest quality. Kathy's frustration is obvious. She hadn't had sex for almost three years; she is not actively dating anyone currently. She is so hot. Sensuous, long, and thick hair. Curvy body worthy of a pin-up poster. Fuck, if I could have a night with her...

I didn't want her learning about my asshole reputation. I didn't know either why I wanted her more than any other woman. She turned around. Great, I'm staring at her like a wolf in heat. She smiled sheepishly before swiveling her eyes away, picking up her juice, and disappearing inside. I went back inside and she didn't even look at me. " Kathy? " I offered. My voice sounded deep. She finally lifted her eyes as if they were laden by an almost overpowering weight. She hurriedly smiled with uncertainty. She looked damn good, her body fit, and, while not showing too much, the outfit worn made it clear she took good care of herself. Her ivy-colored eyes gave the illusion of being lighter and warmer. Her lips hinted at being even more inviting than the norm. Her breasts were a nice, natural B. " I...uh...I was wondering if you...could help me again." Fuck you silly again, you mean. Why lie? " Fuck you silly again, you mean." I wasn't at a board meeting, so my language wasn't restricted. She gasped and turned a nice shade of red that favored her appearance. " I...I don't..." " Good," I murmured, I strode towards her and roughly pushed her face back, kissing her hard on the mouth. " I am in a peculiar mood today," I breathed into her mouth as I kissed her and she gasped from the roughness. She kissed back eagerly, wanting to please me while also wanting to rid any doubts from my mind. " Why?" she panted, afraid of the answer. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back before moving my lips to the base of her throat. " Mmmm," I growled, ignoring the question. " You know that you want to be with me?" I asked as my other hand ran up her exposed forearm, giving her goose bumps. " Yes," Kathy squeaked.

" As my Property you will do as I command?" " Yes!"

" If that's a 'yes', follow me to my apartment." I didn't even wait. I turned and walked away. As expected, her footsteps, timidly, followed me. Why so many adult women react well to the aggressive rough treatment has always been beyond me. I didn't care about them, and did nothing to lead them on. I was in no way tender, but they came to me anyway. Being described as " rugged " helped, but looks aren't everything. Hell, I had hated the jocks that treated girls like crap to " get some," and here I was doing almost the same because I really didn't care, not to grab their attention. " Good. You will spend the night with me," I breathed, squeezing her tightly as I inhaled at her neck. " O-okay," she stammered. " You will let me fuck you whenever I see fit!" With that, I spun her around so that I was behind her and she is facing my sofa. " Hands on the sofa," I growled, and she obeyed, bending over so that her hands are pressing against the soft smooth material on the back. With violent urgency, I reached around, undoing her skirt and yanking it down. Trying to keep up with me, she quickly stepped out of her skirt so that she is only standing in her heels, thong and blouse. I pushed her blouse up over her breasts where it remained, and then yanked her bra down, freeing both of her breasts. Her breasts bounced from their restraints and I groaned as my hands cup her soft, supple mounds. She groans in response to my groping and kneading, my fingers deftly pulling at each of her hardened nipples, lengthening them. I pushed my body against her ass, and she feels my erection through the thin material of my pants. Kathy can tell that there would not be much foreplay. I'm rough and urgent, different than past experiences with other men. I twisted her nipples, and she winced with the pain. I aggressively push my hand between her legs, my fingers hungrily grasping at her inner folds. Kathy's body is already anticipating me, and she is slippery wet. I groan appreciatively, and Kathy spread her legs further for me.

" Yes," I groan as I skillfully undid my belt before pulling my fly down. Seconds later, Kathy hears my pants hit the floor and she feels me pulling down my briefs behind her. Kathy panting with her desire and anticipation. Her body hummed to life around me, she has never been with an aggressive and dominate man. She has never been with or dated a man 25 years older. Kathy ached for me to fill her and she spread her legs further still in desperate need of my ready cock. I took hold of her hair, snapping her head back, before pressing down on her back with my other hand. Forced to bend over, she obeyed, and I ran my hand from her back down to her ass. I squeezed tightly in admiration, and then bent over her back and brought my hot mouth to her ear. " This fuck is for my pleasure only," I said gruffly. Kathy could only nod, her desire and lust so great, she is unable to speak. Roughly, I yanked her thong to the side and then I pushed my long thick cock inside her, making her cry out from my sudden invasion. Withdrawing, I reared up once more and slammed into her again, she braced herself against the sofa, moaning softly. This was a type of roughness she had never known. Again and again, I slammed into her, and she feels herself stretch for me repeatedly. Moaning softly, she steadied herself against the sofa. She is unsure whether she is moaning from the pain or from my complete possession of her. I'm, the alpha male, showing her who was in charge. Reaching down to her ass, I squeezed tightly and she whimpered with pain. Surely, she would have marks tomorrow from where my fingers dug into her flesh. I'm panting loudly in her ear, and she feels as I reach my hands up along her stomach and then to her breasts. With a desire to inflict pain, I squeezed her breasts firmly and she is unable to hold in her scream.

" Does it hurt?" I asked. " Yes," she gasped, but to her surprise she wanted more. For some perverse reason that she is unable to comprehend at the moment, she wanted more of my sadistic fucking. Sensing that she was enjoying herself, I groaned and then thrust myself into her with such force, that she fell against the sofa. Grabbing her, I pulled her back up before slipping inside her once more, easily entering her from behind as I glided through her arousal. I steadied her by gripping either side of her ass, and then grunted as I rammed into her as fast as my body would allow. With a final thrust and animalistic grunt, I emptied myself inside of her and she feels me still as my orgasm came to an end. Afraid to move, she stood still as she feels me begin to soften and then finally slip out of her. Kathy is sore from the rough sex and she is tense from not having her own release; I clearly planned it this way. She picked up her palms to see sweaty marks left behind on the sofa back. She feels me moving behind her, already zipping my fly and righting myself. Kathy gently pulled her thong back in place, before fixing her bra and shirt. She tugged her skirt on, and knew she would need to go to the bathroom to fix herself up, not to mention to clean herself up. She could already feel my fluids running out of her. " That will be all for now, The bathroom is down the hall." I said gruffly, moving to the bar.

Kathy was in the bathroom when I appeared in the door, " What do you want?" She demanded. I stood there watching her but didn't reply so she tried to step past me, but as she moved, I grabbed her arm pulling down the hall to the bedroom. I closed the door, roughly pushing her against it. She saw me unzipping myself and she begins to struggle futilely against me as I said " Take your clothes off now. Get on your knees." She slowly turned over onto her knees to await what she is about to experience. Her ass cheeks are directly in front of me, she feels my hot breathe on her soft inner thighs. " There's no need for tears. You're aroused again, and your scent is very strong...damn, I can smell you," I said as I inhaled deeply and ground my hips against her. " You knew I had intended to have you again."

I positioned myself directly behind her waiting ass. She closed her eyes to shut out the bestial action about to take place again. I leaned my body onto her back, my arms begins to wrap around her upper torso, when I stiffened for a moment and paused. " You're so ready. Your pussy is like a furnace. Stop crying! We both know this was inevitable," I said in a hoarse, throaty voice.

She let out a whimper and then I rammed my huge bulging cock into her wet cunt, burying it up to the hilt. " AAAAAaaaahhh!" she cried as her eyes shot open and she found herself staring at my hairy legs between her legs. My baseball size testicles hung heavy below her dripping slit, banging against her sensitive clitoris. Then I drew back for another hard thrust as Kathy hung onto the mattress for dear life. My massive cock again slams into her throbbing hole sending more of her juice down her thighs. She feels then what she thought is impossible - my cock is getting even bigger! My thrusts became faster and faster; my enormous shaft expanding thicker and thicker at the base to seemingly join my cock with this bitch's cunt. Kathy's orgasm is becoming unbearable. Her cunt spasms rapidly around my invading cock. I'm groaning louder with my oncoming climax. My arms are almost hugging the breath from her lungs, while my hands squeeze her breasts. Kathy reached back between her legs to feel my thrusting cock. She feels the huge veins and thick shaft divide her sticky fingers with each fucking motion. Faster and faster I drove my massive throbbing cock into her wet hole. Her ass rippled with my powerful thrusts; I begin to groan louder as my orgasm became eminent. My cock expanded even bigger to seal in the cum. Then I stiffened and begin to shoot my hot cum into her tortured cunt. Her orgasm blew into final explosion as she feels the hot jets hit her womb and fill her pussy.

I thrust my cock with lust crazed force to jam my hot semen into her uterus. Then suddenly I stopped. I would have to wait until my now engorged cock receded enough to pull it from her. She gasped for air and bathed in the glow of the most satisfying fuck she has ever had. But it is not over yet. Kathy's over-ravished body slumped to the mattress. She fell asleep almost immediately, while I went into the bathroom. An hour later I returned, I got back up on the bed and begin to lick her battered pussy. She awakened from her restful stupor and realized what I was doing. She tries to push me away, but it is to no avail. My long wet tongue begins to send sexual impulses through her body again, completely beyond her control. She unconsciously begins to undulate her curvaceous ass towards my lapping tongue, turning onto her belly once again. Flat against the mattress, her buttocks is pressed together but still I managed to fully reach her pussy with my tongue. My wetness slipped between her ass cheeks to her puckered asshole and bathed it with my saliva. My drooling further lubricated the crack between her cheeks until the combined fluids of my saliva and her cunt juices bathed her ass in wetness. She begins to raise her ass from the mattress to further expose her pussy to my licks. But the exhaustion from the previous two sessions left her in only a semi-awakened state.

I once again mount her and begin my entry preparation. But she is low this time, my huge cock is bumping against, not her sweet pussy, but her anal opening! Suddenly with a fast and hard thrust, I shove half of my cock up her unsuspecting asshole! Kathy's eyes popped open wide in surprise and in pain. She tries to shake me off, but I'm too quick as I shove the remainder of my lubricated cock up her stretched asshole. " Aaarrrghhh!" Kathy gasped as she feels my invading shaft pumping her as with bestial lust. I'm even more excited than before by this new tightened opening. Again my cock begins expanding in all dimensions, further stretching her ass to its limit. She begins to experience tingly pinpricks all around her hot and sticky crotch. The pleasure/pain connection has been made. She reached back and tried to spread her ass cheeks even further apart to allow my massive cock to penetrate to deeper depths. Then she let her hands drop to her dripping snatch to rub her now swollen clit and perhaps reach a more powerful orgasm than she had before. Every thrust expanded her tight asshole and brought delicious pleasure. She feels my cock sliding in and out of her ass through the thin barrier in her wet cunt. She was actually being ass-fucked for the first time! Soon I begin to heave and thrust harder as my cum boiled up from my huge balls. Kathy met each thrust with a thrust of her own. She begins to pant in synch with my rapid breaths. Then she feels my massive cock expand once more and blast forth its sperm into the depths of her heaving belly. The feeling of cum filling up her asshole pushed her orgasm over the brink as her sphincter muscles milked the sperm from the enormous shaft. Kathy is in heaven as my labored thrusts subsided. My cock slowly shrank and I pull out of her gorgeous ass with a satisfied almost pleased look on my face. Kathy feels both revulsion and excitement over what she had just experienced. Unbridled lust is now part of her life and she would never again be hesitant to explore the unknown.

She sank to the bed, as I kissed her and stealthily left.

Rating: 66%, Read 5113 times, Posted May 03, 2016

Fantasy | Consensual Sex


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