Pegging with surprise by Mr.Stretch

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Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Pegging, Threesome, Toys

A couple of months after my first tied up pegging handjob experience, I arrived home one evening to find a note waiting for me. Danni was visiting a friend and I had a few hours until she was due home but I had been left instructions for her arrival. My first instruction was to bathe and wash myself thoroughly. I was also instructed to shave my face and also trim my pubic hair. She had pointed out the week before that I needed a trim so I duly obliged, taking my time and leaving myself virtually bald. I picked out the clothes I had been instructed to dress in and went into the bedroom to prepare. Once again I pulled on my red topped stockings, these got me excited and I was glad to see Danni liked me wearing them too. I pulled up the suspended belt and topped off the look with another pair of lacy knickers. This time however, they were red to match the stockings. On each wrist I attached a rope, leaving a few feet spare hanging down. I tucked my erection into the knickers as best I could and then I sat and waited for Danni to come home.

Five minutes later and the downstairs door opened and locked shut. I could hear her moving around downstairs and then I heard her climbing the stairs. Just like last time she whispered through the door.

“Give me ten minutes baby”

“Ready when you are” I called back.

I heard her shower and then I could hear her getting her hair ready and finally I could hear the sound of clothes being put on. The door opened slowly and she entered and stood in front of me. This time she was wearing a red basque, red stockings and a pair of red high heels. To top it off she was wearing a pair of elbow length red lace gloves. I had never seen any of these items before so I presume she bought them specially for tonight. She was quite a sight. My Lady in Red. The only thing she was wearing that wasn’t red was also new to me, it was a brand new big thick black strap on dildo.

“Stand up” Danni ordered.

I did as I was told immediately. She looked me up and down and smiled.

“I see you followed my instructions” she said.

“Yes Madam”

“Turn around”

I turned around and she pulled the ropes dangling from my wrists tightly. She positioned my hands together and tied them tightly, pulling them hard to test them out. She spun me back round to face her.

“If you’re a good boy then I’ve got a very special treat for you later” she said seductively. “And to show I’m not a bitch I’ll give you a little bonus”.

She dropped down to her knees in front of me. My cock was bulging out of my knickers, desperate to get at her. She rubbed a hand across it, the lace giving her hand a lovely smooth feel. She took hold of it and squeezed a drop of precum out for her tongue. She always loved tasting my precum and often would play with my cock until she got loads of the sticky liquid on her lips. Then she parted her lips and took me into her warm mouth. She used her gloved hand to stroke the shaft and my balls while her tongue licked and sucked the tip, getting maximum precum for her greedy lips. She sucked me for several minutes, teasing the tip with her tongue until I was ready to blow my load. She sensed my growing enthusiasm and put a stop to her oral skills.

“Just remember how good I suck your cock baby” she said to me, rising to her feet. “Now turn around and kneel on the edge of the bed with your ass sticking up for me”

With a little assistance I was soon in place, bent over, head on the bed, ass in the air and my hands tied firmly behind my back ready for my girl to have her wicked way. I felt a cold liquid run down my ass crack. Then I felt a finger probing my exposed hole. Unlike when I was laid down, this position left my ass wide open and it was much easier for Danni to play with me. I felt one, then two fingers slide easily into me, they were fully withdrawn before I felt either three or four fingers replace them. It was hard to tell but my hole was being stretched in preparation for the new huge toy. After a few minutes of Danni’s sharp fingernails probing and prodding my prostate I could feel my cock twitching and straining.

“Now my fingers have warmed you up. Are you ready for the next toy baby?” She asked me. Not that I was in a position to argue. I tensed myself ready for the huge black dildo to stretch my ass. She gave my ass a hard slap.

“Relax baby, it’s not the big one yet”

She held my hip with her left hand and pushed a toy into my hole. It was quite thin but getting thicker the deeper it went. Then it got very wide and it took a firm push from Danni to get it into place. It was wide but not very long, I had seen butt plugs before so knew what it was. I wasn’t expecting what came next tho. It started vibrating, Danni was trying its different functions, settling on a long deep vibration. She pushed it in as it vibrated and my ass instinctively pushed it back out matching her rhythm. I couldn’t push it out tho as it was too wide but it felt great stretching my hole. Leaving the new toy in place she pulled me up by my shoulders and reached a hand around me. She quickly found my erect cock and stroked it with her gloved hand.

“Are you ready for your special treat?” she whispered in my ear. The toy was vibrating in my ass and her hands were squeezing my balls and stroking my shaft.

When she said that I assumed she meant giving me a handjob while she fucked me with her new toy. So I replied.

“Yes Madam”

I had assumed wrong.

She pushed me down onto the bed.

“Don’t move” Danni said, leaving the bedroom. I got myself comfortable and waited patiently. I could hear her downstairs talking in on the phone. Then about ten minutes later I heard the outside door open and close. I heard two voices, one sounded male. I heard footsteps on the stairs and then the door opened and Danni walked in, followed by a guy I had never seen before.

“This is Chris” said Danni. “We met online and I invited him to come along and watch you get fucked”

I looked at her shocked and then looked at Chris. He was younger than myself and Danni, probably early thirties. He was well dressed and looked clean and tidy. He wasn’t bad looking and I could tell Danni fancied him by the way she was acting. Maybe she was planning on fucking him in front of me I thought.

“Say hello” Danni snapped at me.

“Hi” I said meekly.

“Hi” Chris replied.

“Great. Now we’re all friends” said Danni with a grin on her face. “Have you still got your toy in” she asked me.

“Yes baby” I said.

“It’s Madam, remember” she growled at me.

“Yes Madam” I said quickly. The first time I didn’t say madam as I didn’t want to humiliate myself in front of Chris. Now I could tell this wouldn’t be a problem. Danni was going to use and abuse me anyway so my humiliation would be complete regardless.

“Is it turned on”

“No Madam”

She looked angry.

“You were gone for so long Madam” I pleaded.

“Well you better get back in position so I can turn it back on”

I quickly resumed my previous position, eager to please Danni and dampen my own punishment. I pushed my ass up towards her and waited for her to press the button.

“Come and look Chris” she said.

I sensed Chris moving behind me.

“I like that” he said and then he stroked my right buttock. I tensed up trying to move away.

“Don’t panic baby. He’s not going to fuck you. That ass is mine and only mine” I felt strangely assured that only my girlfriend was going to fuck my ass and relaxed. The toy was turned on again and it was pushed deep into my hole. After a couple of minutes Danni spoke.

“Hand me that bottle please Chris. I need to lube my big black cock up”

I felt Danni’s gloved hand on my back and the butt plug was pulled out of my ass in one go. The widest part stretched my hole and I felt my balls tingle as my cock woke up again.

“Stand there Chris and you’ll get a great view” said Danni as she took up position behind me.

“Don’t worry baby” she whispered to me. “It’s not that much bigger than the other one and I’ll be gentle”

She pushed my head down gently and then she pulled up my hips and straightened my knees so my ass was as high as it would reach. She squirted some oil onto my hole and then I felt the tip of the new dildo nudge into it gently. She moved it around the entrance until it was in the right spot, and then she pushed her hips forward and took hold of my hips and pulled me back into her. The huge tip stretched my hole wider and wider and Danni forced herself harder into me until finally the head passed the barrier. It was quickly followed by several inches of the thick shaft causing me immediate pain. I cried out and tried to move forward but Danni pulled my hips back firmly, forcing another inch or two into me.

“Shut up bitch” shouted Danni. “You’re going to take every inch”

She pulled back slightly before pushing forward again. I tried to get away again due to the pain but Danni was having non of it.

“Pass me that Chris. I need to stop this bitch escaping”

She pulled the dildo out of me and pulled me up with my shoulders. She put a leather leash around my neck and attached a chain to it before she pushed my head back down onto the bed. She lined herself up again and as she forced the huge toy back into me, she pulled hard on the chain causing my neck and head to be pulled towards her. The large head slid in easier this time but Danni kept pulling the chain until it felt like she had forced it all into me.

“Look at that Chris”

Chris moved in behind me.

“Only a few inches left” says Danni. “Do you think he can take it all?” She asked him.

“You might have to really force it but I’m sure he can. Look how wide he’s stretched for you” Chris replied.

Danni slapped my ass and set to work fucking me. Like last time she slid the shaft in and out slowly but I could tell she wasn’t trying to force it all in yet. She was still warming me up. She kept up this motion for several minutes, occasionally pulling the chain around my neck to show me she was still in charge.

The next time she spoke she caught me by surprise and stepped things up a level.

“Are you ready to join in Chris?” Danni said casually with about 6 inches of dildo in my ass.

“I thought you’d never ask” said Chris from the side of me. I looked across at him as he started to undress.

“You didn’t think he was just going to watch did you baby?” Danni laughed at me. She pulled the chain hard causing me to lift my head up off the bed. My neck was straining and the toy was sliding further into my ass as I looked back at Chris. He was stood in just his boxer shorts and his erection was causing a huge tent in them.

“Show it him” she told Chris.

Chris moved around the bed as my gaze followed him. My neck was still straining but Danni had taken hold of my hands and was pulling them easing the pressure on my neck. He stood at the far side of the bed and dropped his underwear. His cock sprang free. It was a good size, probably as big as my own but possible a little thicker. He climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of me. His big erect penis was a few inches from my face and pointing directly at me. I felt myself falling forward as Danni slowly released the tension on my leash. She was taking her time to aim my mouth perfectly, stopping with just an inch separating his hard cock and my lips. “Open your mouth bitch” Danni ordered.

I licked my lips and opened my mouth. I had sucked a cock before and I must admit it had excited me. But this was a very different experience. I realised my own cock was also hard. I stuck out my tongue as Danni lowered my face onto Chris’s cock. I stopped and as soon as I did I clasped my lips around the shaft. I felt Danni push her hips forward and the dildo slid an inch further into me as my mouth was forced further onto Chris. She pulled the chain back at the same time as her hips and the dildo slid out until the tip stretched my entrance, I used my lips to coat Chris’s shaft with saliva as my mouth was pulled free. I took a deep breath and then Danni pulled the chain hard, the thick toy plunged deep into me causing me to shout out in pain.

“Fill his mouth Chris” Danni shouted.

Chris grabbed my head and pulled me down onto his cock. I opened my mouth and at least 6 inches of warm cock filled my mouth. He held my head still and pulled himself back before pushing his hips forward. I kept my tongue out and sucked as hard as I could as he fucked my face slowly. At my rear, Danni held my hips tightly and started fucking me at the same speed as Chris. The sensation was overpowering. I was being fucked by two big cocks and there was nothing I could do but take it. My cock was twitching as Danni fucked my prostate, the extra width of the new toy ensuring my prostate got rubbed and prodded with each stroke inward and out. I knew if my cock was touched then it would explode so I concentrated hard on sucking Chris. Danni was taking care of my ass and I was helpless to do anything there. She was good as her word tho and was being gentle, if not a little forceful. She was still pulling my leash hard, holding me in place for Chris to fuck my mouth.

“Let me know when you’re ready to cum Chris” Danni said after a few minutes.

“I won’t be long” he said. “This bitch knows how to suck”

He pulled his cock out and wanked the shaft with a hard squeeze. He forced the tip past my lips.

“Suck hard” he growled at me. I sucked the head as hard as I could while he wanked his shaft.

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot” says Danni excitedly behind me. “I think I’m going to cum too”. She forced another inch into me with her next stroke and I could tell she was building up to a finale.

The next minute blew my mind. Chris had the tip of his hard penis in my mouth. I was sucking furiously on the engorged head whilst licking the underside with my tongue. He had a handful of my hair in his left hand, pulling my head up and was using his right hand to wank his shaft with long fast strokes and he was starting to groan. Danni had her left hand on my left hip holding me in place. Her right hand was pulling the leash tight straining my neck. She was fucking my ass fast. And hard. She was bouncing off me and getting deeper and deeper with every hard thrust. Then I felt the fabric touch my buttocks. Now I knew she had forced at least 9 inches, maybe more, of thick black rubber as deep as she could into her lovers ass. I was in the middle of them being spit-roasted. I was rocked back and forth between two big cocks. My ass was hurting from the pounding and my mouth was aching from sucking hard but I kept going as good as I could. My cock was rock hard and throbbing and the tip of it was catching the fabric off the bed now and then bringing it closer to it’s own explosion.

Chris went first. He grabbed my hair tighter and let out a groan and a spurt of hot cum hit the back of my throat. It caused me to choke but instead of letting me breathe, Chris forced his cock deep into my mouth. The next spurt hit the back of my tongue and I swallowed it before it chocked me causing my mouth to clamp firmly shut around Chris’s throbbing cock. As Chris was filling my mouth, Danni was filling my ass. The fabric of the strapon was hitting my ass cheeks with every stroke. The toy was smashing into the depths of my ass touching raw nerve endings. I was in a true mixture of pain and pleasure and Danni was moaning loudly as the action made her join Chris in cumming. It was all to much for me. I felt my balls tingle and I joined Chris in draining them. The difference being Chris was emptying his cum down my throat whereas I was spurting over our bedsheets. I swallowed as much of Chris’s cum as I could but soon it was dribbling out of my mouth. He held my head in place until he had finished and then slowly withdrew. My lips cleaned his shaft as he pulled it out and I swallowed the last bit of his cum as the last of my own cum dribbled out of my cock. Danni had stopped fucking me but she had left the dildo buried deep in me. All three of us were breathing deeply. Chris released his grip on my hair and stepped back. Danni let go of the leash and stepped back pulling the toy free of my ass. I flopped over onto my side and stretched out exhausted.

After a few minutes Danni approached me and untied my wrists.

“I didn’t know you had cum baby!” She said spotting the wet stain on the bed. “Wow. We all came together. Did you enjoy it baby” she asked excitedly

I smiled at her. “That was amazing”

“How about you Chris?” She asked our new friend.

“That was pretty amazing. I’m glad I replied to your message”

“I made a good choice” she said proudly. “Let’s go get a drink. That was thirsty work”

I got up and put my pants on. Across the room Chris did the same. I went to put on a t-shirt but Danni stopped me.

“The pants are enough” she said. “You too Chris. You can get dressed when I’ve finished with you both. And I won’t be finished until I’ve had two cocks inside me too. You can fight between each other over which hole you get to fuck” She smiled at us both and headed off downstairs. I looked at Chris and we nodded to each other. The night had just begun.

Danni, our new friend Chris and myself went downstairs for a drink and a break. We had a cup of tea and chatted for a while. Chris told us a little about himself. He said he was single, bi-sexual and up for pretty much anything sexual. He had been in relationships with guys and girls but he preferred to be with girls and just fuck the guys! We were getting on pretty well and soon the sexual tension started to build again. Danni gave me a look. I had seen it plenty of times and I knew it meant she wanted my cock inside her sharpish!

“Are you ready to help me pleasure my girl?” I asked Chris.

“Absolutely” he replied.

“Great. Let’s get back upstairs then. Ladies first” I gestured to Danni.

I let Chris go next so he could watch Danni climb the stairs in front of him giving him a perfect view of her sexy ass.

Danni jumped onto the bed eagerly. Chris and I stood at the bottom of the it and waited.

“Come around to this side” she said pointing to her right. “I can see much better from here. And you both look like you’re ready to see me too”. She was watching out crotches closely as we moved to her side. I looked down and my cock was straining at the fabric of my pants. I glanced to my right and could see Chris was also forming a tent in his pants.

“Nice and slowly” Danni purred.

We both lowered our pants as Danni watched closely. Our cocks sprang free simultaneously and bounced up and down. We both glanced at each other’s. I had see plenty of Chris’s but he hadn’t seen mine. He smiled at me. Danni caught his look and she called out her next request.

“Why don’t you get his cock nice and wet Chris? Get it ready for my pussy”

We turned to face each other and Chris got on his knees. Danni slid across the mattress to get a close up view. She laid on her side about with her eyes wide open. Chris didn’t disappoint. He had obviously sucked plenty of cock before and his tongue was working my tip expertly. He was taking most of it deep and licking the shaft, coating it in his spit.

“Is he good baby?” Danni asked me.

“Oh yes hun. This boys done this before. And he likes it too” Chris nodded as he sucked my cock eagerly.

“Don’t you make him cum yet Chris. He’s got to fuck my pussy”

Chris took my cock out of his mouth just enough to say “ Just getting it wet for you Madam” before he carried on with his work. Danni sat up and turned around onto her knees. She backed up to the edge of the bed.

“You need to make sure my pussy’s wet too Chris”

He quickly turned his attention to Danni. He buried his face into her pussy and she let out a loud groan. I could see her push back into him as he lapped away at her hole.

“Get a cock in me now” she shouted out. She was getting into a frenzy and my cock was itching to get into her. I stepped up and Chris moved out of the way but still making sure he could see close up. I lined up my rock hard cock and forced it all in straight away, not stopping till it was as deep as I had ever been. Danni let out a scream but this just spurred me on. I withdrew before slamming back into her. I did this five times before I felt her pussy squeeze around me and she came for the first time. I kept going hard as her juices flowed and it wasn’t long before she came again. I let the second one wash away before I resumed.

“Why don’t you go and get your cock wet and then you can have a go” I said to Chris.

He walked around the bed and took up the same position as he did earlier except with a different mouth to feed. He pulled up Danni’s head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Now it was her turn to be spit roasted and I took a little revenge on her by pounding her pussy until she came several more times. I beckoned Chris round and he took my place behind Danni.

“You’ve seen what she likes” I told him.

Chris took his turn on Danni, treating her pussy to an absolute pounding. He had more stamina than either of us and after a while Danni fell forward, free from Chris’s grip.

“I need to change position. Get on top of me” she says pulling Chris onto her. He slid back into her and resumed his pounding. He didn’t have much finesse but he could go some and I could tell Danni was cumming plenty of times on his cock.

“Let me have a go” I said to Chris eager to get back into the action.

“Why don’t you both have a go?” Danni said. Chris and I looked at each other and nodded.

“Sure” I said. “How do you want to do it?”

“You lay down baby” she moved out of the way and I laid where she had been. Then she climbed on top of me and slid my cock into her. Her pussy was as wet as I had known it and she had a feverish look in her eyes. I pulled her in tight and pulled her knees up so her ass was in position.

“Use some lube” I told Chris and as I slowly slid myself in and out of her pussy, he worked her hole with his fingers. Danni laid her head on my shoulder as Chris got her ass ready. I watched him rub lube on his cock before he lined himself up with her. I lifted Danni’s head and kissed her at same time as pushing my cock deep into her. Chris forced his head into her ass and I saw her face grimace. Chris held himself still allowing Danni’s hole to get used to a different big cock. I was still fucking her pussy slowly when Chris slid the rest of his shaft into her. Not only did Danni’s yelp but I could feel his cock rubbing against my own through the lining between her two holes. To be honest it only added to the pleasure. Danni’s face was still contorted but it was softening as Chris kept his cock deep but still. I carried on fucking her pussy and once Danni’s body had relaxed and she laid her head back on my shoulder, Chris started to match my slow rhythm.

For about ten minutes we fucked Danni’s ass and pussy. We changed the speed and the force we applied. Her pussy squirted all over me time and time again. We were dripping with sweat but we were all enjoying it too much to care. After an age Danni cried out

“I need you boys to fill my holes” she said desperately. She could take no more.

“I’m about ready to cum anyway” said Chris, sweat dripping from his brow as he kept up the rhythmic fucking of Danni’s ass.

“Then you bury it deep and keep it deep” I told Chris. I felt the head rub past mine and I started up properly. I slid my whole length in and out of her and as I did the tip rubbed against Chris’s shaft and the heads clashed together when I got deep inside her. After a few minutes I felt Danni’s pussy squeeze me tight as she came hard again on my cock. I felt her warm juices pass over my shaft and I heard the noise as she squirted and squirted till it was flooding out of her covering my cock and balls in hot liquid. Her body shook and she let out a loud moan and with a grunt I started cumming inside her wet pussy. Spurred on by us, Chris pounded her ass several times before he too began filling her hole. We were pulling and pushing and thrashing and moaning as Danni emptied herself onto me and Chris and I emptied out balls into her throbbing holes. Danni collapsed onto me and I felt Chris fall against the bed at my feet. We are all absolutely spent. We kept Chris’s number. We were definitely inviting him back.

Rating: 91%, Read 15668 times, Posted Dec 09, 2020

Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Pegging, Threesome, Toys


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