The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins 1: Taking the Young Wife by mypenname3000

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The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins

Chapter One: Taking the Young Wife

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2015

Fiona – Min-Kei, The Kingdom of Haz

I reined in Whitesocks at the top of the rise, horror beating in my breasts at the sight of the kobold raid on the village of Min-Kei. My thighs tightened on my horses flanks and I gripped the reins with a tight grip as the kobolds swept towards the stone houses across trampled fields of barley. My husband stopped his mount beside me, an excited grin on his handsome face. His wild, red hair waved about him in the breeze and his chainmail coat clicked as he drew his longsword. On the other side of him, our wife Aoifa let out a purring sigh.

She was as bloodthirsty as our husband. You would never know we were twin sisters. You could look at our beautiful faces and know we were sisters, but not that we came out of the same womb together. Aoifa's hair was black and cut short, where as mine was a dark-auburn like our mothers and braided in a long plait down the back of my white robes.

“Looks like we arrived just in time,” whooped Seamus. “Gewin, bless my sword with your strength. Let it cleave through the flesh of my enemies and bring glorious victory on this day.”

His sword shimmered and glowed with a reddish hue, humming with the God of War's prowess. Seamus was a paladin—a holy warrior. That was one of the reason's I married him. There were other paladins I could have chosen back in the Tuatha Valley. Custom decried I had to. I was a twinborn witch, my sister and I bound to fight evil and protect the innocent.

Bellowing like a mad boar, Seamus heeled his mount. Strider leaped forward with his long gait. The black warhorse was well named as it sprinted down the green hill to the village below. The dusky-skinned Hazian farmers and miners wielded pitchforks and pickaxes as they tried to hold back the green-skinned kobolds and their disgusting, yellow-furred wargs.

Aoifa drew a pair of throwing daggers. She was dressed in black leather, her clothes tight and provocative. My sister had always been a wild girl. She had lost her virginity early and never passed up the chance to roll in the hay with a strong, handsome man or a comely lass. I was the only virgin in our marital bed last month.

“Come on, sweet sister!” Aoifa laughed as she heeled Scathach forward.

Her black mare whinnied with excitement as Aoifa followed our husband. Already Seamus had crashed into a warg rider, throwing the wolf-like monster and its rider to the dirt. His sword flashed and cut off the kobold rider's head.

I fought my fear. This was what I was raised to do. I was a twinborn witch, a member of a holy triad. I had a duty to protect the peoples of the Lesh-Ke Mountains, whether of the Tuatha like me or the Hazians that had long claimed dominion over our ancestral lands. I readied to summon my spirits and fight the kobolds.



My burning-red sword carved through the head of a kobold. The green, disgusting thing tumbled through the air, its pointed ears still twitching. My blood sang with exhilaration. I had trained hard to be a paladin and win Fiona's heart. Now I had my wish. A life of adventuring and fighting. I wouldn't have to break my back farming in the rocky soil of the Tuatha Valley like my fathers and brothers.

“Come and fight me, curs!” I laughed as my sword stabbed through the thick hide of a warg. It howled in pain, its pointed ears—similar to a kobold's—twitched as it fell to the ground. Blood frothed its dirty-yellow muzzle.

The kobolds hissed and snarled at me. They were almost as tall as a man, their green-skinned bodies thin and knobbly. They were offshoots of goblins, a tribe that had long learned to live above ground. The wargs were wolves combined through shamanistic magic to a kobold warrior, gaining the monsters low-cunning.

They were far more dangerous than a normal beast.

A kobold thrust a spear at me, the point rusted and pitted. My blessed sword parted the tough, wooden haft like it was butter, the severed point bouncing harmlessly off my mail coat. My boot crashed into the kobold's face and sent him reeling, blood spurting from a broken nose.

Strider's legs kicked out, crushing another kobold's head as my sword sliced about us. “Is this the best you got?” I taunted the kobolds.

An arrow buzzed past my head.

I turned to face the kobold archer, raising my sword high. I was about to charge when a dagger took him in the throat. Aoifa darted past, lithe and lovely. She danced through a pair of warriors wielding crooked, cheap swords. She held a pair of longer daggers in her hands. She moved with such grace, slashing with her weapons.

The kobolds fell dead as she darted past.

“Don't just stand there gawking, husband of mine,” Aoifa laughed. “Or I'll kill all the kobolds and take all the rewards.”

I grinned back at her. She was such a woman. I had won an exciting pair of wives.

I turned and raised my sword, slaying a bounding warg and charged into the fray. The villagers cheered. I drank in their praise and waved my sword at them between swings. There was a pretty maid watching on a roof, her dusky skin exotic compared to the pale flesh of a Tuathan girl. I grinned at her as I galloped past.

I didn't see the kobold shaman.



The kobolds were too slow to touch me. I danced between them. A warg lunged at me. I nimbly dodged the beast, diving to the ground as it leaped over me. It was a powerful monster. Strong, snarling, its red cock hard beneath it.

What a cock. A flush of heat passed through me. Unlike my sweet sister, I wasn't afraid to enjoy my body. It was whispered among the bolder woman of the valley about the prowess of a warg's cock. I had always had interest in fucking a monster.

“Kill the bitch!” a kobold snarled, snapping his finger at the warg.

The warg's red eyes fixed on mine. They were intelligent. A kobold male had been merged with a wolf to make this monster. His ears twitched and tail flicked back and forth. A pink tongue flicked across sharp teeth.

What a dangerous lover a warg would be. So exciting.

The warg charged. With a flick of my wrist, I threw a slim dagger. It took the warg in the eye, piercing through into the monsters brain. It took three steps and fell dead at my feet. My second throwing dagger took the kobold in the throat.

“What a shame,” I purred, shifting my hips.

“Seamus!” Fiona screamed in the distance.

The hair on my arms stood up. I whipped my head around. Seamus's attention was on a comely, Hazian lass perched on a roof. He hadn't noticed the kobold shaman with his skull-tipped staff conjuring an elemental. The elemental ripped out of the earth, grass and soil falling off the rocky form, and launched itself at my husband.

My stomach tightened. “Hurry, Fiona!” I screamed.



The abjuration spirits wrapped up a pair of kobolds in blue energy. The pair of disgusting, green-skinned bandits snarled and hissed at me. “Whore! Let us go and we'll fuck you!”

“We know you want our big, green cocks!”

“Spirits, gag them,” I added, shuddering at their filthy tongues.

I scanned the battlefield. Seamus had left a path of dead kobolds and wargs. My sister danced her way through the kobolds. They were all too slow and clumsy to ever touch her. I groaned at my idiot, horny husband. He had his gaze on a Hazian strumpet instead of the battle.

The air tingled. I spotted the kobold shaman near my husband, working innate, elemental magic, similar to a Thosian mage.

“Seamus!” I shouted as the shaman conjured an earth elemental. I heeled Whitesocks and raced across the turf. Blue abjuration spirits danced around me, shooting off to ensnare a warg and his kobold rider charging at me.

The earth elemental was large, taller than my husband upon his horse. It rumbled across the ground, covering the distance remarkably fast. Seamus finally tore his gaze from the strumpet in time to face the elemental's fist.

“Gewin's cock!” Seamus cursed as he brought his sword around. He gripped the blade with his left hand, half-swording with his left hand to block the attack. The fist slammed into his enchanted blade. Red energy flared. Seamus flew from the saddle and landed heavily on his back. The red light vanished from his sword, the spell's power ended.

The elemental roared. “Beat him to pulp!” laughed the shaman as he danced back and forth, waving his skull-topped staff.

I heeled Whitesocks to a stop and leaped to the ground, the bottoms of my robe flaring about my lithe legs. I landed on the ground and raced towards the elemental standing over my husband. Seamus recast his sword's blessing as I conjured spirits.

“Come to me, spirits of the world! Gather around me!” My will reached out. I didn't know how I could control the unseen spirits of the world. I was just born with the gift. It was in my blood. “Bind the elemental and hold him fast.”

The blue spirits rose from the ground and descended from the air. Only I could see them dancing through the sky as they surged towards the rock monstrosity. The elemental's fist raised up before swinging down at Seamus as he struggled to stand.

The spirits, looking like blue balls of energy the size of my fist, left trails of dwindling light as they zipped to the elemental. They wrapped about its rocky limbs, slowing its punching fist. Seamus rolled to the side as the fist crashed into the earth beside him, leaving a deep indentation behind.

“Foul witch!” snarled the shaman.

I kept my will on the spirits. If I didn't concentrate, they would wander off and do their own thing. They just wanted to dance through the sky or burrow through the earth, not bind an elemental or the attacking kobolds.

The earth elemental groaned as it fought against my spell. The spirits wrapped it up, but the thing was strong. It ripped apart the spirit's bindings as it swung its mighty fists at Seamus. My husband dodged. He was slowed by his armor, but the elemental was slowed by my magic.

“Meddling bitch!” The shaman's staff swung at my face.

I gasped in shock, closing my eyes and waiting for the blow.

It never came.

“Don't just stand there, sweet sister,” Aoifa laughed as she ran by, ripping her throwing dagger out of the dead shaman's throat. “Try to dodge the attack next time.”

“Right,” I nodded.

I focused back on the elemental.



The monster was slowed by Fiona's magic. My sword sang as I laughed. What a fight. The elemental was fast as it loomed over me. Its face was craggy and a pair of red eyes glowed with hatred. Every time it moved, it groaned as its rocky parts ground together.

It punched. I ducked. “Come on!” I yelled, my glowing sword slicing out and cutting into its rocky hide. “You can do better.”

The elemental lumbered forward and swung again. Chunks of rocks flew as my sword cut and parried. It was exciting. One wrong step and the huge fists would crush me into pulp. The air rushed by me every time it punched and the ground shook with every step.

The beautiful, Hazian woman cheered me on. My blood sang.

A throwing dagger flashed past my face. A kobold gurgled behind me. “Don't just play with it, husband of mine,” Aoifa laughed as she ran by. “I know she's cute, but stop showing off and finish the monster.”

“Who's cute?” Fiona demanded. “That strumpet?”

I winked a green eye at Fiona. Her hands were on her lithe hips, her face fixed. I ducked the next attack and cut through the elementals leg. It toppled, crashing to the ground and I stabbed it through the chest.

“There,” I grinned at Aoifa. “Finished.”

The elemental grabbed my leg, squeezing hard. My sword flicked out, severing the hand.

“Doesn't look finished,” Aoifa grinned back. “If you don't hurry up, I'll claim that sweet lass for myself.”

“You have to sever the head,” Fiona said.

My sword sang. Rocks parted beneath my blade. The elemental died. The few survivng kobolds and wargs slinked off. I lifted my sword in triumph as my eyes sought the beautiful maid. She smiled as she from the roof, her dark eyes dewy with awakened excitement. Fiona dashed off to heal the wounded villagers—she had such a caring, loving heart.

I was glad I had her love.

“You were amazing, mighty paladin,” the Hazian maid gushed. Her dusky skin was so appealing and her low-cut, red dress showed off her ample delights. They jiggled as she ran to me. “So gallant.”

I winked at Aoifa as the maid threw her arms about my neck. Then I claimed her sweet lips in a kiss. My cock was hard. Battle was such an exhilaration. The other villagers cheered. We had saved them, and they worshiped us.

“To the gallant triad!” the villagers cheered as I scooped up the maid in my arms and carried her into the very house upon which roof she had watched my triumph. Her lips were hot against me as she squirmed in my arms.

The house was small, one open room with rough-made table and chairs at one end, dried vegetables and herbs hanging from the rafters, to several beds at the other end. The hearth was in the center, a bank of coals glowing red.

I threw the maid onto the bed and peeled off my chainmail coat, dropping it to the ground with a large clatter. “You were so magnificent, sir paladin,” she groaned, her fingers eagerly unlacing the front of her dress. “You and your wives were amazing. The way you fought...” Her words died into a throaty purr as her round, dusky breasts came into view, her nipples dark brown, not the pink of a Tuathan girl.

My cock strained my leather pants. I pulled off my bracers as she played with her hard nipples and squeezed her thighs together. “And how do you plan on thanking me for my gallantry?” I asked as I knelt to unfastened my greaves protecting my shins and knees.

The maid giggled and pulled up her skirt. She was naked beneath, her pussy covered by black hair that glistened with her excitement. “With my grateful embrace,” she laughed, her eyes saucy.

I stripped off my clothes faster. My cock was hard, rising from my fiery thatch. She licked her lips at the sight of it, squirming on the bed. “Mmm, so it's true about Tuathan men.”

“Yes, we have big swords!” I laughed as I came to her.

The Hazian maid's hot hand grasped my cock, stroking me as I bent down to suck on her brown nipple. She gasped and cooed beneath me. Her hand stroked me, her grip supple and soft. I shuddered and sucked harder.

“Mmm, yes. Suck my nipple. Enjoy your reward, sir paladin.”

“Seamus,” I told her. “I'm no knight, no need to use sir.”

“Alesha,” she answered.

My hand stroked her thigh as I leaned back to suckle on Alesha's hard nipple. Her leg was smooth. Her thighs parted as I rose higher. She cooed and moaned, her body trembling, eager for my touch. I found her wet and dripping. She squirmed beneath me as I stroked through her wet folds.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped, her hips undulating. “Oh, Seamus.”

The bed creaked as she writhed. I sucked harder at her nipples, going back and forth between both nubs, as my thumb caressed her clit and my fingers stroked her horny slit. My cock throbbed, eager to enjoy her embrace.

But first, I wanted to find out if a Hazian girl tasted different than a Tuathan.

I had enjoyed my fair share of maids in the valley, though the sweetest pussies belonged to Aoifa and Fiona. I slid down the bed, pushing her thighs wide apart. Her pussy lips parted, pink and wet. A spicy musk tickled my nose.

“Oh, Seamus, yes!” the Hazian maid moaned. “Yes, eat my pussy! Slata's cunt, you are skilled! You eat pussy as well as you fight.”

“I've had a lot of practice at both,” I grinned, my lips smeared with her excitement.

I dove back between her thighs, licking and tonguing her hot flesh. Her body bucked and her round tits shook. Her dusky thighs pressed against my cheeks as her small hands grasped my red hair. She ground against me, moaning and gasping.

“That's it! All you Hazian maids are such sluts!” I growled between licks. My fingers slid beneath her ass, pulling her cheeks apart.

“Oh, we're not!” Alesha moaned. “It was just so exciting watching you fight. I couldn't resist. Even though my poor husband lies wounded, I just had to have you.”

“You're married?” I groaned, my cock throbbing harder.

“Newly so. Only last month. I was a virgin before.”

I tongued her pussy harder. She bucked into my lips. Her voice sang out in joy as I devoured her on her marital bed. My fingers dipped between the cheeks of her ass and found her puckered sphincter. She gasped when I sank a finger into her depths.

“Pater's cock, yes!” she gasped. “That's so filthy! Oh, yes! Oh, gods, yes!”

The married slut's asshole clenched on my finger as her juices squirted into my mouth. She bucked hard, screaming as her climax shuddered through her body. The bed rocked and its joints protested her violent spasms.

“Oh, by the Gods, yes! Slata's slutty cunt! Oh, yes! So good!” Alesha panted.

I slid up her body, ready to claim her. Her hands grasped my cock, greedy to feel me inside her married cunt. She brought me to her dripping slit as she hungrily kissed my lips and tasted her spicy musk.

“Oh, you have to fuck me!” she moaned when she broke the kiss. She swirled my cock through her drenched folds. “I need it.”

“Because I make you so much hotter than your husband?” I grinned.

“Gods, yes!” she moaned.

“Alesha?” a man asked.

A young man stepped in, his eyes wide. “Rhevan!” Alesha gasped as I thrust into her pussy.

I groaned as I entered her hot pussy as her husband watched. My cock throbbed in delight. I grinned at the man. “You have a friendly wife!”


“Don't watch, Rhevan!” Alesha moaned, her hips bucking up to fuck my cock. “I'm so sorry. I just...had to. He's gallant and...oh, yes...made me so...gods, yes...wet!”

I slammed hard into her, rocking the bed. She gasped and shuddered beneath me, her arms and thighs wrapped tight about my strong body. Her pussy clenched about my cock. She gasped and mewled as an orgasm ran through her body.

“Gods, yes!” she moaned.

“Alesha,” gaped her husband again.

“Please don't watch,” she gasped. “I can't help myself. He saved us.”

“Your wife is very grateful!” I groaned. “So grateful! Damn, she has a tight cunt! Are you going to cum again, slut? Are you going to cum on my cock while your husband watches?”

“Slata's cunt!” she gasped. “Oh, damn! Oh, yes! I'm sorry, dear, but he feels so good in me! His cock is amazing!”

Her pussy writhed about me again as another orgasm rippled through her body. I groaned and savored her sweet embrace. My balls tensed. I couldn't last much longer. Taking a woman while her husband watched. I was the better man. His wife wanted me.

“I'm gonna fill her up with so much cum! I bet your first child will be strong and have red hair!”

“Yes!” Alesha shuddered. “Oh, yes! Cum in me! I've never been fucked so well!”

“I hope your husband's paying attention,” I groaned. “This is how you fuck a woman!”

“So good!” Her fingernails dug into my back. Her hips bucked into my thrusts. “I'm going to cum again! Oh, yes!”

Her pussy writhed hard about my cock. My lusts barreled through me, racing to my cock's tip. My cum exploded into her depths. “Sweet Slata's cunt!” I growled as I emptied every drop into her.

“Alesha,” her husband mumbled as he watched her writhe beneath me.



The village's tavern roared with excitement as they celebrated. I downed the heady beer as the brawny village blacksmith gripped my ass and tongued my pussy. I humped my hips, grinding on his face as I shuddered in delight.

His stout wife glowered in the corner.

“That's it!” I moaned. “Eat my pussy! Give me such a sweet reward for saving your village! Oh, yes! That's it! Mmm, you're good.”

His whiskered cheeks rubbed at my shaved pussy. My large breasts heaved before me. My leather vest was open, my pink nipples exposed. A slim lass sucked hardon my breast, her dark eyes flashing up at me.

“To victory!” I cried out as my orgasm built through me.

“Victory!” the miners, farmers, and their wives cheered back.

There was a lot of celebration going on. Men held their wives and women on their laps, the laces of their low-cut dresses open, breasts out and hard nipples sucked. I shuddered as my pussy clenched. My blue eyes closed as I let the wonderful waves of bliss wash through me.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Eat my cunt! Drink my juices!”

The bliss burned through me. The Hazian lass sucked harder on my nipple as I undulated and writhed. The wonderful pleasure flooded my mind. There was nothing sweeter than the release of sex, especially after an exciting battle.

We had saved this village; we earned the rewards. I was glad my sister was a twinborn witch. I could see the world, adventure, and have so much fun instead of being a farmers wife raising a brood of red-haired brats while my husband worked the field.

Seamus burst into the bar wearing only his leather pants. He grinned when he saw me. My husband and I understood—love and sex weren't the same. We could have our fun and still love each other. Now if only Fiona would understand.

“How was the lass?” I asked as he strode in.

“Married,” he grinned.

“What happened when her husband caught you?”

He leaned in and gave me a hot kiss and squeezed my breast before answering, “He watched in shock. I think he liked it. When I left them, he was on his knees, jerking his cock and begging his wife to spank him for being a bad boy.”

“Kinky,” I giggled. I smacked his ass through the trousers. “Have you been a bad boy?”

“All the time.” Seamus scooped up the lass sucking on my nipple and threw her over his shoulder. The lass giggled as he carried her to an empty table and threw her down. The girls small breasts jiggled as he pushed up her skirt.

“Fuck her good!” I told him. “She has a great mouth.”

“Enjoy your stud,” my husband answered as he drove his cock hard into the lass. She squealed in delight.

I pulled the blacksmith up. “I will, husband-of-mine.”

The blacksmith was eager. He sat me on the barstool as I unlaced his britches. His cock was nice, not as big as Seamus, but a cock didn't need to be big to satisfy a woman. The blacksmith sank his cock into me and crushed me against his strong chest.

“Yes!” I gasped, humping my hips as he drove in and out of my depths. My pussy clung to his girth. I clenched down on him as he drove over and over into me. I shuddered in delight. He was so strong. His muscles were iron. “Slata's hairy cunt! Fuck me! Pound me!”

My legs locked about him. I humped and writhed against him as he drove into me. My nipples rubbed on his hard muscles, shooting pleasure down to my body. I stared at my husband's gorgeous, muscular ass as he pounded his slut; I shuddered in the blacksmith's arms.

“You're such a wild woman!” the blacksmith groaned. “So beautiful!”

“Tell me more!” I gasped as I humped his hips.

“The way you moved. Like one of Pater's angels.”

“I think I'm more like one of his demons!” I moaned. “Would an angel writhe on your cock?”

“Gods, no!” he groaned. “Such a sweet cunt! Damn! So tight and hot!”

His strokes grew harder. His cock pumped through my pussy, slamming into all the wonderful spots inside me. Pleasure radiated out of my body. My fingernails dug into his back as it swelled through me.

“Pater's glorious cock!” I gasped as my orgasm crashed through me. “Oh, yes! So good! Keep pounding me!”

My pussy writhed about his invading cock. He was so powerful, like Seamus. Or a warg. I closed my eyes and imagined one of the monstrous beasts ravishing me. My pussy convulsed harder, my orgasm prolonged by my naughty fantasy.

The blacksmith growled and then came into my hot cunt. My eyes opened as my orgasm still trembled through me, my pussy wringing every drop of his cum out of hills balls. I looked around and smiled at a beautiful woman, her tits out, laughing on a man's lap. She looked like the perfect woman to lick my pussy clean while I sucked on her man's cock.



I healed the last of the wounded. The green enhancement spirits flitted from the man's wounds. “Thank you, holy witch,” he smiled.

I nodded back. “It is my purpose in life.” I stood and stretched my back. My forehead was damp with sweat. I had never used my magic so much before.

“Thank you,” an elderly man said, his back bent with age and his eyes squinting. “You and your triad have saved our village.”

I beamed. “This is what we were born to do,” I answered as he took my hand. Tears filled his eyes.

“If you hadn't come, they would have carried off my granddaughter.”

I frowned. “Why your granddaughter?”

He hesitated. “Because she is a virgin.”

“Since when do kobold raiders care about virgins?” I asked. Kobolds, like their subterranean goblin cousins, were a horny race. Well, their men were horny. Their women were prudes that hated the attention of their males. So the males spent most of their time raiding to find women to fuck.

“Since the dark warlock occupied Kov-Thi.”

“What?” My breasts rose. “The old necromancer's tower?”

The man nodded. “We do not know the warlock's name. But in the last year, we have seen lights flashing from the direction of the tower. All the local villagers are afraid. And then the Kobolds came in the last few weeks. We are the sixth village to be raided. In the others, they carried off a virgin back to the tower.”

“Five virgins?” I swallowed. “And he went for a sixth from this village.”

“You know the legends then?”

“I have studied them all my life.” The Necromancer had been killed by six mighty heroes in the past. Each had been a champion from one of six villages around the dark tower of Kov-Thi. There could be only one reason this dark warlock needed a virgin from each village. “I need to find my spouses.”

“They are in the tavern celebrating,” an older woman said as she cleaned up bloody rags.

I groaned. I could only imagine the sort of celebration they partook in.

I stomped through the village. The tavern was at the center. It was the largest building in the village, walls made of the same river stones with a slate roof. Several chimneys smoked about it and boisterous cheers rang out through open doors.

It was smoky inside and dimly lit. I blushed at the Hazian villagers celebrated in carnal fashion. Grubby men called out to me, patting crotches and giving me leers. I swallowed, my cheeks burning bright. Some of the men had impressive bulges tenting their pants. My dark fantasies rose in my mind. I was naked on a bed surrounded by strong men all hard for me, all eager to take me and—

I drove my perverse thoughts away. I was a properly married woman. I just wished my spouses would remember that. The deeper I moved into the tavern, the more licentious the revelers acted. People fucked on tables, dusky breasts jiggling, tan asses clenching.

I planted my hands on my hips when I spotted my husband. He was naked, leaning in a chair while a Hazian woman had her breasts wrapped around his limp cock. He grinned at me, his face so handsome and strong, his green eyes flashing.

“There's my pretty Fiona,” he laughed, the muscles of hard body rippling as he beckoned for me.

“Seamus!” I snapped as I strode forward. “Why is there a Hazian hussy with her tits wrapped around your cock?”

“She's thanking me for saving the village!” Seamus grinned. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close. “Where have you been?”

“Ministering to the wound. Where you and Aoifa should have been.”

The Hazian whore smiled up at me. She was an older woman, still very beautiful, her tits ripe and plump. My pussy grew wetter. I fought my desires. Seamus's hand slid down my back to fondle my ass through my robes.

“Can you cast a spell?” Seamus asked. “My cock seems drained. Dinah is working her best, but she just can't seem to breathe life into him.”

“How many women have you fucked?” I demanded.

“A few,” he grinned. He pulled me down to his lap. Dinah moved away and she flashed me an indignant look.

I huffed in annoyance. He was my husband.

“Cast your spell,” he growled, stroking my thigh. How had he managed to get beneath my robe so fast? I shuddered as his hand slid higher up my leg, shooting warm tingles to my pussy. “Then we can celebrate our victory together.”

“No! We need to leave. There's a great—”

His hand reached my wet pussy. My bare lips—I shaved for my big warrior—shot pleasure through my body as he stroked me with his calloused fingers. It grew so hard to think. I squirmed on his lap as he caressed me.

“Cast your spell and my cock will make you feel amazing, wife of mine,” he grinned.

I bit my lip. “But there's a dark warlock we need to...oh, my.” His thumb found my clit.

“You like that?” Seamus grinned. “I know you do. I've learned every spot on your body that makes you purr.”

“He was so diligent,” Aoifa laughed.

“Sister!” I gasped as I witnessed my twin lying on her back on a nearby table as another man fucked her. Aoifa's naked, large tits bounced and swayed. “What are you doing?”

“Getting fucked!” she laughed. “What you should be doing! Find a stud and have fun.”

“Seamus is the only man I want,” I snapped as my toes curled in my boots.

“Liar,” Aoifa smiled. “I know your heart. You're as horny as I am. You just need to loosen up. Husband of mine, make our wife cum hard.”

“I'm working on it,” Seamus grinned, his thumb rubbing harder at my clit. His other hand slid up my robe, pushing into the folds to find my naked breast. I wasn't as busty as my sister; Seamus's hand could cover my entire breast. He squeezed me and I gasped.

“I love the way you squirm in my lap,” Seamus whispered into my ear. “You're making my cock hard. Are you working your magic?”

“Not yet,” I moaned. His cock was growing harder beneath me, pressing on my butt. We had time to make love once before we had to leave. Giving my husband stamina to satiate my sister and me was similar to a healing spell. Both used Enhancement Spirits. “Spirits, come to me. Enhance my husband's cock. Give him the virility to cum one more time.”

“Only once?” groaned Seamus even as the green spirits soared through the air to his cock. It grew hard and warm beneath my ass as the magic went to work.

“Only once!” I groaned as I shuddered. “And then we have to go!” I moaned. I squirmed on his lap. His thumb rub harder on my clit. “Now let's retire to a room and make love.”

“Naw, here's fine,” he grinned, rubbing harder.

I squirmed. People were staring at me, including Dinah. She rubbed at her pussy as she watched my husband finger me. I shuddered. It was so embarrassing. Lovemaking shouldn't be in the open for all to see. It was private. Intimate.

I was exposed. My robe had hiked up. Some could see my naked pussy massaged by my husband's fingers. My body trembled. “Beautiful Biaute,” I moaned as my orgasm washed through my body. “Gods, yes!” The pleasure mixed with my shame, the embarrassment enhancing my bliss. I burned and writhed on my husband's lap, his hard cock pressing on my ass.

I didn't fight as Seamus turned me so I straddled him. My robe was hiked up around my waist. His cock nudged at my cumming pussy. I needed him in me. I gasped and savored his girth filling me up. I stared into his eyes. I did love this man. That's why I married him. Not because he was the strongest paladin or the handsomest, but because deep inside he was a caring man.

He had proved that to me over all the others that wonderful day.

He was just so horny and immature sometimes.

“Slata's cunt!” he cursed as I engulfed him.

I leaned in and kissed him. His lips were so strong. His rough hands gripped my ass as I worked my hips. I rode him, the chair creaking as we made love. Our tongues were entwined and joined just like our bodies.

“Ride him, sweet sister!” Aoifa moaned nearby. “Love our husband.”

I did. I loved them both, even if they exasperated me. My hips undulated. My pussy gripped his amazing cock. I loved his strong hands on my ass. He kneaded my butt-cheeks and helped to slide my pussy up and down his shaft.

A tongue licked at my pussy wrapped around his cock.

I broke the kiss, gasping in shock. Dinah lapped where our flesh met, her tongue caressing my folds. “Seamus!” I gasped. “She's licking us.”

“Yes!” he groaned, his hands tightening on my ass. He slid me up and down his cock faster. “Don't stop fucking me! I'm so close.”

“But she's licking us!” I groaned, trying to ignore how amazing her tongue felt.

Dinah licked up my taint and between my butt-cheeks. Seamus's hands kept me spread wide open. Her tongue reached my sphincter. The strange woman tongued and rimmed me. I groaned as the heat shot to my pussy.

“No, no! I can't! She's not my spouse!” I gasped, my pussy tightening on Seamus's cock.

“Enjoy yourself, sweet sister!” moaned Aoifa as she writhed beneath another man.

“Yes!” Seamus groaned. “Enjoy her tongue, my beautiful love.”

I wanted to fight the pleasure, but it was so naughty. Her tongue pressed into my clenching asshole. I tossed back my head. My auburn braid swung down my back as I climaxed on my husband's hard cock. My pussy writhed and spasmed. The pleasure hammered through my body.

I was breaking my sacred marriage vows. I was letting another woman touch me. I loved how hard her touch made me cum. I bucked in my husband's strong arms. My lips found his, kissing him with a hungry passion as my pussy slammed up and down on his cock.

His hands tightened. His cock throbbed inside me. Seamus groaned into our kiss as he came inside me. My pussy drank in his hot seed. I loved this moment. It was so intimate and loving. And it was ruined by the naughty tongue licking at my ass.

Anger boiled through me. I climbed off my gasping husband, a broad smile on his lips. “We have a job to do!” I snapped. “Both of you. We're here to fight evil.”

“We did!” sighed Aoifa as her lover climbed off of her, leaving her pussy soiled by another man's cum.

“No, we haven't! Let's go!”

Seamus grabbed my ass, pulling me to him. “Let's have fun. It'll be night in a few hours. We can sleep in town and leave in the morning.”

I saw it in his eyes. He wanted to fuck more whores. He and Aoifa were too much alike. “No! Spirits of Abjuration, wrap up my cheating spouses!”

“Sister!” Aoifa gasped as blue spirits wrapped her body up in magical bindings.

Seamus groaned, his muscles bulging as he fought the spirits bonds. “Come on, Fiona. Lighten up.”

“No!” I declared. I strode through the bar, the villagers gaping as my spouses were dragged out. To everyone watching, they would appear to be carried by unseen hands. I sent more spirits to scoop up their belongings.

I stepped out into the daylight and deposited my spouses on the ground. “Get dressed. We have an evil warlock to fight.”

To be continued...

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