It all started on the school bus pt.2 by busdrivingdaddy

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Male, Teen Female, Young

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life. How did you learn to do that?” Trying hard not to laugh I smile down at her and reply “practice lots of practice, and that’s just the start of what I would like to do to you.” “Really?” She smiles up at me looking absolutely shocked at the possibilities. “Oh yes” I tell her watching her face as I can practically see the thoughts racing through her mind. “If it feels that good you can do anything you want to me” she says grinning devilishly.

Running my hands up and down the smooth skin of her stomach, I lightly begin to brush my hand across her pubic mound. Our lips meet again in a passionate kiss her tongue forcing its way into my mouth as she becomes more confident. Our hands exploring each others bodies more aggressively as the tension builds between us. Panting she pulls away from me gasping for breath. She looks into my eyes and reaches for the bottom of my shirt pulling it up over my head. She leans in and starts to tease my nipples with her tongue as she runs her hand across my chest hair.

It tickles a little and I chuckle softly. “Am I doing it wrong?” she asks suddenly unsure of herself. “No not at all.” I reply smiling down into her big brown eyes. “Then why are you laughing” she asks seeming hurt. “It just felt funny at first” I tell her. “In a good way though. A lot of women don’t do that and it just kind of caught me off guard that’s all. It was a good thing though not a bad one” I try to reassure her. Smiling at me again she says “oh ok. I just wanted to make you feel like you made me feel. Is it ok if I keep going?” she asks. “Oh by all means.” I reply. “Do anything you want as long as you’re comfortable with it. Don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to ok?” “Ok” she says and starts kissing and licking my nipples again.

I feel her hands start to fumble with my belt, so I reach down and help her slide off my jeans. My cock is already standing rock hard inside my boxers. She looks down at the bulge in my boxers and smiles. “I must be doing something right.” she says. Reaching for the waistband of my boxers she slides them down exposing my cock to her full gaze for the first time. I’m not huge by any means about six and half inches long, but I am fairly thick and have a very pronounced up ward curve. An attribute that many women have said is just right for rubbing against their g spot while having sex.

Her eyes widen as she reaches out and touches my cock for the first time. Her hand gently wrapping itself as far around my width as she can. Her touch is so timid and gentle almost as if she’s afraid it will break if she squeezes it too hard. “How can it be so hard and yet so soft at the same time?” she asks. “It’s kind of weird.” she continues. “I mean like if I push down on it I can feel it resisting me, but if I squeeze it a little it feels soft to the touch.” I laugh softly again as she continues to examine my cock in great detail. Her enthusiasm is apparent as she inspects every inch of my manhood.

Her hands are so soft and warm as they wrap around me moving up an down so slowly and gently. “It’s okay if you squeeze it harder it won’t hurt me.” I tell her. “Really?” she asks seeming surprised. “Oh yeah in fact I like to have it squeezed harder when a woman plays with it. It feels much better to me.” I tell her. “Will you show me?” she asks. Wrapping my hand around hers I squeeze down harder and start to stroke up and down along my length. “Just like this.” I tell her as she stares intently as our hands move up and down together. I let go as she continues stroking on her own. I lay back and close my eyes enjoying the feeling she’s giving me, when I feel her tongue brush across the head of my cock for the first time.

Inhaling deeply at the sudden incredible sensation I sit up and look down into her eyes. “Did I do something wrong?” she asks. “Oh God no.” I tell her. “It just took me by surprise, but it felt incredible.” Opening her mouth she takes the tip of my cock between her lips. Her mouth is so warm and inviting. Her lips look so thin and small as they circle my manhood. She slowly starts to move her head up and down. Her tongue laying flat against the underside of my cock starts to rub in just the right spot as she continues sucking me. What she lacks in technique she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. As her head starts bobbing up and down faster she looks into my seeming to grin as she does it. The feel of her soft silky lips sliding up and down up and down. The way her tongue just seems to keep hitting the right spot. Combine that with the fact that I’m watching a gorgeous little seventh grade girl give me a blowjob and it almost becomes too much.

I stop her just as I feel the cum about to erupt from my balls. “Don’t you want me to finish?” she asks seemingly hurt. “It’s not that honey, I was just about to finish a whole lot quicker than I wanted too. I want this to be something special for you. I don’t want it to be over with too fast, I want to make the most of every minute I’m here with you.” She smiles lovingly into my eyes and says “Mr. Rich will you fuck me? I really want you so much right now and after the way you made me feel a few minutes ago I know I want you to be my first. Can we? Will you?” she’s almost pleading with me. Little does she know I want her just as bad. Leaning down and kissing her softly on the lips. “Chavina I’d do anything for you.”

Rolling her over gently onto her back I kneel between her silky smooth caramel thighs and start to tease her by running my cockhead up and down the length of her soft slit. Her pussy is almost dripping she’s so wet, and she is so hot it feels as if she’s on fire. She tries desperately to push herself onto me as I’m teasing her. I pull back and a whimper escapes her throat. “Please Mr. Rich don’t tease me anymore. I need to feel you inside of me so bad. Please fuck me!” Unable to resist her any longer I manage to slide into her an inch or so before feeling the resistance of her hymen. “This is going to hurt for a minute or two.” I warn her. “It’s ok I’m ready for it.” she tells me. Pushing hard against her I feel her tear as I sink another inch or two into her.

“Oh God!!” she screams out wrapping her arms around my neck and squeezing me tightly as a tear falls from her eye. “Give it a minute and it will start to ease up and feel better.” I reassure her. Soon I start to feel her begin to move her hips slowly back and forth against me. Laying her back gently I slip an arm behind each of her knees and slowly raise her legs up onto my shoulders to let be penetrate her deeper. As we start to find a rhythm she starts to moan deep from inside. It’s an almost animal like sound in its depth and intensity. Her pussy is getting so wet I can hear the squishing sound it makes as I slide in and out of her steaming hot sex.

As I start to increase my speed she hits her first climax. “Oh my fucking god yes!” she hisses through clenched teeth. “Don’t fucking stop. Please fuck me harder.” she begs. Feeling the walls of her pussy spasm around me and gripping me tighter I am more than happy to give her what she wants. I start to push into her harder and faster our bodies slapping together violently as her pussy continues to spasm my invading cock. She’s so wet now I can feel her juices running down my balls. “Oh fuck yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!!!” she begins pleading as another orgasm wracks her body. The feelings of her body jerking and twitching underneath me combined with the sensations of her pussy squeezing my cock tighter than I have ever been squeezed before are just too much for me.

As I feel my cum boil up and burst from cock to fill her to overflowing she screams out yet again. “Oh Oh Oh God yes! Yes yes yes! Oh fuck so good so fucking good.” Her fingernails digging into my back as she pulls me tightly against her. “So fucking incredible!” she pants as she lies beneath me. As I pull out and lay beside her snuggling up tight against her she looks into my eyes and smiles. “I never imagined it would feel that good” she says. “It’s never been that good for me before.” I tell her. As we lay there basking in the warmth of each others embrace she rolls toward me and asks “Mr. Rich can we do this again real soon?”

“As long as you can keep it a secret we can.” I tell her, “and when we’re alone you don’t have to call me Mr. Rich just Rich is ok.” “I’d really rather call you Mr. Rich if you don’t mind.” she tells me. “It’s kind of naughtier and more fun.” she says grinning her devilish little grin. I should have known then that she was going to be a handful but I just grinned back at her and said “Mr. Rich it is then.” That’s how it all started on the school bus, but it’s not where it all ended. However those are other stories for another time.

Rating: 90%, Read 43055 times, Posted Jun 03, 2010

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Male, Teen Female, Young


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