My Mothers Visitors. by alexwhite1993

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Fiction | BDSM, Boy, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Old Female, Plumper, Prostitution, Rape, Submission

Alex had been sent to his room again. Not because he had done anything that needed to be punished, but because his mom needed the rest of the house to herself for an hour or so, as she always did in the evenings of Friday through til Sunday.

Every weekend for the past four years, since she had broken up with Alex’s father, Mrs. Glover had started inviting guests over. When Alex was younger he had assumed that these guests were her work friends. Mrs. Glover always wore her best business attire on the weekends. A nice clean skirt and a crisp white blouse.

As Alex got older he also started to notice that that clean skirt stopped half way up her thigh and that crisp blouse was skin tight and unbuttoned half way. He also couldn’t help but notice the trim of her lacy colored bra underneath her shirt, or the way those bras pressed her breasts together to form a tight curved line for her ample cleavage. She was a bigger woman, but not in any way unattractive. Her face, arms and tummy held little fat- at least relative to the amount of weight she carried in her chest and bottom.

He also noticed her guests were a lot friendlier than simple business friends.

It was only a few months ago Alex decided to venture out of his bedroom on a Saturday evening while his mother was entertaining a guest. From halfway down the stairs he could see clearly into the living room where her mother was sitting on the couch, exaggerated posture tilting her chest upwards, accentuating the swell of her breasts and the tight arch of her lower back. There was a man standing in front of her, eying her, head to stiletto-clad toe. He seemed awkward standing there, unsure of himself, shifting his weight back and forth between his feet. He seemed out of breath and sweaty as his shaky hand reached into his jacket pocket. When he pulled the envelope from his jacket pocket and laid it on the table, Alex’s mother moved with all the confidence and certainty the man lacked.

She gracefully slid down onto to her knees in front of him, her fat ass sitting on the heels of her hard black stilettos, creating two deep furrows in her otherwise perfectly rounded butt. Within seconds her deft fingers had the man’s belt, buckle and zipper undone and his pants were in a pool around his ankles. Alex wanted to gasp but found himself paralyzed with fear. He shouldn’t be seeing this, he should have stayed in his room and played video games or watched TV or jerked off or anything!- why was he even thinking of jerking off right now? How could that thought even occur at this moment? He hit himself in the head with a clenched fist and shook the thought away- but his eyes never left his mother.

Her hands were on his thighs now, followed by her lips. She worked her way up his legs, cherry lipstick leaving a trail of gentle kisses. She brushed her face against the front of his underwear and Alex noticed a distinct shape pressed against the fabric, twitching as his mother brushed her mouth upwards against the strangers concealed shaft, lower lip dragging along the way. She was purring softly, moaning between his legs. Her hands had reached around, creeping their way up his ass until her fingers hooked the elastic around his waist and began to pull slowly downwards.

His ass was exposed first as the backside of the elastic band came down, but the front of his legs were slowly revealed, the middle was still held up by his rigid cock. As she pulled further down his cock bent down and down, until the band peeled over the head of his shaft and his swollen cock snapped back up furiously, slapping his mother under the jaw.

With no pause, no hesitation, Alex’s mother, the woman who had given birth to him, fed him, clothed him, changed his diapers, raised him and his brother his whole life, that very woman- now on her knees with her skin tight skirt peeled up half way up her ass and her tits threatening to spill out of her too small bra, took that strangers cock into her mouth.

She was absolutely ravenous. Her moans got louder and louder, a wordless plea that grew tremendously the deeper she took his cock. She jerked his cock with one hand and licked the shaft from balls to head, she bobbed up and down taking just the head, she wrapped her arms around his hips and pulled herself down onto his cock until his heavy balls rested on her chin, she sucked, she popped, she groaned, she was a proper little bimbo whore.

The man loved every second of it. If he was awkward and shy at first, now you would have never guessed.

“Ah, jesus fuck, that’s right bitch, suck that dick. Take it like the little slut you are.” He was gently thrusting into her mouth as she bobbed up and down. He put a hand on the back of her head to help guide her but she brushed it away. “You a good little slut? You a nasty little cum dumpster?” His mother moaned an agreement with his dick still in her mouth. “Yeah you are, what a good little girl, your daddy’s good little cock sucker.” He put his hands on the back of her head again and tried to guide her once more, and once more she brushed his hands away. He did it a third time, only this time he started humping faster, and deeper. Before it had been small strokes, just the head in and out, but now he was forcing himself in as deep as her throat would allow.

His mother was shocked, whatever was happening it was clear she didn't want it. She tried to push his hands off, so he answered by pushing her head backwards until her head was fully flattened against the couch cushion. Her back and neck were bent backwards and the man continued to force his cock into her mouth.

She wasn’t moaning or sucking or popping anymore. She was yelling a gargled plea that caught in her throat every time he jutted his dick downwards once more.

Alex was terrified. This had gone wrong. He wanted to run down and tackle the man but he was too scared to move. He only knelt there on the stair watching between the balusters. With every thrust of the strangers cock parting his mother's painted lips her breasts were thrust up and down, the copious fatty tissue rippling within her bra, just barely staying covered.

With a final prolonged groan the man buried himself in her wet mouth and held still. Legs quivering as his hips bucked against her face in unison with his cocks orgasmic contractions, feeding her every drop of cum whether she wanted it or not.

When he was all spent and released her from his grip, Alex’s mom gasped for air and came up flailing her arms at the man, slapping him repeatedly.

“I TOLD YOU I DON’T DO THAT!” She was yelling as loud as she could without disturbing her son upstairs, as far as she knew.

“And I was told you were a desperate little bitch.” He was reaching into his jacket pocket again and pulled out a $10 bill. He let it fall to the table. “Here- for your trouble.”

She slapped him in the face. “ONLY ANOTHER 10, YOU DISGU-” He slapped her right back.

“You’re an uppity little bitch aren’t you. You’re lucky your man doesn’t take kindly to getting his girls all bruised up or I’d lay you down a bit harder than that.” Alex’s mother was nursing the side of her face, petulance in her eyes.

“Well then I guess he won’t be happy when he sees whatever mark you just left on me will he?”

“Woah, woah, woah bitch. You hit me. I hit you back. Get over it. In fact, I think you owe me something for the pain you just caused me.” He was smirking, pants still down.

“Get the fuck out. I’ll make sure you never come here again.” Alex’s mom was standing now, scooping her hand into her bra to adjust her tits one at a time.

“Well that’s no way to treat someone you just assaulted. I know your man doesn’t like his girls getting hit, but I’m sure he understands self defence. In fact, I got it all on film. See that in your pretty little plant there?” He pointed to a flower pot above the fireplace. Hidden in the corner was a phone pointed towards them. “Now, I’m sure he won’t really give a shit about me getting a little rough with you. A blowjob is a blowjob right? But I don’t think he’ll be happy to see one of his best paying customers getting slapped by some up-jumped cunt who’s too high and mighty to take a load in her mouth.” She said nothing. “I take it you agree? Nothing left to say?”

Her eyes were pure hatred. “What do you want?” She said, every word venom.

“You’re gonna bend over that couch right there, tug that tight little bra of yours down a bit so those fat titties spill out for me, and you’re gonna hike up that skirt. You’re gonna do all of this and whatever else I want without a word of disagreement or I’ll slap you again, do you understand?”


He slapped her.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“That’s a good girl.”

Alex was shocked. He wanted to call the cops but was too scared to look away incase something happened. What would he say anyways? ‘Hi my prostitute mother is being abused? He wanted it all to be a dream or for the man to stop or for his mom to fight him off- anything. But she just turned around her back to the man, giving him a full view of her wide set ass. For the first time Alex saw her from the front. Her breasts were massive, and when she pulled her bra down, they spilled out like a pair of overflowing water balloons. They pooled hard against the ridge of the couch where she took her position, knees on the mattress and ass in the air. The man pulled her black lacy panties down. From the angle he was at Alex could only see the massive curve of her ass and the top of the line that cut down between her two cheeks. The man was positioning himself behind her. He reached around her and stuck his fingers in her mouth.

“Get them nice and wet bitch.” She sucked deeply on his fingers. “Adda girl.” He withdrew his fingers and pulled her ass cheeks apart and started feeling her, gliding his slick fingers up and down her crack. With a sudden thrust her eyes flared open and she turned around gaping.

“Not my ass! Get out it hurts, please!” Instead of a slap he just started thrusting his two fingers in and out of her. She had nothing to do but accept it. She laid her head down on the edge of the couch, tears in her eyes as he violated her. Her sobs quieted the longer he did it but she whimpered throughout.

Then he was ready. His cock felt up and down her ass just as his fingers did, and he held the swollen head of his cock against the tight knot of her asshole for the longest time, savouring the moment. And then he plunged. Not gently, not in small strokes, but all at once. The full length of his cock, burying itself in her asshole. She cried. Loud. Loud enough that had Alex not come down earlier to see what was going on, he would have heard her then and come anyways. She made no effort to stifle herself. It wouldn’t be possible if she had tried.

Alex was sick to his stomach with fear. But he realized something even more horrible. His cock was absolutely iron hard.

For the next two hours the strange man in Alex’s living room owned his mother. This wasn’t the sex he thought he knew about, there was no love or passion. This was animalistic. The stranger had mounted her like a breeding bitch, plowing into her tight little shit hole with reckless abandon. She whimpered and clutched the cushions in a death grip, vying for release. Her heavy breasts beat upon the couch with every thrust and her thick, perfect ass molded itself to his hands as they gripped her tighter and tighter.

He stood high and mighty and tall while his mother was bent over like a dog. Being used. He commanded her to get back onto her knees. She obeyed, falling to her knees just in time to catch the man's second load of cum on her tits. His cock was like a faucet, there was so much cum in his balls the first blast didn’t come out in tight ropes, it was a continuous stream for a solid 3 seconds before the muscle contractions kicked in and he fired 9 full blasts of thick white jizz all over her breasts. Alex couldn’t help but wonder how big his first cum shot must have been if this was his second! He also remembered how he hadn’t seen a single drop fall from her mouth the first time either…

When he was done Mrs. Glover’s tits were entirely covered. It was as if she had tripped and fallen into a bucket of white paint, tit first.

No words were spoken. The man pulled his pants up and reached into his pocket, threw an assortment of pocket change on the floor and left. Alex silently retreated up a few steps so he wouldn’t be seen as the man made his way to the front door. When he was gone Alex peeked again and saw his mother, red face and tearful, picking up the coins, thick globules of cum dripping off of her breasts onto the carpet with heavy plop’s. When she was done she looked down at herself all sticky and disheveled, checked her phone and made her way towards the stairs. He scurried back to his room, well aware of the unbelievable erection in his pants.

He was back in bed with the door shut before she even got to the first step. His dick was so hard it hurt. He was breathless and felt sick. There was a pit in his stomach that swirled from his chest down his abdomen and even lower… and it wasn’t all bad. He felt light headed and before he knew it he could feel his cock in his hands. He jerked off the whole night, trying to think about anything but his mother as he did. But he couldn’t stop the images from popping in his head. He tried hard to think of anything else, but in the end all he could think about while he stroked his cock, was his mothers breasts, beating upon the back of the couch like a drum while she was fucked from behind.




Rating: 89%, Read 76959 times, Posted Jan 19, 2016

Fiction | BDSM, Boy, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Old Female, Plumper, Prostitution, Rape, Submission


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