Squire Flynn’s Adventures by ThaKid15

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Fiction | BDSM, Boy, Domination, Submission

Flynn walked along the cobbled road, swiping the dirty blonde hair from his eyes as he managed to barely keep up with the knight, Sir Egan, as the armored man hurried forward. Sir Egan had said something about a planned bandit attack in the next village when he had roused Flynn from his sleep, and since then, the two had been hurrying along the road for hours.

“My water, boy.” Sir Egan said, his voice raspy.

Moving forward, Flynn dutifully took the bottle out of his bag and handed it to the knight. Yes, Flynn was Sir Egan’s squire, having started earlier than most boys did. Many had chastised Sir Egan’s choice in picking Flynn, with most saying the boy was still too small to be able to serve him in his knightly duties effectively. It was true, with his small frame, Flynn was smaller than most boys his age, though he never did get picked on back home. His hands were still smooth and skin pale as his parents never had him do any manual labor, and many said that he would not be fit for the life of a squire.

Flynn, however, had enjoyed his first few days as a squire.

“We have to hurry.” Sir Egan said as he handed the water back to Flynn. “We should arrive at the next village shortly. We don’t want to be too late.”

Bandit attacks had been becoming more common lately. This came in the immediate aftermath of the King declaring that taxes would be raised threefold to compensate for the losses the Kingdom took during the last war. The common people did not take too well to this news and began protesting, but the King sent his knights across the realm to put down these uprisings. Ever since then, it’s been a war between bandits and the King’s knights.

The boy could not say he did not sympathize with the bandits, however. Because Flynn was also a commoner, he understood their struggles, and he had been one of the lucky few common boys to be promised a better life by being taken as a squire by a noble knight.

Of course, there was some resentment amongst the people of his village when the news came that he would be taken as a squire. The villagers felt that he would be betraying them, the people of the realm, by becoming a squire and essentially siding with the knights and the King. Even his own parents had begged him not to go, and tried to offer him every incentive they could to stay. The promise of castles and adventures was too tempting however, and Flynn had readily left his village to serve as Sir Egan’s squire.

Wiping the sweat from his pale forehead, the boy continued to try to keep up with Sir Egan. The trees along the road had grown thicker by now, and the sun was high, shining in his eyes. Unable to see properly, Flynn squinted at the trees as he thought he saw movement in the trees, before arrows suddenly started whizzing through the air.

“Get down!”

Flynn froze as half a dozen arrows came hurtling through the air, but Sir Egan had reacted quickly, throwing the boy to the floor. Flynn has narrowly avoided being killed by the hail of arrows, but Sir Egan was struck by the rest of them, four arrows now sticking out of his breastplate.

Grunting, Sir Egan struggled to remain on his feet as the bandits showed themselves, appearing from the trees. It had been a trap, they had allowed false news of a planned attack to reach Sir Egan’s ears, and then planned an ambush on the road. Still frozen with fear, Flynn remained on the ground, eyes wide as he watched the six bandits circle Sir Egan.

Sir Egan moved first, unsheathing his sword, and a bandit responded by firing another arrow into his chest. Sir Egan managed to avoid the next arrow fired by the next bandit, and with sword in hand, cut down two of the bandits that moved to engage him. The bandits that were armed with bows continued to pepper Sir Egan with arrows, however, and even his thick armor could not withstand that many arrows at such a close range. Sir Egan collapsed to his knees as he drove his sword in a third bandit, unable to continue fighting anymore. The remaining bandits did not take any chances, though, and Flynn was forced to watch as the bandits remained in their circular formation around Sir Egan’s kneeling figure, shooting arrows into his limp body.

Eventually, Sir Egan’s body was riddled with arrows, at least three dozen of them sticking out of his armor, and the proud knight slumped heavily forward, unmoving. Flynn felt his lips tremble as one bandit, the leader, approached the fallen knight, and removed his helmet.

“Another knight to add to your collection.” The bowman behind him said, slinging his bow over his shoulders.

“What is this, your fifth?” Another, a huge man asked.

“Eighth.” The bandit leader corrected.

“Wow, you sure are making a name for yourself. Soon, they’ll be calling you the knight-slayer.”

The bandits chuckled as they put Sir Egan’s helmet into a duffel bag and pulling out the arrows in his body. They needed the supplies, Flynn knew, and had to scavenge hard for every arrow they had.

“Hey, what about the boy there?”

As if suddenly noticing the frightened boy, the bandits turned their attention to Flynn. Flynn cowered as they approached, and lowered his eyes as the bandit leader knelt down, taking his chin in his hands and looking the boy up and down.

“What’s your name boy.” The man asked, his eyes cold and dark.

Flynn did not respond, too afraid to speak.

“Answer the boss when he’s speaking to you boy!” The large bandit yelled, raising his large boot and slamming it down on Flynn’s still hairless legs.

The boy screamed as the boot came down on his knees, whimpering and trying to crawl away from the men, only to be kicked in the stomach for his efforts.

“F-Flynn.” He finally answered, clutching at his stomach. “My name is Flynn.”

“Flynn, huh?” The bowman muttered, his voice smooth. “That’s a commoner’s name. Most commoners don’t travel around with knights.”

“You lying to us boy?” The big bandit said, threatening to hurt Flynn again. Flynn could only plead for mercy as he closed his eyes, begging to be let go.

“Stop it.” The bandit leader said. “Let’s hear what he has to say.” He turned to Flynn. “You’re a squire?”

Flynn nodded, glancing at Sir Egan’s corpse behind the bandits.

“Wrong.” The bowman snickered. “You were a squire, not anymore.”

The leader scoffed at his two companions’ snickering. “Can you two shut up and focus. A squire could still cost much even if his knight is dead.”

“You’re right!” The huge bandit’s eyes lighted up. “He’s probably the son of some rich nobleman with lots of gold! Tell me boy, do you have brothers? If he’s an only son, we can double the ransom!”

“I’m not a rich man’s son.” Flynn muttered timidly, interrupting the bandits’ conversation. “I-I’m just another boy, a commoner.”

The bandits grew flustered as he spoke.

“A fucking commoner? You liar!”

“No, no please listen!” Flynn raised his hands to protect himself as the large bandit seemed as if he were about to strike the boy again. “Sir Egan took me as his squire last week, I was the only boy from my village taken as a squire this year, it doesn’t happen often. I am a commoner.”

The large bandit continued his threats and screaming, but the bandit leader raised his hand to silence him. Leaning in close, his eyes serious, the bandit leader began to speak softly.

“You cannot be a commoner, because, no matter which backwater village you’re from, you’ve had to have heard of what’s going on between us bandits and the knights.”

He paused, taking a slow, deep breath, and Flynn’s heart raced as he waited for him to finish speaking. Beside him, he noticed the dagger Sir Egan had given him that fell to the floor during the fight.

“So tell me, Flynn.” The bandit leader continued. “Why would a commoner leave his people, village, family, and friends, to help a knight travel around and kill people who are just like him?”

Flynn’s mouth opened and closed, at a loss for words.

“Speak only the truth now, boy.” The bowman said. “Are you a noble child, or are you a commoner?”

Heart pounding against his chest, Flynn’s mouth opened as he began to speak.

“I’m a commoner.”

Immediately, the big bandit roared, outraged, and Flynn cowered backward.

“How could you!” He bellowed, his big hands grabbing at Flynn’s leg as he tried to escape. “You left your own people to fight for the king? Traitor! Coward!”

Flynn grasped blindly at where he saw the knife before, and finally felt it in his hands, and screamed as he stabbed out at the huge bandit blindly. The bandit yelled in surprise, pulling his hand backward and releasing Flynn.

“A dagger!” He screamed as Flynn hurried to his feet and began to limp away in the confusion. “A fucking dagger!”

The big man leapt forward and reached Flynn in one stride. The other two bandits watched as Flynn struggled with their huge friend as he came down on the boy. Flynn desperately fought back at the mountain of a man, slashing and stabbing, but the man quickly knocked the knife out of his hands, and put Flynn on his back by slamming his huge fist into the boy’s temple.

His head ringing, Flynn was unable to fight back as he felt he bandit turn him over on his stomach, his strong hands holding him down.

“You want to kill me too, huh? You traitor!”

The big man was on top of him, straddling the boy’s small body. Flynn felt the hands tear the tunic he wore open, and Flynn began to struggle as his bare chest was exposed to the cold ground. The boy was unable to do anything, however, as the large bandit tore his pants open, leaving the young boy naked on the ground.

“Maybe this will teach you.”

Flynn now began to try and fight back as he felt the large hands grope at his smooth, pale butt roughly, squirming and pleading for mercy. His pleas fell on deaf ears, however, as he felt a throbbing rod slide between his butt cheeks. Flynn panicked.

“Wait, wait!” He screamed into the air.

But the bandit didn’t care. With a brutish grunt, the huge man forced the tip of his dick into the small boy’s ass hole, and immediately Flynn knew that it wouldn’t fit.

“Please!” He clawed at the dirt. “It hurts!”

“Oh I bet you like it, don’t you boy?” The huge bandit grunted as he began to slide his tip around.

“It’s too big,” Flynn whined helplessly as he felt the bandit put more pressure on his little hole. “It’s too big!”

But his screams were for nothing, as the burly man grunted again, shoving his unlubed, enormous cock straight into the boy’s ass hole. Flynn let out a ear shattering scream as he felt the strange sensation of a foreign object being forced inside him. The man had split his butt open, and Flynn could feel a wetness begin to trickle down his legs as blood came pouring out.

The blood didn’t seem to faze the bandit, as he began to pump in and out of the young boy, and Flynn began writhing in pain as he felt the strange object push in and out roughly.

“Yeah boy, you’re my little bitch now, you’re my little bitch.”

Flynn lay there on the ground, quivering as pain shot through his small body, unable to fight back. As if things weren’t bad enough however, Flynn suddenly saw another figure appear in front of him, another large, veiny cock coming into view.

“Open up kid, nice and wide.” The bandit leader said, an evil grin plastered on his face.

He grabbed Flynn’s head with both hands and forced his cock through Flynn’s lips and into his mouth, grunting with pleasure as his cock hit the back of the boy’s throat.

Flynn, who had tried to remain mostly still, as he was unable to do much to fight back, started to squirm as he began gagging on the cock, but the bandit leader held his face there, and the young boy began convulsing, gasping for air as the bandit leader thrusted into his face and the huge bandit continued to fuck him from behind.

“C’mon man, the boy can’t breathe.”

The voice of the last bandit, the bowman who stood watching, echoed in Flynn’s ears as if from far away. He could feel his body weakening, his arms growing heavy as he began to lose consciousness. And as his eyes glazed over, the last thing Flynn felt was the explosion of cum in the back of his throat and in his ass.

Letting go of the boy’s face, the bandit leader let him crumple to the floor. Flynn wasn’t moving anymore, and the bandit leader nudged the small body with his foot as the large bandit pulled his cock out of the boy’s torn hole, wiping the blood off.

“I think he’s dead.” The large man snorted as he pulled his pants up.

“No he’s not.” The bandit leader said as he eyed the bowman.

“Then we should make him dead.” The brutish man said dumbly, and the bandit leader rolled his eyes.

“No, no, we don’t have to kill everyone we meet. Grab his body and carry him along with us, we could use him.”

Obliging, the big bandit hoisted the naked and bloody body up on his shoulders, and the three bandits took their leave.

The world slowly began to come back to him, as Flynn first regained his hearing, and then the feeling in his hands. He was on the ground, dirty and still naked, and Flynn kept his eyes closed as he tried to regain all of his senses completely.

Nearby, there was shouting and laughing, and Flynn could smell the distinct smell of alcohol in the air. Where was he? Memories suddenly came back in a flood, and Flynn remembered the bandit attack on the road. He remembered the things those men had done to him. Flynn knew about sex of course, with most of his sexual education coming from the gossip of his friends back in the village. They often boasted about their exploits with girls, and Flynn even took part in such boasts though he never actually did any of what he said. Flynn also vaguely knew that some men were attracted to more than just women, though the idea always seemed foreign to him. Until now at least.

As these memories came back to him, immediately, Flynn knew that he had been taken by the bandits after he passed out, and he must be in some sort of bandit lair.

Opening his eyes, Flynn glanced around him. He was in a dark, decrypt room, and there was a single wooden door in the far end of the room. Rocks jutted out of the ceiling, and Flynn knew that the bandit lair must be in a cavern somewhere.

The boy began to panic as he tried to think of a way out. His knight, Sir Egan, has been slain by the bandits, his body left in the street, and Flynn had been captured.

Surely when word of Sir Egan’s murder reached the lords and ladies of the realm, they would begin searching for his missing squire, wouldn’t they? They had to. It was the only way that Flynn would have any chance of escaping at all. But what if they didn’t bother looking for him? What if they decided that a lowly squire wasn’t worth the effort? After all, bandits pillaged the country and the king would likely not be able to spare more men to look for him. Flynn was just a common boy, he was nobody’s son.

As these thoughts of doom and hopelessness barraged him, Flynn began trying to get up, hoping to find a way out of this prison. Grabbing a rock on the walls of the room, Flynn began to pull himself up when suddenly he felt a sharp shooting pain in between his legs.

The boy gasped and tumbled back to the ground, his breath shaking as he touch the wetness running down his legs. It was blood. Flynn’s asshole had been torn open, and by trying to stand up, the boy must have caused it to begin bleeding again.

As Flynn lay there in his own blood and dirt, the door to his cell suddenly opened.

“Ah, you’ve awoken.”

Flynn recognized the bowman from the ambush, and immediately the boy began to back himself into the wall, afraid that the bandit would hurt him. But the bandit only laughed as he saw Flynn’s reaction, and stepped forward.

“I came to check on you, to see if you’re awake.” He said, and produced to bowls. “I bet you must be really hungry, after all that’s happened. We don’t have much, but here’s something to fill your stomach with.”

A bowl of water and food were put down in front of Flynn, and only then did Flynn realize how hungry he was. Looking down at the food, the boy looked back up at the bandit suspiciously, and the bandit only laughed.

“Go ahead boy, eat your fill.”

After another second of hesitation, Flynn finally gave in and pounced on the food bowls, devouring the roasted chicken leg on the bowl. The bowman snickered at the sight, and then turned to leave.

Days had gone by without incident. Flynn had been fed once more last night, and another time this morning. Other than that, he had been left to his own devices, and the boy now felt strong enough to walk.

Pacing the tiny cell slowly, Flynn tried to look for a way out of this prison. While he may have been treated nicely enough so far, he still didn’t want to remain a captive for too long. Besides, Flynn didn’t really know what the bandits really wanted with him.

As Flynn slowly limped about, the sound of rambunctious laughter could be heard as the footsteps of bid men approached the cell.

Flynn barely managed to drop back down to the floor, curling up into a ball to hide his nakedness, as four bandits burst in the room, laughing and shouting drunkenly. Each of the men were huge, with the biggest one still being the man that hurt him on the road.

“Hey look, we finally found him.” One said, as he started toward Flynn.

The bandits laughed as the boy whimpered and scurried into a corner of the room, begging to be left alone.

“We’ve been looking for you for over an hour, boy.” The four bandits had Flynn cornered, and Flynn closed his eyes as they advanced on him. “There were so many things that we wanted to do to you.”

One of the men grabbed his ankle, and another his other ankle, and they began to pull him to the center of the room. Flynn struggled, kicking at the bandits as they dragged him, making it difficult for them to take him.

The bandits finally had enough and tried to carry him by the shoulders, but Flynn but at the man’s hands as they tried to lift him, causing him to crash back down to the ground.

“The bitch bit me!” The man yelled, and lunged at Flynn.

Flynn tried to get away but was too slow, as the man grabbed him by his throat and began to choke him. Clawing at the bandit’s muscular arm, Flynn began to beg for mercy as he choked, but the bandits began to take off their clothes.

“Listen here, boy.” The man said, tightening his grip around Flynn’s neck as he brought his face down so it was only inches away from the boy’s. Flynn could smell the stench of alcohol in his breath. “Either I hurt you and get what I want, or you sit quietly, and I still get what I want. Do you understand?”

Finally, Flynn stopped struggling as he realized the hopelessness of his situation, and nodded at the bandit. The man smiled, his yellow teeth showing, and came down and gave Flynn a long, wet lick on his smooth cheeks.

“It’s been too long since I’ve been with my girl.” The bandit chuckled with a dirty smile. “This will have to do.”

Holding Flynn down by his throat, the man revealed his massive cock, bigger than the one Flynn had taken before, and the boy couldn’t help but stare with wide eyes. The man grinned lustfully and began to lower his throbbing member.

“No,” Flynn pleaded, turning away and closing his eyes. “It’s too big, please.”

But the man’s lust was too much, and he ignored the boy’s pleas as he forced Flynn to face him, tightening his grip on the boy’s neck when he resisted. Flynn could do nothing but allow the man’s cock to enter his mouth, offering no resistance as it slid into his lips.

This cock was big, bigger than the bandit leader’s and perhaps even bigger than the one that had violated his behind. But Flynn saw no use in fighting back, and allowed the man to push inch after inch of his hot cock into his mouth, even as he began gagging.

“You never told me this boy was such a whore.” The man said to the huge bandit, who was stroking himself to the scene, grunting with pleasure. “He isn’t even fighting back!”

Flynn’s pride took another blow with those words, but the man wasn’t wrong. Flynn didn’t want to fight back anymore, it would only end with him getting hurt. Besides, what could he do to stop these men from doing as they pleased to him? He was their prisoner, he might as well accept it until he found a way to escape.

The bandit on top of him allowed his cock to remain inside for several seconds, the tip grinding on the back of Flynn’s throat, and then he began to move it around, sliding the dick in and out. Even though this was not his first time anymore, the sheer size of the cock in his mouth cause Flynn to gag as it was rammed down his throat again and again. The boy retched and gasped for breath for minutes, but he did not fall unconscious like last time and was forced to stay awake through the entire ordeal.

As this was happening, Flynn also noticed that the other bandits had circled around him, and were stroking their cocks, eyes fixed on their friend fucking his face.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum, I’m fucking cumming!”

Flynn’s eyes widened as the man said this. He had began speeding up, and Flynn began to flail around once more as he did, trying to push the man’s hips to get him off.

The man was too strong, however, and Flynn’s pushing did nothing to stop the bandit from thrusting his cock down the boy’s throat. After several more seconds, the man suddenly forced his cock into the back of Flynn’s throat, keeping it there as he cried out in pleasure. The man’s body went rigid, and Flynn could feel ropes after ropes of the man’s thick ejaculate shoot inside his mouth. The man kept his cock firmly pressed against Flynn’s throat, however, and the inexperience boy could not swallow the liquids that was bursting into his mouth. Flynn began to gag and gripped the man’s thighs tightly, as he felt the white liquid leak out the side of his mouth.

At the same time, the other men all around him began to yell also, and they all released their load at the same time, spurting cum all over Flynn’s naked body.

Finally, the man on top of Flynn also allowed the boy a reprieve, as he stopped pressing against his throat and slid his cock out of the boy’s mouth. Flynn immediately began gasping for air, rolling over to his side as he struggled to breathe. His whole naked body was drenched in cum and cum that he had not swallowed still leaked out of his mouth, mixed with saliva.

The men all laughed as they watched Flynn retching on the floor, and began to pull their pants up. They each made comments and jokes about the boy, but Flynn did not listen to them. He could take no more abuse like this.

Laying on the dirty floor, drenched in men’s cum and struggling to breathe, Flynn knew he would have to escape soon, or else he would meet a fate worse than death, and that was becoming the toy of bandits.

As Flynn lay in his cell once more he considered if he could run away fast enough when the bowman entered to give him his daily meals. Sure, the bowman was fast, and he would probably shoot and kill him if he tried to make an escape, but that was still better than being kept here, right?

Flynn didn’t even know how much time had passed since he’s been a prisoner. Everyday men would just come in and strip, fucking and abusing Flynn. Sometimes they came alone, other times there were way too many. Sometimes they were gentler, other times they beat him and hurt him even when he complied to their every demands.

Flynn had already been visited twice this morning by the bandits. Normally, they’d come in at least three times a day, so Flynn was expecting one more tonight, but he could be wrong. Some days they came in less. But at the same time, there were days when he’d be visited five times.

Getting up to his feet, Flynn began to pace the room, as he normally did when he was bored, limping terribly. The nasty blow the huge bandit had struck at his knees had almost healed until just yesterday, when one of the bandits forced him into a kneeling position and stomped on his calf. Flynn had initially thought the small bones in his leg had been snapped in two, but he bandits continued on and ignored his screaming until they came. Only after that did they check his leg to make sure nothing was broken.

As Flynn paced the floor, there was suddenly a loud explosion in the distance, followed by sounds of fighting and men screaming. Was this it? Would Flynn finally been rescued? The boy allowed his hopes to rise as thoughts of leaving this wretched cell came to mind.

The sounds of footsteps brought Flynn back to reality, however, as he reminded himself that he would have to be smart if he wanted to escape. Laying on the floor, Flynn pretended to be asleep as the footsteps approached and stopped at the door.

Flynn had expected it to be one of the bandits, making sure Flynn was still in the cell. Nobody came through, however, as the boy heard only a click at the door, and the footsteps rushing away.

Curious, Flynn slowly got up and checked the door, pressing his ear against it. He heard nothing but the sound of metal against metal as the bandits fought against the King’s soldiers. Giving the door a light push, Flynn was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked.

The door swung open slowly and Flynn stepped out, seeing the outside of his prison for the first time in what has been weeks. He was in a cavern alright, a confusing network of tunnels snaked about in front of him. Limping out, Flynn made his way through the tunnels, trying his best to avoid the fighting by heading the other way when the sounds of battle grew too loud.

Making his way around a corner, Flynn barely suppressed a shocked gasp, as he saw a familiar face. Ducking behind a large stone, Flynn watched as the huge bandit and the bowman from the group that had killed Sir Egan stand over a body of a slain bandit. The boy’s eyes widened as he realized that it was the bandit leader, killed in battle with the King’s soldiers.

The bowman and the huge bandit stood over their friend’s body for several seconds without saying a word, the large man especially visibly angered at the death. He placed a hand on the dead body’s chest and muttered to himself, barely audible for Flynn to hear.

“Don’t worry friend, your death will not go unavenged.”

Afraid of what the large bandit might do to him if he found him here, Flynn began to turn back and sneak away. However, the boy had made the mistake of putting too much weight on his injured leg, and yelped in pain as he came crashing to the ground noisily.

Immediately, the bandits began yelling, and before Flynn could get away, he felt the butt of the big bandit’s sword slam into the back of his head. All he could see was stars as he was turned over to his back, and the big man was yelling.

“You want to make a run for it, huh boy?” He screamed at Flynn, who was still disoriented from the strike to his head.

Flynn felt someone place a boot on his leg, and as he began to yell for the man to stop, the boot began pressing down slowly.

“Ah!” Flynn screamed, and the large bandit laughed.

“We may not be able to defeat the King’s army, but we will still have a victory today.” The big man spat, as he continued pressing down on Flynn’s legs slowly and painfully. “If we die today, you die with us.”

Flynn watched as the bowman remained silent, standing behind the huge bandit. He did nothing just as he did the last time, and watched as the large man raise his great sword and prepare to strike down at Flynn. Even though his mind still spun, Flynn knew that there was no escape from this. He closed his eyes and awaited his fate.

But just as the bandit was about to bring his sword down, a gasp escaped his lips as an arrow was fired, and after several seconds, the big man collapsed, falling on Flynn, with an arrow sticking out of his back.

Flynn looked up to the bowman to see him putting away his bow and arrow, and realized that the bowman had saved him.

“Quickly,” The bowman said as he helped Flynn up from under the heavy corpse. “Leave before more bandits come, find the soldiers. Tell them who you are and what happened you your knight, and you will be safe with them.”

“B-But, what about you?” Flynn stammered, still shocked at what had happened. “If the soldiers catch you they’ll kill you!”

“Perhaps.” The bowman agreed. “But the fight is not over. Our group may fall today, but the people still rise up against the Prince. I will continue to fight for our freedom, but you go now, find the soldiers.”

Giving the boy a cloak to cover himself with, the bowman nodded and clasped Flynn’s shoulders. And with that, he left, disappearing into the dark tunnels, making his escape. Flynn wasted no time either in turning to leave, limping through the caves.

After what seemed like an eternity, Flynn finally saw the sun again, and he shuddered as he felt its warmth touch on his face, emerging from the caves bloodied and limping with only a cloak to cover his small body.

The soldiers were just rounding up the surviving bandits to wheel away to the nearest castle for trial, but they stopped when they saw him and several soldiers surrounded him as they bombarded Flynn with questions.

Eventually, one man, who wore the armor of a knight, pushed through the crowd to see what was happening.

“Are you alright, boy?” The knight asked.

Flynn nodded. “Yes, Sir...”

“No need for that now.” He said, waving a hand as he urged several soldiers to bring his carriage here. “You’re hurt, and you need help.”

“Yes... Sir, I’ve been a prisoner of the bandits for weeks.” Flynn squeaked softly. “I was a squire for a knight called Sir Egan, but they killed him and took me. My name is Flynn.”

“So that’s what happened to Sir Egan’s squire.” The knight said. “We’ve been looking for you. But we didn’t expect you here of all places.”

Beckoning him to follow, the knight brought Flynn through the crowd of soldiers and to a carriage that was stopped nearby.

“Come, wait here Flynn. We will bring you to the nearest castle for you to recuperate, and for me to write my report on our successful assault here.”

Motioning for him to enter the carriage, the wagon doors opened as a boy’s head popped out. The boy looked to be about Flynn’s age, with messy dark hair and green eyes.

“Arthur will give you a towel to clean yourself up with and a change of clothes.”

The dark haired boy, Arthur, shot him a friendly smile and waved him in.

“Come, come.” He said as Flynn entered and sat in the carriage beside the boy. “I’m Sir Javid’s squire, But you can just call me Arty. What’s your name?”

“Flynn.” He replied, pulling the cloak tighter around him, suddenly conscious of his nakedness as he sat alone with another boy his age.

“Well Flynn, I hope you don’t mind talking a lot.” Arty said as he grabbed a towel from a bucket and handed it to Flynn. “Because the nearest castle is a whole day away, and I haven’t talked with someone else my age for weeks.”

Flynn smiled as he took the towel. Maybe he’d found a new friend in this boy.

Rating: 82%, Read 9821 times, Posted Jun 07, 2018

Fiction | BDSM, Boy, Domination, Submission


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