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True Story | Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex, Threesome, Voyeurism

I sent her an email detailing what I had been doing.and told her how her friend Irena phoned and asked me for dinner with her and her ten-year younger toy boy.

The next day I received a return email from my lady Julie. ‘Very pleased you enjoyed your sexual tryst with Irena and Ben. I set that up for you with Irena and Ben on the proviso I give Ben a blow job while Irena licks my cunt lips. Would you like to watch baby? And I am pleased that you confirmed Ben is bigger than you, more than eight-inches and very thick and he was a huge bonus turn on for you. You owe me baby.”

When Julie finally returned we fucked like rabbits as soon as I watched her shower. In the afterglow she asked me lots of questions about my tryst with Irena and Ben. “Did you kiss her ass? Did they both blow you? Who did you prefer, him or her? How hard were you? How long did you last? When can I have them?”

“Now fuck me again, better still make love to me, your sexual adventures have turned me on,” Julie whispered to me an hour later.

“You owe me baby,” she reminded me two weeks later. “I set up your sexual tryst with Irena and Ben for you on the proviso I give Ben a blow job while Irena licks my cunt lips. Is Ben really bigger than you, more than eight-inches and very thick? Did Ben really get it up three times in one session? Was he really a huge bonus turn on for you? Would you like to watch me blowing Ben while Julie licks my cunt lips?”

The next day I could hear Julie on the phone making arrangements with Irena and asking questions. “Is Ben really bigger than my man, more than eight-inches and very thick? Can Ben really get it up three times in one session? Would you like my man to watch me blowing Ben while you lick my cunt lips?”

Julie had been teasing me on the drive over as she told me with an evil smirk what she was expecting from Irena and Ben. “Simultaneous sexual pleasure from a male and a female. The same couple you had while I was away. Does that excite you baby? It excites me. She had made me abstain from sex for two days and listening to her with her hand over my cock had given me an erection.

As soon as we entered their condo Julie and I could feel the sexual tension. Irena and Ben were wearing matching very short, silk dressing gowns and it was obvious they were both almost naked underneath. I could see Julie admiring the heels Irena was wearing.

“Hello Julie and Charles, let’s cut to the chase, we invited you here Julie to give Ben a blow job while I lick your cunt lips,” Irena told us in her beautifully modulated voice. “Your man was most impressive for both of us just a few weeks ago. Though today he is going to be just a spectator. Naked we hope?

“Ben has been looking forward to this moment, he is very excited to have you both here. He loves being the centre of attention and showing off. Let me show you,” Irena smiled as she stood behind Ben and flashed open his dressing gown.

“Wow, Ben really is bigger than my man, more than eight-inches and very thick,” Julie murmured as she ogled his rock hard erection poking out of a crotchless jock strap as Irena teased it with a hand.

“Take it off for me Charles,” he told me as he pointed to it. As I undid the clip on the side and it slid down to his ankles, Ben and I both had the full attention of the two women. And I had a raging erection as I admired Ben’s close up.

Without saying a word Irena was tongue kissing Julie passionately as they undressed each other. Irena quickly shrugged off her gown, she looked fabulous in just a tiny black g-string as Julie still dressed, soaked up her kisses. “Your ass looks fantastic in that g-string, even better without it,” Julie told her she slid it down to her ankles and over her heels.

Always an extra turn watching a naked woman kissing a clothed one. Julie was wearing heels and a knee length skirt with a long zipper down the back, nothing else. Ben and I were both watching closely as Irena undid the zipper and slid it off her shoulders, then to the floor.

I was hoping Ben would undress me while the two naked women watched and that was exactly what happened. And when his hand brushed my erection I became even harder.

Irena led Julie to the same chair I had sat on a few weeks recently while they both pleasured me. Close by there was another chair with a bottle of massage oil next to it, obviously where they wanted me so I could watch and pleasure myself, the voyeur and exhibitionist in me full of anticipation.

“Before we start, kiss my ass for me Charles,’ Irena whispered. “Now kiss your ladies ass. Now watch and enjoy while I lick your ladies cunt lips as she she gives my man a blow job.”

Huge sexual tension as Irena knelt between Julie’s thighs and licked her way up to her cunt lips with her fingertips on her very erect nipples as Julie ogled Ben’s erection.

Ben was standing very close to Julie, his roaring erection just inches from her lips as she watched him slide a cock ring along his erection. As Julie wrapped her arms around Julie’s thighs she poked her tongue into her cunt lips. “Do you really want this Julie?, really want it?,” Irena teased.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I do she whispered as she teased Ben’s balls with her fingertips before she grasped his erection and slid it between her eager pursed lips.

I always enjoy watching a man with a bigger erection than mine, Ben is more than eight-inches and thick and watching my lady blowing it was a huge turn on as his lady licked my ladies cunt while I oiled my erection with the oil they provided.

Ben was breathing very heavily as Julie stopped sucking him. “You sucked my man’s cock on that day while Irena watched. Did he suck your cock? Tell me, I need to know,” she whispered as she teased his erection with a fingertip. “Tell me, I need to know.”

“Yes he did while Irena watched.”

“Was he good?”

“He was very good.”

“Would you like him to suck your cock again today while Irena and I watch?

“Yes, yes, yes,” Ben moaned as he slid his erection between Julie’s tightly pursed lips.

“How about you Charles, would you like to suck Ben’s cock again today while Irena and I watch?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I want you to watch,” I moaned as my breathing was very laboured.

“Irena told me you both masturbated at the same time for her. Now masturbate for me and Irena, both of you,” Julie moaned as she had her third orgasm on Irena’s tongue.

Like me Ben loves to masturbate with a woman watching, even better with two naked women watching as Ben and I watch each other and compare. We are both determined to outlast each other. I am equally turned on by two naked women watching as I am comparing Ben’s larger erection with mine. Irena asks both of us to hold our hands out as she pours a generous amount of oil for us to use.

“The only thing more exciting than watching a hung man man masturbate is watching two hung men masturbate,” Irena whispered in an agitated voice. “What a turn on.”

Then she placed my oily hand on Ben’s erection and his on mine, something neither of us expected, though we both lived for the moment and wrapped our hand around each other’s erection. Both of us were enjoying the frisson we had created with our ladies watching on. “That is a turn on for me baby, a huge fucking turn on, with your hand wrapped around Ben’s thick cock,” Julie told me in an agitated voice.

“Wow, that really is something,” Irena said as Ben used his other hand to tickle my balls and I follow his lead and I do the same to him.

“Is that good? Have you ever had that before?,” Julie whispered as she stood behind Ben and raked her fingernails along his ass, an extra tease for me watching my lady adding to his pleasure - and mine. Not to be outdone Irena does the same to me.

Ben and I are both breathing very heavily as the ladies are obviously enjoying edging us. We are both sliding our tightly clenched oily hand along the full length of each others raging erection. I am so close, so close.

Then as if prearranged Julie wrapped her hand around Ben’s erection and Irena wrapped a hand around mine. They both slid a softly closed hand along just the tip of our erections. A much softer hand, wonderful after a tightly clenched male hand. I was almost embarrassed at the noise I made as I had a massive orgasm as I watch my lady bring Ben off. His erect cock really is awesome, flaunting it for three people, as he blows with his hands on his hips.

I will let my lady Julie take up the story from here.

After we showered together the two men had their hands all over each other as foreplay, both determined to achieve a new erection for each other and their lady. I have a high sex drive and my libido was in overdrive with the anticipation of watching my man preparing to blow a ten-year younger man with an erection bigger than his.

I love being sexually aroused when conventional boundaries are being stretched as they are today with two hung bisexual men as the centre of attention. Watching two men pleasure each other was high on my wish list until just a few years ago. One of my kinky girlfriends organised two men to perform for us one night. It was an eye opener for me and very exciting. They were very good, though not it the same league as these two men. As the old cliche goes, size is important, really important I have decided with experience.

In front of a full length wall mirror Ben stood behind Charles with his naked body pressed against his as he teased his nipples with a fingertip, then toyed with his already erect cock while Irena and I watched.

From their previous encounter Ben had obviously learnt Charles loves having his nipples licked by both sexes. “Tell me what you are going to do to my big cock while our ladies watch,” he teases as he deftly licks his erect nipples and teases his erection with a fingertip as my man ogles his roaring erection.

“Would you like to watch me blow your man while he blows Ben? Exactly what we did while you were away?” Irena asks.

“Next time,” I replied determined to make this happen against. “Tease my cunt with a finger while we watch.”

“Ben can get it up three times in one session, how about your man Julie? After this we could each fuck our men while we watch each other. I would love you to watch Ben fucking me. He has the biggest erection I have ever had.”

Ben led Charles to the same chair I had sat on earlier while they both pleasured me. However, this time it has been moved so it is facing a wall length mirror. I can see both men’s erections in the mirror as well as side on.

Ben is like a raging bull as he stands in front of Charles, places his hands on his shoulders and thrusts his erection into his pursed lips. Then slides it in and out of his mouth slowly, ever so slowly.

Charles has his hands on Ben’s ass cheeks and digs his fingernails into his cheeks leaving marks. “Love it, don’t stop.”

I had watched and enjoyed my bisexual man sucking another man’s cock a few times, but never a man with an erection bigger than his. “I like watching your man sucking Ben, he is more than eight-inches and thick, very thick,” Irena tells me as we both watch and enjoy.

Ben is breathing very heavily and close to blowing as Irena stands behind him and grabs his ass as she tells him loud enough for all of us to hear, “After this Julie and I want each of you men to fuck us while we watch each other. I would love Julie and Charles to watch you fucking me Ben. You know you have the biggest erection I have ever had.”

Another trip to the showers for the men. As we watched them shower Irena told Ben, “I told Julie you can get it up three times in a session. Do it for me so Julie and Charles watch us fuck. Charles still has his erection.”

“Tell me again, turn me on some more,” Ben replies already with a raging erection.

“Julie and Charles want to watch us fuck while they fuck. And you and I can watch them fucking.”

A minute later the two men are sitting on chairs with a mirror in front of them and another behind them. Irena is sitting on Ben’s erection and I am sitting on Charles’ erection. Watching each other slowly lower ourselves onto their erections was an extra turn on.

The men can watch their hands holding our asses in the mirrors as they manipulate our cunts along their erections. Irena and I can watch ourselves in the mirrors while the men use us and pleasure us at the same time. Watching them use and slide the full lengths of their erections right up to their balls into us is sexual magic as Irena and I hold hands.

I can feel her body tense as she orgasms, then me. Then again and again as the men use us. We are close enough to kiss each other passionately using our tongues. An extra turn on for the men watching us kiss like that as their intensity increases. The veins in both men’s erections are bulging as we watch them grasping our asses as they slide our cunts along the full length of their erections.

My man is the first to cum. His body shakes as he unloads in me moaning, “So good, so fucking good.”

Ben and Irena are determined to show off for us as she tells him to stand. We watch on in awe as she takes the tip of his very erect cock between her lips and teases the full length of it with the tips of her thumb and middle finger. “You are awesome, just fucking awesome Ben,” she manages to mutter before he makes strange noise and lots the back of her throat.

Rating: 80%, Read 4751 times, Posted Mar 16, 2021

True Story | Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex, Threesome, Voyeurism


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