Ready for More by NCfan

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I slowly licked the length of his hard thick cock. Tracing my tongue along the vein then up over the head, tasting the pre-cum now gathering at the tip. He moaned. Satisfied that his cock was well lubricated I slid up along his body until I could position his it at the opening to my wet pussy. I rocked back slowly, feeling his thick 6 inches stretch and fill me. Now I had him where I needed him.

I'm Terri Wilson. My husband Brett and I were enjoying a rare Sunday morning alone. Our twin teens were staying at friends' houses, so we had a rare break from the usual morning chaos. Brett and I shared many adventurous times when we were first together; now in our later 30's with two kids for the past 14 years we didn't often have time for more than a quick fuck to take off the edge. Yes we'd settled into the dreaded routine. I needed more. I was ready for more.

First I rocked slowly on his cock. No need to rush. I bent down to kiss him, passionately, lovingly. We still enjoyed each other's bodies. He was still in good shape from regular visits to the gym. I'd had the twins at 22 and my body was able to bounce back into shape and stay that way. Now at 36 my smallish boobs lay flatter on my chest and my ass may have a little more meat, but overall I was slim and had little trouble staying that way. Brett held my ass, he loved my ass. He'd give it light smacks, pinches, or grab a handful whenever we'd have a private moment. I didn't mind. It felt good to still turn him on. We continued sharing our intimacy, then I felt the familiar thickening. His body tensing as he thrust up into me and released his cum, holding me tight to his body. When he'd finished I lay against him, keeping his softening cock inside, squeezing it with my internal muscles.

"You're not done yet big boy. We have all morning."

"MMM, nice not to have to hop up and get on with the day."

I leaned in close, letting Brett feel my body against him, uncaring about our combined juices leaking from me, enjoying our closeness, preparing to ask a simple question fraught with possibilities.

"Brett, my love, do you ever want something more?"

"More? You mean more time with you, like this? Yes. Often. But I understand reality."

"No, I mean more, like way back."

"Really, Terri, I'm completely satisfied by you. I never tire of you. Your body still excites me."

"Believe me, yours does too. No, I mean just the crazy abandon, something carefree, out of the ordinary."

"Such as?"

"Bringing in another person? Not like regularly, just for a change of pace."

"Hmm, man, woman?"

"Either, or both. You get some strange pussy, I get another cock. Maybe? Or I'd even go just a female. Just for fun."

"And this isn't something we're lacking here?"

"No, no, no. Your cock fulfills my sexual needs, your love satisfies me emotionally. But you did when we were 20 also, but we had some other fun too."

"Yes we did. Do you have someone in mind?"

Now Terri sat up on me, sliding her wet pussy along my cock as she spoke. "Well yes. You know how Kim and Sam say they don't need a babysitter anymore? So we'll probably be cutting Debbie loose. And she is 19."

"Debbie? What makes you think she'd..."

"I see the way she looks at me, and at you. That girl has hormones to spare. And if she wasn't our babysitter anymore..."

"Debbie, hmm."

I felt his cock hardening. Yes I was massaging it with my pussy, but now I had him thinking of Debbie. She's in college now but has been babysitting the twins for several years. We've watched her develop from a budding high schooler to a walking wet dream, for men and women. High firm C/D breasts I'd never had and somewhat envied. Firm slim body and strong legs from years as a cheerleader and an ass Brett wouldn't be able to resist. Her hips aren't as wide as mine, but she had full firm cheeks. Medium length blond hair and green eyes. Yes I could feel that Brett was imagining it all. To further his imagination I lifted my hips and fed his cock into me. As he filled me I saw his eyes close and a smile cross his face. He no doubt was imagining slipping his cock into that tight babysitter pussy. I whispered in his ear,

"It's ok Brett, imagine you've got you cock balls deep in that teen pussy. She's so tight, her ass so firm in your grip, her big tits swinging above you. MMM, she'd never had a nice thick cock like yours. She's moaning with pleasure. Go ahead tell her, tell her what you want."

Brett pulled me to him, sucked on my nipples, one then the other, then pulled me to him, thrusting furiously into me,

"OH fuck Deb, fuck me, give me that tight little cunt, oh fuck, yes, so tight. Oh, ooh."

Brett filled me for the second time that morning. A stronger orgasm for him than his first. I continued riding him, pressing myself into him, rubbing my clit on him as I enjoyed a satisfying orgasm of my own. Then we rested. Brett looked at me,

"Ok Terri, if you think she will."

"Mmm, leave it to me."

I called Debbie on Monday and asked if she could stop over one afternoon. She arrived Wednesday looking amazing, as she always did. Her school t -shirt accentuated her breasts and her shorts showed off her long legs. I was horny already.

"C'mon in Debbie, I have something to discuss."

"Sure, nice to see you Mrs. Wilson."

"Oh please, I always tell you, it's Terri and Brett. Brett's at work, so we have some time to chat."

We settled on the sofa in the living room and I explained how we likely wouldn't be needing her as a babysitter any longer.

"Maybe if we were going to be away a couple of nights. But even then the twins complain that they're grown enough."

"Not to put myself out of a job, cause your kids are great, but yeah, they are growing up."

I handed Debbie an envelope. "Kind of a severance payment. We really do appreciate how well you've done and how you're always available and reliable."

"Oh thanks, really you don't have to. And I was always available because you pay well!"

"You get what you pay for and I know the two of them can be a handful at times."

"Not really, but thanks."

"Now I have a different question for you, and please cut me off immediately if I cross a line and we can forget I ever said this."

Debbie looked at me with interest and curiosity. I continued,

"Since you're no longer our baby sitter, we thought you might be interested in a different relationship with Brett and me. Something more fun, adult. I may be way off here but I think I've noticed you looking at Brett, and me, in a certain way."

"I, um, wow."

"I'm sorry if I'm mistaken, I ...."

"No, not that. You guys are hot. There are times when I see you, I get...."


"Yeah. I thought it was just me."

"No, it's us too. You're an amazing looking girl." I slid closer on the sofa. I reached out, lightly touched the side of her face.

"Um, thanks. You mean, you guys, would want to..."

I leaned forward. I let my lips just touch hers. She leaned into me and made firmer contact. Then her tongue touched my lips. I opened my mouth to let her in. Now she let go and kissed me with abandon. Wow, that answered one question. Debbie was no shy inexperienced teen. She knew what she wanted and right now she wanted me. Bad. I let her have control, kissing me deeply, passionately. Our mouths locked and tongues, wrestling. I could feel her hand caressing my breast. She reached back and released her bra letting her full heavy breasts free. I reached under her shirt, pushed her bra up and held her right breast. Damn this girl had perfectly formed breasts, full well proportioned, her half dollar size areola and small pink nipples sitting up high. I longed to suck on her nipples, but pulled away.

"Wait Deb, wait." Breathing heavily I explained. "I want nothing more than to ravage your sexy body. But Brett and I do everything together. When we were not much older than you, we'd fool around with others. But never alone. If we're both there and ok with the situation then it's not cheating. So it can't be you and me here."

"Debbie looked disappointed, but she smiled at me. That's really kind of cool that you guys play like that."

"Well we haven't for fifteen years or more. It's been just the two of us, but we decided to do something fun together."

"And you guys want me? Brett wants to..."

"Oh sweetie, if Brett were here now he'd be rock hard and ready."

"Call him and tell him to come home!"

"How about we plan for when we have time. A whole night."

"MMM, and you both will be with me? You don't want another guy? Generous of you."

"You DO turn me on Debbie. Do you? Have you had sex with a woman?"

"Yeah at school. I've done a few guys and girls. It's all for fun."

"So from just today I don't think I'll be left out. But we did consider having a guy. We wouldn't expect you to do anything with him."

"That could be uncomfortable. But I know a guy who might be into it."

"You do? That would make it easier if it puts you at ease."

"I'm not sure about, at ease. But I'd feel safer. My brother Jack. He's 18."

I knew Jack a little. He'd often drop Debbie off for her babysitting so her could use the car for the night. He was a tall muscular kid. Light hair like his sister. Hmm.

"Would he want to, with me? I'm a bit older."

"Mrs. Wilson, Terri, from what he tells me I'm guessing he'd fuck you, me and Brett."

"Oooh, now that's interesting. And at his age he can probably go all night."

"Believe me. I've heard him when he's snuck a girl into the house. They fuck for hours."

"OK then! If that works for the two of you we'll plan a Saturday when Sam and Kim can stay at friends and we'll have a party for four."

"I can't wait. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Jack and I have never done anything but we have shown each other. He's got a long one. Kind of thin but it looks good."

"Yum. And wait until you see Brett. Not super long, but thick. Prepare to be stretched out."

"You're making me horny all over. Maybe just a little more kissing?"

I obliged.

It was about two weeks later before we could get everything organized. With the story being that we were going away overnight the twins were able to make plans to stay at a friend's house. It was late Saturday afternoon as Brett and I waited for our guests. Just thinking about what was going to happen had us horny all day. We'd resisted our desires this morning and now waited for the main event. Shortly after 3 the door bell rang and I went to answer. What waited on the other side of the door was simply stunning. Debbie was breathtaking in a short, short black dress. Thin straps, bountiful cleavage, long legs and black high heels. Alongside her was her brother. 6-2 of hard abs, muscles and manly vigor. I welcomed them to our home and watched Brett's face go from smiling welcome to barely restrained lust. Honestly, on my best day I never looked as good as this luscious treat I was presenting to him. But my reward was nothing to sneeze at. I only hoped that we could satisfy them.

"Did we over dress for the occasion?"

Brett replied, "No Deb, you're perfect. Just...perfect." He took her hand and led her to the sofa. I wrapped my arms around Jack's bicep and brought him to join us. I couldn't help but rub my hands up and down Jack's arm and across his chest.

"So", I said, "chit chat or get right to..."

Debbie leaned over and answered that question, picking up just where we'd left off the previous time. Then breaking our kiss, she turned to Brett and gave him the same treatment. I turned to Jack and tested his kissing skills. He was good, but no Debbie. I knew that Brett was getting all he could handle. Not to be deterred I slid my hand under Jack's shirt and ran my hand over his muscled chest, across his hard abs feeling the light downy hair. I helped him take off his shirt and got a good look at this manly specimen. I started licking and biting at his chest, on his dark nipples, trailing my nails across and down. Without really noticing, my shirt was off and Jack had his hands on my breasts, easily covering one in his hand, then teasing my nipple. This continued as we returned to deep kissing. I could hear Debbie moaning and peaked over to see her dress pooled around her waist, her bra gone and Brett devouring her amazing tits. He sucked and bit and squeezed Deb's ample breasts as she moaned in appreciation, then sliding down he dragged her dress, then panties with him, exposing her already wet, blond pussy. Brett knelt before her and dove into her, his tongue leading the way, tasting and teasing Deb. Not to be outdone, Jack removed my shorts and panties. My dark bush was neatly trimmed and he admired it a moment before touching me gently. He looked up at me and I nodded. Jack separated my lips with a finger and slid it along me, up to my clit, then down to my open pussy. He inserted a finger and began sliding it in and out as he began teasing my clit with his tongue. Deb reached over and pinched my nipple as the guys gave us their full attention. She looked at me with lust in her eyes.

"Move me closer to your sister, please."

Jack easily lifted me and shifted me to my left. As his tongue resumed it's work on my pussy, his sister's tongue reentered my mouth. Debbie and I kissed like lovers while the men kissed and licked and tongued our clits, our pussies, nibbling on our puffy lips and thrusting fingers into us. I held Debbie's right breast, running my finger over her nipple, then as her moans increased I tweaked her nipple between my fingers and waited as my skilled husband brought her to what promised to be the first of many orgasms. She leaned her head back and went from moans to heavy breaths, to sharp noises as Brett now focused on her clit, licking around and over, sending her to her special place as she was lost in pleasure. My attention now shifted as my partner, less skilled, but certainly willing and determined, caused me to reach the point of no return,

"OOh, yes, right there Jack, keep going, ooh, ooooh, AAAAhhh. Oh, oh. mmmm. Nice." That did feel good. It was promising that the guys had started off by treating the ladies first. I suggested that we take things in to our large bed, but first,

"Guys, off with those pants. Let's see what you've got."

Without hesitation Jack and Brett began dropping their pants and underwear. Debbie gave a nod of approval.

"Wow, that is thick." From having his face buried in 19 year old pussy Brett was already pretty firm. "I like how it sticks right out." Deb reached for it and found she couldn't touch her fingers around it. "Holy shit. I can't wait to have that club stretching me." In the meantime I was staring at Jack's cock. Though thin is was much longer than Brett's. He'd be reaching places that hadn't been reached before. I looked over to see that Deb hadn't waited and was licking the head of Brett's cock. She'd settled onto her knees in her best cocksucker pose and was stroking him as she teased his glans. She flicked her tongue underneath and licked the pre-com from his tip. I guess the bedroom would wait. First we'd give the guys something. I turned to my challenge. I doubted Debbie would be able to get all of Brett's cock in her mouth, but I was determined to take Jack all the way down. I began licking along his length while fondling his heavy balls. Damn this kid was going to fire a load when he was ready. I stroked him and licked all along his cock, then sucked his head into my mouth. I easily slid the top half in and was reaching my throat when I realized there was still a few inches to go. I began working it down feeling his balls lift and drop as the sensation of my throat contracting on his tip hit him. I swallowed and pushed, forcing more and more into my throat. He held my head and I nodded slightly letting him know he could help. He held my head and pushed more of his cock into me. My eyes watered and finally my nose hit his pubes. I squeezed and fondled his balls, rolling them easily, waiting, then they contracted, he tensed, held my head against him and I felt rope after rope of cum shooting directly down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed, then needing air I tried to pull back, but he was holding me cumming more and more. I slap his hard ass and he released me, letting me pull back for air as a last two spurts flooded my mouth. Fuck, what a stud. My eyes watered, cum ran from my mouth, I looked over and saw that Debbie had stretched her mouth and jaw to take much of Brett in her mouth. Trying to encourage him she picked up some saliva dripping from her mouth and reached behind Brett. As she sucked on his cock she quickly slid a moist finger into his ass. This was too much for him and he blew his load into her mouth. She did her best to swallow, but her mouth was too full of cock and some of it exploded and escaped, dripping down her chin and onto her tits. I crawled over to Deb and licked my husband's semen from her tits. When Brett was finished he stepped back and took in the scene.

"Holy shit that's fucking hot."

Jack agreed. "Not many who can take all of me down their throat. Deb really got you with the ass move."

"Yeah she did. But that's cool."

Deb and I were not kissing each other again. She seemed unconcerned that some of the cum on my face came from her brother. NOW we were ready to go to the bedroom.

"There are towels and washcloths piled near the bed. Anyone need condoms?"

Deb, "No, I'm on the pill."

"I am too if that's ok with you Jack,"

"Sure. I don't get to go bareback often."

Jack scooped me up. He enjoyed showing off his strong young body. Between the muscles now cradling me and the soft cock swinging between his legs I was looking forward to an eventful night. Behind us I heard Brett.

"You're going to have to walk young lady. And please go first so I can admire your spectacular butt." Debbie laughed and made a show of having her butt sway as she walked the hallway. Brett caught up and squeezed one cheek while lightly slapping the other. Debbie looked over her shoulder,

"No need to be THAT gentle."

Jack laid me on the bed then leaned over me, letting me get a good look at his chest and shoulders. I caressed him and admired him. This pleased him greatly and he showed appreciation by suckling at my tits and telling me how hot I was. Sure I thought I was in good shape for my age, but having a young stud who could surely have any young woman he wanted, admiring and praising me, well it was making quite happy. Brett had Debbie get on the bed laying across so her head was near mine.

"On your hands and knees. As Terri can tell you, I'm an ass man and I must pay homage to this particular ass." Debbie quickly assumed the position which conveniently made it easy for us to share some more kisses. The girl really had a need to kiss me and I didn't mind at all. Brett stood behind Debbie caressing her ass, letting his fingers slip between her cheeks and down to her pussy, then up circling her puckered anus and around her cheeks again. I looked down and could see that Jack was hard again. Ah youth.

"Jack, if you're ready you can feed that snake up into me." I was alternating kissing Deb and watching her tits swing above me as Brett swatted her ass a few times. She was encouraging him.

"That's it Brett. A bit harder. Ow, ooh, just right. Oh that's good. You are going to fuck my ass some time tonight?"

"Damn Deb, if you're into that, hell yeah. Oh god sinking my cock between these cheeks. I thought I'd be settling for doggie style, not that I'd complain."

"No, right now stick that thick cock into my pussy. Fuck me good and hard. Then later take my ass." He didn't need to be told twice. I could tell he was now fucking the babysitter good and hard as her tits were really rocking and she couldn't hold steady enough to make out. So I played with her tits while my stud fucked me good. And damn he was good. Looong hard strokes, touching the deepest parts of me then a long withdrawal only to have him bury it again. So much stimulation, physically and visually on both ends. Brett was alternating hard thrusts, stretching Deb's pussy, with smacks on her ass. She was alternating satisfied moans from his cock touching all sides of her vagina with "ows" as he slapped or grabbed her ass. Brett was enjoying his cock being squeezed by her tight young cunt. "Oh fuck Deb, you're so tight. God, you're amazing."

"It's so tight, ow, because your fucking cock is so big. Ow, fuck me hard, start pounding that thing into me, oh fuck yes." Brett held her by the hips and began thrusting deep and hard, and hard, and hard, not letting her pussy recover from one before he'd filled her again. Knowing he wouldn't be lasting much longer I reached over and started rubbing Deb's clit, driving her crazy with sexual sensations as her pussy was being abused, her ass red from slaps and now her clit being frantically teased. All this and I had a strong young man fucking me over and over. Jack had lifted my legs up to his shoulders, good thing I did yoga, and was now thrusting deeper into me. Finally I couldn't take any more and tensed then released with an orgasm I felt from head to toes,

"OOOOOOOOOH JACK yes yes, oooh god, uh uh uh, aaaahh. Fuck me. Fill me with your cummmm!" But he was young, and a stud, so he fucked me some more. I was able to regain enough of my wits to bring Debbie over the edge. Then Brett shot his load into her, holding her beautiful ass to him as he pumped his cum into her tight teen pussy. Debbie collapsed onto the bed. Then Brett along side her. We all watched as Jack finally tensed, lifted my hips and held me to him as he came and came. His semen dripping out around his cock. He lowered me to the bed. Leaned over me and continued slowly fucking me until his body relaxed. We were now all sated for a little while, happy to fondle and touch each other. Debbie and Jack had no reason not to show off their bodies and Brett and I felt comfortable enough with them not to cover up. The fact that Debbie seemed to need to touch me made me feel good about myself. Needing time to recover Brett sat back against the head board and watched as Debbie and Jack kissed and touched me as if I was the guest of honor.

"I told you Jack, isn't Terri so nice? I hope I look this good in 20 years."

"So much better with someone who knows what they're doing. No offense Terri but you're a great fuck."

I laughed. "No offense taken! Quite a compliment from you two gorgeous people."

"Oh", Deb added, "not to leave out Brett, boys simply DON'T know how to satisfy a woman like a more mature guy. That orgasm, wow."

Brett smiled, "Damn wore me out girl."

They were so considerate. Debbie and Jack instinctively knew we needed to rest. We still had all night. Brett said he'd go put together some burgers to give us energy. Debbie and Jack seemed to have endless energy, but they nodded in agreement. As Brett was leaving the room Debbie called to him. She'd kissed her way down my body and was approaching my mound.

"Brett, is this ok while you're down the hall?"

"Yes Deb, anything is ok tonight." Brett left. Debbie got between my legs.

"Terri, I've been dying to do this. For some reason you turn me on so much. You're right, I always checked you out. Even when I was sure I like guys more, I've wanted to do this."

I looked to my left, Jack's cock was hard, again. I sucked on the tip as Debbie began lapping at my pussy. Lapping up her brother's cum. That wouldn't deter her from feasting on my now worn pussy. I'd been fingered and licked and fucked relentlessly by Jack, but now Debbie gave me loving attention. As I lay there enjoying her efforts I thought, she might just be better at this than Brett. He had experience and knew what I liked, but Debbie had something else. A woman's intuition. I settled in, stroked Jack. Lived in the moment. My pussy being licked and loved and tended to like never before. It didn't take long before I was coasting on waves of pleasure. Nothing jolting or earth shattering, but what I needed at that moment. My body in a heightened state of pleasure all from Debbie's tongue. When I'd had enough, at just the right moment, Debbie slid up along my body and lay her beautiful form against me. I could feel her firm young breasts pressed against mine, her legs interlocked with mine. She kissed my neck, my shoulders, my ear, my face. Lips to lips, tongue to tongue. The view must have been stimulating for Jack. He moaned. Debbie looked over at him, took his cock from me and stroked it. As his balls retracted she aimed it at my mouth. Jack shot his first load into my mouth, then Debbie pointed it at herself and took the second rope. Then place it against my mouth so I could suck the remaining cum from her brother. She encouraged him by licking his cock as it throbbed in my mouth. When he'd finished, Debbie and I kissed, sharing his cum. Now we were ready for dinner.

We took turns washing dried semen, and more from ourselves. Then we stood around the kitchen island enjoying burgers that Brett had grilled. Deb, Jack and I were nude. Brett, playing it safe wore an apron. He was leaning on the counter looking at me. His eyes slowly shifted to his left and I turned on my stool to follow his gaze. We were now both looking at Debbie in profile. Debbie who had watched our kids for years. Teenage Debbie. Sexy, amazing Debbie. My eyes scanned down, from her pretty face, then those breasts which in profile defied nature, perfect proportions sitting out from her body, her nipples angled upward, then down across her flat stomach, then her mound with wispy hair, then back up, the curve of her back, down, in then out, out around the round curve of her ass. Damn I wanted to get between her legs and bury my tongue in her pussy. And Brett was definitely going to slide his cock between those cheeks and fill her ass. I've never been a big fan of anal, but Brett loves some ass and here was perfection. I looked over not wanting to leave Jack out of my hungry gazing. The kid had a powerful sexy body. Being held in his arms and feeling his muscles made me wet. That long cock hanging below reminded me of how he'd reached the deepest parts of me. I better get all of them tonight. Deb looked over at me, catching me fucking her with my eyes. "See anything you want?"

"Both of you. You're too much for words. Sex personified."

"Oh stop. You guys are treating us great. Kids our age are fucking and sucking and done. You've opened up a new adult world to us." Debbie walked over to me, flicked her tongue against my ear, grabbed a handful of my ass. Whispered in my ear. "Want more?" I nodded. "Eat me for dessert." I moaned. I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, leaving Brett and Jack to cleanup.

We no sooner entered the room than we were locked once again in a passionate embrace. Hands explored, mouths engaged, tongues wrestled. I pushed Debbie back towards the bed, then onto it. She moved back and spread her legs, exposing her sweet young pussy to me.

"Please Terri, I've wanted this for years." I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled myself to her pussy. I lapped up her juices, pulled at her lips, nibbled at her clit, tasted her with my tongue, explored her opening with my tongue, circled around then up, sucked on her clit, used two fingers to reached deeper into her and search for just the right place to simulate her. Debbie threw her head back and cried with pleasure. Her sexual desires were being met and I was happy to provide. My tongue licked up and down her slit, into her pussy, then up to her clit, she panted, trying to suck in breaths. The men entered the room and each took one of her nipples between their teeth, then sucked and licked and fondled. I continued my dessert, enjoying each bounce and shiver and clenching of her thighs against my head. Debbie pushed her mound up begging me to finish the job. I turned my full attention to her clit as the guys continued to worship her perfect tits. She was now rocking her hips, gearing up like an engine, revving, a series of "oh, oh, oh," louder and faster, then everything clenched at once and she let out a scream, nearly blacking out as it hit her and finally went limp. Now it was Deb's turn to get pampered gently for a few minutes. And who wouldn't want to run their hands over her body.

This time Debbie kissed me gently and thanked me. "The pleasure was mine Deb."

"Whew, ok, that was INtense. Who's up for some fucking?" Damn teens never stop.

Brett reached over to the nightstand and came back with a tube of lube. He waved it towards Debbie. She smiled. "Hell yeah, split my ass with that big cock." Debbie got on all fours again and Brett leaned on the bed behind her. "Just go easy on the cheeks this time please?"

"Of course."

Jack lay alongside me to watch them get started. Deb rested her head on my chest and waited for Brett. She got a surprise. Brett spread her cheeks and got in close, then he flicked his tongue on her anus. Deb opened her eyes. "Oh". Then "OHHHH" as Brett plunged his tongue into her ass. He used his tongue to open her, get her used to being touched inside. His tongue went as far as he could reach, then out, then in again. "Oh fuck, no one's done that. That's fucking amazing." Brett pulled his head back.

"Every inch of you is perfect." He squeezed just a bit of lube and used it to fit a finger, to go a little deeper. Deb looked at me, obviously enjoying Brett's fingering of her ass. Finally she made an O with her mouth as he slipped his well lubed thick cock into her ass. Brett was in heaven. This beautiful round ass was his. He pushed evenly but forcefully until he was balls deep. Then he withdrew and rocked his hips feeling her ass gripping him tightly as it opened to fit him. He gently caressed her ass loving the view.

Jack whispered to me. I turned to looked at him. "Deb said you were both up for anything."

"I don't think he's ever."

"I'll use my finger first. Stop if he objects."


Jack got up and walked around behind where Brett was pistoning his cock into Jack's sister. I saw him squeeze lube on his middle finger then say to Brett, "Tell me if I should stop." The Brett's eyes opened wide as Jack's finger plunged into his ass. Then Debbie's eyes opened wide as Brett's cock got harder and he slammed into her.

"What's going on back there?"

"I think your brother is evening the score."

"I told you he'd do everyone."

Brett looked at me. I kind of shrugged, and smiled. I'd let him fuck my ass a few times over the years. Now he could see how it is. He said nothing. He grimaced as Jack pushed the head of his cock against his ass. Then grunted as Jack entered. Holy shit my husband was getting butt fucked by a teen stud. Jack held Brett by the hips and began filling him with his long cock. Lucky for Brett Jack isn't as wide as he is. As Jack pushed forward, Brett was forced into Debbie who was hanging on now. The stimulation in Brett's ass soon had him flooding Debbie with cum. When he was spent she fell forward onto me and turned to watch.

"This is pretty hot. I've never seen two guys do it before. What about you Terri?"

"Yes, but it's been years. And never Brett. Wow look at Jack go."

Brett was now on the receiving end of a machine in action. Sensing that Brett isn't as delicate as me he seemed to get off on thrusting hard into my husband's ass. Brett had his head down willing himself to take it all. Jack grunted and buried his cock as he emptied himself into Brett. He stayed in there until he was done. Then withdrew. Brett collapsed on the bed.

Jack asked, "Are we ok Brett?"

"Yeah, sure. Not that I want another go, but what the fuck, it's an all in kind of night."

Deb added, "You two are awesome." There was more cleanup, then we relaxed. More for Brett and me. We talked about sexual experiences, what ages we were. There was no sense to having secrets now.

Deb asked, "What about Sam and Kim?"

I replied, "What about them?"

"Do you think they do anything?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe I should know."

"When I watched them the last couple of times I could tell Sam was checking out my tits. Probably my ass too. They're definitely growing up."

"I know. It's kind of scary."

"For parents maybe. For me it was just a few years ago and now look."

"I better talk to them."

"Want me to babysit them one more time?"

"What are you thinking?"

"Maybe it'll be a more grown up visit."

"Oh, I don't know."

"Better than learning on the street or with some dopey high school kid? I wonder if they've checked each other out?"

"I'm not sure I want to know!"

"That's how Jack and I learned about the opposite sex."

Jack laughed, "I almost came immediately the first time Deb let me see her tits."

"Dude you DID cum, right on my bedroom floor."

That broke the ice. I looked over at Brett. He was still in a bit of shock. I told Deb, "I'll have to think about it. If I call you to babysit, you'll know."

"Should I bring Jack?"

"To be fair I guess. But if you're going to be introducing my kids to sex how about a first time show for us now? Watching your two bodies together would be better than any porn ever made."

Debbie looked at Jack. "Want some of this Jack?"

"Oh fuck yeah."

Brett and I moved to the top of the bed. Jack lay across the bed. Debbie began sucking on his cock, quickly bringing him to attention. Then she mounted him. We watched Jack's cock disappear into his sister. Debbie leaned forward resting her hands on Jack's chest. Her tits hung away from her. They began rocking as she rolled her hips feeling her brother driving up into her. Debbie changed from rocking to rolling her hips then holding in place as Jack thrust up into her. Every movement caused muscles to ripple, tits to shake and swing, asses to tighten then relax, hair to flip back and forth. Jack took one breast in each hand. They were too large even for him. He held a hand under each and rolled a finger over the nipples. Deb's eyes were closed concentrating on getting Jack's cock to touch her where she needed. They fucked and fucked and fucked. Well beyond what Brett and I could manage. Part of it was the number of times already today, part of it was insatiable youth. I was getting exhausted watching. Then Deb gave her brother a look. He rolled over taking her with him. She was now on her back with her legs in the air. Jack was relentlessly plowing her with his cock. Deb pulled him down to her as she shook in orgasm, letting go one long, "oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh", then leaning her head back, closing her eyes and letting Jack fuck his sister. He lifted her by the ass, holding it in the air as he began his final assault. Plunging deep then holding her as he shot his cum into his sister. Something he'd dreamed of and jacked off to. His beautiful, hot, sexy sister. He lay down on her, holding off most of his weight, his cock still inside her. Not wanting to leave. I noticed they never really kissed like lovers. This was a deeply physical sexual experience. Finally Jack rolled off Debbie onto his back.

"Wow." Was all he said.

Brett spoke for the first time in ages. "Wow, indeed. Never saw anything hotter. Somehow I've got another hardon."

I looked at Debbie. She was exhausted. I checked Jack. He was spent too, finally. I slid down and took Brett's cock in my mouth. "Thanks for agreeing to this. This was better than anything we did years ago." I stroked him and sucked his cock. Brett nodded in agreement. It took awhile, then he gave me his last load of the day. I gratefully swallowed then snuggled against him. We all kind of agreed that we were done for the night. We'd have some time in the morning before the kids got home around noon. Not quite ready for sleep Deb and I held each other and continued our day long need to kiss each other with meaning. The guys were snoring so we held each other and kissed like lovers before drifting off in each other's arms.

In the morning after taking care of bathroom needs we all looked at each other. Yeah what the hell, it's a one time event as planned so let's go for another round. As much as Brett liked Debbie's great tits he wanted to watch her ass so she mounted him reverse cowgirl. Wanting to be able to watch and touch Debbie I also slid Jock's cock into me in the same position. We had no need to rush, it was only 9am, so Deb and I rocked and bounced on a hard cock and tweaked each other's tits. The boys caressed our asses and encouraged us. This was soothing and pleasant and a perfect finish to a wonderful night.

Then the door opened.

"Wow, fuck. MOM? DEBBIE!" Apparently the kids decided to come home early and have some quiet time before we "got home". What they saw was their Mom riding a big cock and their babysitter, and Sam's fantasy Debbie, naked and getting fucked, by their father.

"Oh kids, sorry you weren't supposed to be home yet!"

"Hi Sam." Jack didn't seem to be put out and had continued fucking me. I was getting fucked while my kids watched.

"JACK? and Mom!", Kim was now watching bug-eyed.

"Hi Sam, and Kim", Debbie didn't mind them seeing her, "please don't judge. Just adults doing adult things." Debbie climbed off the bed. That was ok, except that now the kids could see their father's thick hard cock.

"Wow Dad," Kim was impressed.

Debbie walked over to them. Sam couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Come on, out of the room. We'll talk another time." She closed the door. I looked at her with thanks. I'd been frozen in place. Except for Jack continuing to thrust his cock into me. Debbie looked at Brett. "No sense wasting this." The younger two led the way, Jack fucking briskly and Debbie bouncing on Brett until the guys gave us one last load. Deb and I climbed off the guys then embraced.

"I'll talk to the kids Debbie, but I think maybe you should babysit them once more."

"Of course."

We dressed. Debbie and Jack said goodbye to everyone. I called the kids into the living room for a chat. Brett put on coffee and listened in. But these are tales for another time.

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