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Have you ever had a movie, or watched a scene from a movie, that just spoke to you? And not only did it speak to you, but it made you open your eyes and take a better look at yourself?

I think everyone has had it happen with at least one movie. Perhaps the movie had a message to it and you really found yourself relating to the story and characters, maybe it just made you think, and I believe this is the kind of experience most people have with a film. Sometimes though it is something stronger than that. Sometimes the things you see on the screen are as though provoking as to be life altering, and it does not have to be immediate either, sometimes it can take years.

For me the film in question was not some classic piece of high cinema. It was not a ‘Gone With The Wind’ or a ‘Shawshank Redemption’ or an ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. My particular film is the 1987 adult film ‘Switch Hitters’.

Huh? What the fuck is ‘Switch Hitters’?

Well ‘Switch Hitters’ is an adult film about the members of a minor league baseball team hoping to move up to the major leagues, and their only hope of doing that lies in the hands of the team’s hard as nails owner Miss Whitney. The only people on the team’s side or that has any confidence in them other than “Coach” is a pair of strippers, Bunny and Boom Boom, who work at the local club.

So okay, you may have guessed that the makers of the film knew very little about the politics of professional baseball, and if you’ve happened to have seen ‘Switch Hitters’ you also know they even knew less about writing crisp dialogue. The movie is from an era where at least most of the adult films made a lame attempt to tell a story instead of being a patchwork of amateur sex scenes. The film starred Bionca as Miss Whitney and Randy West (who seems to have been in almost every other porno made in the late 1980’s) as “Coach”.

However it is not the “big name porn stars” who make the movie with their somewhat lame and badly scripted fuck scene near the end that makes the film in my book. In fact it should have been a fairly forgettable fuck flick, as were most of the adult films I had seen from the time I was in middle school until the first few months of my first marriage.

Truly there are still only a few things which stand out from those movies. In one of the first adult movies I ever saw there was a scene at a dinner table with a pair of couples that kept flashing to one man imagining that the two women were on the table, either bound and with apples in their mouths, or when the apples were removed they were doing some deep lesbian kissing. That scene made it in as part of Heather Ford’s memories of adult movies she had seen in her past early on in ‘The Sound Of her MASTER’S VOICE’.

There was an interracial scene in a movie to which I can not remember the name of that my first wife and I picked up at the flea market. I can recall everything about it, as the scene was meant to be the retelling of a woman’s first interracial experience. Whenever I am thinking about or working on an interracial story I go back and reference that scene in my mind, because unlike with most porn there was something genuine about the retelling that had me emotionally invested in that part of the story.

And of course what else stands out in memory are the insanely bad. A friend my ex worked with lent us a couple of her videos right after we were married. One was a collection of scenes, and what make that video stand out is that they were dubbed, badly, in English. One scene where a woman was taking it from behind featured her male partner grunting with each thrust. What made that scene become a party favorite for a couple of weeks after was the fact that the dubbed voice reminded me of The Count from ‘Sesame Street’. He kept going, “AH, AH, AH,” and what I was thinking was “ONE, one pump, AH, AH, AH. TWO, two pumps, AH, AH, AH.”

I am sure you get the picture.

On that same compilation was a foursome scene stumbled upon by two other men. The black man who has walked in on the two couples writing on the floor says, “Oh, an orgy. Lets me gets in on that orgy too.” It was such a pointedly racist sounding bit a dubbed dialogue that I couldn’t help but laugh at the film’s makers for thinking that a black man should look and sound that way. Of course it was painfully obvious that the voice actor was no doubt as white as brand new cotton panties fresh out the package. Looking back I would say that it makes Japanese doramas and anime that portray English speaking foreigners as slow and dimwitted look fairly politically correct.

Those are most of the other stand outs, but there are a select few more that I am not going to mention here as I plan on writing on them at a later date at length. Let me get back to ‘Switch Hitters’ and give you a little background on how I came across this adult film with the scene which has left a lasting impression on me.

It was 1991 and I was 19. It was the second summer after high school and my aunt and uncle lived at the end of the same street. They had a monster satellite dish, which if you lived back in the good old days of the mid to late 1980’s you know that such dishes, before restrictions and signal scrambling, were the place to get your porn as Al Gore had not invented the internet yet. My uncle videotaped marathons of movies, and sometimes, it seemed, he would tape whatever was on just to fill a tape with six hours of movies. In those lean times myself and a friend would borrow tapes from his collection he thought were good to, “…refresh our memories about how sex was had.”

I do not even remember the movie on the tape that I had intentionally borrowed it for. I have never followed any sports other than pro-wrestling (it’s real and all those other things like football and basketball are fake…LOL), so I had no clue what a switch hitter was, nor did I have any clue as to the sexual connotation at age 19. The fact it was on an old Kodak T-120 video tape with several other movies would further mask any hints as to what the movie was about.

Now, nearly a lifetime later for me, I have it on DVD, and the tagline of the film reads, “An intergrated bi-sexual romance that covers every base.” I suppose back then, even if I had read that, my lack of experience would not have prepared me for what was coming or even hinted at it.

Now those of you who know, of course realize that, sexually speaking, a switch hitter is someone who will play for either team. In this instance it is meant to refer to a man who is bi. And of course, at the time, I had no earthly clue.

The fact was I had been struggling somewhat with my own sexual identity since middle school, if not sooner. I was growing up in a time when gay bashing was a popular sport and AIDS was fairly new and considered the great homosexual plague and the gay flu. I knew I was different from most other people, but I lacked understanding. I suppressed my thoughts and needs for two reasons: One was that I wanted to be accepted by the people I went to school and worked with, which to this day has never really happened. And two I had been the victim of sexual molestation for several years when I was younger, by several people, so at the time I equated sexual contact with other males with being painful and shameful. The world I lived in up until then stagnated my sexual growth because I did not want to accept who I was, and would not truly begin until about a decade ago.

‘Switch Hitters’, more particularly the locker room scene, would trigger the first part of my slow sexual awakening.

The scene takes place after the team wins a major game and stripper Bunny, played by Stacy Donovan, has lost a bet with two of the team’s players involving the win but she somehow ends up allowed to take charge of them. Of course it takes place in the aforementioned locker room where she has a threesome with Kirby, a hot boded blonde with a fat cock played by Matt Forest/Matt Pierce, and Kevin, a similarly hot boded black stud with a nice long cock played by T.J. Swan.

Now I was by no means new to seeing MFM threesomes in porno movies. I had seen plenty. The first difference, however, was that I had up to this point never seen an interracial scene at all. I had seen some stills, no penetration as laws were slightly different in my area at the time, and of course I had fantasized about seeing it. Seeing it on the screen though added a new element. As soon as Bunny, skinny blonde thing she was, stripped to nothing and leaned across the locker room bench to suck Kevin’s cock I was hard. No, like HARD!

It did not take long before she leans over to suck Kirby’s thick white cock as Kevin goes down and gives her a bit of sensual kissing along her leg and thigh, finally skirting around her tummy and thick sandy blonde bush. Again it was nothing I had not really seen before, aside from the interracial element and the fact that the kissing that Kevin was giving Bunny as she sucked his teammate’s cock was more in the realm of what is considered erotic as opposed to cheaply made porn.

Within a few minutes they changed position, Bunny laying on her back on the bench as Kirby opens her pussy with his thick cock. Kevin squatted over her head so she could suck his hard black rod as his teammate pounded her pussy. Still, nothing real new. It was like any MFM threesome I had seen in any number of now nameless porn films before.

And then the moment that changed everything. As she stops sucking cock a moment to take a breath Bunny says something to the effect that they guys may have won the bet but there’s a catch. She directs Kevin to move closer to Kirby, who is still fucking her like a champ and tells him, “Now put your dick in his mouth.”

Hard? HARD?

I went from what I always though of as rock hard to blue vein throbber in nothing flat. The speaking the scene was doing had begun, not just to my long suppressed bi side, but to my dominant side as well. I was envious that, despite it was such a cheap and tawdry film, Bunny would make a suggestion or command and that it would be so easily obeyed. And then I was envious of Kirby, because here he was giving it to this horny blonde while sucking a hard black cock at the same time. I was turned on beyond anything I had known to that point, and for the first time I think I knew, really knew, that I was not straight and that I was not gay either. In that quick moment I realized that I was bisexual and that there indeed was a state of being bisexual for men and not just women.

My attention was fixed on the screen. Not only was Kirby sucking Kevin’s cock as he pounded Bunny’s pussy, but he was also expertly going to town on it, as if that was the only thing he was doing and not multitasking between a horny little blonde and a black stud. I could not help but reach in and stroke myself a little as I watched, especially when both Bunny and Kevin verbally encouraged Kirby on.

This bit of the scene was all too brief, as Bunny decided she further wanted to mix things up by sitting back and watching as Kevin returned the favor and began giving Kirby head. Bunny watches closely, encouraging and directing Kevin on as he sucks his teammate’s cock. She tells him to, “Eat it like a Ballpark Frank,” and observes that, “He’s got the fat and you’ve got the long.” She also directs him to deep throat until it hits his uvula.

The scene then switches to Kirby eating Bunny’s pussy as Kevin takes him in the ass. That first visual of hard and dark meat disappearing into pale white flesh has always stuck with me, and I judge every interracial scene and photo I have viewed since against it. I love it best when the receiver is the palest white and the giver is the darkest of blacks. There something about that which makes it hot, erotic, raunchy and obscene all at the same time.

Again it is not too long before Kevin comes, pulling his well lubed black cock out of Kirby’s ass and milking his load out all over the small of Kirby’s back and the top of his ass.

The scene quickly changes to show the two teammates straddling the bench over Bunny. Again Kevin is fucking Kirby in the ass, as Kirby fucks Bunny’s breasts. The scene ends with its final money shot of Kirby coming between and on Bunny’s perky little tits. She rubs his sperm into her skin, something else that spoke to the dom in me.

It was probably about 15 years later when I finally saw ‘Switch Hitters’ a second time, but despite that fact the images of that scene remained in my head and in the back of my mind all the time. I am sure that it was the first event that set off my curiosity about being in a threesome, in particular a MFM threesome where the other male partner was black and the female was big and blonde. Once I made the threesome part actually happen, even though it was played straight, I can’t get it out of my mind, and am still looking some day to have a black male playmate involved for some hot bisexual sixty-nine sucking after burying his cock into a hot and horny blonde.

Elements of the locker room scene from ‘Switch Hitters’ have also showed up in my writing, although in a couple of stories I have yet to do editing and rewrites on as well as some that I have. Master Shawn Spencer in the short story ‘Town Slut’ is somewhat obsessed with sharing women with bisexual black men, and, like me in real life, he is willing to be on the bottom on occasion if the circumstances and partner are right.

In ‘The Sound of her MASTER’S VOICE’ Kitty and Betty give Heather advice on how to suck a man’s cock, influenced somewhat by Bunny’s directions to Kirby in the scene.

In a forthcoming installment of the Watching April series April Snow will reveal how she cheered her husband, Barry, on during his first bi encounter, just as she does on the video tape of another encounter she is watching near the beginning of ‘Watching April: April’s Lust On The Lake’.

Much earlier I referenced ‘Switch Hitters’ directly in a short novella, ‘The Zombie Dance’. In it one character warns the other to be careful about borrowing pornos from his uncle, “…because that ‘Switch Hitters’ shit was so wrong.” There was still some conflict within as I wrote that, but I tried to chalk it up to being the character’s point of view and not my own.

In another unpublished story I have not updated, ‘The Creeper’ a woman is having a threesome with two cousins, one whom she is dating. She tells her boyfriend to fuck his cousin in the ass as he fucks her pussy, and when he is reluctant she tells him he had better or she will not let him back in either her pussy or her mouth for the duration of the night. In a way it is very reminiscent of Bunny threatening to dismiss Kevin when he is at first reluctant to suck Kirby’s cock under her direction.

In the years since I first saw the original ‘Switch Hitters’ only one other scene has ever evoked such a response within me. It was a scene from ‘Passion In Venice’ featuring Kelly Trump, Sean Michaels and Backey Jakie, which I saw as part of Adam & Eve’s ‘Double Dippin’’ compilation DVD. Although not truly a bi-male MFM driven scene there is a certain imagery that evoked ‘Switch Hitters’ at the end of the scene as the well hung black stud in the scene ejaculated all over the pussy and ass of the female partner as well as the cock and balls of the other male partner who was still fucking her from beneath. I would love to write more on this scene once I have seen the entire ‘Passion In Venice’ movie as there is no dialogue to it other than their panting and moaning, and there are other elements, such as a somewhat passive seeming couple who silently direct the action. For the moment all I can say about that scene is it was passionate and highly erotic, and for me (due to not knowing the film and having no dialogue to go in) the scene evoked not only the hint of male bisexuality but also BDSM, swinging and prostitution, which are other subjects that act as a great deal of the fodder for my stories.

So what does this film have to do with me seeing ‘Switch Hitters’ that first time and admitting that I had a, at least internally at that time, bi awakening?

Well I was watching the scene from ‘Passion In Venice’ with my current wife, who is the one person who knows everything about me, and is the only person in real life who has ever accepted me for who I am. When the scene ended I made the comment, “That brings back memories of ‘Switch Hitters’.”

So, of course she asked me what it was, and as I explained the movie I had only seen one time, 15 years before, to her and what it had meant to me she stopped the ‘Double Dippin’’ DVD so she could listen without being distracted. After I finished she thanked me for sharing that with her, as she always does, and I as well, after we share those deep and personal things about each other, with each other.

“Do you think you can find that?,” she asked.

A couple of weeks later a copy of ‘Switch Hitters’ on DVD was waiting in our mail box. My wife was delighted after we sat down after dinner and started watching it. Now at first I was getting the eye. The movie went through its joke of a plot, and there were scenes here and there, but I assured her that the best scene would be coming up and she would see what I had been telling her about. I am not sure if I though she would understand why it appealed to me so much, or why I thought it was the hottest scene ever, but I was glad that she was watching it with me, sharing in a moment I had not shared with anyone for the entire 15 years since the one and only other time I had seen ‘Switch Hitters’ to that point.

When the locker room scene started my wife sat beside me with her hand in mine, just watching along, because as I said near the beginning, it was nothing really new, as now, in the 21st Century, black on white interracial scenes loose the impact they had from the birth of film to the early 90’s. Her fingers laced a little more tightly into mine as Kirby was directed to suck Kevin’s cock. By the time that the scene got to the point where Kevin was fucking Kirby’s ass her eyes were as wide a saucers, and she was glued to the action on the screen.

When you are with that person, the one, as in the one who is your true other half, you know to a certain extent their thoughts and sense their reactions to seeing or hearing certain things. Looking to my wife every few seconds there was one thing I was dead certain…

She was aroused, and not just a little aroused, she was very aroused.

After the scene ended she admitted to me, “I had no clue. I had no idea it was like that, that it looked like that when two men fuck.” She looked to me, her face a little flushed and her eyes still huge. “I was thinking like-. God, Michael, where did he put all that cock?”

Jokingly I suggested it was due to the fact that Kirby’s intestines were getting straightened by Kevin’s cock.

My wife didn’t laugh. It was not because she did not get the joke or think it was not funny. She did not laugh because she was too aroused to let one escape.

“So you liked it?,” I asked.

“It was hot,” she said, a little breathlessly. “Real fucking hot!” And thus one of Heather Ford’s much repeated thoughts from ‘The Sound Of her MASTER’S VOICE’ was born. “It just makes me-.”

We kissed, long and deep. There were no more words for a little while, and the rest of the DVD played on, ignored and forgotten. My wife slipped off the couch and got on her knees in front of me and I leaned back, just a bit surprised as she took my zipper down. My wife went to work sucking my cock, and it made me realize that to an extent the locker room scene in ‘Switch Hitters’ had spoken to her, perhaps not on exactly the same level, but I was thinking perhaps on the same lines, the scene having the same effect that similar scenes of lesbian and female bisex have on men.

As she sucked me I had the image in my head of a hunky and hung black stud stepping up behind my submissive and blonde BBW wife and working her skirt and panties off. I could see in my mind her looking back as he stood over her shoulder and jacked the foreskin back off the purple head of his thick and heavily veined cock. Then I imagined her cooing around my cock as he stepped behind her and slipping his long black cock into her shaven white pussy. I imagined each of us coming in the holes we were using, and then guiding her to the bedroom so we could take turns fucking her every hole all night, sucking each other back to hardness in the times in between.

After, in reality, we decided to retire to the bedroom, we left the DVD running and I fucked her to a hot and sweaty, blubbering mess.

The locker room scene from ‘Switch Hitters’, in my opinion, to this day, it is the greatest sex scene ever filmed for an adult movie. The rest of ‘Switch Hitters’ is forgettable garbage, and my wife has not asked about finishing the movie from where we left off four years ago. When the subject comes up she wants to jump right to the locker room scene because it is the only one that matters.

I look back a lot on ‘Switch Hitters’ because it was the thing which opened my personal closet at least a crack. It gave me the understanding that men could be bisexual as well as women, and that was okay. Just that locker room scene helped me to begin heading down a long road, slowly coming to terms with who and what I am. It has also given so much inspiration to my own works. A scene, not an entire movie, but just a scene, no more than ten minutes in length. It changed my life, it inspired me, and it has also lead to some of the hottest monkey wild sex between me and the love of my life.


Rating: 82%, Read 37390 times, Posted Jul 12, 2010

True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Erotica, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Threesome


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