Cat Fight_(0) by pars001

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Body modification, Female, Group Sex, Male, Mind Control

Bill sat at his desk, god he was tired, this job was shit but he wanted to eat so he kept at it. Old, he felt so old he was surprised he made it in every day. After all what did he have left to look forward to? Go home to his cat; eat a cold dinner that was leftover from the night before. Just once he wished he had something different in his life at least a woman friend. Smiling yeah he thought that would be nice problem, but they all saw him as a creep or stalker.

Sighing he made his way to the elevator to head home, stopping a moment he had to go back and get his keys. Stepping back in the office there was a crashing sound; Bill looked back into the hallway seeing that half the hall had collapsed. Shaking his head he gathered his keys and made his way down the fire escape twenty floors. Christ he thought, he'd sleep good tonight.

Emerging on the street Bill saw the emergency equipment that was arriving. Smirking, Bill watched opened mouth as they all walked around him and kept going inside. What the hell was going on? Walking by the fire engine both front tires exploded then went flat, a moment after he passed. Shaking his head he just kept going, might as well head home. With no friends there wasn't all that much left to do.

Looking up Bill saw that it was clear out, smiling he decided the 10 blocks wouldn't be that bad after all. Halfway home Bill was suddenly pushed against the wall a gun in his face. "Ok asshole hand it over! All of it!

Bill nodded as he started to empty his pockets, he was just starting to hand the man everything when a car appeared out of nowhere. Bill tried to warn the man honestly he did though nothing seemed to come out of his mouth. The man was there one second and cut in half the next, Bill just stood there his mouth hanging open.

The car stopped, and a very attractive woman got out. She looked at the mess and what was left of the man. Shrugging she was about to get back in her car when she slowly turned and stared at Bill. OMG! Bill thought is she thinking of running me over also.

Walking over to him the woman gave him a serious look over and reached out to push his chest. Taking a step back from the light shove the woman's eyes opened wide as she waited tapping her foot. Then she looked up and stated, "Well?"

"Uh... excuse me? Is everything alright?" Bill asked the woman now that he'd found his voice.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll deal with you in a moment. What do you mean you can't? He has a what?!!" Turning the woman began to re-examine Bill all over, though the biggest surprise was when she grabbed his crotch! The next thing he knew he was across the street against the wall of a building. The woman was also against a wall on the opposite side of the street.

Shaking her head she quickly got to her feet and drew a strange looking gun. Bill started to laugh it actually looked like those guns he'd seen in sci-fi pictures. An angry look on her face the woman pulled the trigger, that's when the strange, really strange part started to happen. Bill saw her pull it then the world stopped moving even the wind, what the fuck Bill thought. Shaking his head he simply walked away.

The woman blinked what the hell? She'd pulled the trigger, that son of a bitch was an enemy agent he therefore had to die. Blinking again, she stared at the empty space as the beam hit the wall and dissipated.

Bill kept going now to his small apartment he quickly escaped inside. His cat came running immediately looking up at him Bill could swear she had a concerned look on her face. ‘Ok, today is getting stranger and stranger,’ Bill thought.

"Hey Twitty girl, daddy's home sorry I took a little longer than I thought I would. God what a weird ass day, you should have seen the kirabas at work." At his feet the cat's eyes were suddenly wide in surprise.

Bill went into the shower he felt sticky as hell, quick shower and a nap that might help.

Twitty looked at the bathroom door and padded her way into the bedroom. Opening the closet she walked to the back touching her paw to a spot on the back wall a black flat box appeared. Opening automatically the cat's paws moved in ways that a normal cats paws should.

Giving a heavy sigh, the cat waited 'til a balding man came on the screen, "this is control, identify."

"This lookout 5431-x royal." The cat said a strange voice coming from the feline.

"Confirmed, connecting." A moment later another man took the first's place.

"Hello Twitty, something must have happened if you are reporting in." The man said a small smile on his face.

"Yes sir, it is apparent that the mind shield has started to fail. Also I am starting to pick up increased energy readings from him. I believe he has finally started to emerge. Oh he used a home word today, Kirabas." The cat reported.

The man's eyes went wide; this was the best news he'd had in a long time. "Guard him well Twitty, the future of our world depends on him... and you."

"May I please take off this form? I long to walk on 2 legs again." Twitty asked.

"NO! You know you can't 'til he can detect you." Getting quiet the man said. "I am sorry daughter, it has to be this way, if he is starting to emerge as you say then it won't be long. Be well and safe." With that the box was dark and again hidden on the back wall.

‘Crap,’ Twitty thought, ‘he better be, she was tired of walking on all fours!’ Twitty heard the shower shut off and exited the closet. She was going to have to watch him even more now she thought with a sigh.

Bill walked into the bedroom stark naked, Twitty had to avert her eyes she might be in another form but by god she wasn't dead!

"You know now that I think about it the woman I saw later that hit the robber?" Bill told Twitty. "She was strange also I swear she pulled a ray gun on me. Then she fired it but, everything froze so I just walked away. Strangest damn day I have ever had!"

The cat's eyes got wide again; he had used the time freeze? She hadn't detected it! Holy crap! He WAS emerging! Opening up her senses to their fullest she was almost blown away by the amount of power that the he was showing. Sighing inward she hoped he finished soon she so longed to walk upright again. She understood it was her duty but it had been 5 years now! She wished she could kick some sense into the man, a royal just didn't deny who they were like this.

"Another thing Twitty," Bill continued. "I could swear she grabbed me between the legs and we were repelled against each other in opposite directions!" Bill looked at his cat who he swore had a startled look on her face. "I know as I said this has got to be the weirdest day I think I have ever had.


Across the city the woman shook the bum making the man pass out. "Bah! Useless! If any of you are holding out on me I'll skin the lot of you!" Throwing the unconscious man against the wall for emphasis, the woman smiled evilly and walked out of the alley. Getting into her car she rolled up all the windows and touched several spots on the dashboard.

"This agent xzxx-9," the woman said irritated.

"This is main control hold your ass! You're early to be reporting in x-9." A young man said.

"Cut the bullshit you asshole!" The woman suddenly snarled at the man.

"You have been on that backward planet far too long." Another man replied a moment later.

Sighing the woman nodded, "I am sorry father, and I am somewhat frustrated. I found him today but like an idiot I administered the wrong test. I agree with you father five of their years is far too long." Taking a deep calming sigh the woman continued. "I actually saw him! Then he time froze me before I had a chance to counteract it. At least we know he is still alive."

"WHAT!!? He time froze you? I think we need to bring you home Gleena, while there is still time." The man said his face softening.

"No father, I am the only one who has seen him in all the time the agents have been here. Besides," here the woman smiled, "The test was a failure considering who he is but the energy has helped me greatly." At this, the woman's guise changed slightly, her hair went from blonde to red, and her breasts grew a size as her butt became tighter.

The man's mouth opened in surprise, "so he really has started to emerge, how much of your power do you now have?" The man asked excited.

Reaching inward the woman's eyes went wide as she reported, "it feels I have half of what I should. Let me try something." The man watched as the woman's shape changed into a large cat. Well almost she was about half and half she had the tail, some red fur, the ears and whiskers. Sighing, the woman nodded and changed back. "Oh god father that felt so good!"

"I know Gleena it was good to see you in our other form. Try to find him it should be easier now with half your strength back." The man said then was gone.

A thin smile crossed her face as she felt the calmness taking hold of her. God it was good to be almost normal again!

Twitty stretched out, god she hated to stay like this she wished she could speed up the process!

Bill had called in he wasn't feeling all that well, this was a first he hadn't called in the five years they had been here. Damn it Twitty thought, whoever this agent woman was she had obviously affected the mind shield.

Sighing she knew they would have to relocate soon, the agent would be able to track Bill a hell of a lot easier now.

She had already started sending messages to Bill. He should start to have an urgency to move out of the city as fast as possible. Looking over at Bill she HOPED the messages were getting through, without the full mind shield in place it might not work.

Again Twitty sent a message to Bill, come on she thought we have to get out of here! Sighing, she was contemplating sending another though she was afraid that it might be too soon. Suddenly there was a knock at the door; Twitty could suddenly feel the agent on the other side.

Activating an emergency switch both her and Bill vanished as the woman kicked the door open. Damn it she cursed then her eyes opened wide as she felt the energy trail. Well she thought with a sly smile sloppy, sloppy! Twitty breathed a sigh of relief that had been close thankfully they couldn't follow them. Bill picked up Twitty stroking her fur, OMG! Twitty thought, this is worse now that he is emerging! Twitty's tail twitched as the feeling started to build in her. Suddenly purring Twitty was screaming inside as she was orgasming. Quickly she had Bill on the bus heading out of town.

Gleena appeared where they had been a few moments later. Stretching her hand out feeling in all directions. Ah! There they were not too far ahead, shouldn't be too hard to catch them. Activating a switch on the watch she was wearing her car came around the corner and stopped in front of her. "Agent xzxx-9, omicron, pi, epsilon, nu omega A override"

"Confirmed," came a mechanical voice then the door opened. "Tracking, full spectrum, orbital and ground."

"Compliance, search parameters?" The voice responded.

"Track these energy signatures," Gleena said as she started to feed the information to the micro A.I. through a cyber link.

"Tracking enabled, now calculating time to intercept." The voice told her.

"Delay interception; track for now only, we are under orders to not interfere with this primitive culture." Gleena stated.

"Order understood now entering stealth mode." The A.I. answered.

They followed for at least an hour the bus making frequent stops. Then more than a mile out of the city the bus made its last stop.

Gleena smiled as she watched Bill and his cat get off the bus. That was sweet even as a human the man liked...! Gleena growled and pulled her weapon. So they had a guard on him! Damn! She should have known that it wouldn't be that easy!

Gleena waited she didn't know how much power the guard had, probably more than I do she thought. Sighing she had to do this there was no other way.

Twitty was finally starting to feel better, she hadn't felt any pursuit. They were home free now all she had to do was repair the mind shield. Simple right? Sighing she had already started reaching seeing the cracks that the agent had made. Funny she thought they were glowing, they only did that when, oh crap!

Bill felt the woman before he saw her, turning his mouth dropped agape. Panicking a moment again everything froze, well almost everything. The woman was smiling as she made her way to Bill.

Bowing low the woman said, "Hello bill, we have been looking for you for a very long time."

Bill looked at the woman suspiciously, "Uh huh, who in the hell are you? I saw you earlier you had a gun, I hate guns! Leave me alone!" Bill had backed up to a tree as the woman touched his arm. This time she was thrown at least a thousand yards away. Bill could feel the tree start to give away as he and the now uprooted tree were traveling in the other direction!

Shaking her head the woman smiled as she felt her power course through her! ‘Ah!’ she thought as she changed into a large red headed human/cat form and quickly caught up to Bill. ‘It's time to end this,’ she thought, at least the time freeze was over. Advancing her claws out, Gleena growled as the small gray tabby of Bill's got between her and Bill.

"NO!" Bill was suddenly screaming then he grasp his head. It seemed as if a thousand beams of light shot out of Bill as he struggled to regain his feet. "NO! Stop Gleena!" Turning he looked at his Tabby and waved a hand over her.

A startled sigh escaped her throat as the tabby started to grow to a large cat also. Both females looked at each other and smiled wickedly. Both turned and bowed low to Bill who was suddenly transforming into a huge two legged, yellow, spotted human/cat.

"Sire," they both said at the same time. "We fight for the honor of being your mate."

The now Cat/Bill looked at both of them and growled. "I have been here on this primitive planet for five of their years. I came here to be left alone. I left instructions that I wasn't coming back. Why have you disturbed me?" Cat/Bill roared causing both females to back up.

Both females looked at each other trembling at the power of Bill, and then Gleena spoke up. "Sire your older brother was killed in an accident over five cycles ago. You said that if you had to rule again that we were to come for you. It was hoped that the image of your sister would revert you back. I apologize for administering the wrong test." Bowing her head tears escaped her eyes. "I accept any punishment you deem fair my lord.

Cat/Bill nodded disturbed at the news of his brother, and then he looked accusingly at Twitty. "Why was I not told sooner?"

Twitty shuddered then spoke, "Sire, we were told nothing of this. I have languished these five years in that form. I have awaited the time you grew tired of this existence and were ready to return home. Your emergence today, I thought was the start of that, I didn't know it was an agent 'til you told me. Since we were not contacted I thought it was an enemy agent." Twitty also had her head down tears falling from her eyes. "I have failed my lord; I also await your punishment."

Cat/Bill scratched his elongated chin, so they were both in the dark. Nodding his head he could feel the hand of both of his uncles in this. Concentrating Cat/Bill smiled he had the perfect plan. A small sphere opened in front of him, then another.

"I am not pleased with either of you uncles," Roared Bill, holding up a huge paw to keep the men quiet. "I am going to take one of these, your daughters as my mate," here Bill sneered. "The other dies! As befits the daughter of a traitor! I can still cripple the empire, as I hold all the power. Sit back and watch as one of these precious resources is laid to waste!"

Cat/Bill nodded as both females bowed to him and bared their claws, both in an attack stance a look of blood lust growing in their eyes. They had hardly started when Bill heard both of his uncles start to cheer then chat kill about their own niece. Cat/Bill hadn't been idle as the two females were hissing at each other sizing the other up.

It was half an hour later when Cat/Bill nodded. Standing up he knew that this was dangerous even as powerful as he was they were in the midst of blood lust. Even when he roared at them they only smiled and tried to kill each other even harder.

Finally Cat/Bill jumped in the middle of both of them. Grabbing both around the neck he pointed their noses at the spheres where their fathers had a blood lust of their own. Both females stared in astonishment. Their fathers were telling them not to stop that the empire would be theirs. All they just had to do was kill their bitch of a cousin.

Shocked both of the females hissed at each other and tried to rack the other. Roaring Cat/Bill grabbed both arms twisting. "I said STOP!" Both looked at him shocked. Didn't he want one of them dead? Confused they looked at him. The look on his face confused them even more.

Sighing Cat/Bill explained, "I want both of you," here he started to lick the blood off both of them causing quite a bit of purring. "I am afraid that both of your fathers only wanted the throne. They used both of you. I have had both of them arrested. I'm sorry but they will be executed soon."

Both of the females smiled at Cat/Bill they really didn't care he wanted them both! Purring harder they both started to rub against Cat/Bill as they both became more excited. Cat/Bill smiled, once, just for once, things were going his way.

Then suddenly Bill looked at Twitty, "I want that damnedable force shield off now! No wonder I felt like a bad luck charm!"

Twitty and Gleena smiled, "Yes Sire," Twitty replied purring louder as she and Gleena licked Bill's face.

Rating: 92%, Read 38427 times, Posted Sep 12, 2016

Science-Fiction | Alien, Body modification, Female, Group Sex, Male, Mind Control


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