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Denise and her family

Part 2

The Long Drive Home




It’s the next day after Denise and her two teen son’s had sex in the Pub bedroom. And Denise is filled with anger and shame over her actions.

Denise takes Gary home and James goes with his dad to help his widow auntie.

The next morning Denise awoke to the full horror of what she and her two son’s had done last night. She couldn’t believe she had allowed them to have sex with her and she was so ashamed that she had really enjoyed it.

Denise looked over at her two son’s they were still fast asleep.

Denise gathered her clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed.

Once she was dressed she quietly slipped out of the room without waking her son’s.

She needed to get away from them and try and get her head straight.

Denise now left the pub and went for a walk.

She now found herself in a small wood; there was a wooden bench in the wood.

Denise now sat down on the bench and went over everything that had happened last night in her mind.

Tony now woke up with a raging hardon.

He now looked over at his aunt and cousin they were both still sound asleep.

Gwendolyn was laid on her front.

Tony smiled to himself as he moved the covers off her body.

He was now looking at her perfect ass.

It was a little on the large size.

But to Tony it was perfect for ass fucking.

And that was what he was in the mood for this morning.

Tony now got behind his aunt and he now pulled her ass cheeks open.

Gwendolyn just moaned in her sleep as her nephew pulled open her ass cheeks.

Tony just smiled to himself when he saw the mess her asshole and pussy where in.

He could still see his and her juices leaking out of it.

They had really gone at it last night and he had lost track of how many times he had shot off into her pussy and asshole and not to mention down her throat and over her bit tits.

Morag had received a similar brutal fucking off him as well.

Tony now grabbed her ass with his hands and he now pushed her ass up so that it was now level with his cock.

Gwendolyn now screamed out in both shock and pain as she felt something huge entering her ass. At first she panicked then she instantly relaxed when she remembered who was in bed with her.

She now smiled and started to moan softly as her nephew now started to build up a good speed as he pounded in and out of her asshole.

Morag was now awoken by her mother’s moans of passion.

She turned over and there was her grinning cousin pounding in and out of her mother’s asshole.

The look on Gwendolyn's face showed how much pleasure Tony was giving her.

Morag now started to play with her own pussy as she watched her cousin satisfying her mother anally.

Tony continued to fuck his auntie brutally in her asshole for the next ten minutes giving her two wonderful orgasms.

He then grunted loudly and dug his nails into her ass flesh as he started to shoot load after load of his spunk deep into her ass.

He then pulled off of her and collapsed back down onto the bed.

Morag just smiled at her cousin then she got on top of him and took his now softening cock in her hands and she started to clean him with her tongue.

Once she had thoroughly cleaned his cock she got behind her mother pulled her ass cheeks open and pushed her tongue deep into her mother’s ass and started to eat his spunk out of her own mother’s bottom.

Tony watched this for a few minutes before he got up off the bed and headed for the bedroom to take a shower.

He knew he had better go and check up on his wife and kids before they decided to come and look for him.

He didn’t want her to find out about his little secret with his aunt and cousin.

When Tony entered his room both his sons were dressed and just sat on their beds.

He looked at them and ask them.

“If they had learnt their lesson about drinking?”

Each boy just grinned at him and said.

“Yes they would never drink again.”

Each was thinking of the fun they had with their mother thanks to the fact that they had both been pissed.

Tony now realized that Denise was not in the bedroom.

He now asked his boys.

“Where their mother was?”

James quickly said to his dad in a nervous voice, which luckily Tony didn’t pick up on.

“That she was not in the room when they woke up this morning.”

Tony now told his son’s.

“To go down and get some breakfast before it all went.”

The boys now rushed down to the dining room.

Tony just grinned at them both.

Last night both boys were nearly dying of over drinking.

And now they were ok to go and stuff themselves silly.

Oh to be young again he thought to himself.

Tony now decided that he had better go try and find his wife.

Just as he was walking out of the pub she came walking up the drive heading towards him. He just stood and waited for her to catch him up.

She now looked up at him and tried to smile. But inside she felt so guilty for cheating on him. She had never cheated on him before.

And to betray his trust with his own son’s that was really unforgivable she thought to herself.

Tony now looked very concerned when he saw her face.

She looked tired and her face looked very white.

Tony now asked her.

“If she was feeling OK?”

Denise now looked up at him, her heart was nearly breaking.

She could see the look of concern in his eyes.

She wanted to tell him the truth but she knew the truth would destroy him and her family.

So she just said to him.

“The boys had kept her up most of the night.

And she was just tired."

She now told him.

"She was going back to their room for a couple more hours to get some more sleep."

Tony was planning on heading home just after dinner.

However, he told his wife.

“That they could stay a extra day if she wanted too?”

Denise now felt sick the thought of staying in that room all together sickened her.

She told him.

“They could leave around 4pm.”

Tony just smiled at his wife as she walked off to their room.

He now went to check up on his two son’s just encase they were up to something.

Tony found his sons they were at the back of the pub.

The boys were playing football on a small field just behind the pub.

He now had a kick around with them for the next hour.

Tony now told his two son’s.

“That their mother was having a sleep in their room and the boys were not to disturb her.

He had to go into town with his aunt and cousin to help settle some matters at the solicitor's office.”

James and Gary now watched their father drive off with his aunt and cousin in the car with him. The boy’s first thoughts were to rush up to their mother’s room and persuade her to have a little more fun.

However, their father had insisted she be left alone.

And they were unsure if she would be willing to do what she did last night.

They were getting the feeling by her a voiding them that she was regretting everything that had happened last night.

The boy’s decided to go explore the countryside around the pub.

They had not had the chance to do so before and they figured that if they left her alone maybe she would be more willing to have a little fun with them when their father was not around.

Tony and his aunt and cousin had sorted out everything with the solicitor.

Tony now found himself parked in a very deserted lay-by.

He was now in the back seat of his car with his aunt and cousin one on each side of him.

Both of them were now licking up and down his cock as they both gave him a blow job at the same time.

As they were not going to see him for some time they were both determined to enjoy his wonderful cock for as long as possible.

Even as Tony drove back up to the pub Gwendolyn was in the passenger’s seat with her head resting in his lap and his big cock in her mouth.

She would not let him go until the last possible moment.

It was now later on and Tony and Denise and the boy’s were getting ready to leave.

The luggage was packed into the boot and the lads was sat in the car listening to their own personal stereos.

Tony and Denise were just saying goodbye to Gwendolyn and Morag.

As Tony and Denise were getting into their car Gwendolyn collapsed onto the ground.

Morag now screamed out.

Tony now rushed back to his aunt who was still unconscious on the floor.

Tony quickly picked up Gwendolyn and carried her back to her room where he gently lay her down on her bed.

Concern was written all over his face now.

Morag now said to Tony.

“I think she as only fainted the last couple of days have been very hard on her.”

And Morag winked at Tony.

Morag now started to undo her mother's jacket once her jacket was undone she started to undo her mother's blouse and she now pulled it open.

Tony was now looking at her big tits in her white silk bra.

Tony was now trying to control himself.

But everytime he saw his aunts big titties they always gave him a raging hardon.

Denise now made a coughing sound which brought Tony back to reality.

Denise now led Tony out of the room while Morag made her mother more comfortable.

Denise was now trying to comfort her husband she could tell by the look on his face that he was really worried about his Auntie.

Denise knew Tony and his auntie and cousin were very close.

Morag now had her mother’s left nipple in her mouth and she was sucking on it while she played with her mother's other big breast.

Gwendolyn now opened her eyes and smiled at her daughter.

She then said to her.

“How is the plan working?”

Morag now looked up at her mother and let her nipple fall from her lips.

She then said to her mother.

“It's going great Tony his really concerned and if we play it right Denise will make him stay here to help look after you.”

Gwendolyn now just smiled at her daughter and held her big breast back up to her.

Morag just smiled at her mother as she took the nipple back into her mouth.

Outside of Gwendolyn's room Denise was trying to persuade her husband to stay and look after his aunt.

She was quite capable of taking the boy’s home herself.

Even-know she dreaded being alone with both of them.

Eventually Tony came up with a compromise.

James had finished school and he would not be starting college for a few more weeks.

So James could stay with Tony and help him with Gwendolyn's farm.

Denise and Gary would go home and Tony and James would join them in a few days if all went to plan.

Denise now knocked on Gwendolyn's door and went inside to see how she was and to explain what they were going to do.

Tony was at the car explaining the same thing to his son’s.

However, he could not understand why Gary was smiling and James looked so upset.

However, Tony had more important things to worry about right now.

Denise now joined her husband at the car they had to sort out the suitcases. Tony took his and James’s cases out of the car.

Tony and Denise now kissed and hugged each other.

He now turned his attention to Gary and told him.

“To be good for his mother otherwise he would be in serious trouble.”

Gary and Denise now got back in the car Denise waved to Tony and James then she started to drive off.

James felt really pissed off about having to go to some stupid farm and help his dad’s family.

Morag was now in-between her mother’s legs she was just bringing her mother to a wonderful orgasm with her talented tongue.

Gwendolyn had to put her own hand over her mouth so people in the pub would not hear her scream out as she came.

Gwendolyn was now laid on the bed her breathing coming hard and fast she was just recovering from the wonderful orgasm her daughter had just given her when there was a knock on her bedroom door.

Morag quickly pulled the covers up over her mother’s naked body and Gwendolyn pretended to be asleep.

Morag now opened the door, outside were Tony and his son James.

Morag asked them both to come in.

Morag was now paying attention to James.

She had never really studied him before.

Now she was looking at him intently her mind racing with all the plans that she had in mind for him. The boy looked board out of his mind.

Morag smiled to herself she would make sure once they were at the farm that he would not have time to be board.

Denise and Gary drove without talking.

Gary just smiled to himself and looked out of the window.

Denise was very relieved that he had not said anything about last night.

She was hoping he was just as embarrassed about what had happened as she was and that it would never be mentioned again.

Denise was starting to relax and hoped that everything was going to be ok.

When Gary put his hand on her leg and gave it a little squeeze.

He then smiled at her.

Denise slapped his hand away she then turned and looked at him she then quickly looked back at the road.

Denise now said to him.

“Don’t get any ideas young man last night was a mistake and don’t you dare mention it to me again.”

She also wished that she had worn trousers instead of her skirt and tights.

Gary just completely ignored his mother there was no way that he was going to let her forget about last night.

He had enjoyed it too much and if he had to blackmail her by threatening to tell his father that was all well and good with him.

He now continued to put his hand on her leg.

Denise continued to slap it away and she angrily told him.

“To stop it.”

Eventually he told her.

“That he was going to tell all his friends and teachers at school that she had sexually took advantage of him.”

Denise finally gave up trying to remove his hand from her leg and just ignored him completely and concentrated on her driving.

Gary now slipped his hand under her skirt so that his fingers were rubbing her panties through her tights.

Denise tried her best just to ignore him.

But she could feel herself getting wet and aroused and it was getting harder to concentrate on her driving.

She told him.

“To stop it, they could crash and both be killed.”

Gary just smiled at her and he just continued to rub her pussy through her tights.

Denise now saw a sign for a picnic area so she indicated and then pulled off the main road and headed along a small track until it opened up into the picnic area.

She saw a building which looked all locked up.

So she parked her car behind it so the car now could not be seen just encase any other cars came along.

Denise now turned to her son and angrily slapped him a crossed his face. However, she slapped him a lot harder than she had intended to.

Gary just looked at his mother with shock on his face.

Denise now saw the huge red mark that her hand had left on her son's cheek and she instantly regretted it.

Tears now slowly started to leak from Gary's eyes now.

Gary now looked at his mother and said to her as his tears ran down his young face.

“I know why you don’t want me touching you; it’s ok for James to touch you.

But not me, I saw the way you were with James.

He's always been your favourite, well don't worry I will never touch you again.

And I will not blackmail you; I don't want anything to do with you from now on.”

He now undid his seat-belt and opened his door and ran off towards some trees.

By the time Denise had undone her seat-belt and got out of the car and went to go look for him. Gary was nowhere to be seen.

Denise spent the next half a hour calling his name and looking for him.

She was now getting really worried.

Gary was so angry that he had made his way out through the trees and was now walking down a quiet deserted road.

Two men sat in a old beat up van.

They were now both watching him as he walked down the road.

The men watched him for a few minutes to make sure that he was alone.

Denise reluctantly got back in her car; she would check the side roads on either side of the picnic area. He could be found on one of them she thought to herself.

The men in the van now slowly drove up to Gary and stopped the van next to him.

While the passenger talked to him the driver quietly slipped out of his door and went around to the rear of his van and he now positioned himself behind his rear doors so that Gary was not aware of his presents.

Gary was taken by surprise when the van pulled up next to him.

The man in the van now called out to Gary and said to him.

“Hi boy what the hell are you doing down here all alone, are you lost?”

The man had a strong Irish accent like some gipsies Gary knew.

However, for some reason Garry knew this man was dangerous.

Gary just replied to the man.

“That he was ok.”

And he now started to walk off a little faster.

The man in the van called out to him.

However Gary now started to run but a pair of strong hands grabbed him from behind.

Gary tried to fight but the man started to pull him back towards the van and the man in the van now helped him get Gary into the van.

In the short struggle Gary’s coat sleeve was ripped off.

Within a few minutes the two men had gagged and tied Gary securely up.

Denise now had spent hours driving up and down the roads and going back to the picnic area looking for him.

She now realized something was not right.

She was going down one of the roads when she noticed something on the floor it looked like a bit of rip material.

She stopped and picked it up.

It looked like the sleeve of Gary’s coat.

Denise now was very scared; she now got her mobile phone out and called the Police.

After telling them what had happened and were she had found the ripped sleeve.

She was told to stay where she was.

40 minutes later she saw flashing blue lights coming towards her.

Two Police cars now pulled up next to her.

She noticed one of the police cars was a dog unit.

The officers quickly took down her story and got her to calm down and then tell them everything that had happened right from the beginning.

Denise now watched as one of the officers got the dog out of the back of one of the police cars and quickly disappeared back into the trees trying to find a cent-trail.

A female officer had stayed with Denise trying to comfort her the other officers now started to check the road.

One of them now pointed towards some tyre marks which looked like they had been made by a vehicle speeding off quickly.

The marks started where she had found the ripped sleeve.

The officers just looked at each other then back at Denise who was now really crying her eyes out.

Denise had also tried to call her husband to tell him what had happened. But she could not get any answer. His phone went straight to voice mail as did James, Morag and Gwendolyn's phone.

She knew his auntie and cousin did not have a land line.

Just then the officer with the dog came back out of the trees and the dog started to make a big fuss at the place where Denise had first found the ripped sleeve.

One of the officers now said to Denise.

“We believe that your son may have been abducted.”

Denise now would have collapsed if one of the male police officers had not caught her.

She was now put in one of the police cars and a police officer drove her car and she was taken back to the police station.

Where she made a formal statement.

A full search was now ordered for the area and all vehicles leaving the area where to be stopped and searched.

After Denise had answered all of the Police's questions.

She was shown into a small room that had a little bed in it.

She was told to wait here and to try and get some sleep they would inform her the second they knew anything.

It was nearly 2 hours after Gary had gone missing and the van he was tied up in was now going down a small country lane.

The driver not knowing the area now took a wrong turn and ended up in a farmer’s courtyard.

The farmer was just moving a tractor when the van pulled into his farmyard. The van now came to a sudden stop and quickly turned around and sped off at high speed.

The farmer now reported it to the police.

Three patrol cars which were in the area were now given the description of the van and told to stop it.

The van now sped through a busy junction without stopping.

A patrol car was parked up at that junction.

The patrol car instantly went after the van.

As soon as the patrol car turned on its lights and siren the van sped off even faster.

The patrol car now radioed back to base that it was now chasing the van from the farm report.

The men in the van now started to panic they had forgotten all about Gary in the back tied up.

They knew they could not out run the high performance police cars in this old van.

So they needed to get rid of it pretty quickly.

However, the decision was taken out of their hands when they took a corner to fast and ended up going off the road and into a ditch.

The ditch was pretty deep and the men only just got out before the van started to sink.

The men now made it to the road and they started to make a run for it.

But they were quickly stopped by the police.

Gary who was in the back of the van had been momentarily knocked out when the van went into the ditch.

Water was now coming into the van and the water was icy cold.

Gary now started to kick about and to make as much noise as possible, hoping someone would hear him.

Two police officers heard the banging coming from the van and realized there must be someone in it.

Now three police officers quickly went into the ditch and risking their own lives managed to get the back doors open and pull Gary out.

Gary was very wet and terrified.

When the police saw that Gary was tied up the two men were charged with kidnapping as well as all the other motoring offences they were charged with.

The men were taking to the police station and Gary was taken away to the nearest hospital for a check up.

Denise had now cried herself to sleep.

She had no idea how long she had slept.

When there was a knocking on the door and then the door opened.

She sleepily sat up and looked up at the smiling female officer.

The officer now turned on the lights.

The female officer now said to her.

“Put your shoes on I am here to take you to your son.”

Denise just looked at her and then she broke down in tears.

The officer now went to comfort her.

The female officer also went with her to the hospital and on the journey to the hospital she explained everything to Denise.

Denise realized how lucky she had been.

She had nearly lost her son forever.

Denise was now shown to a small cubicle with the curtain pulled around it.

Two police officers were standing outside the curtain talking to each other.

They looked at Denise as she approached with the female officer and they just smiled at her. The female officer now told her.

“To go right in and they would give her a little privacy.”

Denise quickly went in to the cubicle Gary was sat on a small bed he was wearing a hospital gown and his face was cut and bruised.

He also had cuts and bruises on his arms and legs which she could clearly see.

He had been thrown around quite badly when the van went into the ditch and he had a big black eye and a burst lip from when he tried to fight free from the men.

Denise just looked at her son and started to cry.

Gary looked at his mother and he also started to cry.

Mother and son now just looked at each other.

Gary now said to his mother.

“That he was very sorry and that he loved her very much.”

He now asked her.

“If she wanted him to go away forever?”

Denise’s heart now was truly breaking for her son.

She could see in his face that he was upset and very scared and very frightened.

Denise now went to her son and they both hugged each other very tightly.

She now whispered into his ear.

“Do you remember what I did when you were small and you were upset and didn't think I loved you?”

Gary just looked at his mother a little unsure.

But he did nod his head in answer to her.

Denise now went to check that the curtain was closed right to.

She now went back to her son.

Gary just watched as his mother started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Once her buttons were all undone she gently rubbed his cheek with her hand.

She then took her left breast out of her bra and held it up to his mouth.

She now put her hand on the back of his head and gently pulled his lips down onto her nipple.

Rating: 82%, Read 26358 times, Posted Jan 26, 2018

Fiction | Anal, Cheating, Incest, Violence


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