winter break with my cousin by duke69cousin

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Fiction | Blowjob, First Time, Incest, Latina, Pregnant, Spanking, Virginity

Dam! Was the only thing that came to mind every time I saw my cousin Jessica walk by me. I have always fantasized about sleeping with my cousin ever since I meet her. We meet when we were 13, since we were both only Childs we spend a lot of time together we always played around. I especially liked it when we played wrestling. Both our bodies touching and rubbing against each other.

by the age of 15 we had tried out a lot out things with each other. We practiced kissing. And foreplay, she was inexperienced yet she gave the best blow jobs. My aunt then found a job and moved out right before we had sex.

I am now 18 and my cousin is spending winter break at my house, but before she leaves her virginity will be mine.

Knock knock knock! Was what I heard at the door my cousin Jessica was finally her.

”Jordan” she screamed as I opened the door. She was standing there wearing a blue tang top that really brought out the amazing bust she had. her tight white pants showed her big ass that I had missed slapping like I did when we wrestled.she started jumping up and Down and all I could stare at was her perfect 36C sized breast. That I used to cup. She ran in and jumped on me.

”Jessica long time no see”

”I know, were are your parents” she asked

”they went out for their anniversary they will be back in a week”

”awww they left the poor little baby home alone”

” i'm the baby, I am pretty sure that i'm older then you”

”only by a month” she replied

” doesn't matter still older”

”ok ok grave my bags and show me to my room”

” fine” I grabbed her bags and showed her to her room that was right next to mine”

” thank you” she said

” if you need anything I'll be in the living room”

”ok” she said

I walked Downstairs and sat Down on the couch. About ten minutes passed and I heard her walking down stairs. I looked over by the stairs and there she was wearing a long white shirt. She had no bra on I could see her perfect little nipples. I could not tell if she was wearing panties or not. I looked at the t.v to prevent a Boner from happening. Next thing I know. My cousin knocks me off the couch. gets on top of me while pinning my hands down and starts to countdown 1,2. I get the messege and lift her off me. We were now wrestling once again. As soon as lift her off she jumped right on top of me again while wrapping her legs around my abs. She had really strong legs from playing soccer. As I start to untie her legs she graves a hold of my head and put me in a chock hold. I stand up and spin her around. She did not let go of the chock hold and my face was buried in her breast.I didn't want this submission to end, But I pride her off me And got behind her wrapping my hands around her waist. She pushed me away a little just enough so she could turn and face me. And started to squeezed my nuts.

” give up” she asked

The longer I toke to reply the harder she squeezed.

” yes I give up”

she let go and lied Down right next to me.

”I win” she said

” you cheated”

” doesn't matter I still won”

” ok you did”, ”all you wanted to do is grave my nuts dough”

”o and you did not enjoy having your face in my brawless tities”

”I did enjoy that” I answered

She started to stare at me and asked, ” so how is senior year”

” its good”

” any sexual activities”

” only a few bjs” I answered ”how bout you” I asked

” nothing”

” really but your so hot”

She smiled ” thanks but” she paused.

” but what”I asked

” but nothing. You Hungry its almost 9”

” yea” I replied ”frozen pizzal I asked and she agreed. While it was in the oven we continued to talk. I walked to the fridge and got us a water.she was leaning on the counter. I walked behind her and slapped her ass. Smack!

” hey” she turned around smiling” what was that for cousin” she said laughing

” you got a hand of nuts so I got a hand full of ass”

Bing the pizza was ready.30 min later We finished eating.

It started to thunder outside

”well i'm going to go to my room” she said

” she headed towards me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. And then went to her room. I was so horny I went to my room to masturbate. I was gently stroking myself as the door opened I thought it was the thunder.

Next thing I know I feel a warm soft hand on my Dick, I open my eyes and my cousin whispers in my ear need a hand. I start to kiss her as she slowly strokes my cock. I take her shirt of and start to suck on her nipples. ” your breast got so much bigger”

so did your cock” she says laughing

” do you still give those amazing blowjobs” I asked her

” only for you” we give each other two pecks on the lips and she goes down on me.she starts licking the whole Lenght of my cock stopping at the head to suck it. I reach Down and start to message her cream white soft titties. She takes my cock half way in then the full length in she did not even gag.

”I want you in me right now”

I got on top of her and asked her ” are you ready”

” yea please be gentle”

I kiss her and gently start to stick my cock inch by inch in her wet pussy

” ok here it goes”

I push the the whole thing inside

”ahhhh don't move please wait” she says to me

I start nibble on her nipples to make her horny

”awwww ohhhh keep on going”

I pull out and she her blood

” your not a virgin anymore that's all mine”

”I wanted you to have it, know fuck your cousin bleeding pussy” I start stroking my cock in and out her pussy she was moaning really loud

” yea fuck your cousin wet pussy” I get behind get and start spooning get

”awwww just like that”

” say you love my cock”

”I fucking love your cock”

”I can have your pussy when ever you want”

”ooo baby this pussy is all yours just ask”

” get on all fours I want you doggy style”she gets on all fours and shakes her ass for me

” come here cousin and smack my ass”

I get behind her and start fucking her while I smack her ass

” you love your cousin cock don't you”

”awwww yes i'm cumming”

”good i'm about to come to”

I start stroking faster and Faster

”cum inside me I want your fluid inside me”

I lean forward and squeeze her tits as I give stronger and faster Strokes. I bury my Dick inside her pussy and fill her with my babies

”awwww this is going to be an amazing break” she said

” not if I got you pregnant”

”We can run away if you did”

” that's a great idea I pulled her in close and kissed her while I smacked her ass.

”mmmmm this is way better then wrestling”.

Rating: 76%, Read 42083 times, Posted Jan 21, 2013

Fiction | Blowjob, First Time, Incest, Latina, Pregnant, Spanking, Virginity


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