The Little Mormon Girl by twistmynipples

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I lived in Spokane, WA when my wife was killed by a drunk driver.

She was coming home from work late one night when it happened.

I got the phone call at 1:45 AM and when I told my three kids

the next morning we were all a mess of tears. We saw a therapist

for months afterward and that helped. I was finally ready

to resume my life. My employer had been very generous in

granting me an indefinite leave of absence while I dealt

with my pain.

Now that I was ready to go back I had to see what I could do with

my kids. Before the wreck I was a stay-at-home Dad but now

I needed some help with the children. I had 2 sons, 6 and 3,

and a daughter, 9. I ran an ad in the local paper and on Craig's

List. In the ad I said that I was looking for some help with

household chores and childcare from about 8 AM to 6 PM. In

the first 4 days I had the ad running I only got 2 calls and

they weren't suitable. Then on the fifth day I got the

call for Melissa.


"Way I speak with Mr. Dentino?"


"Hello, sir. My name is Melissa Pratt. I'm calling

about the ad you have on Craig's List."

"Yes. Thank you for your interest. What kind of experience

do you have?"

"I have cleaned my parents house since I was 10 and

I've been responsible for my 7 younger siblings all

my life."

"You don't have any professional experience?"

"No sir, but I'm very good."

"I'm sorry. I'm looking for someone with

more experience."

"Please, Mr. Dentino. I really need this job. I would

be perfect for it. I want this.

Since I had had so few responses to my ad I thought I'd

at least try her out.

"I'll tell you what, Melissa was it? You can come

to my house and I'll try you out for a weekend while I'm

home to supervise. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes, sir. And thank you, sir."

I gave her my address and told her to be at my place at 8:AM

on Saturday.

Saturday came and my doorbell rang at 7:55 AM. I opened the

door and almost fell over backwards. Standing in front

of me was a small girl (maybe 4'10") who looked

about 12.

Melissa could sense my unease.

"I'm older than I look, sir."

"And how old might that be?"

"I'm 18."

I invited her in and called my kids downstairs to meet her.

The three of them came bounding down the stairs and came

to a stop beside me.

"Rachel, Mike, Donny. This is Melissa."

The three kids stayed right by my side. But then Melissa

smiled at them. When I saw her smile my knees felt as if they

would give out. This girl's smile reminded me of Christie

Brinkley in "Vacation". When the three of them

saw her smile they smiled right back and moved forward.

My youngest, Donny, held out his hand.

"It's nice to make your applaintace."

Melissa chuckled and knelt down.

"You're adorable." she said while offering

her arms to Donny.

He jumped into her arms and gave her a huge hug. Within minutes

the other two were hugging her as welll.

Throughout the day I put Melissa through the paces. She

passed every test. She made us 3 wonderful meals, cleaned

the whole house, watched the kids, played with the kids,

did some school work with the kids. After dinner I asked

Melissa to come back at the same time tomorrow.

"Come back? You mean I can't sleep here?"

Now I realized why her purse was as big as it was. It was no

purse; it was a suitcase.

"I'm sorry Melissa. It's just a daytime

job. I can't afford a live-in."

"But sir, I need someplace to sleep. I'll be a

live-in nanny for the same price. I really need someplace

to live."

"Don't you have a home now? And you can call me


"No, Don. I got off the bus, went to an internet cafe

and found your ad. I just moved to Spokane today."

"Where are you from?"


I asked Melissa to go do the dishes and I would think things


"I have the extra room, but I can't have someone

live with me." I thought. "My wife had not been

gone for even a year. I wasn't ready for this. No. I couldn't

handle this. But the kids really took to her and she is really

good in the house. Maybe. No. I can't."

I looked down at my watch. I had been sitting here lost in

my thoughts for over two hours. I got up to go into the kitchen

to tell Melissa I couldn't do it when I smelled something.

I got to the kitchen and there was a tray of cookies sitting

on the stove and another in baking.

"You seemed deep in thought, Don, so I made myself

useful. Have one."

I did and they were the best peanut butter cookies I had ever


"The kids. Where are the kids?"

"I bathed them and put them to bed a half hour ago."

"Melissa, I don't know if I can handle this, but

we can try it for a while and see how it works out. After seeing

you today I know you are the right person for the job, but

I'm not sure I can handle living with a woman in my house

so soon after my wife's death. I want to try if only for

the kids' sake. They liked you from the first hug. I

have a room you can use. Get your bag and follow me. Do you

have more things stored somewhere?"

"Nope. This bag is all I brought from home."

"Here's your room. You know where the bathroom

is and the closet across the hall has some towels in it."

"Thank you, Don. In the morning you stay in bed. I'll

get up with the kids."

I smiled. Sleep in? I'd forgotten the meaning of that


"Thank you, Melissa."

I went to bed and fell asleep quickly. When I woke up it was

9:30. I hadn't slept this long since before Rachel

was born. I leaped up, donned my robe and went downstairs.

"What am I doing? I just met this girl and now I'm

letting her take care of my kids."

When I got downstairs Melissa, Rachel, Mike and Donny were

in the living room playing Snakes and Ladders.

"Morning, Daddy." my kids chirped in unison.

"Good morning, Don."

I looked around. The kitchen was spotless. The kids hadn't

eaten. I was about to say something when Melissa beat me

to it.

"We had omelettes for breakfast. The eggs and fillings

are in the fridge. Sit down and I'll make you one."

Again I was taken aback. This girl is perfect.

I sat down and ate while she played with the kids.

Sunday was another great day. We did stuff together around

the house and went grocery shopping. Melissa had a list

of what she needed and I let her take control of the shopping


Our lives went on like this for 4-5 weeks. Melissa met walked

Mike and Rachel to their bus for school and met it after school

was out. She made meals, kept the house perfect and made

our lives pretty easy. Then came May 20th.

The kids had been put to bed and I was walking downstairs.

Melissa had gone to have a shower before I put the kids to

bed and as I was passing the bathroom I noticed that the door

was open a bit. I moved to the door to pull it shut when I saw

a reflexion of Melissa in the mirror. She was out of the shower

and had just hung up her towel. She was looking at me. She

was naked. This was no girl looking back at me. This was a

woman. I had never even noticed her body in the weeks she

had been here. It was perfect. She had maybe C cup perky breasts

but they looked HUGE on her 4'10" frame. She had

a small waist and curvy hips. She was gorgeous. I pulled

the door shut and quickly went downstairs.

My mind was racing. I had not even thought about sex for months

and now I had this vision of perfection in my own home. I had

very conflicting thoughts. My wife's passing was

still recent, but my raging hard-on was NOW. I couldn't

do this. I went back upstairs and went into my room. I surfed

the net and looked at pictures of small young women. I came

extremely hard. It was the first orgasm I had since my wife

was killed. I went to bed and slept fitfully.

The next morning neither Melissa nor I said a word about

the incident. I told her that I wouldn't be home until

after the kids' bedtime.

When I got home Melissa was again in the shower. I stayed

downstairs. Most of me wanted to go upstairs, but my legs

wouldn't let me. I heard the shower stop. I waited for

20 minutes and then decided to go back up to my room. I got

up and turned around. Melissa was standing at the top of

the stairs - naked. I stared. I ogled. I said nothing.


I said nothing.

"Please say something, Don."

"There aren't words fit for what I'm seeing."

She smiled. That fucking smile. I'm sure my hard-on

was visible in my dress pants.

"Thank you, Don."

"It's after 9. Why don't you come upstairs

and I'll draw you a bath."

"I don't want a bath."

"I do. I need my back washed."

My head was swimming and I moved up the stairs. I was not aware

of my feet moving, but I moved up the stairs. Maybe I was floating.

I got to the third stair from the top and was looking at Melissa

in the eyes. Her hand reached out and took mine. We went to

my bedroom together and Melissa turned on the tub faucet.

She came back out and began to take off my clothes. My shirt

gave way first. Then my belt surrendered. Then she undid

my pants and they fell to the floor. She gasped when my hard

cock sprang into view. I don't wear underwear. She

smiled. My socks were the last before she led me into the

jetted tub. She told me to relax as she climbed in beside

me and sat a foot or so in front of me with her back facing me.

Without a word she reached for the soap and handed it to me.

I took it and began to caress her perfect back with it.

"That's what I needed. Thank you, Don."

I put the soap down in the water and sat there, unable to think

of what to do.

"You're not done yet." she said as she took

fold of my hands. She guided them up to her back and pulled

them around her torso until they were cupping her perfect


I began to caress her globes and play with her nipples. She

cooed and moaned softly. Soon she turned around and brought

her lips to mine. We kissed and kissed. Our tongues became

very-well acquainted. The water level in the tub began

to diminish and I realized she had unplugged it. We got out

and dried off.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed; all the while smothering

her lips and face with kisses. I laid her down softly and

kissed my way down her body. The whole time she was moaning

and squirming. When I got to her pussy I licked her pussy

lips and clitoral hood. I played and teased her. Her moans

got louder. I played more. This was the first time in 2 days

that I had been in control of myself. Finally I began sucking

on her rock hard clit. She groaned. I continued sucking

until her hips started bucking up and down and she was screaming.

Thank heaven my kids slept like the dead. Melissa had one

of the most mind-blowing orgasms I had ever seen; in real

life or on video. When her eyes rolled back into proper position

she looked at me.

"Oh Don. That was perfect. Thank you."

"It ain't over. It's FAR from over.”

Her smile almost gave the control back to her, but I kept

it together. I rolled over onto my back and settle d into

the pillows.

"You turn, babe. Say hello to my little friend."

She didn't get the "Scarface" reference,

but she did know I meant my hard dick.

She began by licking up one side and down the other. She never

touched the purple head; just the shaft. Then she licked

and sucked my balls; still ignoring the head. She went back

to licking before taking my raging member into her mouth.

She was very small but she could still get most of my 7 inches

into her mouth. I was impressed. Her little head bobbed

up and down as she moaned. Within minutes I erupted inside

her. She kept bobbing up an down. When I was done she licked

the stray bit of cum off her lips.

Now it was MY turn to give thanks.

"Melissa, that was wonderful. You do that sooooo


"Thank you."

I looked down and realized that I STILL had a raging boner.

This hadn't happened for well over 10 years. I was ready

to go again.

I rolled Melissa onto her back and moved my cock towards

her pussy. She was shaking.

"Are you scared, Melissa?"

"No. I just want your fucking dick inside me."

I slowly moved it into her pussy. I felt resistance. I pushed.

She winced. I stopped.

"You're not a virgin are you?"

"Yes. You're the first person I've even


I was blown away. How did she know how to do what she did to

me? What should I do? I didn't know.

"Fuck me, Don. Push your fucking dick into me. I don't

care if it hurts. I want you to fuck me."

Damn. I was losing control, but I pushed my member further.

I kept pushing and soon I was rewarded. My cock sank in deep.

Melissa screamed. I stopped.

"Fuck me, damn it. Ram my fucking pussy. Fuck me and

fuck me hard."

I slammed my cock in and out in and out in and out. Melissa

screamed with each thrust. We rutted like pigs for over

an hour. She must have had at least 5 orgasms before I erupted

inside her dripping pussy. We collapsed in each others'

arms and gasped for breath. After 15 minutes or so I looked

in her eyes. She smiled.

"I'll change the sheets." I said, but before

I could get up she planted her lips on mine and we kissed.

We got up after awhile and had a shower together. Melissa

changed the sheets and we went back to bed. There was no sleep

that night . I came more that night than I ever thought possible.

In between we snuggled and talked. I learned a lot about


She was a mormon from a very strict family. As soon as she

was able she moved away. Her family was not going to allow

this and she had to leave in the middle of the night. That

was why she only had one bag when she showed up. She had been

banned from using the internet. She was not permitted to

watch TV or movies and could only read approved books. When

she was 17 she had been able to sneak to a movie one day and

was mesmerized by what she saw. She then found ways to find

out what the world was like on the outside and knew she had

to experience it. That's where I came in.

We kept out relationship as is for 8 months. We would keep

up civility during the day, but after the kids were asleep

we would fuck like animals. Melissa wanted to try everything.

One day, after our 8 months was up, we learned that Melissa

was pregnant. We married and are still together to this


Rating: 95%, Read 828857 times, Posted Aug 06, 2010

Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Old Male, Romance, Teen, Teen Female, Virginity, Young


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