Lucky Son... Chapter 1 by Mom-Fucker12

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It was a Friday. Finally, thought nick as he got off of school. Nick was in high school, a freshman to be specific. And his sister was in middle school, in the eighth grade. He got picked up by his mom alone, as his sister takes the bus, and they talked on the ride home. Just the usual "how was your day" talk. Nick loved his mom as she stood at 5'11", which was one inch shorter than him. She was 37 year old, and still very attractive. She had above average boobs, and a nice, perky ass. Nick had wanted to fuck his mom fo a little while now, but he hadn't found a good opening. 

"Nick, are you listining?" asked his mother. 

"Oh, yeah, sorry mom." He replied as he snaped out of his thoughts. 

"I just asked you if you wanted to go out this weekend or just stay at home?" 

This was a normal question as she is a single mother. They usually go out for dinner around twice a week. Usually someplace like applebees. 

"Uh, I kinda just want to stay home this weekend." replied Nick, as he was thinking of his mother again. He has only seen his mother naked a few times. But once he was lucky enough to take a shower with her. It was by accident as they had to be at some wedding soon, and they didn't have time for individual showers. 

They finally pulled up to the house, an Nick went upstairs to do homework.  He couldn't focus so he pulled out his laptop to some porn and "fixed the problem." 

His mom, Heather, was downstairs cooking dinner. She thought about how she hadn't had sex in forever, and started to get really horny. She called up to Nick and asked him to watch the spegetti, as she went to her room. 

Nick had just finished while watching a woman being fucked doggy-style.

Up in his moms room, she had pulled out an average dildo she used semi-often. She slid it in her wet pussy, and started humping herself with it. It felt so good to her as she hadn't cummed in over a week. She felt her orgasm come on fast, and started to pump faster. She reached her climax and spilled her juices onto the dildo and the bed. After she cleaned up, she headed back downstairs. 

Sarah had just gotten off the bus and was walking down her driveway. She was greeted at the front door by her brother, Nick, and then headed upstairs. She noticed that her mother was in the kitchen, so sarah snuck into her mothers room. She opened her bottom drawer and reached into the back. She retrieved an average blue dildo that was soaked. Her mom must have just cummed, she figured. Sarah snuck back to her own room and locked the door. She didn't need to lick the dildo first, as it was already lubricated with her mothers juices. She stuck the warm dildo part way into her pussy, but was stopped by her hymen about two inches in. She pumped as fast and as hard as she could without breaking her barrier.  She was just about to climax when she heard a knock on her door. 

"just a minute!" she called as she scrambled to get up and covered.  She threw on a speggetti strap and short-shorts as fast as she could, with no time to put on underwear. She opened her door to find her brother there. She asked him what he wanted, but halfway through his answer, he stoppe talking. He saw something blue on her bed. He walked right passed her and picked up the dildo. 

"I swear, it's not mine! I found it!" defended Sarah. 

"Its ok Sarah, I'm not mad. Everybody has to masturbate. To be honest, Nick was turned on by picturing his sister naked.  She had large breasts for her age, and a plump, nice ass. 

"I just can't picture you fitting this in you." continued Nick. 

Sarah replied shyly, "well, I can't... I'm still a vigin."

Nick said he was too, and continued talking to her. 

"Well, have you ever done oral?" questioned Nick. 

"No, but I wouldn't be any good at it." replied Sarah. 

"Nonsense, how about you try now?"

"you mean on you?" asked Sarah. 

Nick just went and locked the door. When he returned he pulled off his pants and laid back on the bed. Sarah walked over to him and positioned herself over his cock. His cock was 6 1/2 inches long, and around two inches wide. Sarah gasped at the size of it. She started licking the head of his massive cock and Nick coulndnt help but moan. She took the first two inches without a problem, but slowed down the next two. She now sucked up and down on four inches of nicks cock. She said she couldn't fit anymore, but nick offered to help. She went back down on him, and fit the four inches in. Nick put his hands on the back of her head and pushed in another whole inch. She had one inch to go, and nick could feel his orgasm come on as his dick was in his sisters throat. She was able to stuff the rest of his dick into her mouth.  She now sucked up an down on six inches of Nicks big cock. Nick couldn't take it anymore and cummed three loads of cum down his sisters throat. She couldn't swallow it all, an some spilled out of her mouth. What did come out she sexually licked off his prick and pubic hair. 


More to come. Writting as fast as I can. The next one will have twice the sexual activities!!!!

Rating: 84%, Read 61064 times, Posted Oct 20, 2011

True Story | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Solo, Teen Female, Teen Male, Toys, Young


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