Alicia pt 1 by Isambard

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Fantasy | Authoritarian, Coercion, Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Old Male, Young

Alicia had felt feverish at school all day yesterday, which didn’t make concentrating any easier. Although she felt better this morning, it didn’t take much to convince her parents that she needed today off to recover. The only hiccup was who would check in on her during the day, as being 14 she needed at least one look-in. After a few calls, dependable Uncle Jerry offered to swing by after lunch and check on her.

Alicia had enjoyed exploring her body ever since she caught sight of her brother and his girlfriend kissing and dry humping; seeing the convulsive pleasure had intrigued her. Today was no different. After her parents left for work, she removed her tight black knickers, and settled onto the couch in her pyjama shorts and loose-fitting white tank top. She had not put on a bra, so the tank top barely concealed her budding 32B breasts with deep pink nipples and allowed her tight mid-riff to show freely. Watching her favourite Buffy series, Alicia began stretching her toned body on the couch, rubbing her hands over her stomach, thighs and buttocks. Since 8, she had been a devout gymnast, her supple body being able to do the splits forward and horizontal. Yet, the food her parents ate was not all that healthy, so she held an athletic figure with just a light coating of baby fat to accentuate her curves. Her skin had always been pale and easily aroused, so she enjoyed caressing herself into a horny state before working her hands onto her breasts or into her tight cunt.

Moistening at her touch, Alicia began thinking about the male characters in Buffy, whom she’d often fantasize over. She used to imagine them touching her, being gentle, feeling their muscles, their heavy breathing. When she imagined kissing them, she’d clench her pussy as she pressed her hand against her clit, then ride her young orgasms to their end. Gradually, though, this wasn’t enough to get her off. She started imagining them dry humping her, feeling their members through their leather trousers, having them restrain her as they touched her. Alicia pictured herself submitting to their strength, feeling safe in their power as long as she did what they asked. As her submissive fantasies took her spasms of pleasure to new intensities, her hungry pussy demanded ever-deepening scenarios.

Lying on the couch today, Alicia imagined herself kneeling before the big male characters, looking up at their over-sized cocks, as they demanded her to open her mouth and take in their thick members. The teenage girl opened her mouth in real life, feeling the warm puckered helmet almost fill her oral cavity, before the pulsating shaft pushed the head firmly onwards. Her mouth salivating, she worked the first cock, pistoning her mouth and hand up and down, just like in the videos she found online. Her imaginary master was placing his hand on her head, firmly pressing her onto his penis, trying to get his whole shaft past her tonsils. She pretended to gag, pretended to stop breathing, then gasped as if on the brink of asphyxiation. The next character demanded to use her throat, and she dutifully obliged, as her previous customer moved around to start fondling her inflamed pussy. Alicia threw off the covers, feeling safe she was alone, and darted her right hand down into her shorts, as her left gripped her breast hard, pinching her nipples simultaneously. In her mind, she was choking on a spit-covered cock, whilst obeying the command to arch her back and hold her pussy and ass into the air; her master teased her dripping flower. She knew today was when she would have them fuck her from both ends and her submissive mind told her she wanted it to be doggy style. The girl flipped herself onto her stomach and slowly got onto her hands and knees, replacing her right hand back onto her pussy where she resumed rubbing her engorged clitoris.

“Looks like you’re feeling much better”

Alicia’s heart jumped out of her mouth. Rather than freeze, she collapsed onto her front, pulling the covers over her. “Uncle Jerry, I thought you were coming a bit later. I… uh… I’m feeling a bit sick. I couldn’t get comfortable and then felt a bit hot.”

“Shall I get you some water? You looked like you were working hard, you must be thirsty”

“Oh… um… yeah OK then. I should be fine then though, you don’t have to stay”

“If you’re still feeling sick, I better hang on here to make sure it doesn’t get worse”. Jerry glanced at the TV, “I’ve never watched this show before. I’ll grab a drink and watch with you until you’re feeling better. I’ve not got anything on today.”

Alicia settled herself under the duvet, wiping the moistness from her fingers. She pulled her tank top down as far as it could go. “That’s kind of you Uncle Jerry. I’ll just go change, I’m still in my pyjamas, ha…” She held the duvet nervously around her, as she got to her feet and made for the door.

“Don’t be silly. Everyone wears pyjamas when they’re sick. Means you can get hot and sweaty without worrying, eh?”. Jerry gave her a lascivious wink and laughed to himself as he approached the sofa. He handed Alicia a glass of water and took a sip from his beer. Jerry touched Alicia on the shoulder, guiding her back to the couch.

As they sat down, Jerry set his beer to the side. The curtains were drawn, making the room dark, and outside it was raining. Alicia sat bunched up on the other end of the sofa, which could only sit two people, so her and Jerry’s legs were still touching.

“No, no. Come on now, you’ve got to share the duvet, it’s only fair!” Jerry exclaimed. He pulled the end of the duvet wide, seeing his niece in her skimpy shorts and tiny white tank top. Her firmly erect nipples still poked through the material. Her midriff rolled up slightly, whilst her pale thighs invited his eyes down the rest of her legs. He made no attempt to hide his ogling, holding the duvet wide for much longer than he needed to reposition it around himself. Alicia’s head was cast down; she could feel his probing eyes. Jerry smirked as he positioned the duvet, sliding up closer to Alicia and putting his arm around her.

Uncle Jerry was Alicia’s father’s oldest brother, being 58. He had always worked manual labour jobs, and often helped his friends if they needed a spare hand in their scrap yard or garage. As such, he had a broad chest and naturally big arms, with large, rough fingers. His skin was leathery from yearly trips with the family to Spain and much outdoor work. He had shaved silvery hair covering his head, with a defined receding hairline. He still clean-shaved, but often had a little stubble. Jerry was no stranger to a few pints, and liked to keep himself well-fed. He sported a moderate belly, though is work kept his stomach from being too flabby and had gifted him powerful legs, which Alicia could now feel next to hers. On to his 3rd wife, Jerry was a lady’s man. Caught in several affairs, he seemed reluctant to go into his old age without putting it about a bit first. Alicia only really saw Jerry at family events these days, though she knew him and her dad spoke regularly, not least at Jerry’s fortnightly poker nights.

“Not sure why you like this show, Leash. It’s probably all the pretty boys. Whatever the reason, sure seemed like you were enjoying it earlier” Jerry smirked. “You didn’t hear me come in, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. I’m sorry Uncle Jerry, I thought no one was here”

“Don’t apologise for it. I could have said something when I saw you going at it under the covers, but I wanted to see a bit more of the show first. I wasn’t disappointed”. Jerry squeezed her shoulder. “You’re a beautiful young woman. Seems like you have a very active imagination, too.”

Alicia reddened and bit her lip. She attempted to act as if she was interested in the programme. Her pussy juice started to moisten her thighs, as Jerry’s powerful hand aroused her shoulder. His big bicep was tensing across her back, and she felt even smaller and safer in his big embrace than she had ever imagined with the characters from the show.

“Your mum and dad would flip if they found out what you got up to on your own. Geeze, just thinking about how mad your Dad would get… Boys wouldn’t get a look in edgeways, and you can say goodbye to gymnastics: you know what those coaches are like. He’ll be getting you dropped off and picked up from school by your brother. He won’t take any chances with his princess”. Jerry started to caress Alicia’s shoulder. “You know me though Leash, I don’t rat on anyone.” Jerry paused a moment whilst side-glancing Alicia, and then suggested, “Why don’t you finish up what you started?”

Jerry then keep staring straight at the screen. Alicia was curious about her Uncle’s intent, yet she couldn’t deny that she trusted Jerry wouldn’t say anything. As she heard him say those words, a fire bellowed in her pussy, screaming at her to finish what she started. Her desires often got the better of her, and a part of Alicia thought being watched by her Uncle was very horny and might make her orgasm all the more powerful.

“I won’t tell, or even watch if you don’t want me to. I just want you to feel better, baby girl.”

Hesitantly, Alicia moved her right hand underneath the fabric of her shorts and spread her nimble legs a little wider to better access her clit. Sinking down into the sofa further, Alicia tried to imagine the man on the screen spanking her pale, white ass cheeks as she said his name. Her body convulsed as if she was feeling the slaps. She grabbed her breast and started to fondle herself.

Jerry’s arm held tight to her shoulders, his fingers now caressing her ear and neck, slipping into her hair.

“Mmm, that’s a good girl, Alicia. Work your little cunny, get it nice and wet. Uncle Jerry’s got you safe, you just keep going until you want to cum all over the sofa. Uncle’s not going to tell anyone”.

Wasting no time to take advantage of his young niece, Jerry used his left hand to encourage Alicia to spread her legs wider. His right hand easily slipped further round and he took her little breast into his big, rough fingers. Jerry squeezed his little niece’s tit firmly as he spread her legs wider and wider. After a few squeezes, Alicia moaned and seemed to work her pussy faster, placing her now free hand at her mouth, biting on her finger. Encouraged, Jerry slid his fingers to her nipple and began squeezing and pulling.

“Rub that tight, moist hole for me little princess. You like me pinching that nipple, don’t you?”. Alicia whimpered. “I thought you might. Oh, you are such a beautiful girl, Leash.” Jerry continued to alternate the nipple he pulled and pinched, as Alicia went deeper and harder rubbing her clitoral mound.

“I want to see all of my beautiful niece. I think I deserve it for looking after you and giving up my day.” Suddenly, Jerry tore away the duvet, revealing his niece with her hand furiously rubbing her cunt below her shorts, legs stretched wide, panting heavily, visibly sweaty and flushed from the action. Alicia stopped rubbing and looked at her Uncle questioningly.

Jerry’s face was firm and he spoke in a low, controlled tone, “I expect a show, to say thank you to your kind Uncle Jerry. Stand up for me, girl. Let me see my beautiful baby.”

Alicia stood and faced Jerry. “I want to see all of you.” Unsure of what he was asking, Alicia stayed facing her Uncle. “Your Uncle doesn’t like asking twice, sweety.” Jerry’s tone hardened, and Alicia felt her pussy quiver as a tone of dominance closed around her. She lifted and discarded her tank top, allowing her breasts to spring free; she knew better than to cover them up.

“Get on with it” Jerry encouraged.

Alicia slid her little pyjama shorts off, revealing her trim vulva, tight and clean shaven, copying the girls from the internet. Her hands lay awkwardly at her side as she gave in to her Uncle’s examination.

“My god, you are something special Alicia. I can’t say I’ve seen too many girls quite as sexy and beautiful as you. Those breasts will get bigger, I’m sure. Good to see you keep that nice cunt shaved; you have good standards for yourself. Now turn around.”

Alicia obeyed, turning to face the screen. Her Uncle seemed to be controlling her now; she felt obliged to acquiesce, almost fearfully, and yet oddly comforted in her submission to him. Two pale buttocks met Jerry’s eyes, both perfectly formed and faultless. Round and doughy, yet firm and pert. The small of her back had two soft Venus dimples. Alicia’s legs formed a natural gap just below her buttocks, her slender legs contrasting and highlighting the full ass that she was gifted.

“Bend at the hips and grab your ankles. Let’s see how flexible you are”.

Alicia bent down. As she did, her ass cheeks spread to reveal just enough of her pink rose bud ass hole, beautifully clean and incredibly tight. She grabbed her ankles, easily getting her breasts tight against her knees. She could face her uncle again.

“Look at the floor, princess. Now take your hands and grab both ass cheeks and spread them”

Alicia stared down whilst raising both hands and pulling apart her doughy mounds. Her puckered rectum stretched with her cheeks, stretching the lines of her hole sideways and contorting her shit mouth so it looked ready to tear apart.

“As wide as you can, Alicia. I want you to feel it stretching wide. Give Uncle Jerry a good show, unless you don’t think he deserves it?”

“You deserve it, Uncle Jerry” she said in earnest. Alicia pulled as hard as she could, using her palms to spread her ass cheeks. With her fingers, she pulled her ass hole wider, encouraging the inner pink of her shit chute to reveal itself. Testament to how tight her 14-year old anus was, Alicia let out a groan of discomfort. “Good girl. You should get used to enjoying your ass hole, princess. Get down on all fours for me”

To be continued ...

Rating: 94%, Read 99294 times, Posted May 17, 2019

Fantasy | Authoritarian, Coercion, Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Old Male, Young


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