Tease Ch.1 by MystikalZylen

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Fiction | Boy, Gay, Non-Erotic, Teen Male

I woke up with a jump and turned to my clock. 7:16?! Oh my god, I had to be at school in fourteen minutes. I jumped up from my bed and ran to the restroom, hurriedly washing my face and brushing my teeth. I then changed into my clothes and put on my shoes. I looked at the clock again, which read, 7:19.

"Oh, I hope you're still here." I murmured as I ran out the front door with my backpack. I looked at the house beside me, noticing my friend's car was still there. I walked across the lawn over to the car and waited.

"Sorry for taking so long." Ryan, my best friend apologized as he walked out of the house. His older brother, Troy, right behind him.

"Yeah, it's all this dumb ass's fault. He needed to finish his stupid essay." Troy informed as he got into the car and started it. I got into the back seat as Ryan got the passenger. Troy then drove us to school, which we arrived at with minutes to spare.

This would be a good time to inform you on things. My name is Zylen and I'm gay. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm kinda skinny, but not too skinny. I also have a major crush on my best friend Ryan and I let him know that by flirting with him. We're both in the 10th grade while his brother Troy is a senior already. They both have black hair and brown eyes... I dragged on, so I'll get back to the story.

"Did you finish your essay?" Ryan asked me.

"Yeah, but just yesterday." I answered.

The three of us entered the school and Troy branched off to go to his class. Me and Ryan continued to walk to our class, other students hurrying to their classes. We walked into class and took our seats by each other.

"Ready to present?" Ryan asked our friend Camille, who was sitting next to me.

"Ugh, don't remind me." She sighed, bringing her palm to her forehead. "Why don't you spare me some minutes and go first?"

"Hell no!" He said a little too loudly, but it was muffled by the morning bell.

After the principal said her announcements, our teacher, Mr. Watts stood from his desk. "Alright, we'll get started with the presentations. Miss Sinclair, come right on up.

"Kill me." She pleaded to me as she walked to the front. She sighed once more. "Well, my essay is on Teen Pregnancy." She spoke up.

* *

She looked up from her paper when she finished.

"Alright, tell me why that is your view on this topic."

I winced at what she was about to say next, she had always said it to me when she brought up her older sister.

"Cuz', if they think they're responsible enough to have sex, then they should be responsible enough to raise the baby. And not get a damn abortion!" She said, her voice raising.

"Impressive essay, Camille." He said as she sat down. "It was the best from this class and that's why I had you go first."

"Nerd." I joked. She only smiled in reply.

"Okay, Damien. Are you ready?" Mr. Watts asked.

* * * *

"I felt like cheering for you." Ryan smiled before taking a bite from his subway. With food in his mouth, he continued. "I think you are so- Ow!" He howled when I elbowed his side.

"Chew your food, pig. I've told you how nasty that looks." I asserted. Then regaining my composure, I looked at Camille. "But, yeah. It was really good."

"The best in class." She teasingly added.

* * * * *

The rest of the day was uneventful and we were now going back home.

"Thanks." I told Troy when I exited the car.

"No matter how many times you thank me, you're going to repay me." He said smiling, then walked to his house.

"Wanna come over?" I asked Ryan. "You don't have to worry about me getting pregnant if we have sex."

"I'm not coming over just cuz' you said that." He made sure to say.

Okay. The thing about my flirting with Ryan, it didn't bother him. Well not anymore at least. About a month after I told him I was gay, I confessed my attraction towards him. This was during the summer going into high school. After that I'd make little remarks, which would get him all uncomfortable. But I meant them, oh boy did I mean them.

I opened the door to my house and walked in. I closed the door and leaned against it. "So, how about it?" I asked as I pulled Ryan towards me. "Wanna have hot, steamy-"

"Zylen?" I heard. I pushed Ryan away and walked out of the hallway entrance. "Do you think you can help me cut up some meat?" I looked over to Ryan, hoping it would prevent me from helping her. But it did the opposite. "Awesome, he can help too." Ugh, my mom knew me so well.

"Mom, why are you home and where's your truck?"

"It's in the garage and my boss let me leave a little early."

"A little?! You don't get home till like seven." My parents hours were weird, they didn't go in until eleven in the morning...

She only shrugged her shoulders. "You two better help because your dad-."

That's all she needed to say for me to do what I was asked.

* * *

"God, it's so cool that your dad is Mexican. The food is great." Ryan praised as he jumped onto my bed.

"I also get this nice skin tone." I added. "Which maintains it's color even on my ass. Wanna see?" I asked.

"I'll pass."

"Huh, you wanna tap my ass?" I joked, pretending I misheard him.

"Well, you do have a nice ass." He said, which made me freeze. He must have noticed because he kept speaking. "Oh come on. You can flirt with me all you want but I can't even give you a complement?"

I chose to ignore what happened, even though he never said anything like that to me. I looked out my window to his house. "I wonder what Troy's doing." I said, trying to change the mood.


"Because I'm madly in love with him!" I hummed.

"You're retarded." He laughed. "Even if he were gay, he wouldn't like a pip squeak like you."

"Just because he's all big and strong," I said the words with mock dreaminess. "Doesn't mean I wouldn't be a good friend with benefits."

"Don't get that thought in my head." Ryan winced.

"Why, you jealous? You don't have to think about that happening if we ever do it."

"Okay. You do have lube, right?" This, once again, caused me to freeze which he laughed at. "You don't like it being done to you, do you?"

I sighed. "I'm not used to it. It's always me doing the teasing."

"Yeah and that needs to change."

"No. It doesn't." I replied. I got on my bed next to Ryan, who was laying down with his back leaning against the headboard. "You know," I started speaking. "I do have lube." I then quickly straddled his lap. His hands came to my hips to push me off but I covered them with my own.

"Zylen, please get off of me." He protested.

"Why?" I asked as I slowly started grinding against him. "It was just a perfect opportunity with you laying like that."

"I don't care what you think, now get off!" He said, his voice raising.

I didn't get off or stop my movements, this was the furthest I had ever gotten and I wasn't about to just end it. I leaned down, bringing my face close to his.

"Ryan." I moaned, as I quickened my speed. "Just once and I'd-"

"Get off!" He yelled. He pushed me off while he got up, which caused him to rub up against me.

And I lost it. I came in my pants. I was a virgin and that was the only friction I had gotten with another person, so I wasn't surprised I got off to that. Through my orgasm, Ryan had ran out of my room and of course, my house too. I laid out on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I wasn't able to think right, so I didn't regard the fact that I most likely killed my relationship with my best friend.

* * * * *

Would that be considered erotic? Well I don't know, but it's not sex. So it's just an introduction. The name of the story fits nicely with I just did to you! Huh? Muahahaha >:D lol. Anyways, please vote and comment for things you liked and didn't like. Thank you. (:

Rating: 91%, Read 28979 times, Posted Jun 27, 2013

Fiction | Boy, Gay, Non-Erotic, Teen Male


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