Delvery to Grampa by Larry+Malone

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Fiction | Young

Delivery to Grandpa

By Larry Malone

Mom asked me to stop in and drop off a package for my Grandpa on my way home from school and to see if he needed anything. Gramps was in good health but Mom was always a worry wort so I stopped by. Gramps is a little hard of hearing so, as always, I used the extra key under the door mat and let myself in. As I closed the door, I saw Gramps laying on the living room couch, pants and boxers pulled down to his knees, His face to the back of the couch, His bare skinny ass sticking out. As I got closer, I saw something sticking out of his ass, I recognized it as a dildo vibrator, similar to one my buddy at school had brought in that he sneaked from his sister’s room.

I went over to him and gently called “Gramps?” but he didn’t answer but was obviously sleeping deeply I could tell from his snoring and deep breathing. I leaned over and noticed his cock was semi-soft and laying in a puddle of cum he had shot on the towel that was under him, He must have exhausted himself getting off and fell asleep. I eased out the slippery vibrator and was amazed that his asshole remained gapingly open. The more I stared at Gramp’s glistening hole, the more my pecker started to get hard.

I recently started to get hard for no reason at all. No one knew that since the fifth or six grades, we guys were getting hard-ons usually for no reasons, they just happened. But when we actually saw a photo or image of a body part, any body part, we sprung one immediately. It got to the point that all the guys were circle jerking in the boy’s toilet during recess and lunch hour just to get some relief. We also compared notes on how many times and how we did it at home and any place else we got a chance to get some relief from the constant hard-ons we were getting. But that was all we were doing and never did anything together. To actually see a live asshole gaping open was something I never saw before. My boy cock was now fully hard and making a tent in my pants. I couldn’t resist, I pulled out my 6” uncut cock and slowly started to stroke it.

The more I stared at Gramp’s gaping hole, the more juice (pre cum) started to gather at the tip and the harder I got. The more I stared at his hole, the more it looked like a place I wanted to put my erect cock, I was obsessed to try and put my pecker inside it. I knelt on the floor and my cock was at the same height as his hole. I pushed down my pants and briefs further and placed my cock head at the slick gapping opening. The closer I got the more I felt the heat from his body so I started to enter the hole. It was amazingly hot, tight and slippery as I slid in without any problems. When I was fully in, I could feel the tightness and heat along the full length of my boy cock. It was a lot better feeling than my fist so I started to slide in and out and never felt anything so great in my life.

I continued to slide in and out of Gramp’s rectal channel and knew I wouldn’t last very long. I quickened the pace and I could swear I felt Gramp’s internal muscles grip the full length of my cock with internal muscles that pushed me over the edge I shot a full load of cum deep into his ass. I collapsed over Gramp’s body and noticed that his cock had gotten hard again and now was solid and erect and was a lot bigger than mine. I had never seen an adult cock before but compared to mine, I figured it at least 7-1/2.” I started to slide out but Gramps tightened his internal muscles and gripped my cock tightly. Was he awake? I looked but saw his eyes still closed but the pulsing gripping on my cock continued and was making me hard again so I stayed in and enjoyed it.

I was soon rock hard again and started to fuck him again and I swear I felt him fuck me back. I fucked him long and hard and added a second load deep inside him. I eased out and wiped my cock on the towel under him and stood and pulled up my clothes and got myself dressed. When I was almost finished, Gramps turned and casually said, “That was nice, thank you” as if nothing had happened. I mumbled something that Mom had me stop in to drop off a package for him and to see if he needed anything. He smiled and said, “No thank you, you just answered my prayers I just got everything I needed.” I was wondering if he was referring to my fucking him in the ass twice and that my cum was dribbling out of his asshole onto the towel. He said, “You’re a good boy, thanks for stopping by. Why not come by tomorrow and see if there’s anything else I need?” With that he rolled back over and fell asleep again as I let myself out.

Of course, I never said anything when I got home but you can bet the rest of the evening and night, all I could think about was how great it felt in Gramp’s ass and the two fantastic loads I shot in his hole.

The next day, at school it was all I could think about and couldn’t wait until I could go over to Gramps again. When school let out, I ran to Gramp’s house and let myself in. There he was on the couch again, this time completely nude with his ass again pointing out and him again facing the back of the sofa. I noticed his asshole was glistening but it wasn’t gaping open so I guessed he hadn’t used the dildo. I started to get hard and said “Hi, Gramps” He mumbled back “Hi, Larry, Gramp’s is already for today’s delivery.” I got the hint and took off my clothes in a minute and was hard as a rock when I got to Gramps. I knelt as Gramps reached behind him and slowly stroked my cock and pulled me closer to his asshole. He aimed it at his hole and said, “push gently”, I did and slowly started to enter his hole which felt a lot tighter and made it more exciting. The fantastic feeling of heat and tightness along the full length of my cock came rushing back. I was fucking him like a madman and quickly shot a load deep in his ass. As I relaxed in the calmness of the last throbs I started to slide out and Gramps whispered. “Don’t pull out, stay in.”

I did as Gramps asked as he reached behind him and held me tight to him as he rolled onto his stomach with my cock still buried in his ass. He pulled a pillow from the sofa and placed it under his hips raising his ass in the process, I felt my rapidly stiffening cock go deeper into his hot hole. I felt him grip my now rigid cock with his internal muscles and said, “Whenever you’re ready.” Before he finished the sentence, I was fucking him full deep strokes. As I picked up the pace and was ready to shoot another load, I felt him reach behind him and grab my ass cheeks and pulled me closer to him. As he did so, one of his fingers hit my pink anal pucker star and he started to play with it with his finger tip. It felt fantastic. When he felt me push back on his finger, he pulled it away, put it to his mouth and got it wet and replaced it at my hole. As I felt him slip the first knuckle of his finger into my hole, I plunged deeply into his ass and shot my load. It was more intense than I had ever felt and again collapsed on Gramp’s back.

I lay there panting when I heard Gramps ask, “You seem to really like what I did with my finger, did you?” I had to admit I did and asked him why he asked. He said I appear to have the male family trait of being what he called “anal erotic” and like he and my Dad, liked things in my asshole. I said I didn’t know what he meant. He said he would show me. He led me to his bedroom and told me to lay on the bed as he pulled out a tube of something from his night stand and the vibrating dildo I saw the day before.

He had me lay on my back at the edge of the bed and pull my legs back and hold them close to me. He then sat next to me and opened the tube which I later found out was “lube” and placed a glob on his finger. He slowly circled my ass hole and then started to gently ease his finger in placing lube inside my anal channel. It felt exciting and fantastic and I told him so. He said “now I’ll show you how much you can really enjoy this part of your body” and he slipped in a second finger.

It felt strange as my opening stretched but I quickly felt the pleasure build as he gently pushed his two fingers in and out of my hole. It felt even more fantastic and I wanted more. I started to buck my hips trying to get more of his fingers into me. He removed his fingers and showed me him rubbing lube on the dildo as he placed it at my hole entrance. It was thicker than his two fingers but with the bullet head, it slipped in easier. He slowly fucked me with it until it was all the way in and then he turned it on. The buzzing vibration hit something inside me and I saw stars. It felt amazing and I started to ooze pre-cum and quickly shot a load of boy cum all over my chest. He continued to fuck me with the buzzing object until I relaxed and completed my ecstatic cum and he slowly eased it out of my hole.

“There, how did you like that?” he asked. I told him it was fantastic and did my Dad have one of those too. He told me it was best not to ask questions like that and that not everybody used a dildo, most like “the real thing.” I said I didn’t understand, so he slowly stood up and showed me his rampant hard cock and placed the dildo next to it. They were about the same size and I thought I knew what he meant but I wasn’t sure since I had nothing to reference to it. I kept a confused look on my face as I tried to figure out what he meant. I finally asked Gramps to show me,

Gramps replaced the dildo into my hole and lubed his rampant hard cock as he slowly fucked me with the dildo. Then he slipped the dildo out and placed his cockhead at my lubed pink anal star and said “Just breathe.” I did as I felt his cock slow stretch my hole open and he entered. I felt the warmth giving rigidness of his cock which felt better than the hard-plastic dildo. It stretched my channel, I felt internally full, a little discomfort at the new sensation but no pain. Gramps stopped when he was fully in until I got use to the feeling of his cock deep inside me. I started to slide my ass forward a little and back and the discomfort started to change to real pleasure.

When I was sliding full length on his cock, Gramps took over, grabbed my hips and started to fuck me full deep strokes I was losing my mind with pleasure and fucked him back hard. I felt his breathe get faster and then felt a deeper harder plunge into my no longer virgin boy hole as I felt a soothing warm load of cum fill me to over flowing. Gramps exclaimed, “My God, boy that was fantastic, you’re a natural!” On impulse I said, “Better than my Dad?” Gramps started to answer but caught himself and said that was a family secret not discussed. By not answering, I thought I had a positive answer, but that will be take another story to prove.

Rating: 92%, Read 10385 times, Posted Jan 20, 2020

Fiction | Young


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