The Medieval Marine Part Ten (10) by somethin+fishy

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Death, Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Pregnant, Romance, Threesome


Marion turned toward Cecilia and removed the jacket that she had been wearing. She then took her knife out and threw it across the platform where it stuck into a support beam. Marion knew that if people didn’t see the fight as fair then she would lose any respect that she still had. She then pulled out a scarf and tied it over her eyes. This completely surprised everyone including Luke and Gabriel. She knew that Cecilia had a knife on her for she had seen it before they even climbed up on the platform. A year ago, Marion would have never noticed the knife but now she was much more observant. A combination of being hunted for months on end plus Luke’s almost constant training had done that. The city herald announced that the fight had started and wouldn’t end until one of the sisters was dead. He then got the hell out of the way for he was no fool. Everyone watched as Cecilia slowly circled Marion while Marion stood perfectly still. She still knew exactly where Cecilia was at, for she could hear the boards creak even over the crowd and could even feel them bow under Cecilia’s shifting weight. Cecilia finally had enough of the dancing around for people in the crowd were starting to question her bravery. She pulled her knife from under her clothes and attacked as swiftly as she could.

Cecilia’s attack was devilish quick considering that she only had one good leg. Marion waited until Cecilia was almost to her back before she reacted. Marion sidestepped Cecilia’s attack. This caused Cecilia to lose her balance and she stumbled forward. As she started going by Marion; Marion reached out and caught Cecilia’s forehead and pulled back. Now Cecilia’s body was still going forward but her head was being pulled back. This caused severe pain in Cecilia’s neck and then she heard a loud pop. Suddenly to her surprise she felt nothing at all. As Cecilia landed on platform, she knew that something was wrong with her for she didn’t feel the impact. Next to her Marion kneeled down next to her and whispered in her ear:

“Maybe next time you will think better before you mess with me. Of course, with that broken neck there isn’t going to be a next time. Make sure to say hello to Satan for me for that is your next destination.”

Marion then stood up, removed her scarf, and put her jacket back on. She walked across and pulled her knife from the support and put it back in its sheath. As Marion was walking back across, toward the stairs, she heard Cecilia cursing her and calling her weak. At this moment, Marion’s temper got the better of her. She pulled out her knife and kneeled on Cecilia’s back, gripped Cecilia’s hair, and pulled hard. Marion then pushed her knife right through Cecilia’s throat and pushed the blade away from her which in turn pushed the blade right though all the muscles in Cecilia’s neck. It also cut the windpipe, the carotid artery, and jugular vein. Marion then twisted on Cecilia’s head and with just a little knife work separated Cecilia’s head from her shoulders and all without getting any blood on her. Marion then held up Cecilia’s head and displayed it to the crowd. The crowd cheered for although they didn’t think much of Marion because she was interested in woman, they hated Cecilia with a passion.

Luke and Gabriel walked up on the platform side by side. Gabriel walked up and gave Marion a hug. Luke meanwhile picked Marion up and put her on his shoulders. The people’s applause got warmer and more genuine for Luke was still extremely popular despite his hacking a way through a crowd. He sat his wife down and kneeled in front of her. Next to him Gabriel also kneeled down. Marion smiled at this as she bent down and put her hands on either side of Luke’s face. She pulled him up and planted a wet kiss right on his lips. She then turned and repeated the process with Gabriel. This silenced the crowd for they were not use to woman kissing each other in public. Luke came up and put an arm around each of the woman and therefore announcing to the crowd that he accepted the woman for who they were and that anyone who argued would have to deal with him.

Cecilia’s body was pulled off the platform and feed to the hogs as well. Sand was then spread across the platform to soak up the blood. Marion then began to speak:

“As you all can see I am deeply in love with my head body guard Coronal Gabriel. Now just because I love her doesn’t mean that I don’t also love my husband General Luke MacDougall for I love him more than life itself and I trust him with my life. I already have one child with him and I hope for more. I hope that under my rule men and woman; noble and peasants; Christian, Jews, and non-believers will be judged as equal by the law. I also hope that everyone no matter to what position they are born to will have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and will be able to live that life to its full potential.”

Luke then stepped up and put his arm back around her shoulder. He then looked out over the crowd.

“In case any of you still think that I don’t love my wife you are badly mistaken for I love her more than life itself. I am very happy that she and Gabriel are able to fully express themselves. Actually, I was the one that encouraged them to be themselves for nobody can control who they fall in love with and what happens in people’s bedroom is nobody’s business other than their own. If anyone doesn’t like that fact then they can leave town and not come back.”

Luke turned and taking the woman with him, left the platform and returned to the castle. The crowd in the meantime was dumbstruck but before long though the crowd had dispersed for today’s entertainment was over. In the following days and weeks; a number of people did leave town for they refused to be ruled over by anyone who wasn’t completely straight, but for others the economy was too good to pass up, still others moved to town because if Marion was that open about herself then it made sense that she wouldn’t judge others. Once back in the castle, the trio went to find Pollyanna. They knew that she wasn’t doing good since her beating and they wanted to check in on her. When they arrived in Pollyanna’s chamber; Matt was sleeping next to her and Alice was finishing her examination. It didn’t take a genius to see that Matt had been crying. When Alice finished her exam; Gabriel and Marion rushed to Pollyanna’s side while Luke went over to see the doc.

“Well doctor; how bad is she?” Luke asked almost fearing the answer.

“She’s not very good. The bastards beat her badly and although they apparently were trying to miss the baby, some of the strikes did hit.”

“Wait, they were trying to miss?”

“Yes, Matt was telling me that Cecilia had ordered Pollyanna beat but not the baby for she wanted the kid born alive so that she could slowly kill it in front of Pollyanna and Matt.”

“Fuck!! I knew that bitch was a monster but I would have never thought that she would have gone that far.”

“Yep, that’s just how pissed she was with us.”

“Well, that bitch is where she belongs now so she won’t be able to harm anyone ever again.”

“Oh good. I was feeling that Marion would change her mind at the last minute.”

Luke snorted at this for he knew that Marion would kill Cecilia and if she somehow lost then Luke would have killed Cecilia, himself.

Alice hadn’t been able to stay and watch Cecilia’s execution for she had been called back to help with Pollyanna.

“Nope, Marion snapped that bitches’ neck. Marion was going to leave her to die slowly on the platform but Cecilia started shouting insults toward Marion. Marion took her knife and beheaded Cecilia.”


“So, doc back to Pollyanna.”

“We just have to wait and see Luke. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to an ultrasound machine. God, I wish I did. I can tell you the baby is still alive and that’s something based on how badly she was beaten.”

Luke could hear the ladies crying and he could feel tears running down his face as well. Pollyanna was a very good friend and was just as good of an engineer as he was. Considering her limited schooling, she was actually far better than he had ever been and Luke knew that. He often wondered if that was one of the reasons that he had always been so protective of her. Standing there listening to the people that he loved crying; Luke felt a spike of anger such that he had not felt in years. Suddenly he just had to beat on someone or something. Fortunately, he knew just the place and it was only maybe a ten hour hard ride away. He suddenly announced that he was going away for a few days and nobody was to come look for him. Luke knew that his Achilles heel had always been his temper and when he was younger and his temper flared, he would always go make something out of steel.


Luke went and saddled his horse without saying another word to anyone. He rode out of York with all speed and he rode hard through the night. During this trip, he found that his temper was still rising. Everything was pissing him off; even things that he usually liked were annoying him. After a hard ride he arrived at his destination, just as the sun was rising.

When he arrived in the village that he and Marion had built the army in, he was pleased to see that things that he had started were being followed. Nobody dumped their chamber pots into the street and there were heavy fines for those who did. The sewer system that Luke had helped design was being put in place and the street behind was being paved with concrete. Along the sides, circles were left unpaved so that trees could be planted there. Luke spent some time just wondering around town. A few new buildings had gone up since he had last been in town and they were built of brick and were laid out along broad, straight streets. Luke stopped in front of one of the nicer houses and stared at it for a bit. It had been his and Marion’s first place together and their daughter still lived there under the care of a very nice couple. Later Luke would pay them a visit for he missed his daughter terribly. The next place he stopped at was the cemetery. It had been since before the first battle that he had stopped to say hello to Stella. In his old life he had always felt better after visiting his parents’ grave.

“Hey Stella, sorry that I haven’t visited in a while but as you can imagine I have been extremely busy. Marion is now ruler of these lands. We had to fight two battles against Cecilia’s army and we won both of them. We then had to fight a battle against some of the nobles of the lake district and most of the army is still up there. I would be up there right now, but while I was gone some of those fucking fundamentalist preachers stirred up the people against Marion because they found out about Marion and Gabriel. I know big surprise on both fronts. It was obvious from day one that those two had something special. Anyway, I was able to get back just in time to stop Cecilia from burning Marion and Gabriel at the stake. Marion and Gabriel were then almost killed in an attempted prison break. Yesterday, Marion had the preachers that led the riots executed and fed to the hogs. Marion killed Cecilia with her bare hands and then cut her head off. Afterwards I learned that our dear friend Pollyanna is in very bad condition. She, Matt, and Alice had been captured in the castle during the rioting and all three were beaten. Pollyanna through is pregnant and Alice doesn’t know if the baby or Pollyanna will live. I came here because I’m just so angry. Every time I have something good in my life it gets ripped away from me. Although I haven’t lost Marion, there has been way too many close calls and I just know that one of these times I won’t be able to get there in time. I guess what I really am is terrified. Terrified that I will lose everything once again.”

Luke started to cry gently, his tears watering the ground at his feet when he noticed something.

“How long have you been standing there, father?”

“Long enough young man. Long enough. And please call me Timothy for I know that you’re not a religious man but still if you want to talk, I am here for you.”

“I’ll pass thank you. The last thing I want is a sermon about all the things that will happen to me when I die.”

“Have I ever tried preaching to You?”

“No father, you haven’t”

“And why you ask is that? Simple really. I have been a simple preacher here for many years. I have seen many people come and go. I’ve seen many people like you Luke. Men who are self-made and not afraid of anything on the outside, but on the inside, you are a man that cares deeply for the people who you love and you’re terrified what could happen to them.”

“Well, you are partly right father, but no offense you have never met anyone like me.”

The pastor looked at Luke with a questioning look.

“Is there something you want to get off your chest?” seeing the look on Luke’s face “As man to man not pastor and parishioner.”

Luke looked at him and took a deep breath.

“Yes, I do but the question is do I want to tell you. But then again, you wouldn’t believe me anyway.” The pastor was now getting curious. “Come on Tim, I think that we’re going to need a drink to get through my story.”

They went into the room that was attached to the church that served Tim as his room and Tim poured them a couple of ales. After Luke took a drink, he started his story. His story took him almost an hour to finish. By the time Luke finished, Tim had filled his mug twice.

“That was some story Luke but I do not know if I can believe it. I mean no offense.”

Luke smiled and slipped into his modern English instead of the old English that they had been speaking. “No offense taken and I don’t blame you for not believing me. Hell, I wouldn’t believe me either if I hadn’t lived it, but in this case, I can prove it.”

With this Luke pulled out his wallet and handed his old driver license over to Tim. When he seen it, he almost collapsed.

“Oh my, you were telling the truth.” Luke just nodded at him and put his driver license back. “So that is why you are so afraid of well...”

“Yep. That’s why father. I’m terrified that if I fall into the wrong hands then my knowledge could be used to kill millions of people. Not only that but knowing humans as I do; I know that they will forget or ignore most of the historical knowledge that I have. By my time we have made every mistake you can think of and several of them numerous times. Some mistakes it seems like we made every generation and yet we would never learn. I would love to make sure that people in this era don’t make the same mistakes.”

“That’s not the only reason is it?”

“No. I have no clue how I ended up here. I mean there were theories on time travel but they were just that theories and none of them offered any concrete path to time travel. What happens if I go to bed one night and I wake up back in my own time or somewhere else. What will happen to Marion or Mackenzie? I mean I have lost count of how many times I have had to bail Marion out of trouble.”

“Luke I really don’t know what to tell you. The usual comfort lines don’t really seem to work in your case and since I know you; I know that the usual crap will just piss you off. The only thing I can think of is to spread your knowledge as far as you can and hope for the best.”

“That’s just it; I lost faith in humans a long time ago and now…well you know.”

“Aye I do.”

“Well thank you for listening to a crazy man father, but I need to get going.”

“Luke, trust me; you are not crazy and I honestly cannot think of anyone else that I would want more in your place; for you have a very strong sense of morality. The only thing I ask of you is that you don’t lose it.”

Luke was able to genuinely smile for the first time in days.

“Thank you and if you ever need anything you just let me know.”

The men gave a nod to each other and Luke was off. His next stop was the blacksmith shop although these days it would be better to call it a foundry or a small steel mill. Since Bard had taken over the business had grown tremendously and he was now running 24/7. The biggest problem he was having was the constant lack of raw materials; he couldn’t get enough iron ore, coal, or limestone. Overall, Luke was impressed with the job that Bard had been doing. After all he had managed to keep the arms flowing to Marion in enough quantity to arm her entire army with firearms. Bard was also working on building steam engine locomotives but again the material shortage was putting a real kink in his schedule and if it wasn’t materials then his other great annoyance would make itself known. The general inability for anyone to accurately tell time without having to look at the sun. The general lack of watches or even the ability of people to read was constantly driving him nuts. When Bard seen Luke through, he’s mood improved drastically. After all, as bad as his life was, Luke’s was far worse. He had to deal with the possibility of being killed or assassinated on a daily basis; he had to deal with keeping the army clothed and fed while working to train the army; he had to manage over a dozen industries in which he had to train all the workers and make all the machines himself. If that wasn’t enough, his wife was one of the most powerful nobles in the north. After they talked for a few hours and Luke taught Bard some more steel making tricks, Luke left. He was feeling much better and his next stop was one that he didn’t want to make grumpy for it was finally time to go see his daughter.

By the time that Luke got to where his daughter was staying; he was feeling his exhaustion. Fortunately, Mackenzie was napping so Luke followed her example and passed out on the floor but not before the couple that took care of her told him how well she was doing. It seemed that she was as tough as nails and stubborn as hell. Luke managed to sleep for almost an hour before Mackenzie’s crying woke him up. Her wet nurse was there in a minute and nursed her. Luke stood, leaning against the door frame and watched; he really wished that they had a bottle so that he could feed her himself. He missed his daughter so much that not a day didn’t go by that he wondered how the hell Marion did it. She was now almost a head taller and was putting on weight nicely. Luke stayed there for the rest of the day and slept there that night. During the day he played almost constantly with Mackenzie. Her caretakers were glad just to have some time off for she was a real handful and seemed to have much more energy than the typical kid of her age. That night they were both so tired that Luke had fallen asleep on the floor and Mackenzie used him for a pillow. Usually, she would wake up several times during the night, but that night she slept right through. When they woke up, Luke changed her, much to her caretaker’s surprise. Before long through it was time for Luke to go for, he had to get back to his duties in York. He said bye to everyone and promised to try and visit more often. Of course, once Bard had managed to get enough steel to build a railroad, then Luke would be able to visit much more often.

It was late morning by the time that Luke left for York. This time he didn’t hurry. He took his time to stop and watch village life, to smell flowers, or to watch the wildlife. Going this slow would mean that he would have to either go on through the night or stop and camp for the night. Since he didn’t have any of his gear with him, he decided to ride through the night.

As the sun was coming up the next morning, Luke found himself looking down on York in about the same spot that Marion had stopped his party when they had first arrived in York. He stopped here and thought about all that had happened before and since. After going through everything in his mind, he came to the solid conclusion that he was much happier here in the 11th century they he had ever been in the 21st. With that he sent his horse in motion again and resumed his trip back to York. As he silently made his way through the city, he was pleased to see that people were once again beginning to put weight on. The city was now much cleaner than it had been the first time he had been here and the people looked so much better. Not only that but they seemed happier too. As he worked his way down the streets, people would stop and thank him for everything that he had done to help them for now under Marion, jobs were becoming plentiful and they were well paid. Food was flowing into the markets again and people could afford it. Most of them were still disappointed about her sexuality but had come to the conclusion that if her husband, the biggest man that any of them had ever seen, didn’t care then maybe they shouldn’t either. Eventually Luke had got back to the castle gates and with it back to duty.


Luke’s first stop was to see Marion. It took him a while to find her for she was with Pollyanna. She was still alive so that was something. Other than that, she was about the same was when Luke took off. Luke’s good mood was almost erased when he seen Marion through for, she looked like shit. She had barely slept since Luke had left. Gabriel had offered to stay and watch Pollyanna so that Marion could go and get some sleep but she had refused. Luke knew what he had to do so he gently picked Marion up and carried her to their bedroom. To his surprise she didn’t argue too much. Before he left, he told Gabriel to wake him up in a couple of hours for he knew that he had mountains of paperwork to get through. Oh, the joys of bureaucracy but without it, civilization just wouldn’t be possible. Once back in their chambers, Luke started warming up some water. He carefully stripped Marion and sat her down. She was so tired that she was acting more like a limp noodle. After the water was warmed up, Luke carefully washed Marion’s body with a washrag. After he had her clean, he laid her out in bed and covered her up. He then proceeded to wash himself. After he was done, he crawled into bed and pulling some of the cover over himself; passed out.

Almost three hours later, Gabriel woke Luke up as he wanted. She was about to wake Marion up when he stopped her and whispered to let Marion sleep. Gabriel nodded and helped Luke get dressed. As Gabriel was helping him, she just couldn’t help herself as she gently grabbed Luke’s cock and gave it a couple of tugs. When Luke looked at her, she had a very naughty look on her face and a glimmer in her eyes. Luke smiled at her and whispered,

“Sorry but I want to let Marion get some sleep, plus I have a shitload of paperwork to get down before I can do much of anything else.” Gabriel gave him a pouty face and said:

“Party-pooper.” Luke smiled as he finished getting dressed and lead Gabriel out.

Luke spent the rest of the day reading reports from the front and from the various industries in which he had an interest in or owned outright. All in all, things were looking good. All his companies were growing like weeds and at the front the army continued to kick ass. One of the best things he came across was that they now had an uninterrupted telegraph line between York and the lake district. This allowed Luke to follow the battles in almost real time and issue orders in time for them to do serious good. Most of the lake district was surrendering instead of trying to fight off Marion’s army. It was to almost to the point to where the army just had to march into an area and the local rulers would surrender and accept Marion’s standard deal in which they would follow all the laws to the letter and in turn the people would get to help shape said laws. Of course, this wouldn’t kick in until at least sixty percent of the population were literate. The hardest thing for the local nobles to accept was that they could no longer own serfs under any circumstances. If they needed farm help, then that help had to be hired at an agreed upon price between the land owner and the job seeker. The job seeker was entitled to know what the other workers were being paid and how the employer treated the other employees. If an employer tried to withhold a worker’s wages then that worker could file a complaint with Marion’s labor board. They would then investigate. If the employee was indeed correct then the employer would be fined 1000% of the amount that they illegally withheld. Half of the money would go to the employee and half would go to the government. If the employer had done nothing illegal, then the employee would then have to provide free labor to that employer for the amount of 500% of what the employee claimed was stolen from them and the same amount of free labor for the government. In addition, the various employers in the area couldn’t conspire with each other to keep wages down. If they did, then all their assets would be seized and they would be thrown in prison where they would have to do hard labor. It also helped the population of the lake district to get behind Marion that she was making sure to invest heavily in the area. The road linking York and the lake district was coming along well and the steam powered machinery that Luke had designed and helped build was really making the work go much faster and to a much higher quality.

Luke had been so occupied with the reports that he lost track of time and was surprised when Marion came in with his supper. Luke looked up at her:

“What are you up to sweetheart?”

“Just bringing my favorite general his dinner.”

“It’s not dinnertime yet.”

“Honey, believe it or not it’s actually well past dinner.”

“Oh” With that Luke cleared a space on his desk so that Marion could put his dinner down. After she did, he reached up and pulled her onto his lap. She squealed at this and “tried” to get away but Luke held on and wrapped his arms around her. With this she settled down and leaned against Luke’s chest while he ate. Her hair had come loose during their playing and now was spread across her face like a golden blanket. Luke gently brushed it out of her face and gave her a very gentle kiss that was loaded with passion. He offered her some of his food but Marion had already eaten and was full. That didn’t stop her through from sneaking in and nibbling a bit on Luke.

After Luke had finished, Marion hopped off his lap so that he could get up and stretch out. After all he had been reading reports and sending orders for hours without getting up.

“So, any word on Pollyanna?” he asked after he had worked some of the kinks out.

“Alice says that she is starting to show signing of improvement.”

“Oh good” Luke gave Marion a warm smile. He went over to the safe that he had custom built and opening it; pulled out his computer and put on some music that he and Marion could dance to. This was something that Marion had never seen Luke do and she was thrilled for she loved to dance. She had secretly been wanting to dance with Luke since they first met but Luke had never shown in interest before. They danced for hours to a mix of slow and fast dances to music from Luke’s world and music that Luke had carefully recorded from Marion’s. They were so into each other that neither of them even noticed Gabriel come in and sit down to watch. Gabriel sat and watched the two dance for almost half an hour before she worked up enough nerve to interrupt for she was feeling left out a bit.

“May I cut in?” Gabriel asked. Both Luke and Marion almost jumped through the ceiling and when they realized what happened all three broke down into laughter.

“Of course, you can darling” said Marion. “Now for the important question, with whom do you want to dance with?”

“Ummmm” Gabriel was mentally kicking herself for she hadn’t thought about that.

“No offense Marion, but do you mind if I dance with Luke for a bit?” Marion bowed to Gabriel and stepped out of the way. She went over to get some wine while Luke and Gabriel started dancing. While they danced, Marion watched them. She had to admit that Gabriel seemed to be starting to pay more attention to Luke but Marion loved both of them so much that she just couldn’t find it in her to be jealous. After she had finished her wine which took her a number of songs because she was drinking very slowly; she put down her glass, walked up, and tapped Luke on his shoulder:

“Excuse sir me but my I have this next dance with my girlfriend?”

Luke bowed deeply and stepped out of the way so the ladies could dance. It was now his turn to get some wine. While he was working on his wine, he finished cleaning off his desk and put the reports in his safe. There was information in there that he definitely didn’t want to have fall into enemy hands. After he was done, he checked the time and was surprised to see how late it was. He went over and turned the music off and put his computer away. Marion gave him a suspicious look but this disappeared when Luke told her what time it was. Luke locked up his office and the three of them returned to their chambers.

As soon as they got through the door, Marion started to work on stripping Gabriel. This caught her by surprise but she wasn’t complaining. She was going to start stripping Marion, but Luke had beaten her to it so Gabriel started working on Luke’s clothing. Gabriel might not have had as much interest in men as Marion did; but she still knew her way around, so before long, she had Luke’s cock as hard as the castle walls. By this time Marion also had Gabriel soaking wet. Luke picked them both up and with both of them squealing he laid them out on the bed. He started by nibbling on Marion’s toes while he rubbed Gabriel’s feet. Then he would switch making sure to divide his attention roughly evenly. Slowly he worked his way up both women. In the meantime, Gabriel and Marion were kissing and caressing each other’s breast. Their nipples were hard enough to cut glass when Luke got to their pussies. Here he could see that they both could use a shave. That is if they intended to keep clean shaven. Luke didn’t really care one way or the other although when pressed he had a slight preference toward a neatly trimmed pussy. He liked the feeling of his fingers going through their soft pussy hair.

He started out with his pussy eating by working on Gabriel. After all he had started off by nibbling on Marion’s feet. Within minutes he had Gabriel barely able to breath. She had to admit that there was something about a man’s beard and mustache that really got her pussy flowing. At least that was the way that Luke had his trimmed. He had kept it trimmed up neatly and this was enough to drive Gabriel nuts. It didn’t help that Marion was sucking on her nipple at the same time and since her hair was still loose; tickled Gabriel’s stomach and her other breast. Her body finally had enough and she started convulsing. This would have felt good expect that Luke and Marion were holding her body down lightly and she couldn’t curl up like it wanted to. Gabriel cam so hard that her eyes rolled up into her head.

Luke and Marion looked down at Gabriel and the mess she made with satisfied looks on their faces. As Marion was admiring their handy work; Luke suddenly knocked her over and began to work on her pussy too. Luke loved the taste of both women but his favorite was still Marion. She was not only his lovely wife but she had just a little bit sweeter nectar which was fitting being as she was the goddess of beauty. Marion through wasn’t having it. She pushed Luke up and over onto his back. She then spun around so that he could work her pussy while she sucked on him. Marion normally wouldn’t have minded if Luke made her cum with his tongue for, he was truly talented with it, but she wanted something more tonight. If she was going to pass out from her Luke induced orgasms which is usually what happened then she wanted his steaming hot cum deep inside her where she hoped that it could do its job.

After Marion was happy with the state of Luke’s cock and her pussy; she once again spun herself around and very slowly impaled herself. Somehow, they both knew before they started that tonight was going to be a night for long, slow, passionate long making. As Marion would slowly rise and fall on Luke’s cock, she worked him with her Kegel muscles. After some minutes of this, she spun around while still impaled and went reverse cowgirl. She liked this because she could lean back against Luke’s strong chest and the underside of his cock would rub on the top side of her cunt. An added bonus was the Luke could easily message her tits and clit in this position. After a while Luke flipped both of them over so that he could share in the work and pleasure of being on top. He would first push in and down and then when he was stopped in that direction, he would push up and go in a little deeper. This he knew would drive Marion nuts; for doing this, Luke hit every one of her sensitive spots. Things were no different this time for Marion was shouting at the top of her lungs within a minute. Luke kept the same motion and speed up. If Marion would try to speed things up, then he would slow down so that the same speed would be maintained. Marion kept her singing up for she couldn’t do much else. Her singing and yelling did finally wake Gabriel up. Marion started shaking like a leaf and this made Luke go into overdrive. He pounded her with everything he had and basically forced Marion’s pussy to explode. As she cliched down on him, he exploded as well. Both of their eyes rolled back into their heads as Gabriel started sucking on Marion’s tits again. Soon both Marion and Luke were spent.

Luke was barely able to roll off and the only reason that he did at all was that Gabriel gave him a bit of a push for she wanted to eat Marion’ cream filled cunt. But first she cleaned off Luke cream covered cock. Gabriel just loved the taste of her two favorite people. After she had thoroughly cleaned Luke off; she started in on Marion. Before long Marion was moaning again and had her hands buried in Gabriel’s hair. Gabriel had thought that Luke was done for the evening so she was surprised when she felt a large rough hand gently rubbing her pussy lips. Luke was an expert with his fingers and despite their size, they were very nimble. Soon Gabriel was getting wet again but her moans were drowned out in Marion’s pussy. The extra vibration from Gabriel’s moaning really got Marion going. Marion was able to look down for just a second and in the moonlight streaming through the window; she could see Luke getting ready to line up his soldier for another mission. Marion knew this mission started when she felt Gabriel move forward a bit and start moaning harder. Marion swiped another pillow so that she could watch as Luke pounded her lover’s pussy. Marion was truly enjoying watching her husband fucking Gabriel. Since Gabriel was being distracted by Luke’s cock, she wasn’t licking Marion as much but that didn’t matter because Gabriel’s increasing moaning was doing a really good job on Marion. Gabriel’s moaning increased as Luke increased his speed. This in turn; pushed Marion closer still to another orgasm of her own. Things hit a crescendo when Luke exploded again. Normally he wouldn’t have cum this soon after cumming in his wife, but Gabriel’s pussy was still very tight because she hadn’t had a child yet. Additionally, he felt kind of like a porn star because he could see Marion watching him fucking her lover and this gave him one hell of an ego boost. Gabriel felt Luke swell and his hot cum shoot up inside her. This set her second orgasm off which in turn set off Marion’s second. All three of them were now completely exhausted. Luke laid down on his back and each woman took a shoulder. Marion pulled the covers over them and they quickly fell into a very deep sleep.


The next month or so went about the same. The three of them would wake up just before the sun came up and would get breakfast. Then Marion and Gabriel would go out into the town to check on the progress of various projects and to talk with the people. Gabriel would always take notes of anything that Marion would need to look into. At first the people didn’t want anything to really do with them, but as time passed, they began a accept Marion and Gabriel. It helped tremendously that the concerns that they told Marion were taken care of or at least looked into. Luke meanwhile would always start his day off with reports from the front and would send out orders or work on organize supplies to be sent off. They would gather again for lunch and catch each other up on what all was going on and offer their suggestions for various problems. After lunch, it was down to the hospital to visit the sick and wounded. They always saved Pollyanna for last so that they could sit and talk with her. She was starting to finally recover in addition to getting close to giving birth. After visiting with Pollyanna, it was Luke’s turn to visit some of his projects like the powder mill or the textile mill that he had built to provide the army with uniforms. When he wasn’t making uniforms for the army, he was making clothes for the people. These cost much less to make then other textiles so he could sell them for much less. While Luke was doing this, Marion took care of her civil administration duties. These usually took the rest of her day. Supper was always about seven in the evening and this was their stopping point for the day. The rule was that unless it was a matter of life or death, business stopped at supper. After they ate, they would play games or work on their hobbies for a couple of hours. Luke had set up a workshop in the castle so that he could make various items. Marion found that she had a talent for singing and composing music and Gabriel did woodworking. About an hour after dinner one of them would start heating up the water for their nightly bathes. They always bathed together so they could save water and time. Plus, it was fun. After bath time, it was bed time. Usually, Luke would alternate which woman he flooded with cum. After their romp between the sheets, the woman would use Luke as their pillow and go to sleep.

Alice, in the meantime, had found someone of her own. She had always been a little jealous of Marion after all Luke was a very kind and gentle lover. She had been out in town one morning to buy some more herbs when she almost ran into a young man in uniform. He had been on leave to attend him mother’s funeral and he was on his way back to his unit. They apologized to each other and ended up leaning against each other, laughing. After that, they ended up in one of the taverns where they talked for a couple of hours. There they found out more about each other. His name was Markus Fletcher and he had joined Marion’s army because he had been an escaped serf from one of Cecilia’s estates. He deeply impressed with the fact that Alice was a doctor and furthermore she knew exactly what she was doing for the most part unlike every other doctor in the known world. The fact that she was a doctor didn’t bother him in the slightest and this impressed Alice, who was use to men losing interest once they learned that she had no intention of giving up medicine. For his part, he was impressed that Alice didn’t care about his former occupation of serf. The important thing was that he was trying to make himself better and was working hard at it. He had enrolled in classes through the army to learn how to read and write. This was needed if he was going to advance up the ranks. Finally, they had to get going. They exchanged contact information and agreed to try and stay in contact.

Over the weeks, they wrote back and forth and got closer. Alice just loved Markus’s sense of humor and his dry wit while Markus adored Alice’s intelligence. The fact that she had flaming red hair and bright green eyes didn’t hurt matters either. Then the letters from Markus stopped. At first Alice wasn’t too concerned for he was a soldier after all but as time passed, she started getting worried. She knew that the army was taking light causalities in their campaign in the lake district. Every few days she would get a new batch of casualties from the front. By the time they got to her, they were mostly stable but she still had plenty of work to do. One of these wounded looked kind of familiar but the bandages across the lad’s face kept her from recognizing him. She did the first time she went to change the bandages through. This man who looked like he had caught a club to the face was none other than Markus. Alice was relieved for Markus was alive and he quickly became her favorite patient. While under Alice’s care; Markus became interested in medicine and volunteered for medic training for by this time his reading and writing had gotten very good. After he got over the blood and guts, Markus started proving that he had a talent for medicine.

Pollyanna continued her healing under Alice’s close watch. She had been relieved that her child had survived and was even more relieved when Matt didn’t leave her. After all it wasn’t unheard of for husbands to leave their wives after the misses had suffered such terrible injuries. Instead, he transferred to the York engineering brigade, so that he could stay close to Pollyanna, despite the fact that he had to take a low-level supervisor position. This unit was responsible for overseeing all the engineering projects going on all around York and truth be told Matt wasn’t much of an engineer; he was a natural supervisor though. Pollyanna continued to advise in all engineering projects that didn’t involve her having to go into the field. Luke had made her a table that she could pull up to her bed so that she could work from bed when she was hurting. Normally through she just worked from her office which was just down the hall from her and Matt’s chambers so that she wouldn’t have to risk stairs.

The army campaigning in the Lake District continued to win battle after battle. It was getting to the point where nobody wanted to fight them and towns would open their gates to Marion’s army without even being told to. As the army campaigned, they built roads and bridges to help solidify the conquest. For the labor to build these projects the army hired anyone who wanted a good paying job. To fund the construction, the army used funds that had been seized from rebellious nobles and from the light taxes that Marion had put in place. These taxes were actually popular with the people because nobody was exempt, no matter who. It didn’t hurt matters that the economy in Marion’s lands was starting to grow rapidly. This was fueled by her light but fair taxes and the complete elimination of tolls to use the roads. Now anyone could take goods anywhere in Marion’s lands and not pay to use the road network. If they transported them by water, they still had to pay to use the locks but that money was used to maintain the locks. These combined with the absolutely unprecedented demand for raw materials from the industries being built in and around York, to pump money into the economy. To keep inflation down, Marion used taxes to suck up the extra money floating around. She would adjust them about every two months and this actually worked very well. Luke told her that eventually this would get to be too complex but they would cross that bridge when they got there. Everyone knew that it would take a while before all the changes to take full effect but Marion had done a very good job of making changes that would have immediate affects to buy time to make the serious changes. Marion of course got the credit for all this happening, but she refused to accept it saying that everyone had contributed. Those close to her knew that Luke was really the force driving many of these new ideas but he would never admit to it.


It was now late April, at least that’s what Luke said. One of the changes that he was fighting for was to standardize calendars and time keeping. The lake district had been pacified for the time being so Luke recalled the army. He had another reason and that was he had started getting disturbing intelligence reports coming from the south. Apparently, some of the more rambunctious nobles in the mid-lands had started eyeing Marion’s land and were recruiting a large army to take it by force. Their first attempt though was by diplomacy. The most powerful noble among them had offered to marry Marion and in this way, he could protect her with her being a woman and all. Marion sat quietly through the ambassador’s entire presentation of why she should marry the noble. The presenter was none other than the noble’s younger brother and he assured Marion that his brother’s army would crush anyone who would threaten these lands if she would marry him. What the presenter didn’t notice through his self-confident presentation was that everyone in the room who was associated with Marion was doing their level best to not break out in laughter. They all knew just how much Marion loved Luke and just how powerful Marion’s army truly was. Marion was polite through the entire presentation and had to give some of the others in the room the stink eye to keep them quiet. One of those that Marion had to quiet down was Gabriel. By now she knew that she was pregnant and was very thankful for she had always loved children. Gabriel had to literally bite her tongue to keep from laughing and telling the arrogant idiot off. Marion through had another idea that would buy her some time to safely recall her army.

“You make a very persuasive argument milord, but with something of this magnitude I feel that it would be better for everyone if your brother would come here and make his case for himself. This had nothing to do with you; just that we have so far done well and I do not wish to risk damaging the progress that we have made by making a decision without abdicate evidence.”

“You are a very wise young woman milady. I will give my brother your response and I expect that he will accept your most gracious invitation.”

“Very well then; I await him eagerly. GUARD. See this man to his horse and safely out of York.”

“Yes Milady!” snapped the guard. “This way sir.”

On his way out, the brother couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful woman that inhabited the castle and it was a mighty battle to restrain himself to keep from tasting the local cuisine, but he did have an important mission to do. Anyway, there would be plenty of time to fuck the local bitches senseless after his brother had married Marion.

He would have been far less confident if he had seen what happened in the hall after he left. Marion managed to keep everyone quiet until about ten seconds after that idiot had walked out the door. Then God himself couldn’t keep the people from laughing their asses off.

“Was that an ambassador or a comedian?” asked a crying Gabriel. She had been laughing so hard that she couldn’t breathe.

“Tell you what. If science is ever able to figure it out; I’ll let you know.” Was Marion’s response. This garnished even more laughter from everyone in the hall. It was almost half an hour before anyone in the hall was able to really function again. During this time Luke had walked in and was thoroughly confused. ‘Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! Had he done something funny?’ thought Luke. When Marion filled him in on what happened; he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“So honey, you going to have some fun with this?” Marion smiled widely and nodded at him. After Luke escorted Marion from the hall he asked:

“So, what’s you thinking sweetheart?”

“Not sure yet, but we should have a few days to figure something out to really put those idiots back in their place.”

They walked back to their chambers to relax a little before dinner. Today they just laid on their bed and talked as they slowly caressed each other.

“You know something Luke? I think Gabriel is pregnant.” Luke smiled at this

“I figured as much but how did you find out?” Marion was shocked

“How did you find out?”

“I said “figured” not “found” sweetheart. I’ve been noticing that she hasn’t been feeling good in the morning and she has been going bathroom more at night then before.”

“I keep forgetting how observant you are.”

“It’s not hard when you two insist on using me as a pillow. I know when either of you get up in the middle of the night.”

Marion just smiled at Luke for she truly enjoyed sleeping on Luke’s shoulder and she knew that he loved having her there. They continued to just lay there until it was time for dinner. Today it had been Gabriel’s turn to make dinner; so, Luke and Marion got up and went to their personal dinner room. This room had formally been a storage room, but Luke had converted it into a romantic dining room with just enough room for the immediate family. Since Gabriel was family, she had a seat at the table. Dinner tonight was roast duck. Luke had scored the duck the day before when he had been out hunting. This was something that he did a couple of times a month. He would go fishing at least once a week even as busy as he was. After Gabriel brought the food in, she stood and said:

“Before we eat, I have an announcement to make” she paused here “I’m pregnant!”

Marion jumped up and the ladies held each other as they jumped up and down. Luke tipped his glass toward Gabriel and offered his congratulations. It took Marion and Gabriel a few minutes to calm down enough so that they could eat. Normally Luke would have been slightly annoyed but Marion had finally moved Mackenzie and her caregivers to York the day before, because the real owners of their original house had returned. They offered to let Marion keep the house, but she insisted that it was their house after all and they should be the ones to live in it. All in all, Luke’s life was finally looking good.

That night Luke was restless so Marion and Gabriel went to bed without him. Usually this happened once a month or so. Luke had suffered from occasional insomnia ever sense he had been in Iraq and he figured that he would suffer it for the rest of his life. Eventually he would be able to go to sleep but it would be early in the morning. He worked at making Alice some more tools for a while and then he made his way back to his chambers to settle down in his chair. He had just settled down when he heard the sound of the lock on the door moving. If he had been asleep then he wouldn’t have noticed it but he was still awake. Someone was trying to sneak into their room. Luke raced to the rear of their chambers to where Marion and Gabriel were sleeping soundly. Luke placed a hand across each of their mouths to keep them quiet. They woke up instantly and when they figured out that it was Luke’s hand on their mouths, they settled down instantly.

“Someone’s trying to get in.” Luke whispered. Gabriel and Marion were up in a flash and both grabbed their weapons. Luke already had his and was by the door when two men crept through. Luke waited until after the men had passed before he peaked out the door. The last thing he wanted to do was to step in front of more men. Seeing none, he turned his attention back to the men in the room. He needn’t worry about these two for Marion and Gabriel both took one and killed the assassins quietly. In the darkness, Luke could hear someone else ask if they were done yet. Luke crept out and found a smaller man hiding in the shadows. A quick strike to the head and the stranger was out cold. Luke checked the rest of the room and finding no one; he relocked the door and propped a chair against it. He then signaled that the coast was clear. Gabriel quickly lit a lamp so that they could see. The two that the ladies dispatched, didn’t have much on them, but the one that Luke had captured, was dressed like a minor noble. Luke threw a bucket of cold water in the man’s face and he began to wake up. Marion didn’t waste any time putting clothes on. She put her foot right over the man’s balls.

“You have ten seconds to tell me what you’re doing here before I crush your balls.” The man started protesting but all Marion did was count down. As she counted down, she gradually increased the pressure on the idiot’s balls. When she reached two, the man gave in.

“Alright, alright” the man gasped trying to hold tears back for Marion hadn’t been holding back in her pressure. After the man gave, Marion took her foot off his balls.

“Tell us everything you know and make it quick unless you want to eat your balls.” The man started singing like a canary.

“I used to be employed by your sister, but when the group’s leader vanished, I took off. The last thing I wanted was to be near Cecilia after that failure. I found employment with Vincent, Duke of Sheffield. He tasked me with isolating you for he is after your lands.”

The man started sharing at Marion and Gabriel. He had never seen grown women that had no hair below the neck and this fascinated him. Everyone that he had ever known would have never shaved their body hair off. His eyes traced the lady’s curves and he tried to remember every little detail.

“Ok tell us everything about this Vincent clown.” said Luke. When the man looked at Luke, he nearly fainted. During this whole time, Luke had been behind the man and therefore out of sight. Just to scare the man some more, Luke picked up one of the tools for the fireplace and bent the formally straight handle into a tight circle. As intended the man pissed his pants at seeing this.

“Well Marion you think this will fit this bastard’s neck?”

“Um looks a little big there.” snickered Gabriel and Marion smiled at her. Luke held the loop of metal up to the man’s neck for size and made a show of adjusting it. By this time the man was beyond scared and would have traveled to the depths of hell just to get away from this giant of a man.

“Look here master assassin. If you answer all of this man’s questions truthfully then I will consider letting you go.” Marion then turned to Gabriel “Gabriel can you go get the guards and find out how these idiots got in?” Gabriel threw a robe on and took off down the hall.

“How would you know if I am truthful?”

“The giant is really good at telling if people are telling him the truth.” Luke looked down at the man

“Why is Vincent looking to take Marion’s land?”

“He is always wanting more land and the recent boom had attracted his attention.”

“How many soldiers does he have at his disposal?”

“I have no idea, I swear.”

“Is he planning on using military force?” The captive shrugged.

“What was your mission tonight?”

“We were tasked with killing the head body guard and Marion’s husband. Marion was not to be harmed. He wanted to take over and force her to marry him.”

Luke already knew that the noble’s brother that visited earlier was a different noble. He was now really glad that he had been able to marry Marion first.

“Last question. What will happen to you since you failed?”

“Who said I failed?”

“Well, the fact that Marion’s husband is the one questioning you and is about to kill you would be a good indication that you failed. Now how to kill you?”

Before Luke could kill the man, the guards came in with Gabriel. Luke watched carefully as the guards took out the dead bodies and he seen just what he was looking for. One of the guards had been bought off. He knew this when he seen the look of recognition in one of their faces. Luckily, he was the one guard that wasn’t carrying a body. On his way out, Luke asked him to stay to take custody of the captured man. Gabriel was busy telling Marion about how the assassins got in. They had cut the throat of one of the side door guards and took his keys. The other guard had seemed to have vanished. Luke had his suspicions about the missing guard but before he could make them known, the turncoat guard stuck. He took his knife and thrust it into Luke’s back, or tried to anyway. Luke had been watching and seen the guard move to where he was out of Luke’s line of sight. As soon as Luke heard the man take a bit of a deeper breath, Luke turned to his side and took a quick step back. This caused the guard to miss with his initial thrust. Luke grabbed the man’s wrist with his right hand and took his left elbow and drove it into the man’s face knocking him out. Luke then looked over at the captive to see that the man had just realized that he had completely failed for the fear was evident.

Marion ordered that he be taken and hung in the dungeon until dead and that his body given to Alice so that she could teach a new group of students, proper surgical techniques. Luke meanwhile had searched the turncoat guard and had found the payment he had received. Luke was stunned at just how much the guard had been paid but Marion wasn’t. She knew of the noble that the assassin spoke of and knew that he was very wealthy. Luke stripped the guard of his weapons and carried him to the dungeon where he could be dealt with later.

When Luke got back, he found Gabriel comforting an obviously distraught Marion. Luke made sure to lock the door and he rushed to Marion’s side as well. Marion had come so close to losing everything again and she was getting close to her limit. Luke gently rubbed his hand across her back for she had never even bothered to put any clothes on.

“Marion” he said softly. She slowly looked at him with her puffy red eyes “Let me ask you something. What would your life had been like if we hadn’t have met? Just think about that for a minute. If William hadn’t killed you in the ambush then you would have been most likely been brought back here where you would have been raped day and night. Gabriel here almost suffered that fate as well. Now you have a beautiful child and two people how love you more than life itself. In addition, you are trying to change the world and many of those that are feeling threatened by this are the ones who have the power now and they are not going to want to give up their power so easily.”

“I know Luke, somedays that’s all I think about. It’s just with everything that’s happened; is all this worth it?”

“Marion you know that we can’t answer that question for you. You are going to have to find the answer to that yourself.”

With that Luke gently laid Marion back on the bed. He stripped and crawled into bed with her. By now she was quietly crying so Luke gently moved her so that she was resting on one of Luke’s massive shoulders. Gabriel took her rob off and climbed into her regular spot. From here she could look right into Marion’s eyes and the image she seen was one of distress and terror. Gabriel knew the reasons for those looks so she didn’t have to ask. Eventually Marion was able to cry herself to sleep and Gabriel soon joined her. Luke though remained awake for he was still worried and he needed some time to think.

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